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Bohin Needlework Tools for 2 – A Give-Away!


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Time for some needlework tools!! Most of us have our favorite tools that we like to embroider with – whether it’s a favorite pair of scissors, a favorite embroidery needle, a favorite laying tool, thread organizer, light, magnifier, embroidery frame, floor stand. We all have our favorites, right?

Well, my quickly-emerging all-time favorite, overall best-ever, wouldn’t-be-without-it tool is just about any embroidery needle made by Bohin. More and more, I find myself preferring Bohin needles over other needles on the market. They are good needles.

I’ve been corresponding with Anita of Anita’s Little Stitches, because she likes Bohin needles, too. She’s currently stocking her shop with all kinds of Bohin tools, and especially all their needles, making available Bohin combo packs and even bulk packages of needles.

Thanks to Anita’s Little Stitches, then, today’s give-away features a collection of random Bohin tools, for two lucky winners!

Bohin Needlework Tools

The photo above is a representation of the types of tools you’ll receive in this give-away – Bohin’s ceramic pencil, an assortment of Bohin needles, a pair of Bohin scissors, and some other little goodies thrown in for good measure!

Bohin Needlework Tools

Each winner will receive one of these. This Bohin ceramic pencil is great for marking dark fabrics, especially, but the darker leads available also work well on light fabrics. It creates a good line that lasts long enough for stitching – it doesn’t brush off immediately like a chalk pencil would. It works great on smooth fabrics. I use this all the time on cottons and very fine linen, when I want a light line that’s easy to cover and that won’t smudge my threads. It’s also great for marking cutting lines on fabrics, and for marking quilting design lines, too.

Bohin Needlework Tools

Each winner will receive a pair of Bohin scissors. One pair is this teeny tiny pair of travel scissors (they are so cute!), and the other, a pretty pair of regular-sized embroidery scissors.

Bohin Needlework Tools

Each winner will receive a nice selection of my choice of Bohin needles, too.

You will love them!

(Or I’ll eat my hat.)

I’ll also throw in a few little other tool-ish doodads for the fun of it.

Give-Away Guidelines

The give-away has ended! Thanks for participating!<\b>

To enter today’s give-away, please follow these guidelines:

1. Leave a comment below. Just follow this link to leave your comment, and you’ll end up in the right place. Comments submitted via e-mail or left on other articles are not eligible.

2. In your comment, answer the following:

What’s your dream tool for needlework and what’s so great about it? (It might be your favorite one that you already have, or one that you want to own.)

3. Please make sure you leave a recognizable name either in the name line on the comment form or in the comment box. For example, if your name is Sue, please differentiate yourself somehow from other Sues out there! (It just saves a lot of confusion!)

4. And, finally, comments must be submitted by Wednesday, October 31st (Happy Halloween!), by 5:00 am Central Daylight Time (Kansas, USA). I’ll announce the two winners on Wednesday morning.

So that’s how it works! It’s not too complicated, so do leave a comment – it’s a good opportunity, if nothing else, to get a variety of Bohin needles into your hands, so you can see if you love them, too!

And hey, the odds that you’ll win? Much better than the lottery!

Have a swell Friday and a wonderful weekend!


(807) Comments

  1. I would love a marking tool that … marked well! Right now, that is the greatest frustration I am experiencing in my embroidery projects. I just haven’t gotten that system down right and if the lines are not clear and clean but covered by the thread / removable, it just doesn’t work!

    1. I hear you. Transferring original designs is still one of my biggest challenges despite all of Mary’s good instruction on the topic. Either I get lines that are too light or I get pencil dust on the embroidery threads.

      This led to the adventure of washing finished needlework which went better than I had a right to expect, but still.

      I have yet to find anything that works well on dark fabrics, so the pensil in this giveaway looks great.

      Anastasia McP

  2. My dreamtool are the perfect pair of scissors that never cut wrong ;-p. Well, I would settle for some really nice sharp to the very tip pair.

  3. I absolutely love my glass laying tool. It feels great in my hand, doesn’t snag on any thread and looks great too!

  4. G’day Mary, and Anita.
    Thank you both for this fab giveaway. Hope you’re having fun with the giving because I sure do.
    And Mary, I kinda get your drift I think. These tools are your favourites, right? !!
    My little beaded needle book is a favourite. At my first embroidery group attendance they were having a beading class, embellishing the designs that were on tapestry upholstery type fabric. I timidly produced my cross stitch and insisted I sit in a corner and just be left alone to feel…well, whatever it is you feel in that situation, Thankfully, I wasn’t allowed to and I took home the loveliest little beaded needle book. I love it, it’s very practical and beautiful.
    Good luck everyone…but especially me!
    Cheers, Kath from Oz.

  5. I just love scissors, in all their different shapes and colours. They’re great because they’re hugely useful (well, essential, actually…); but also because, despite being a fairly simple tool, they can be given such diverse characters by the way they’re fashioned: classic, cute, primitive, whimsical, and even sci-fi. Can’t have enough of them!

    Thanks for offering this draw.

    1. Me too I love scissors! I would collect them if I wasn’t afraid to sink too much time and money in a collection. I love to cut with good scissors. The sensation and the noise it makes is so pretty! I must be sick lol.

  6. Hi Mary,
    My dream tool for needlework – I don’t currently have is a lighted magnifier!!! My eyes just ain’t what they used to be! My next dream tool, again that I don’t have, would be a stand that would hold my work. My current dream tool, that I do have, is a pair of scissors with curved tips -they allow me to snip close to the fabric with out worrying about cutting the fabric.
    Thank you once again for another great give away.
    Jean B.

  7. Such a great giveaway (as usual) Mary! Thanks !

    A while ago I got one of my dream tools: it’s the a magnifier light like yours (it was on top wishing list since your post at 2010, November 20th!) – it’s great!
    Now I’m saving for second tool in the list: a Millenium Frame!!! 🙂

  8. My dream tools are more of a neccesity due to aging eyes. I need my “readers” and a snake light to illuminate my work area. I wrap the light around my neck and it shines beautifully on my work area. Oh, to be young again! Thanks, Mary, for this chance to win these tools.

  9. Thanks for doing this give-away, Mary! They are so much fun, even if I don’t win.

    My favorite needlework tool right now is a good pair of small, sharp scissors. Before I got them I didn’t realize how much difference it would make to get into all those little spaces. However… a *dream* tool would be some kind of laser cutter that could be controlled even more precisely, and that would never cut anything by mistake or leave a trace of its passing. Wait, actually — an even more dreamy tool would *automatically* start and end your threads! This is really the most annoying part of stitching for me. Wouldn’t it be nice if there were a way to just thread your needle, and then start stitching without worrying about fastening the thread to the cloth? Probably impossible, but the closest thing might be a gadget that would tie a predictable knot at the end of your thread every time.

  10. To be perfectly honest, I don’t have a dream tool. Although I have been stitching for many many years, I always just seem to use what ever I have handy to do the job. However, I have been most curious about a laying tool. My friend Susan Elliott, who is the cleverest of clever people, often refers to using her ‘laying tool’. So I read your posts about them and would like to try using one to improve my stitching. I would also like to upgrade some of the tools I do use to better quality tools. So that’s it. It is all about wanting more and better stuff to use.
    Since I am here, I would like to thank you for all the wonderful information you share with people every day. You are right up there with the ‘clever’ people.
    Thank you again.

  11. My dream tool would be a set of magnifying lenses that I would wear on my head (similar to MagEyes) that would also have a directed light that would shine on my stitching. I don’t know if such a tool exists, but I think that it would be sooooo handy!

    I would love to win the Bohin giveaway. I, too, love Bohin needles, along with the Piecemaker needles.


  12. Oh My gosh this would awesome to win, i have learned so much just from your daily e-mails. You have taken up where my mom left off in teaching me embroidery-thank-you!

  13. My favorite tool of all would be something we all want – more time to stitch! Actually I love the Bohin needles that I have and would love to try more Bohin tools. Thanks!

  14. What a wonderful give-away. Lot’s of things I’d like to experiment with. My dream tools are the things I use in handquilting. I have a special thimble that works best for me; the needles that make the stitches best for me (but I’m always searching for better ones) and my lap frame. So enjoy your postings!

  15. My dream tool – Well, I actually own it. A pair of embroidery scissors with a hook at the tip of one blade. I first got them for cutting Hardanger, they pick up one thread at a time with NO chance of picking up too many or the wrong threads. Now I use them for everything!

  16. I love Bohin products. BUT I had no idea they made scissors, how did I miss that, it’s huge. I really really need a pair of their scissors, PLEASE!

  17. What a wonderful give away! I think Bohin has taken all stitchers by storm — that is the only needle I use now — my very favorite! I didn’t know about the scissors and think the small travel pair are the cutest ever. Please enter me in your generous give away…Barbara (vasampler@hotmail.com)

  18. I love needle minders. There are many quite lovely ones available and they are useful. I’d love new needles to put on them.

  19. I am soooooo glad that there is shop carrying these needles! I have been wanting to try them (I break a LOT of needles!) Thanks for bringing these into the daylight and thanks to Anita as well!

  20. My favorite needlework tool. . . hard to choose. I really like my scissors, from the little premiee scissors to the black gingher scissors. I’d be hard put to give up any of them.

  21. my dream tool is a stich needle witch not heart my thump when i am use it in my embroidery (sorry for my terrible english). thanks

  22. I love a surgical spatula. It is about 7″ long with a good holding place in the middle and a flat spatula on one end and a pointed spatula on the other. This is absolutely the greatest laying tool I have every used. And the cost is right too – about $5.50 🙂

  23. We always need tools. I seldom have all the right tools. Always have to make decisions on which tools to buy.

    Bohin tools are very nice. I am getting ready to do some marking on pillow cases. The Bohin tools would make the job so much easier.

  24. I really love my all-metal Gingher thread “snips” my mother gave me for Christmas when I was a teenager.

  25. My best tool is what I think is called a “knit picker”; it’s a little hook to catch a snag in a sweather but I use it all the time as I’m really bad and never leave enough thread to pass in the back of my stitching so I use that tool! I also loved any small, tiny scisssor as I bring my projects everywhere I go so I would love to have the chance to try these Bohin needles and tools.
    Johanne from Montreal

  26. My favorite tool for needlework has to be my pin rests. Pretty little buttons with a super strong magnet attached to it. You simply stick it to your project with a second magnet on the back side of your work. Whenever you want to take a break, you simply drop your needle on the rest and it holds it there. I think that this is one of the best inventions ever and don’t know what I did before I started using them.

  27. My favorite needlework tool is my laying tool. I use it constantly. My dream tool would be a hand blown glass laying tool, the metal one I am currently using has a rough spot that I can’t seem to file out.
    I would live to win the Bohin tools as I am doing more embroidery, and I feel that a quality set of tools would really improve my stitching!
    (Or maybe that is just wishful thinking!)
    Kathy from McKinney, TX

  28. My favorite of all my tools is my little scissors. Cutting thread is so easy with them. An a necessary item when you embrodiery.

  29. My favorite “tool” is my desktop/tabletop frame stand. It is oak, it has a sturdy base that has a tray to hold needles and scissors. It is height adjustable with a 3 1/2″ vise grip that holds small to medium sized frames just perfectly. It has easy to use knobs that are used to adjust the height of the frame and tighten the vise grip. I would be fumbling around losing needles and tangling threads without it.

  30. I love my Gingher embroidery scissors. They came gratis when I bought my dressmaking shears, but I find I use the, a lot more often than the shears!

  31. My dream tool right now is a Millennium Frame. I don’t have one yet, but it is at the top of my wish list. I also love a good, sharp, well weighted, small pair of scissors

  32. My favorite tool for needlework is my Dazor Lamp, without out it I could not stitch on my projects. I also love petite size needles.

  33. I would love to have a good marking pencil. I have a very talented son who can draw and I like to make my own designs. A good marking pencil would sure help me make these designs.

  34. My favorite tool is a handmade wooden laying tool made by a man in Australia. I love the pretty turnings he put into the wood.
    Thanks for all your amazing tutorials,
    Chris Handy

  35. Mary,
    You don’t need to eat your hat! The first time I tried Bohin needles was in your needlebook class I took last winter. They have now become my absolute favorite tool. They are so smooth traveling through the fabric and so easy to work with. The difference between them and the ones I used to use are amazing. I would love to stock up. I’d like to try the ceramic marking pencil too.
    Thanks for this giveaway – Vivian M.

  36. Hi Mary, I have used Bohin needles for a number of applications and found them very, very nice. Not a lot of stores sell them around my area. I meant to try the marking tool, but never got to it. I could sure use it now even more, i.e., embroidery, crazy quilting. crewel.
    Jeannnette S. in PA

  37. I just love my Gingher scissors. It’s sharp and has stayed that way for years. I do alot of redwork embroidery and Crazy Quilting and my scissors gets alot of use. Thanks so much. Krind

  38. I would love to own a ceramic pencil. I loved hearing how it works for dark fabrics and stays on longer than a chalk line. Thank you, Mary.

    Cheryl in San Diego

  39. I’ve got to admit, I’ve become a stitching tool junkie. I stitched in England over the summer, and I was so surprised to learn that they aren’t at all interested in tools. But, the Aussies sure were! My favorite tools come from Micheal Helmke from Texas, who handmakes tools with beautiful wooden handles. The tool that I’m salivating for is that ceramic pencil. Oooo, now that’s HOT!

  40. To be honest… I want working space!! But that’s not e tool. As Susie in Minnesota mentioned, marking tools that work for the type of material I usually work with would be a plus-plus.

  41. Mary (and Anita)–
    Thank you for a FABULOUS giveaway! I would really like to win one of these…

    My current needlework dream tool is a custom-made needlework frame. I attended the Koala Convention needlework seminar in Australia over the summer, and one of the instructors had a needlework frame for holding her project. It was adjustable in three different ways, so it could hold any size project, on stretcher bars, scroll bars, a slate frame or a Japanese fram, at almost any angle. Best of all, it all came apart and fit in an 18″ long mailing tube.

    I got her permission to take a bunch of pictures and write down the measurements of all the pieces. My intention is to build one for myself at some point. It would be dream to stitch with one of them.

    Pretty please, pull my name out of the hat! Keeping my fingers crossed…

    Carol S.

  42. My dream tool would be a lamp that gives “me” enough light. Old age has its benefits but eyesight is not one of them. I long for the days of old where my vision was 20/20 (or better perhaps!). My favorite OTT lamp base does not do well on my new carpet. Here in Michigan, sunlight happens infrequently. Sigh. But, the Bohin tools, especially the needles are fantastic. You won’t have to eat your hat on this one. Thanks for the drawing. I look forward to your daily postings. Have a fabulous weekend. Chris in rainy, cold, Michigan.

  43. Hi Mary, thanks for the great giveaway! I also love Bohin needles and purchase them from a little shop that is located in my hometown where I travel a couple of times a year … worth the trip for those alone!! My favourite tool is something else I purchased at the same shop and that you reviewed a while ago (I hope you know how influential you are!) … it’s a mighty bright light magnifier. It has changed the way I stitch (better 🙂 and has increased my enjoyment immensely. It is easy to adjust and the light is great … not as nice as a sunny day on the patio but almost as good light. Have a fabulous weekend!

  44. Looks like great giveaways. I can always do with new needles.
    I love the laying tool that attaches to one’s thumb. It is so handy and makes the threads lay on the fabric so neatly

  45. Hi Mary,
    Thanks again for a generous giveaway. I would love to try the Bohin needles since you love them so much. They must be great. My favorite tool has to be my needle threader. Couldn’t do anything without it.
    Mary Ann in Cincy

  46. My dream tool will be magical scissors that don’t disappear the moment I need them. (Usually I can find them under the nearest cat.)

    Seriously though, I’d like to find a nicer portable wooden embroidery frame than the one I have. It’s round and warped so it doesn’t hold the fabric taut for too long but the only time I think of trying to track down a new one is when I’m already using it. Figures.

  47. After a little scrimping, I finally purchased myself a pair of Dovo scissors. I loved the wonderfully sharp blades and the very fine tip that so cleverly snipped away stitches. But alas, at a stitcher’s retreat I let someone borrow them and while being handed back to me, they accidentally fell to the ground. No, nothing broke, but yes, the tip bent. I still keep these scissors in my stitching bag but it breaks my heart a little each time I use them and see the bent tip. My next favorite tool is my trolley needle, which I pretty much use exclusively while working with silk. I probably should use it all the time, but find myself using it only with silk.

    Thank you for another wonderful opportunity and good luck to all!

  48. The ideal tool for needlework? A fail- (and fool-) proof way of transferring patterns so they don’t smudge or disappear before I’m done, but still come off the fabric when I’m done. ^_^

  49. Bohin! I love their products! Especially the ceramic pencil and the needles. As for my dream tool, I want a really good light and magnifier combination. Now that I’ve started working with silk, gold, and beads in more intricate designs, I have found that I simply must have a better view of what I’m doing. And the light must be color-corrected so that I can see the shadings of the threads correctly. So the search continues. Thank you for your wonderful articles. Happy haunting!.

  50. I would dearly love to try at least some of the Bohin needles. I have heard so much about them and haven’t been able to find them.
    My favourite stitching tool is my Seattle floor frame that I bought from Nordic Needle. It is so sturdy and I can flip my work over so easily to deal with threads on the back.

  51. A pencil that would leave a visible line until I was ready to remove it and not having to wet the piece. That is my biggest frustration with embroidery.

  52. I am just starting embroidery and I have been trying to figure out the best way to transfer patterns to fabric and I am excited to see the ceramic pencil as an option – now to see if it is sold locally.

  53. I sincerely have to say that I love all the tools that are used when I am doing needlework! But as I’ve advanced in age, I’m finding that before I can even make great use of the tools, the most needed item is a fantastic light “spotlighting” my work!

  54. My most useful ‘tool’ would be my magnifying glasses so I can see the threads but all in all my favorite tool has to be the scissors. I love a quality pair of tiny scissors. I feel so ‘professional’ 🙂

  55. I don’t have one favorite tool, type of tool, or toy. I have several bags with various tools & toys I cannot live without and I have two display areas filled with collections (You know that if you have three(3) of an item, you have a collection) of tools & toys I love. And to pick one type would be far too impossible, because in order to stitch I need at least three things: a pair of scissors ( I have several because my mother told me “never use your teeth”); a needle of the appropriate size and type (and I have these too); and a laying tool ( again, I have several to chose from). So you see one tool would never work for me, BUT I still would like to enter the contest…after all “she / he who has the most wins” and I may not have the most but I am trying. Thanks

  56. My very favorite tool is my “clover” needle threader. Since my eyes aren’t what they used to be, the needle threader helps load up my needles. I’ll usually thread about 7-8 needles and line them up on my ironing surface in the order of work. That way I can continue stitching without the interuption of threading. I’m sure I’m not saving time, but it feels like it. Tanya from Greenville SC

  57. Hi there,
    Thanks for the giveaway!
    My favourite tool are these pair of sizzors that my friend gave me that are actually for doing manicures. They are really sharp and the point curves up. I do a lot of gold and silk embroidery so when it comes time to cut the thread and move on to embroider another section these sizzors come in handy. You can practically cut right down to the surface of the embroidery without cutting what you´ve embroidered and the silk thread endings hide well that way.
    Have a great weekend everyone!
    Candice Jan Leung from Barcelona

  58. My dream tool would be a good marking tool that would work on both dark and light fabric. I think the Bohin ceramic pencil would be ideal for this, depending on what color lead you had in the pencil.I do a lot of marking on my crazy quilt blocks and have a lot of trouble finding something that works well.


  59. Thanks for the giveaway. I agree with you on only using Bodin needles and I do have a needle fetish. The two things that I will not do without are Evertites and my small Dovo scissors. I am going to EGA National seminar on Sunday and I am debating if I bring the Dovo’s or keep them safely away from TSA,even in my checked bag. I always get searched when I start packing frame weights and my System 4. Not exactly everyone’s run of the mill packing job.

  60. Bohin needles are at the top of my list since you’ve been talking about them every now and then. Living in a very rural area, I haven’t found any such needles, and I haven’t taken the time to look for them online.

    Thank you for your wonderful give aways! They’re always exciting!

  61. Thought long and hard about this – my supersharp scissors? No. The fantastic folding magnetic stand I use to hold my charts? No. My new Millennium flat frame? No. Each are great, highly convenient but they’ve not had the impact of my all time dream tool.

    That one has to be my best hand hoop – a good one from Hardwicke Manor, bound with twill tape. http://string-or-nothing.com/2011/08/28/boughs-hoops-and-strips/ I worked for years with a narrow dime store wooden hoop. I was amazed at how much easier and more convenient hand-held stitching became once I had The Right Tool.

    So Hardwike Manor – you get my vote for all time dream tool for hand embroidery.


  62. Well, I would hate to see you eat your hat! My favorite tool is the needle I use. I have been using my daughters sissors, she is 5, but they have been working so far. I had no idea there were truly fancy sissors to be had! The dream tool is something to mark dark cloth. I’ve been doing Viking embroidery patterns and have a very hard time figuring out how to get pattern on the darker cloth.

  63. My dream tool is a magic system to hold all my threads while I’m working on a multi-thread project 🙂 My favourite tool is my little gold scissors…so sharp and so useful. Thanks for your inspiring posts!!

  64. Hi, Mary. I am so happy I found your blog. I’m from Kansas too, I live down by Pittsburg.

    I, too, love every Bohin product I’ve ever tried.

  65. I have a few favorites when it comes to doing needlework. As my eyes have gotten older, I like using pencils to mark where my threads need to go. I also like having a good magnifier nearby. I am beginning to mentor some students at our school in needle arts and will be telling them how important it is to have a good needle and some sharp scissors. I would love to win this set of supplies so I could show them the possibilities available in other places than WalMart.

    Michelle On the Eastern Shore

  66. My dream/fantasy tool would be to have the eyes/vision of a 20 year old. At my age I have enough “floaters” to float a ship. Seriously, I think I’d love a magnifier-light as a doable tool but this selection of handy small things sounds wonderful.
    Thanks for all the help and encouragement you give us all.

  67. Hello, thank you for the give away. I’d like an opportunity to be counted in the drawing. My favourite stitching tool is one that my sister made me. It’s basically two needles, size 22, held together beautifully by about 10 inches of perle cotton and some beads for decoration. These are used to count spaces when I cross stitch, so I know how far to stitch. This stitch place holder (as I call it) comes in handy when working on borders. Thank you again for sharing your treasures!

