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I learned to embroider when I was a kid, when everyone was really into cross stitch (remember the '80s?). Eventually, I migrated to surface embroidery, teaching myself with whatever I could get my hands on...read more

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Needle painting with Tanja Berlin – Class & Kit Give-Away!


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Here it is!! Your opportunity to learn needle painting from Tanja Berlin!

Tanja Berlin is a graduate of the Royal School of Needlework. A resident of Canada, she travels the world teaching various embroidery techniques, from needle painting, to blackwork, to goldwork, to whitework, to shadow work, to crewel (you name it!), making these embroidery techniques accessible for the very beginner (and beyond).

Tanja has a wonderful website – Berlin Embroidery – that offers detailed and well-written kits for all kinds of embroidery techniques.

She also has a wide range of goldwork supplies available on her site. In fact, hers was the first online store in North America (to my knowledge) that offered extensive goldwork supplies. She’s the one I blame for my obsession with goldwork…

Tanja is now offering occasional online embroidery classes on her website, and right now, she’s running a needle painting class for The Purple Pansy.

Needle Painting Class Online with Tanja Berlin

Today, courtesy of Tanja, and to help spread the word about her online class, I’m giving away to one lucky person everything you need to take this class!

The give-away winner will receive:

  1. The Purple Pansy kit with the design pre-drawn on the fabric, all threads, instructions, needles, and needle threader
  2. 9-inch stretcher bar frame with thumb tacks
  3. All the PDF files with close-up step-by-step photos, which are posted in the online classroom
  4. Access to the online classroom, where you can communicate with other students and the instructor

The Class is Ideal For…

The class is ideal for beginners – absolutely beginners – and beyond.

If you’ve embroidered, but you’ve not ventured into needle painting, the class is ideal for you.

If you’ve never embroidered, but needle painting is the technique that beckons you into embroidery, then the class is ideal for you, too.

And if you’ve dabbled in needle painting, but you want to hone your skills, the class is ideal for you, too!

Class Description

You can read a thorough description of the Purple Pansy Needle Painting Class and what to expect in it on Tanja’s website. You can also see samples of the instructions. And her instructions are great – the photos are large and close-up, so you can see all the details very clearly!

Right now, registration is open for the class (until October 7th), and the class will run from October 18 – November 29th. It’s self-paced, like most online embroidery classes, so you don’t have to feel pressured at all. Plus, it’s spread over plenty of time to finish the project.

Give-Away Guidelines

The give-away is now over! Thanks for participating!

If you’d like to sign up for a chance to win a class spot and all the accoutrements listed above, please follow the guidelines below:

1. Leave a comment below, on today’s article here on Needle ‘n Thread – not via email and not on any other article on Needle ‘n Thread. If you follow this link, it will take you directly to the comment form. Comments sent in via email or left on other articles are not eligible. (Sorry!)

2. In your comment, please answer the following:

Have you ever tried needle painting (also known as long and short stitch shading, thread painting, silk shading…), or would this be your first needle painting venture? What do you like best about the technique? What strikes you as the most challenging aspect of the technique?

3. Please make sure you leave a recognizable name either on the “name” line of the comment form or in the comment box. If your name is Sue, for example, you might add a last initial, location or nickname to help avoid confusion when the winner is announced.

4. The give-away ends Monday, September 16, at 5:00 am CDT (Kansas, USA). The winner will be announced on Monday, and will need to contact me. So keep an eye out on Monday the 16th to see if you’ve won. (If I haven’t heard from the winner within 48 hours, a new name will be drawn.)

Good luck!


(521) Comments

  1. I’ve never tried needle painting. It’s a beautiful technique. I’ve only just begun (a little over a year ago) doing any embroidery. I’d love to be able to expand my horizons.

  2. I learnt to embrodier when I was young but always with kits and preprinted cloth. I have done all sorts over the years but more recently cross stitch and tapestry. I have embrodieries with what I think is embrodiery painting – the long and short stitches combined.

    I am revisiting and rediscovering old hobbies. Something which is proving very interesting as so much as changed. I would be very interested in this as it would help move me on from cross-stitch where I seem to be stuck!

  3. I have not yet tried needle painting and this would be y first needle painting venture. I’ve only just started to learn basic stiches.

    I was an art major in College with a focus on drawing and painting. I like that it is basically painting with thread. The most challenging would be getting the shading right.

  4. I’ve had my eye on needle painting for some time, but this would be my first foray into it. All the other embroidery I’ve done has been rather colour-block-ish, so the change to blending thread would be quite interesting.

  5. I really need help with my long and short stitch, so this class would be perfect for me! So,

    – Yes, I have tried it
    – I like best the smooth, satiny finish with no visible breaks between the colours
    – The challenging part for me is keeping the stitching dense but not lumpy

    Please count me in!

  6. It would be my first attempt at needle painting. I’m in awe of the exquisite work out there, and intrigued by the technique.

    As for the most challenging part, I see needle painting as having two major components: the technical aspect (which would be challenging enough, since I am never satisfied with my satin stitch as even enough, and this relies on a similar evenness despite the differences) and the artistic aspect, the knowing when and how to shade. I think I am a crafter, not an artist, and I don’t know if my work would ever be elevated beyond technical competency in that respect.

  7. I would like to enter my name for the needle painting class. I have never done this technique before and I am new to embroidery. The technique looks ubber complicated but I love the way the finished product looks like watercolors. This is exactly what I want to learn to make my embroidery better.

  8. This pansy is lovely and would be a great introduction to needlepainting. I have never done this technique before and what I like about it is the ability to add realism to stitching. Some needlepaintings look just like photographs or oil paintings and are stunning. Long and short stitch scares me, I have tried it several times and just can’t seem to master the technique. This class seems an ideal way to conquer my fear and add a new set of skills to my embroidery and needlework.

  9. I have done long and short stitch, but I think graduating the colors subtly will be difficult. Would love to give it a try with this little purple pansy!

  10. I have never tried needle painting. I would love to begin this project. I think that there are two aspects that would be difficult for me: blending the colors and getting the hang of doing long and short stitches to “paint” a picture. I would love to learn how to needle paint. I have been so envious of the beautiful work that you have shown on your blog. Being an artist with thread is why I love your blog so much.

  11. Hi Mary, This class is the answer to my prayers! I so need help with needle painting it’s no even funny. I’m hoping this can be my First successful needle painting project.

  12. I have tried needlepainting once before, so I am very much still a beginner. I love the beautiful shading that can be achieved with it! The trickiest part for me was filling a fan-shaped space, such as the pansy petals. I couldn’t seem to get good coverage without putting in too much thread.

  13. I’ve never tried needle painting…and the pansy is just gorgeous! I think the hardest part for me would be to have the stitches fill in properly without looking messy. Thank you for the chance to win this class.

  14. Trying this lovely design would almost count as my first foray into needle painting. My first attempt was abandoned after one petal of a flower–I just didn’t like the colors the teacher had selected, which made it hard to keep going. She also could not seem to communicate how to keep the threads neat and al going in the correct direction.

  15. I’ve taken a class with Tanja before and she’s an amazing teacher. I have done some needlepainting on one of her little bird designs. It’s quite challenging because I’m a “counted thread” stitcher, and there’s no counting in needlepainting. Every stitch requires a decision as to it’s length and placement. More practice is always a good thing!

  16. At 70 yrs of age, I am a beginner and have never tried the painting method…..looks like a neat way to make beautiful flowers! I painted with oils before switching to quilting, so would love the realistic look!
    thanks for the chance to win

  17. Wow an online painting class for beginners in painting I have always wanted to try this but I have been hesitant to do so. This would be amazing as an introduction to open up a whole new world.

  18. What a beautiful flower technique. I have not done needle painting so this would be my first try. I like the beautiful shading best and think that it would be hardest toget just the right amount of gradation of color .
    Carol b

  19. I have admired needle painting since I first saw it. I would love to learn this technique. Thanks for the opportunity to win.

  20. Thanks so much, Mary, for yet another chance at a fantastic give-away! I HAVE tried needle painting before. As a matter of fact, I’ve taken a class by Tanja Berlin when she was at my EGA chapter in the Spring of 2012. She is an amazing artist and a wonderful teacher. I would love the opportunity to take a class by her again. My biggest challenge is to have my work look as life-life has hers always does.

    Have a great day!

  21. I love the work of Tanja, this would not be my first venture in embroidery, but it would be my first venture into needle painting.

  22. I have tried needle painting and was not very successful. I love the effect of this technique and feel I would make progress with Tanya’s direction.
    Rose from Ontario.

  23. I did crewel embroidery and some silk shading about 30 years ago but my work did not look like Tanya’s. I have wanted to take a class with her for several years and just haven’t been able to attend a class. This would be a wonderful opportunity to learn her techniques. Her shading is beautiful

  24. What a lovely give-away! I’ve never tried needle painting, but the gorgeous shading and coloring really appeals to me. I would love to learn this new technique. It appears that for me, getting the colors laid in “just right” would be the most challenging aspect. The online classroom is such a great idea for those of us who are otherwise unable to attend.

  25. I’ve done one tiny bit of needlepainting – a sun in a piece of stumpwork that was all new to me. It scares the pants off me. I’m used to being told where to put my needle – I’m a counted girl at heart; a mathematician and scientist; but I’m trying hard to branch out however uncomfortable it is. I love looking at needlepainting that that others have done, it looks amazing, but the one time I’ve tried it I just couldn’t get those colours looking right. They didn’t merge properly.

  26. I’ve never tried needlepainting–making the gradual shading is fairly intimidating to me. But I’d love to learn so I can finally buy needlepainting kits instead of chickening out due to the fear of screwing it up. ^_^

  27. I’ve never done needle painting by hand. I’ve done a little thread painting using free motion embroidery on my sewing machine though. It is a wonder way to embellish quilts. I love the thought of learning how to do it by hand as the craze now in quilting is to add hand embroidery to your quilts. I think the difficult part is the blending of the colors so that they look natural. This looks like a wonder class to learn an awesome technique. I’d love to try it.

