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Crewel Twists – Book Give-Away!



At the end of this past February, I reviewed Hazel Blomkamp’s new book, Crewel Twists. Hazel’s book is a technique and project book. She combines designs that you’d normally see worked in wool in crewel embroidery (many Jacobean in flavor) with various surface embroidery techniques, including embroidery with regular floss, bead embroidery and even goldwork. The projects in the book are wonderfully colorful and a heap of fun!

Crewel Twists

Well, today, I’m giving away a copy of Crewel Twists, courtesy of Hazel and even signed by her!

Crewel Twists

If you’ve already purchased the book, you can always enter for a chance to win the perfect gift for a stitching friend, right? And if the book is on your wish list, here’s your chance to see your wish fulfilled without working it into the budget!

If you’re not sure what the book is all about, do take a look at my in-depth review of Crewel Twists, replete with photos and a whole rundown on what’s in the book.

Crewel Twists

To join in on the give-away, please follow these simple instructions:

1. Leave a comment below (on this post, on the website – not via e-mail and not on any other post on the website). If you use this link, it will be easy to go directly to the comment form on the website.

2. In your comment, please answer the following question:

What appeals to you most about Crewel Twists? The designs, the color choices, the techniques – the beads, goldwork, etc? Or all of it together?

3. Please make sure you leave a recognizable name associated with your comment, either by signing your comment, or in the “name” line on the comment form.

4. Leave your comment before 5:00 am, Monday, April 16th. Check back on Monday to see if you’ve won, as the winner will need to contact me with a shipping address.

That’s it! Easy-peasy – and your name is in for a chance to win the book!

Crewel Twists

Today, I’ll be stitching like a mad woman on the Medallion project, until later this afternoon, when I have to hit the road for a quick trip to the city (that’s Kansas City – which, in my Limited Cornfield World, really is THE city – and it’s far enough away to feel like a major excursion!). So if your comment doesn’t show up right away, don’t worry! It will eventually! I moderate each comment individually before posting to the site, to guard against spam.

Tomorrow, I’m going to show you a storage solution for my threads, along with some threads situated in that storage solution. It’s a “long haul” solution. I figure if I’m going to be doing this needlework thing for a while (and I am!), I need my threads to be organized, accessible, and safe.

Best of luck on the give-away!! Now – go leave your comment!

See you tomorrow!


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(507) Comments

  1. Good morning, Mary, and thanks to you and Hazel Blomkamp for this marvelous offer.

    I’m glad you offered a choice of “all of the above” in your little quiz. The designs, color choices, techniques and materials all excite me. On top of the book’s contents it’s an autographed first edition, and that always gets my attention.


  2. This books looks wonderful. It seems to cover the basics all the way to most advanced techniques. I did a crewel piece over 30 years ago…I would love to get back into it. I never even thought it would be done in white, with pearls, and gold…dah.. very exciting!

  3. It’s hard to narrow down one favorite aspect of Crewel Twists–but if I’m forced to, then I would have to say the designs. They are inspirational!

  4. I love it when you say easy peasy! And what I love about Crewel Twists is that it’s a technique
    of “hodgie podgie”…in other words when you do the embroidery you’re adding alot of different things…stitches, embellishments, threads and yarns. I like to do more freehand embroidery and this book would be great for ideas.
    thank you!

  5. Thanks Mary for another great opportunity to get a great book. I would never know about all of the wonderful needle art books out there if I didn’t read your posts daily.
    What excites me about Crewel Twists is the opportunity to expand my techniques in crewel embroidery with some great new ideas. I always can use inspiration to try new things and this book seems like it would provide plenty of inspiration. Thanks

  6. Dear Mary,
    Just as I get complacent in my humdrum world you bring out something I NEED!! As a crewel lover I can see that this is a book I would love to own. The color and the “fragileness” to her flowers is something I want to learn. I too use floss instead of wool in my projects (just can’t work with wool) and I love the color choices available in that medium. Thanks again for a chance to win.
    Dottie J.

  7. The combination of Jacobean designs with surface techniques and updated threads and beads! Fabulous! I love the old designs and love the new materials. This truly hits a fun (and practical) spot. Many thanks to Mary and Hazel for their generosity.

    1. holy smokes … I must have still been asleep when I typed that … it was supposed to say:
      that is one technique that I have to tackle, yet … these look like great projects – love the white on blue

  8. I really like the different textures and the rich look. I have not really tried crewel embroidery yet, but would love to do a project or two from that book.

