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I learned to embroider when I was a kid, when everyone was really into cross stitch (remember the '80s?). Eventually, I migrated to surface embroidery, teaching myself with whatever I could get my hands on...read more

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Sneak Peeks – Upcoming Adventures on Needle ‘n Thread


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After Christmas and into 2012, there are some exciting things coming up here on Needle ‘n Thread, and I thought I’d give you a little sneak peek at part of the line-up.

Strawberries Online Hand Embroidery Class

If you’re an embroiderer who has a hankering to try needlepainting, or if you already are adept at needlepainting and want to work through a fun and beautiful project, these gorgeous strawberries are going to be the subject of an online class in the spring (a perfect time to start thinking of strawberries!). The class will be taught by Margaret Cobleigh here on Needle ‘n Thread. Margaret is a skilled embroiderer and teacher who not only stitches beautifully, but also writes up gorgeous, thorough, and professional instructions. So keep an eye out for more news on this class around March!

Hand Embroidered Monograms Online Class

Early in 2012, I’ll be teaching a small online class here on Needle ‘n Thread in monogramming – just testing the waters to see if anyone’s interested! Participants will be provided with a complete kit, including a fine linen glass towel, plenty of floche, needles, hoop, printed monograms – everything you need to complete the project, including written and video instruction. The class will cover everything – from preparing your fabric to binding your embroidery hoop (yes, the twill tape is included) to transfer and stitching, with plenty of particulars on satin stitching and other stitches used to enhance a monogram. If you love monogramming but want a little “intimate” instruction, you’re welcome to watch out for this class, too.

Nesting Place Hand Embroidery Class

The Nesting Place online class will run once more on Needle ‘n Thread, hopefully by the end of January. The date isn’t fixed on this yet – it depends on when the supplies arrive in the US. You can read more about this darling needlebook project here. For this class, I am taking names for an advanced notice list, so if you want to be on the advanced notice list and haven’t signed up for it yet, feel free to contact me to let me know. Everyone who has contacted me so far has already been added to the list, so if you’ve already dropped me a line about it, I’ve got you down! Those on the advanced notice list will receive an e-mail notice before registration is announced on the website.

Why Online Embroidery Classes?

Online classes are a fun and affordable way to explore embroidery techniques. They offer the opportunity of interaction with other embroidery enthusiasts as well as one-on-one contact with an instructor who will help you through any tough spots and provide feedback so that you can improve your needlework skills. One of the best advantages of an online class, considering the general busy-ness of our lives, is that you don’t have to take a chunk of time away from work or family obligations to participate in them. Other big advantages: Cost-wise, they are a fraction of the more expensive, “real life” workshops out there – no facility fees and other incidentals to cover, no travel expenses and hotel fees to worry about. You don’t have to adhere to a rigid time frame; because they are self-paced, you stitch when you want to and when your time allows it. The online classes on Needle ‘n Thread come with full kits, so that everything you need to work the class project is supplied for you. If you’ve wanted to take needlework classes but haven’t been able to cull out the time or fit expensive classes and travel expenses into your budget, keep an eye out in 2012 for these (and a few more!) upcoming classes on Needle ‘n Thread.

Let’s Talk Christmas

Today, it seems that everywhere you turn, “the 12 days of Christmas” is used as some kind of gimmick. Strangely enough, starting yesterday, we see plenty of “12 Days of Christmas” events popping up everywhere, with some special thing happening each day between now and Christmas. But, if you know your history and you’ve brushed up on your holiday trivia, you probably realize that these people have it all wrong!

The 12 Days of Christmas are not before Christmas. They don’t begin until Christmas and they stretch through January 6th, the Epiphany, the celebration of the arrival of the three magi in Bethlehem. “Twelfth Night” (not Shakespeare’s play, but the actual holiday) is the evening before January 6th – an evening of festivities and feasting and merry-making in preparation for January 6th, the day which marked the end of the Christmas celebration.

Today, we pretty much “celebrate Christmas” up to Christmas, with the retail world pounding us into the Christmas spirit from the beginning of November until the shops close on December 24th, when the sales are done and the decorations removed. Boom-o! Christmas is over, and we never even had a chance to relax and enjoy it.

I thought it would be fun this year to do something a little different, and to do it with some semblance of historical accuracy. I’d love it if you would join me in celebrating the 12 Days of Christmas in a fun and festive way!

