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Mother’s Day Give-Away: Talliaferro Royal Persian Blossom Design Kit


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Today’s one of those give-away days – for a lot of reasons! Not only is it my favorite time of year – with green grass and bright flowers and cheery sunshine flooding the landscape – but it’s Friday. And not only is it Friday, but I’ve only got (officially) one more Friday left to the school year after today! (Exams follow… but let’s not talk about that right now!) And on top of those pleasant thoughts, everything is coming up roses on the new website developments that will be showing up here on Needle ‘n Thread in the very near future… and so… life being so good, things going so well, I feel it’s a good time to pass along some cheer!

This is what I’m giving away:

Talliaferro Crewel Embroidery Design: Royal Persian Blossom Design Kit

This is the Talliaferro Classic Needleart design kit titled Royal Persian Blossom, which I reviewed a couple weeks ago. You can read the review of this crewel embroidery design kit, to see more details of what’s in it.

The give-away includes the design kit only – it doesn’t include thread or fabric. Talliaferro designs are sumptuous crewel embroidery designs that are sold in a design package, but that leave you free to choose your threads and fabrics (though there are recommendations within the design kit).

If you’ve a hankering to launch into this magnificent crewel embroidery piece, then here’s your chance to win your own design kit!

To enter the give-away, please follow the requirements below:

1. Leave a comment on this article, on the website, not via e-mail or on any other article on the website.

2. Make sure you enter a recognizable name on the comment form – for example, if your name is Pam, there are lots of Pams in the world, so please make sure your name is somehow distinguishable from others with the same name.

3. Answer the following question in the body of your comment:

Where’s your favorite stitching spot?

4. The give-away ends on Mother’s Day, 8th, at midnight (CST) and the winner will be announced Monday, May 9th.

This give-away is open to anyone, anywhere. If the winner should require international mailing, please understand that any custom fees, duties, taxes, and so forth are the responsibility of the recipient.

Now, your job today is to have an equally terrific Friday, and wherever you are, may the sun shine upon you, too!

The give-away is now closed. Thanks very much for participating!


(399) Comments

  1. My favorite stitching spot is… my bed! I like to do a bit of embroidery before going to sleep, to help me relax.

  2. Haha, that I’m the first (at time of writing, we’ll see when I press “Submit”) commenter makes my chances very slim, but nevermind! I want to share my favourite stitching spot no matter what!

    My favourite stitching spot is in front of my living room window, on a sunny day. The sun never reaches into my living room, because there is such lush foliage, right outside. But it means, that on a sunny day, my sofa is bathed in this most ethereal peridot light. Couple that with a cup of green tea with a scent of raspberry, served in a sweet teapot on a silver tray, and I could spend forever curled up in a corner and just stitch, stitch, stitch.

    Hope you too will have a terrific Friday!

  3. As always your giveaway are lovely, thanks Mary !
    I’m not sure about the meaning of “spot” but I imagine it could be a place where I stitch so, I love to stitch in my room that is all dedicated to embroidery things.
    Have a fantastic weekend !

  4. I would love to have this Royal Persian Blossom Crewl Embroidery piece and would work on it at my favourite stitching spot – my rocker recliner. I have all my stitching things on the table beside me and a good light so I can stitch for hours. I call my little spot my nest as it’s so cosy and conducive to stitching.
    Karen in Canada

  5. The shape of the flower and the colors incorporated bring to mind a peacock in its full glory. Breathtaking.

    My favorite stitching place is in my small sunroom, where I get lots of natural light and the nature around me inspires.

  6. My favourite place to sew is my conservatory, as the light is so good and in the UK its often too windy outside.

  7. Hi Mary,

    Thanks for the opportunity to win this fabulous kit.

    My favorite stitching spot for sewing and needlework is the corner of my room overlooking the garden and when my eyes feel tired I just look out and take in the greenery. I can never stitch in the living room in front of the television.

  8. Mary, what a lovely piece to embroidery. My favorite spot to stitch is in my “chair” looking out over our back yard (great view) early in the morning. And yes, the sun will be shining brightly today here in FL!

  9. Mary,

    Another generous giveaway!

    Happy Mother’s Day to you and yours.

    My favorite stitching spot these days is a corner of our family room. I sit in a rocking chair that belonged to my grandmother or great-grandmother that my mother refinished for me, with a stitching lamp & magnifier, and many of my supplies close around me. Having a dedicated spot is luxurious – not having to pack/unpack supplies before being able to stitch. I also have a stitching journal – rather basic, mostly the date and what project I’m working on. Works better for me than small loose pieces of paper.


  10. My favourite stitching spot is in front of the two corner windows in my bedroom in a full double window with lots of room. I love to work and see and feel the outdoors at the same time. I would love to work this cewel design, it is every colour I would never have used.

  11. I have 2 favorite places to stitch. During the day when the sun is shinnng I love to sit on my lanni among my plants, listening to music and stitch. In the evening I sit in my sewing room, in my favorite rocking chair, watch a movie or listen to music and stitch. I would love to win Royal Persian Blossom Crewel Embroidery Kit. One of my favorite form of needlework is Crewel Work. I have been doing for many years. It is a very beauiful design.

  12. I absolutely love this design! When you first wrote about it, I decided that one day I would do something this beautiful — perhaps when I retire next year! Whether you select my answer or not, your needlework is so gorgeous and I enjoy reading your daily post!
    My favorite place to stitch is in my small den, with the sun coming through the lace curtains, a cat on each side of me, soft music playing, and a cup of coffee or tea on the table next to me. All stress just leaves and I sink into the wonder of painting with thread.

  13. I love this kit and all the designs on that site. Since I’ve started reading this blog regularly, I’ve come to realize how much there is to learn, and this kit would give me some needed practice on all those stitches I tend to avoid.

    My favorite place to stitch? Anyplace where all the children are occupied. This will sound horrible, but I got an awful lot done when my son was having a filling fixed–nobody was asking me for a snack or trying to sit on my lap. (The lap sitting is a real temptation because I know it won’t last forever–but it really eats into my productivity.)

  14. My absolute favorite place to stitch is at the park near my house. I take a blanket and a basket with my supplies, and have a stitching picnic.

  15. Allo Mary,
    OH ME GOSH, what a lovely kit. I drooled over it last time you talked about it.
    Ma favorite spot to stitch is in our family/living room. I can be with my hubby and play at the same time because for me, embroidery is PLAY not work. Once again, thank you Mary for the lovely gift.
    France from Canada.

  16. A friend tipped me with your newsletter and I have enjoyed receiving it immensely. Thanks so much for allowing me to enjoy embroidery even when I don’t have the time to actually stitch.

    Thanks so much.

  17. Hi Mary this is wonderful. I would have to say my favorite spot is in the corner of my sofa where I have tons of light plus I can be there with my DH while stitching. Keeping my fingers crossed….

  18. My favorite spot is on my couch, with a good movie or a documentary playing on tv.

  19. My favorite stitchin spot used to be my back porch, under the trees but the porch is in disrepair and needs redoing. So for now my favorite spot is my oversized chair for embroidery and for sewing I go to the basement to my sewing room.

  20. Mary,
    I love this design! You posted it a few days ago and I saved it. I would love to use this design on a Czech costume I am about to start working on. My favorite stitching spot: my new sewing room. I now have a room for me! I love to go in there at night and stitch away. Thanks for the give-away and Happy Mother’s Day.

  21. Me alegro mucho de que todo te vaya tan bien, que siga así durante mucho tiempo.

    Mi lugar preferido para bordad?? En la terraza, aprovechando toda la luz y viendo el jardín. Este mes del año también es mi favorito, será porque nací en mayo??.

  22. Oooh, that is the sort of pattern that just makes me drool in frustrated lust. So beautiful, but I just don’t feel that my skills are worthy of it. Nonetheless, should I be your winner, I’d certainly give it a shot ;-). Hm – favorite stitching spot – one of the things I enjoy about embroidery projects is that they’re portable. Sometimes, it’s a quiet corner while a kid is at an activity, sometimes at a coffee shop – I have to get out of my house to find the peace I want when I’m stitching.

  23. My favorite place to stitch is on the love seat in our living room. I can put my feet on the ottoman and a pillow behind me. I have a sewing bin next to that chair that was given to me by my great aunt with all my needles, scissors etc. right there!!

  24. I once spent the whole day on holiday sitting on the banks of the Shannon River in the sun stitching at my needlepoint whilst my lovely Husband fished (less successfully). That has yet to be beaten.
    Bridged H – In London

  25. Mary,

    After a winter of stitching on my corner of the couch, I am enjoying the spring weather and stitching on the deck. The lighting is perfect! For my listening pleasure, a variety of birds that come to visit the feeders.

    Have a great weekend!

  26. My favourite stitching spot is my comfy chair in front of the wood pellet stove where I have a good, strong light over my left shoulder and my cat on my lap.

  27. Thank you Mary for yet another beautiful giveaway.
    My favourite stitching spot is in my friends sewing room, we have spent many hours stitching there together.

  28. Happy spring Mary!! What a wonderful kit. Crewel was my first love (after stamped x-stitch provided by my grandmother 🙂 and I still love it. I love the design in the kit.
    My favourite place to stitch is on the deck at the cottage. I just have to be careful using my magnifier … gets hot in the sun!!
    Thanks for your cheerful message that starts my day, every day.

  29. Wow! I was wanting to order this as soon as I saw it, so I’d love to win. My favorite spot to stitch is probably within the center of the frame… Kidding, kidding. I love to stitch when I’m surrounded by my family, having an animated conversation. It’s a combination of all of my favorite things!

  30. Hi Mary! Thanks for offering such a wonderful design to stitch! I have always admired Crewel work, and have been looking up how to do it. I just bought my first book!
    I actually have two favourite stitching spots! In the winter I love to stitch on my sofa, I have everything set up for stitching there. As well I can watch TV and movies. In the summer months I like to stitch out on my front porch! I just bought a new chair and table for the spot! They are hot pink and awesome! Thanks again for hosting this giveaway! I hope you have a lovely Mother’s Day weekend!

    Melissa Joyes in SW Ontario, Canada

  31. This is a fabulous gift, Mary! I am positively drooling ! If I am lucky enough to be chosen to win this, you will find me this summer, in my backyard, under a shady tree, with a tall glass of iced tea, stitching and just enjoying life. Because what could be better than the inspiration provided by a beautiful design and a generous mentor. Hope the rest of your school year goes fast- May is a wonderful month! Laurie Dhandapani

  32. My favorite stitching spot is the corner of my sofa. Under the Dazor.

    Thank you for the opportunity for this giveaway.

  33. When you wrote the review I went to the website and drooled over all of the variations of this design in this color palate. I LOVE it. I would go beautifully in my yellow & blue upstairs bedroom.
    My favorite stitching spot is on my back porch. It’s got 6 windows so it’s bright and sunny. It too is yellow so I feel happy when I’m there. Thanks for all you share with us.

  34. Mary, that is a beautiful piece!

    Where to I stitch? On the living room sofa with a good light next to me and of course a great window to view the day’s brightness or drizzle of rain. Comfy and cosy!

  35. I’d love to win the Talliaferro Classic Needleart design kit titled Royal Persian Blossom for Mother’s Day. It could sit on the shelf in my study where I stitch and computer nest until it’s turn comes up. I like to stitch anywhere and have several spots around my home: my favorite chair in front of the “teeve”, my study, and of course there is space in my workroom too. a long time ago,I even figured out how to stitch in bed when I had knee surgury (ligament damage) and was hobbling around.

  36. Wow this a great design love it!! Have not had the best experience with crewel work in the past and would love the opportunity to correct that. And working from a kit takes the pressure of by providing the necessary guidance and yet leaving threads and colours etc up to you allowing that personal touch to make it truly unique.

    My favourite stitching spot is on the sofa, it starts of just me and my frame but as i require things such as books and threads i start to spread until there is just enough room for me to squeeze on the sofa in a sea of creative chaos.

  37. Mary,
    Thanks for giving away such a lovely design kit. My favorite place to stitch is on my living room sofa, where I have lots of light and easy access to everything I need.

  38. Wow! What a great giveaway! I would love to win this design because I would love to sit outside on my patio this summer and work on the project. It has all my favorite things like beautiful colors and great crewel design. Listening to birds sing and critters scurrying through the woods next to my patio while I stitch is my favorite place to work as it is so peaceful. Thanks for offering such a wonderful design to give away.
    Mary Ann

  39. I have a huge stash of silk threads that would be perfect to use to stitch this project. With summer approaching I would be able to stitch this beautiful design at my favorite stitching place–our trailer at the lake. In colder weather my favorite place to stitch is the dining room table where my two neighbors join me every Wednesday to share our stitching experiences. Thank you for offering this give away and for such an inspiring and informative newsletter. Kay from Strongsville

  40. My favorite stitching spot is in my winged back chair that looks out over my backyard. And there is usually a cat or two sitting on the arms of the chair watching me!
    Thanks for the giveaway – I have been thinking about adding that pattern to my stash since I first saw the preview pic!

  41. I don’t really have a favorite stitching spot. With a very active 5 year old, I stitch wherever I can, whenever I am able. I recently went on a trip and found the airplane to be a wonderful stitching spot. Questions were few, distractions were next to nothing and I got quite a bit done! All that being said, a quiet, sunny spot where I can see the work well and get a fair amount done undisturbed is always welcome. I hope you have a wonderful Mother’s Day weekend.

  42. I have a nook in the basement that is my favorite stitching spot. No one else sits there because they’d have to wrestle with lights, magnifiers, scroll bars, and a hundred other things just to sit down. The nearby couch is a much more attractive option. I love my nook!