  28. I have done a little bit of needle painting, only it wasn’t called that at the time. I love that the finished product does really look like a painting. The most challenging part for me is blending the colors and keeping the threads going in the right direction. Leaves are difficult for me!

  29. Hello! I am very excited to try my luck to win the needle painting class. I have never tried needle painting and I feel I am ready to move a little further forward in my embroidery. I am quite new to embroidery and am kind of intimidated by the shading. At the moment, I am a ‘flowers on jeans’ kind of embroiderer. I was at a Fibre Fest in Almonte, Ontario on the weekend and was admiring and chatting with the women from the Ottawa Valley Stitching Guild. Their work was so lovely it almost seemed unattainable. Nonetheless, I would like to give it a try. I think the most challenging part of the project will be the careful patience that I think is required. When I do a satin stitch I have to redo things a lot because of rushing ahead and ending up with a patchy piece of work. I think the best part of needle painting is the exquisite graduation of shade. The best part of this particular piece of needle painting is that the object itself is immensely appealing. I love the purple, I love pansies and it reminds me of my mother. There is a pansy like flower that she called Johnny Jump Ups and she used to allow me to mow around them when I was cutting the grass. Pansies were her favourite flower. Thank you very much, April Hurst

  30. I’m totally addicted to any hand stitching
    didn;t start till I was almost 40-long ago-
    this I have never tried, but will, the work
    is stunning and I love being on your mailing
    list, every time I open it I learn something
    new, thanks for being such sharing, generous

  31. Have you ever tried needle painting (also known as long and short stitch shading, thread painting, silk shading…), or would this be your first needle painting venture? What do you like best about the technique? What strikes you as the most challenging aspect of the technique?

    I haven’t tried needle painting, but I’ve wanted to for a while. I love how smoothly the colors blend together, and how you really feel like you’re looking at a painting instead of needle work. I think the hardest part, for me, would be achieving that smooth look.

  32. I’ve never tried needlepainting, but have admired many examples. This sounds like a great opportunity. Thank you for giving us the chance to win it.

  33. I have admired Tanya”s needle painting technique for a long time. I have not been able to take a class with Tanya, but did get to speak to her once at an EGA Seminar and I shared how much I love her designs and work. This would be my first attempt at needle painting and I am inspired by the delicate smoothness of how the stitches all fall together. I have tried a long and short stitch with wool, but this looks so different. I am guessing the most challenging aspect of this technique would be to find a balance in the colors while maintaining a “natural” look. The pansy project looks like a perfect project to learn this technique.

  34. I have never done needle painting but want to learn it as I purchased a butterfly embroidery kit that I think would look wonderful “painted” for my daughter that contains the phrase “believe in yourself”. I need to understand where to put the long and short stitches to make the colours blend well.
    Thanks for all your tips and tricks here has they have helped me enormously.

  35. Hello, I have a limited knowledge of needle painting. I love the patterns that can be done with this technique- especially the flowers and birds. what appears to be challenging is to keep the shading natural- like you see in nature.
    I have been a student of a needlepoint school in paris for the last ten years called malbranche. we embroidery table and bed linens. The school closed in june and i am at a loss of where to get my lessons-( and how to keep my hands busy and happy) …. then i saw this contest- a lovely new possible outlet. merci
    carol bossonney paris france

  36. Ooooh! I’m only just learning to embroider (thanks to your great videos and fantastic step-by-step instructions in “Lavendar Honey”), and I haven’t tried any needle painting yet. I think the appeal of the technique is that I have seen some pieces so beautiful they give me an ache, and I’d love to learn how to make something so beautiful. The most challenging aspect will probably be letting go enough to make the colors blend well. My only finished project so far is a based on your Lavendar Honey pattern and one of the hardest parts for me was the grass! I got all bound up in the placement of every single stitch. I did finally get it looking the way I wanted, I just had to rip it all out a few times first!

  37. I’m so excited to register for the needle painting class with Tanja Berlin. I’ve always wanted to try this technique but have been hesitant to try, but this sounds like the perfect opportunity for me. I have been embroidering since I was old enough to write the first letter of my first name. In my family, the minute you can do that, you’re expected to embroider over it! I’ve always been in love with thread and spend hours sifting through yard sales and antique stores for high quality thread to use in my projects. I am intrigued by needle painting because you can create dimension — something I’ve tried, but never accomplished to my satisfaction. I’m longing to recreate my photographs using thread and in fact, have a purple pansy photo I’ve been wanting to try. (So I think this is a sign!) I’m nervous about keeping thread tension consistent and finding fabric that will withstand the technique efficiently.

  38. I have never tried needle painting nor any fine embroidery. I embroidered as a child but it wasn’t the best experience. If only there had been an internet Mary Corbet then! I love the shading of this technique and the depth it gives the subject. The most challenging part of this project would be everything! But I absolutely love pansies and would enjoy every moment.

  39. The person who wins a spot in Tanja Berlin’s class will thoroughly enjoy it – I can attest to that. Several years ago I took one of her on-line classes through The Shining Needle Society (the blackwork love birds), and Tanja was very accessible throughout the class time, making suggestion on the ongoing progress of the piece through on-line pictures I posted on her website; also, her instructions were fabulous. There were no gray areas – evry step was very well documented. Whoever wins her class, will have a wonderful experience.

  40. I used to do this style of embroidery many years ago, but not in some time. The most challenging aspect to me is getting the shading correct. I would love to try it again. Thanks!

  41. Tanja’s work is exquisite. What a great way to learn in the comfort of your own home. Maybe even on a pajama day!

  42. I had not seen needle painting until I was introduced to Needle and Thread. I love that it actually imitates painting only with fiber rather than paint. The colors are gorgeous and the blending of colors really brings the design to life. What a great class! This flower is so beautiful.

  43. I have taken a blackwork class with Tanja and would jump at the chance to take another one.I have tried long and short style needle painting on my own w/o great success. I’ve done needle painting with a different technique, but my current “want to do” project would look better with this approach.It’s always so much easier to learn something in a class and I expect her lessons and hints for this technique would be as good as her previous class.

  44. I’ve never tried needle painting, though I’ve always loved it. My favorite thing about it is how needle painted pieces always looks so smooth. I’d have trouble with making sure the threads are laying right, and mostly seeing what I’m doing–but I’ve recently gotten a magnifier, so hopefully that won’t be a problem anymore. ^_^

  45. I have never done needle painting — but I have always thought it was incredibly beautiful and wanted to try! I have been intimidated because my long and short stitching just does not look like a professionals. Blackwork is easy – just put your needle through the hole and count! Needle painting – that takes real artistry!

  46. I love the needle painting technique and I have try it just with very very small flowers not very expert at. I like very much the way of combining the colors to looks so real paint like .What strikes me as the most challenging at this technique is to make the stitches so near one to another without bulging them together .

  47. I have never tried this technique before. I love the way you can so delicately blend the colors, but at the same time, I think that is going to be the hardest thing about it to do.

  48. I started doing embroidery again this past spring using stitches I remembered my mom teaching me growing up and I stumbled on your website where I have been slowly trying to teach myself painting. I love the realistic images the technique produces. Birds, flowers, fur, etc. it seems to capture the texture and color variations that no other technique can. Consistency in my stitch lengths and spacing is very difficult for me.

  49. Needle painting would be a new adventure in needle work for me. 1st – I have always loved opportunities to learn new techniques and 2nd I haven’t taken advantage of an online course before and would love to take a stab at that too. There are two things I think might be be challenging for me. Making sure that I had the right angles on the stitching and if I would be able to understand the directions with the online class. It’s a little scary but would love the opportunity to try. Thank you – Ronda Smith

  50. I would love this class. I have tried some needlepainting, with sad results. Occasional bits look OK, but overall, it is a mess. I need all the help I can get!

  51. I have tried a little bit of Needle Painting with little delight in my project. Yet love to search for completed projects from anyone and just drool at the beauty. I would love to learn this technique. Thank you for this opportunity and everything you provide on your site….I absolutely love reading your blog!

  52. I have done a tiny bit of needle painting so am anxious to explore the technique more in depth. The scary part to me is the responsibility of the individual to decide where the stitches and colors go. You have to go outside my comfort zone! But, ah – such beautiful results!

  53. I have never tried needle painting but have been following your site for quite some time where I first heard of the technique, which lead me to Tanja Berlin’s site. What I love most about it is the striking blending of colors and the realistic result. Beautiful beyond words – with just a needle and thread! The most challenging aspect to me is how do you blend the colors so you get an amazing result like the picture shows!

  54. I have dabbled in needle painting and can produce a fairly acceptable finished picture. I would love to learn some of the finer points so that I could perfect this wonderful skill. I love so much that you can stitch a very realistic picture with this technique – a smooth transition from one shade to the next.

    I’m definitely in!

  55. I’ve always admired Tania’s beautiful patterns but was fearful I couldn’t conquer the technique. I’ve done long & short stitch in leaves but this is a whole new level – the painting technique. What an opportunity! I’m 78, do you think I could do it?

  56. I love the look of needle painting. I have completed one mini needle painting but need much more practice. Getting just the right effect with the threads is a challenge. I would love to try an online embroidery class as it opens up so many possibilities.

  57. I am always eager to learn new stitching techniques. I have never tried needle painting but have always admired Tanja’s work. I would love to try it but I think the most challenging part would be the blending of colors and also to get the stitches to lie like hers, so smooth that you almost can’t see individual stitches.

    Vera in WV

  58. I have learnt few methods of embroidery. Needle painting is the one that i have been yearning to learn. Very beautiful pansy..thank you for the offer.