So here’s a little teaser for you. Over the 12 Days of Christmas, I’ll be offering you some fantastic give-aways that include some favorite needlework things that I’m pretty sure you’ll love, too.

Want some hints? And some blatant disclosures? OK!

What’s my favorite needlework magazine? (How about some free subscriptions?) How about tools? Scissors? Laying tools – only dressed up to gorgeous! Do you like silk threads? What do you think of fine linen for hand embroidery? Evertite frames? How about some beautiful needlepainting kits and a DVD for instruction? Goldwork threads? And another type of needlework frame that I’ve recently fallen in love with? Needlework books? Crewel embroidery designs? Ahhh – so much good stuff, much of which was generously contributed by needlework manufacturers, businesses, designers, and craftsmen (with a few delectables from me thrown in) – all in an effort to join in the spirit of the season and give something back to you!

This all starts the day after Christmas, ending on January 6th, so do join me! It’ll be fun!

And the Same Old Stuff, Too!

That’s your sneak peek at some Big Things coming up on Needle ‘n Thread. But of course, in addition to the above, in 2012 we’ll keep the same stuff going on around here that’s always going on around here. I’m very excited about all of it – even the “same old stuff” stuff! – and I hope you are, too.

If you have questions, comments, or suggestions, feel free to leave a comment below.

Tomorrow – some of the “same old stuff” (I’ll show you a new floor stand) and on Saturday, I’ll show you some of the silver on the snowflake and pass that pattern on to you. See you then!


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(104) Comments

  1. Hi Mary –
    I’m already drooling with anticipation of the online classes and the 12 Days, etc. goodies! Am so very happy you are launching into online classes. And glad to know you’ll keep your usual format, too – it’s a winner.

    In France we celebrate the arrival of the three kings on January 12 (officially) with the “gateau des rois” – the traditional “kings’ cake” baked with a small ceramic favor inside. The one who has the slice with the favor is crowned king or queen.

    Joyeux Noel!
    -Sharon in France

  2. Mary, I thoroughly enjoyed being a part of the online class Nesting Place. If it weren’t for that class I would have never tackled something like that on my own. I still owe you some pictures from my completed project. I WOULD enjoy more online classes like the monograming on the glass towel and needle painting. It helps me to learn new techniques and have all the necessary tools included to complete the project. I for one would sign up for as many online classes as were offered.

    Twelve Days of Christmas on NeedleNThread is very exciting!

    Thank you, Mary for taking good care of all of us,


  3. Good Morning Mary,
    2012 looks awfully exciting. I think I will have to find a good excuse to send our guests on little errands so that I can take a few minutes everyday to enjoy your messages.
    I am sure looking forward to 2012.
    Thanks Mary

  4. 2012 looks to be very exciting with all of the great classes you will be offering. The Monogram class sounds wonderful. I will be looking forward to the 12 days of Christmas too!

  5. Love the look of the needle painting project, but I know I can’t spend any $£$ on extras just now, so I’ll have to admire it from a distance.=)

    I had to smile when I read your comments on swotting up on the history of the 12 days etc as it doesn’t take much historical digging to discover that Christmas itself and every custom connected with it is entirely of non-Christian origin! Even the date is the ancient Roman Saturnalia – a sun worship festival!!LOL. Still, I’ll be interested to see what you have to report.

    Take care and keep warm this winter.=)

  6. Oh, what great giveaways to look forward to after Christmas! And all the in-between information you provide about needlework. Thank you.


  7. Thank you for explaining the 12 days! I am one to celebrate until Epiphany! For me its the best part of Christmas! I hAve enjoyed your site for quite some time and am looking forward to the 12 days as well as everything else you have in mind for us. I’m also looking forward to some online classes and I’m sure there will be some surprises for 2012

  8. Thank you for remembering and sharing with others, the real 12 days of Christmas, and reminding us WHY we celebrate.

    God bless and Merry CHRISTmas!

    Joyce Harrison
    Dubois, WY

  9. I’m thinking of doing your online class but haven’t embroidered since the 70s. Will it be simple for a rebeginner on The Nesting Place? Also look forward to the 12 Days.