    And I REALLY hope I win this design. I’ve been wavering about ordering it ever since you first reviewed it. It’s so nice of you to do this!

  43. Thanks for the opportunity to win this lovely kit…My favorite stitching spot is on the couch with some music playing on the stereo (horribly original I know). Anyway, happy Mother’s Day to all the mothers out there 🙂

  44. I always stitch at one end of the sofa while
    hubby claims the other end and command of the
    remote control. But the best place to stitch
    is anywhere other than home so there aren’t so
    many distractions.

  45. oh, I have my corner of the settee. Everything I need is then laid out on the other seat at my side. There’s also a footstool if I need it, and the lamp behind me. Perfect for stitching at any time of the day.
    This is lovely design, thanks again for another wonderful giveaway

  46. Favourite, favourite spot, when the weather permits – the patio in my garden with my feet up on a comfortable chair. I often get distracted looking around the garden thinking about all the work that needs to be done but then I decide it will still be there tomorrow and for now I will continue stitching.

    Keep up the good work.

    Gillian Gonzalez

  47. i do my embroidery on the couch (my spot) with good light from my floor lamp, surrounded by at least one of me three dogs! Happy Mother’s Day to you!

  48. My favourite place to stitch is my chair by the sliding doors because there is lots of natural light. Thanks for the giveaway

  49. My favorite place to stitch is in my studio. It is peaceful and I can look out the window and watch the deer or birds and other wildlife eating in my backyard.

  50. Anywhere and everywhere. As long as I have needle and thread in my hand I am happy. My only regret is that my mother never saw any of my embroidery as I didn’t start embroidering until after she died 20 years ago. She would have enjoyed it thoroughly. But my children enjoy my results.

  51. I only recently found you and up till now my choice for needlework was applique. I have been drooling over your newsletters which i am finding SOOO informative with tons of great links. You have convinced me to try this artform and I adore this design. Favorite spot? Big comfy armchair in front of picture window in my sitting room. A good book on my Ipod and a place to weatch the Blue Jays and Cardinals in my backyard. Thank you for all you do to promote embroidery.

  52. My favorite stitching spot is in my living room. I have a chair, table beside it, and an ott lite.

  53. What a lovely piece. It would be such fun to stitch it.
    My favorite place for stitching is in the gazebo by the pond. Only possible in the spring and summer though.

  54. I love the “Give-a-Way” and would love to win it. I definitely would buy the materials to stitch it.

  55. I am so lucky to have a big lazy-boy recliner under a big window in my bedroom, with an ott- light next to it. It’s cozy and my cats sit on the windowsill or on the headrest of the chair while “we” stitch!

  56. The kit is beautiful and the fact that it comes with detailed instructions and pictures makes it perfect. Please enter me in this contest.

  57. Hi Mary! this is a beautiful design, perfect for me to start on crewel embroidery finally! So I wish I could be the winner…
    My favorite stitching spot would be in my living room, by the window, it has a lot of light and I can see my dog running around and having fun.
    Regards from Argentina!

  58. I just love this design!
    My favourite spot is on my living room couch with my dog curled up beside me :0)

    Thanks so much for the giveaway!

  59. My favourite stitching spot is my sunroom/breakfast nook. From this perch I can look out onto my back yard and enjoy the ever changing seasons and daily comings and goings of birds and other wildlife.

  60. what a lovely kit! thank you for another chance at winning a beautiful kit!

    my favorite stitching spot is at my dining room table. there’s plenty of natural light and plenty of room.

    Happy Mother’s Day Mary!

  61. My favorite stitching spot is in an overstuffed chair in our living room. It sits in front of a big wall of windows overlooking the garden and bird feeders. The lighting is perfect in the mornings.

  62. This is such a fabulous design. Would love to get involved in crewel again. Thanks for your emails!

    I stitch in my favorite chair or on the back porch when the weather is perfect.

  63. what a beautiful giveaway, I love wools, so I would love to win this beautiful design.
    my favorite spot to stitch is curled up on the end of my couch, near the woodstove in the winter time.
    thank you for the giveaway chance Kathy in the ozarks of Missouri

  64. Mary:
    Oooooo! I have been drooling over this piece since I first visited their website! I would so love to have this kit.
    My favorite stitich spot is in “my room”, which used to be my son’s bedroom. I have a wonderful desk/sewing table where I can correct papers and also stitch, I have great light and a very comfy desk chair, courtesy of my husband. It’s “my space” and it’s great!
    Jan Schurr

  65. Hi Mary,
    My favorite spot is not fancy or organized. I sit on the couch with a great clip-on light attached to my evertight frame. The best part of that location is that it is next to my husband’s chair. There is such peace in that for me… we may not even speak(he is usually wathching some movie or history program)but I know that all is right with the world when I am there and I can let my soul be creative. I can forget about work , groceries etc and just create. There is something so calming about the process of thread to fabric. When my days are wild at work , I think of that man, my couch and the piece that I am working on….

    I would love the to experience the Crewel Kit. I purchased the Tristan Brooks small kit and really had a bunch of fun doing that one.

    Thank you for being you and keeping us forever learning and creative.

  66. My favorite stitching spot is on my couch. We live in a beautiful home on a lake and from my couch I can hear the geese, some ducks and the birds outside my windows. God has blessed me and I am grateful for the ability to stitch!!! Thank you

  67. My favorite spot is usually at the end of my super comfy couch. I have my best floor lamp there with the adjustable neck so I can turn it however I want it. I have an end table to keep my drink on. I have my TV in front of me in case I want to watch something while I stitch. I have extra electrical sockets in case I want my laptop handy or my radio near me. It is probably the best spot in the house!

    Thanks for the chance to win! It is a lovely pattern.

  68. My favourite stitching spot is under a tree in the summer with the sun shining and a soft breeze blowing. Any tree will do, so long as there is some dappled shade. Thanks for the chance to win a glorious pattern.
    Ruth Ann in London,ON

  69. Hi Mary,

    I have two favorite spots. First, my stitching room, if its cleaned up, and if I actually have time to get there to stitch. (Big ifs these days!). Second – my corner of the family room couch in the evening, where I stitch while my husband watches the Phillies. Very peaceful!

    Have a wonderful day!


  70. Dear Mary,

    I have been following the development of this design from Wooley thread for some weeks now and was on the verge of buying it. I was intrigued by your suggestion that it might be stitched in silk thread. What a concept! I really liked that idea. It’s such a beautiful pattern. My daughter is married to a Persian gentleman and this would make a lovely addition to her household.

    My favorite spot to stitch is at our local Quilt shop where we have a group of embroiderers. We laughingly call ourselves “The Loose Threads”, and it’s the only place I can stitch without constantly being interrupted by RL. If you ever come to Texas, and Brenham, specifically, (where they make Bluebell Ice Cream) you would be a very welcome and famous guest. We all follow your blog everyday. Thanks for the opportunity to win this beautiful piece.

  71. Ohhhh, I want “in” on this giveaway!! My favorite spot? I’m with Josephine in comment #2 — the sunny spot on the sofa in the bay windows overlooking a messy, but green, backyard. In the evening I switch to my overstuffed chair, surrounded by my table, small bookshelf, and magnifying lamp. It is sort of like a cockpit!! And, of course, the arms are perfect pincushions!

  72. Ooh, what a beautiful thing to do on Mother’s Day weekend! My favorite stitching spot is on my lawn chair under a tree, where the sunshine throws enough light to see yet the tree provides enough shade to keep cool. This would make a perfect companion piece to the Jacobean kit you showcased earlier – that I’m working on right now. Good luck to everyone and Happy Mother’s day weekend!

  73. Thanks once again Mary for being so generous with us! My favorite place to stitch is on my sofa. Very “vanilla” I know. Well that’s not altogether true, my favorite place to stitch is outside, anywhere outside, but I I don’t often get to. Most often I’m on my sofa watching a period drama on youtube with my baby playing nearby!

  74. WOW! I really enjoyed the newsletter you published about this particular design. It’s absolutely stunning. My favorite stitching spot is a small round table that I have in my kitchen. It sits in front of the back door, which is a sliding glass door. My kitchen and living room are one big room, so when I’m stitching I can look out the back door and watch the neighbors cat, Psycho, investigating the tree line and watch the horses in the pasture behind my house. I can also watch, or rather listen to the TV, while my kids are watching it. When I’m stitching it sometimes takes them several attempts to get my attention. 🙂

    Thanks for this giveaway! It’s a gorgeous design and I would love to sit at my little table and work on this.

  75. My favorite stitchin’ spot is sitting cross-legged on my couch next to my son while he is doing his homework…that way I can be right there when he has a question or needs a little guidance. I spent 12 school snow days (the winter was that bad this year in upstate NY even my office was closed!) on that same couch listening to BBC radio (on the internet)…stiching away listening to all the events in North Africa. It is amazing what good company radio is while doing embroidery. No tv screen to distract me with images…I remain very focused while at the same time kept abreast of current events. Multi-tasking in the very best gentle way. My perch now is a an Adirondack chair on my deck– great light outdoors and songbirds to serenade every stitch! Hooray for spring!

  76. Lovely design, intricate yet elegant, with lots of detail!

    My favourite stitching place, due to our nomad lifestyle, changes with the seasons, but usually it’s outdoor, for good light: right now I built a platform in a huge old chestnut tree, where it is always shady and cool and I hope to be able to stitch there through the rest of the summer! I have all my stitching supplies ina sort of small suitcase, which I carry around according to necessity, so my little textile world is always with me.

  77. Another fantastic giveaway! Thank you. This design is stunning.

    My favorite stitching spot is on my couch (which usually has projects and buts of thread strewn over the back) but I also like to stitch on my back porch if the weather’s nice, or in my mother’s kitchen over a cup of coffee.

  78. Beautiful! This reminds me of my mom’s Czech costumes. She makes each authentically replicated costume by hand, and I’d love to win this for her!

    For myself and her, our favorite place to stich is at home on the couch watching the Texas Rangers.


    Katy from Texas

  79. Amazing giveaway Mary, Thank you so much. My favourite ‘spot’ is my sewing room, where I can look out the window and watch the world go by and at the same time have access to my magnifiers and I can listen to books while I’m stitching. Heaven.

  80. If the meaning of “spot” is place my favourite one is my armchair in sitting room or, if possible outside in plain air
    Thank you for one more precious giveaway 🙂

  81. Even though I move every two to three years, my stitching spot seems to travel with me. I stitch at my desk, next to my husband’s desk, in the office. If the office doesn’t have sufficient light, he adds some. I have a table set up perpendicular to my desk to hold my stuff and stitch while he does other things.

  82. Spring is my favorite season also, I love seeing all of the children leaving a school, it reminds me of what my Grandmother would say.
    They reminded her of spring flowers popping up and around everywhere.

    Favorite place to stitch, my recliner with my laptop desk turned upside down, used for a cushing for needles, pins, threads and threaders, sissors and pieces of fabric I’ll be working with shortly. I have a good stitching lamp shining down over my left shoulder. It’s heaven.

  83. Hi Mary

    That is a beautiful kit. My favourite stitching spot is near the window that overlooks the back garden. There is plenty of natural light and that is where my magnifier/day light lamp and embroidery stand are situated. Thanks for giving everyone a chance to win the kit and Happy Mothers’ day to all. (from one of the Pam’s in the world!!)

  84. What a beautiful design – I would love to make it.

    My favorite stitching spot is outside on my patio. It has the right amount of sun and shade – great light, comfortable chair and table. I could (and do) sit there and stitch for hours. Thanks again Mary.

  85. My favorite place to stitch would be my nice new deck in the front of my place. The “new” smell has not worn off, and betweent that and the breeze and my hot tub, I love being out there, and I can stitch and rest and just take in the outdoors.

    I am a relative newby to this kind of stitching, but would love to give it a try. It is very pretty!

  86. Hi Mary,

    I love to stitch while watching TV sitting on sofa with my kids.

    -Viji Sunil.

  87. I love to stitch when I’m sitting in a crowd of people at a function that doesn’t require my complete attention or while waiting for an appointment. It makes the time fly and is a real discussion starter to meet new people. I’ve met some great stitchers and have heard some wonderful stories.

  88. I’m happy to stitch in lots of different places but the best places all involve other stitchers. My favorite place is the NW corner of the big table in the community room my guild chapter uses for a monthly stitch-in. What could be better than lots of other stitchers, conversation that revolves around color or stitch choices and lots of natural light. — Robin in Houston

  89. Morning Mary
    What a wonderful Mothers Day giveaway. I love your site and get your emails everymorning. I love to start my day with a cup of coffee and your email. My place to relax and stitch in my front room couch in front of a big picture window. Happy Mother’s Day

  90. My favorite stitching spot is EGA workshops where the designs stretch me and the instruction grows me. Then I take my work and instructions home to my kitchen table where the sun streams in on most days for great stitching. Needle ‘n Thread has become my daily inspiration. When I saw this crewel piece reviewed, I was so excited about it. It looks like it is more difficult crewel and I am ready for that. I love the crewel I have done so far. This piece is amazing and I would love to win it. Thanks for all the time you take to inspire and inform us all.

  91. I love to take my stitching and go to my gazebo, I can smell the flowers and hear the birds singing and just enjoy the neighborhood sounds, and its private enough that I feel like I’m in my own little world. my DH and sons built it for me a few years ago for mother’s day, and while it is open enough to enjoy the outdoors, it is private enough that I don’t have to share if I don’t want to…It is a very special place for me…

  92. Hi Mary,
    you are so generous! Thank you for this opportunity.
    My favorite stitching spot is a comfortable armchair in my room. But I stitch often at my writing desk, it`s a sunny place and I have a great view over the old buildings in my street.
    Tünde alias Wassernixe

  93. This is a wonderful giveaway! And one that I would truly enjoy working on.

    My favorite spot varies with the season. In the Fall/Winter, I love to curl up on the sofa in front of the fireplace and with my 2 dogs cuddled up by me. One, a Maltese, curls up into the tiniest spot he can find between me and the couch back. The other, a Cocker, sleeps by my feet with his head hanging over my ankles. During the Sprin/Summer, you can find me hanging out by the Koi pond. The sounds of the running waterfall is very relaxing.