  59. Hello Mary,
    I’d like awfully much to take this class.

    I’ve never done any needle painting. As yet I’ve only dabbled in simpler cross stitch and CQ seam treatments

    I like that the technique makes things look so realistic, so dimensional.

    I think I’ll find color selection a challenge, but learning to set my stitches well will be harder yet

    thanks for the chance!

  60. Hi Mary,
    what a fab give-away! I have never tried painting with the needle before, but I was looking at the RSN courses a few times… and then dropped the idea because I got frightened 🙂 I really love the idea of painting with the needle because the final pieces looks so delicate and precious. I think most challenging for me will be to not be too obsessed with getting it right and to understand how to transform light and shadows into painting with the needle.
    All the best from Germany!

  61. I would love to learn the needle painting technique. The biggest challenge would be to keep all the stitches smooth and blended, but the effort would produce a great reward with a beautiful finished pansy.

  62. I’ve always wanted to try needle painting. I regularly get “Inspirations” magazine and there is usually a needle painting project in each issue. It looks so intricate and beautiful. I would love to learn from a pro and not try to teach myself – makes the idea of trying less daunting.
    I’m gonna cross my fingers!

  63. I have tried needle painting but have not been pleased with the results. It seems like it should not be difficult but, perhaps, an artist eye is needed. When I look at a flower in my garden, I try to think how I would shade it. Perhaps, this is a first step. Now to execute…

  64. I am a beginner who would love to learn the skill of thread painting. I tried long and short stitch with wool in a crewel kit and it turned out …not bad. Getting the stitches smooth and even isn’t easy. The results are so beautiful though when done well. I just got the book Color Confidence by Trisha Burr and now I’m inspired! I’d love to learn from Tanja and am eager to check out her website next.

  65. I have never tried this technique, so this will be my first adventure with it. This class came to my attention last evening at our monthly EGA meeting. I have long fantasized about photographing the flowers in our garden and then recreating them in stitches. This technique is the closest to accomplishing this I have seen so far. It appears you can create very life like images. The most challenging part for me will be leaving the comfort of counted work behind. Having no “put the needle here dummy” will be very challenging. It is wonderful Tanja is offering a beginning class on-line and I intend to register even if I don’t win it here.

  66. I have always wanted to try needle painting but I was intimidated. I saw needle painting work being done in Vietnam and the skills of the women amazed me. The shading seemed beyond my skills. I would live a chance to learn needle painting.

  67. I’ve yet to venture into needle painting, it’s a little intimidating. The most challenging aspect is also what I like best, the lifelike qualities of the technique. I need to just jump in and the class sounds perfect!

  68. Many years ago, I spent a lot of time doing needlework, but raising children and life in general got in the way. Now, I’m itching to pick up a needle again, just looking for the right project. This sweet, sweet Purple Pansy project looks perfect, and winning your lovely prize would make this grandma’s heart go pitter-patter. I can HARDLY WAIT to feel confident enough to do gold work, something I tried decades ago with my son’s Baptismal gown. The Internet is WONDERFUL! Thanks, Mary, for an inspirational and resource-rich website.

  69. Needlepainting is one of the most beautiful forms of embroidery I’ve seen. While exploring it on my own, an opportunity to take a class from the master needle painter is awesome! Thank you, Mary, for making this a possibility for someone. Kind Regards, Linda Hayes-Trent

  70. I haven’t done any needle painting in years! I would truly be considered a beginner again. I just love the way it mimics reality and the challenge of thread painting is that it mimics reality! To learn from a graduate of the Royal School of Needlework would surely be special.

  71. I have tried doing needle paintng on my own but would love to learn it from someone who knows how to do it. I love needle painting because it looks so close to the real thing. I do hand embroidery but would love to learn to needle paint…that would make my heart soar and my mind happy!

  72. I would love to take this class and learn the techniques of needle painting. This would be the very first class in needle painting and am currently taking my first lessons (this past year) in embroidery for crazy quilting. Thank you. Diane

  73. I have never really tried this before. I did some crewel work in the 70’s I think, but never something so intricate. I like the fact that it is almost photographic. The hardest thing for me would to be to get the stitches so even and covering the space so perfectly without gaps and obvious fillers.

  74. I have tried a couple of needle painting projects. I would like to improve my shading and my long and short stitch so it would look smoother. I love the realistic look that needle painting gives. Tanya does beautiful work.

  75. I have had one, not very successful, attempt at needlepainting. My piece was really ragged. But I have also taken one class from Tanya Berlin at EGA and it was fantastic! She is a very good teacher and I would love to take this class from her.

  76. What a beautiful pansy! I embroidered a bird once with the long and short stitch, but I did no shading and would absolutely love to learn the techniques offered in this class. Thank you for the chance to win this opportunity to hone skills.

    Judy in MS

  77. I’ve been trying to teach myself how to do needlepainting because I could not find or attend classes taught by Tanja Berlin or Trish Burr. Now it’s finally a possibility!! Thank you Mary and Tanja.

  78. This would be my first attempt at needle painting. I have purchased and read a book about it but have not yet attempted it. I would like to give it a try and I love the purple pansy.

  79. I have never attempted needle painting, but it
    has lately risen to the top of my “want to do”
    list. Achieving realist shading appears to be
    the most challenging aspect, and of course, what makes it look so beautiful.

    Pat from Lebanon

  80. Never tried needle painting but it looks beautiful. I have become fascinated with the work of folks like Trish Burr and hope to learn how to accomplish this. as a “follow the rules person” (ideal for counted cross stitch) the techniques for shading are somewhat daunting but I am looking forward to the challenge of a new technique and the creative possibilities it might allow.

  81. Hi Mary-
    I’ve tried needlepainting just a tiny bit. I love hard edges in design and that’s one thing that i find attractive about needlepainting – the contrast of hard edges and soft inner shading.
    Because it seems to involve precision, discipline, and a lot of patience with all the color changes, I think it would be a very valuable technique to learn, giving ones skills a huge boost. And the end result is so lovely! I’d love to start with a kit from Tanja.

  82. OH, I would love to win this class. I have done some needlepainting but definitely need to learn how to do it better. I have the most trouble getting my stitches even.

  83. What a great give-away! I’d love to have a shot at this. I have tried needle painting before and i have Trish Burr’s wonderful book. What I like best about the technique is that when you get it right it looks so natural, it really does look like painting. I do botanical drawing and would love to be able to convert my drawings into perfect little needle-painted embroideries like this one.

    The most challenging aspect of the technique for me is getting colour changes to look smooth and natural within a shape that narrows – such as a petal. Filling in a square is no problem, but where the stitches increase or reduce I do struggle!

  84. I would love to try needlepainting! It would be lovely to expand my embroidery capabilities through the cold winter months!I’m ready to learn! Overwhelm me!!!

  85. Am am quite new at needle work. The purple pansy is so beautiful. I would love to win this kit to try needle painting. It would be a first for me and it would enable me to get on my way with a super project and learn at the same time

  86. I never heard of needle painting. I like embroidery too much. Basically I’m engineer but I embroidery is my hobby. So I have joined diploma fashion designing classes weekend classes. My intention is to do some master degree in this field. So I’m interested to join this course.

  87. I have admired needlepainting for many years yet never tried it since it looked so “difficult”. I have seen some other peoples work that were taught by RSN graduates and they were beautiful. I am hoping that I could end up with a beautiful one too……My stitching “green thumb” HAS to be better than my plant growing thumb!!!!!!

  88. Oooh. I took a blackwork class with Tanja at last year’s EGA seminar. She’s a wonderful teacher and her directions are excellent. I love the look of needlepainting, but my technique needs a lot of help. A class from Tanja would definitely improve my knowledge, and hopefully my hand’s muscle memory!

  89. I did try once to do thread painting using a book by Trisha Burr That I purchased. I enjoyed the process, but I must admit that choosing colors for shading and executing what I saw in my minds eye was truly difficult. I made a small pansy into a little needle book & gave it as a gift…but now wonder if it was nice or good enough to have been used that way. Needle work is my calming “therapy”.
    Thank you for this site. Even when I cannot stitch, I enjoy reading thru all that you have on the site.

  90. I’ve tried needle painting from a book. I love the look but definitely need help when it comes to stitch direction and size–as well as color blending. Thanks for the chance to win this class–it looks wonderful.

  91. I recently found your website, with rekindling embroidery, making a ring cushion for my son’s wedding. I have had a wonderful feeling of “Welcome home old friend!” I had enjoyed a lot of differnt beautiful embroideries and am home again. Kids in high level activities had sucked the energy out of me. No excuses now! 🙂

  92. I have never done needle painting earlier at all…but i like the feel it gives…it’s amazing texture…and I think the challenge would be getting a definite shape of any design perfectly and the even design is much challenging in needle painting..

  93. I have never tried needle painting, and am just returning to embroidery after a long absence. In the past, I’ve only embroidered “according to the chart” and feel lost if left on my own with a blank fabric and stencil before me. Everything is a challenge; stitch choice, colors, shading, depth, everything. I’d love to try this with guidance and help. Thanks for the opportunity and for the daily dose of beauty!

  94. I did try needle painting once. What I like best is how detailed and real the finished pieces can look. The technique seems challenging to me. I think it takes a lot of practice.

  95. I tried once needle painting but I was not happy with the results. I still have questions related with the techniques, so, I think this class would be a plus. I tried mixing silks with other threads and it turned into a mess. Hope I will win.

  96. I am starting to learn embroidery and have done a couple pieces using Needle ‘N Thread for reference using long and short stitches. I love that you can get so much detail using the stitch but I still seem “clumsy” doing it. The shading is amazing in the Pansy photo above. I would love to learn how to create such beautiful shading from Tanja. Her directional shading looks very detailed and lifelike. I think the challenge would be to keep it lifelike and not “choppy” like previous attempts.


