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Wool Thread – Pretty Colors!


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There are a few new colors of Fine d’Aubusson wool embroidery thread out. This is a line of threads produced by Au Ver a Soie, suitable for fine wool embroidery & crewel work. I really like this thread, but I just wish there were more colors available here in the US! So, when new colors do step over the pond, I think it’s pretty exciting!

Fine d'Aubusson Wool for Hand Embroidery

Fine d’Aubusson is a fairly soft, fine wool, and it is a very consistent wool, without areas of thick and thin that can be found in other crewel wools. The new colors out include a nice range of bright blues and some brighter greens, as well as some browns, muted blues, a new sage-ish green, a very dark greenish-charcoal, and a deep burgundy-claret.

Fine d'Aubusson Wool for Hand Embroidery

My faves are the new brighter colors. It’s always good to see wool available in livelier colors! The blues are gorgeous, and the brighter greens and the turquoise are Tropical Beachy to a T. Perfect for spring and the onslaught of summer.

Fine d'Aubusson Wool for Hand Embroidery

The new muted blues round out the shades of this color already available, and the soft green fits in with greens previously released.

Fine d'Aubusson Wool for Hand Embroidery

A new golden brown and lighter chestnut brown are welcome additions to the line.

Fine d'Aubusson Wool for Hand Embroidery

And the final two colors in this new batch are darker choices.

I’m using the Fine d’Aubusson in the wool pomegranate project (that is lately getting nowhere):

Fine d'Aubusson Embroidery Wool

It stitches up a great satin stitch!

And I also used it (mixed with other wools) in the Crewel Rooster project last year:

Fine d'Aubusson Embroidery Wool

So, if you’ve been using the Fine d’Aubusson yourself and want to extend your range, keep an eye out for the new colors in your favorite needlework shops. The thread is imported by Access Commodities, so any shop that carries Access Commodities’ goods should be able to order it for you, if you’re looking for it. I’m woefully far from any needlework shop that carries anything beyond DMC and overdyed cottons, so I order mine online.


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(9) Comments

  1. Mary,

    I am really interested in crewel work, but I am a bit weary of buying wool threads. I am a beginner, and I notice they are very pricey. Is there any particular brand or collection that is a good starting point for beginners?



  2. Je suis abonnée à votre newsletter, j’aime beaucoup ce que vous présentez, pour la laine d’Aubusson distribuée par Le Vers à Soie vous pouvez les trouver sur ce site, il y a même des abonnements, des nanas super sympas et qui parlent anglais, pas comme moi….. LOL

  3. Mary,

    Thank you very much.

    There are some lovely things there indeed!
    By the way, I meant to say “wary” not “weary” in my previous post. English is not my first language. 😛

  4. Great post Mary – I adore looking at wool threads and feeling them, but haven’t used them yet. I’m waiting for a few projects to finish, and then I’m thinking of tackling blanketing…

  5. Hello Mary,

    I wanted to ask your opinion about how to brighten up a dull color? I have a fabric on which I want to embroider. The shade is dull & light brown, may be a slight grey touch to the brown, very hard to describe, its a unique color, what colors do you think will brighten it?

    Thank you.

    1. Hi, Smita – Have you tried white on it? I love using pure white threads on brownish colors – the embroidery ends up looking bright and elegant. If you’re looking for colors, though, it depends on the depth of color in the fabric. If it is very dark, go for light shades. If it is a lightish brown, go for deeper shades, I think – unless you are looking for something that is muted in tone, then go for lighter shades on the lighter fabric. It’s kind of hard to explain color without really seeing it! But I hope that helps a little bit, anyway. ~MC

  6. Thanks for replying Mary, it is a light brown color but looks bit dull. I think light shades will get lost on it. I know its hard to explain the color, anyway to show you the color?
    Do you think dark brown with some other lively colors will work?

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