  68. First, what a FABULOUS give-away. Thank you both for such a treat for 2 lucky winners.
    My most wished for sewing “tool” would be more time and better eyes! LOL. But since those can’t be fixed, the next would be a nice, sharp pair of curved scissors or a fun thing would be one of those little wooden tools like you had on the blog recently that hold up the needlework when you are making bell flowers, etc. I would love to get one of those. That fellow certainly does beautiful work.

  69. My favorite tool is the magnets that hold your needles, scissors, etc. to your project! My ideal tool would be eversharp scissors that cut right to the tip!

  70. I dream of an embroidery frame with a magnetic band that would hold a couple of needles and a pair of scissors so I wouldn’t waste time looking for them after the phone rings.

    1. Nancy,

      Try some earth magnets. They are amazing. Place one on the front and one on the back of your work to hold the front one in place. The small ones (¼”) hold needles and the bigger ones (½”) hold a small pair of scissors nicely. I use them on both my work (they have never marked the surface even when using silk) and on the extension arm of my light.

      Cheryl in PEI

  71. Ah…my dream tool! Would have to be a stand of some kind to hold my frame. I haven’t even researched them, knowing that I can’t afford it, and having other things to save for that have higher priority. But that would be it. Right now, I prop my frame between my desk and my lap and while it is the best I’ve found so far, it is a tad awkward! But I’m kind of used to it now. And on the subject of needles, I’ve used several different kinds (not Bohin) of needles, never finding one that really does it for me. So, if I win, that would be awesome 🙂 but if I don’t, at least I know the next needle I’ll be trying! 🙂 Karen Gass

  72. Hi Mary! another great give away…ty for a chance. While I have many tools here for various types of needle work..I have yet to own a laying tool. After following you all this time I am certain I have to have one! or two..lol…One can never have enough scissors or needles if u ask me so this would be a great win for me. I always appreciate your links too…ty so much and good luck all.

  73. My dream tool is fairly simple, really. I’d love to have the perfect cloth pencil/chalk. Every one I’ve tried, just does not work as well as I’d like! Also, some super sharp scissors would be amazing 🙂

  74. My all time favourite tool, is my little pair of Kai scissors. It was a gift from a friend in 2006. Margaret went to the Quilt Show, I could not get time off to go. It has travelled many miles and across the world with me. I make sure to pack it in my suitcase, as I do not want to have to give it up “as it may be a weapon of mass destruction” if it was in my carry-on or handbag when flying. My best marking tool is a piece of french white milled soap. Marks my quilts with out the sneezes which happen when marking with chalk.

  75. My favorite tool for needlework is a laying tool. I like to work with silk but love how all threads look using the tool to stitch.

  76. ahhh, my favorite needlework tool? No contest! It’s my sterling silver laying tool with it’s own silver case on a chain that’s as pretty as any other jewellery.

    This tool is perfect length to snug in my palm, perfect weight, perfect thickness and pointy-ness. Of course, it was made by a stitching silversmith and sold by her at an ANG seminar in 1982.

  77. I think my favourite tool is the needlebook I just made this year. Up until now I’d been using the one I made in first year of Home Ec in school – yellow felt cover with my initials embroidered on it, buttonhole stitch around the edges, and 2 flannel pages inside for the needles. I thought that since I’m now over 60, I deserved a new one. I had some lovely ecru embroidered linen scraps from a jacket I made so I made myself a great new needlebook – lots of pages made of real felt, with computer printered labels for each page and a lovely cover of the line enhanced with a silkie and lace around the edges.

  78. Thank for offering this give-away. The dream tool I currently own is my sharp pair of Ginger snips that a friend gifted me. They are delightfully pointy and allow me to cut treads close to the fabric. The dream tool I’d like to own is a ceramic pencil that makes clear sharp lines on dark fabric.

  79. My answer remains always the hoop I inherited from my great-grandmother. I love the versatility of the hoop and how it functions. If I found more like it I would buy a whole stack and then preserve my grandma’s. As it is now, I use it, but I fear for the day that it breaks, or gets lost, etc.

  80. I have been doing alot of needlework lately that requires my fabric to be “drum tight”. I hate lacing and the solution is Evertite Frames. My dream of owning every size I will ever need is slowly coming true. They are pricey, but well worth the money. Here is a tip I learned that I will past on…to cover the tacks that hold your fabric to the frames, find a four inch wide ace bandage, measure your frame diameter and divide that in half, cut your bandage this length, sew the two ends together and you have a great frame wrap that will keep your threads from getting caught. One ace bandage will make two wraps.

  81. At the moment, as my eyesight continues to
    diminish, my dream tool would be a standing
    lighted magnifier that is designed for stitchers. But there is always the daily need
    for quantities of good needles to keep in all
    the “in progress” project bags that keep accumulating. So winning this give-away would
    be grand!

  82. My drean tool is a holder for my slate frames,easily pushed aside to get out of chair,holds light, organized to hold threaded needles, for gold work and silk theads, on silk or linen fabric.

  83. Hi my name is Peggy N. I live in the Pacific Northwest and want to thank you so much for this opportunity to enter.
    I rarely actually win anything for free. so Have not much hope of gaining any of these lovely tools.
    However, nothing ventured is nothing gained. So here goes>>>
    I am in love with my millener needles. I use them on a daily basis.
    Ohhhhh I do use other needles, darners, 5″ and 7″ doll needles, etc. but the milliners are my all time favs.
    As you know Mary they have a small eye and this makes the “passing through” fabric smooth and when stitching with them it is almost as if I am dancing with the threads I am using.
    When I use them I feel as though I am creating a symphony of threads and fabrics to soothe my soul….
    LOL it doesn’t always look that that way, but fills my soul with relaxation and musical flow of the thread and needle.
    thank you again.

  84. It is hard to choose just one from a group of 8.
    The Dazor and my Dovo scissor set ….so if it is strictly needlework tools it would be my Dovo scissors, tekobari, thimbles, tweezers etc.

  85. Good morning!
    My ultimate, most coveted stitching tool is my EGA SOME (Southern Maine chapter). I’m new to this venue of the stitching world, quilting is what I’ve been up to in the past. This group has taken me under their wing to teach, inspire and hold my hand when ‘unstitching’ is required. So, of all my tools they are the most dear to me. I wouldn’t be on this lovely journey without them.
    Trudi Woolston

  86. Although it is hard for me to pass up fabulous scissors as a favorite tool, I must pick “the right needle” that is easy to thread, fits my hand, and of course, provides a smooth pass with the thread. I find that I can almost always find substitutes for the scissors for cutting threads and using a needle for a laying tool is necessary, etc.

    As a side note, I rsearched this brand when I was doing research at a mail order company. Great everything. Congrats to whoever wins.

  87. I love scissors but I could not work on any project without my magnifying glass that hangs around my neck. The length adjusts and rests on my chest. My old eyes are not as good as they once were and this great tool allows me to keep working.
    Carol Mc.

  88. Thank you Mary and Anita for hosting this little giveaway!
    My dream tool that I don’t own would be a lighted magnifier. I have a clip on one the mighty bright vusion, which I love but would prefer one that doesn’t clip on to the needlework.
    My favorite tool that I do own is my scissors. Just a cheap little Walmart pair but I love how sharp they are and the ability to cut through things!

  89. Good morning Mary – Well, today MUST be my lucky day if for no other reason than IT’S MY BIRTHDAY —YEAH ME
    I switched my quilting supplies to Bohin a few years ago – and never looked back…they are superb, especially the marking pencil.
    My *dream* tool would be a gooseneck floor standing lamp – with a magnifier. I’ve seen them but they seem too expensive ..until… I’m squirming in my chair trying for better light!

  90. My dream tool–hoard to narrow down. Great needles, sharp scissors, but most of all, the time to put them to use.

  91. My favorite tools are awls and scissors. I use them both for eyelet work and for help plunging threads when working with metal threads. I have a Victorian awl that is so pretty it makes me happy every time I use it. But, more interestingly I have a wooden awl that is so sharp and long that if I am attacked by vampires while embroidering I am all set!

    Good scissors are a must and I have scissors both sharp and decorative that are a joy to use. I have to say I also like the look of those curved needles in the giveaway. A curved needle is very handy for both bead embroidery and edge work.

    Anastasia McP in the Wilds of Rural Utah

  92. I’m afraid that these days it’s a magnifier. The eyes aren’t quite what they used to be, i would love to try those Bohin needles.

  93. I’m a “embroiderer in training”, lol. I’ve embroidered several works and I just love it. I’ve been gathering tools little by little and i would love to have those curved needles to help with my quilting and also need marking tools. My husband made me a light box for pattern transfers and so u can see my need for the chalks and the pens.It will also help with my budding quilting skills. Thank you 🙂

  94. Mary:
    I love-love your blog! I think it’s my favorite needlework tool (resource). Bohin products are wonderful and so is Anita! I shop frequently on her website. She is awesome!

    Thank-you for the opportunity,


  95. There is nothing better to make needlework more enjoyable that good tools. I have several favorite tools such as scissors, laying tool and needles but I would be very uncomfortable is doing a lot of my work if I did not have my frame holder. This gives me the freedom of using both hands for stitching which makes things go much faster.

  96. My must-have dream tool is the “Perfect Stitch” laying tool, an open-topped thimble with a bent tapestry needle soldered to it. I have to use it, every stitch. I wear it on a finger and sometimes forget not to scratch my face with that attached! It is effortless to lay every throw, since it’s part of my hand at all times.
    My all time favorite needle is the Bohin needle. I buy them in bulk. They are always smooth, the eye is never sharp or uneven so it doesn’t fray the thread. It feels good in my hand and I’m spoiled to want to use only those. How exciting to find more products by Bohin.

  97. My favourite needlework tools are my Bohin needles, since I started stitching with them a year ago I won’t stitch with anything else. They are the best needles on the market – so smooth and sharp they go through fabric like a knife cutting butter and my flat metal needle threader; which I wouldn’t be without.

    Thank you for having another give away. If I win, I would look forward to trying out all the other excellent products from Bohin.

  98. My favorite needlework tool is a silver thimble from my husband’s grandmother. Fits so well. I’ve benefitted from using a Bohin ceramic pencil I was given last spring, and now am enjoying the Bohin needles that came with the first kit of the Cabinet of Curiosities. I’ll be purchasing needles for embroidery with the students at Maryland’s first provincial capital site, Historic St Mary’s City. Bohin needles would make learning a joy for the students.

  99. Thank you Mary–you always have the best stuff to give away! And thanks to Anita’s Little Stitches for sharing the Bohin goodies!! It’s hard to pick just one. So many tools have very specific uses & needlework tools are the Lay’s potato chips of embroidery. The tools I use the most are: my blue Needle Index book & my bent tip Kai scissors. By far, they get most of the workload on any stitching day. I’m glad to see that your giveaway includes a marking pencil & small scissors. Your winners will be over the moon with those.

  100. My dream tool? Well, it would have to be my pair of Dovo scissors. My husband bought them for me for my birthday the first year we were married. They were horribly expensive and we couldn’t afford them really. I was so surprised and they are still the very best pair of scissors I own. What do I love about them besides the fact that my dearest gave them to me? I love their sharpness, there teensy sharp point and their overall beauty. I treat them like royalty and never ever take them outside of my home unless we move! Soon I am moving to Singapore and I have to ship them which terrifies me! Here is hoping that they make it!

    Thank you for all your hard work and brilliant advice and help, Mary. I look forward every day to reading your blog!


  101. Thank you for your most welcome e-mails. I look forward to see whats new everyday. Would love to win all those wonderful tools as I think most of mine should be retired soon. They have served me well over the years. They all have had their ‘favorite time’.

  102. I still have to say that Kai scissors are my dream tool. I’ve never found scissors with a sharper point, and they’re not terribly expensive either. That said, Bohin needles are the BEST, and I’d love to add a few more of them to my stash along with the other great Bohin tools.

  103. My dream tool would be a lighted magnifier and my current favourite tool is a good pair of scissors.
    Thanks for the chance to win!!!

  104. Mary — I love this blog!!! I have learned so much….my favorite dream tool are petit gold plated needles. they never discolor, and I so very much prefer the small size. i also cannot live without my telescoping magnet – when not in use, it hangs perpendicular to my stitching floor lamp, so I drape my threads from it. And when my needles get wings…..there’s nothing like it! Also helped my husband find the teensy screw from his eyeglasses, but that’s a whole ‘nother story. Thanks!

  105. My very favorite pair of scissors are those tiny Bohin ones. I didn’t even realize when I bought them that they were so small. But they have proved to be the handiest pair I have.

  106. Hi Mary,
    Ooh…you can never have too many cool tools! My favorite has to be scissors, though. I love tiny scissors – maybe because I got a little pair from my grandma years (ok, decades!) ago. And you always need scissors. They can be used in a pinch for all kinds of things in addition to cutting the thread. My current favorite pair is a small pair on Gingher’s. I bought a small tin of candy at the airport because the tin was just right to hold the scissors -didn’t care about the candy, just wanted the cute little scissors-sized tin!

    Happy Stitching!

  107. I was in Paris last week and searched in vain for Bohin needles. I am thrilled that I can buy them here at home from your sources. But I would dearly love to win the whole kit with those adorable scissors!

    Jane in Colorado

  108. A dream tool I love is a special lamp that gives me great light for all sewing, no matter how dreary the day is outside! I presently have a really great Ott lamp now and it does a slick job on that! Enjoy your newsletter so much – thanks for the opportunity! Shan in Tacoma

  109. I am excited to enter the Bohin embroidery too give-away featured. My favorite embroidery tool is by far a pair of vintage Gold Seal Ball Bearing thread snips I found for the mere cost of $.25 at a garage sale in Tulsa, OK. They are a nice fit in my hands and even tho vintage snip like new. I am sure they will be with me for many years. Sincerely, Nelwyn Mills

  110. I just love your giveaways! Thank you for being so generous, not only with the giveaways, but sharing your stitching journey as well. My most very favourite stitching tool is my LED-lighted magnifier on a floor stand. There is no way I could do some of the stitching I do (particularly cross stitch) without it. It was a gift from my husband several years ago. My various Ott lights run a close second. If you can’t see what you’re doing, then all the other stitching accessories aren’t much good . . . Grovenore

  111. My favorite is the white marking pencil. I make a lot of items for youth and they like the primary colors on a black background. I never seem to have enough pencil lead. LOL

  112. I love gadgets! I usually look at them first in a shop before I look at anything else to make sure that something hasn’t been invented that I don’t know about. I love my “ripper outer” and my beaded counting needles, but I would say that my favorite (other than scissors and needles) is the Star DeTailer. It is great for those short ends that you can’t get in — I have two and they are always close at hand.

  113. My dream tool is a gorgeous pair of sharp little scissors- I have a great pair, but they are not beautiful. I’d love to have a sturdy, vintage pair of snips. I am a total supply addict- floss and supplies (like all of these goodies) are my weakness. I would love to win this giveaway- I’ve been eyeing those ceramic pencils! Thank you!

  114. My favorite tool for some time has been my Hardwicke Manor 8″ x 5/8″ hoop. I love how sturdy and substantial it is. It holds my fabric taught with minimal effort and is easy to re-position when needed. I find that great needlework tools are a special treat to me, as all of my purchases come from online sources. The closest store with any needlework supplies for me is 225 miles away, and that is just a big box hobby and craft store. I never get to see the merchandise before I purchase it, so Mary your recommendations are priceless to me. I would dearly love to be one of the lucky winners of this giveaway. I have been considering the purchase of a nice pair of scissors, and without seeing them in person, I’m a little cautious about the investment.

  115. My dream tool would be an embroidery stand that really works. I never seem to have the right height, or size, and would like one that adjust easily.

  116. I love my little scissors my sister gave me, they are always tucked in to my needlework bag. I would love to try the ceramic pencil you shared.

  117. I love my Thread Heaven and my chart holder made out of a Swiss roll (jelly roll) bake pan . I would love a floor stand and one day I will buy one. I love your blog and have learnt some amazing things from it.
    Thank you
    Please enter me for your give away.

  118. I really have 2 favorite stitching helpers. One is my old faithful Dazor floor magnifier. My lovely, understanding husband gifted me with it one Christmas too many years ago and it’s still going strong. And as I age, it’s become downright indispensable. Can’t imagine my life without it.
    The second are really, really good needles. I came to realize this recently when I purchased a brand (hereafter nameless) that I find to be the worst I have ever owned. They actually hinder the process of stitching and harm the fibers I use them with.
    It caused me to decide to go with your suggestion of Bohin needles when I next need to buy some.

  119. My dream tool would be a mini-robot to do all the little bits and pieces which are boring, or take up too much valuable time. Among the chores I would like it to do are sewing in the ends of threads, and unpicking without a trace left behind when I am unhappy with what I have stitched. It might be stretching it a bit if he/she could also do the lacing in finished pieces!

  120. On your earlie recommendation I tried the Bohin needles, love them! My favorite needleworking tool would have to be my wooden lap stand for my embroidery hoop. The stand really saves my hands.

  121. Dear Mary,

    My dream tool would be a frame that always keeps my stitching fabric taut. i have experimented with hoops and snap frames and have now requested Evertites for my birthday (which is on Halloween).

    Thanks so much to you and Anita for this great giveaway of Bohin tools. What a treat!

    Have a great one! Tania

  122. My favorite quilting tool is the Bohin ceramic pencils. I love how they show as long as I need them too and disappear when I am done. No matter what equipment I use, I always use the ceramic pencils.
    Thanks for this give away. I have never found anything Bohin I didn’t love.

  123. I enjoy the huge variety of things you write about, all embroidery related. My favorite stitching tool, amazingly, is a little ‘ort’ bag that I made with a pattern from someone’s blog site. I find that I use it faithfully, thus doing away with little ‘orts’ all over the floor, the rug, the chair, my clothes. I always seemed to miss when aiming at the waste basket. I never miss the ort bag.

  124. My embroidery scissors that belonged to my husband’s grandmother!! They are more delicate than most that I see now days and they still work perfectly. It is such a simple item and yet it means the world to me because I know she used them ALOT.

  125. my very most favorite tool is a laying tool made by a friend’s husband who is a very gifted lathe worker. not only does it do the job, it looks beautiful and feels so great in the hand. so pleasant to work with that i frequently lay threads that do not need laying!!

    she is a great stitcher too so i would share with her

  126. Hi Mary,

    I love my Fanmore thread snips. they are the best pair of little scissors I’ve ever had. Especially good for removing stitching without pulling.

    I’ve been using mostly John James needles, haven’t tried Bohin.

    I want to do some Hardanger and am not sure if my Fanmore snips will work to cut the threads that are removed close and cleanly.

  127. My favorite tool has got to be my fancy floor stand. It was expensive and I complained about the cost until it showed up and made every stitch a joy to work. I love it!

  128. I would like to have several pairs of really good scissors. Mine all have dull points and nicked blades, Good scissors are a joy to use. Sandi in rainy Oregon

  129. I recently was in an embroidery class and borrowed a pair of serrated edge embroidery scissors. I think they were made by Gingher. Anyway, I was amazed at how they grabbed the thread and snipped it cleanly. That would be my dream pair!

  130. I am fairly new to hand embroidery and have not tried this product. Would love to give it a chance and perhaps (lol) improve my work.

  131. my favourite tool is my magnify glass. Over the years those tiny little stitches have finally gotten to the stage where I just can not see any more without help. I have had to resort to using a larger stitch count and do more knitting, but I will always love the sound of a thread as it goes through a cloth in a hoop.

  132. Well I could really do with a good marking tool, as thus far I have not found a product that works well for me.

  133. My dream is to find the perfect light. As I am approaching 50, it’s harder and harder to see my stitching. I know it’s out there!

  134. As a children’s sewing teacher, who occasionally teaches them to embroider as well, I love the Loran needle threader. I also would like a really good marking pencil, especially for dark fabrics.

  135. Hi Mary, thanks first of all for your ongoing great info and inspiration! Here is a chance to praise the Lap stand I bought from Siesta frames. I love it because I can adjust it and TIGHTEN it so it stays in adjustment. It came with this great gadget – a wooden wrench for tightening wing nuts. And it works. My hoop stays steady and stable. I also love my rare earth magnets – they come in handy for all sorts of things. I can rest my laying tool on top of my hoop – on the metal screw plate, and my scissors, and needle if I choose…and on and on.
    Love to try those Bohin needles and definitely am on the hunt for a new pair of scissors!
    Thanks again, Mary.

  136. I too love the Bohin needles. I used them as a gift to are EGA members who attended the Banquet last year. I just ordered a pair of magnifier eye glasses with lights on the sides of the frames. I was able to try these at a recent EGA meeting. You can find them at speerd.com. Love reading your emails and the fantastic work you produce.

  137. Dear Mary,
    There are so many tools that I would like to have and there are tools that I have that I love to use,but the tool that I just can’t do with out and it’s the first one I look for as soon as I have my needle threaded is my THIMBLE. If I didn’t have my thimble I just couldn’t sew. I have at least 4 now, so that as soon as I start looking for it I find it!!!!
    One day I’ll buy myself a silver thimble.
    Thank you for allowing me to speak up for this humble tool.

  138. What a great giveaway,thanks Mary! I have found and love the Bohin needles. They are also my favorite for embroidery.
    The tool which has to be the I can’t live without must be scissors. For I seem to have quite a collection of them. My favorite pair is weighted which just feels great in your hand and are very sharp and cut smoothly.
    I love your site and all the teaching info you provide. Thank you!

  139. oh my – I have so many favourite tools… but I absolutely must have a good pair of scissors – dedicated solely to needlework!
    Elizabeth L Mac in Saskatoon

  140. I’ve heard lots of good things about the Bohin needles, but have yet to try them and would love to!

    My dream needlework “tool” would be the Millenium frame for my cross stitch projects, especially the BAP’s. Some day I will have one!

    Thank you for such a nice giveaway.

  141. My dream needlework tool would be a really good frame. I’m looking at the Millenium frames and dreaming. I think if your fabric is held right, everything goes a little easier. Thanks for the chance to win these great tools.

  142. My bestest tool right now (as my grandson Hunter says) are the curved needles – they work great and especially for those of us with issues with our hands. Really when I started thinking about this – I thought that there is a favorite tool that I use for each project and it may vary. One time it would be my magnifier and the next would be one of my marking pens (I have several that I keep loaded with varous colors for light and dark fabrics). AND of course there is my pair of little scissors that were from my Grams from Germany that seem to be sharp forever and can get so close to the fabric.