  97. How exciting, Tanja Berlin has such beautiful technique to her work. To be able to learn her techniques would be a pleasure. I am self taught but would love to add the correct techniques to my knowledge and turn my work into something even more special. The new wave of online classes are great especially for those that love to learn but are not in the area or have the ability to travel. Yea to online classes! Inspired Embroider from Florida.

  98. Hi Mary
    I have never tried it before but had a book once on needlepainting. I love how “real” the short and long shading make the pictures/subject look, almost like living portriats. I think the hardest part would be having the patience to place each stitch correctly, but then practice or this class would help right? Thanks for chance to try this! Audrey D. Northern Calif

  99. hi mary..i love this ladies site. one of the few in canada i could find. I sure would like to win this class. A good way to learn how to do the long and short stitch .She had fantastic supplies for embroidery. love her site .with hers and yours all i need to learn the embroidery stitches .

  100. I have never tried needle painting. I am about as rank a beginner as you can be. This looks like a good beginner’s project because it’s easy to see, easy to wrap my mind around. The challenge is mostly in the small muscle control to put the needle in the right spot to draw the thread through the muslin, learning the terminology, and following directions. The results looks stunning, for what looks like a relatively easy stitch. One challenge I see is knowing which shade to use next, and how long to make the stitch.

  101. I haven’t — yet — tried needle painting. I received a book last year for Christmas on this technique, but my other projects have pushed it off. I love the idea of needle painting because I am such a horrible painter and can’t draw worth a darn – BUT – I can embroider! And I would love to make beautiful things for my friends and family.
    Maureen S

  102. I never heard of needle painting. Basically I’m engineer and working in Bosch. I like doing a embroidery a lot. So I have weekend diploma in fashion designing course in Bangalore. My intention is to do masters in this field . I’m keen to learn this panting.

  103. A couple years ago, I purchased Trish Burr’s DVD and have done three of her small flower designs. I must say I am quite proud of the end results ! The most challenging aspect of the technique is giving the right direction to the threads. I also tend to make too short stitches which is not the proper way. Winning Tanya Berlin’s kit,accessories and a participation in her class would definitely be a big PLUS !

  104. I tried needle painting once but couldn’t quite get the hang of it and have been wanting to try it again. I love how it looks when finished, so very different from other techniques I have tried. I find it challenging to get everything even and smooth. Satin stitch is my bane right now.

  105. I have never done any Needle Painting before but would really like to give it a whirl! I love the softness of the presentation with subtle changes in color and the absolute beauty that shows on each and every thing that is needle painted. Even the leaves are given life. I think the hardest part would be getting your stitches evenly spaced to give a continuous breath if color. I would be so very grateful for this opportunity to learn this beautiful craft.

  106. The online class looks wonderful. It would my first attempt at needle painting. Learning the shading techniques along with the stitching would be just great.

  107. I have never tried needle painting but would love to try it. I have done embroidery when I was small and now do some hardanger and counted cross stitch but would really love to try this technique. Have been looking on her site for the items and they look absolutely beautiful. Would love to do this and say I have accomplished another form of stitching.

  108. I have been over to Tania’s website recently and noticed her online classes. What a great way to learn – supervised but at your own pace.

    The flower looks gorgeous so it would be a lovely prize for any embroiderer. I have never needle painted before, and would love to attempt such a project.

  109. I have never done needle painting and would love the opportunity to win a class in this beautiful craft.

  110. I am intrigued with the idea that one can paint with thread! I have continually said that needlework is a pure artform that doesn’t get the respect it should. Needle painting is a perfect example. I have tried to use the long and short stitches to shade petals but I am never satisfied with my result. I would like to take the on-line class to help improve my sewing skills.

  111. Perfect. Wining this class givaway might just nbe the motivation I need to put down the knitting needles and Finally give embroidery a go.

  112. Embroidery has always fascinated me and needle painting just leaves me in awe. To learn how to weld the needle and thread to create this beautify effect would just thrill me.

  113. How fantastic to have access to classes via the internet. This would be my very first time trying thread painting. I love the way the floss colors blend. I think the most challenging thing would be keeping the embroidery nice and smooth. Thank you.

  114. I love creating with colours, needle and thread, so this course would be ideal.my difficulty is getting the painting to come alive!

  115. Hi Mary,
    Yes I’ve tried it and I made a table cover for my sister. Although it was not as neat work as I saw yours or my grandma’s. I love its dark and light shades specially in petals. And I think the perfect shading is its biggest challenge.

  116. Oh, please, please pick me!! I have done “needle painting” by doing “Opus Anglicanum” but I never used the long and short stitch. I used a bunch of tiny split stitches. I have never done the long and short stitch. I love trying to find the all the right colors for shading. I love goldwork but I am still a beginner so your blog/website is very helpful and a motivator for me.

  117. This would be my first attempt at needle painting but I’ve done surface embroidery for years. I’ve purchased a Trish Burr pattern but the shading and details of needle painting are a bit intimidating. Pick me!!

  118. I have worked at this technique off and on for years. Sometimes it looks good, sometimes not so much! I would love to have this class to increase my skill in this demanding technique. It is such a marvelous way of creating realistic shading.

  119. I have never tried needle painting so this would be my first attempt. I like it because it makes the stitchery look more realistic. The biggest challenge for me (I’m a retired accountant who does nothing but quilts and cross stitch) is to be able to make the decision of where to stop and start each stitch as my present hobbies make that decision for me.

  120. I have tried needle painting long time ago when I was a teen – my mother taught me basic stitches. I can call myself the beginner. I like the freedom the needle painting gives – using different stitches&techniques one can make real masterpieces of embroidery.

  121. I have dabbled only a little in needle painting, however, my results have not been too great! I love the beautiful look of needle painting and Tanja’s work is superb! As an embroiderer for over 40 years, I love learning new techniques and needle painting would be amazing and exciting to learn. 🙂

  122. When I opened the email today, that little pansy took my breath away. I’ve never tried needle painting because it appeared too difficult to achieve that smooth looking transition between threads. The results of the needle painting is what I like best. Without a kit or thorough instructions, I don’t know if my work would look like the pansy example. I’d like to win but I am totally hooked.

  123. I have never tried needle painting. I have tried the long and short stitch in embroidery pieces but have never felt the transitions in colors looked natural or visually appealing. So I guess that would be what I would consider the most challenging aspect of the technique – getting the transitions in color to be visually appealing. I love the way the finished pieces look on Tanja Berlin’s website and to be able to recreate one of those pieces would be phenomenal.

  124. I’ve tried what I guess might be similar in some crewel patterns with very little success….having hands-on instruction would be immensely helpful. I kind of gave up on the more artistic forms of stitching and have stuck to cross-stitch (if you can read a graph, you can do this)for quite a while. I’d love to get brave enough to branch out and stretch my “needle wings”!!

  125. What a wonderful prize you are offering. Whoever wins will be so lucky. I have not needle painted. My embroidery is limited to the simple stitches. Over the years, I have bought Helen Stevens’ books just to admire the work and wished that I could do something fantastic. This class would be such fun. Good luck to me and congrats to whoever wins!

  126. Tanja is an amazing teacher! I was fortunate to be able to take a beginning goldwork class from her and couldn’t believe how much I learned. I have always wanted to try needlepainting, and this would be a wonderful opportunity. Whoever gets the class will have a great learning experience!

  127. I was taught to embroider as a young child by my grandmother. Now a grandmother myself, I found embroidering my grandchild’s christening dress so rewarding that I want to explore more advanced methods like needle painting. I love the blending of different shades that make the flower appear almost real. I think the challenge would be placing the stitches precisely so that it looks, well, painted!

  128. Dear Mary,

    I have become fascinated with needlepainting recently because of the beautiful, realistic birds and plants I have seen embroidered. The technique is scary to me because it is freehand. I do mostly counted work. I would love the class. Although I have stitched for nearly 35 years I have not ventured into this artistic area.

  129. I have admired Tanya’s beautiful designs for a long time. This design would be a great beginning.

    Thank you for this opportunity.


  130. I’ve done some needlepainting but never one of Tanja’s needlepainting classes. She’s a wonderful teacher and having done several gold and blackwork classes with her, I would love to try her on-line class!!
    The challenge would be getting my piece to look at least nearly as realistic as hers, especially the animals. That would be the best part!

  131. I have tried many different needlework techniques and thoroughly enjoyed MOST of them.
    This would be my first attempt at needle painting. I was attracted to thread painting because of the seamless transition between shades.
    My challenge, I suspect, will be knowing when enough is enough so I maintain the delicate look and not add any bulkiness.

  132. I love this pattern! The guild I belong to is doing a class this month on using just 1 sitch and showing how just a simple, straight stitch can be used in an infinite number of ways! This inspires me to look at shading methods that have simple, straight, single stitches that are grouped together and how they can leave a huge impact!

  133. OMG…this is exactly what I’ve been looking for. A class online of Needle Painting! I have Mary M. Steven’s book and several other books on needle painting because I love, love, love the needle painting technique, but I have not had the nerve to get started on my own. I’ve done embroidering for many years and love doing it, but when I seen needle painting for the first time I knew that it was what I really wanted to do more so than just the average embroidery. And now not only is there a class that I can join, but now your giving away a kit to get me started on what I was afraid to start on my own. I hope so much that I can win this. I feel it would be a real start for me in Needle Painting. Thanks Mary and have a great day.

  134. What a wonderful give-away. Thank you for the chance. I have never done needle painting and have always admired the look and wanted to learn. The overall exactness of the stitching and the end result is amazing. I love the precise look and texture of the projects I have seen and would love the challenge.

    BTW – Mary – I LOVE your videos of all your stitches and refer to them often – Thank you fro all you contribute to the stitching world.

  135. Oh I would love to win a kit and class! I have been drooling over the finished products just not brave enough to order a kit. This would be perfect for me. I do mostly cross stitch but have ventured outside the cross and started expanding my stitching ability. I would love to learn this technique! Thanks for the give away!