  10. I would be delighted to participate in an online course, I am a bit frustrated not to have expert advice on thread painting and keep doing my own thing. The finished product is just OK but I want your perfection skills. I would also be interested in the kit for the strawberries so may I go on your list for all of this
    Thanks for a wonderful site. have learnt more about this beautiful craft from your site than anything else, although my books do provide some comfort………..and I just love books thread and fabric.

  11. Hi Mary. A very merry Christmas to you and your family. Looking forward to the New Year with faith and enthusiasm. Your newsletter is the first thing I read and enjoy every morning.

  12. Having only just found you, I have only one question… Where have you BEEN all my life?!!! Thank you for the beauty your pour into my super-busy life, and for showing me I’m not actually someone born in the wrong century. Looking forward to all that next year has in store, and to your classes.

  13. Hi Mary,
    I clicked on the hyperlink for the instructions for laying tool but found nothing but ads. I’m not sure the website is available anymore. Any other ideas?

  14. Thanks for educating folks on the 12 days after Christmas. My Father always brought us some small gift on Epiphany to mark the day, sometimes just from the drugstore. Looking forward to your event. Justine

  15. I love,love,love Inspirations magazine – its difficult to find here and I just can’t afford to subscribe.

  16. The strawberry looks yummy, and the 12 days of Christmas sounds very exciting. Country Bumpkin recently asked on its web site for readers favourite blogs, and Needle ‘n Thread was the number one selection. I wasn’t surpised, just glad that I’d already
    ‘discovered’ you.
    Thank you Mary, for reaching out to us everyday with your knowledge and your love of embroidery.
    I’d like to wish you, and everyone else, a very Merry Christmas and a Healthy, Happy New Year love from Lisa

  17. Thank you for celebrating the 12 Days at the right time – Christmas Day to Epiphany. My family has always left our tree up for those 12 days. We don’t generally put the tree in place until the 23rd and then down in comes on January 6th. Advent gets its on celebration and is the start of the new liturgical year for us. Up goes the Advent wreath dressed with fresh greens and if the greens don’t poop out to early white candles replace the purple and pink for the Christmas season. Have a blessed Advent and Christmas!

  18. Mary, I just want to let you know that you are the best thing out there for embroiders. I love your website and all that I learn from you. I belong to EGA which I really enjoy also, but I have to say that I learn much more from you about what is out there in the world of embroidery. I am so excited about the classes you have coming up. I hope that I can get into both classes for next year. I took the Nesting Place class and it was just great. I took the darling needlebook to my EGA meeting and they all loved it. I can’t wait to see what you have posted everyday for us to read and learn about.

  19. Mary I would like to be on the monogram class list. you did not say how much the casses will be. I need to start saving.

  20. I’m excited about monograming! Hoping it is for beginners as I have always wanted to monogram! I love stitching and you daily information and learing from you vast knowledge!

    Can’t wait! Happy Holidays and God Bless!

  21. Dear Mary

    Whoa! what a lot going on I can’t wait for it all especially the online courses. strawberries and monograms and all good things, can’t wait it all looks like so much fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuunnnnnnn! SIGN ME UP FOR EVERYTHING.

    Regards Anita Simmance

  22. Thank you for posting the beautiful pictures of embroidered items (yours and readers). A vanishing art with the advent of machine embroidery; glad to find other busy hands enjoying the process and sharing the results!

  23. I am so glad to see that someone else realizes that the marketers have the 12 days of Christmas backwards! It depresses me every year that I am so busy before Christmas I don’t have much time to enjoy things and the day after Christmas everything is gone and the Valentines are up in the stores. Even the music: a lot of the so-called “Christmas” songs are actually winter songs: where do you hear Christmas mentioned in “Winter Wonderland”, “Frosty, the Snowman” or “Let It Snow”? “Sleigh Ride” was written for Thanksgiving. Even “Jingle Bells” doesn’t actually mention Christmas! And winter is less than a week old at that point, but you never hear a single one after December 25. Can you tell you’ve hit on a pet peeve of mine? So thank you very much for giving me a chance for some Christmas celebrating during the true 12 days of Christmas. I’m looking forward to it!

  24. I appreciated your response to my question about using a laying tool. My friend made one for me out of a darning needle and a piece of dowel, and I don’t know how I ever got along without it. If you’re gifting someone with a fancy one, I hope they appreciate it as much as I do mine. Have a beautiful Christmas out there in Kansas, and I’ll look forward to what you’re up to in the new year.