  94. I got an exciting picture of this Talliaferro design from your review article. The idea of the design and stitch guide only, leaving me free to choose my own colors and fibers, was right up my tree. Having a good sized stash in my studio already, working on this classic design is a good way to use it up on something I would really enjoy. Thanks for offering the package. My ‘studio’ is actually the smallest bedroom in my house, but it is blessed with a palladium window right in the center, so I have packed all my stash in there with a nice table right in the center and it is my favorite place to stitch, day or night. Happy Mother’s Day. Beth Thompson

  95. Oh wow, this is so awesome of you. It is beautiful. My favorite spot to stitch away is when my family and I are camping. The kids and my husband practice their shooting while I sit and watch and enjoy the beautiful outdoors (I take breaks and practice my shooting as well) but when we are home, it has to be the couch in the living room with everyone watching a movie and relaxing.

  96. My favorite stitching spot is a chair and ottoman that my mother (who is now 95)gave me. It faces a great window on my world and also now includes a Craftlite that I found reviewed on your blog!

  97. These designs are beautiful!
    My favorite stitching spot is my chair in the living room, the “Queen’s” chair – a chair and a half with plenty of pillows, a foot stool and all my stitching stuff and favorite books around me!

  98. I love this embroidery design. Its perfect heirloom for my son. And I love doing this type of work. I would cross deserts to get it I love it so much. I would be in heaven if I won this one.

  99. Wow I adored this pattern from the moment I saw it. Crewel work is my absolute favorite type of embroidery. I would have to change the colours to pinks and greens and my favorite stitching spot is under the Sky-light window in my breakfast room where the light is perfect, it streams down over my head onto my work as well as coming in from the east through the bay window on my left, it makes for great stitching straight after breakfast. That’s as good as it gets for me.

  100. As so many others have said, what a beautiful design!

    I have several places that I stitch, depending on who is home at the time but my favorite is at the dining room table. That’s because it’s when I stitch with friends. We meet every Friday at the dining room table in one of our homes and stitch the afternoon away. We admire each others latest project and share tips and tricks. And, of course, there is discussion of new threads at the local needlework shops, upcoming programs we can attend, the dates of visiting needlework teachers and trips we can take together to the yearly needlework exhibit or county fair – to see – what else? – the needlework. So, the dining room table has become my favorite spot.

  101. My fouvourite place to stitch is in our small lounge where my comforable chair and light are. Through the window I can watch the birds who I feel daily and my elderly cat sitting on her chair and sleeping in the sun.

  102. What a nice gesture! I would love to win this & work on it in my favorite place to stitch in summer – the screened in porch facing the woods.

    I always anticipate with pleasure what you might choose to write about. Thank you!


  103. What a lovely give away..It is truly a great pattern…My favorite spot for doing my needlework in in a sunny room that is my TV Computer room which is also set up for my needlework I can look out of the window and see the birds in the fir trees out side and see the blue blue sky that one see’s on the prairies wide open spaces.This by the way is my room set up my way.We live in a 2 bedroom apartment and I got to set up this room the way I wanted..So I can see myself doing that wonderful pattern. Thanks Mary for the opportunity.Have a great Mother’s Day everone.

  104. Good Morning, Mary!
    The sun is shining brightly in my neck of the woods! Yah!!! 🙂

    My favorite stitching spot is on my ‘rocking’ couch in front of a big window with an amazing view and wonderful natural light. Soo relaxing!

    What a beautiful piece this is. I have been drooling over it since I read your review. 🙂

    Jen in Oregon

  105. Oh Marymentor: My favorite spot is on a recliner (which someone had left on the curb for trash pickup ! ) With a window behind me that always provides perfect light, although I do supplement it with a task light from time to time. Put on some soft music or some meaningless sitcom and I”m set to go ! Judy in Pittsburgh
    PS: How you manage to teach school and maintain this informative blog (or whatever it’s called?) is beyond me !

  106. my spot is the left hand corner of our sofa in our living room. right over it is a very bright l e d light that never gets hot while i am stitching. i can sit for hours and hours stitching in my spot.

  107. My favorite HOME stitching spot is a red chair with my stitching basket next to it. In front of the TV and the fireplace.
    My very favorite stitching spot is really ‘stitch night” where we go to Panera Bread with some ladies I’ve been stitching with for a while, we eat, we drink, we talk and we stitch. Fabulous!
    Love the kit!

  108. I just love this beautiful design so I am throwing my hat in the ring. Thank you for the gracious offer.

    I wish I had a favorite stitching spot, but the only place I have available where I can have adequate lighting is the dining room table which has a glass top. Once a week, I remove all my supplies from the table in order to clean it; then I pile everything back on the table and stitch. It’s more of an only place than a favorite place.

  109. Gina in Industry, PA here! Thank you for celebrating Mother’s Day. I’m just mom to one very spoiled dog, but he means the world to me. As for stitching, my favorite spot is on the loveseat in our living room. From there I can look out my big picture window at the trees and the birds at the feeder.

  110. my fav….a big comfy chair in front of the TV…which I never watch just listen to… ty for a chance…awesome giveaway! xo

  111. Although I get most of my stitching done in my “nest” in the living room, my favorite spot is the RV on a rainy afternoon. I can stitch to my heart’s content with nothing else demanding my attention and look out at nature.

  112. Wow, a lot of interested stitchers! I have been waiting for the Talliaferro Designs to go on sale. Her designs are breathtaking!

    I have a spot underneath the front picture window with natural light, and I can watch the birds. That whole section of the living room is full of sewing supplies!
    Whoever wins, enjoy!!

  113. My favorite stitching spot is wherever I am when I’m surrounded by my dear stitching friends! The fellowship and friendship are as important as the stitching to me. Thanks for the opportunity to have a chance to win this beautiful pattern. Happy weekend!

  114. OH!! I bought a copy already! I should have waited, but I would have to order it later (as I wouldn’t have won it), and now I can begin it. It is even more beautiful ‘in person’.

  115. My favorite stitching spot is on the couch with my cat and husband beside me while the kids are upstairs asleep!

  116. This is absolutely gorgeous! What a generous giveaway. My stitching spot is in my recliner, with my light or during the day with the beautiful sunlight shining in. 🙂

  117. My favorite stitching spot is in front of the tv in my chair. Far better to do two things at once! The pattern is absolutely gorgeous. Fingers crossed! lgmcat

  118. What a great pattern! My favorite stitching spot is at the end of my couch–the left corner. I put a cushion under my left arm to support it and have my right arm free to stitch.

  119. Je trouve magnifique cette broderie j’aimerais tant la réaliser, je rêve peut être, si je gagnais ce serait super.
    Merci infiniment pour tout ce que m’apprend votre blog.
    Merci de me donner la chance de gagner.
    Je suis inscrite à votre newsletter que je lis régulièrement. j’habite à Paris en France

  120. This project is beautiful. Talliaferro has some excellent designs in the pipeline as well. I can’t wait till the Sunflower is ready for distribution. In the meantime, this would be a lovely project while I sit in my chair by the sliding doors overlooking our yard.

  121. Good morning, Mary,

    I was late reading your daily post today, and was happy to see you are again in a give-away mood this Friday. It’s stormy, rainy and quite humid in steamy South Florida, and reading your message and seeing that picture of the Talliaferro Classic Needleart design again brightened my day. Thank you.

    My favorite stitching spot is on an old comfortable chair in my bedroom, next to a night table lamp and a window. I can put my legs up (or get swollen ankles) on the matching stool and enjoy at least an hour of bliss once in a while.

    Again, thank you for all you do. Happy Sunday!

    Doris Hernandez Huston

  122. Oooh!!!! You know this matches my family room decor. AND my kid never makes it to see me for mothers day so this would be a great gift in lieu…. When I am doing my stitching I make a big nest of pillows on my bed, turn on both nightstand lamps, and put some music on — Its mahvelous!! Doggie at my feet, scissors at my side, and sew all afternoon. I love it. And I love these old birds and flowers and paisleys and gorgeous traditional designs. Happy Mother’s Day Mary!

  123. My mouth was drooling when you spotlighted this designer….but with so many projects in the works, I decided to wait. However, if I win this, it’s just fated for me to do this lovely flower! My favorite stitching spot is upstairs in my sewing room, surrounded by all my “stash” so it’s easy to get to, in a wonderful ergonomic chair, and usually watching a mystery on TV.

  124. My favorite place to stitch isn’t one place. I have many spots to stitch at home or at our vacation spot, but my heart is really happiest when I am with my fellow stitchers from the Embroiderers’ Guild of America.

    I am a lifelong needleworker and I have made my living as an artist. When the children came along I dropped handwork largely- just not enough time! Some knitting, but not much.

    This would come as a huge shock to any of my dear friends in the EGA, but I often think it saved my soul. I was going through a very difficult time when I found the EGA; lots of family tragedy and personal struggles. I was really down.

    When I found out by visiting a quilt show that there were CLASSES? in Needlework? I had never heard of it!
    It happened to be the end of the middle school years for my children, and I could sort of finally lift my head and think about what I might like to do in my new little bit of “free time”.

    I was hooked after the first meeting, and it gave me a sense of belonging that I had never experienced.
    Just being with a group of people who all love to work with their hands, and enjoy shopping, learning, and sharing something new each month has given my psyche and my skills a huge boost.
    Going to a Seminar, chapter meeting, or relaxing stitching weekend, I walk around and see friendly, smiling faces wherever I look. Sitting in a room with these loving, brilliant women is my favorite place to stitch. Anywhere, Anytime. So my favorite place to stitch? Easy answer; anywhere the EGA is.

  125. Wow! I love this design!! I went to the website when you posted it before and everything there was gorgeous. My favorite stitching spot is a chair in my bedroom. I do needleturn applique more than anything else and I have a table beside the chair for my supplies and a floor lamp so I can see what I am doing. I also have a TV to watch/listen to as I work. Perfect.

  126. Hi Mary! Beautiful pattern – thanks for the opportunity for someone to win it! My favorite place to stitch is on my couch, with my black labs snuggled next to me and a good movie on tv. (I always seem to have black hair on my stuff, though!)

    Happy Mother’s Day to all of the wonderful mothers, grandmothers, aunts, and sisters out there!

  127. I’ve been lusting after Anna’s designs, Mary! It would be great to win one. My favorite place to stitch? I have my sewing machine set up with the TV in a cabinet facing it and watch (or listen) while I sew. When I do embroidery, I clear the sewing away and spread everything out on the same table, watching TV. It’s in my own ‘studio’, so I come and go throughout the day.

  128. OOOHHH!!! I have huge desire to stitch this wonderful design – if I should be so lucky to win, my delight would be greater than I can describe. It is a wonderful design- so, I am crossing fingers, toes, eyes and anything I can think of. Peggy

  129. My favorite stitching spot is in a sunny corner of my living room with my kids/grankids playing nearby. Somehow, I feel like all of the good things in my life should be in one place! This kit is beautiful!
    Kristy in MN

  130. I forgot to answer my favourite stitching spot – my arm chair, under the OT light, in my living room, feet up, little table with all the compartments containing stitching implements close by, Cat Humphrey sharing the footstool or my knee – if she can ( yes, mistaken gender when named !) – I have a workroom, but my arm chair wins every time. Peggy

  131. Dear Mary, as president of our local Judaic needlework guild, I am always looking for ways to provide quality resources in a setting where money is tight. I’ve bought everything to make this exact kit, as you had recommended earlier this week, and would love to make this a group project. Winning this kit would allow me to share the wealth!

  132. I have a nook in our living room with my leather chair, my Ott lamp, and an antique spool cabinet to keep all my “stuff” in. I love to curl up there with a book or my needlepoint, sometimes watching TV and other times just absorbed in the joy of stitching.

  133. I love to sit out on the backyard deck to stitch when the sun is shining. Nothing beats natural sunlight to be able to see what you’re doing!

    If I’m working on a large project however, I like the kitchen table where I have lots of room to spread out.

    I also have another spot for in the evenings or when it’s cold outside or it’s raining. I have a big wingback chair that I can snuggle up and work on my stitching. But only if it’s a small project because inevitably, my dog will join me because it’s so comfy!

  134. Dear Mary,
    What a beautiful design! Thank you for your generosity in your giveaways. I have three favorite stitching spots. One is in my comfy living room chair. That’s where you’ll find me all winter, with a fire going and a good cuppa close by. I also have a big chair by a south window in my sewing room. I use that when I’m designing, using my sewing machine, listening to audio books and need to do a little hand stitching. Now I have a new favorite spot. We just finished a gazebo in the garden. I have a cushioned bench, flowers all around, and the sound of the surf. Wish I could send you a picture!
    Nancy in Newport

  135. Whoops! I was so excited about this giveaway that I didn’t read your instructions all the way to the end.

    My favorite spot to work is on my bed, where I can spread out my supplies and have excellent light, while listening to NPR. Out of my bedroom window I can see activity on the street, and have a natural light source during the day.

  136. Lets see. Right now I have a stitching spot out of necessity. Only spot in my apartment is on the couch. I did have a great spot back in my childhood. A big comfy chair in front of a sunny window. Was my fathers before he died. Had to make the hard decision to let the chair go in a move. I will always miss it.