  136. Mary – I have done some embroidery but have always been afraid to try needle painting. I don’t have an artist’s eye and was afraid I would not know where to start and end my stitches to create the beautiful shading effect. This class looks like a great way to venture into the technique.

  137. All types of embroidery have been my love since i was a child. I have never tried needle painting but have been hoping to give it a try soon! I absolutely adore the way thread painting makes the subject appear completely real. I believe the most challenging thing will be to make the different thread colors blend seamlessly.

  138. This looks delightful! I LOVE pansies. I have not worked with long and short stitch thread painting before but believe that with a little guidance, I could get it. Thank you for the opportunity. Must keep something handwork ready to go at all times, can’t sit idle.

  139. I’ve never tried needle painting, but it is so lovely. I’m a beginner embroiderer and I’d love this opportunity to learn.

  140. I have tried this technique but not very successfully lol. I love the shading and I think getting a nice flow would be my greatest challenge.

  141. Never tried it before, just learned a bit of silkribbon embroidery.
    The way you can blend the colorours gives lots of uppertunaties.

  142. Silk shading is quite new to me, but I would love to be good at it. I got a book and did some leaves on a blouse (because my husband didn’t want me to use the bed sheets or one of his shirts for some reason), and for a first go, it wasn’t too bad, or so I thought. But when I look at the smooth finish and perfect placement of the stitches on Tanja’s pansy, my leaves look rather rustic, and it makes my fingers itch to get practising. If I *could* have the kit, I’d be very grateful, and so would the household upholstery.

  143. Hi Mary,

    I have never tried needle painting. I know how to long and short stitch but it never comes properly. I am never happy with my long and short stitch. I hope I will will win this and improve my long and short stitch and will be able to do needle painting.

    Thank you so much to both you and Tanja Berlin for this opportunity


  144. I’ve never tried needle painting before but I do embroider and needlepoint. I especially love how the colors blend together with the angled stitch technique. The most challenging aspect for me will be choosing colors and working them together.

  145. I have tried NP in the past with ok results. The biggest challenge was keeping the threads even and straight. I would love some professional instruction & the pansy is one of my favorite flowers!

  146. Hi,
    I have not tried needle painting before. I have not embroidered since I was a teenager about 35 years ago. I love the realistic looking outcome this technique provides. I tnink the hardest part for me would be acheiving those beautiful smooth edges on the flowers. Just gorgeous.

  147. I’ve never tried needlepainting and have been really interested in learning it. In fact, I noticed this class from Tanja and was seriously tempted to take it but an unexpected need to replace our A/C unit has nixed the idea.

    I think the technique has a lot going for it as far as applications to other areas of my stitching as I love the gradual colour shading it provides. One way or another, I do intend to learn how to do this. 🙂

  148. Thank you for the wonderful offer. I have been embroidering for years, but have just begun doing crewel work. Your articles, Mary, have been very helpful and your projects inspiring. Since many of the stitches are similar with those used for needle painting, I would love to be a part of Tanya’s online class. I find doing long and short stitching really well a challenge. A small project, with instruction would be great..

  149. Yes, I have tried needle painting with Tanja doing a piece called the Red Poll in our EGA chapter many years ago. I thoroughly enjoyed her class as well as the technique. What I like most is that with a “single” thread you can change the look and dimension. I would love to take another class and the Pansy is beautiful.

  150. I am absolutely ecstatic about the prospect of possibly winning this scrumptious kit and class. I’ve followed Mary’s “Needle ‘N Thread” for a couple of years now (I think) and have saved the posts for future reference. I so want to start needle painting this fall. We have a trip planned to the Florida Panhandle beach in late September and that’s my plan for relaxation and needlework. I really enjoy your beautiful work and your posts.

  151. This is a very appealing project. I’ve admired Tanja Berlin’s work since seeing it referenced in one of your earlier posts on goldwork.

    I’ve tried s little needle painting but never had any formal training. I think it’s particularly suited to floral subjects, like the pansy, and the shading of petals and leaves. For me the most challenging part is choosing the actual shades of thread to use and knowing how to place the stitches to obtain the desired effect.

  152. My dream is to attend the Royal School of Needlework, so to rub cyber elbows with one of the graduates seems to put me that much closer! With embroidery, the more I learn, the more I WANT to learn!

    Thanks for these tantalizing opportunities!


  153. Although I have never tried needle painting, I would love to learn. I have been an avid subscriber of Inspirations magazine from Australia for several years, and I love everything about needle painting, but looking and doing are two different things altogether. I am finally brave enough to give it a try. However, making threads blend to look like paint on a canvas seems like a monumental challenge, but I would love to try. I am amazed that a simple needle and threads in the right hands can produce somethings so lifelike that you’re just waiting for a bee to land on its petals. Wow! Please consider me up for the challenge!!

  154. I have been dying to learn needle painting for several years but there is no one in my town that teaches it. I have bought a silk ribbon fairy kit and a weekend project hoping the instructions would show me how. But alas not so I just not able to grasp it from paper. When I saw the purple pansy class I jumped with excitement. I LOVE

  155. Hi Mary,
    Thanks for the opportunity to win this wonderful class. I have not needlepainted before and would love to learn.

    Trish does beautiful work (as do you!) and it would be fab to learn from her.

    Diana in Sioux Falls

  156. What an amazing giveaway! I have never tried needle painting but I have always wanted to try it. It seems so intimidating to try on my own. The thing I like the most about it is the shading techniques and I imagine that is the hardest part! Having stitches that lay flat and side by side must also be challenging. I am on my way to check out the link for classes.

  157. 1. I have never tried needle painting. My embroidery skills are very basic, daisy chain, french knot. I have been receiving these emails for a few years but have not attempted new skills.
    Needle painting seems like a good next step and would provide a way of filling in large spaces. I would like to try it on patterns stitched on quilting squares for my daughter who quilts. I think this would help me determine the placement of the stitches and to start and stop the stitching. Getting started in embroidery work again seems to be my biggest problem.

  158. I have always loved embroidery and have done it off and on since my mother taught me the basics over 60 years ago. Right now I am into crazy quilting and am using some new stitches from needle’nthreads to enhance my blocks. I have never tried thread painting but think it would be a beautiful addition to my blocks.

  159. Avid needlePOINTER, but Ive never tried needle painting. I am in awe of the magic that can be created with needle and thread. The realism in the shading from Tanja and also Trish Burr (my idol)is just phenomenal. Kudos to them and other artists like them. Something to aspire to… (and this lesson will help me get started)

  160. I have done embroidery since I was a little girl. A few years ago I tried needle painting, but was not satisfied with the results. I would really like to try again with some excellent instructions and the ability to get a critique from the instructor.

  161. 1. I have never tried needle painting. My embroidery skills are very basic, daisy chain, french knot. I have been receiving these emails for a few years but have not attempted new skills.
    Needle painting seems like a good next step and would provide a way of filling in large spaces. I would like to try it on patterns stitched on quilting squares for my daughter who quilts. I think this would help me determine the placement of the stitches and to start and stop the stitching of the pattern.

  162. I have not tried needle painting, I have done some crewel work that may have had a similar look many years ago. I love all kinds of embroidery and love the beautiful shaded look of needle painting. I would be concerned that my stitches might not be close enough and flat but I am sure it would take time to perfect, a class would be great.

  163. Hi:
    I would love to take this course…some years ago I did Tanya ‘s “Wild Rose ” through my guild. It is my proudest work though I struggled to complete it. Since finding your Site and seeing your video on the long and short stitch I have been planning to do another and this would be a fantastic opportunity. Thank you for the chance.
    Vivian Desrochers

  164. Having cross stitched for over 25 years, I’m looking to try something new. Needle painting is one of techniques I have looked at but shyed away from because I felt I would need a teacher. The most amazing part of needle painting are the colours and the shading. What might pose a challenge having the confidence to try and replicate something so stunning.

  165. Hi Mary,
    I never heard of needle painting. Basically I’m Engineer working in Bosch. But I like doing embroidery a lot. So I have joined weekend Diploma in fashion design course in Bangalore. I’m interested to join this course please nominate me.

  166. Oh my goodness! What a wonderful give away! I have never tried needle painting, mainly because I am a big chicken. I don’t know what it is about the technique that intimidates me so, but it does. Every few months I go to Tanja’s website and try to convince myself to start one of her beginner kits. I even go as far as to put one in a cart and let it sit there for a bit, but each time I back away. What draws me to the technique is that it truly does look like a painting when completed. It amazes me how beautifully the threads blend to give the impression of paint strokes.

  167. My first attempt at needle painting was the “Victorian Strawberry” offered online from your site this past spring. It was a wonderful way to learn needle painting & my strawberries worked out very nicely.

    Tanja Berlin has lovely patterns with detailed instruction. Her website offers kits, linens & supplies. I am working on her blackwork etui box kit right now! Just one section to finish & I can put it together. Never have done blackwork before but have loved working on this project. My eyes are complaining however.

    What I love best about Tanja is that she is located in Canada! My part of the world.

    Linda A, Ontario, Canada

  168. I have never done needle painting nor have I worked with silk threads. So this would be my first time at needle painting. I would love to try it. The pansy is beautiful with its lovely shading. What I like best about this is the new challenge of learning about shading/painting with threads and using the long and short stitch. The stitch itself would be a first for me as well. The most challenging thing about this technique would be getting the shading just right and getting the threads to lay smoothly. Thank you for this super great giveaway.

    Have a super great sewing and stitching day!!

  169. Hi Mary, thanks for this opportunity! I’ve attempted needlepainting, but haven’t been completely thrilled with my results. I really love this form of embroidery because of the beautiful details that are achieved with the highlights and shading. The most challenging part for me has been varying the stitch lengths properly so as to look natural and not too structured or uniform.