    BUT really – guys aren’t the only ones to have toys – oops I mean tools to use on their work/hobbies. We need them all – right ladies?!!

  143. For me the key tool are needles and I love the Bohin ones. I’m in the process of making a 4′ x 6′ needlepoint rug designed by Kaffe Fasset and if it wasn’t for these fine needles, the work would be soooo much harder. I read (and save) all of your emails. I’ve learned so much from you and broadened my knowledge of many aspects of needlework. Now if I just live long enough to DO all the projects I have planned! :))
    Thanks you!

  144. I love my Cosmo embroidery hoop ~ no screw or bolt to catch threads on, smooth finish and as they say: “one touch” embroidery hoop!

    Linda from Minnesota

  145. Lieve Mary,
    Wat mooi cadeau! Droom om iets te winnen! Heel gelukkig met markeringspotlood, alles is welkom.Ik ben altijd heel zuinig op goede gereedschap.WACHT IN SPANNING OP GOED BERICHT!

  146. Absolutely, it would have to be a “good” pair of scissors and the very best of “needles”. I would love to try the Bohin Needles. And my embroidery scissors have had it so I would love to win this little assortment of “things”.
    Thanks from Trish in So. Colorado

  147. Scissors… Before they were taken from me
    In Israel
    Gingher round tip scissors ( they were airline approved)
    I miss them and cannot find any others. I will now
    Only travel in Europe with kindergarten scissors
    Ellen from Texad

  148. Hi, Mary,

    My dream tool is a very sharp small pair of Gingher embroidery scissors. What makes them so very special is the very fine micro serrated edge along the blades. It neves snags or pulls, but does a great job gripping slippery silk threads and silk ribbons for quick and accurate snipping.

    Thanks for your generosity,
    Cathy in PA

  149. I am very new to embroidery so I realy dont have any favorites yet, I do how ever love your site. It has been very helpful to me

  150. Hi Mary,

    What a wonderful tool box and so generous! I have been wanting to try the Bohin ceramic pencil and now, perhaps, I can!

    My absolute favourite tool is my Lowry embroidery stand. It is so flexible, rugged and practical and easily travels to all my embroidery dates. I’ve been using it for 20 years or more, ever since they went on the market.

    Thank you, Mary, for all you do for the embroidery world!

    Victoria Gemmell
    Vancouver. BC

  151. I am like several other women responding to this contest ..my eyes are not what they used to be. My favorite tool are small needles with large eyes. I like the large eyes to be able to thread them without a lot of hassle but I like the small length because they feel more comfortable to work with.
    I get excited at each give away but this one is one is exceptional..and you are such a tease with the comment about throwing in a couple of surprises.

  152. My dream tool would be Bohin needles ! I’ve searched one hundred miles around without finding any of these. Since I can’t afford flying to France to get them, your give away is great. Have a good day.

  153. My dream tool is a pair of really good embroidery scissors, the kind with the downward bent tips. Cutting threads out of the middle of an embroidered piece is on the edge of nightmare for me, even worse than seeing the mistake that needs to be removed.

  154. My favorite tool is a tiny pin cushion I received from a stitching friend. It is just the right size for keeping my counting pins and a few spare needles.

  155. Mary – I think my most favorite tool is….(gosh this hard)….my Dazor magnifying light on a floor stand. It is absolutely essential for my stitching. I’ve had it for about 15 years and not a day goes by without my using it. Especially as I age it is needed for both the magnificent light and the absolutly best magnification.
    As a side note Mary, I just love getting your email in my in box every day. I have never seen clearer instructions and information. Thank you.

    –Mary Hoell

  156. My absolute favorite tool for needlework are super-pointy, sharp, burr and catch free, smooth acting pair of embroidery scissors. The best I have (and I have purchased and tried a few pairs) are made by a company called KAI in Japan and their name is Omnigrid S-4. I would have to say that they even rival Dovos for hardanger work. They are excellent!

  157. My dream tools are large eyed, thin needles. I love fine needles, but they tend to get chunky with larger eyes. And the older I get, the harder it is to thread those little things!

  158. My dream needlework tool would either be:

    1. A pair of really good (also pretty!) scissors, because the ones I have now are just so-so, or

    2. A marking tool that marks dark fabrics well. I usually use water-soluble transfer pens, but on dark fabrics I usually have to resort to chalk – hence I tend to avoid dark fabrics. The ceramic pencil would expand my repertoire greatly!

    Thanks so much for the give-away!

  159. My most-desired needlework tool is the perfect needlework chair. It has to be a comfy recliner with room on the foot rest for a dog or cat. It must recline fully in case I get tired while stitching and need a snooze. There has to be a light that has adjustable intensity and good areas for storing books, magnifiers and tools. It would probably need a timer to remind me to get up once in awhile and perhaps an automatic ejection seat to get me back on my feet. A neck massage function would be good. Now if we could just add a butler to warm up my tea occasionally, my life would be great.

  160. My dream tool are magnifying glasses that fit over my regular glasses so that I could see what I am doing. Guess this is part of growing older. Also a decent light so that in the darkest of Alaska days every thing would be bright and clear. Alaskamarge

  161. Hi Mary,
    I think I wouldn’t be able to stitch much anymore without my lighted magnifier. I haven’t tried the Bohen needles but sure would love a chance to use them.
    I love your instruction, everythings so easy to follow.

  162. I am rapidly becoming a huge fan of embroidery and learning about all the tools out in the market. I am also collecting oodles & oodles of embroidery patterns to keep me busy in the winter months. I can not wait to curl up by the fire and stitch.

  163. I stitch fairly quickly and have been accused of having an electric needle! That is the tool I would really like to have 🙂

  164. I am a total sucker for any new tool that comes along, as a good tool makes a job easier (and therfore more enjoyable) and usually produces better results. One of mine is a needle cleaner. First I pass the needle back and forth throuble my strawberry and then I pass it through this tool. It is comprised of two solid brass disks about the size of a quarter connected by flannel and stuffed with who knows what, but when the needle comes out, it is like new! I also love my thread holder which holds about forty threaded needles and has a place to write the symbol/color.

  165. I would like to say my dream tool would be a great pair of embroidery scissors, but to be honest, you can’t beat clear and precise tutorials on all the wonderful stitches out there. I’m so glad I stumbled upon your website! I learn something every day. Thank you for taking the time to inspire us!

  166. My dream tool would be a magic wand. When I want to sew, I would wave my magic wand and all the mess in my sewing room would jump back into its proper place!

  167. My favorite tool is a 6″ ruler and a seam ripper–both I have had for a long time. I use the ruler more than the seam ripper!!! Enjoy your e newletter. Thank you

  168. My dream tool? A self perpetuating supply of Bohin needles, everything from the tapestries to the crewels to the beading needles. I have yet to find one that isn’t superior to anything else I’ve tried. With my (ahem) acidic nature, I tend to rust needles very quickly. I don’t rust Bohins.

  169. I would love some new tool. I give 2 hours a week to a senior home. We do needlework. The problem is we don’t have good scissors and needles. Would be a great gift for them.

  170. I have a kit that was given to me that I would love to figure out. It’s a counted cross stitch kit that has LOTS of threads to it. The problem is it has many symbols using a blend of several colored threads. For any example, X might be one used and it’s composed of three strands of three different colored DMC flosses. The list of blended colors is very long. How do I keep all the colors organized? I understand using a strand holder with all the choices marked on the card. The trouble I see is keeping the colors organized as I stitch with them. Any ideas? I thought about having each selection threaded with a needle and on the strand holder, then I could remember the one in use with the one missing a needle. However this seems very messy. Would love some ideas. Help!

  171. I like a good frame that keeps the needlework project stretched tight. It makes the final result nice and smooth with no wrinkles or puckers. I also must have a magnifyer to relieve the eye-strain that comes from working long periods of time on a project. I would love to win the needles. I have never treated myself to a really high-end needle and I would like to see what difference it makes working with wonderful needles. Thanks, Mary.

  172. A very, very sharp pointed pair of scissors is my favorite tool – it can cut, “unsew”, pierce and many other things. They need to be small but with big handles for my fat old fingers.

  173. My dream tool would be a complete set of Evertite bars in all available sizes. Ok, that’s more than one tool, it’s more like a category. But nevertheless, ever since I discovered them, they make my life so much easier.

  174. I would like to have a better needlework frame — so that is probably my dream tool. Otherwise, I am very protective of my handy dandy needle threaders. I cannot go far without them!

    Shelia in Oklahoma

  175. Mary,
    Wow…this is a great giveaway! I’ve used the pencil & really love it, so much so I don’t use any others now. I haven’t tried the needles but would like to after hearing your glowing reports. To date my embroidery/hardanger needles haven’t been the best so I guess that would be my dream tool. Thanks for doing this! Sheila from CA

  176. I love a great pencil that marks with a fine distinct line and if necessary, is easy to remove. Thanks for a wonderful website that is both informative and lovely to peruse.

  177. My Hardwicke Manor hoops are the one tool without which I could not stitch. I love my Ott light, my little gold embroidery scissors, and my needle threaders but no hoop, no stitch.

  178. What else! Needles of course.Need many in all variations. Right now I am using two different leather needles by Piecemakers that are great for Crazy Patch and silk ribbon work.They help to make a bigger hole for the riibbon and cords I use.
    Avis in VA

  179. My Dazor light! I have a floor model (which is really heavy and it has a magnifier surrounded by a light that doesn’t get hot. A dream come true.

  180. My favorite real tool is a large pair of scissors hand-made in India, they rust if not frequently used, but they feel perfect in the hand and make me smile. My favorite imaginary tool is any pair of scissors that wouldn’t get lost.

  181. Wow, wow, wow!! I have been trying to find Bohin needles for quite a while now. I’ve checked in each needlework shop I’ve visited with no luck so far. My needle is my favorite tool …. I seem to collect them like others collect scissors. I try all brands and do have a few I ‘like best’, but am still searching for better ones. I would love, love to win this give-away. If I don’t get that lucky at least now I know where I can order some. Thanks for the opportunity ….. SusieW

  182. Mary what a lovely give away! I have been embrodering for what I think of as nearly all my life. My grandmother really was my first teacher. She would draw simple pictures on the cardboards that kept hosiery flat in their packages and then let us go to the fabric store to pick out our floss clolors. What great memories and gave me a love of the needl arts. My dream piece of equipment would be a floor stand with a light and magnifier attached…my eyes aren’t what they were when I would thread my grandma’s needles for her!

  183. My favorite tool isn’t a tool. But it is something I thing all needleworkers would like and that is more time… More time in the day to do needlework and more time to look at needlework and more time to learn new needlework.

  184. Hi Mary,

    My all-time favorite stitching tool is my old-fashioned thimble from my Grandmother. It is worn in just the right places to be comfortable for a long time stitching, and evokes pleasant memories of Grandma whenever I use it. Nice!

    Carla in NE

  185. No way! What a giveaway! My dream tool would be a screw driver that was built into your scissors for tightening up my embroidery hoop. I was on holiday and remembered everything but the screwdriver.

  186. My dream tool..their are so many, but at my age I would love to find a lighted magnifier that made it easier to see what I was stitching and a marking tool that gave me crisp visible lines to follow, that could be removed by a light rinsing when I was done. If I could find this combination, I would go back to doing more needlework. Thank you for the chance to win one of theses great giveaways.

  187. Great giveaway. I wish Bohin would make Tapestry needles in petites.
    My favorite needlework tool is my Daylight magnifier/light floor stand on rolling casters. I couldn’t stitch without it.

  188. My absolute favorite needlework tool is the tiny magnet that I always have on any project I’m working on that holds my needle, and sometimes even my scissors, within easy reach. The Bohin brand of needles you mention sound very interesting and I’d love to try a good quality needle for once just to see if they’re worth it! Thanks for your daily emails,,, they’re quite informative and enjoyable. Take care!!!

  189. I would have to say that my favorite tool for embroidery has to be my scissors. I do love scissors and that to me makes me laugh when I say it. Really – you love scissors? Yes I do. I frequently take my embroidery to work so that I have my handiwork with me during lunch hours. Once in a great while I will forget to slip in my “good” scissors and end up having to cut a thread with some “other” scissors. I then complain about the cut – how the thread isn’t snipped neatly and I end up snipping the ends once again when I get home. I’d love to try another pair of scissors and I would also love to try some good needles. Also, I would like to try a ceramic pencil. I’ve seen them on some sewing shows, but never tried one. Looks interesting! Thank you for the giveaway.

  190. Wow, your site is always a treat to read every day. Honestly, as a very very beginning embroiderer I can say your site is my favorite tool so far. I have learned so much from just reading your posts. I’m currently doing the L&S Lessons. I love the way my work is turning out thanks to all your great advice.

    But if I had to pick a tool I use physically, I would have to say it is my magnifying light. I would be absolutely dead in the water if I didn’t have some form of magnification. I work all day I only get to stitch at night, hence the absolute need for a light as well. My current magnifying light is only barely working for me. It’s too small and the neck isn’t long enough for me to get into place. I’m always stopping my work and readjusting. I’m saving up for the Dublin Craft light you once reviewed. I actually found it recently at Needle In A Haystack before I read your review. I’m glad to see that what I thought might be a good solution was reinforced by someone a lot more experienced.

    Well that is my rambling for the day. Thank you so much for all the work you do in keeping this website updated with new and fun stuff. Emphasis on the FUN part!

  191. My dream tool? It would have to be either a good selection of needles or a way to hold/clamp/stretch fabric — but only a small section. Like the t-shirt sleeve I recently embroidered. Pick me! Pick me!
    Maureen S.

  192. My favorite tool is my pair of Handeze gloves. 🙂 They keep my joints warm and my hands lightly compressed and supported. I don’t have trouble with my hands (yet) so I wear the gloves as prevention. I once forgot to pack my gloves and was surprised at how quickly my hands became tired. I now have a pair in my stitching bag and another pair that live by my computer, for those days that I have to type or mouse too much.

  193. My favourite tool is my magnifier that clips on to my glasses. I look like some wierd creature from outer space when I wear it, but I can see every last detail of what I’m stitching. I wouldn’t be without it. Wonderful giveaway Mary, thank you.

  194. My favorite embroidery tool really isn’t specifically for embriodery at all. It is my wing-nut tightener/loosener. The older I get and the worse my arthritis gets, the harder it is for me to tighten the wing nuts on my embroidery scroll frame. The tightest I can get them with my fingers doesn’t supply enough tensions for good stitching. My favorite REAL embroidery tool is my tekobari or other laying tool without which I could never get smooth stitches with multiple threads or with Japanese silk. However, the Bohin tools look great. A friend uses the Bohin needles and loves them. I would really like to try the ceramic pen. I, too, have struggled to find something to transfer lines onto fabric that doesn’t either smudge or show on the finished stitchery. Thanks for all the information and goodies you offer.

  195. My favorite embroidery tools are constantly changing. My current favorite is a teeny tiny pin cushion that I think of as my “current project” pin cushion. Made from a coke bottle cap, it stands upright and there’s just enough room for only the needles threaded with the colors used in whatever I’m currently working on. So much less frustration than sorting through the pin cushion that holds way too much other stuff. I would love to see how the Bohin needles in look in it 🙂

  196. My favorite tool is my antique silver thimble I bought in Gibralter 30 years ago. It fits my finger perfectly, and is covered with lovely patterns. In it’s past life, someone else loved it and used it so well that it molded to their finger. Many thanks to the previous owner was! It’s perfect for me too. I can’t stitch without a thimble. What a luxury to have such a nice one.

    I Don’t have too many other embroidery tools. I’m migrating my tailoring skills into embroidery skills and having a wonderful time doing so. I love reading your blog daily, and have learned so much from you. Thank you for being willing to share your knowledge and experience!

  197. I have two dream tools. One is my Owl scissors from Sublime Stitching. It is hefty b/c of the “owl head” but I love how the scissors cut with a reassuring snap…you know when they cut into something. The other dream tool is my needle magnet. I love have that bit of bling on my needlework while I’m stitching. Thanks for the fab give-away!

  198. I love tools and notions–especially needles! To go with good needles is a good thimble, & sharp scissors–everything else is icing on the cake. It seems like there’s no end to the tools and doo-dads that can make our stitching easier. And it’s so much fun to try new ones!

  199. The best needlework tool ever invented is the Pilot Ball FriXion marking pen. It comes in an array of colors for every fabric hue and stays until you iron it off, and miraculously, it erases completely and cleanly. It is heavenly. I never seen anything like it and I’ve been needleworking for over 50 years.

  200. I am very new to embroidery and know that good quality tools are a must. I do use my magnifier a lot so that is my favorite tool as of now
    I do not own Bohin needles and I think that the addition of these tools in the giveaway will help me in my quest for beautiful embroidery.

  201. I’d love to own this selection of tools. I am in my 80s, and any small thing that makes stitching a little easier would be a lovely gift! My current favorite is my #26 Stitch Fixer. I own several of these handy items but recently learned that they are no longer being manufactured. Maybe this selection will provide an alternative!

  202. I don’t know if you would consider it a tool or not, but I couldn’t do my needlework without my Craftlite lighted magnifier. I can see with it! It makes all the difference in the world. I like all the other tools, too, but nothing like having good light and the ability to see.

  203. My favorite tool is my lap stand for cross stich and embroidery. I use the ‘stronger hand underneath’ method of stitching and it helps my work go faster without the need for the third hand to hold the piece i’m working on. Of course this method doesn’t work with all types of embroidery. My other favorite tool is my pair of magnifying clip ons. They are the half lens on the bottom so I can still look up at the TV or around the room without having to take them off and refocus my eyes.

  204. Gosh I absolutely love gadgets of any kind!!!!!!! I guess the three things I really can’t do without when I’m stitching is good needles (I like the petite ones), a good pair of scissors and something to hold my chart in my lap. Give me those things and I am in stitching paradise.

  205. I love Bohin needles, I have gotten them at quilting shows in the Chicago area. I love shoppint their booth.
    My tool that I cannot do without? My clip-on magnifiers… cannot see to stitch without them, even with my bi-focals. I hate that I cannot stitch without them, even though it is wonderful that they exist so that I can stitch.

  206. I almost bought Bohin curved needles the other day. I had them in my hand and put them back. If I had read about Bohin needles and scissors earlier, I would have bought them. I hope to see them again soon to purchase them. Good accessories are always a plus.

  207. My current favorite tool is my double ended needles. I use these when my project is on my floor frame, as is my current one. I can work two handed and it makes the work faster and since I am working dark blue on dark blue, I need all the help I can get.

  208. My new most favorite “tool” is a led magnifing light. It is flexable and the light is far superior to any I have previously owned, and I have had many! Your give-aways are so fun.

  209. I love my curved blade scissors for clipping right next to the surface. Usually you see them for machine embroidery but I always have a pair with me for my hand stitching. I have never won anything so would be thrilled to win this! I have used Bohin beading needles and they are great!

  210. What a great offer on your part and opportunity on ours! My dream tool would have to be some really great needles. Which I do not have and don’t think I’ve ever had! Lol. Good tools always make a project go more smoothly= more enjoyment. Would love to try the Bohin. That ceramic pencil looks really amazing, too. Thanks again for the chance to enter the give-away!

  211. It is hard to decide if my favorite “tool” is my scissors or my needles? One can never have enough “tools”. But, I guess I will go with Bohin needles as my favorite. I love them!!!! Also, I would love to try a Bohin scissor. I have lots of scissors, but not a Bohin. Thanks for the chance to win these wonderful prizes.

  212. My favorite tool is my ginger scissors. Something about them and the cool little tin they came in (that holds my travel needlework kit) just makes me feel happy whenever I use them.

    Lori in Denver

  213. oh, those curves needles! Never would I *ever* have thought I’d use them so very much! I take for granted my lovely stork scissors … but I couldn’t live without them! xo Thank you for your generous giveaway and Happy Hallowe’en for you, too! Boo!

  214. my favorite tool is fly tying scisors they are sharp and have holes for your fingers that are large and you have an easier time putting the on and taking them off making moretime for stitching

  215. I have been stitching a long time. I have seen the must have tools come and go. I have a (no clue how to actually spell) Doololly – a little silver tool to tuck under stitches when they come loose or when you try to get that last stitch out of a thread that is too short.
    I think my favorite tool depends on what type of stitching I am currently doing. I have a tekobari that I love. Although my absolute favorite tool is probably my Great Aunt’s sewing shears.

  216. Oh, I would like some tool that transferred designs. I use the prick and pounce method and that works sometimes but sometimes it doesn’t. Setting up any project takes forever. I am also dying to buy one of those frames you showed us.

  217. My favorite tool for needlework is my Ott light and magnifier lens combo… It gives me the bright light I need for stitching even far into the night! I love the feel of needles in hand though too… My favorite DREAM tool would be the millenium frame… I’m retiring soon and will be using some of my saved monies to purchase the frame!

  218. Hi.
    The tool that has had me green with envy ever since you first spoke about it is the ceramic pencil. To have a means of safely and easily transferring designs onto darker fabrics has had me green with envy. I have not found a local south african shop stocking Bohin gadgets /tools and our exchange rate does not allow me to order from the States. I would love to own one, and am sure it would be a favourite within minutes of arrival.

  219. What’s your dream tool for needlework and what’s so great about it? A freestanding collapsable, portable, magnifier/light and frame with a carrying case. Or yes include an attachable compartment for my pattern/book and needle case. Does such a contraption exist?

  220. I can’t imagine picking one tool as a favorite because I couldn’t stitch without several items. My light, scissors, etc. After I read your blog about the Hardwicke Manor hoops I bought two & love them. I have some Bohin needles which are a delight but I don’t remember where I got them. Would love some more & in different sizes/types. I have a magnifier that fits on my head like a headband & it goes up & down but it’s a cheapy. I had cataract surgery in both eyes but now I have trouble with small print, stitches so I would love to find a good one with different strengths that was more sturdy & perhaps with a built in light. I love hands free. Thanks for sharing your knowledge & a chance of receiving a gift!

  221. I would like the dream scissors – they stay where they should, they never get lost, they are always right there ready when you need to snip that errant piece of thread! If they get dropped between the cushions on the couch, they jump right back to where they need to be. When they are under 12 pieces of fabric and 29 buttons, they just float to the surface so they are ready for me to use. If I move to another place to sew and don’t that the scissors with me, they just zip over there as fast as they can so I never have to search for them! Other than that, I believe a person can never have too many pairs of scissors!