  25. OMG SO EXCITED!!! Thanks Mary you never disappoint!!! Looking forward to all the online classes and of course the giveaways;). Happy Holidays!!

  26. Dear Mary, Thanks once again for all you wonderful an innovative ideas. Suddenly I was wondering is it not time that Mary Corbet writes an embroidery book? It will really be nice to have all your handy tips and ideas in one handy book that one can read, admire and be inspired by. I will be first in line to buy a copy. I think you should make that your very first New Year’s resolution. What do all the MC fans oout there say? Lots of love Elza Cape Town. xxx

  27. Ah hah! Someone finally has it right! My birthday is Jan 6. And yes, I know the 12 days of Christmas well. And I know about the Epiphany. This sounds like some fun. See ya soon to join in the fun. Chris Beresford

  28. The needle painting class looks fabulous. I would love to try that one.

    Also the one on monogramming looks like fun too. I do hope you follow through with it!

  29. Hi Mary,
    How exciting! Maybe with any luck, I might be able to take the monogramming class. I was working on my satin stitch and it needs HELP! Thanks for the great line up as always. Have a Blessed Christmas season.

  30. Love your daily column and continuing inspiration and support of all things related to needlework. You’ve done it again!! Thanks Mary. Jana

  31. Thank you for getting the 12 days of Christmas right, Mary! This is one of my pet peeves, and it gets me kind of grouchy during advent. Hope I’ll be able to get in on the monogramming class before it fills up…

  32. Ohh Mary! What fun you have in store for us. I really want to take the monogramming class. Satin stitch is so hard for me that I try not to attempt it. My stitches are never uniform. They look good for a little bit and then they get all bunched up. Will you be reminding us when it is time to sign up for the class? I hope you have a warm and lovely Christmas and thank you for the info about the 12 days of Christmas. I have always wondered how they could be before Christmas.

  33. Mary –
    That is a lot of exciting news in one article!
    I have kept the photo of the finished monogram towel on my desk top just out of sheer love and the hopes of putting that piece together.
    Now I could be closer than I ever thought – and neverimagined a complete kit and lessons from you!
    I will look forward to signing up in January. Merry Christmas to me!

  34. Hi Mary,

    Great news about the upcoming classes. I’m particularly interested in the monogramming class, mainly because of the precision required. I think the lessons I learn doing something where any imperfection in technique is obvious will stand me in good stead with the rest of my embroidery.

    Happy Holidays!

  35. Oh Oh, you make me dream Mary !!
    Thanks a lot for the 12 days of Christmas 😉
    I really appreciate your daily “old stuff”, and I will continue next year to be your fan !
    Have a great time,

  36. Really looking forward to the monogram class and the new year. You are a savior and an inspiration. Thank you so much.
    Merry Christmas and a Happy 2012.

  37. So happy that someone else knows when the 12 days of Christmas really are! With all the rush before the holidays, it is a lovely time to enjoy the season. Finally more time to stitch that might have been cut short before the holiday. Looking forward to your 12 days celebration. A great idea!!!

  38. Oooh! Count me in for the monogramming classes!
    Your theadpainting stitch-along classes helped me tremendously before so I have every confidence you’ll enable me to do fantastic monograms too!
    No pressure!

  39. Hi Mary, I’m so-o-o-o excited about the 12 Days of Christmas after Christmas. I’m a recent convert so just can hardly wait!!! The classes coming in 2012 are terribly exciting also. I’m especially anxious for the Monogram class as I recently put together a set of towels to work. You really have my attention now!!!! Have a Merry Christmas Mary and yours. I’ll be spending time with you through it all!!! Missy

  40. Dear Mary,
    So many wonderful things to look forward to in the new year!! I am so excited about the upcoming online classes and would love to take them all. I sent you my info for the Nesting Place already and the monogramming course looks fabo!

    Wishing you a very Merry Christmas and all the best in 2012! I think it will be a great year.
    Tania Kleckner

  41. Mary, you are amazing…all that you do and all the planning that goes into it are much appreciated. I can’t wait everyday to read your latest post and see what beautiful images you share. And I am most excited to see everything that your “12 Days of Christmas” has in store for us followers! Thank you for all your thoughtfulness. It encourages me everyday to learn more about not just embroidery, but other needlecrafts as well!