  170. I’ve had a little class in needle painting. I’m a beginner and I love needle painting. It’s very much like a painting. I also love the rhythm of stitching long and short stitch. I don’t have trouble with the shading, but my stitching needs so much work. 🙂

  171. Hello Mary

    The Purple Pansy would ALMOST be my first attempt at needle painting. I have barely started your on line one stitch exercise in long and short stitch.

    I am fascinated by the color gradations that are possible(if done correctly, LOL)

    Thanks for having another terrific give-a-way

    Gayle in Maine

  172. I have embroidered all my life, but I have never tried needle painting. It fascinates me, because of the realistic look of the results. This would be a great opportunity to learn this technique.

  173. This would be my first try at needle painting. It has intimidated me! I love the beautiful effects you can achieve. I think the big challenge would be to keep the stitching consistent. Every time I see a finished piece I tell myself that I really should try it. I really would love the opportunity to learn another form of embroidery.

  174. Vow, vow, i am very much new to needle painting, after following the link to Berlin website,i liked her detailing explaination . Colour blending in this technique is amazing and challenges me, and also the appropriate direction to work a flower, leaf.

  175. I would love to win a class with Tanya Berlin.

    I have tried needle painting but I am not happy with my results. I love how it makes the item being stitched look so realistic. I dislike the randomness of the stitch which is what causes me problems. My animals specifically never look realistic.

  176. I’ve tried to do needle painting following your tutorial on long&short stitching, but it will be perfect to use a kit and follow the instructions systematically. Please count me in.

  177. I’ve been a bit afraid of trying needle painting. It’s so beautiful and I’ve admired Tanja’s kits – especially the Red Fox – but feared I would mess it up without some good instruction. I really love detail work and my challenge wuold be perfecting the long/short method so it gives the proper affect to the work. Needle painting works appear so life like that some even look like photos and I love that about them. Birds seem to actually have feathers! I would love to venture into a new area of a hobby that I love dearly.

  178. My only foray into needle painting has been via your Long and Short Stitch tutorial. I’m having a bit of luck getting it right; not as much as I’d like to, though.

    For me there are two most challenging aspects — first is getting the threads pulled tight enough but not too tight; second, is getting the stitches spaced correctly. And now I think of it there’s a third: Getting the stitches the right length. It sounds a bit like the most challenging aspect for me is doing it! I really like it though.

    My favorite thing about needle painting is how silky and beautiful it is, how the threads look so smooth and flow into each other.

  179. I have not tried this exact technique before but have done several embroidery pieces before doing your embroidery class on line. I love to learn something new and after looking at Tanja’s website and what others have learned would love to make this adorable pansy.

  180. wow! What a wonderful give away. Someone will be a lucky winner for sure. I’ve never tried needle painting. I find it a tad intimidating, but would love to give it a go. the furthest my embroidery has gone is a few monograms here and there. I love the visual depth of color and dimension that can be achieved with needle painting, and in part that is what scares me! Putting just the right color in just the right place! Which is why all my monograms have been worked in a single color.

  181. Ainda não fiz essa técnica, mas me encanta muito, me despertando o enorme desejo de aprender. Seria maravilhoso demais ser sorteada e ter a chance de aprender.

  182. I have only just started the needle-painting tutorials on this site – am on the triangles right now. I really struggle with keeping the stitches evenly spaced and quite often “unstitch”. I have strted a hand-sewing club at school so would love to improve my techniques so I can teach others better as well as make my work more pleasing. Lliving in Malawi means I only have access to the most basic resources but it is still amazing what can be accomlished.

  183. Hello Mary. I would like to be entered in the needle painting class. I tried once, but result wasn’t very good. I found it difficult to blend the colors in a smooth manner. It was also hard to fill up the space and keep stitches in the right direction.

  184. I haven’t tried needle painting but am extremely interested. It would add such beauty to my quilting projects. I love handcrafts and this is perfect for my embellishment projects. I love the realism of the finished product. I adore floral designs.

  185. I haven’t tried needle painting, but it is beautiful and I look forward to my first time to try it. I like the softness of the colors because it looks so natural. I think the most challenging aspect would be to come out with the lovely smooth surface I see in the photos.

  186. I’ve done just a little dabbling with needle painting/shading, and I’d like to learn more. I think the most challenging part is to put in just the right amount of stitches in each color–not too many and not too few.

  187. Needle painting is a new technique that I am looking forward to learning. I would like learning this form of needlework because the technique results in beautifully shaded designs. My crewel skills are very limited and I will find it very challenging to keep the stitches spaced and slanted correctly.

  188. Yes, I tried needle painting, but I didn’t know it had a name! I would really like to have some lessons to improve my style ( well ‘my style’ are big words) , to learn to work really precise and be taught all the finer tricks.

  189. I would love to take this class. I had a great-aunt who did beautiful embroidery work.
    Unfortunately, we didn’t live close enough for me to learn from her, and she has since passed away. This pansy reminds me of a set of pillowcases she did. Thanks for the memory.

  190. I can do a little embroidery and I think this is very beautiful. I have small granddaughters that is also interested in learning to do different types of sewing as well. This would be a great opportunity for all of us to learn together.

  191. Have not tried needle painting yet, will be my first opportunity. The results are just beautiful and so life like. Would love the chance to learn this technique!!

  192. I have not yet tried needle painting although I have a Woodlands Mouse waiting for me to muster courage. I like Tanya’s work. Blending stitches (colours)to appear natural will be a challenge for me, somehow long and short stitches elude me. I am keen to learn this technique.

  193. Hi Mary!
    Wow! What a temptation! I’ve made your lessons of long and short stitch shading so I’ve learnt with you. Later I did the Trish Burr Red Poppy I won from you 🙂 and enjoy it!
    Later I tried to do just a pansy but didn’t like the result – it wasn’t well – I lost the “hand” 🙁
    Thanks for one chance more!

  194. I have never tried needle painting but would love to learn how to do it. The technique seems to add a lot of dimension to a project that wouldn’t otherwise be there. I think it would be challenging to learn where the different colors should start and stop to give the item a realistic look.

    Thank you for the opportunity to learn such an exciting art form.

  195. I would love to win this chance at embroidering this pansy! I have done only one embroidery using long and short stitch and that was a dove that was about 1.5″ long. It was fun. Can’t wait for the drawing! Thank you.

  196. I’ve been gearing up to needle painting, but I’ve yet to try it. I think the biggest challange would be knowing how long/short to make each series of stitches. I love this little flower, nice and un-intimidating!

  197. I’ve tried it, but I can’t seem to ever get anything that looks smooth and real, except on plastic canvas. Long and short stitch always appears like a nest of colors that wants to be the object of choice. I want them to be smooth and lay beautifully on home decorator items as well as in framed pictures, and of course that is my challenge. My dream is to have silk work pillows that will look like those I saw when I lived in Asia, but for now I am just very excited that I may get a chance to make a pansy. Thanks Mary.

  198. I am one of the absolute beginners. I have wanted to try this for a long time but did not feel confident enough to try. I love the realistic look of the pieces. I think understanding the way to blend colors together to achieve the proper shading would be the hardest thing for me to do.

  199. I would love to learn about needle painting, and pansies are one of my favorite flowers. Thank you for alerting me to this wonderful website and all the kits and embroidery tools available. You provide so many opportunities for education for all of your devoted followers, Mary. Many thanks.

  200. I have done needle painting in the past (notice the word “pain” in there) and found I really need to practice this again. It is lovely when done properly and the little pansy is just right.

  201. I have books on needle painting, but have yet to get the courage to attempt a project. I think the hardest part for me is: trying to get the colors to blend correctly.

    Mary in Oregon

  202. Hi Mary
    I had the absolute pleasure of traveling from New Zealand to the Royal School of Needlework in London to do a silk shading class with an RSN apprentice graduate. Such a treat to learn embroidery knowing that King Henry VIII had held court below.
    I loved the course, but must say that I progressed, but didn’t perfect my technique, so I’d love the chance to win access to the on-line course please. Not so far to travel this time!
    Kind regards,

  203. Yes I haveworked with shaded silksbut not painting. Iove silk threads, love stitching and love violets! My beloved pets name is violet. I have been embroidering since I was 7… now I am 59 and still love this art.

  204. I have tried–and loved!–needle painting. I find the most challenging aspect that of successfully shading when considering a light source. Also, as I am self-taught, I would be delighted to learn from an expert and improve my skills!

  205. I would LOVE to win this kit! I was scheduled to take an in person class with Tanja last year but at the last minute became ill and couldn’t attend. Such a sad day. This online class sounds like a great way to learn needle painting, which is a new technique for me.

  206. Wow, what an amazing giveaway! I’ve ogled Tanja’s website many times. Her work is spectacular.

    I’ve dabbled with needlepainting–I just finished Trish Burr’s Kingfisher, which was a great learning experience. What I like best and what’s the most challenging aspect are the same for me–achieving beautiful smooth blending from color to color. It’s such a beautiful effect, and I have to stay very aware to keep the stitches from getting too regular and color-block-y.

  207. I have never tried needle painting, but it seems it would open up worlds of possibilities of subtlety and dimensionality. It seems like getting that gradation right would be tricky.
    Rachel Hershberg
    Beit Shemesh

  208. I have made a few tries but have not been satisfied ith the results so this could be a chance to learn how to do it better.

  209. I have yet to try needle painting but it is on the “to do” list. I love the shading and how realistic the designs look when done in this method. To me the most complicated looking part of this technique is the blending of colors in conjunction with using the long and short stiches.

  210. I have never tried needle painting, but I would like to learn. Blending colors with long and short stitch looks like it would be a challenge.