  222. My favourite tool is my mellenium frame. I love it because it’s so easy to use. Another favourite tool is this blog and the wealth of information it brings to all of us.

  223. The Gingher scissors I inherited from friend, Sue. So nice to know that when I close them together they will really cut thread and not just fray it! 🙂

  224. Hi Mary

    Thanks so much for offering this giveaway along with Anita. My dream tool is terribly prosaic – they aren’t beautiful like those gorgeous tiny Bohin scissors – but I love my orange Fiskars embroidery scissors – still sharp after 15 years!

    I do so enjoy your blog – so much fantastic information.

    Guildford, UK

  225. Love your articles Mary. They are always so informative. My ‘dream’ tool would be a really good laying tool. I just recently learned about them and want to try one. But my favorite thing I use right now is of my own making (cased from somewhere). I took a 1 1/2″ piece of magnetic strip (adhesive backed) stuck in on cardstock to use as a multiple ‘needle minder’ when I have several colors I am working with. Saves me a lot of time “looking” for my needles I just had. 🙂

    1. Oh a laying tool! Great suggestion! I too would like to try one, I’ve improvised w a knitting needle!

  226. My dream tool is my Needlework System 4 stand with the scroll bars. My husband bought it as a birthday gift for me many years ago and I honestly can’t stitch without it at this point. The only thing I need it more scroll bars!

  227. I’ve really been lusting after the Bonin ceramic pencils! Would solve a lot of my transfer problems, I think.

  228. I read your postings everyday. I am a beginner and haven’t gotten really good needles or “tools o’ trade” to declare a favorite! this opportunity would be a great start. Thanks for everything your work is beautiful. If only i could hang out at your study for just a week….

  229. I would love to own the ceramic marking pencil!! I borrowed a friends and it is fantastic! Very little pressure is needed and you get a crisp fine line. It will be great to use to mark my grid lines for hardanger also – much quicker than stitching basting lines! I would be so excited to win this!!!

  230. My favorite is a largish needle book. It has felt pages with a needle sizing chart on the opposing page. I purchased it from one of the EGA chapters. Quail Valley chapter I think.

    Elaine in New Mexico

  231. Your question is wonderful! My favourite dream tool would be the time turner from Harry Potter which would allow me to do my stitching guilt free as I would know that I would still have time to do my chores.
    My absolute favourite real tool is my comfy chair which faces our front windows and allows natural light in.


  232. I just love tools! It is so essential to have the right tools for every project. It makes life so much simplier. I love the ceramic pencil. I use it often for my embroidery projects and also quilting. I hope I win this tool basket. Thanks for offering this wonderful gift!

  233. Having just returned to doing needlework after many years of not having time, I am loving the Bohin needles! They are easy to maneuver and maintain their sharp points. So, I would love to try other Bohin products!

  234. Hi Mary,

    Thank you for another opportunity to win some great stuff! I recently discovered Bohin needles also, so far I really, really like them! I guess my favorite tools would be both a great needle, makes stitching go so much smoother!, and then a really good pair of scissors. I have found myself in the beginnings of a scissor collection. (only about 5-6 really nice pairs-so far….)

    One tool I haven’t tried yet, but really need/want to is a laying tool. I’m working on a bargello piece right now and from what I’m hearing, is that I should be using one to get my threads layed out nice and smoothly.

    I love the projects you show to us and involve us in, thank you again.

    Cindy J.

  235. My favorite tool is the one I have just bought! Good tools are not easy to find. My last favorite is a wooden container, with picot gauges. Handmade from wood, it has a lovely feel. The whole thing is no bigger then an embroidery needle case.
    Quality tools are a joy to work with! I would love some good scissors, and needles! This giveaway is great, ther will be 2 very lucky winners!

  236. Well, I think my response would be similar to many…to try and single out one tool. But far and away in working Hardanger sharp scissors are a must. I’ve never worked with fine needles, but I am sure I’d realize a difference. I have worked with my daughter’s ceramic pencil and it’s on my wish list. But truthfully, I am addicted to scissors. Would like a page on scissor care/sharpening. Thank you….again and again!

  237. Hello 🙂
    I am french so please forgive my poor english ! ^^
    Thank you very much for this game and the nice tools we can win !! I love these tiny scissors ! And all the other tools !!

    Well, I think my dream would be another pair of hands !! Of course, I would like to realize more and more… But the main reason is that I am ill, I have “tendinites”, so it is very hard to sew or stitch.. Poor myself !
    A more realistic tool ? A daylight lamp & magnifier ! Like the one you were suggesting in one of your mails 🙂

    Thank you ^^
    Kind regards

  238. Favorite tools are needles and scissors. Need both of them to do embroidery. I love all the different types of scissors.
    Thanks for all the great notes, pictures and information. Look forward to reading each day. Somedays are so busy it is all the time I have to think about embroidery.

  239. I like scissors and shears. Have a least one pair in just about every room of the house. But I need a pair that is sharp clear to the tip. Of course all the beautiful threads and yarns are what make needlework projects so marvelous.

  240. If I win, maybe I’ll finally throw away my old tarnished,worn out needles! And, use the good stuff!!

  241. My favorite needlework tool is a small handmade Shaker-style wooden box that was a gift years ago from my best friend. It is the perfect size to hold all of the necessities for any handwork I am working on, including my little pewter hedgehog pincushion. The smoothness of the box, the tiny copper pins holding it together, and the scissors holder built into the lid all make this my most favorite tool.

  242. Dear Mary,
    My dream tool is probably the little gold pair of storck scissors that my mom uses on her cross stitching. That’s something that I’d like to get, they just seem so special and dear!

  243. My dream tool is a vintage/vintage-inspired cameo needle minder because I’m forever losing needles, either by misplacing them myself or by my cat stealing them. (He has a fascination with shiny things.)

  244. I really like my floss organizer boxes, just plastic but I love looking at all the floss in rainbow color order and all ready to use! I also like my light box for transferring patterns.
    Thanks for the opportunity to win such great prizes.
    Diana in Sioux Falls
    ps I bought a pack of Needle ID cards–love them!

    1. Oh, I love my organizer boxes too! I especially like seeing all my different shades of white. Judith

  245. Mary,
    I will have to admit to being a sucker for scissors, especially ones with nice sharply pointed tips. Snipping little threads is so much easier. I like to do open work, so the right pair of scissors can really make a difference. I haven’t tried the Bohin needles and would really like to. No one around here sells them.
    Thanks for a great blog, interesting articles and helpful tips.
    Elizabeth in Tennessee

  246. My favourite tool at the moment is a needle grabber. I’m doing a piece of canvas work and for some stitches need a very full needle to cover the canvas. The needle grabber is the only way I can get 4 strands of the perle I’m using through in one needle!

    I also love my needle case. A gift from my mum years ago and I’m lost without it – or rather my needles are 🙂

  247. What a tempting assortment of goodies! How lovely of you and Anita to do this.

    At the moment, I’m feeling a bit torn about my “dream” tool. It would probably be a frame/floor stand that held everything perfectly taut, AND that I didn’t find awkward and uncomfortable to hold/sit at. In reality, my favorite tools are my antique Princess brand spring-tension hoops, which hold snugly without any loose spots. I found my first one at an auction when I was a teenager, and over the last 20+ years, have collected a handful more, whenever I’m lucky enough run across them. I’ve also tried a variety of frames over the years–but I ALWAYS back to my Princess hoops! I’ve never been able to find out anything about them, like when they were made and what the secret is that makes them so wonderful. And yet, every so often I find myself tempted to stray and give a frame another try… Sigh.

  248. Mary,
    It has been only in this past year that I’ve gotten serious about my embroidery. I realize now how much I need to improve after reading your site. I’m determined to learn the correct way and to purchase the correct tools for the job.
    Recently you wrote an article about the scissors you use and I bought the Dovo scissors that you recommended. I love, love, love them. They clip all the way to their tippy tops unlike the pair I was using. They are at the moment my favorite tool, not only for my embroidery, but also for appliqué.
    Thank you for this opportunity to thank you for all the information you share. I’ve already learned so much!
    Karen Hancock.

  249. My favorite tool is the clothespin thread organizer I made myself. I attached the clothespins to a large, old stand embroidery hoop using small magnets. One side of each magnet is glued to the frame; the other is glued to the individual clothespins. I then wrapped tape around the clip ends of the clothespins so they would be smooth and not pull my threads. I use tape on the pinch end of the clothespin to write my thread color code. I love it because it’s easy to take a color off the hoop, take threads out, strip them, and put them back in their place without having wads of stripped threads everywhere.

  250. Mary and Anita (which is my first name too!), thank you for this give-away. We stitchers can never have enough quality tools!

    I have two favorite tools at the moment – my Bohin embroidery needles, and the short ivory laying tool I just got for my birthday. I’m taking a crazy quilt block-of-the-month class right now, with lots of embroidery and ribbon work. The Bohin needles easily penetrate the layers of fabric, many of which are synthetics. The short, blunt-ended laying tool I now have is perfect for arranging the silk ribbon stitches without puncturing the ribbon.

    I consider sharp-to-the-tip thread scissors an essential tool; I’d love to have a pair of Bohins to add to my tool kit. Pick me please?! : )

  251. My favorite tool is my leather thimble. I is wearing out and I will need to replace it. But have been unable to find one like it.
    I would love to win the Bohn tools, I have heard of the needles but have not a chance to use any of them.

    Mary in Oregon

  252. My favorite tool is Shay Pendray’s Best Laying Tool. I use it all the time to lay threads, poke things into place, etc.

  253. My favorite tool is my ort bag! I can’t imagine sewing without it. It not only keeps my thread bits contained it also is a pin cushion, scissor holder and keeps the rest of my sewing notions tools close at hand. Love it! Thank you for this wonderful give away. Sew much fun!!!

  254. Love you site! My favorite dream tool would be a good marking tool for different colors of fabric as well as sharp scissors.

  255. Hi, these products are amazing. I’ve used several of them in the past. I love the marking tool. Every day I so look forward to your emails and all the great lessons in many areas that you teach us. You enrich and bless our lives with your sharing.

  256. Thanks, Mary.
    I dream of having a slate frame and stand. I don’t know if I’ll ever have one, tho, since I can manage to do my projects (so far) without one, and they are expensive. I can visualize having one, so perhaps I will someday! I do believe that one eventually gets what we imagine for ourselves.

  257. Nice giveaway! What I would really love to have is a nice, quality lap stitch frame. For now, I just use the cheap wooden frames. They do the job, but a good, sturdy lap stitch frame would certainly be an improvement! Mary- I just found your site a few days ago and it has been so helpful! The how-to videos and patterns are wonderful! thank you!

  258. My dream tool that I don’t yet have is a clamp on a stand to hold my work, so I could stitch two-handed and give my right hand a little relief. (I’m a southpaw!) Thanks so much for your generous giveaway!

  259. I also larned about Bohin via Anita’s website, which I LOVE. I immediately nearly bought one of everything ON IT!

    Needles WERE needles, I thought. Then YOU had an article about needles, AND where they are made, and I’ve almost become eccentric about them ever since! I also had a friend in Colorado who was charged with presenting a program of historical nature to her local stitching group. SO I sent her links to first John James…and then when I learned about Bohin…THAT link as well.

    This morning I was in my last issue of Inspirations, looking at the article about the needlepoint accessories, and wondering how soon I could schedule THAT project into my stitching line-up. As I age, I realize I’ll never get everything in my stash finished in THIS lifetime, but what I want to work on is worth working on WELL. Now I’m VERY picky about my threads and NOW, thanks to you, my needles. AND now my CAT has been given the rule of the house: STAY away from my needlework…no MATTER where I left it laying. Your fur is NO longer being stitched into everything I do!!!

    My favorite stitching tool is now actually just the right pair of scissors. I like a tiny pair whose tips curl up slightly, that allows me to to just “kiss” the area where I want to snip, but keeps the actually cutting portion of the blade away from my surface. That curled tip also makes a GREAT tool to lift up and out, the stitches I’m removing for a “re-do.” I’m afraid to snip with my scissors points in a downward direction for fear of getting the wrong thread.

    Oh, well…..time to get stitching up off the table and into my hands. I have an unplanned day off from work and find myself with snow on the ground and a fire in the fireplace!

    Joyce Harrison

  260. I recently bought a new pair of Gingher 4″ embroidery scissors with the large finger openings. They are extremely sharp. There’s nothing like new tools to start a new project.

  261. Well I have to admit I already have one of those tools . . . the marking pencil is just phenomenal! I mostly use it for dressmaking but it also has come in VERY handy for one embroidery project so far. I could also really use some new needles . . . they’re always getting lost, and if I had needles nicer than Dritz I might get my act together and actually start using a needlebook or something sensible like that.

    My dream needlework tool is an embroidery frame with an actual stand; although I love the ease and portability of a regular hoop, I would love to have my left hand free and finally master the “proper” technique of two-handed stab stitching!

  262. My dream needlework tool would be one of those pretty magnetic needle minders, because I tend to poke my needle in my couch cushion between uses and that’s just a recipe for disaster. Plus, I’ve seen some really gorgeous needle minders.

  263. Hi Mary,
    I’d love to win some Bohin needles and scissors. Thanks for the giveaway.
    I just purchased a magnifier with a light, and I love how clearly I can see my stitches, now! So, that’s my favourite tool, along with a hoop stand my dear hubby made me. On my wish list is a nice laying tool, and who doesn’t need good needles?
    Thanks for the chance to win.

  264. Oooh, tools!!

    My favourite needlework tools are my frame and stand that my Dad made me. They’re modelled on the Millenium frame and stand. They work beautifully and I think of him every time I use them.

  265. I love the Bohin products I have tried. My “can’t stitch without item” is the Ott light next to my chair, the one in the sewing room, and the portable one I take with me. My aging eyes need the help! Thank you for your great information and help.

  266. There are several tools that make the embroiderer’s work easier. Definitely good quality needles are the most important, as are a great pair of sharp scissors. But I have to admit that my favorite tool in my embroiderer’s bag is my cow;-) Yes, my cow. The cow is a frame weight that I made from a Beanie Baby and some steel shot. I can just keep that cow in my bag and I am given some freedom to stitch where I will and have both hands free for doing all my fiddly little stitches. Now, keep in mind that I have two other frame weights, a flamingo and a peacock, but the cow is the best of the three and is my favorite tool. Though my flying pig needle minder is fun too, but definitely the cow. Let me know if you need pictures. 🙂

  267. My dream tools would be a big good frame and good needles. I live in Brazil, and sadly we don’t have many options here.

  268. Dear Mary, There are two tools that I would like to dream about. One is a nice compact laying tool, not the chopstick I currently use. However, it is laqured ?
    The other one is good needles that glide through the fabric or canvas as the case may be.

    I enjoy your blog so much. Thank you, Joan Kean in Charlotte, NC

  269. My favorite needlework tool is a scroll hoop. Of course that’s assuming I’m doing a big piece. I know the tension is a little less on the sides, but this gives me such great usability I love it. On the other hand, one of these days I’m going to purchase or make the hoop “mittens” so my work can’t get dirty.

  270. Wow, love the little scissors. I keep using a big pair that really doesn’t work right. I am new of embroidery, mostly doing quilts, but I keep moving toward embroidery. Learning lots of new things from your column. Thanks Georgene Jurgensen

  271. I have used the ceramic pencil – love it. But my favorite tool is my curved manicure scissors and tiny pliers that are the same size as the scissors that I found at a garage sale. I use them to push the needle when I am hiding thread tails and to pull on the needle if I need too and they are magnatized so when I drop the needle in the carpet it is a cinch to pick it up. As always look forward to reading the newsletter.

  272. I love using what i know as a trolley needle it fits on my non-dominate index finger and i use it to smoothly lay threads down or gently push threads or fabric in line. it’s made of metal and i got it years ago from aarvark enterprises (a great mail order store)
    susan j gill

  273. Oh, Mary, you never cease to amaze me with your wonderful giveaways. My favorite side-kick dream tool is my pair of Machingers – Little knit gloves with grips on them – They are great for hand quilting, embroidering, machine quilting, machine free motion embroidering – They help grip that stubborn needle, that slippery fabric – and acts like a quasi thimble sometimes. If they are clean –
    they can keep the skin oil off fabric. Can you tell I think they are pretty special?

  274. I love my flexible thimble. Not the leatherette ones, but the metal kind with adjustable tabs in the back. It doesn’t rub on my joints or make my finger all hot and sweaty like e enclosed metal ones. I love it so much I’ve worn the nickel plating off mine!

  275. I love Bohin needles because I can really tell the difference when I use them – the smoothness and strength cannot be matched. Bohin needlework tools have a wonderful qualityl. Anne from Texas

  276. My favorite stitching tool is my maginfying light. It let’s me stitch at night and I can use it to see small ares I otherwise couldn’t see. Of course, there are needles, scissors threads and any thing that has to do with my stitching.

  277. Hi love your blog. My dream embroidery tool would be a full set of Millennium frames with the floor stand too. I am just getting back into embroidery (after I hurt my wrist) and strongly dislike slate frames. With the Millennium frame I think that I would start more projects (and have more than one going) when the mood struck me because I wouldn’t have to wrestle with a slate frame. Also, I think that any hobby or craft is much more enjoyable when you have good tools. If you’re constantly fighting against your tools it isn’t fun anymore.

  278. My dream is to have an excellent pair of really sharp little embroidery scissors that were always right where I could lay my hands on them .
    They would trim threads easily with a nice clean cut and stay sharp forever.

  279. Hard to believe but my favorite tools are from Harbor Freight! The first is a magnetic wrist band that holds my needles! I may have several needles threaded with different color threads and it’s perfect for not losing a needle!!
    The 2nd is a small pair of forceps that hubby picked up for me (around $2!). Great for pulling needle through some of those tough spots when doing embroidery work. I embroider quilted fabric so I’m going through 3 layers!

  280. My dream tool isn’t really a tool but a place. My apartment is so small and I use my desk for so many things (work, school) as well as for stitching. I would love an area where I can keep my tool available, that’s full of natural light with a window to watch the changing seasons.

    This looks like a great giveaway, thanks.

  281. I have a bad back so I’m constantly having to switch where I stitch between my chair and my bed. I have a folding frame to hold my projects that is a-ma-zing. It stands tall when I need it on one side of the bed, and it folds up really small to lay on my bed when I need it on the top of my bed. It holds all different sizes and types of frames well. I wouldn’t be able to stitch without it.

  282. Hi, my favorite tool, well right now, is the fixon pens, the ones that come in different colors and you can make the marks disappear with your iron or with the end of the pen (friction). I also heard that you can use a hair dryer, but haven’t tried that one.

  283. OH MY,scissors,the thing I can never pass up a chance to own.I have an extensive collection,garnered over sixty seven years.My mothers,grandmothers,aunts,dear departed friends. Anyone who knows me,knows about my love of scissors.Needles are next on my list,every type,size or special type of needle.I have a packet of needles from the 1800’s,England,my favorites.Thanks Mary,for another chance to win.Judy-in-Frenchtown.

  284. What a grea give-away! My dream tool for embroidery is my magnifying light on a floor stand. As my vision has deteriorated over the last decade it has allowed me to see exactly where I place my stitches.

  285. Hi Roz,
    Firs, thank you for your very informational newsletters. Myfavorite stitching is Hardanger,although I have dabbled in all diff. techniques. I have 2 favorite tools for Hardanger. One is a very sharp, pointed, CURVED scissor and the other is shaped like a scissor but has twizzers instead of points. Great for picking out the cut ends.

  286. My favorite needlework tool is an antique embroidery frame on a stand . I place it directly in front of me…and between my knees it’s perfect. My favorite dream tool is a bright light weight lamp that will attach to my “antique frame. ”

    You didn’t ask for a letter but I love everything about needlework and especially the people who do it.

    your friend, Flicka

  287. Mary! You’ve out done yourself on this one. Bohin is just great, all the way around. And you ask such a difficult question! My dream tool, large, would be the N4? Stand for Stretcher frames. And small tool…oh, to pick just one is torture!!! I’m a scissor fiend…so maybe a pair if dedicated travel scissors (as to not worry about losing my Dovos) or the beautiful handles pair just to look at-a vintage pair!-to go into my embroidery shadow box, showing off a long family history of embroidery/needlelace/crochet that I’ve started to uncover. Geeze…now my mind is racing! What a great giveaway and question! Likely ill spend the rest of the day searching through my tools and my wish list!
    Thanks for these thoughts!!

  288. There are so many tools that I love using. I think the melour is what I have turned into a tool for much more than goldwork. I use it as a laying tool sometimes and always try to remember to pick it up when working with gold so that I am less apt to mar the gold. But probably what I love is my burling iron, I think that is what is called. It is a great set of tweezers that was recommended for a class once upon a time. There is ALWAYS something that needs tweezers to pull or remove from my work.

  289. My favorite needlework accessory are my laying tools. I have a true bone (cow bone I think) and a handmade one my brother-in-law made. I love the way my threads behave when they’re disciplined with my laying tools.

  290. Long time since my last comment … but this kit is great .. and I can´t resist … I really love have these curved neelde for my ornaments finishes … the ones I have is not good … and need try another ones .. I know that my place is far … delivery is no cheap … but I really be so glad if I can win one!!! Thanks for you time!!

  291. Mary my favorite tool is my new embroidery frame. I thought I would never give up my hoop but I did. I am working on a large tapestry and the frame just makes it easier.

  292. I also love the Bohn needles, always have a nice sharp point for embroidery. My favorite tool for embroidery is my Grandmothers 4″ hoop. Like the small size and it is wood and just round with no screws for threads to snag or tangle on, has felt on inner ring. Easy to move around on projects and the small size is easy on my hands.

  293. Oh to improve my embroidery tools and then pass on my well loved tools to my granddaughters to learn with. I want to scissors. Over the yrs my boys would find mine and cut paper or ….

  294. I love my Dovo scissors. They are the BEST and I was initially hesitant to purchase due to the price…..but, so worth the cost.

  295. Yay for giveaways! I think my dream tool would be those ceramic pencils. I work on a lot of dark colored felts and it is such a pain to work around a paper sketch Ive pinned to the fabric or trying to use chalk that doesn’t come off or is uneven. That or a nice pair of embroidery scissors. Can’t go wrong with a good pair of sharp scissors!