  137. Hi, Mary,
    Happy Mother’s Day!

    My favorite stitching spot is on my comfy couch in our family room. I haave good light,A great stand to hold my needlework and plenty of room to stretch out. I would love to win this beautiful design. Surface stiching is my passion.
    Thank you for this opportunity.

  138. Thank you for the generous offer. The Talliaferro Royal Persian Blossom design will make a beautiful linen porch for priest. My favourite spot is before the picture of the Sacred Heart of Our Lord in my living room.

  139. Oh, I’m sure this will be a popular giveaway! I would love to try this project. I stitch most anywhere but I’m happiest sitting in my recliner with my feet up. I have both an Ott light (left shoulder) and an old-fashioned 6-way lamp (right shoulder) to provide great illumination. Hubby’s nearby (just beyond some stacks of books). A small table holds necessities (water or tea, a basket with pens, pencils, scissors, rulers, a couple of knitting needles and crochet hooks, a big pincushion with some spools of thread, etc. My small basket of sewing needles is nearby, as is my basket of magazines.

  140. First choice for stitching is in my overstuffed chair in the family room with a wall of windows behind me. Sometimes the TV is on but not usually. Second choice is in my sewing room with an audio book playing.

    Thanks for the give-away, it’s lovely and I would love to win it.

  141. My favorite stitching spot is often at events with friends, sitting in a chair under a shade. Usually it is a renaissance faire or an SCA event, where I can share what I am doing with folks curious about what I am creating from a simple needle and threads. So many people today haven’t seen what embroidery is about, and how easy it is to do and I hope they take it up once they’ve left.

  142. My favorite sewing spot is an armless chair in my well-lighted sewing room. I am usually found there!
    This kit is gorgeous! I usually embroider my blouses – especially the back – but this is more suitable for a pillow. Can’t wait to see it in person!

  143. I have always wanted to try crewel work, but, as so often happens I have failed to get around to it.
    I would do it where I do all my embroidery and lacemaking and that’s in my conservatory where the light is perfect for sewing.

  144. Hello Mary , I always sit in our east facing sun room. The natural light is great, the dogs and cats love to sit and guard me.We have Boxers and Minou ,the Siamese plus a few of her subjects.I never take the phone with me,I can`t be bothered.But I may watch a movie sometimes. But the best thing I`ve started is the 15 minute rule you suggested. It really woks! Thanks for you generous giveaway. It is my colors. Hope you have a great weekend with you Mother.
    Karole King

  145. Hi Mary,

    This is my favorite stitching site so I want to give thanks for you. I also have received great antique ecclesiastical patterns from Elizabeth Morgan. She is an altar guild leader and educator specializing in how to make church paraments, linens and vestments. ALthough her site is not necessarily about embroidery, she offers great information and has embroidery patterns for sale that allow you to color and create your own ideas.
    Debbie Thompson

  146. My favorite spot to stitch would be on my deck with my Golden Retreiver, Emily, having fun in the fresh Spring air. My absolute favorite season of all.

  147. Happy Mother’s Day to all! I love to sit and stitch on my balcony on a warm summers evening, but if that’s not possible I have a really comfy chair with my favorite OTT lite to help out. It’s such a beautiful design – good luck to all.

  148. Hi Mary,

    After reading the responses I obviously mis-understood the question. My favorite spot to sit while stitching is actually my wicker rocker in the sunshine of my sunroom. Unfortunately, I am also a tv junkie so I tend to spend the most time stitching while sitting on my love seat while watching tv in the afternoon. If I could combine both, life would be almost perfect. Thanks for offering this great design. I don’t do crewel work very often, so this would be a great challenge.
    Debbie Thompson

  149. Where is my favorite stitching spot? That is a tough one… I spend most of my time stitching at my craft desk next to the window viewing the wood line of our back yard. So I suppose that would by my favorite spot since I am there all the time 🙂

    The best spot I would love to have is fellow stitchers that I can sit and stitch with.

  150. My favorite stitching spot, Mary is in my Family Room, beside my husband, in front of the TV.

  151. My favorite place to stitch is next to a sunny window across from my husband’s desk in our home office!

  152. Oh, what a beautiful give away!!
    My favorite stitching spot is in a big, huge, soft leather armchair I have sitting by large windows that let in plenty of natural light. It is so comfortable.
    Thanks for the chance to win.

  153. Hi from Cape Town South Africa. My best fine weather place to stitch is at the table on our patio. We feed the huge variety of birds that frequent our feeders and garden,so when my eyes need a break I can look up and watch our feathered friends. Winter sees me in a chair before the window in my “snug”. This is a beautiful and colourful design and not having stitched with woolen thread for a long time I’d love to give this a go.My usual type of embroidery is needle painting which I also teach.
    Thanks for your interesting website and give-aways.

  154. I have a little log cabin tucked away in the Sawtooth Mts with splendid views of the world’s most beautiful fauna and flora. It is there that I have a favorite spot to embroider. The light in the day is so pure, but at night the lantern light doesn’t provide my old eyes with a physical vision to sew. Oh, but my mental vision sees beautiful crewel designs like the one you are gifting. Thank you. Barbara S

  155. My favorite stitching spot – actually I have more than one. In the winter, I love to sit in the armchair by the fire. In nice (warm) weather, I enjoy sitting outside. The rest of the time, I have a “sewing’ area in the basement.
    Sue J from Pa (formerly of NY)

  156. It’s been a while since I’ve done crewel embroidery. This design looks fabulous! Can’t decide what colors I’ll do it in if I win! My favorite place to stitch is on my living room sofa with sunlight or my Ott light shining over my shoulder.

  157. I have a little nest in my stitching room. Magnifier, light, and stand are ever ready for me. On my right is a small roll around table that has a lot of my tools, and on my left is my computer. A comfy chair and I can spend hours here. The bathroom is only steps away, and I don’t need to eat. A window lets in natural light and the chirping birds provide the music.

    This would be a perfect place to do your wonderful giveaway. Thanks, Mary!

  158. This is a lovely treat for Mother’ Day! My favorite stitching spot is on the couch with my husband while he watches some action thriller I have absolutely no interest in, but that provides good background “noise.”

  159. Oh Mary, the Talliaferro design is AWESOME. It calls to me somehow. Thank you for the chance to win it for Mother’s Day. My favorite spot to stitch at home is in my easy chair in my livingroom where I have special lighting and tools handy. I also attend a stitching group once a week at various homes and an EGA meeting once a month. All my lady stitching friends would drool over this piece!!! OOOOOOOO those colors are my favs!!!!!!!!!!

  160. That is such a beautiful design, Mary, the colours are so rich. I’d love to win it and stitch it on the sofa in my lounge, Lowery workstand in position and my cat, Lois, wedged against my elbow, occasionally assisting with my threads and watching the birds through the window – it’s my favourite spot.

    Thanks for the very generous give-away – and your lovely inspiring posts.

  161. What a beautiful piece of art! I cuddle up on the couch and stitch my projects while my husband plays his video games or watches a movie…as long as we’re near each other, that’s what counts!

  162. So excited these designs are finally available.
    My favorite spot is the den – with all the kids around, or my husband watching TV, I can be with them physically, while I’m in my own little, creative world.

  163. Thanks, Mary, for all your wonderful features and for introducing your readers to so many great stitching websites and products. My favorite stitching spot is my dining room table: lots of sunlight and space to spread out threads, fabric, stitching lamp, etc. Since we eat in the kitchen, I don’t have to put everything away for meals! Barbara B.

  164. I love this design. Haven’t done any crewel in a long time and would love to take up again. Why not make something beautiful? This would make a great decorative pillow.

  165. Hi Mary! Thanks for another great give away opportunity. My favorite spot to stitch is in my favorite chair by the picture window. Not only is the lighting terrific but I can hear and see the birds outside as they frolic. This adds to the zen effect that stitching provides me.
    KayseeB in Edmonton

  166. In the sunlight of course! With the windows open,
    hearing the creek bubbling, and all the cacaphony of the wildlife. It’s a place where I can be and see all of God’s Creation while I am stitching on a piece to bring it all inside to enjoy.
    Avis in VA

  167. Oh my gosh that design is soooo beautiful. I would love to stitch it. I was an only child, I have 5 kids, 14 grandchildren and 2 greatgrandchildren. This “tired” mom needs something new to stitch! Happy Mother’s Day to all the other mothers out there!

  168. I need to remember to read all the directions first……
    I am sitting in my favorite place to stitch, the TV is on and my tables on either side and 3 lamps beside me. It is “mom’s ” chair in the living room

  169. Hi Mary, My favorite stitching spot needs to have really good light, and music, with a spot to set a cup of tea. It turns out to be my little sewing room – ha! Who would have guessed?! Thanks for your wonderful website!

  170. My favorite stitching spot…..comfy recliner next to east window and super daylight lamp. Naturally requires a cup of tea and an old movie on the tv. Very peaceful.

  171. This is the most gorgeous design. I have a passion for paisley and this would satisfy at least some of it.
    I look forward to sitting out in my little back yard in Key West, or on the beach, stitching on this piece.
    Thank you so much Mary, for offering a chance at this to us.

  172. just love the give-away prize, use to have lots of them, but friends along the way enjoyed them too.

    Happy Mothers Day to you too,

    please enclude me in the give-away.


  173. The Talliaferro design is so beautiful. My favorite stiching spot is in the family room in front of the TV with my husband. I can’t stand to sit and do nothing with my hands. I love to stich. Someone will have a happy Mother’s Day if fortunate to win this beautiful design.

  174. Lovely piece — I plan to order the pattern but prefer to use heathway wools over the appletons. My favorite stitching spot? By my picture window with my cats beside me, a book on tape playing, and the dazor illuminating the way!

  175. OMG! When I read review about these designs, I went to the site and read all on it. I have plan on the nearest projects – that would be Tanya Berlin’s desings (thanks for sharing that designer to us) and then I was planning to take something from Talliaferro Classic Needleart.
    So, I would be happy to win this design.

    About favorite stitching spot. Actually I don’t have one. I still could not find any really good place. I am embroidering everywhere now. After an hour I normally feel pain in back or neck and just change position.
    But when I did not work and could embroidering for the whole day, most of the time I did it in the bed. Not because it’s a best place for embroidering, but because I just like to be in bad for a whole day sometimes.

    Best regards to you, Mary.

    Tatiana Abdikeeva
    USA, San Francisco

  176. My favorite place to sew is in my bedroom, I have a round table with a few of my favorite things, pictures of my kids and husband, a couple of dolls and teddybears, and my basket for sewing. I sit on a chair with wheels so I can move around for things that I need. The table is in front of a big window where I have a beautiful view of a golfcourse. I always sew in the afternoon and my daughter’s friends say that sewing must be my favorite thing in the whole world.

  177. I think this design is absolutely exquisite. I am looking forward to warmer weather where I can sit out on my deck and soak up the sun. The opportunity to stitch this lovely design would warm my heart.

  178. My favorite stitching spot is anywhere I can put a needle into fabric….
    But seriously, it’s in my sewing/guest room on my hideaway bed, with my good lamp and my feet up, with the TV on. If I’m lucky, I don’t have a cat or two trying to sit on my lap!

  179. Beautiful item that I would never purchase for fear of not finishing. Love it!

  180. I fell in love with this design when you reviewed it two week ago. It is so exhuberant! I even love the colours it is done in.
    My favourite winter spot for stitching is a cosy corner of my couch where I have my Ott light and magnifier set up and my ongoing project(s) in easy reach. In summer I like to stitch outside under the beach umbrella at our picnic table above the gentle surf 80 feet below us.
    Soooo glad I found your website. I look forward to what you have to show us each day.
    Best regards, Phyllis

  181. My favorite place didn’t show.. My favorite place is the end of my one of my sofas. We have a large den with 2 full sofas and 2 loveseats. When my four children and hubby are in there watching tv, I like to set at the end of the sofa with my work and little lamp. I can enjoy myself while still being part of the family.

  182. I found her web-site a few weeks ago and was in awe. Not only is her stitching technique amazing, I was blown away by her designs. I’ve rarely seen crewel designs in anything but Elizabethan or Jacobean format. These were so wonderful and so creative. I love it when someone uses a technique in a new way. It’s inspiring. My favorite place to stitch is weather dependent. In the winter,cold or rain, it’s in my studio which looks out a big window so I can see the birds at the feeder. But the all time best is when it’s warm enough to stitch outside. I can set up a table under the lilac which provides enough shade, the sun provides illumination and I can feel the breeze and enjoy the yard. There’s also an outlet so I can plug in and listen to whatever book in which I’m involved.

  183. Thank you for telling us about the gorgeous designs at Talliaferro – you always share such wonderful treasures. My favorite stitching spot is on the couch in front of the TV watching a good mystery or suspense movie. Being able to glance up now and then keeps me from going blind!

  184. I had to enter, this, my first on-line blog entry because the pattern is too gorgeous to pass up.

    I have a room devoted to stitching and I spend lots of time in there playing and daydreaming about the next project, not neccesarily getting any stitching done, but the process fills my soul with joy.

  185. WOW! WOW! WOW! I love this giveaway. It is a beautiful piece, thank you again Mary.

    My favorite spot to sew is in my comfy chair in my bedroom. It sits right net to my front window so I get wonderful natural light to work in. I also love this spot because I can watch (listen to) my baseball games while I work on a piece.

    Happy Mother’s Day!

  186. Mary
    I have liked this pattern for crewel work since you put it on your webpage some months ago. I would like to have a chance to win this kit if I may. My favorite sewing place is on my sofa in the living room with a big bay like window behind the sofa.Besides,this is where all my stashed away supplies for embroidery is,in tote bags and wicker baskets behind the sofa. Thank you for a chance to win this kit Mary.
    Maria in Kansas

  187. My favorite spot is on the end of the sofa, by the fireplace next to the standing lamp. This kit is so beautiful, I love it.