  211. I am a huge fan of thread painting- but, I’ve
    yet to try! The picture of the stitched viola
    is so pretty, it’s my favorite flower. I would so
    like for this to be my first thread painting
    I’ve been a daily reader of this site for several
    years now. I’ve learned a lot of new things
    and have expanded my embroidery stitching
    because of the information you share.
    Happy Stitching! Mary Gould
    Redondo Beach, CA

  212. Hello Mary,

    Another great giveaway. I’ve practiced Long and Short stitch from your video and have had success but feel I am still a newbie at it. I think the key is keep practicing. It isn’t easy. Having said that a treasure from Tanya Berlin would be such a joy. Thank you for all you do for the embroidery world. Lorraine

  213. I love pansies, and I love the colours on this one.
    I am shortly having surgery and may need quite a long recuperation period, so this would be an ideal project to fill in the hours, and also a springboard to get me back into needlework.

  214. I would love to take a class from Tanja, I have tried needlepainting before but never in a class. I believe that step by step instruction and a critical look at my work will improve my skills. Embroidery is my lifeline, it gives me so much, serenity, pride and just plain joy!


  215. I’ve done a lot of cross stitch and some silk ribbon embroidery. I’ve bought several books on needle painting, but I haven’t tried it, yet. I love the color shading of needle painting. It makes the work look so beautiful!
    Needle painting has always looked difficult to me so I haven’t tried it on my own. I would love to take a beginner class!

  216. I would love to learn this technique. I live in Perth Western Australia where we have very few outlets to learn embroidery. I love the look of thread painting as it brings the flowers to “life” and as a beginner embroiderer would be estatic to win the lesson. In fact if I dont win will be enrolling in any case!

  217. I have attempted needlepainting before, and it didn’t work out at all. But I’ve read up on it and have some good ideas of where I went wrong, so I’m eager to try again.

    The most thrilling thing about needlepainting is how perfectly elegant it looks. But its air of sophistication is also the most intimidating thing. Every thread looks so exact –and exactitude is not my strong suit. At least, not yet!

  218. The Tanja Berlin needle painting giveaway is so timely. I am collecting tools for a goldwork class at the national Embroiderers Guild of America meeting in October and found Tanja’s website while trying to find a mellor. I had seen some of her work previously when she taught at EGA a couple of years ago, but didn’t know about her online classes until I came across the website. I would love to learn more about needle painting by taking the Purple Pansy class. thanks so much for the opportunity. I enjoy your blog and was inspired to learn more about goldwork from your deconstruction of the church piece with grapes. It is so amazing to see the skill and care that went into creating such items.

  219. Love the pansy. This was my grandmother’s favorite. I have never tried to do this and would love to try. Hope I win.

  220. I learned to embroidery when I was a little girl and I just started back again. I have never tried needle painting. I would love to give it a try. Thank you for the chance to win.

  221. I love needlepainting. I am currently doing a project of Morning Glory and Bamboo. I sometimes have some difficulties getting a smooth transition between the colours.

  222. I haven’t tried thread painting but definitely want to soon. What I love about it is the beauty of the realistic shading. What intimidates me is wondering if I can achieve such fine stitching! That pansy is just flawlessly wonderful!

  223. I did a little bird on a sampler I made and was disappointed in the outcome. I think my tension was too tight and it puckered. I must really want to learn because I just bought Needle Painting Embroidery by Trish Burr and World of Embroidery by Helen Stevens. I will definitely check out Tanja Berlin’s site later. So I am a beginner that dipped my toes in but I need more direction. Winning this would help me immensely and I hope my new books help too. Thank You for giving us an opportunity to further our needling horizons!

    1. Sandra D.
      You will love Trish’s book and she has one more that I love and have used, Long and Short Stitch Embroidery published in 2006 while the one you purchased was published in 2011.
      Long and Short Stitch Embroidery is more of a learners book and is more detailed in learning than the one you purchased. I hope you have good luck and be sure to use a hoop for it will help you in doing this.

      Best wishes for Best Stitches!

      Jane Georgia Gal
      (in the foothills of the Appalachian mountainsaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa0

  224. Hi Mary, I have done some very simple embroidery but recently have been intrigued by thread painting, to the extent of collecting books by Trish Burr,etc. But I have been “afraid” to actually start anything. When I read your post this morning,I thought “what a perfect way to learn this technique, and from such a qualified teacher!! Thank you so much for all the information and teaching you do via your blog. I love learning,and you are a wonderful teacher. Sincerely Karen

  225. I would love to learn this! I understand the concept, but have never tried it out. I love to do embroidery work and always have a project with me. I think this would be great to add to my skills.

    I love that it is painting with threads and that is the most challenging aspect to me! Making art with tiny treads!

    Good luck everyone!

  226. I’ve never tried needlepainting, but it’s been on my list of things to try for some time now. I’ve had classes with Tanya Berlin, and she’s an outstanding teacher. I’d love to try this project, since I’m sure Tanya could help me with getting the shading right – that’s what I would find most challenging about this technique.
    Mary in MN

  227. This woul.d be my very first attempt at needle painting. I love the visual effect of needle painting because it allows for more subtle transitions of color within the piece — just like real life!! To me it is just beautiful. I’d love to learn it, but I’m not confident in my ability to make it work just right. The most challenging part would be making the transitions subtle and natural looking, rather than abrupt and awkward.

  228. oh, man that looks absolutely amazing.
    I tried needlepainting once; I think I had the wrong fabric for it, and it turned out to be too close to exams, so I ran out of time and patience both. But I’d love to try again!
    Thank you Mary & Tanja for an incredibly generous giveaway.
    Tessa Silberbauer

  229. This would be my first attempt at needlepainting, but OH, I would love to give it a go.

    I like best the smoothness of all those stitches & colors blending into no lines of separation.

    The most challenging aspect seems to be the same as what I like most: actually getting all those stitches & colors to blend so smoothly.

    Somebody’s gonna be mighty lucky to win this!!

  230. I have tried needle painting and what I like best is the reality it brings to the picture. For me, the biggest challenge is placing each thread correctly so that they all blend well.

  231. I’ve dabbled in needle painting before, but I’ve not done very well. I find it challenging to make my stitches look as natural as the picture I am copying. What I like best about needle painting is that subtle gradations of colors make the work look like a true painting that one just has to stop and notice!

  232. I have not tried needle painting – yet! I’ve been intrigued by it for a long time and have been waiting for the “right kit” to come along to learn. I have several books on needle painting and have most supplies on hand as I do embroider but must finish started projects first. The Purple Pansy is beautiful and would be the perfect kit to learn especially with web instructions!

  233. I haven’t tried needle painting yet but would love to, it so appeals to the artist in me. The hardest part? That’s a tough one. Picking the right colors? The stitching? I can’t decide. But I’m sure the easiest part is showing off the finished piece and telling all my stitching friends about the class. Thank you so much for this give-away opportunity!

  234. I have previously worked one small beginner project: a thread painted purple bell flower. The kit instructions were rather sketchy so I referred to the excellent A-Z of Embroidery Stitches for help. I enjoyed the freedom of the technique, having previously only worked counted embroidery styles. I like the play of light on the silk-shading (when I got it right!) and the realism of the finished design. I think the challenge for me was placing the long and short stitches so that they laid smoothly in the right direction and were evenly spaced. I did find myself unpicking rather frequently as I struggled with this at times. I would really appreciate the opportunity to receive training and feedback from such a well-qualified tutor. And it’s such a pretty little design as well … purple is one of my favourite colours!

  235. I have never tried needle painting before. I have seen Trish Burr’s kits and books on the internet and I would like to think that one day I could do the same.

    What I like best is how realistic the needle painted item looks. You just want to reach out and touch the embroidery.

    The most challenging aspect is being able to duplicate nature with shading and doing the correct amount of each value of color.

  236. Hi Mary,
    I have been doing embroidery (namely cross stitch, back stitch and French knots) for many years now self taught. I have wanted to learn other techniques for quite some time but haven’t really known where to start.
    I have never tried needle painting but love how realistic it looks, and think blending the colours and stitches would be hard to master effectively…

  237. Another beautiful giveaway.
    I have purchased Nanja needle painting kit and love it. I made her little mouse and a bird.
    I have not taken a course YET but would love to eventhough her instructions are very clear and precise.
    The hardest thing for me is the direction of the stitches and it is so important to make a nice picture. I sure hope to win, it is a bit of a dream to learn from Tanja.
    Thanks Mary for all the joys you send our way.

  238. I have done long and short stitch in wool and have always admired the effect with needle painting with delicate threads. I love how needle painting can look just like a painted picture but am intimidated by the process. This would, hopefully help me get over that.
    Gail S

  239. Hi Mary,
    Needle painting is my “scary zone” not my “comfort zone”. I am drawn by the soft play of colors into each other but always afraid to try it because it looks so easy to ruin with the wrong color or placement. I would be thrilled to face my fear with the master! Thanks for another great giveaway.

  240. I enjoy embroidering but have not tried needle painting. I like the stitch shading the best and silk shading will be the most challenging. Thank you for this opportunity for a chance to win this lovely embroidery kit.

  241. Thank you for this opportunity. I have always wanted to learn needle painting, but have been so intimidated by the beauty of the technique. The subtle gorgeousness of Opus Anglicanum is what inspires me even if I have never had the courage to try it….YET!

  242. I have tried a little needle painting on my own. I would love to win this opportunity to take this beginner course. Being able to have my work critiqued would certainly get me started in the right direction. I love the way this technique brings the objects to life. Learning how to blend and lay the threads is so important .

    Barbara La Belle

  243. My brush with needle painting came in a live class with Tanya in Tacoma WA – the Grizzly Bear. I aspire to eventually reproducing the image of my dog, Sydney, in this technique. Alas, I am not very far along in the bear, barely brushing the neck and tickling one ear. Before I get it into a knotted bundle I’d love to practice my long and short on this lovely pansy. The feedback through photos will be invaluable. My challenge will be to take the flower from my mind’s eye through my hand’s needle into my fabric’s thread – and still love the look.

  244. So I’ve tried Tanja’s blackwork and would love to try my hand at needlepaiinting. My 92 year old rug hooking teacher LOVES pansies so this would be a wonderful gift for me to stitch or her. Thanks!