  42. Hi Mary,

    It all sounds so wonderful … the courses look very good. One day I hope to be able to participate in an online course. For the foreseeable future I cannot commit to the time needed.

    Have a wonderful Christmas! I look forward to continuing to read your blog in 2012.

  43. Thank you Mary to your newletter,J am very happy to read it. J wish you a merry Christmas and to your family. Thank for the 12 days of christmas. Best regards

  44. Ooooh, exciting things to look forward to! 🙂

    I just wondered if it would be possible to take part of the monogramming class from outside of the USA. Because I live in Germany.

  45. Mary,
    I am so glad you explained the 12 days of Christmas. No one here in the US seems to know about it. Jan 6 my day, “3 King’s Day” which we celebrated with the traditional “Rosca de Reyes” which I’m happy to see some stores now carry these pastries.
    I made individual monogramed hankies for my wedding cortege, a while back now, however, would be interested in the strawberry class. I look forward to learn more about it.

  46. Hi Mary,
    Your plans for the New Year sound wonderful. I am looking forward to EVERYTHING. Thank you for all your hard work in maintaining this site. Bris (Aust) is a long way from you physically, but the internet allows you to become like a real friend. Have a wonderful Christmas.

  47. Mary,
    Again, I applaud you! Your emails are a daily dose of stichery education!!
    I love it! You are making great strides to keep the needlearts alive and well.
    Thank you,

  48. Mary,
    What a great idea in celebrating the 12 days of Christmas after Christmas. My family has sent Three Kings (three of our younger children)out every year (for 10 years) on January 6th bearing their gifts to 40 of our closest friends and neighbors. We all pitch in and bake special items filling a plate with 7-9 different baked goodies. What a treat it would be to receive one of your goodies. If I send a plate your way would that get me a brownie point? : ) I look forward to a few of your on- line classes. Wish I had the time to do them. I will follow along with the updates on the progress of these classes. Thank you Mary for all you have shared with us this past year.
    Maria in Kansas

  49. Oh, Mary, I am getting excited and inspired with your plans already. Whenever I start feeling a little hohum about needlework your blog gives me just the spark I need. So I wish you a very Merry Christmas and look forward to the 12 days … and the year … following.

  50. I have to say that I like the ‘real’ version of the 12 Days of Christmas…gives you something to look forward to after the big day is over with. It’s going to be fun to see the goodies you have to share!

  51. I throughly enjoy your website. Thank you for making it available to those of us who need instruction. It is just a pleasure to look through all of the older posts and to glean new information. Now that I am retired, ha, I am really into embroidery and I can think of no better place to learn to hone my skills.


  52. Oh! Oh! Oh!
    Thank goodness, Mary! Dear, dear Mary! Someone who understands the true 12 days of Christmas. I’m so excited and gratified that I wouldn’t miss a single, solitary day of the 12 days you intend to celebrate talking, showing, reading, WHATEVER about Christmas! Truly, I was thinking the other day, there’s no one else with whom to celebrate the true Christmas, and I felt so sad. And, by the way, I was thinking that the very best, most wonderful Christmas present is reading your blog which I find to be such a treasure, bringing such joy and beauty and kindness – the genuine meaning of Christmas. Oh, I’m truly so excited! Advent is now truly Advent. 🙂

  53. G’day Mary,
    You’ve got us singing “Santa Clause is leaving the town” or “gone from” or whatever, with the 12 days after Christmas. Sounds good to me anyway. And is it a sure fire way of finding out who was naughty or nice. Like, the winners would have to be the good ones?? But look at the fun all us naughty ones have had! Ho Ho Ho! ; ) Doesn’t sound hopeful for me being a winner. If I am I’ll have some reverse thinking to do, or confessing!
    The classes are very appealing and so is EVERYTHING!
    Thanks, Mary, for todays lifting of the spirt.
    Cheers, Kath.

  54. Oh, gracious! I was so excited about recognition of Advent and Christmas that I forgot to let you know: I would like to be part of the monogramming project, please.

  55. If you have waiting lists for strawberry class and monogram class, please put me on it. Thanks. Absolutely love your blog!!

  56. I’ve been wanting to try monogramming for years, but have been intimidated. I would definitely want to take this class!

  57. Hello Mary:

    Love your blog and learn heaps. Do your online classes include international fans? I am in Melbourne, Australia. Best wishes for Christmas and the New Year.