  188. Mary~
    What a beautiful pattern! The colors truly are stunning. I am quite new to embroidery, but your website is a tremendous help! Your tips, tricks, and videos have really given me the confidence to try painting with my needle.
    Honestly, my favorite spot to stitch is laying in bed, propped up on fluffy pillows. This is also my favorite spot to read and crochet; it is absolutely, in my mind, the most comfortable place in my home. Thank you so much for sharing your wonderful talent and insight with the rest of us. I truly appreciate it. Happy Mothers’ Day!

  189. My favourite stitching spot depends on the season and the weather. In winter its cosy in the living room. But in the summer I like to sit in the conservatory where the light is wonderful for close work. I love crewel work and loved this design when I first saw it, the colours would be perfect in my living room so would make a great winter project.

  190. Morris chair by the wood stove w/ window views and “just right” broken-in leather seat cushion-

  191. I love Jacobean style crewel work and this one is lovely. The colours are so nicely matched. My mother’s faveourite form of embroidery is crewel and she would love this because it goes with ones she has done but is a little funky.

    My favourite stitching spot is in my family room. I have a big armchair that’s been in the family for 50 or 6o years and it’s getting all ratty now but it’s perfect for stitching in ~ especially when there’s tons of snow outside.

  192. Sorry I forgot… my favorite spot to work on stitching is in my living room. I have a special chair which I love to use along with my magnifyer lamp.

  193. The design is so exhuberant I love working with wool.
    My favorite stitching place in in my Texas rocking chair next to the Love of my Life. We talk or watch tv together and I stitch away. I also have a great room in which I do a lot of sewing, stitching and watching the great out doors. I am the happest when i have a needle and thread in hand to make something beautful. Thanks for all you do to keep needle art alive. Have a great weekend.

  194. This is a nice pattern. My favorite spot is on the porch with a cool breeze in the afternoon.

  195. I have not done crewel work recently. This design the colors are outstanding! Would love to work on this design.

  196. Beautiful kit for mother’s day!
    I keep “handwerk” need arts alive by stitching in my busy family room surrounded by active teen agers….
    Hmmmm maybe my children will sit with me one day so I can pass on tradition to the next generation as my grandma passed to me.

  197. My favorite stitching spot is my 3rd bedroom that I have taken over for all my projects. I have a stand for my Japanese Embroidery. Two large tables, one I have my computer and TV on, and the other one holds sewing suplies and writing tools. I took the clothes rod out of the closet and put in shelves. Many of my suplies are contained in plastic boxes with labels. I love the Persian Blossom Design, it reminds me of Pat Campbell’s designs for applique. Thank you for your good ideas.

  198. I would love this design kit–it looks perfect to make pockets for a 19th C. costume. I love doing needlework where young people (and old) but mostly children and teens have the opportunity to ask questions, try and begin to appreciate using a hand needle and threads to create.

  199. Oh you asked for my most favorite spot in the world-my stitching chair! Each night after dinner, off we go to the sitting room, turn on the latest movie we are into, make sure the fire is going (wintertime) and I get down to my most rescent project. I will have a good three to four hours to stitch and I get to spend it with my husband … wouldn’t it be rude if I went off to the sewing room to work on a quilt block and left him all alone? I love to crewel but I won’t let it interfere with our time together, so hurray for the stitching chair!

  200. Thank You for your website, Mary. My favorite stitching place is in our family room, right by the window. I love to sit and embroider in a big comfy chair. Happy Mother’s day everyone!

  201. beautiful pattern!

    my favorite place to stitch is snuggled up in blankets in my bed. when it gets warmer outside, I will probably migrate my stitching to the yard 🙂

  202. I love to stitch in the easy chair in the sunny corner of my office/studio on the south (front)side of the house. Thanks for the giveaways and I love your column. Pat

  203. Hi Mary,
    What a beautiful Give-away.
    My usual spot for all my needlework at home is at a table. I sit on a hard chair softened with a cushion I find this is the best arrangement for my back, hips and legs). The table has two or three projects spread out. I may in an evening work briefly on all of my projects! Light is provided by an Ott light. I usually watch TV (mostly that means listen. My husband is great at telling me when the location changes and reading me any text on the screen.

  204. You are soooo generous, Mary! Thank you for giving this pattern as I fell in love with it the moment I laid eyes on it!

    My favorite stitching spot . . . Hmmm . . . Anywhere quiet and guilt free! Up at my in-laws cabin, at retreat, in the car on our way to wherever; it’s not so much the place as the time and lack of other “have to do” things.

    Enjoy your Mothers’ Day, Mary, and blessings,
    Keli Moffat

  205. My favorite stitching spot is at my breakfast room table. Lots of natural light and lots of overhead light and the tv to entertain me while I stitch! I can get a cup of coffee or tea when I first get up and sit down there and stitch all the way to supper time …… if only I didn’t have all this housework to do (or procrastinate about doing!).

  206. Just found your site two days ago while looking for some beading tutorials. Your work is absolutely beautiful and I’ve learned so much already.

    My favorite spot is by my computer as I refer to your site and needleworkers org regularly. I’m working through your lessons on a daily basis. Without them I would be lost.

  207. This is an awesome design. When I stitch I like to sit in my chair that has arms and rocks. It sits in the living room and I can see the TV or look out a window into my back yard.

  208. Oh, that kit looks like all kinds of fun! My favorite stitching spot is at home where I can watch Dr. Who while I stitch. OK, I stitch during the commercials because the Doctor is just too engrossing but still…

  209. Oh this is beautiful. My favourite sewing spot is in my loungeroom chair besides the window. The morning sun always shines through the window and I have all my stitching things around me. The light is always lovely coming through this window – Take care, Sandra.

  210. Hi Mary – thanks for an awesome give-away. my favourite spot to stitch is on the couch by the front bay window (north west facing, so it has the best light) with the light over my left shoulder and plenty space to ‘spread’ myself and my stuff!

  211. y favorite stitching spot is at my desk. Not just any desk…my husband made it for me and it has a magnifying light attached to it.I love it there.
    caroline d Quebec

  212. This kit is gorgeous. It’s just the thing to tempt me to step away from my own (far less intricate and demanding) designs.

    My embroidery time is usually limited to Sunday afternoons and evenings. I have dear friends who have “adopted” me on Sundays, and I have two favorite stitching spots in their house: either on a couch in the living room or in front of a movie in the TV room. Handwork is especially useful while watching movies — I can hide behind it during the scary bits!

  213. This design is beautiful and I can’t find anywhere in England who sells it!

    My favourite spot to do embroidery is in the garden of our family home in the Yorkshire Dales (England) which has a stream running through it. Its pretty run down but we love it. I sit on a stone bench next to the stream embroidering away and I feel just like I’m in a Jane Austen book!

    Thank you so much for your site, I’ve learnt so much, you are so generous xxx

  214. Hi Mary!

    I have been a long time follower of your site and have finally summoned up the courage to leave a comment. You have helped me so much in my stitching. I have been stitching averagly for a little over nine years(now 21)until I found your site.
    My absolute favorite spot to stitch is in the corner of the sofa in my family RV. Or under the shade watching the rounds of domino. We travel a lot and so this would be a wonderful little project.

    Happy Stitching! Angie

  215. My favorite place to stitch is in the livingroom in the evening. My place is in one corner of the couch, with my husband’s chair on the other side of the corner table. We share the footstool and can play footsie while he watches and I listen to his evening programs!

    Thank you for the opportunity to win another wonderful give-away! Happy Mother’s Day, Ladies!

  216. Thank you for this opportunity. Talliaferro’s designs are exquisite and it would be oh so wonderful win. My favorite spot to stitch is in my spare bedroom at an old kitchen table that has been transformed into a stitching station.

  217. My favorite place to stitch no longer exists. I use to have the corner to our sofa…..all broken in……nice and comfy. Plenty of room beside me to snuggle up, legs tucked under me with all my stitching gear handy and a table on the other side for whatever I was drinking and my hubby nearby. Then we moved, new furniture was bought and there was a different room arrangement. The new sofa just isn’t the same and the arrangement is impossible to have everything I need handy, except my hubby is still nearby. So, I make do in my recliner. When the weather is nice, I love to sit on the deck and stitch.

  218. This gorgeous design makes me itch to take a needle to some fine linen immediately! My crewel embroidery (over 45 years of it!) is my tactile meditation. I have set up my Stitching Place in my office, so that I can scan my designs into my computer and, thus, enlarge or shrink them as I require, and easily read any directions clearly on my 27″ Cinema Display. All my English, German, and Americn frames and hoops, along with all needlework supplies, Ott-Lite/Magnifier, thread stand, wool stash, needles, chatelaine, emeries, etc., are always available to me here. As my stereo equipment and piano also inhabit this room, I spend most days here, usually stitching . The Talliaferro blossom is exquisitly lovely and exactly matches an Elizabethan bell pull and pillow which I made years ago. I am continually searching for another fine design/kit to sew, which is usually hard to find – until I happened onto your site! I should so love to stitch the Royal Persian Blossom!!!

  219. My favorite stitching spot is wherever the dogs (5) decide they are not going to be lying around and/or playing at that moment. Therefore, my bedroom is first (less room for the big galoots)even though I dream of the day for my own workroom. Thanks, Mary!

  220. What a kind, generous offer, Mary! A beautiful, beautiful design!!

    My favorite stitching area is in front of the big window, looking out at the woods as I work.

  221. Hi Mary!
    I just love the colours used in this design, they are all my favourites!
    I guess my favourite place to embroidery has to be in front of the TV.

    Best wishes

  222. Hi
    My favorite place to do my stitching is when my husband goes fishing. I go with him and sit on the side of whichever river or lake we are at and while he is fishing I stitch.I sit in the sun, get my outdoor time and also get to stitch,which is my favorite thing to do.
    The give away kit looks so lovely. when I saw it I just went ‘ohhhh’. I would love to win this. Thanks for the opportunity. Crystine

  223. My favourite place to stitch is the train when I go to visit my sister and her children. I get an hour and a half to stitch in quiet and many people engage me in discussion about my work its a real conversation starter.

    Thanks Mary!

  224. I would be so thrilled to win this design. I joined our local chapter of EGA a few years ago and fell in love with crewel.
    My favorite spot to stitch I just recently discovered. Our chapter rents a campground for a long weekend annually. Everyone is assigned a meal so we basically have to just sit and wait for the dinner bell. In the meantime, we are all sitting around in a LARGE circle stitching, and laughing, and having a great deal of fun. I went for the first time this Spring and I got so much stitching done not having to stop to take the dog out, or fix dinner, or clean, or.. or.. or..
    I Love Stitching With My Friends.

  225. Several comfortable chairs – must decide whether I want the company or a “just me” moment in time as to which I choose. Really favorite room in the whole house for anything, even just relaxing and communing with nature is the screened in porch! Feel so creative being outside inside, and when it rains! Heavenly!

  226. My favorite stitching spot is my truty recliner, feet up and magnifing light in place. Good view of the TV so I can enjoy my favorite shows while stitching.

  227. I first want to say thank you for this website. As someone who retired from the local school system, I am grateful for the time you put into this great site after teaching all day. My favorite spot is my comfortable old rocking recliner with my task light in place, Usually, I’m relaxing in the evening with the tv in the background. Oh! and my husband’s snoring from his chair. Happy Mother’s Day and enjoy the end of May and the coming summer break!

  228. Hi Mary,
    Once again thank you for a wonderful giveaway. My favorite place to stitch in on the end of my couch next to my good lamp.
    Have a wonderful day.

    Jean B from Puyallup WA

  229. Hi Mary,

    Once again you have picked an amazing design. Thank you for the generous give-away.

    My favourite spot to stitch is in my recliner, by the big picture window in our living room. It is central to the house so I can keep an eye on what my 6 children, 2 dogs, 2 cats and spouse are up to.

    I have my stitching supplies in, of all things, a fishing tackle box. It works because I can store all my sharp, pointy things with a secure latch out of harms way.

    To everyone that is a Mom, knows a Mom, or has a Mom – have a wonderful Mother’s Day. 🙂

  230. I love this design, would love to pick fabric/thread and start stitching it. Always appreciate the chance to win!

  231. My favourite stitching spot is my bed. I prop myself up against the wall (no headboard) and sit there with tea and cookies on the stand and my work in my lap.

  232. Hello Mary,

    Thankyou for offering this giveaway. I am fairly new to embroidery, and am currently working on Japanese Temari, although I love the designs found in crewel work. This design inspires and ignites my imagination. It has such a wonderful fantastical element to it.

    My favourite place to stitch in curled up on the end of my lounge with a throw rug, with my cats curled up too. Every now and again one of them reaches out and pats at my stitching. It makes it just that little bit more special.

  233. You always have such beautiful giveaways!
    My favorite spot used to be the living room; but now, with two infants learning how to crawl/walk i’m afraid of leaving things around.

    This summer I think I will give our new porch a try…although i’m not sure how successful I will be. They’re in the stage where they want to hug mommy at all times

  234. Hi Mary,

    My favorite spot to stitch right now is in front of the computer while you teach me fabulous new techniques/tips. Normally, I’m just on the end of the sofa near all my supplies and in the thick of things. My ears are entertained while I stitch away the evenings, usually with a big cup of tea and, if I’m lucky, a nice treat at my elbow.

    I love your site, your insight, and all your wonderful tutorials.