  9. I love Crewel Twists because it is worked in embroidery cottons rather than wool. Working with wools is too hard on my wrists but I can do my crazy quilting with cottons much more easily. And I love Jacobean designs too.

  10. Hello Mary,
    I am quite new to embroidery since I retired from work last year. As such I am very interested in investigating all sorts of different techniques. This books looks as if it would be a wonderful addition to extent my knowledge.

  11. I love beadwork so that interested me in the book. I am an avid needlepointer but am starting to do more embroidery. Your daily message makes me want to do it even more. Having this book would be a great resource.

    Can’t wait for you storage ideas for all of my threads. They are everywhere!



  12. Oh boy, this is purrfect!
    The attention to detail..every little flourish, the bead at the end, the imaginative designs..a true work of art. Thanks, Hazel, for your generosity and Mary, for the opportunity to win this.

  13. Its everything combined! The designs look so luxurios and elegant. Iwould be thrilled to learn from this book.

  14. What’s not to like about the book. It has crewel, it has beads and it has goldwork! Put them all together and you get a spectacular result. I like the fact that you don’t get tired of doing a single technique, but can do a bit of everything all at the same time.

  15. Hi Mary, you have answered the question for me – the designs, colour choices, techniques – all of it! What a wonderful book, and the chance to win a signed copy is even better. Thank you for the opportunity. Liane

  16. I have loved Jacobean embroidery since I was very young. The colors and designs are gorgeous. Crewel work has always been my favorite needlework. Thanks for offering Crewel Twists. It’s so exciting!

  17. I love this book! I saw your original review and thought it was lovely. i’ve only done one crewel work and I can’t wait to try more but I was waiting until I purchased some more reference material. This would do it!
    Donna Altieri

  18. This book looks like a comprehensive guide, I am particularly interested in learning as many new skills as possible to get the most from my embroidery journey. And with a new joint project for me & my husband with him building & me furnishing a dolls house for our soon to be grand baby any new techniques that can be used for furnishing will help us create a spectacular heirloom for the generations who follow us.

  19. Wow, what a great book! The designs are elegant and really ‘speak to me’. The designs, color choices, techniques, beads, goldwork….yes. I love it all! Thanks for all your inspiration and have fun in KC!

  20. I forgot to say which part of the book i like best. It’s hard to pick one – i think the designs would be my favorite.

  21. Dear Mary,
    I love the tonal pieces – the grey and the ecru ones. I love that it is traditional designs and I love the use of beading. What a wonderful way to make tradional crewel embroidery modern and elegant.
    Ruth Ann in London, Ontario

  22. I love the complexity of crewel embroidery designs. With so many different stitches available, one can layer texture on top of the pattern design and still have a cohesive whole. But unfortunately, I do not have a local source for crewel wools. So to have the designs scaled to use readily-available stranded cotton/floss is most appealing. The addition of beads adds a contemporary punch without detracting from the overall traditional feel of the designs. Gorgeous.

  23. I love everything about the book. The designs are beautiful, and I would love to learn more about crewel.

  24. I love the twist of unexpected threads and embellishments, like the beads. Wonderful. Mary, we all want to see the medallion every day!!

  25. Hi Mary! Many thanks to you and Hazel for this amazing book give away. I have had this on my wish list since your review of it in February. What appeals to me most? The designs! I haven’t stitched crewel work much but love the way it looks. I am also drawn to the colors. All those jewel tones and gold. So, yes please, enter my name in the give away.

    Enjoy your trip to the City!

  26. Morning Mary!

    This book sounds very interesting. Especially the beading part. I love using beads and from the pictures that you’ve shown us, she uses lots of beads.

    Thanks for the opportunity and have a great day!

  27. Hi Mary, thanks again for introducing another WONDERFUL book!! I am excited to see the twists she has done with an embroidery style that fascinates me, all of it looks so wonderful and I would LOVE to win the book and try some out!! thanks again Mary for the great offer and your wonderful daily newsletter…happy stitching everyone!!

  28. I love all of the above. I have gotten into doing some beading in my crewel embroidery and really like it. Then an autographed copy of Hazel’s book, what a super giveaway!

