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With Christmas hastily approaching, it seems almost mundane to go back to the whole subject of thimbles, doesn’t it?

But you see how it is! And if you don’t, I suppose I shall have to tell you…

Stick-on Thimbles

Last week, I stopped in at a local quilting shop, to pick up a special something for the 12 Days of Christmas Series coming up next week. While I was in the quilting store, I perused their notions wall. There’s just something about the notions wall in any sewing or quilting shop, isn’t there? I always seem to find something on that durned wall that has to go home with me!

This time, it was a package of these stick-on thimbles. Last time we spoke of thimbles, I was musing over thimble pads, which are stick-on suede-like thimbles. Many readers commented on their preference for these stick on thimbles, which are actually metal and dimpled like a thimble, but instead of a full-fledge thimble, they are little disks, and they adhere to the finger with a little double-sided sticky dot.

Hey! I’m game for trying anything, so I picked up a package of these.

As luck would have it, ever since I bought them, I haven’t had one iota of a split tiny second to do one smidgeon of stitchery. I think I cursed myself by buying another thimble product!

Poke-A-Dot Stick-on Thimble

Well, the notions wall at a sewing store is bad enough. But when you approach the sales register, and you find all kinds of delectable little impulse items staring you in the face, what are you supposed to do?

“I’m just a girl who can’t say no…”

I couldn’t resist this tin of Poke-A-Dots. Also mentioned by a reader on the last thimble post, Poke-A-Dots are stick-on thimbles that come in a little tin and have a really cute name.

Like I said, I’m game for trying anything, so these are both on my list for my upcoming stitching adventures. I’ll let you know how those adventures go!

In the meantime, I’m avoiding all Notions Walls and Sales Registers for the next six weeks.


PS – Wouldn’t the Poke-A-Dots make a great stocking stuffer for the stitcher in your life? And they’re red, to boot.


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  1. I purchased the Poke-A-Dots earlier this year. I found the tape that seals the lid to the base worked better for me than the actual Poke-A-Dot. I also found that the adhesive separated from the dot making it unusable a second time. The dot was too thick to be beneficial to me and the way I stitch.

    I’ll be interested in your opinion!

    Pam in IL

  2. I would like to know within how much usage time the adhesive wears off? Thank you for sharing all that you do very helpful. Merry Christmas to you and your Loved one’s


    1. Hi, Jennifer – for the stick-on thimble (the metal one), the package says they can be used over and over again, until the sticky wears off. Incidentally, the company that makes these sells replacement adhesives for a fraction of the cost of the package with the metal thimble in it, so if you run out of adhesive dots, you don’t have to buy the whole kit and caboodle again. Not sure about the Poke-A-Dots – they say they can be reused, but since I haven’t tested them over time, I’m not sure how often they can be re-used. ~MC

  3. I’ll be watching for your experience with these. I don’t use thimbles because for some reason, I need to feel my needle as it goes through the fabric. If I can’t, I don’t seem to have control. Let us know if these work and if they actually keep you from being “poked.”

  4. Back when I used to hand quilt I tried all of the sticky dot things for the finger under the quilt, but I also found that I really need to feel the needle to control the stitches and make them as small as possible. So I just lived my stuck fingers, switching among the middle three on my left had and used lots of Bag Balm on them every night.

  5. Dear Mary,
    Here is a web site to check out. Since you are talking about thimbles— there may be ladies into hand quilting. Here in Australia lives the Thimble Lady. Her web site is
    While she is an embroiderer, her passion is for hand quilting and hand applique. I do warn you though, she has a lot of “want to haves” on her web site. Her thimbles are sold no where else and were originally hand made by her. She did so out of the need to make thimbles with deeper dimples and to suit her style of hand quilting.
    Cynthia might find this lady interesting— no more sore hands and fingers says the Thimble Lady.

  6. I can’t see from the picture or the comments the brand of the metal stick on thimbles that you describe first here. Very interested to try it out, could you give more info please? I have loved your blog for several years and this summer sent a few people to your blog as a great resource for embroidery. Myself, I don’t do as much embroidery as I like, but I do like hand stitching, and thimbles are always something to look out for.

  7. I would have to agree with the 1st poster, Pam on this one. I’m trying now another type, I got at ACMoore but alas I don’t remember the name

    Merry Christmas folks, Sue

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