  235. Happy Mother’s Day Mary and to all mothers. Thank you for soooooo much time and work you put into this site for all of us to learn from and to enjoy. I stitch in my recliner in the family room across from a 8ft. glass door where I can watch the wildlife outside and/or watch TV while stitching. My cat, Goldy, stops me wanting to play each night. Then outside he goes and back to stitching I go!
    Thanks for this beautiful kit. Debra Puma

  236. I love that crewel pattern and would love to call it my own!
    I always stitch in the living room. It’s got great natural light with floor to ceiling windows in the front (facing south) and floor to ceiling windows at the other end as well. I have 4 cats and a dog and I end up sitting wherever they’re not. I have an overstuffed wingback rocking chair in the middle of the room that I like particularly, but in a pinch I’ll take one of the chairs right next to the window. I don’t mind as long as I have an end table on my left-hand side.

  237. What a gorgeous design! I’d love stitching it!
    My favorite place to stitch is in my living room, sitting in my recliner with my Ott Lite over my shoulder, with my table top Needlework System 4 frame on my portable personal table. My DH watches TV, I listen and stitch, but we’re enjoying being together…..what could be better? Life is good!

    Sherry from MN

  238. My favorite stitching place is across the table from my dear friend every Wednesday morning. Coffee and stitching at 8am right after I drop the kids at school. We stitch for a couple hours with the cats and dogs around. She makes the best coffee!

  239. This is an awesome design, thank you Mary for being so generous.
    My favourite stitching spot is my comfy chair. It is positioned so I can enjoy the sun during the day and turn it to be with the family while they watch tv at night – best of both worlds.

    It is Mothers Day in NZ tomorrow, so best wishes to all the mothers out there.

  240. Wow! What a marvelous giveaway. The design from Taliaferro is exquisite. Jacobean style crewel is my absolute favorite type of surface embroidery.

    My favorite place for embroidery is sitting on my new living room sofa. Very comfortable and the floor lamp with its compact fluorescent bulbs provides excellent lighting. And I get to listen to my favorite music on the new CD-MP3 player.

    Pam in Austin TX

  241. In the center of the room, surrounded by children — some quite attentive, others fidgety — with their practice sets trying to watch and learn embroidery.

  242. Lovely chart Mary, the blue and gold colours go so well together. Quite a challenging piece.

    My favourite spot to stitch is in my “Studio” (spare room) where I am surrounded by all my stitchy supplies!

    Julie in Australia

  243. Hi Mary,
    Another wonderful giveaway – I particularly love this one, it is so imperial looking!! My favourite stitching spot is in our TV room – I have a special comfy chair and my light and stand all set up ready to go, and everything to hand. I can even listen to the TV if I like!
    Good luck to everyone, me especially!!!
    Penny JB

  244. Hi Mary,
    Thanks again for a great give away! You are so very generous. My favorite stitching spot is my bedroom retreat. I have a great light & a good chair plus my husband can watch golf in the other room while I watch my favorite shows.

  245. My favorite spot for stitching is anywhere by a window with the sun shining in. Serene…

  246. Mary: My favorite OFFICIAL stitching spot is in my gorgeous 1-year-old studio/sewing room where I keep all my supplies and equipment, the lighting is great, I’m close to (a) kitchen for making cups of tea or keeping an eye on dinner as it cooks, (b) a bathroom, (c) National Public Radio or books on tape or music CDs, etc. My favorite USUAL spot is beside the dining room where the lighting is superb and I can be with family or friends. This is a beautiful crewel design! Janet

  247. Dear Mary
    Thank you once again for your generosity. I have been ’embroidering’ for years but just this year took a class with a well known Australian tutor and now I am doing ‘real’ embroidery. Crewel. How magic it feels when the simple stitches done well and combined with others to create such beauty. My DH purchased a Daylight lamp for me so now I can just shift to any comfortable chair and embroider to my hearts content.
    To every Woman who has mothered both human and animal, may your day be peaceful and relaxed.

  248. Mary – I am writing from the annual Seminar of the Embroiderers’ Association of Canada in Sackville, New Brunswick, Canada. I love to do Crewel Embroidery and would love to work the new pattern. It is a beautiful design!
    I always stitch in my studio, at my floor frame, listening to the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC).
    I’d love to stitch the Royal Persian Blossom!
    Helen from West Vancouver, BC

  249. Hi, my favourite spot is to sit and stitch on our couch. I especially enjoy this in winter as I have one lamp that is like a heat lamp and it keeps me nice and toasty warm. I’m looking forward to lots more toasty-ness and stitching as we are heading into winter now.
    🙂 Sue.

  250. Hi Mary,

    What a wonderful giveaway – I bought the RSN Guide to Crewelwork this morning in a book sale and wouldn’t it be wonderful to combine the two. My favourite place to stitch is in my chair in my sitting room, with the sunstreaming in and the cat asleep on her beanbag by the fire.

    Happy Mothers Day to everyone.

    Trish, Whangarei, NZ

  251. Dear Mary,
    Your article on this site previously enthralled me and I tried to purchase the design without success as I live in Australia. Have contacted them and they are trying to fix the problem, I am new to crewel and maybe you could let me know of a site that I can purchase the fabric and wool best for this project. Your daily emails are something I wait with bated breath for and have been saving them but also realised I dont have to ………………You are my hero in emboidery and have learn sooooo much from your site A BIG THANK YOU.

  252. Another note from me, wanted to tell you that I have just finished, The Rooster from your site which I did with “Gloriana Silk thread” on a hessian which actually sounds awful but looks great, very appropriate for a barnyard friend. I dont know how to send a photo but when I learn will do so………….another big thank you

  253. So sorry forgot to tell you my favourite spot, I got so excited about leaving a message I didnt read the main bit. I have a favourite spot in the tv room with a special light and it looks out on the Collie River which is quite beautiful so I have the best of both worlds.

  254. OMG! YOU are absolutely the best in the world. I love this pattern!!! My comfy chair that I share with my Maine Coon cat is where I get my stitching done. Happy Mother’s day and stitch the day away!

  255. Dear Mary…my favorite stitching spot is anywhere I can find a rare hour or two all to myself. It is usually on the couch or on my bed, but I just bought a seat frame so I will have to hunt for the perfect chair, preferably near a window with a view of trees and birds with soft medieval, Renaissance or classical music in the background (when I can manage it). Happy, Blessed Mother’s Day to all!

  256. I love Jacobean crewel embroidery, and reading the article about the Royal Persian Blossom crewel kit made me want to embroider it. My favorite stitching spot is at a table where I can watch and listen to the TV while I stitch. I need to keep my eyes open to what’s going on in the house, and that’s a perfect spot.

  257. Mothers day has special memories of a favourite spot we had in the kitchen. As a child we sat at a table near the wood oven and embroidered while something was usually cooking. Since then I have had many favourite spots but now at nearly seventy it has to be an area of comfort with a very strong light.
    Happy mothers to all who are mothers or would like to be one. (even of their loved pet.)

  258. Mary, my passsion is crewel embroidery, the Talliaferro designs are fabulous as is their website, and my favourite spot is sitting in the sun looking over our garden and on to the mountains. While you’re enjoying moving into the warm weather in Australia we’re just moving into the cold and the garden’s going to sleep for a few months. Looking forward to your upgraded website. Thanks Kim.

  259. The use of gold with the blues and darker colors lifts this piece and gives it a magical touch. It shines.

  260. The use of gold with the blues and darker colors gives this piece a magical touch, it glows.
    My favorite stitching place is under my Golden Elm in my garden particularly in the morning when the light is just right and the little birds are flitting around

  261. I would love to win a crewel project. My favorite spot to do my needlework in my armchair by the window in the living room.
    Terri Toman Renton Washington

  262. Hi. The design looks fatastic and challenging just the thing I’m looking for to get myself kickstarted in crewel work again. My favourite spot is in my sunny lounge with the cd playing my favourites in the background to filter out an other distractions from my family.

  263. We had to travel to Québec for courses(60 miles) but you give us more than a teacher. Many thanks

  264. Ooohh, Mary! I’ve been dying to give this pattern a go! I kept looking for weeks when it was available in shops, but when the time came, me and my husband had some financial setback in the form of a crappy car, and I couldn’t afford it any more… So, this is a wonderful opportunity for me! My favorite spot to stitch is on my couch, it is part chaise longue, so I’m very comfortable with my feet up and a wonderful lapstand.
    Now, let’s keep my fingers crossed…
    Gwen Kok, Dordrecht, the Netherlands.

  265. My favorite spot to work on needlework is on my back deck. I get to enjoy the natural sunlight and watch all my feather friends come to my feeders. Our weather here in southwestern pa has been finicky of late and I’ve been itching to get out there. During the winter months, I have a comfortable chair and an ott light set up that keeps me going until the weather changes. I’d love to win the give away. Best wishes to you.

  266. Mary-I am new to your site. I found you when browsing for ideas to embroider on a linen christening gown I am making for a friend. Now I receive the daily emails and I am amazed at the stitching opportunities!!
    Like you-I am a teacher entering these last weeks of the year–but see a glimmer of light at the end of the tunnel known as paper grading.
    My favorite stitching spot is at the end of the day when I treat myself to a few moments with needle and thread– like so many others — at the end of the couch, listening to the news, while hubby and doggie snooze away!
    This is a beautiful pattern that you are sharing! Christie in Appleton Wisconsin

  267. What a wonderful Mother’s Day giveaway Mary-crewel embriodery! I realize that my first efforts as a child were basic crewel stitches and, other than a bureau scarf (printed cross-stitch), the only completed needlework I’ve kept for myself was a crewel embroidery piece. It would be wonderful to do another, now that my stitching techniques have evolved a bit! I do love stitching outside in natrual light but I seem to do most of my stitching in a lounge chair, where I can lift my legs, basking under a bright stitching light.

  268. What a nice surprise! Somehow I missed your review of this design package. Anna is a friend of mine, and I’ve been waiting to hear that this was published. Now I have to go berate her for not telling me.

  269. What a gorgeous design! I’d love to hole up in my favorite stitching spot with it and a pile of wool! Since Older Child winged her way out of the house, I’ve been converting her bedroom into a stitching and crafting room: I’ve taken over half her bookshelves, hauled in the sewing machine and the embroidery stand, and cleared her desk to use for paper crafts and other work.

  270. I love working crewel and this is a great design. My favorite stitching spot is anywhere with enough light and magnification to allow me to see what I am working on.

  271. I enjoyed your review of this design and renewed my interest in crewel work again. My local store doesn’t carry crewel supplies and lately the statement: Out of sight out of mind, has described me to a T. I do most of my stitching in my room, when my DH was living I did most of stitching during his appts and hospital stays. When the children were young I would stay up after they went to bed and sit in the living room. Thank you for renewing my interest in crewel work.

  272. Please enter me in your drawing for the beautiful crewel pattern. My favorite stitching spot is the dining room table but there are many other spots where stitching is done, too.
    Rita E in AZ

  273. hi Mary- this is such a gorgeous pattern,and great of you to make a give-away of it! I never did crewel work and I would very much like to try.
    My first stitching was in gobelin, when my mother did a beautiful seat- cushion for my granmother- all over roses. I liked this very much and she showed me how to do.I really became addicted on petit point during my teeny-years (o yes, no disco…) now the most embroidery I do is on historical garments, especially italian renaissance gowns and regency dresses- and one of my greatest desires would be to embroider a waistcoat or even a “just-au- corps” of the 18.th… any historical fashion-victim out there????
    My main spot of embroidery is after teaching many lessons of piano- and I’m always relaxed after having worked with needle and thread.
    Thank you so much for your blog with always interesting posts!

  274. Thank you for your wonderful give-away! My favorite stitching spot is in a sun filled dormer in my bedroom. I have a comfortable chair, an Ott Lite with a magnifier, and a table for all my embroidery tools and threads. It’s a quiet corner and I a place where I can leave my project undisturbed until its completion.

  275. Thank you for your wonderful give-away! My favorite stitching spot is in a sun filled dormer in my bedroom. I have a comfortable chair, an Ott Lite with a magnifier, and a table for all my embroidery tools and threads. It’s a quiet corner and a place where I can leave my project undisturbed until its completion.

  276. What a lovely design and generous gift. As it happens crewel work is my favorite form of needlework.
    Our family room and kitchen are in one continuous space so you will find me at the kitchen table with my with dazor lamp and my husband in his lazyboy watching TV.

  277. What a beautiful piece!!! I so appreciate your website!! Being new to embroidery, your “how to” videos were a life saver for me. After buying books on the different stitches, I still could not get it…I must be a more visual learner. After watching the videos and seeing the stitch done, it was a piece of cake.
    Thank you for all you do! Good luck to all the entries.
    Happy Mothers’ Day
    hugs, Sue K

  278. My favorite place to stitch is in my craft room in front of a window that overlooks my back yard. I have a long table with a much needed magnifying lamp. This design is so beautiful I would probably stitch it in the original colors.

    Dawn C.
    Southcoast, MA

  279. My living room couch, so that I can still share the time with my family while they watch TV.
    Thanks so much!

  280. My favorite place has always been on the end of the sofa with my feet up either listening to music, TV or a book on CD. However, yesterday I put a fence up in the backyard for the dogs. Today I hope to get some planting done and work on a walkway in my little area. I can see when I get it started and new chairs out there maybe taking some needlework out there. We’ll see.

  281. What a beautiful design! My favorite place to embroider is in bed. I am lucky to have a Temperpedic adjustable bed so I can support my back and raise my feet–it’s perfect!
    Karen in Breezy Point

  282. Mary, I have enjoyed your Newsletter so much. It’s a new found pleasure, I found just a couple of months ago. Now it’s one of the first things I do in the morning. The needlework pattern is so lovely and I need to learn more about doing crewel embroidery. I’ve been sewing since I was about four and that was a very long time ago. I love to sit in ‘my’ chair in my family room, I put a pillow on my lap which gets my work closer to me, (I don’t have to lean forward as much, and it’s obviously easier to see) and then I sit and enjoy the time that I’m able to devote to my needlework.