  296. My trusted tool would be a magnifying lamp, lighted of course. (I use this also for manicures and end up with exceptional artful work done). I can get into area’s otherwise not possible.

    and yes, this contest is fun for sure. Thanks Mary & Anita; I love your works. The comments from everyone are fun to read too.

    Kind regards, Chandra

  297. Bohin needles and the Bohin ceramic pencil are a couple of my favorite sewing tools. The needles slide through fabric like a hot knife through butter. The pencil marks well without flaking everywhere or disappearing before I am through stitching.

    I am always on the look out for an embroidery hoop that would both fit my hand and HOLD onto the fabric. I have read reviews on the Grip-and-Stitch frame and would love to try one to see if I would like it.

  298. Que lindo poder participar, no se si es internacional porque vivo en montevideo Uruguay, pero por las dudas me gustaría participar.
    Las tijeras de punta finita son mi delirio, por aca no se consiguen muchas y ademas es indispensable sin ella como haríamos.
    Gracias por todo y cariños

  299. For designing and transferring designs I love my Ikea work table with an integrated light box! On my wishlist is a floor stand- it would really open up my options and allow me to work on larger projects in my living room and sun room.

  300. I would love a great light/magnifier that’s sufficient for working when away from home. That means it must be light weight and portable. It would make stitching while traveling or visiting friends much more pleasant.
    By the way, I am very sold on Bohin needles too!

  301. I think my favorite tool is my hoop. I love how it feels in my hand. Also I have always wanted a nice laying tool. I love bohin needles. I actually just asked for bohin needles for my birthday! 🙂

  302. My dream embroidery tool would be a needle that never ever ever gets lost in my couch.

    In the real world, I am still searching for the perfect needle. I just keep buying more and more needles and they are never JUST right. Hopefully I will win these, and it will be in the package!

  303. My dream tool would be a magnifier that is easy to use and works well. One that allows me to look up and see to talk or view tv but allows me to see up to 40 ct. linen. I have a couple and they just aren’t right.

    Would love to win the marking tools and needle assortment.
    Connie in Texas

  304. My favorite embroidery tool is my little pair of Gingher scissors. They fit my fingers and always cut so well. they are also cute. I am a scissor-holic…LOL…I have lots of scissors for different cutting purposes. I would love to try the Bohin scissors and needles. I have never heard of them before. I truly enjoy your blog. You share a wealth of information. Thanks for the opportunity to win a “new pair” of scissors. 🙂

  305. I would love a supply of the Bohin needles. I love the ceramic marking pen and I use it often. I have so many favorite tools I can’t pick just one. My favorite tool changes as I change mediums to work on. I can’t live without my Day Light lamp though. Love your new letters. Ganet

  306. This was an easy question for me. I absolutely LOVE my trolley needle. I use it with every needlepoint piece and with some of the cross stitch pieces, as well. I never leave home without mine!

  307. I am a beginner in needlework and I just love it! I have to say my dream tool would have to be a Millenium embroidery frame. I am very interested in liturgical embroidery and this would be wonderful to have, especially for working on large projects. For now I will keep up my work on smaller projects. Maybe someday!

  308. My dream tool… hm. I’m currently pining after a fine pair of scissors, and someday hope to buy better hoops or a frame system…
    Out of everything I use right now, it’s all useful and good but I guess my favorite thing about my tool setup is the bag I’m toting my projects around in. I found this weird tapestry bag at a thrift store; it’s adorably ugly and large enough to contain zippered pouches for three separate embroidery projects, plus various papers and miscellany. Best of all, it has a matching small zippered pouch which can detach from a leather lanyard inside the bag. That little pouch is the perfect size for my flat magnetic needlecase and my (not quite dreamy) scissors, and I pop it in with my things anytime I take a project away from the bigger purse. What a lifesaver!

  309. My dream ittem is Stitch E-Z Cross Stitch frame. I has all the extra you need to cross stitch in ease.

  310. Bohin needles are “sharp” and perfect for using with silk threads onto linen, so “YES, I’m in” on the contest!

    Comments on all things “thread-holding” (containers):

    Using “Thread Tux” plastic sleeves that hold skeins (Appleton’s, soie ‘alger) intact with “tails” hanging out of prepunched holes at the top…very great for storing. Also to store threads cut off the skein, using “Twitchetts”, little cardboard holders with ruled space to insert brand/thread # and 3 holes (one to store on large ring), and 2 to store single stand or remainder of the hank).

    However, my “favorite find” for managing threads turns out to be a $5.49 “Singer Thread Storage” plastic box (SKU #10687515) from Joann’s, which holds 19 spools (unless you cram others in next to the plastic spool holders–ahem).

    What’s so wonderful about these plastic storage (with lids) boxes are the sides of the box, which have 14 notches cut in the tops, to draw thread through, without having to remove spools from the box.

    I’m using wire-wrapped threads (“Accenture” and “Bijoux”–thanks MC!) to highlight my work, and want to “bulk them up” by pairing them with a plain thread. To do so, I place a plain thread spool (e.g., Jean Oliver’s variegated “Oliver Twists”) next to the matching color metal-wound thread spool, then pull them both through one “notch” in the side of the box, and onto my needle. This keeps my thread color choices TOGETHER, side by side in the box, while ensuring my ability to cut off the SAME length of both plain and wire-wound threads; and, keeps them readily available for the next threading up… It IS the little things in life that keep me so happy, and this is one of ’em.

    Patricia “Pat” Tomita

  311. My favorite tool is a laying tool. It just makes the stitches and the floss behave like they should!

  312. I’d love to have the tiny Bohin travel scissors. None of this is possible without a good pair of scissors. But the needles look a a must have, too. I’m a novice, so I admit that I know next to nothing. 🙂

  313. My dream tool is the light attached to the lapdesk I usually use for cross stitch. Good lighting on my work area makes stitching easier. I’ve also become attached to my needle threader when I am using glitter thread, as I am doing now in a piece that has snow. It eliminates the threads separating.

  314. Hi Mary
    That is a tuff question, and would in my case have a different answer depending on what I’m working on. I like old tools made of bone or wood. I like the feel of them and the thought of the many things made with them. But right now my favorit is also my newest tool – a tamborin needle with a turned handle in black wood. It is new, but exquisite made, smooth, good balanced and beutiful to look at! Now there only to hope that some day someone else will love this tool as much as I do.

  315. I have not purchased new embroidery tools in so long – however, I think what I would like is an angle clamp (probably not the right term) – you can clamp it to your table, and it angles up so you can clamp the other end to your hoop. It’s very adjustable. I haven’t seen anyone use them in about 20 years so maybe they’re out of vogue. Who knows? I still think of it.

  316. Thanks again for the opportunity to try my luck at some great stuff! My favorite tool…hmmm…I don’t know – I tend to like the one I’m using at the moment…Um – does a thimble count as a tool? I really like mine – I bought it probably about 20 years ago and have used it ever since. It was cheap, but it fits my finger perfectly, and I’ve never had a needle slip on me.

  317. I love my Bohin needles, but I think my favorite toos are my magnifying glasses ( I think I have a pair on almost every horiaontal surface in the house – an exaggeration, but you get the point) and my Litt Light. The Litt light has a 24″ movable arm so I can place the light anywhere I want it on my stitching are; it has such a great reach. The lights are LEDs so they are plenty bright even if the rest of the room is dark so my husband can watch TV. This light is referred to as a podium light, i.e., one that a speaker would use from a podium while giving a speech, so the styling is slick rather than bulky. It’s all about being able to see what you are doing!

  318. The perfect tool for needlework would be a frame stand that would be perfectly able to handle frames from 6 inches to 24. It would be steady, lightweight, and able to fold up so tuld sell within a few weeks of its introduction.
    Thanks for the giveaway.

  319. My dream tool arrived under the Christmas tree last December, one that I’ve wanted since I knew what it was: a light box. The surface is 16″x18″ — the ideal size for any project I have ever worked up. With it I can redraw my images until they’re just perfect without taping drawings to windows and waiting for a sunny day. transferring to cloth is another task mad much simpler.

    My little stork scissors are a close second, but I really love having a light box.

    BTW, I love the daily emails. Its satisfying to know someone else is doing what I love to do!

  320. My dream tool would be anything that reliably and safely marks dark fabrics for quilting, is visible during the time I need it and then magically and completely disappears. Yeah, I know, a dream, but anything that comes even close to this would be great. I’ve been doing a lot of experimenting along those lines, but never was completely happy with the results.

  321. Sorry about the last post. Working on a no goodnik computer.
    It should have read:
    The perfect tool for needlework would be a frame stand that would be perfectly able to handle frames from 6 inches to 24. It would be steady, lightweight, and able to fold up so that it could be easily taken to seminars and stitch and chats. It should also be priced so that a million units would sell within a few weeks of its introduction.
    Thanks for the giveaway.
    Reply >

  322. I love my tweezers. You see, I spend a lot of time picking out work that I decide I don’t like and the tweezers are the best!

  323. i am not into embroidery,i am just learning the stitches right now,but i have to say i use the BOHIN markers all the time on my quilts.they really mark great on dark and light fabrics,and the marks last long enough to quilt.

  324. My favorite tool is whichever one I need just at that moment! If you need to change needles, you need just the right package you are looking for. If you need a magnifier, you need just the right one (as my eyes age, I have about 4 different choices, and use every one at different times). The scissors that get right in there, to clip those threads, or that trim the bulk quickly and cleanly. You get the point! (Pun intended.) If only I had a place to store them all, and if I remembered to put them back where they belong when I am finished with them!

  325. I would like a Millenium frame. Don’t have one yet but the videos about the frames make them seem like so much fun whether you do needlework or not.
    Setting up a frame to do embroidery doesn’t appeal to me for some reason. But the millenium frames appear to work so smoothly that using them would almost be like playing with a toy. If I ever get to England and can make it to Somerset, guess where I’ll be headed ?

  326. Hi Mary,
    I recently went to an embroidery workshop held by the gals from Country Bumpkin/Inspirations magazine and was embarrasingly lacking in all types of essential toolish supplies. I also was surprized to find that there were some cool tools that I didn’t even KNOW about. So, I came home and started a Christmas list so my husband knows what I want… I would love to get some really good needles for embroidery instead of using any ole sewing needle I can lay my hands on. And, my dream tool (that I do not have at all yet), is a good pair of embroidery scissors. I barrowed a pair to use from a nice lady from Wisconcin during the conference and realized just how wonderful it is to have this little essential item. I was also astonished to discover just what a big difference a good hoop or slate frame really makes so those too, and well, a good light and magnifying glass are also on my wish list. After seeing all the good little gagets that the ladies had at the confernece, I feel like the Oliver Twist of embroidery…”where er er er er is…a good pair of embroidery scissors…?”

  327. Once again I am trying my luck as we craft workers can never have enough tools but I must admit my most useful tool is my magnifying glasses and a very bright light otherwise I would not be able to do fine work. My favorite item is the beaded lanyard I have made for hanging my scissors on so they are at hand for when I need them.


  328. Hello Mary,

    I started traditional embroidery with 2 years ago, and as I do not know anyone who embroiders your writings and videos helped me so much.

    The accessory that makes me dream for more than a millennium year is part of course with the media “floor stand. I have read your articles about it and I think I can offer me for Christmas.

    I am more attracted to jewelry and embroidery I dare not throw myself always.

    I’d love to use installation tools or have the chance to own a pair of scissors, cutlery as you have described in your articles also.

    But I am writing here to tell you thank you for your only achievement that make me dream.


  329. Hi Mary,
    I love your give away times, I have never received anything but I keep trying.
    My favourite tool is the millenium frame, since buying it I have been amazed how very functional it is and that is due to your recommendation. Thanks Mary.
    I do love Bohin things and have their pencils but would love to try their curved needles.
    Bye for now

  330. Mary,

    I LOOOOOVE your giveaways. My alltime favourite stitching tool is my “World’s Best Laying Tool”. I own 2 of them – 1 with my take along stitching supplies and 1 at my “space” at home. I love the weight of it, it is easy to handle, can use it like an awl to poke holes for eyelets, and, of course, for laying my fibres onto my project. It is not as pretty as some of my other laying tools but I consistently go back to it because it feels good to work with it.

    Heather McKinnon
    Surrey, BC, Canada – currently suffering through a deluge of rain but not as bad as those on the East Coast bracing for Sandy!

  331. My dream tool would be a great lamp for sewing at night. The right amount of light, so I can sew and it wouldn’t glare to bother other people in the room watching TV.

    My “dear” tool is my old pair of 4″ Deluxe Kleencut scissors made in the USA. I had no idea what brand they were until looking at them to enter this drawing. They have been with me since I was a kid.
    They are my favorite because after all this time, they still cut well and have duller tips, so when I have to clip out mistakes, they seem to know what to attack.
    They are the pair that had to be hidden from 3 boys, under sewing fabric, to protect them from cutting wire, plastic things and gooey art projects that had destroyed other scissors.
    Ann in Vancouver WA

  332. I would love to own some of these Bohin tools as I’ve never seem them in Canada. Thanks for your newsletter which I look so forward to each day.

  333. I love my lighted – around the neck – magnifier. My embroidery comes alive while I work and I really cut down on mistakes – although I feel funny wearing it in the airport while I wait and others are reading the Wall Street Journal!

    Also I wish for sharp scissors I can travel with. Usually you don’t get both features in one – or at least I haven’t found the right pair.


  334. The favorite needlework took I can’t do without is a petite thimble. My fingers are too small for the ‘small’ thimbles but the ‘petite’ ones will stay on just barely. I can’t deal with needlework without it. (I bought 1 and got a second one as a backup…) Peace, Cyn

  335. Hello Mary,

    I started traditional embroidery with 2 years ago, and as I do not know anyone who embroiders your writings and videos helped me so much.

    The accessory that makes me dream for more than a millennium year is part of course with the media “floor stand. I have read your articles about it and I think I can offer me for Christmas.

    I am more attracted to jewelry and embroidery I dare not throw myself always.

    I’d love to use installation tools or have the chance to own a pair of scissors, cutlery as you have described in your articles also.

    But I am writing here to tell you thank you for your only achievement that make me dream.


  336. Hello again……..another contest! Up to now my favorite tool has been the internet. What a pleasure to see the fine work both contemporary and historic displayed on line and to access this wonderful website. Mary, you stretch me.

    My dream tool would be a scanner-printer combination that would put my design perfectly (and directly) on quality fabric…………….or at least on smudge proof transfer sheets.

  337. What a wonderful give away. My favorite tool is a laying tool that a instructor’s husband from Brazilian international embroidery guild seminar made It is wood, very smooth hand made and it lays your threads so nicely. My equally favorite is a light mag lamp I use to have and lost in a house fire. I had had it for years and back when I bought it is wasn’t very expensive..I have not replaced it because they are so expensive now..
    Often think about that light when I sit and stitch. Thanks for the give away to you both. Linda Berget Palmer, Alaska

  338. My Dream tool would be a really nice, sharp pair of 4″ Dovo scissors. That 4″ size works wonderfully on all needlework projects. And of course, some excellent Bohin needles! Thanks!

  339. My Gingher 4 inch scissors are my very favorite best ever! They are reliable cutters that cut right to the tip!

  340. I think it goes without saying that everyone needs good scissors. Which other tool is my favorite depends on which type of needlework I am doing; I started as a cross-stitcher and doing that is so much easier when I had a magnet board to fasten the chart to, a line minder to tell me where I was, and the stand to hold it all. But now I do more Hardanger and pulled and drawn thread, and I don’t really use those tools much. Some I use no mattter what I am stitching are a fiber hider and a stitch-fixer, since I tend to always cut my thread an inch too short! I also have a neat little Tidy-tote which combine an ort bag, a pincushion, and magnets to hold scissors, needles, etc. I could go on and on: Ever-Tite frames, a good magnifier, good lighting, etc., etc. But I think you’ve probably gotten the point.

  341. I’m kind of a gadget-geek. There are so many tools that I really love, and a bunch I covet (yes, I know I’m breaking a Commandment). I love the Bohin needles, just discovering them this summer. I have a wonderful scissors that is perfect for hardanger, although I’ve noticed the edges are getting worn. While I use a frame for large projects, I wouldn’t be without my spring tension embroidery hoop. I don’t use it always, but when I need my dololly, well, there’s just no replacing it. And magnets! I love good strong magnets to hold my pattern in place, my scissors, my needles, whatever. I can’t even imagine trying to stitch without my gagdets.

  342. I had not heard of the Bohin needles or sewing tools, but I am impressed with your description of their performance. I,ll just have to get myself looking and buying on line, if I am to keep up with things. Thank you.

  343. I love my BOHIN needle threader; no frustrations with threading. It would be wonderful to receive their other products especially the marking pencil and sashiko needles as I have a new sashiko pattern waiting to be worked.

  344. I never win anything but I thought on this rainy dull cold day how I wish I had better light. I think back and I have seen lights made for crafting. I think I would of had less eye strain over the years if I had one. The next thing is a maid so I could spend more time creating beautiful things. I just found a generic scissors sharpener. What a blessing it is and it really works great! Old scissors the kids used on paper that would hardly cut now work like new! I got it at an estate sale for .50!

  345. My dream tool would be a marking tool that is capable of making fine lines that will be stable enough to allow me to work without the lines disappearing and yet be removed easily when I want them to be gone. Thanks for another great give away!

  346. My favorite tool would be the lamps with magnifiers. I own a floor model amd table model with I carry to classes or stitch ins. I have just found your site and really like it.

  347. I think my most longed for needlework tool is a gadget for catching in the last little bit of thread (I think it is a hook and a loop) I always say I am not going to be so mean and will leave plenty of thread to finish off but I always end up saying ‘Just one more stitch, just this little patch’ and end up with not enough thread to weave through the back of the stitches. I’ve never used Bohin needles – I’m not sure they are available here in the UK but I would love the chance to give them a try especially as I am just embarking on designing and stitching a stole for a friend who is to be ordained soon.

  348. My favorite tool is my FriXion pen by pilot. It erases completely with my iron. They come in black and hot pink to be seen on most fabrics. I couldn’t do embroidery without it. It works well when I am quilting also.

  349. What a great give-a-way! I would love to own a really good laying tool. But my ultimate “dream tool” would be the perfect glove or brace to keep my arthritic hands from getting so sore when I keep at my needle work for too long. Or maybe it would be a great, lighted magnifier…or a really special pair of scissors… or… Do I have to pick just one? Good luck, everyone, with this great prize!

  350. As a new-comer to embroidery (1 1/2 years in) I am still using my favorite needle from Sublime Stitching. For all of my projects I have used her needles and found them dependable and simply wonderful to work with. Most of my works/pieces have been very basic and, as of yet, have not delved into more complex embroidery. I am very much looking forward to developing more masterful skills that require more specializec tools but, being a teacher on a limited budget, I often find myself “stuck” with the basics. It would be devine to have access to more advanced tools and patterns and I very much look forward to learning from everyone!

    1. I completely forgot mto add what my “dream tool” might be. I wish for an excellent pair of scissors! I am rather tired or using tweezers and not-so-great scissos for correcting and perfecting my embroidery. As of yet, I have not found a pair of scissors that meets both the generic need for thread cutting, but also nabbing all of those tiny “stray hairs.”

  351. I think my dream tool that I have is a laying tool for hand needlework – it makes your stitches and hence your work, look so much nicer.

    My dream tool to desire would be a good marking tool that can be used on light AND dark fabrics.

    Thanks for such wonderful information that you put out to us. I love the tutorials.

    Linda F. from Leavenworth

  352. I think my favorite tool right now is a pair of small curved bladed scissors. I can get in very close to trim threads or the edges of raw edge applique pieces. I have several other pairs of embroidery scissors but these are really the best. I also just have kind of a love affair with embroidery scissors (I own about 15 pairs). LOL

  353. My favorite tool is my carved wood laying tool that fits in the palm of my hand. I love the luxurious look and feel of the silk threads in particular as they wrap around the laying tool.
    Thank you.

  354. One wish I have for a tool is beading needles with larger eye, but yet will go through a small bead, and larger eyes on stitching needles. Love the emails.

  355. My favorite embroidry tool is Transferease. I gives an acturate clean line to use. I have had no problems with it and have used it for several projects. Before I found Transferease I had problems with transferring the pattern to fabric. I really like it.

  356. I would like a needle organizer! Someone please invent one. I have needlebooks, pin cushions, felt with markings to tell me what needles are what, but I still can`t seem to keep them seperated, but together at the same time. If you understand that. lol
    TammyB from PA

  357. My dream tool is a pair of those cute scissors that look like a bird, but thay have to be functional too not just cute!

  358. my favorite tool is my rocking chair , it’s in the corner of my living room by the window….I love sitting there and embroidering…

  359. Dear Mary and Anita,
    What an exciting and generous offering- thank you so much! My favorite tool is my lamp because without it, I would probably not be able to see well enough to stitch. However, I have been using the very same needles forever, and would adore some new ones! They are basic but essential. I have also read about Bohin and would LOVE to try their ceramic pencil. It has received such good recommendations. Thank you for all you do to make embroidery exciting!
    Peg in NJ

  360. I have always loved my trolley laying tool. It works very well, even without any special skill.

  361. You can never have enough needles, or shoes or chocolate 🙂
    I have a favourite needle. Dont know what brand or where i got it, but i use it for everything except the very fine beads.
    Regards Phillipa in NZ

  362. What a lovely opportunity to add to my meagure tools, Like most when you settle on one favourite piece it is hard to put in down or retire it. This means we could expand our horizons and try tools that dont usually reside inour treasure box.

  363. My favorite tool is a pair if embroidery scissors from Gingher that my sister got me for my birthday last year. I use them all the time. Not only do they work like a charm but they’re super cute too!
    Thanks for the opportunity to win this as I’ve never had the opportunity to use any Bohin products before and would love to try them!

  364. Oh, those are a nice selection of tools. As to my favorite tool – that is a hard choice to make. A good frame? a slate frame? my scissors? (oh how I need a good sharp pair again.) the right needles? I’m going to be an oddball, and state that my brain is the best tool I have. Without it, I would not be creative, nor able to use (let alone create another tool when needed) all those tools we have to make art.

  365. My favorite tool was a small inexpensive embroidery hoop that belonged to my grandmother. I used it for about fifteen years until it broke and then incorporated the bottom into another project and enjoyed it for several more years. I like Anita Little Stitches and Bohin tools and would love to win the prize. Joy to all-AngelaS

  366. My dream tool would be a great pair of magnifying glasses with a light. I have seen some but so far have not found a place to order them. I love the Bohin needles they slip through the fabric so easily and seem to tangle the thread less than other types. Trying some of their other products would be a treat.