    Barbara Baker

  58. Mary,

    You have inspired me to start embroidering again and I am so grateful for that. Thank you! I’ve been put on your list for the Nesting class and I can’t wait! I will also sign up for the needlepainting class when it is offered.
    Blessings to you and your family for 2012.

  59. Mary,
    I’m thrilled to read that you intend to celebrate the twelve days of Christmas. At our house we try to celebrate the full season. We exchange one gift each the twelve days and sing Christmas Carols until Epiphany. Well, last year we sang Carols until Lent. I’m looking forward to it!

  60. If there’s a list for the needlepainting class, please put me on it. We’ll probably be moving about March, but maybe . . . just maybe it’ll be possible anyway. That’s one of the techniques I REALLY want to learn.

  61. Mary,
    Your letters to us in the form of your website are delightful.
    They have introduced me to embroidery terms, tools, and ideas. I am so very happy you will be celebrating the 12 Days of Christmas and I will be excited to join you every day!

  62. Thanks for highlighting the real meaning of the 12 Days of Christmas. I, too, want to relax and enjoy the church’s definition of Christmastide, after the onslaught of the commercial “Christmas” season is over.

  63. This is so exciting. I want to do more needlework next year and would love to take some online classes. Thanks so much for this fantastic blog.

  64. Please teach a monogram class! I would LOVE to take it! I have taken online needlework courses before and been very happy — not to mention that your blog is itself a needlework course. You are a wonderful teacher. Many thanks to you.

  65. I am so thrilled to hear about the monogramming class – I love to monogram and would so enjoy knowing tnat I was finally doing it right. I think on-line classes would be such a god-send to someone like me, out in the middle of nowhere with no embroidery shops for miles around. I don’t even know where the closest one is located!

    Finally! Someone else who knows when the 12 days of Christmas are! Three cheers to you, Miss Mary!I hate the fact that the holiday is built up to one single day: all that work for one day? Are you kidding? Sometimes I with we could go back in time (maybe just 200 years) to see how it was really celebrated so we could learn to slow down and appreciate it all.

  66. Hi Mary,
    I love the idea of your online classes, could you please add my name to the list. I am pleased to know there are still lots of people who celebrate the twelve days of Christmas. One of my pet hates are those who continue to say Christmas is only one day and then bolt out the door to the Boxing Day Sales or to book their summer holiday!
    I have thoroughly enjoyed your daily newsletter throughout this whole year so a great big thank you for all your hard work and inspiration.
    Merry Christmas to you Mary and your family.

  67. Merry Christmas Mary!
    I am very interested in the thread painting strawberry class when it comes up. Please keep me on the list when this is ready to start. Thank You also for all the fine things you do for all of us. Looking forward to the Twelve Days of Christmas Celebrations! Have a safe holiday season. Wishing you and yours all the best!
    Mary Ann

  68. Mary, I SO enjoy your newsletter, and am looking forward to your online classes this upcoming year. I was just thinking I’d like to learn something new and the monogram class is just the thing!

  69. Hi Mary, I will have to make a note to read EVERY day rather than catching up when I get to it. Inspirations is on my wish list.

    I knew about Epiphany being the 12th day of Christmas and I’m just as glad that commerce does it their way because it’s more peaceful that way with only 2 big shopping days being pushed during that time (12/26 & 1/1). It also helps relieve stress if I don’t get a package out on time, knowing my family or friends will still get it before Christmas is over and they all seem to like the idea of extending Christmas a bit. (No little ones who ‘can’t wait!’)

  70. Hi Mary,
    I would LOVE an on line monogramming course as well as an on line course covering needle painting! Both would be AWESOME!
    2012 will be great!
    Happy Stitching!

  71. I can’t remember whether I booked in for the online monogram course but I do want to participate if possible.
    Merry christmas and happy sewing for 2012
    Thanks for the wonderful site, information and your beautiful skills

    1. Hi, Lois – thanks for your comment! I’ll be announcing registration do the monogram class once it’s ready to run, which will be in the first part of 2012. Thanks for your interest! ~MC

  72. Hello Mary, I would like to participate in the Needlepainting class as well as the Monogramming on line class. But as I’m living in Europe I’m not shure whether this will be possible or not.Could you please tell me that the answer is: yes
    Best wishes

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