  283. I have the most fun and learn the most when I am at the two monthly EGA meetings where I am a member here in Northern California. The ladies are fun and very helpful. This is a very generous gift Mary and the kit is gorgeous. HAPPY MOM’S DAY to you and thank you for everything you provide to us.

  284. The design is awesome. I love the combination of colors,in my proyects, I usually use other colors, but I think this design could not be done differently.
    My favorite (and unique) stitching place is the sofa in the sitting room. When my little daughter is in bed and there is some peace at home, my husband chooses a “great” movie to watch on TV, and I take the opportunity to work a bit in my sewing project while I listen the film.

  285. Mary,
    That’s a beautiful design.. rich colors and would make a lovely motif! My favorite stitching spot is the guest bedroom which is well lit and cozy. I have all my supplies neatly stacked in the closet well within reach. Thanks once again for this lovely giveaway!

    Ramya from CA

  286. Happy Mother’Day Mary

    I will be alone for the Mother’s day. My son and my grand-son are living in Lisbon, Portugal It is far from here, (Québec). So, I am happy for all the mothers and grand-mothers in the world, specially the embroiderers.

    My favorite stitching spot is in the living room in front of fire with my cat on my knees and music of Mozart in my ears. C’est la félécité sur terre!

    I would like to win the splendide Royal Persian Blossom, the crewel embroidery is my favorite.
    Thank you Mary, you are my sun every day. Louise

  287. Hi Mary
    My favourite place to stitch is sitting on my two seater couch. Me on one seat and all my stuff on the other.Thanks for yet another generous give away.

    Pam Paice
    Hampshire UK

  288. I have created a “stitching nest” which consist of a small recliner and heating pad in my sunroom which means I can get good daylight. There is light also from an Ott floor lamp and a table lamp with a 100w bulb. I have a drawered stand on one side and a small table on the other. If using a frame I can pull the “giraffe” frame up close. The only problem is that I often have to share the space with 1 of 5 cats.
    Thank you for providing Needle and Thread. It’s my 1st and still favorite blog!

  289. Entering because I really like this design but never win anything! My favorite stitching spot is in the living room but actually is anywhere and anytime I have time to work on my needlework with good light and quiet.

  290. My favorite stitching spot is in my porch swing on a beautiful day. Any other time it is usually in the bedroom but anywhere and anytime that I have time to stitch is wonderful. Have a great day and Thanks for this opportunity. Hope

  291. What a great question! Our house has an L-shaped kitchen, and one half the L is our sitting room, so that the person in the sitting room can chat with the cook. In the sitting room, I have a big comfy glider chair with matching glider footrest, with the back to the window. Now that I have middle-aged eyes, I have a big floor-standing Ott-Lite lighted magnifier that I rest just over my lap.

    It’s my stitching cocoon.

  292. What an amazing design. I love blue so the color immediately caught my eye.

    I embroidery almost every evening. It’s not fancy, but the sofa in my family room is where I stitch. I find an hour or two of handwork helps me shed the stress of the day and calm my mind. You might call it a form of meditation!

    Mary, thank you for your blog and all of the beautiful designs you share. I have embroideried many of them on tea towels and would send you a photo, but I gave them away as gifts before I thought to capture them in a photo. I guess this just means I get a chance to embroidery them again!

  293. What lovely colours. I’ve never done crewel work before but I’m definitely going to have a go now! Pure class.

  294. My favorite stitching spot is under a skylight in our log home in the Idaho pines. I sit in a highback leather chair with my sewing tools etc. on my Chinese stacking baskets which are beside my chair. The sun is shining and it’s going to be a wonderful Mother’s Day.

  295. My favorite stitching spot is in my cozy chair in the family room where I have my good lights, my table, my lap desk, my glasses(!) and everything I need for a comfortable evening of stitching!


  296. My favorite spot is in the backgarden in the shade. Natural light is the best for stitching.
    Another favorite spot to stitch is in my comfy chair beside the window.
    Happy stitching,
    Marjolein from the Netherlands.

  297. My favorite spot to sew is the front room of our house. I’m surrounded by my plants, my fabric and thread, and a dog sleeping in the spot of sun coming in the window. But any place works just fine – a long car ride, an airplane trip, a waiting room. Thanks for the great ideas, information and inspiration every day. Annette M.

  298. Hi
    Once again a beautiful item to win. My stitching spot is in my family room on the couch either with my stitching on my stand or in my hand. This little area seems to work for me as I can sit for hours and simply enjoy myself. Have a wonderful week Mary keep up the good work with your web page no matter how busy I am I always find the time to enjoy it. Joan T from Richmond BC Canada

  299. I would love a chance to win. My favorite place to sew is on the couch by our large front
    window. Our little yorkie sits next to me.

  300. Thanks, Mary, for your wonderful posts and frequent giveaways. My favorite stitching spot is at my table, comfortable cushion on the chair and everything close-at-hand. Happy Mother’s Day to all your readers!

  301. I have been stitching forever, linen work mostly, but lately I have become fascinated with crewel and goldwork but have not ventured forth. This design is definitely an inspiration and something for me to tackle.

  302. My favorite stitching spot is in my comfy chair in front of a triple window in my bedroom. The view is of my backyard filled with trees, grass, and flowers and is very comforting to me in any type of weather or season.

  303. My favorite stitching spot is the corner of my comfy new couch, it has the most light in my apartment! Thanks for another giveaway!

  304. Absolutely entranced with the beautiful and stunning Royal Persian Blossom crewel embroidery design kit. Hopefully I will have the opportunity to own it. My favorite stitching spot is in my family room in my “nest”. My husband is close by, along with our Golden Retriever, Molly.

  305. What a beautiful giveaway! My favorite place to work is in our family room — plenty of good light, close to the family so we can all chat & interact while each doing something different. Happy Mother’s Day to all.

    Paula in OH

  306. Embroidery is new to me. I tend to have something I could work on with me almost all the time. The weather is finally starting to feel like spring and I want to make my new favorite place to stitch the porch swing. But for now it has been my bed leaning against the wall with lots of pillows and an audio book. I love to read, but like to have my hands busy. The combination is perfect.

    Thanks for the work you do on the site. It is so helpful to me a beginner.

    Melissa H. in Payson, UT

  307. As with all the articles and information you provide the article was helpful, interesting and delightful to read. I just love your site.

    My favorite place to stitch is in my tv room, in my favorite chair using my dazor!

  308. My favorite stitching spot is my sewing room…it’s a small, often cluttered room that I call my own. It has many new and old projects that I am working on and hope to eventually finish. What more can I ask!

  309. I just know there are around 25 people working as one, pretending to be one Mary Corbet. Maintaining this site alone must require the efforts of a small army, not to mention the business it surely generates. Then, to have time to do the research and create the original art? (And I haven’t even mentioned taking a single actual stitch.) Don’t worry – your secret is safe with me. I only wanted to say thanks to all of you! ;o)


  310. My favorite place to stitch is in my chair in my study.

    My embroidery skills are limited but I am expanding my horizons. Have recently joined the local Embroidery Guild in anticipation of learning many new & wonderful things.

  311. I saw this design before it was published and it just reached out and grabbed like no other design ever has. Just exquisite in my opinion. The design is lovely and the colors perfect.
    My favorite stitching places are 1. in the yard in the gazebo on a balmy day.
    Or 2. In my sewing room upstairs in a wonderful and comfortable antique chair that belonged to an old friend. It is all set up with an ott light in a stand and various magnitudes. An antique secretary stands next to it with mane of my supplies and a convenient fold down tabletop.

  312. Hi Mary,
    Oh my gosh, the first time I saw her work I ordered 3 used books to learn the crewel stitches. I have yet to be able to do any of the work yet, so if I was the winner I would stitch this in my favorite spot in my bedroom with my ott lite! Thanks Mary.

  313. My favorite stitching spot is on the porch of mother’s weekend cabin. But I agree that embroidery has a way of transporting you to a wonderful tranquil place (most of the time) no matter where I am! These talifero designs are wonderful and I’ve been wanting to try crewel embroidery. Thank you so much for the generous give away!

  314. oopppsss, this is a P.S. to the #2 comment, I forgot to say Angela in Reno. 🙂

  315. Hi Mary, my favorite stitching spot is on our really old brown velvety Lazy-boy which is in the living room. Over my shoulder is lots of natural light & my stand slips well under the chair. Thanks for another wonderful giveaway and Happy Mother’s Day to everyone. For we are all mothers to our creations, whether human or art.

  316. Gorgeous, just gorgeous. I do so hope this kit flies its way to my mailbox. 😉 Hugs and Happy Mother’s day to all.

  317. My fav stitching spot when cold is at one end of the couch, feet on a hassock, covered with a lap quilt.

    And when warm my fav stitching spot is in a rocking chair on the deck.

  318. My favourite, and only stitching spot is the corner of the couch in the loungeroom.

    My supplies are set up on the coffee table (old trunk) next to the couch, the boxes of threads I’m currently using go on the floor, and the needle and pin cushions go on the top of the couch cushions. My current working piece gets propped up there as well when not in use.

    Unfortunately, my cat Jasper loves to sleep on the middle cushion (my ‘spot’ is the end cushion of the 3 cushions). So the area where I put my work down is continually covered in cat hair! But it’s lovely when he’s there in his spot, right next to me as I embroider.

    I always know, if I mislay a tool, to look under him first 🙂

  319. My favorite stitching place is in a spare room upstairs. It has most of my projects, threads, books, good lighting, tools, and sewing machine. I have a table next to my chair that holds my current project with scissors, needles, laying tool, pincushion and other accessories.

  320. Hi Mary,

    Thank you for yet another giveaway!
    My favourite place to stitch can only be sitting next to my man 🙂 As he’s on the other side of the country, the next best would be at a friend’s house in the mountains, with a winter fire going and soup in the slow cooker.
    But stitching is good for the soul, so no ways I’m gonna wait till then! ^_^

    Thank you again,
    Tessa from RSA

  321. Amazing what thread and needle can realize!
    My favorite stitching spot is the laundry room, always with a good, warm smell.

  322. My stitching spot is on the couch while “watching” TV with my hubby!
    Thanks for having a wonderful giveaway 🙂

  323. It depends on the season. In the winter, I am stuck indoors, so my favorite spot is on the couch, snuggled up with my dogs. Luckily they do not make it challenging to work. During the warmer months, I love to sit outside and stitch, just taking in the fresth air.

  324. My favorite stiching spot is my desk upstairs, especially when it’s spring and the trees are leafing out.

    Thank you for this lovely give away.

    Leslie Marsden

  325. My favorite stitching area is sitting on the
    side of the couch in the living room. I don’t know why but I sit with the bottom of my left leg under my right knee. I’m short and it makes me taller I guess. Love crewel. Love this design giveaway. Love stitching. I guess I’m in love….

  326. I have “my corner” in the living room, with my light & all my supplies in varying legnths of arms’ reach from me (the less-used stuff requires me to turn around and rummage behind the sofa, and the least-used supplies actually require standing up) but I have actually grown fond of bringing my current project to the cafeteria at work… I generally get a small table in the same area every day, and over the last year or so I’ve made friends and gotten many positive comments about the various projects I’ve worked on there. Of course, it has to be the type of project that I can pick up and put down at a moment’s notice, since it’s a lunch break!

    Meagan C

  327. Hi, Mary,

    Two large windows meet in the corner of my living room, so that’s where a comfy chair and my Ergo stand live. The natural light streams in behind me, and I have deep window sills that can hold extra supplies and, of course, multiple cat beds. You never know when you might need a helper 🙂

    Thanks for a great site and generous contests.


  328. Happy Mother’s Day to all you stitchers! My favorite spot to stitch is in my chair in the living room where I can see the blue buntings and tiny goldfinches this time of the year, flitting to and fro from the feeders, which sit in front of our flowering white dogwood (I always think of it as the “bride of the block”). My mother taught me how to do crewel when I was a (rather) rebellious teenager. She must’ve known that someday when I grew up, I’d pick it up again. She lives far away and has Alzheimer’s now, so Mother’s Day is always bittersweet. I can’t share with her what I’m working on now, as she’s beyond the point of understanding. But I know she’d be so happy to see me stitching away on that art that she so lovingly taught me. For all of us, we must remember that what we were given by our mothers is not lost. The love goes on and resonates throughout our lives, surviving illness–and even the grave. And now we have the great blessing of passing it on….one stitch at a time!

  329. I got so caught up with the beauty of the piece I fogot to say where my favorite stitching spot is! I have the chaise part of our family room sectional reserved…all my current projects laying in wait for my favorite after dinner activity!!

  330. My favorite stitching spot is the first upholstered chair I purchased for my home. I would go into the living room, just to look at it.

    The years have gone by very fast and 54 years later, reupholstered and refurbished, I love setting in this chair;sewing away, feeling great!

  331. My favorite stitching spot is when we go camping. I love to sit out in the lawn chair and listen to nature as I stitch. It is amazing how quickly the time passes and how much I accomplish.

    Mary Sawyer
    I would love to when the pattern/kit

  332. As I age, my favorite spot has moved closer to the living room window for it’s natural light. There, I can sit all day and into the evening – because it faces west! I have a natural light lamp for nighttime, of course, but it isn’t the same. I’ve learned so much from you, Mary! Thanks alot.

  333. What a beautiful kit. It reminds me of my Mother’s work. I wish she was still here for Mother’s Day. My favorite stitching spot is on my sofa in front of the TV watching NCIS re-runs!