  367. I’d have to say my favorite tool would be the ceramic pencil. I bought beautiful dark blue fabric with glitter so I could embroider snowflakes on it for a wall hanging…had no idea how I was goig to get the pattern on the dark fabric…I am new to the concept of freestyle emproidery….so was not prepared for this obstacle. So now I’ll wait to see if I can win it! lol I really your site, it’s fun, informative and professional.

  368. I just love tools!!! If I like it, I want one of every style or type, just in case I need it. My favorite tool right now is my strawberry. It’s the biggest one I’ve ever seen for sale (got it at Hobby Lobby), and it keeps my needles SO sharp!

    My current project is a USMC logo for my nephew, who is a Gunnery Sgt. Then I get to do the Air Force logo for one grandson & an Army for his older brother. Guess I’ll have to do the Navy for my husband & then I’ll have finished a whole set.

  369. Easy question -I really could not do without my “tache bari” even if I don’t know how to spell it! It slides under the thead and forces it to lie smoothly and evenly and I really can tell the difference. I prefer a really sharp point on the end.

  370. Thank you Mary, for all the wonderful emails you send I look forward to them every day.
    This is a fantastic give-away! I would be known as Tim the Toolman but I’m a female. I love my little treasure of tools and never have the one I want when I need it. Can you believe it? I wish for a needle threader that doesn’t break after the 2nd use. I go thru millions of them. I have heard of Bohin Needles but have never used them. Sounds wonderful. I would love to give them a try.

  371. My favorite needlework tool is my Bohin size 28 needles. I have used other needles but once I was “needled” into giving these little darlings a try…I was convinced. Threading them seems to be easier than other needles and the floss doesn’t break. In addition, the needles seem to flow through the fabric with little effort. Can you tell I really love my Bohin needles? LOL

  372. Thanyou Mary and Anita for this fab give away. My dream tool is a lighted magnifyer,I have a magnifyer that I am very happy with but unless the lighting is good I still cant see for the finer detail stitching. Luv your blog Mary 🙂 Kerrie

  373. lovely tools…and i enjoy your daily emails…thanks for all your work…thanks for this opportunity….Dianne

  374. Hi Mary,

    My favourite tool – a Bohin needle. They are indeed the best in the world and make stitching such a pleasure. I give them to my students when I am teaching and they love then too. Thanks for the chance to win some more for my collection + a few other lovely Bohin items.

    Keep up the amazing work, Trish

  375. Thank you for all the wonderful information you give us on your blog – it is all very helpful and interesting. Thanks too for such a fabulous giveaway. My best “can’t live without” tool is my fabulous daylight craft lamp – sure helps the aging eyes. My dream tool would be the perfect marker to transfer designs, one that would work on both light and dark fabrics! I have tried dozens of pens, pencils and other ideas, but haven’t found the PERFECT one yet!

  376. My dream tool would be either a lighted mangifier on a floor stand that is positionable or a Millennium frame. Although I’d also settle for a really good quality sit-on style lap frame.

    Bohin has great needles. There seems to be a surge of interest in them recently, as I’ve notice more places carry them. How nice to know of a supplier that carries the line and not just this or that type of needle. I didn’t even know they made scissors and now I’ll have to get some. I love Bohin products. They are reliable for good quality.

    Thanks for another great giveaway, Mary.

  377. My favorite tools for needlework are 2 – Good needles and very sharp, small, useable sissors. Your Needle & Thread site is a daily stop for me and always has wonderful information to which I am so thankful.

  378. Oh!Oh! How neat! I love “things” to put in
    little pockets.
    My favorite tool is a small pair of scissors with one curved edge on on blade(used, I believe to pick up a stitch that needs to be cut or repaired. Use it for so many things and mine is I lost.

  379. Bohin has been my favorite needle for a year now (and I’ve tried quite a few brands.) I do a lot of handwork, and a good needle is indispensable. I would love to win their products, as it is hit and miss to buy them locally, often only a limited selection. Even if I don’t win anything, thanks for giving us a source for these fine products.

  380. Personally, I find my favorite tool are my scissors. Maybe it is because when I was a child I always cut out paper dolls and my scissors were not sharp, thus making a less than perfect cut like multilevel hems. I would agree regarding Bohin needles; they particularly add to the accuracy of any sewing project by putting less strain on the hands and glide beautifully.

  381. My favorite tool is my Fiskars scissors sharpener. Maybe what I need is a better pair of scissors! But my little orange friend does help out when ~~gasp~~ the scissors get used for something other than thread. (school project anyone? grrrr)
    Winning would be like Christmas on Halloween!

  382. My ultimate fantasy tool would be a frogging machine that could safely, quickly and neatly remove unwanted stitches from any fabric. Making mistakes would no longer mean losing time as the machine could undue all your “uh ohs” in a flash. Too many projects are set aside because fixing them would require as time as you spent stitching them 🙂


  383. My dream is a sewing needle that is strong and easy to thread and stays sharp for a fair period of time, the second would be a marking tool that shows a crisp clean line until used and then just fades into the fabric all by itself.

  384. I have recently purchased a millennium frame and it is by far the best frame I have ever used – I have never been able to get my fabric as tight. I do a lot of long and short stitch with goldwork and Jacobean crewel so it is wonderful to have the fabric drum tight. So the Millenium frame is certainly my “favourite tool”. I also use Bohin #10 crewel needles for most of my stitching and I LOVE them – they feel so nice in the hand, smooth and lovely! So they are a close second.

  385. My favourite tool is the Bohin ceramic pencil. I got fed up buying the water soluble and air soluble markers because they dry up so quickly and aren’t as precise as my Bohin. I like that I can correct my wiggly tracing lines and also easily remark lines that have faded due to fabric handling. Plus I really like that I can quickly switch the colour of the lead in the pencil.

    Thanks for offering this great giveaway!

  386. My, I can’t get along without it, tool, has to be my magnifying glass that hangs around my neck. I’m sure a lot of you understand that even with my glasses, I need a BIT of help. And with the fact that it’s hands free, makes it a must for me.

  387. My dream tool is my thimble. It helps me get that needle through the toughest fabric or tightest stitch. The one I have now is an old antique silver thimble. It is beat up and has a couple of holes but it seems to work better than all the new ones.

  388. My very first attempt at embroidery was a memorable one. I did a nice job on a stamped pillowcase when I was about ten years old. Little did I know that I had sewn the pillowcase shut inadvertently! I’ll never forget it! What I really need is an organizational system for my threads and patterns and other stitching paraphernalia. I seem to have a few things in the closet, a few items in the basement, some in a cloth bag. Maybe what I really need is a room of my own! Does that qualify for a dream tool?

  389. Hi. What a wonderful giveaway. I haven’t tried Bohin yet, but would sure love to!
    My favourite tool is the LoRan needle threader. Just can’t live/work without it. I’ve been stitching for over 20 years, but everytime I see them in a store I pick some up. Can never have too many! (and woe is me if they stop making them!).
    Thanks for the giveaway!

  390. My dream tool is a tapestry needle mounted in a hand-turned (by a 90 year old woodworker friend) handle – it is very comfortable in the hand, reminds me of my friend, and is useful ALL the time for unpicking, helping threads lie where they should, counting threads, etc etc!! It’s a delight to use, every day.

  391. Dream tool? That’s easy, which ever one I’m using at the moment, which is usually a needle. Lately, the list has been long and varied.

  392. My favorite thing for needlework is a very sharp pair of small scissors. ther is nothing more aggravating than to go to cut threads and you have to end up sawing through them. I have several pair that I love and they are in different boxes with projects in progress. Especially love my little novelty ones that are also great scissors.Thank you for this give-away, Mary. All of the things offered are wonderful products,
    kathy rowell

  393. Me encantan todos sus trabajos ,tienen una calidad impresionante,nunca antes habia visto nada igual,gracias por compartirlos.

  394. My newest dream tool is a pair of clip on magnifying lenses that I can clip on to my glasses.I got them last week and they have made my embroidery life much easier.In the past I have tried magnifying lamps,magnifiers that hang around my neck and rest on my chest and ,being nearsighted, stitching without my glasses on.

  395. Hi Mary, what a great giveaway and a chance for us all to say thank you for all the inspiration you give to us stitchers.
    I know my favourite little scissors are not really for embroidery so I have asked my daughters for some new ones for Christmas (who knows what they will come up with) but if I won some Bohin ones I could ask them for something else! (Maybe the Redwork Circus book you reviewed, it looks lovely)

  396. Besides a good needle, I think the most important tool for needlework is a good sharp pair of scissors.

  397. I LOVE the marking pencil…could not do my fine applique work without it. Would LOVE to own a laying tool for my needlework. I use whatever is handy…but would love a laying tool. Thanks Anita for the gift giveaway and to Mary Corbett for this great blog!

  398. Thanks alot for this gorgeous giveaway!!!I just dream of wonderfull embroidery needles which never brake & run by themselves on the fabric!
    With my best.béa

  399. I have a small pair of embroidery scissors that I bought for myself after Mothers Day over 25 years ago. I still love them but when I took them to be sharpened I was told that they were worn out and to retire them and buy some new ones. They are on a chatelaine that I made hanging by my machine. They helped make four christening gowns for my grands and more smocked and shadow worked garments for them than I can count. I still cherish them. Diane

  400. My favorite tool is my tailor’s thimble. You know, the kind with the open top. I never have to worry about my nails being too long and my thimble falling off my finger.
    I also could not sew without my Dazor lighted magnifier.
    I have heard so many good things about Bohin Needles that I am most interested in trying them.

    I love your blog!

  401. My dream tool would be the Millenium frame. I have two projects, one a silk ribbon, that I would begin stitching much sooner if I had the right “tool”. I am excited to see that there is a Bohim ceramic pencil for marking fabric! Another stumbling block to my project. Thanks for the great give away!

  402. Ah, needlework tools, they come and they go, but some you find and
    Wonder how you got along without it! One I just discovered recently
    Is a little thread zapper which singes the ends of fibers which tend to fray
    As you stitch and it works really well. My other is a good laying tool,
    It makes all the difference when laying fibers which tend to twist, so they
    Lay flat. I have a few Bohin needles I was given and would LOVE to
    Win this prize as they are my faves.

  403. I’d love to have the Bohin needles and other tools!! I have a whole collection of ‘antique’ needles, as my grandfather was in the thread business, but much as I love them, it is for the link to my Grandfather (who died when I was 3 mo. old) – and they are sewing needles, not needlework needles.

    So I need the needles!

  404. Hi Mary!
    My dream tool would be the perfect comfortable chair that I have yet to find. So far, I have been a “Goldilocks”. Either they are too hard, too small, not enough back support, etc… I am still searching.
    I have never tried Bohn needles, but I would love to try them!

  405. I’m a little comflicted about my dream tool. For hand embroidery, especially with silks, it’s my handmade rosewood awl. It fits my hand perfectly, it is so easy to use and it is beautiful in its’ own right. But, when I quilt, it’ s my ceramic pencil. Lovely sharp line and no staining.

  406. Hi Mary

    This is an easy question for me! I have a needlecase, that was made and embroidered by my elderly mother who is now 89 years old and still embroiders. My other tools that I consider ‘must haves’ are my retractable tapemeasure and embroidery scissors (which my mother has also embroidered holders for them) and of course my magnifying light. I cannot even think of starting any embroidery without these tools – but made more special by the fact that their containers were made and embroidered by my mother.

  407. Hi Mary

    thanks for another wonderful giveaway.
    Bohin make lovely tools. I would particularly love the scissors and ceramic pencil.

    Happy Halloween

  408. Hi Marymentor:
    I have several favorites, but right up there at the top is the new trestle frame I bought through this blog/website (what’s the difference, anyhow ?). So much easier now to work on my very large pieces. Also cannot leave out I’m always hunting for a really good pair of teeny tiny scissors. And needles that will penetrate tight weave, but with a big hole, but having a big hole for the thread. I could go on and on but I’ll stop here and hope to win
    …thanks…Judy in Pittsburgh

  409. I think my favorite tool is a short, very very sharp pair of pointed scissors. Next, would be a good light source, especially for the grey dull days of fall and winter. Lastly would be some good 26 sized needles and good material.

  410. Sorry Mary, I meant “without leaving a big hole in the fabric, but with a big hole to thread the needle…..OOPS !

  411. Hi Mary,

    I need to find the perfect pair of scissors. A pair that has a very loud alarm on it so that when it cuts paper, sticks, play doh, hair …. it will sound an alarm and spray dye all over the sticky little fingers that have taken them!! Seriously, a pair of embroidery scissors that feel nice to use and stay sharp would be nice (and maybe send out an electrcal shock when misused …..)

  412. I love love my clip on magnifiers…they clip onto my glasses and I can stitch everywhere as long as the lighting is good! I have quite a few pair strategically placed by my sewin, embroidery and in my bags. So many neat ideas to read through!

  413. Hi: My favorite dream tool, okay tools are a great pair of scissors, and the proper size needles to embroider with.Without these, the embroidery experience is not as enjoyable.

  414. I love bohin needles. They have been the best for me out of the many that I’ve used. Hard to find them in our small town. Thanks

  415. Thank you so much for the opportunity to enter a wonderful giveaway, I’ve never had the opportunity to use Bohin tools or needles and this would be a great gift for me. My favourite needlework tool is an awl I bought, I use it as a laying too as well which really helps with my silk ribbon embroidery. Thank you again. Kind Regards Mandy Currie (mandycurrie@googlemail.com)

  416. I would love to have a stand for my needlework. I have a lapstand but want something larger and more versatile. I don’t have a good place for the current one and it attracts all kinds of pet hair when I have to put it on the floor. I’d love to have better vision, too, that would help immensely, but probably doesn’t count as a needlework tool! Good needles make such a difference, I have heard great things about Bohin and want to try them. There is nothing like snapping and breaking needles and losing them when little pieces fly off somewhere.

  417. I’m too much of a beginner to be sure about this, but a set of frames and a floor stand sure looks helpful! Another thing I would appreciate is a recommendation for a list of basic (including silks and ???) threads to create a useful stash!

  418. My dream tool for needlework would be an all-purpose tool for all kinds of needlework that enables me to not ever make a mistake!!!!
    The great thing about this tool is that I would never have to use the frog stitch and would save time.

  419. Hi Mary,

    I want to say how much I love reading your blog everyday! It lets me have five minutes to myself in between college, homework, work, and my projects! My latest project has been experimenting with silk thread, Soie Crystale to be precise. I love working with silk, it’s so wonderful and fine and beautiful and nothing beats it’s beautiful sheen!

    But to answer your question my dream tool for needlework would be a needle book with not only places for needles, but pockets for scissors, small things (say, buttons, or beads), and thread rings sown in to keep threads aligned and neat. It would be the perfect needle book for travel, where everything has a place so I can’t loose anything!


  420. All these tools look wonderful! Thank you for the chance to add these to my meager supply of stitching tools, Mary and Anita. I think I’d have to chime in with several others here: A lighted magnifier. I find that on some projects I’m having to take off my Rx trifocals to get closer to see what I’m doing! But I’m determined to keep a-going!


  421. Tools, the right tools, never start a project without all the tools that are needed. And always put them in “their own spot” so they are right where they are supposed to be when you need them. These words were uttered through-out my childhood, by my Dad, and are a part of the fabric of well, me. I like to organize “stuff” so that I know what I have and find it when I need it. My needlework “stuff” fits into an ottoman next to my favorite chair. Nobody else sits in that chair, lest they get stabbed by something that fell out of where it is supposed to be! The light/magnifer floor stand is a God send to me. My grandmother insisted that I needed this tool ions ago. I dragged it with me over the years even though I never used it. It was covered in a sheet and stashed away. I uncovered it last year to use for the first time. These tired eyes can last a few more hours a day in needlework and even reading with that Dazcor Floor Stand Light/Magnifer. That is a dream tool that I have. I cherish my grandmother’s foresight in sharing the future with me. However, the dream tool that I don’t have yet, is the Needlework 4 Floor Stand. I would absolutely love to stitch with that stand. Two handed stitching, rotating the canvas, height adjustment, side sliding it next to the chair, Ohhhhh. I am saving pennies for that stand!

  422. Lighting! My Ott light is my favorite tool. Without good lighting I would not be stitching in the evenings!
    I have some Bohin needles and love them!

  423. Some girls spend a fortune on their Loboutins and Jimmy Choos, but my favourite needlework tool is a much simpler stiletto! I use it as a laying tool for the most delicatemsilk and cotton hand embroidery and to make holes in multiple layers of fabric when making handbags. Every task from the gentle to the tough is tackled with my trusty stiletto. And a lot cheaper than a red-sole fantasy shoe!

  424. I love any and all of my wooden and/or ivory laying tools, stilettos, needle threaders, stitch rippers and tack puller. I just love knowing that my needlework is benefitting from the skills of another craftsperson. Plus they all feel so smooth and warm in my hand and each Is a small work of art.

  425. Mary, You are always inspiring me and this gift has as well. I see that there are sashiko needles and marking pencil. So many times I have always needed a fine light marker for sewing/quilting. This would be just the thing! And I noticed sashiko needles, another sewing craft yet to try! Oh Oh Oh so many things and so little time!!
    Thank you for sharing your wisdom and great talent!

  426. I love my teeny tiny scissors. They fit into the small thread box I use for current projects and they are super sharp.

  427. Oh my, there are so many tools that I can’t live without, but I guess the most important one for me is my Daylite lamp with a magnifier, chart holder and tray for holding my scissors, needles, etc. I use stitching glasses, mag-eyes, but without my light, I just couldn’t stitch. I also love my needles and have never seen or tried the Bohins, so that would be great to try these.

  428. What a fabulous giveaway! I LOVE Bohin needles and have bought a number of bulk packs from Anita. I usually have a lot of needles threaded (up to 1 for each shade I’m using).
    My current dream tool is a Needle Needs Millennium Frame. I’ve ordered one and am looking forward to its arrival.

  429. Hi. My dream tool is an pair of scissors…they must be sharp, with a fine tip and narrow blades for getting into all kinds of areas. I love scissors.
    Thank you for the give-away…I’d love to have a good marking transfew tool…I don’t have one.

  430. It’s hard to say what is my favorite needlework tool. Is it my wooden laying tool that is truely ergonomic, fits my hand so very well, doesn’t roll away or my metal floor stand that holds my frame, making using the laying tool so much easier. Or the Evertites that mean I don’t have to restretch
    my canvas, which I always try to avoid. The laying tool must win out as I never seen another like it so wouldn’t be able to replace it.

  431. My favourite tool is my embroidery hoop or should I say hoops. I have one in virtually every size and I love them because they make my stitching time so easy and portable. I can get nice and close to the work, play with stitches and make slips. I have even kept the old plastic ones that I was first given 35 years ago!
    Sara (NZ)

  432. My dream tool is a pair of teeny tiny and very sharp scissors that despite years of use have never bluntened – they are also very comfortable.
    Thanks for your generosity in your sharing of patterns,tips and stitches – and give-aways.

  433. Wow! Thanks very much to Mary and Anita for this wonderful giveaway! Honestly, I’ve been keeping my eye out for one of those neat Bohin ceramic lead pencils since Mary did the review, but they are not carried locally and I have yet to get onboard with internet shopping (I know – for shame!) 🙂 I’ve been contemplating an embroidery couching project (a colourful butterfly) stitched on black for some time, but have not been able to find a tool suitable for the transfer, although I do have the pattern. So I’d love to have a chance to try out the Bohin pencil!

  434. Mary, what a gift! To be able towin anything from Bohin is awesome. My dreamed of tool is a Millenium frame…out of my budget! But I will say the Bohin needles are wonderful. To anyone who wins these will be blessed.

  435. My favorite tool is a simple bodkin. I use it as a laying tool and think the flat surface does a great job. And by the way, I order Bohin needles from Anita’s little stitches and think they are great.
    Gail in Rocky Mount, NC

  436. my dream tool is an embroidery mentor, someone with experience and knowledge that I can learn from to increase my own skill and knowledge. If only I knew where to find one…. Oh wait I think thats you Mary! Thanks for being such a fantastic teacher, I owe all my learning to you, from the day I discovered your gorgeous stitch videos I started to learn and havent looked back.

  437. I own, use and love the ceramic pencil! I consider it a necessity on dark fabrics. What’s funny is that I didn’t even know they were available in North America. I found mine on a vacation to visit my sister in Japan. Go figure. 🙂

    The tool on the top of my wish list now is a Millennium Frame. I’m saving up my pennies and hope to order one next year.

  438. My dream tool would be a lighted magnifier that would magnify my work but not my hands!!!
    I find my enlarged fingers extremely distracting. Would love to win the needles. Thanks for the chance.

  439. What a fabulous give away, thank you for giving me a chance!
    My favorite stitching tool has to be my Dazor magnifying lamp. I couldn’t stitch without it!
    I have used Bohin needles and love them and have suggested them to many of my friends, in fact I urged my LNS to start carrying them and now they do. I am really interested in trying more of their tools. I am very interest in the ceramic pencil!
    I would love to try a laying tool, I hear a lot about them and want to give it a try very soon.
    Judy Starkey

  440. How I love Bohin needles!
    My dream tools are 1. a favorite tiny pair of Gingher scissors – so sharp, and snip right to the point. They were given to me while living in WV and I turn to them first (even though I have quite an assortment of scissors). 2. a cross-stitched (all over and in silk) pin cushion stuffed with wool. These two items are always out and in easy reach near my stitching project.

  441. My favorite tool is a needle that is very sharp so that it glides through the fabric. But the needle should have an eye that is big enough to take the floss or thread of my choice but not so large that it is hard to push it through the fabric. That usually means the eye of the needle is elongated and not round. It also needs to be easy to thread. I usually use a needle threader, so it also needs to be big enough to take a needle threader. I understand that to have all this I usually will need a stash of needles.

  442. My dream would be to have a lifetime supply of all the Bohin needles. I love these needles and use them all the time.

  443. Mary:
    I surely do not want you to have to eat your hat! I only had one quilt store in my area that sold these and she has gone out of business. Thank you for sharing a place that I can order Bohn needles and feel safe in so doing.
    I am just about ready to order a few. It is nice to know that I can select from a variety and a place to order. My favorite tool will have to be these needles. They are everything you say and MORE.
    Thanks once more for this opportunity to maybe win the give away. Could I be so lucky? Here’s hopeing!