  29. Wow! Mary What a book. It looks so interesting. I have always been interested in crewel, but this puts a different spin on it. The technique is what interests me and also the fact that she uses embroidery thread. I love all different stitches inside the flower. I’m not much on words, but I would sure love this book. Thanks Mary

  30. I already bought this book. It’s wonderful! I love how complex the designs are, and there’s so much variety! It’s difficult to find “good” surface embroidery books, especially compared to the glut of cross stitch stuff, and this one’s well worth buying.

  31. Thanks Mary & Hazel for this opportunity.

    The modern twist on old designs which bring them to life for this century and beyond. Not just copying but inventing colourways, movement, gold and bead bling bring to life the combination of stitches creating a new Elizabethan world.

    I love all of it and wish to continue the crewel work just begun by Hazel.

    LOL 🙂 Susan

  32. I’d love to win this book because I’ve fallen in love with Jacobean embroidery, courtesy of you! Have been working on my first piece – which will be a bag – for the past few months now and am almost finished. Can’t wait to start a new project, and this book would be the perfect source!
    Thanks so much for this opportunity.

  33. I love the grey scale and adding beading that you’ve showed so that’s my “love at first site” for this book. Also, I am really looking forward to seeing your thread organization because I just started the stitchbow things, they are ever so much easier than the little cardboard spools – those kink up my thread so bad at the end I can’t stand it! All the best to whoever wins the book and thanks for passing it on, Mary!

  34. Ooh, what a lovely book – thank you for the give away even if I don’t win! 🙂

    What do I like best – well, kind of ‘all of the above’. What I really like though is that’s doing something different – putting a twist on it! 🙂 So the fact that she’s doing monochorme crewel, which I’ve not seen before, or incorporating slightly unusual materials, or making non-traditional patterns – anything that’s different to what you see in all the other books on crewel out there! I love crewel – I love the really traditional stuff, but it’s great to see someone going beyond that too.

  35. Hello Mary,
    I just love the idea of taking a traditional form of embroidery and adding a contemporary twist to it either in manipulating the design or introducing modern threads and notions.

  36. The innovation of design in the book appeals to me. I think crewel work is so beautiful and love to see the wools being used in an original and unique way.
    Thanks for the giveaway!

  37. Dear Mary,
    I looove your website.
    Thanks again for another gift opportunity.
    I felt in love with Crewel embroidery attending a class at the Royal school of Needlework.
    Since then, I got hooked.
    I am looking so forward to study this new book and all the new techniques.

  38. Good morning,
    it is really beautiful book, one of my friend have it, I look at it, an it is to died for. My answer is, all of them.
    Thank you it is a really beautiful gift,


  39. What I love best is the black and white design. It’s so lovely and modern! I love Crewelwork stitches, but most patterns end up being so girly and traditional that I am to drawn to them as much. Although the pattern is traditional, the monochrome treatment is amazing!

  40. I so love this book. I received it last Thursday, and in the evening started Midnight Medallion – an extract of the original pattern – using my own colour scheme (fawny browns) with chocolate coloured metallic thread and dark fawn beads and bugles. I was so pleased with the finished article when I finished it on Sunday (thankgoodness for the holiday weekend!). My fingers were like sieves afterwards but Hazel even has a solution for that – superglue! I have since ordered the beads and threads for the cream project and can’t wait for them to arrive! I am so pleased to have found a book that covers several techniques that you can use stranded cotton for and decorate as you please. Hazel, for me, you have acheived your mission . . . I am well and truly inspired. Thank you! – Take a look here . . .

    1. Me again . . . I meant to say it was Midnight Meander . . . I adore your Medallion project too!

  41. Good morning! Another wonderful giveaway.

    I love the many varied techniques in this book. I’d love a chance to win this lovely book.

  42. Thanks for another give-away, Mary. What appeals to me most about Crewel Twists is the way the variety of stitches, designs, threads and beads create pizazz!

  43. I enjoyed your review of the New Crewel. I think I am interested in just about everything the book offers. I would feel like a winner if I won!!!
    Thank you,

  44. I absolutely love the techniques! Since you reviewed this book I’ve been wanting to own a copy. The way the stitches and beads are combined are amazing and inspirational. It would be a treasure trove of ideas for crazy quilting. But in all honesty I have other reasons for needing this book. I’m pretty sure that if I owned this book, my wrinkles would be less visible to me and those extra pounds would matter less. I would have an excuse to buy more beads and more threads. Overall, life would just be that much better!