    That kit would make a wonderful Mother’s Day surprise!

    Happy Mother’s Day Mary and Everyone.

  334. Hi Mary, my favourite stitching place is an old leather chair in our living room. I love this design. Fingers crossed!

  335. My favorite place is tucked in the corner of my couch with my hubby in the other corner. He watches his favorite television programs and I stitch my favorite hobby. Who says you can’t have it all?

  336. My favorite stitching spot is on the couch next to my husband while we watch a movie.

  337. Hi MAry,
    Love your blog, it is one of my go to resources when I am on the go, thanks to smartphone tech! While I am on the go so much, my favorite place to stitch is in my tiny sewing room, just love having everything at my fingertips!
    Thanks for sharing your great blog! And having awesome contests like this one!
    Ginny Maxam

  338. Thanks, Mary, for another outstanding giveaway!

    You know, I have a whole room for my sewing passions and have gone out of my way to set up a nice sewing environment there, but my favorite place to stitch is still on my couch in the livingroom. It’s where I always end up.

  339. Any time i have a moment to myself. a cornucopia of joy is the product and what I’m making is the byproduct.

  340. I have two favorite places for stitching, depending on season: in the wintertime I stash myself between the woodstove and the window which faces the bird feeder, and in the summer I stitch in my tiny little screensided “summerhouse”, as my son used to call it, out under the tall pine trees where it is very secluded and peaceful.

  341. Ohhhhhhh I LOVE this piece! It’s on my “need to buy” list. My favorite stitching spot is my couch or sitting outside under our apple tree.

    Thanks so much,

    Chris Rai

  342. Dear Mary,
    What a beautful Crewel work kit, I would love to win this. My favourite embroidery spot is by my front window where there is a lot of natural sunlight that filters through into the room, I sit in my father’s old chair which is ideal for embroidery and my work box which is on castors sits next to me I look out on to my garden which has a bird bath frequently visited by birds, the location is simple and peaceful.

  343. I am finishing the crewel piece that I started at the EAC Seminar in 2009, so I am ready for a new crewel challenge. This looks beautiful.
    My favourite place to stitch is in my living room, in a chair or on the couch. I can drink coffee and listen to TV while I stitch.
    Thank you for this opportunity to win a great prize.

  344. I love this kit. Its beautiful.
    My favorite place for stitching is in front of the TV. My computor is at my side, so I can find out if I’m doing ok . There is room to work in front of me and there is a magnifier and light so I can see.
    Thanks for having this site and for all you do to help us.

  345. My favorite stitching spot is my living room in the early afternoon with lots of natural sunlight. I sit a one end of the couch and my two dogs sit at the other, with an occasional cat thrown in.

  346. My favourite stitching spot is on my sofa in my sitting room, where I can sit with my threads spread out beside me and my scissors on the coffee table in front of me. It’s probably not the most efficient spot as I have to juggle the light a bit but it’s the most comfortable and it’s where I feel the day’s work is ended and the pleasure time begun. I would love to stitch the Talliaferro design there. I’ve been lusting after this design since I first saw it on the Talliaferro website, and have been waiting impatiently for the first patterns to be ready. I love the modern sensibility and the stunning use of colour in these designs;it’s crewelwork for the 21st century. Thank you for bringing it to our attention Mary. Warm regards to all, Suzy B in Melbourne.

  347. My favourite spot to stitch was the sofa, I had a small table that was the same height as the top of the sofa arm that I could have everything out on and it was easy to reach. Also, the feet of the stitching frame fitted underneath the sofa so I could have it as close as possible. I moved overseas last year and am still trying to find a spot that’s comfortable and I can spread out equipment and patterns on.

  348. Hi Mary.

    Thankyou for putting so much into your website. I have just come home from a holiday, and I have a whole week of updates to look at.

    My favourite stitching spot is the dining room. By day I have light from the window, and after dark the light is pretty good too. But the main thing is that the dining table gives me space to spread out – threads, scissors, charts etc.


  349. Favorite stitching spot–in bed or on the couch; somewhere I can lie back and really relax to stitch.

    Mind you, an absence of cat is a plus… 🙂


  350. My favorite stitching spot has always been under the great pines at a campsite at the edge of the boundry waters canoe area in northern minnesota. I know this sounds kinda strange, but embroidering on this camping trip I was so in tune to the environment, fresh air and my basic, stripped down elemental crewel embroidery, I was in heaven.

    Any other time that I am not on vacation or in the boundry waters, my favorite stitching spot is on my deck or in my recliner in the family room. So strange that I feel so relaxed and enjoy stitching outside when I am so anal about keeping my hands and work clean. Hard to do outside, but I do enjoy my time outside.

    Happy Mother’s Day! And thanks for such a wonderful website. I look forward to each post you make. I have learned lots from them.

    Heidi E.

  351. G’day Mary, Not sure about the time. One day I’ll get it sorted! So, good luck to me if I’m in time!

    I like to stitch on my lonesome. It’s the only way I can relax enough to enjoy it. So my studio is my favourite spot.
    Love everything about this design. It’s wonderful.
    Cheers, Kath from Oz

  352. Love your work, you are truly an inspiration for me. I wish my skills were better. I know, practice makes perfect!

    My favorite stitching spot is in the living room where my chair is placed with a view of the lake outside and good lighting within.

    Thanks so much for the free patterns you’ve posted. They are on my list of to-dos.

  353. I stitch in my living room where I have my Ott light set up. I always enjoy your site. Thank you.

  354. A beautiful crewel kit! I have many Appleton crewel threads which I would love to use in this kit. My favorite place to stitch is in my large armchair in the study with all my needlework books nearby.

    Happy Mother’s Day.

  355. What a beautiful piece of embroidery! I would love to have this piece to work on. My favorite stitching spot is in my rocker. I find peace when I am rocking and embroidery. Thank you for your uplifting blogs. Have a beautiful and Happy Mother’s Day!

  356. hi Mary,
    Thanks for this beautiful give away.My favorite spot for stitching is my hall on sofa.I like this place b’coz there i can play music and i got lost with my body and soul in developing new ideas which gives pleasure to me.Thank you.

  357. I would be honored to receive such a beautiful kit for Mother’s Day. It would make a wonderful heirloom piece when completed and I would learn some beautiful techniques.

  358. Oh Mary, I have been admiring this design on Talliaferro’s website and so you have tempted me to leave a comment. My favourite place to stitch is in the garden, under the laburnum tree, especially when it is in flower as it is at the moment. The luminous yellow flowers have a gorgeous scent and as I sew I can hear the sound of bees buzzing in its canopy (even above the sound of traffic from our busy road). Later in the year there will be lavender, marjoram and other plants to keep me and the bees happy and that’s where I love to be when I get the chance.

  359. This design is “delicious”! My favorite stitching place moves around a bit. Most times it’s a comfy chair in the living room with my DH near either reading, carving, or tying flies. The light is best, a wood fire nearby if necessary and all my supplies in reach. Other times it’s in the passenger seat on our frequent day-jaunts.
    Thank you, Mary, for your incredible website!

  360. What a beautiful piece! I’d love to win.
    My favorite place to stitch is a cushy old club chair in our bedroom with an equally cushy ottoman (which I share with my little puppers ) — usually with a movie on the TV for company and a fire going on cold days or the ceiling fan whirring above on hot days. Oh, and of course there must be tea within reach ;).

    P. S. I’d prefer not to have my full name published. Thank you!

  361. UUUUMMM, lets see where my “bestest” embroiding spot is? I love to sit on my patio overlooking my garden just because of the peace and serenity that it entails. However, pretty much everywhere that I feel I can handle taking my embroidery bag with me, is always a good spot. Thank you kindly for all your helpful information.

    Have a splendid Mother´s Day. XXX

  362. Je vous écris de France!
    “mon endroit” préféré pour broder coudre et tricoter est dans mon fauteuil en rotin près de ma baie vitrée. Ainsi,je peux contempler mon jardin tout en avançant mon ouvrage.
    J’aimerais bien y broder The Royal Persian Blossom!
    A bientôt j’espère!

  363. Hi Mary,
    Thanks for the wonderful giveaway! And Happy Mother’s Day to all of you ladies who care for someone!

    My favorite place to stitch is on the living room couch, with my two black labs on either side and a movie in the VCR. (All my work is embellished with black lab hair lol!)

  364. My favorite stitching has to be on the couch, curled up in the corner hoping my kitties don’t attack my threads….

    Lovely give away.

  365. HI MARY,
    it’s a really nice kit, hope to win,
    My favorite stitching spot is sitting beside my bedroom window in the early morning hours while the kids are at school

  366. I stitch in my living room and/or the dining room table. Thanks so much for a most enjoyable and helpful site.

  367. What an awesome site… this is my favorite time of year as well with all of the cactus in bloom, the bright oranges and yellows are beautiful. I like to stitch out on the back porch of my home. Thank you for the site. I really appreciate it!

  368. My favorite spot is our old comfy recliner in the living room next to the big south-facing picture window, preferably in the morning when the light is best and before the munchkins wake up. Thanks again for your generous give-away and the updates on your site!

  369. What a simply stunning design. I like that I can dig through my own stash for materials to use. Your review of the pattern was very informative.

  370. I like stitching on my sofa and watching TV. Sometimes I stich in my bed. I guess, I do not have one very special place for stitching. But I am very sorry, that I cannot stitch reading books (only knit…). I have to read a lot for my studies and other works.
    This kit is great. It would be a great challenge for me. But few days ago I have tried stumpwork and liked it very much. So maybe it is time for crewelwork now?
    Thank you very much for this opportunity.
    Have a nice day!

  371. My favorite place to stitch is in my “hideout”. I have a corner in the living room with my chair, an end table, plus some small shelves with a good portion of my sewing supplies in them. I love having my sewing supplies close. I have such a feeling of contentment. 🙂

  372. Curled up on my sofa in the living room, with a good light and a strong magnifing glass.
    Could you ask for a better mothers day gift?

  373. When I followed the link to Talliaferro I was just blown away by the artistry. Because I do not see myself as an artist but a craftsperson my hope is that I could render this work in a manner that is fitting to the artist.

    My favorite stitching spot is the recliner in our TV room, with my husband snoring away beside me and our little dog snuggled between he and my lap frame. Our beloved cat is at my feet and I feel total contentment. I only hope that I do not have to get up to answer the phone.

    My best to you all.


  374. I have a corner in my living room that I do my stitching in. It has some small shelves and an end table. It is enough space that I can have most of my supplies within easy reach. Sometimes this corner gets a little cluttery. 🙂

  375. Ah, my favorite stitching spot is either on a chaise lounge in the garden (weather permitting) or in my sewing room which has fabulous light – but frankly I am happy to stitch just about anywhere!
    Thanks so much for this blog, which I constantly find to be inspiring and educational.

  376. My favorite plce to stitch is in an oversized chair in our family room. I like to do my work with my family around me. My daughter has wanted to learn to stitch since she was about 6 because she has always seen me doing so in the family room. She is 8 now and has stitched/needlepointed and even tried her hand at knitting because she has seen me work on all in my favorite chair in the room we spend the most time in. I keep my current project supplies in a plastic 3 drawer rolling stand that can be tucked away in a closet when its time to tidy up.

  377. Dear Mary and everyone,
    Where you stitch is as important as what you stitch! Creating beautiful things is such a tactile and emotional experience, so I am very aware of my surroundings when I am working. I live in Hawaii, so we here are blessed with the most beautiful weather anywhere on earth (I think!) We have cool ocean breezes almost all the time, and I have a room at the back of my house where I keep all my supplies that has lots of natural light from two windows and sliding glass doors and a tall, expandable table. When it gets too hot, or I need to curl up, I can take my stitching to a bench on my lanai in the front of the house and catch the breeze directly. Of course, that doesn’t work so well when I am working off a paper pattern that can get blown around! If this sounds too good to be true, you can console yourself by knowing that there are very, very few stitchery stores here (thank goodness for your site and all its inspiration!), and shipping by mail is extra expensive. Despite that, however, any and all fellow stitchers are welcome to join me on the lanai!


  378. Hi Mary,
    My favorite spot to stitch is in my living room in a big cushy chair.
    Thank you for another great give away!
    Renetta Mondragon

  379. Hi Mary!

    My favorite stitching spot is the couch! I can stitch and watch tv at the same time, although I usually do more stitching than watching! If there’s nothing I want to watch I can just put a music channel on. For some reason I can’t stitch in silence.

  380. Around the world we could go,
    Thread ‘n’ needle now in tow,
    Front porch, back porch,
    All about the town,
    Alone or with others,
    Upstairs or down,
    Inside or outside,
    Or beside a stream,
    Our favorite stitching place–
    Is where we’ve just been!

  381. Hi Mary,

    My favourite stitching spot is my bed.And thanks for yet another wonderful give away.Happy Mother’s Day to you.

    kirti narkhede

  382. Hi Mary,
    My favorite place to stitching is ..on my bed 😀 My parents always complain of this. However, I still do it!
    Lan Anh from Vietnam

  383. I would love to win this kit. My favorite place to stitch is at my friends house becuase when I am home I look around and find to many othetr things that have to be done.

  384. Hi Mary!

    My favorite stitching place is normally in front of my computer at my desk with some movie streaming on netflix in the background!

    Love your words of wisdom!


  385. This is a beautiful kit.
    My favorite places to stitch are in my wing chair in our family room or in the car on long drives.

  386. Never too late to win something! And I know I Will never win..as wining is not in me.
    My favourite stiching spot is my lovely terrace were there are a lot of plants and beautiful flowers. Sometimes when I dunt know which colors to combine..then I just have to look around and feel inspired…Huh!! Great way isnt it !!


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