  444. My favorite tool has to Bohin needles. They are perfect in every way. It is like stitching with butter–so smooth and flawless. I can tell when I accidently pick up any other kind of needle. They are the best!

  445. Always looking for good needles to sew embroidery with. My favorite tool is a good needle threader. Not only used for threading needles but also adding beads.

  446. I have a pair of scissors that I like to use when I hand sew and embroider. I am left handed and these can be use by both left and right handed. They are very comfortable. Thank you Mary and Anita for such a fabulous give-a-way! These are fantastic prizes and I hope I’m one of the lucky ones!

  447. My dream tool would be a really fine hoop. One that has a stand, and holds tight to the project at hand. Thanks for these give-aways, Mary!

  448. Oh Wow!! I would so love to win this giveaway Bohen is my favorite brand of needles.and I would love anything by them since the 24th was my birthday-If I should possibly win I would consider this an excellent bd present-lol
    my favorite dream tool is something I saw in a hand quilting book by Beyer. It was a vintage ornate tool that clamped onto something near you-and gave you a third hand for hand sewing when you needed it-was a beautiful piece and I thought it was such a good idea, as I am usually doing my hand work on the couch in the evenings. Kathy

  449. My dream tool is not singular: there are a few. My grandmother’s ivory tools in the velvet sewing box, my needle book which means I have a good variety of needles at the ready, a great light and most recently my multifocals without which I would be stuck. Where once I could thread needles easily, these days it has become a little more challenging.

  450. Would love winning tools to help me with marking designs to embroider! This packet looks wonderful and would be oh so useful!! Thank you for doing this for two winners!

  451. My dream tool is a good pair of scissors. I have several good pairs that I keep with different projects. I also have some cheap scissors that I don’t need to worry about ruining. I don’t think there is a perfect pair of scissors, because I use different ones for different things.

  452. My favourite tool is my needle. The shorter and finer the better. Without this tool embroidery would be impossible.

  453. I dream of finding a perfect marking tool that will make a nice fine line, not stain my floss and disappear when I want it to…the search continues! These goodies look fantastic, thanks so much for the giveaway & all your stitchy advice & info 🙂

  454. My favorite tool the metallic board and ruler for cross stitching. I tried first without one. Not easy. I would love a nice work area with a free standing frame to hold my material like you.

    I really need an new marking pencil, love all the other items. Maybe it will me who wins!!!!!!!!!!

  455. My favorite tool (today) is the trolley needle. It works great, stays where I put it and as my brother says would make a good self-defense weapon if ever attacked while stitching 🙂

  456. My dream tool is the right needele! I’ve got two or three that I love and I hoard away. Of course, I got them all with kits or as gifts or something and I have NO idea what they are so this would be great!

  457. Ceramic marking pencil is my favourite.
    It is such a joy to be able to see the stitching line without worrying about chemicals leaving a residue.
    Thank you so much for your informative blog

  458. Well Mary, my favorite tool I use is not designed for needlework, but for scrapbooking instead. It is a pair of tweezers you squeeze to open, and then they close quite firmly. I count on these and they never let me down!

  459. In my experience, my favorite tool, other than my hands, is a second needle: great for picking out knots, and guiding things to where they should go. I’ve recently bought a laying tool, but haven’t had the chance to work with it yet.

    Mary, what is it about the Bohin line that attracts you, beyond the pencil and the adorable travel scissors?

  460. Having a smooth, wooden hoop for embroidery that is just the right weight. I do have two sizes of Hardwicke hoops (thanks to your showing them to us). I did wrap them with twill tape–they are wonderful. They warm to your hand and the fabric doesn’t slip. You’re full of great tips and ideas for needleworkers! ~ Delcia R.

  461. I have no favorite, I seem to need them all no matter what the project. I use Richard Hemmings needles, prefer the betweens the best, they are small and I can put 2 strands of floss through a size 10 and a No. 8 pearl cotton through a size 8. We don’t sell Bohan needles at the shop, so it would be nice to try those. Always looking for something better.

  462. Good lighting and magnification top my list…my age is showing. But, beyond that is the need for a good hoop. Most of the ones found now are plastic or cheap wooden ones. A good smooth wooden hoop, often wrapped with twill, is my most essential need, since I do a lot of fine hand embroidery. Nothing is worse than marked cotton or linen from a rough hoop.

  463. Dear Mary,
    Definitely a good needle is my favourite tool. But the search for good needles in recent years has been difficult. Even the quality of once reliable good brand English needles seems to have deteriorated, and I’ve been very disappointed. I’m looking forward to giving the Bohin needles a try, especially as you recommend them. Your needlework is magnificent and a great inspiration.

  464. My favorite tool is my sit upon hoop, but like a lot of others, I’m a scissor and thimble junkie. I’m also looking for great needles.

  465. Yea I love giveaways. I seldom win but I just know one of these days I will. My favorite tool for embroidery is my needles. I’ve never tried Bohin brand before but am looking to try since you praise them so highly. So good luck to me and one other. hehehe Eileene

  466. Wow I do not ever win things but,I so appreciate the info especially the needle. I have become obsessed will wool applique, the needles are hard to thread or like horses. I found a small gold one it works well but the eye breaks. I haft to admit I have scissor fetish I love cute little ones again thanks for being such a great source.
    thanks nancy

  467. My dream tool would be an audio recording that I could listen to on my little Shuffle. I want you to make the recording, and use your best persuasive powers to convince me, first, that I’m perfectly capable of doing embroidery every bit as resplendent as yours. Secondly, I want you to convince me to stop doing all the things I clutter my life with (like dishes, and laundry, and crafting vicariously on the interwebs in the wee hours of the morning), clear off my studio table, and get cracking. While I wait for that tape (which I’ll put on loop and repeat as many times as needed), the Bohin accessories and doodads will go a long way towards needling me to stop reading and start stitching. I’ve got drooling over your inspirational projects mastered by now.

  468. I am new to embroidery and love it…so far my fav tool is the Cosmos hoop. Dream tool would be a good light, portable or has clips for various locations.

  469. Such a great giveaway! I love the Bohin needles I have used so far, but would love to give the others a try!
    My favorite current “tools” are my Lowery needlework floor stand, and my Dovos scissors.

    My dream product would be in Bohin made tapetry PETITE needles…..please!!

  470. I have to say my favorite tool is a great pair of scissors… nothing better!

    Bernadette from New Mexico

  471. I would love a really sharp pair of embroidery scissors, preferably that do not get dull. I’ve tried many different ones and some are good, some not too good but none of them stay sharp.
    Been working on a simple embroidered set of towels as a gift for a friend in redwork.

  472. What a conundrum you have given us Mary. Thank you to Anita (will visit soon, very soon) and you, Mary for this great opportunity.

    I have searched all over Australia for Bohin needles and found that they’re not all that easy to come by. Finally one of my favourite sources for threads had them in their catalogue so I ordered a packet to try. But when they arrived, the shop was out of Bohin and had sent John James instead. I almost cried as I really really wanted to try Bohin after Mary’s big rave about them. Anyway I contacted the shop and when Bohin needles arrived back in stock, they sent me some and I have to say they were worth the wait. I am about to throw out all my other embroidery needles and replace them with Bohin (if I can get them), so I would be extremely happy to win this give-away, hint hint.

    I am not sure I could say which one tool was my favourite – for the most part I love them all. I guess good needles is top of the list, good scissors comes a close second, and like many other, I would like a foolproof transfer method for itsy bitsy teensy weensy designs (on cq).

  473. Oh, what a great give away! I have several favorite tools. I love my Lowry stand and my magnified light ( I stitch on 40 count a lot and my old eyes can’t see it without the magnification). I also love a really great pair of scissors. I stitch every day – actually I think I am obsessed!!! I really hope I win this!!!!

  474. I also think that the Bohin needles are the best out there. I have tried many brands, but keep comimg back to them..

    My dream would be to have a wonderful pair of very sharp embroidery scissors that not only look wonderful, but cut threads with ease.

  475. Thank you Mary for the opportunity of maybe winning this truly great prize!

    I don’t think you can beat a good pair of scissors really, but I do like my 4″ wrapped hoop!

  476. One of the ways I’ve recently been marking is with the Pilot frixion pens (available at office stores). The ink will disappear with the heat from your iron. And one of my favorite tips is to use this pen as an aid in reading or completing tasks on the pattern. Just iron off all your marks and your pattern is just like new when you’re done.

  477. Frankly, as time goes by, I am learning that I don’t really know all that much about stitching! I might even be STUCK IN A RUT! Golly, I hate that… but here I am!

    Dream tool? Uh, I really like my Loran needle threader, but “dream tool” not exactly! Favorite needles? Uh,… I hope I’m lucky to find one that will work! Favorite pair of scissors? Uh,…. the newest ones? Laying tool? What’s that? Do you mean people still do that? Favorite marking tool? Uh, I definitely know I don’t have it yet!

    So, I’m new and learning how to learn and grateful for all the input I can get! Particularly from your newsletter, Mary!

    Much stitching love!

  478. Hi Mary, I would love to get this set of Bohin tools. I have heard a lot about these needles and would like to try them out.My favorite tool…love them all but if I had to pick just 1 I would say the needle I stitch with is my favorite for it allows me to create some beautiful needlework all the while helping me to relax and escape daily life for a while. I work very hard as I’m sure you and your followers do. I couldn’t live without my needlework so here’s to the needle. Long may it stitch!

  479. My favorite needlework tool is a needle that is of excellent quality and easy to use. Unfortunately I am unable to purchase Bohin brand here in this area. My next favorite item is a good pair of scissors. I am amazed at the poor quality of scissors that are generally available to those of us who enjoy stitching. We need sharp scissor blades down to the tip.
    Would love to try Bohin products.

  480. Oh…I just couldn’t be without my Ott Light! It sits next to my couch in the den and I just can’t see to stitch without it!!!!
    I would however love to have a lap hoop stand….i have seen these and know that it would be nice to work on my lap on my couch. Thanks for the give aways! You are awesome!!!

  481. My dream tool is one that I will probably never have and neither will anyone else – because I can’t imgagine that anyone will ever figure out how to make one. It would be a frame that turns over to the back side automatically when you step on a button. And it does this immediately, and quickly. The no hands part is important – I don’t want to put my needle, etc. down. And the quickly and immediately part is because I want to spend all of my free time stitiching – not turning pieces over, etc. etc.

  482. Mary, one of my favourite ‘tools’ for needlework is my thimble. Years ago, I mentioned in passing at work that I could not buy one small enough for my finger. A colleague brought me the one she had used as a schoolgirl and I have used it ever since. I have lost touch with Marlene but think of her kindness every time I use the thimble.

  483. My favorite stitching tool is Shay Pendray’s BLT. I love my BLT and cried a bit went it went walk about. DH made me go to the store and pick up another one. I would love to have one for each of my project boxes.

  484. These look gorgeous! I’ve never tried any Bohin products, but I’m very intrigued.

    My dream needlework tool that I currently possess is my newly acquired sitting hoop. It’s amazing how much neater my stitching is now that I can control the needle with both hands where needed, and not having to worry about my left hand getting tired from holding the needle.

    If there were one tool I dream of having, it’s a really fine air-fade fabric marker. I work best when I have markings to guide me, but I’m always a bit nervous about washing things out – even with colourfast threads – so I find an air-fade marker really useful. But I don’t like the chunky marks they usually produce, and would really love one with a nice fine tip. I don’t even know if such a thing exists!

  485. My favourite needlework tool is a little hand embroidered envelope style bag. Absolutely everything just fits in there perfectly for taking along to my embroidery group – scissors, markers, unpicker (very well used!), needle book, pin cushion, tiny ruler, etc etc. The best thing is that it was given to me by a good friend who died of Ovarian cancer and reminds me to make every stitch in this life count.

  486. well, Bohin needles are lovely, but who knew they made scissors and other things too!! Thanks Mary for helping us know about new products!!

    Scissors are my passion at the moment….those little travel ones are just adorable


  487. Thank you so much for such a wonderful give-away!! I love good embroidery scissors. I tend to get favourite needles and keep using them long after they are bent and looking sad.
    So many times when I take out my embroidery tools, I think of the embroiderers of old and how lucky we are to live in an age when all these tools are readily available, at a relatively cheep price!!
    I have only found your site in the last couple of weeks and spent many hours reading your magnificent posts. I really appreciate how you share so much with us. It has encouraged me to try new things and look forward to each post.
    Thanks again for everything.

  488. I have two favorite items which happen to
    be Bohin products. One is a small pair of scissors with a flowered handle that are tiny and sharp and I keep them at my right hand at all times–sewing on the machine or my hand–they are the perfect pair. The other product is my Bohin ceramic pencil and the colored leads. Love both of these products and since I do a great deal of quilting as well as embroidery both are used often.

  489. I have two favorite items which happen to
    be Bohin products. One is a small pair of scissors with a flowered handle that are tiny and sharp and I keep them at my right hand at all times–sewing on the machine or by hand–they are the perfect pair. The other product is my Bohin ceramic pencil and the colored leads. Love both of these products and since I do a great deal of quilting as well as embroidery both are used often.

  490. Hello Mary,
    This sounds like a great give-away.
    My favourite tool these days is certainly my magnifying lamp. I find that wearing glasses is not enough and if I haven’t got my lamp to help guide my fingers to the exact spot, the result is not very satisfying.

  491. Thanks for another wonderful giveaway Mary! My dream needlework tool is a new computer with design software and a printer. And a good lamp.

  492. have only ever had cheap needles etc, would love the chance to acquire some good ones. thank you Pam

  493. Great needles. I have used what are seeming good needles from an old stash. But I’ve never used really high quality needles. I know the frustration of bad needles and have gone through several from kits. I like the prospect of gaining a selection of really high quality needles in this drawing.

  494. I love my gingher embroidery scissors. Great for frogging and snipping threads. Still as sharp as when I bought them 30 years ago.

  495. My ideal tool for needlework is nothing more complex than a decent needle. I don’t really use anything fancy, but without a good, clean needle (with no rusting, snags or nickel plating beginning to come off) I can’t make a good job or enjoy the process. I like to try new things and am always interested in reliable transfer tools, but I don’t really use anything novel.=)

  496. I think you can never have enough needle books. I love them and have several for different types of needles. They are great for using up the samples when trying out new techniques, and make great christmas presents to stitchy friends. I also love looking at other peoples needle books when I go to workshops, they are such a great source of inspiration. I purchased my first Japanese needle at an exhibition the other week so I am making another needle book just for its only personal use.

  497. I really and truly would adore a marking pen that marks when it should and then disappears like its supposed and doesn’t come back when you don’t want it too!!!!Pencils don’t always rub away, blue pens are a pain, purple pens go like the wind before you even get near the part you marked with it and as for chalk– well don’t get to close to chalk– it just whooshes itself right off the material right in front of your eyes or elbows which ever is closest to the mark
    so a marking pen that works well—well I would just love it– forever!
    love n hugs Bear from South Aust.

  498. I think my dream tool would be a polished wood laying tool. I have a metal one at the moment but I like the feel of wood in my hands. The other tool I’d love but don’t have, actually I’m not sure it qualifies as a tool, is a daylight light.

    I’ve never seen the Bohin brand out here and would love to try them if I was lucky enough to be drawn. Might help my hands transition back into stitching after the birth of my son;)

  499. I would love a great frame, the one I currently have just does not cut the mustard! I would also like to try embroidery with silk! Mmm can’t wait to try that one.

  500. What a lovely giveaway! It’s very kind of you to do things like this.

    What would my ideal tool be? Something that manages to give me time to actually embroider instead of ten minutes between work and sleep?! Actually what I would really like is some kind of stand to save constant switching between hands for the needle, though I do think that my cat would be on it like a shot thinking it was a new bed!

  501. My favourite tool for needlework is a little gadget my sister bought me some years ago. It’s a simple piece of flat metal with a hook at each end to use as a needle threader. When I was unwell and had problems with my eyes and hands it meant I could still thread a needle. Plus I think of her every time I use it. She also gave me a decent pair of scissors. You really notice the difference once you start using proper scissors. I would like to have a better system for transferring patterns. I have a vanishing felt tip pen, but it makes thick fuzzy lines and often needs washing out after all. Thank you Mary for your daily posts with all the lovely information and pictures in, I do enjoy reading them.

  502. Hi Mary,

    First of all I love anything notiony. Thread, fabric, scissors, needles, needle minders and my laying tool. I’m not very good at satin stitch but my laying tool has helped tremendously. I feel calm and at home in a needlepoint shop or a quilt shop, I’m the only one in my family who does. Seems kinda weird but everything I’ve learned in the last ten years had been from books, kits and your site. Last year I really wanted a mag light that stood on the floor, I was able to save up and was given a coupon to make it happen! I couldn’t believe how much I had been missing without the magnifier coupled with 16 or so little bulbs!
    Thankyou Mary!
    Melissa Bird

  503. Hi Mary
    My dream tool? How about a fully integrated workstation with table, chair, frame,light, magnifier, little tools, etc. – something like a dentist´s chair? Then all I´d have to bring along would be the consumables 🙂
    Ok, too much to ask for :(. So, I´d settle for your lovely giveaway!
    Keep well. And just love your blog – always interesting and informative!

  504. I’m learning that good tools are essential to completing beautiful work. I am so new and I am having a wonderful time working on my first piece of whitework. I finished my first applique project and enjoyed that as well.

    The tools I’ve learned include a good magnify and lighting. I’m using the floor Ott light with the magnify extension on it. I need something to take to my sewing guild that is more portable.

    A complete set of handworking needles is necessary. With each project I look at there are lists of different sizes and styles of needles. Having a good set of needles at hand means I don’t have to go looking for them. I do like the Bohin needles. They slide through the material with no pull unless my tension is way too much. Along with the needles I keep a small piece of thick elastic like you would find wrapped around broccoli. This elastic piece will help you hold any needle if you have it stuck behind tight stitching while you pull the needle through. Along with the needles I need a good needle threader. No matter how good the lighting and magnification there are some needles I just can seem to thread without the threader.

    I have also purchased a needle guide from Country Bumpkin. Many times I may be working with different styles and types of needles and if I can’t remember which needle they were I just lay it on the guide as the images are true size and look. I’m made myself a needle case and this card is kept inside along with the needles. http://www.countrybumpkin.com.au/product_info.php?cPath=23_1003&products_id=433116

    I purchase two different sizes of Roxanne’s thimbles. They are fabulous. I find the two sizes are necessary for me. I find if I’m cold and hot while sewing my fingers either swell or shrink. Mine came in little velvet cases. They are easy to spot in my sewing case.

    Scissors are always essential. I want nice sharp scissors with a good point so I can slip the point under the thread and cut it clean. I love the Gingher line of scissors. I have the small 4” part that came in a nice leather case. The point is very sharp. Ask me how I know.

    I’ve purchased a wooden hoop that I can tuck under my leg while I’m working so my hands are free. This is so nice. I’ve only purchased an 8” size as I’m still new and not sure I would need anything bigger.

    For my marking tools I use the Bohn chalk marking pens. A little trick I have learned is if I apply the chalk marker too hard and it doesn’t come off easily I use a small piece of an abrasive scrub from the two sided dish sponges. Gently rub this across the marking and it comes off nicely.

    When I go shopping I see so many things that I think I might need. I have to be patient and only purchase good quality products as I need them. If I could be fortunate to win some that would be awesome.

    I’ll be interested to hear what others find valuable in their tool boxes so I can add to my list of must haves.

    Eva McCormack

  505. I would love to have a Millennium Frame, like the one you reviewed. Something so simple and versatile would be a dream come true, allowing me to spend less time preparing to stitch and more time stitching. 😀

    Paula Henson

  506. My dream tool would be a pair of scissors that always stay sharp, and don’t keep getting lost! My favorite tool right now, though, is a little thread catcher I made from scraps of fabric — how did I work without one for so many years! Thank you for the giveaway.

  507. After being away from needlework for a few years things have changed. It was wonderful having a site that I had everything at my finger tips to see what is new the same and improved. Thank you.

  508. My dream needlework tool is a beautiful laying tool. I have been searching for the perfect one literally for years! I now use an extra long darning needle as my laying tool, functional but not beautiful. Needlework tools should look and feel wonderful in your hands. It’s a sensual thing!

  509. My favorite embroidery tool is an embroidery hoop on a lapstand. My arthritic hands have a hard time holding on to a regular hoop and the lapstand hoop alleviates this problem.

  510. A laying tool, either wood or metal. It is so smooth on your thread, so smooth on your hand, and just plain nifty to use. And it feels luxurious to use, what more can I say?

  511. Hi Mary. Oh my goodness, do you ever know how to bring out the envy in a needlework fanatic’s heart!! I’ve never met a sewing tool I didn’t like–and want!–but the ones you feature are truly special. For my dream tool, I will have to go with the basics: needle and scissors. How about a needle with an eye the thread goes through every time and scissors with an ultra-fine point and which never get dull? No more squinting with one eye shut while stabbing at an impossibly small eye with what suddenly appears to be an end of rough rope or trying to make a tiny, neat snip and ending up with it looking as if the scissors have chewed it. lol Good tools make the difference between frustration and satisfaction. I enjoy your articles very much indeed and the generous give-aways make it fun. Barbara B. in Ellettsville

  512. I have so many favorite tools, but not one of them could be a favorite if I couldn’t see what I am doing. So, I would have to say my Dazor magnifying lamp would have to be the most important, and favorite tool. I don’t always use the magnifier, but there are times when it saves the day.
    Love your newsletter, and the access to so many stitching web sites. Thank you for the opportunity to win these useful tools.

    Linda R.

  513. Love the sound of these needles – not available in Zimbabwe. Would especially love the pencil – tried to buy a light coloured pencil for marking and tracing embroidery projects when I was in South Africa recently. Could not find. Not much available in Zimbabwe but I love smocking especially and also embroidery. Love your blog – read it often.

  514. Neat bunch of tools to try out. I have to confess that I use very basic needlework tools, scissors, needles and frame. But some of the other things you have reviewed sound very interesting.
    Thanks for the opportunity to try these out
    Kathy P., Diggins, MO

  515. My favorite tool I would wish for is a holder, probably magnetized, that would hold my scissors and laying tool on the front of my work. I always dropping or misplacing them

    1. Sharon,

      Try some earth magnets. They are amazing. Place one on the front and one on the back of your work to hold the front one in place. The small ones (¼”) hold needles and the bigger ones (½”) hold a small pair of scissors nicely. I use them on both my work (they have never marked the surface even when using silk) and on the extension arm of my light.