  45. This is a wonderful book on crewel work. The Designs are really striking and that is want draws me in the most. I think I would learn a thing or two about more advanced techniques too.
    Mary Ann

  46. Hi Mary!
    I would so love to win this book! I am addicted to embroidery and I am learning so much on your website! I just love the videos. They have helped me sew some beautiful things. Thank you for the website! Crossing my fingers that I win!

  47. I like everything about it. The colors, the stitches, and the fact that you can use beads too. I am into beading, so this is just one more way of me using up my stash of beads. I like the fact that this type of embroidery gives so much demension to my handiwork, like it almost comes to life.

  48. This looks like a wonderful book! I’m attracted by “all of the above” as I’m concentrating on my hand stitching this year, and want to learn as much as I can about different techniques. The pictures look fabulous, and I love the colour Hazel has used. Thanks for this opportunity to win.

  49. This looks interesting and would be great fun to try. I love how the combinations of various types of techniques and designs come together.
    Beryl B

  50. What’s not to love about crewel! This looks like a great book, and what a title. Perfect! I love the textures and the look of the designs. Would be a great book to have and use. Thanks for the chance to win a copy.

  51. Dear Mary, This book is on my wishlist for sure, I just did not had the time to go and buy it yet. The whole concept of everything blended together is what appeals to me.Instead of having a book on every different subject, one has them all joined together in one neat publication! 🙂 Elza Bester Cape Town.

  52. Hi Mary,
    Book looks great. I like the idea of the beads and gold incorporated into the regular crewel. Also, I like to win prizes. 🙂

  53. Hi Mary! This seems like such a neat book! I think what I love the most about it is the designs themselves and the use of all sorts of different techniques.

  54. Really? You have to ask? OK – I think to be able to learn from such a beautiful book, and talented artist would be an honor and sooooo much fun. Every picture I look at is like watching fireworks – “Ooooooohhhhh, Ahhhhhh” and a whole lot of “I wanna make that, and that, and that”. Probably just like everyone – this book is catnip to an idle cat watching carefully!!! Thank you for yet another opportunity, you inspire me daily!

  55. Hi Mary, and thank you for the give away offer.

    I have done one little crewel flower, and feel like a beginner. I am a big fan of black and silver, and when I saw the book cover I was amazed at the gorgeous project on it, and I would absolutely love to win, so that I would have both the inspiration and the patterns and instructions. I guess the answer to your question is simply “all of it”…color choices, design and techniques.
    Keep up your amazing work. I am grateful for your inspiring emails and images and book reviews.
    Hugs, Ylva in Inverness, Scotland

  56. I was just thinking about ordering this book from the book depository! I love her patterns, color choices and that she uses different types of threads. I once read in a book that you should only use wool for crewel work (which I don’t care too much for) but Hazel uses all types of thread and her work looks so beautiful!
    Thank you for the give away!

  57. Hi Mary! I’m so excited for this give-away. I fell in love of this book the very moment I saw it for the first time.
    The thing that appeals me the most are the designs, really gorgeous pieces!!
    Thank you for the opportunity, regards

  58. I am fascinated with the beautiful and graceful designs shown in this book and the lovely stitches. Makes me really anxious to try them out. Thank you for bringing this book to my attention.

  59. Another temptation!
    I’ve already embroidered with a similar tecnique (Bandera embroidery), used in our italian ‘700 castles in a region called Piemonte. Motifs seems to be the same and also Bandera requires wool threads. But the effect is different, becouse of the pastel colors and the absense of gold or precious ornaments.
    It would be intersting to deepen the differences!
    So I race the game! Thank you,

  60. Thank you, Mary, for your enjoyable daily posts and excellent book reviews!

    I love the designs of Jacobean embroidery. My grandmother did quite a lot of crewel embroidery in wool, creating pillows and framed pieces, and even going so far as to stitch the upholstery for two arm chairs! I have spent hours looking at those designs, and I have stitched a couple of pieces myself. What intrigues me about Hazel Blomkamp’s Crewel Twists is that she so graciously challenges the traditions of this style of embroidery by using new techniques, beads, and threads. Her book revitalizes old-fashioned embroidery designs in exciting new ways.

  61. What I like best about the book, is the combining of techniques. I like that it isn’t just wool, but utilizes beads, goldwork, and other threads.

    Thanks to Hazel for this generous offer, and to you for hosting the giveaway.

  62. I just love the way she combines so many different thread types with beads — eye candy!