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I learned to embroider when I was a kid, when everyone was really into cross stitch (remember the '80s?). Eventually, I migrated to surface embroidery, teaching myself with whatever I could get my hands on...read more

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Lattice Jumble Sampler – Layout Guide Available Now


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The Lattice Jumble Sampler is completely finished – and the Jumble Sampler Layout Guide is now available!

What can you find in the guide? All kinds of stuff! Read on, and I’ll tell you about it and show you the finished sampler…

The layout guide is a 40+ page PDF with a clickable table of contents, packed with 125 photos and diagrams to help you create your own Jumble sampler.

Each section of the sampler is broken down into individual elements, and each element is clearly explained. Close up photos let you see the details of the finished stitching – much more clearly than you can see when viewing the sampler online.

Throughout the guide, you’ll find maps of each section of the sampler, so that you know exactly what fits where.

You’ll find explanations of the stitches in each section of the sampler.

You’ll find lots of tips and hints scattered throughout the guide, too, to help you over any tough spots. Beginners will find these especially helpful.

What else? You’ll find a stitch index with step-by-step photos of six of the more complex stitches used on the sampler, including battlement couching, griffin stitch, Hungarian braided chain stitch, interlaced chain stitch band, laced lattice stitch, and raised stem stitch.

You’ll also find a section on substituting different materials and a section on resources for fabrics and threads.

Lattice Jumble Sampler Guide

And here’s the finished sampler for you, border and all!

If you’re interested in working your way through the Lattice Jumble Sampler and would like a field guide to take with you on the journey, you’ll find the Lattice Jumble Sampler Guide available in my shop.

The PDF is readable on computers and tablets – any devices that can open PDFs. It is also printable, and you can choose to print the whole thing in color, or you can conserve paper and ink and print only the pages you want or need, or you can adjust your printer settings to print black & white – whichever works best for you!

When you purchase the guide, you’ll receive an e-mail with a download link in it. For security reasons, the download link is good for a limited number of days and a limited number of downloads. When you receive the email, go ahead and download the e-book to your computer right away, so that you’ll have it when you want it.

Grab your copy of the Lattice Jumble Sampler Guide today!

Have a great weekend!


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  1. This is a WONDERFUL resource! It’s inspiring, clear, beautiful, and very fun. All of the blog posts about these stitches are great, but it is so handy and useful to have the topic all together in one lovely publication. The current price is a bargain! Thanks, Mary, for putting this together for us. I highly recommend this for everyone’s embroidery library.

  2. Very nice. I will be purchasing this for my granddaughter, as soon as my craft-supply-budget is replenished! Yes, I over spent this month! But it is really nice. Can you make one with basic stitches such as Running Stitch and variations?

    1. Hi, Laura! Thanks! I plan to do a printable on basic stitches and how they can be used for different effects this year (? hopefully!). It’s on the list. Next up, though, is my Little Things book – must finish that first! Thanks a bunch! ~MC

  3. I love it – I had already started the jumble on my own and had employed some of your stitch suggestions along the way and also used some of my own ideas. Now I want to start over and follow your chart exactly. I just love how it looks.

  4. G’day Mary,
    Beaut. Have ordered this + others I’ve intended to for some time.
    Fully agree with Cindy. Thank you for your special interest for us.
    Cheers, Kath.

    1. Thanks, Kath! It was such a fun project, you know. Problem is, when a fun project is finished, I always feel at loose ends. My mind is churning for the next one. But – there’s the Mission Rose. Completely different stitching experience, though. Not quite as “care free,” if you get my drift! ~MC

  5. Good morning Mary,
    A few minutes ago, I ordered the Jumble sampler and everything is great. I did not have any problem to save the booklet(not like last time). Thank you so much, now, the fun time starts.
    France from Canada.

    1. Hello, France!! Yes, let the fun begin! I hope you enjoy the sampler – and I’m glad you didn’t have any problems getting it, downloading, etc.! ~MC

  6. Hi Mary,
    I am so impressed with the work in this Layout Guide and Tips. Its purchased, printed and I’ve even bound it already! I have some work done on the sampler following your online articles, but this guide is brilliant – so clear and concise. Obviously a lot of hard work went into such an excellent teaching resource, and providing it at such a great price is just wonderful. Thank you so much – I’m looking forward to a weekend of sewing.


  7. Good Morning Mary

    Thanks for this beautiful and amazing sampler.
    Getting the book for sure..

  8. Tanks so much Mary. I was planning in stitching along with you, however that didn’t work out. I saw the link on Pinterest last night, or was it early morning already? and snapped it up right then.

    Thank you for making it all look easy and providing such terrific step by step instructions that it will be difficult to go wrong. I am still keeping my eyes open for your ‘little things’ since they are on the list of MUST BUY!


  9. Just ordered the guide and I am SO pleased! I can’t wait to get to work on it! Even though I’ve been following the articles and I have transferred the pattern to some ground, I haven’t started yet. This will help me go ahead with more confidence. I just love the different textures and colors.

  10. I’ve followed along while you stitched this and loved it all. It’s absolutely beautiful. I finished my most recent project yesterday and was wondering what was next to keep my hands busy and out of trouble and this is it. I just placed my order. Your talent and willingness to share are most inspiring! Thank you.

  11. This is so cute and I love the color. It makes me happy just to look at it. I am looking forward to stitching it one of these days, but I have to wait until I get caught up here. I thought of you, at the fabric store today,wishing I could share this with you. A customer brought in a beautiful quilt made with hand applique flowers and each block had been hand embroidered in the ditches crazy quilt style with added beads and laces for embellishment. It was bright pinks, greens, and purples and it also put a smile on my face. Thanks for offering us this wonderful project so I have a way to practice these stitches without having to draw my own pattern.

  12. I’ve been avoiding Pinterest because of all the illegal pattern sharing that goes on there. But will you have this posted there so I can “pin” it? I saw a couple photos of your progress there but would love to share the option for others to buy it.

    1. Hi, Irene – Thanks! You are more than welcome to share photos from Needle ‘n Thread on Pinterest. Any photos I don’t want shared online, I don’t put online. Thanks a bunch for asking! ~MC

    2. Sorry to bother you again but I went to Pinterest and all I can find are a couple of progress photos of this project. Will you be posting the finished design along with the info on how to purchase the instructions? It would be great to share the completed piece and how-to of it all.

    3. Hi, Irene – That’s what this blog post is all about. There’s a photo of the completed design at the end of the article above, the article describes what’s in the layout guide, and the link at the end of the article takes you to the shop where the guide can be purchased. Thanks a bunch! ~MC

  13. Hi Mary:

    I downloaded the sampler e-book this morning and it is just beautiful. I am looking forward to getting it started as soon as possible. I apologize for calling the piece Jacobean Sampler in a previous post, but I now know that the inspiration came from a Jacobean pattern. I knew I had seen that somewhere!
    I want to thank you again for your wonderful site. I am truly inspired by all your projects.
    Susan, (S. Raleigh NC)

  14. Thank you Mary for your Lattice Jumble – I’ve already brewed a cuppa to relax and enjoy your latest eye-feast with.

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