      Cheryl in PEI

  516. My favourite “tool” is a pretty flower brooch I own. It has a concealed extendable string with a ring on the end. The ring allows you to attach your scissors, and the extendable string allows you to pull them to your work when you need to cut, but then zips back when you’re finished so your scissors are out of the way. I can’t work without it – every time I need my scissors, I know exactly where they are, and in the long run it is such a time saver!!

    I’ve been caught out a few times when I went to the shops with it still on, but people have just commented on the pretty brooch with the scissors hanging off!

  517. My mini-twister and the different combination of threads I can use to create twisted cords for my stitched pieces. I can make a skinny one to add as an accent, a medium-sized one to cover stitches that are ‘just not in the right place’, and larger ones for defining lines. For my beading work I can create cords for tassles, cords for stringing, cords for whatever. I’ve had mine since they first came out and it’s never failed me.

  518. Okay okay (so excited), my greatest and most precious find for needlework are my MagEyes magnifier. I position mine where it lays lightly on top of forehead. Very lightweight and does not squeeze the head. Flips up and down when needed (I love that!) and works great with my prescription glasses (near sighted). Two lens strengths included. I use them for handwork, machine sewing, beading or anything I need help focusing on. I’ve used them for many years and like certain comfort foods, I consider these a comfort tool. Thank you Mary and Anita!!

  519. My favourite tool is baby hair clips. They are about 1/2″ in size. I use them to hold down the thread end on my balls of validation threads otherwise I have a mess of threads and balls in my basket of supplies!

  520. My favorite tool is, without doubt, my Dazor lamp/magnifier. Even though I sit to stitch in a palladium window on the south side of the house, there are many days in the snow belt where I could not manage without its great light, nor could I see some of my favorite projects without its magnifier. What a lamp! But I certainly have a sweet pile of smalls, as well.

  521. Thanks so much for the chance at this great giveaway.My dream tool is definitely sharp small scissors ,it makes it so much easier .

  522. The ceramic marking tool is my favorite tool. Having the linenot disappear like chalk is a dream. I share mine with my mom and also use it for quilting.(another one of my passions)

  523. LOVE my DOVO 3-1/2″ embroidery scissors. When I first picked them up I thought “This is better than sex!” They still give me a thrill when I cut my hardanger threads, etc.

  524. Don’t know if this is concidered a tool but I love my Armchair Necessaire from Hillside Samplings becasue it holds all my favorite tools close by–needles (Bohin of course), scissors, scrimsahw ruler, etc. In fact, I love it so much it has become all frayed on the edges. 🙁

  525. I never thought I’d get used to it, but now my favorite tool is my BLT laying tool. It really helps keep several threads together and smooth and the pointy end is good for enlarging holes when necessary. I’ve never become attached to any needle, so it would be great to try the Bohin ones.

  526. Mary, This is a hard question to answer. I have several. The one thing that I could never do without is a great pair of embroidery scissors. I love a good needle also. I think they can make stitching a better experience having the correct needle for whatever project you may be doing at the time. I love my new millenium frame that I just bought, it is the greatest frame I have ever had or used.

  527. My favourite needlework tool is my needle threader – it saves me so much time and trouble!


  528. I love the needles. They are the BEST. Looking for a good marking tool for
    quilting. These products are outstanding and can be hard to find.
    A laying tool is a must for good needlework. The glass one sounds perfect.

    Love your daily news, It makes my day brighter.
    Carol K in Des Moines., IA

  529. Wonderful giveaway and thanks for the opportunity to enter. My favourite needlework tool just has to be ….wait for it…you’ll never believe that I have been stitching for as many years as I have when I tell you that it is my old faithful pink plastic flexi hoop! It just feels ‘right’ for me and I couldn’t be without it.

  530. Ms. Corbet,
    This is the first time I have ever posted, so please excuse the formality and the excessive praise — I love the blog. The first invaluable tool is my frame. I bought one of the Millennium frames that you talked out. Now I won’t stitch without it. It’s wonderful for maintaining tension on the fabric making it easier to stitch. As an aside, I don’t think I could talk about tools and such without mentioning my cat, who has a sleeping place near my sewing table. He gives me serenity and a calming atmosphere to do my stitching, which is almost as prized in a stress filled world as my frame.

  531. I am new to needlework, so I delight in a great many tools. But one that I just learned about, and love, is a needle minder. They are fabulous!

  532. Good tools are my passion! I would love to test the Bohin needlework tools, especially the tiny scissors for doing needlework “on the fly”! The right size, sharp tool is the first step to achieving good results in your stitching efforts. Thank you for introducing your readers to this company of needlework tools. You’ve done “a good deed” for us!!!

  533. My dream tool is a floor standing frame. What’s so great about it is that it comes with a butler who sets up my projects perfectly every time. You said “dream” tool! Even if I have to set it up myself, it’s still my dream tool because I want to bead embroider pieces of garments especially fancy dresses. Embroidery seems to stand up to being smashed between hoops, but I don’t think beads and sequins will. A big hands free frame would be fabulous.

  534. My dream tool would be a pen that marked well on dark fabrics, but still washed out nicely. I want a “mark-b-gone” for darks.

  535. I am a beginner for the embrodery, so your give away will be a lucky way to begin the wright way. I read all email I received from your site and give me a lot of informations I need to continue progressing in embrodery. Thank you for sharing your experience and knowledge will all of us.

  536. Hello,
    What a lovely give away! My favorite embroidery tool was a cute pair of tiny scissors. Unfortunately I lost them when we moved, and my new ones are just not the same!

    Rachel L.

  537. My dream tool for needlework is one that i don’t think anyone has invented yet. I want a tool that knows exactly which stitch to sew, has the correct length of thread (not too much not too little) and tells me where my glasses are(!). Failing that my favourite tool is a needle that threads easily and glides in and out of the fabric.

  538. Allo, I love my Millenium frame. Thank you Mary for letting me know. I would like to stitch with Bohin products but they do not sell in Québec area. Thank you Mary, your posts are always of great interest.
    Louise Québec

  539. I would want a eversharp pair of scissors that had fine points for lisfting thrads for drlwnthreadtechniques. I am also very enamored ofmy trolley needle. And,without good needles, where would we even begin? I love my #26 tapestry needles andmy #10 milliners, if I could only have 2 in my needle book. Thanks for the opportunity to win this amazing assortment of new notions.

  540. I’m a novice when it comes to needlework, so I don’t have (own) a favorite tool. However, I’ve had more than a few needles break on me in the middle of a project, which is very frustrating.

    So, my dream tool? Good, strong, fine needles (which makes this giveaway very apropos)

    Thank you for the chance!

  541. Would love to have the cermaic pencil it would help me so much with my work Sure hope I will thank you

  542. My dream tool is a Needlework System 4 stand (did I get that name quite right?) with daylight light and magnifyier. I dream, oh, I dream.

  543. My favorite tool is a wood turned needle threaders. I have always needed a threaders and LoRan is my favorite. Over the years I have discovered some wonderful wood turners that have created threaders by inserting each end of the LoRan in wonderful handles. It makes the threaders easy to keep track of. They are lovely and I treat myself whenever I find one.

  544. Wow, my favorite tool would have been the Roxanne Thimble I had before our house fire. It fit well, and could be used for any needle art I worked on, quilting, embroidery, cross stitch, whatever. When you find something that works well and becomes a part of your hand, you miss it when it is gone. I had to have the silver because of allergies and loved it. Will own one again sometime. I just love the tools and gadgets that have been designed for needlecrafting. I have had the luck to research old tools from the 17th and 18th centuries and have to say, women are extremely creative when there is a need. We are fortunate to have all the variety we have today. But, I still loved that timble most.

  545. My dream tool is a new light – preferrably a floor stand – to help see. My favorite tool are a good pair of scissors. I look forward to trying the pair of Bohin. Thanks Mary!

  546. I think my dream tool right now would be a Millenium frame. Of course I’d need a Necessaire floor stand to go with it. Then I’d need a good light and magnifier so that I can see easily, or maybe new lenses for my eyes so that I don’t need a magnifier!

  547. Good Morning Mary. Pleased to meet you Anita. Today my favorite stitching tool is my sunny window. Even though I have several lamps and good lighting in my sewing room, there’s just nothing better than curling up in the sunny spot to stitch. It also makes a great light box, I’m always using it to trace patterns onto light fabrics. My next favorite would be a reliable marking pen or pencil. I haven’t yet found one that doesn’t have me gritting my teeth half way through.

    Thank you.

  548. You nailed it! I learned early just how much more pleasurable it is to stitch with the right needle. A darner for picture smocking, milliner for bullion roses, a round eye for working with perle cotton – all help to speed the project along. But “it don’t mean a thing” if it is a bad needle. I would love to add to my small collection. Thanks for all your good advice.

  549. Mary u are going to get me in trouble! I talked my
    Hubby into getting me a dovo scissors just
    Like yours.. I’ve never tried bohin products so
    They will be on my Xmas list!!

  550. My dream tool? The System 4 frame, a dream which has come true! But now I wish I had the travel version instead… Is it possible to be satisfied? Your postings are such a pleasure every day. Thank you for sharing so generously.

  551. My favorite tool is my mellor. I found it was indispensable doing gold work. I would be lost without it. Anytime I start thinking about gold work I just need to have my mellor in my hand. It’s like a seamstress having a measuring tape around your neck when you start to look at fabric. It’s just a necessary tool to have in your hand. And of course I love tools! It’s amazing how having the right tool in hand just makes your work easier (even if it’s a difficult piece).

  552. A tool I would love to have is a magnifying light. My favorite tool when I sew, is simply my son’s old pencil box. It works perfectly to store my threads, needles, threader, scissors and patterns for my current project. And when I have to set my sewing aside, it just keeps everything together and organized.

  553. My favorite tool is a very good needle. Every project requires a needle and the project goes so much better if the needle works well. I have not tried the Bohin needles but I want to after hearing all the good reports about them. Keeping my fingers crossed.

  554. My dream tool would be to have some needles!!
    I am currently using needles from and old
    frayed package that my mother owned.

    I am so inspired by your web site, Mary, that
    I did a combination embroidery and quilting
    wall hanging. I really appreciate your videos on
    so many of the stitches, your book reviews
    and your patterns. I am inspired…many thanks!

  555. Tool I need: A really good slate-frame or similar. the Q-Snap is OK for small things, and floss-on-cotton-broadcloth tunic necklines, but won’t cut it for Ambitious Projects. I’m still deciding about transfer methods.
    Tool I have and love: Quilter’s thimble. It’s a ring of tooling leather, dimpled to stop the needle from sliding, backed by a half-ring of hard plastic. It fits whether my nails are long or short (they tend to be a lot shorter when I have a garden!) and unlike a metal thimble never frays the thread between thimble and needle. Someday I’ll have a pretty one like these: http://enbrouderie.com/2011/03/09/japanese-thimbles/ but I’ll still keep the leather one because, honestly, the Japanese thread-wrap thimbles are like embroidered pincushions: too pretty to use, knowing the use will ruin them.
    Tool I currently use most: I think that’s my seam ripper. I won’t say I love it, but I’m not sure I could sew or embroider without it.

  556. My dream tool would be a lighted magnifier that was always at the perfect distance from my eyes, and was always perfectly focused. My middle-aged eyes just don’t work as well as they used to and bifocals sure make reading and needlework a challenge!

    I’ve never tried Bohin products but I’d certainly be happy to give them a try. 🙂

  557. I like my trolley needle. I’ve looked at other laying tools and couldn’t see why I’d want one that I’d have to pick up and put down over and over again.

  558. I really have two dream tools in my embroidery box:
    first : a shart point bent tweezers (that came with my overlock sewing machine), and are SO GREAT each time I have to undo some embroidery work that I think “bad” !
    second : a grip thimble (that I bought for patchwork) ; I use it each time when my needle do not want to come easily through the embroidery and the fabric, especially when I am doing whitework.

  559. Love, love, love Bohin needles. My mag friend magnets are my best friends. They help me with organization and make me happy! My favorites are the gem studded magnets, they’re so sparkly and fun!

  560. I love my natural daylight flexible LED light which clips onto the embroidery frame and allows me to do embroidery in the evening once the babies have gone to bed without eye-strain. I also use it to sneakily read books under the covers so I don’t wake the babies when I finally do go to bed!

  561. My all time favorite sewing item is a needle with a large eye so you can use it for everything from crewel work to quilting. Not real long as that tends to waste your thread but easy to thread for “older eyes”!

  562. My fantasy is having needles whose eyes don’t wear through – and in the process start snagging the thread. Based on your recommendation I have ordered some of the needles. Hope that they work.

    I also keep searching for scissors that are sized for large hands. So many of the ones I see start raising blisters if I use them for something like Hardanger.

  563. I recently was given a needle minder magnet by a friend in my cross-stitch group. I enjoy having a place to “park” my needle, rather than slipping it through the fabric each time I stop.

  564. Last weekend attended a thread painting class is Beacon, NY with Inspirations staff. I asked about which needle they prefered. Answer- BOHIN ! Have never even seen the brand. Would love to sew with the needles you experts prefer!

  565. I love my laying tools! I have two that I use all of the time! Thanks for a great giveaway and Bohin needles are fabulous!

  566. I started using Bohin needles last year from Anita and they are the best things going. I have lots of favorite tools but I know if I had those same tools made by Bohin I would love them even more.

    Thanks for the offer.

  567. my favourite tool is my laying tool which i use on all sorts of threads and even managed to use it in a thread notebook class with suzanne howren and beth robertson. my samples look so great.
    I have the susan portra BLT and loaned one to a friend so I had to buy another. Now I have two so prepared for any emergency.
    Just got bohin needles in may and like them on my canvas and linen projects.
    Diane Lithgow, New Zealand

  568. I guess since I didn’t name a tool in the last post but said I’d enjoy all of them made by Bohin knowing their quality that it doesn’t count.

    My favorites would be an excellent laying tool, really great scissors and the best needles.

  569. It is most important to me to have the best needle available for the project on which I am working. It may sound redundant to even mention the needle but it’s amazing the difference it can make to the finished stitching. The size is critical requiring it to be large enough that the thread is not abraded when passed through the background and not so large that it leaves uneven stitches. The finish of the needle is also important. Think about the very first needles used and how they were even mentioned in wills. Thankfully, today we have a great supply at our disposal but they are not all equal and not so expensive that we can’t use the highest quality.

  570. I don’t have this tool or device, but I would love to have something that organized my threaded needles when I work on silk shading or thread painting. The perfect scissors would help too. The ones shown look right, short blades, but large holes for fingers. That would make me happy. Thanks for putting something nice in my in-box day after day. Louise

  571. I like the little fingertip pads made of leather. They are a MUST for any needlework.

    This is a great give away. Thank you for the chance to win!

  572. I am a complete sucker for scissors especially small ones. Though I have many I always dream of more. They can so decorative themselves while being so helpful–cutting, trimming, unstitching.

  573. oh my, thank you for this opportunity. your posts are brilliant. my inbox is full of beautiful ideas from you. soooo difficult to delete. i love scissors. i acquired my mum’s when she could no longer do needlework (dementia.. 🙁 ) and think of her using them when i was little. beautiful scissors are a joy to own/use.

  574. I love my little pair of scissors, can’t remember
    the brand, just know Im comfortable with them.

  575. My favorite needlework tool is my Mighty Bright magnifying light. I am getting to the point where it is hard to do any needlework without it. I have two wishes though–a magnifier that is portable and a new light/magnifier like mine but with MANY more lights in it. I’ve seen one that is so much brighter than mine but cannot justify buying it.
    Thanks for this fun drawing! I love your website too!!

  576. You need good quality sewing needles and as I do a lot of fine needlework -like a size 12 sharps and single thread of stranded cotton I would like to try the Bohin Needles as I have heard that they are great. I use the fine needles for silk shading and Long and Short stitch in Stumpwork (love Long and Short stitch).

  577. I love tools and interesting notions! Plus the adventure of what to make with them. Thanks for all you do to excite so many about needlework and the beautiful world of embroidery!

  578. My dream tool is a thimble that is neither distracting nor too big. Or if it’s really a dream tool then it would be a needle that you could program to take away (or add for some folks) a pound of body fat for each stitch. Too much to ask? okay, okay! LOL

  579. My favorite tool is the ceramic marking pencil! Several other tools too, that just make stitching fun and relaxing. Thanks for a fun giveaway.

  580. My current dream tool is a stand light that shines the light from over your shoulder onto your work with a magnifying glass that gives a 6×6 working space and has a tray table for holding my tools that can be adjusted to sit right where I want it. I suspect this would have to be some sort of a work desk, which means the dream would have to include that the desk be big enough for a plus-size stitcher.
    I love Bohin tools. Thanks for offering us a chance to win some, Mary!

  581. I bought what I thought was my dream tool recently – a magnifying daylight lamp which unfortunately has turned out to be a poor investment. The light is really good, the magnifyer is unusable 🙂
    So I guess my dream tool is still a great magnifying device and a good pair of embroidery scissors is high on the list too.
    Thanks for the giveaway, I’d love to win some needlework goodies!

  582. Mmmm, marking tool oh yes, a fine pointed one that doesn’t rub off too easily, or scissors? I love small, fine pointed, sharp scissors that give a clean cut and don’t wear out too quickly. Can’t resist scissors.

  583. I would love an embroidery frame that had a stand to hold it AND a good bright light source. These needles sound wonderful- I have never seen them before. Thank you for your inspiring blog- I really enjoy it. Jane in MO

  584. Probably my favorite, dream tool is my standing Ott light/magnifier, with a close second being my Ergo standing needlework frame. The Ott light/magnifier allows me to easily work counted cross on the smallest of weaves. The Ergo holds even my largest projects, leaving both my hands free to work in a well-lit, magnified work area. Being able to see clearly is the best!

    Susan in Texas

  585. Like you i love bohin needles, and i love solinger scissors, any quality product that does what it is supposed to do well is my dream tool!

  586. Absolutely love everthing Bohin I have tried. Especially love the needles. Worth every cent they cost. I think before long, my other needles are going to have to find a new home. I will not throw them away and will find a place to send them somewhere in this world. If the Bohin scissors are as good as the needles, they would be a joy to own. Count me in on the contest. Alice Howe

  587. My dream tool is a perfect thimble,which I’m still trying to find. I daydream about how the perfect thimble would greatly increase my skill and enjoyment of the craft. I dream about inventing one, because maybe I’m not the only one who has this need. Cindy’s custom fit thimbles??? Maybe one day.

  588. I adore the wonderful scissor keepers made for me by friends. I attach them to my favourite pair of scissors and also the pencil case I store my bedfordshire lace bobbins in. Everytime I see and use those things I remember the bond I share with fellow embroiderers and lacemakers.

  589. I would love a marking tool that makes clean/clear lines that don’t come off easily. My favorite tool that I have is an embroidery hoop that belonged to my grandmother. Everything I use it I am reminded of her and saturday mornings learning how to embroider with her.

  590. I would love to have a set of different sized very good quality (expensive?) embroidery hoops. (And, throw out some of the cheap ones I have, or maybe use them as frames.)

  591. Hi Mary and Anita,

    Thank you for this great give away! I really like my slate frame and my tressels. They are RSN old-style and beautifully made. I’ve finally found a woodworker in Germany that will make exactely the same frames and tressels for my students. Can’t wait to pick them up in November!

    Have a great weekend!


  592. I would really like to have a finger attached laying tool – I imaging a ring to put on the edge of the finger, og a thimble, with a small smooth pin going out, så the laying tool only regueres one finger to use and not the whole hand. I have no idea if such a tool exists yet.

  593. I LOVE your website – its the first thing I look at in the morning with my first cup of coffee!

  594. my most necessary tool when doing fine work is my light and magnifier.AND good needles. Living out west I have to stock up on needles when I get near a good needlework supplier. I have little stashes with all my different ongoing projects.But this is the year of the finishing! No new projects until something else is finished!! Thanks Mary for all your inspiration.Even my husband is intrigued with all you manage to do.

  595. My favorite embroidery tool is an 8 inch hoop that I have had since I started embroidering 40 years ago. I recently took it with me, with a piece of linen in it, when I went to stay with my son and his family. When he saw it he gasped. “Mum is that……? he said. I replied.’Yes it is”. I wasn’t aware that anyone in the family ever noticed it!! And yes, I did do the embroidery. A circular sampler- something one might do when beginning to learn embroidery. Elaine from Australia.

  596. My dream tool is a floor stand, one that holds my pattern and has a great light illuminating my work area. I find I can no longer hold the frame in my hands for an extnded period of time and thus the desire for the one tool that would make stitching COMFORTABLE again. Maybe someday…

  597. The one tool that makes it possible for me to stitch for longer periods of time (because I am comfortable) is the right stand for that project. I have floor stands and table stands of different sizes and designs, and I enjoy my stitching so much more when I can sit comfortably and have both hands free to work with the needles, laying tools, and threads.

  598. Hi Mary,
    My favorite tool which I have just managed to obtain is my light magnifier. My eyes are not as good as they used to be and now it makes my embroidery time much more enjoyable as I can clearly see my work. I would love to try those Bohin needles. Good needles are hard to get in Australia most are made in China or India. To get good needles you have to send away for them. The other important tool for me would be a needle threader that doesn’t break when you use it and can be used for the smallest eye in a needle.


  599. My two favourite tools are fisrtly a pair of small blade, very sharp scissors. I boughtthese for Embroidery when doing my Teaching (textiles) Course in the erly 60’s. They were expensive as they cost 10 shillings!!(Australian money)
    Only recently, I have discovered the Bodin needles and love them. I am trying to make up a set.

  600. Спасибо за возможность поучаствовать в розыгрыше Мари!

    Я всегда рада хорошим новым иглам и ножницам, а с недавнего времени мечтаю про большую настольную лупу:)

    Спасибо Вам за интересный и полезный сайт, я люблю его!!!

  601. THank you once again for these marvelous freebies.
    My favorite embroidery tool is my miniature stork scissors, just because it is so cute and small enough to pack in a carry case for my purse. I also enjoy tools that most people do not routinely use any longer such as marble darning eggs, and a wonderful collection of specialized needles such as sail needles, leather needles, upholstery needles so that I can do all kinds of odd projects most people just wonder how to do. Bohin ne