  245. Needle painting is something I’ve always wanted to try and if I don’t win the free class, I’ll look into taking the class. The thing that has kept me from trying it out is the fear of not having exact instructions on how to blend the colors. I love the way finished needle painted pieces look.

  246. I would love to try this- I am currently taking an EGA course in crewel called ‘Fallen Leaves’- but have never tried needle painting. (My original love is counted cross, and right now I’m fascinated with all things blackwork- so not working with a stitch count is good for a mind-stretcher.)

  247. I have embroidered for as long as I can remember, but have never tried needle painting. I would love to try it starting with a pansy as that is my favorite flower.

  248. I have tried needlepainting but I was never sure that I got it right. It is, however, I find a soothing and meditative process because of the concentration needed to create even stitches flowing into one another. Needlepainting appeals to me because it broadens the subjects that can be embroidered like the beautiful birds and smaller animals. I would also like to try a face sometime perhaps even working from a photo of one of my grandchildren. One of the aspects that keeps me from doing more needlepainting is the cost because of the number of threads used, this can run into quite a few dollars. I am intimidated by this in case I don’t do a reasonable job and the money is wasted. It is a beautiful technique that I would like to learn from an expert gaining sufficient confidence in myself to venture into a project. The most challenging aspect I think is understanding how to use the colours and directions to bring out the shading and smoothly meld one colour into the other.

  249. I took an online stumpwork class to create a songbird perched on a branch…the songbird used a little bit of long-and-short stitch, but the class was more about the stumpwork techniques. My first attempt was pretty horrible!! My second one was better, but it would be nice to take a class that focused on that technique alone.

  250. Hi Mary,
    I have tried needle painting in the past, but not extensively. I have always felt a little intimidated by it. Long and short stitching sounds so easy, but not so. However, my love of the art, its’ beautiful shading, which lends to such realism has drawn me back to it.
    What a coincedence this is, I’ve just bought two books on needle painting, one by Trish Burr, the other by the Royal School of Needlework to help me get going again.
    I can’t think of a better way to take the plunge than an online course with Tanja Berlin! And having a kit supplied, that’s so generous of you, Mary.
    Warm regards,

  251. I love needle painting and think the biggest challenge of this type of embroidery is to get it smoothand blended, no gaps and big colour changes, the embroidery must look realistic. Helen.

  252. I tried a form of needle painting with a needlepoint pattern, but I had a difficult time keeping the tension for the long stitches. What a mess!
    So I just gave up. Trying the needle painting again in embroidery form gives me hope that I can meet the challenge. The pansy is beautiful. My best friend”s birthday is coming in December, and she is purple ‘obsessed’. What a wonderful gift for her.
    Please include me in this fantastic give-away. Thanks!

  253. I have tried to needle paint via instruction, but it looks awful! The shading is not good as well as the stitches seem to go every which way! I would love good detailed instruction to follow!

  254. Hi, I’d really love to win this package for Tania Berlin’s “Pansy”. I have tried needle painting before but I’d like to learn Tanja’s technique. What I like best about needle painting is the realism that can be obtained. The most difficult part would probably be getting the colours blended so that they look realistic and not striped. Thanks for the opportunity to try this.

  255. Dear Mary,
    I was so excited when I saw this in my inbox today! I have been in love with needle painting since I first saw it on your blog about two years ago but it seems so delicate and I am more of a cross stitch, gobelin kind of person. Not very good at fine motor skills, unfortunately. That is also the reason why the technique appeals to me so much. The projects are small, so…if I tried really, really hard maybe I could…be artistic, create something that looks life-like and like real, true fine art? It makes me feel dreamy, another side to me could open up. However, that is also why I have not yet tried the technique. I love the dream so much, so I am sort of reluctant in case I find that actually, I can’t. When I saw this pansy my mind was made up for me. This is my chance, a really small, feasible beginners project. Good luck to every one but it really would mean a lot,

  256. Ooh, this would be great incentive to try needle painting! I love the results of this technique – the shading of color, the detail that’s possible. I’ve been to scared to try it on my own because, I’m really, really bad at, um, paint painting, and worry that this will just turn into a hot mess, too. Keeping the stitches even, the colors “flowing” – It all looks intimidating to me.

  257. I have done Trish Berg’s pansy sampler. It was so small but I finished it and loved doing and trying to learn it. One of my quilting/embroidery friends said it looked painted. Was I ever thrilled! And so I would love to receive this give away so that I can begin to make more of the same but in a larger pattern. My Mom taught me to embroider over eighty years ago, yes, that is a true statement. Thank you for another giveaway that is so special. Have not missed a single program since I found your site in early spring 2013. Thank you for your giving spirit.

  258. Oh how I would so love to win this prize and learn how to do needle weaving properly. Tania’s class sounds marvellous and I just love the purple pansy.

  259. Hi Mary

    This form of embroidery fascinates me, but my long and short stitch never looks even, hence I stay away from it. I love the evenness of the stitches when done properly, particularly in flowers. The pansy looks like it has just been picked from the garden it looks so real!

  260. WOW! What a wonderful give-a-way! I have been embroidering since I was 18 years old…I just turned 60 last Monday! I love embroidery, but needle painting is a whole new realm for me that I would dearly love to learn. It is truly beautiful and looks like you are using thread as the paint. I have always admired this type of work, but it has always seemed so intimidating to me. A class by a master in this art form would be a dream come true. Thanks for the opportunity to win.

    Lori Ginsberg

  261. I’m a long time cross stitcher and have recently begun trying my hand at a variety of surface embroidery techniques. Needle/thread painting caught my eye because of it’s incredible beauty and intricacy. I’ve tried to teach myself with help from a number of library books and websites including Tanja’s. I’m having a few problems with areas such as tension, stitch crowding (I think I’m using way too many!) and colour blending. Hmmm..I think it’s time for some professional guidance!

  262. I’ve tried… once… to do something like this. It is quite out of the box for me, as I like everything ordered and precise, and this, well, it isn’t, lol. But, I’m always willing to try again, never give up, never surrender!!

    Love the colors!

  263. I have never tried needle painting but have seen such lovely examples on Pinterest and have long wanted to try. I also love the Pansy, my favorite flower.

  264. I have not tried needle painting but I am very anxious to try! I have a project that I want to complete for my grandchild that uses that technique. Learning how to do it properly is very important to me. As important as leaving a piece for my grandchild to remember me by.
    I think that choosing the appropriate shades of thread and making sure your stitches are consistent may be my challenge. But I look forward to learning a new embroidery technique. I want to stitch beautiful things just like you Mary!

  265. I have never tried needle painting and am fascinated by the way you can use this technique to shade a shape. Even though I’d like to use the long and short stitch, I’m fearful of it because I’m afraid that I won’t get the angle of the stitches in the correct position. I think that this kit would be very helpful so that I could overcome my fears.

  266. I’ve done needlepainting with Margaret who offered a class thru your website last spring–we did strawberries. I just loved it! I find it difficult to smoothly transition the colors. I’d love to try one of Tanja’s since I think Margaret will do the same class again this spring. I have also been doing some little flowers that Trish Burr has offered in her cd.

  267. Hi Mary,
    The chance to do a class with Tania from the other side of the world would be great. Also the opportunity to have expert feedback from Tania would give me so much more confidence in my work

  268. Thanks so much for offering another great give-away! I have never tried needlepainting before, but have been researching it a lot recently. I’ve also wanted to try one of Tanja’s kits for awhile. What I like best is that it looks so realistic. The part I would find most challenging is making sure the stitches were close enough, but not too close to give it a smooth outline on the outside.

  269. Yes, I have tried needle painting. The part I find most challenging is making the stitches seamlessly blend together. It’s a trick to get it to look natural. It is also the part I find the biggest challenge. It can turn out in definite rows of color. It’s a challenge.

  270. It would be my first attempt at needle painting, and I’ve always wanted to learn how. It would help add depth to what I know, and to the works. I love how the colors fade into each other, but that would be the hardest part for me. I think sets like this would be the best to help me learn.

  271. Needlework “painting” provides a description that perhaps described why none of my self taught attempts at this type of embroidery were pleasing. Painting makes me think of color and dimension-now if I can learn how to combine that with technique -ooh la la!

  272. Needlepainting is something I haven’t tried yet. And that is saying something because I have tried almost everything that has crossed my path. I’ve been a little afraid of it. Perhaps this would be just what I need to get over that fear.

  273. hi mary:
    nice to meet you!
    I´m writting from Spain, and I learned some technics from you, to embroider my Little daughter´s school smock, with the Satin Stich, and since then…i love it!!!, and I would need to learn more!!!
    hope to use this amazing opportunity!!
    again…very pleasant to meet you and…Thank You for your wonderful and excellent work!!

  274. I have tried needlepainting in one project and doodling. What I like best about the technique is the challenge in placing the threads just right to get the right shading effect through-out the shape. I find circles to be very difficult to complete.

  275. I first started embroidery when I was quite young. When my kids were young it did a lot of crewel embroidery and set it aside when I started working in our business. A number of years went by, like 20, and since selling our business I decided to pick up a project that has been setting for all those year. I finished it and it is hanging in my grandkids bedroom.
    I like needle painting because short of painting, it creates similar effect. The fact that embroidery thread can produce such beauty if wonderful. I would like to perfect my skills of the long and short stitch and this kit seems that it would do that. Long and short stitch requires patience and accuracy, and I find that very challenging. I would look forward to completeing the kit.

  276. I have not yet had the courage to try needle painting. I have checked out every book in all the libraries in town and the process, although it is beautiful, terrifies me. I took a class in two sided embroidery a few years ago from Tanja Berlin at the EGA seminar in Dallas and have frequently visited her website. I have been looking at her online classes but haven’t taken one yet.

    I think needle painting brings embroidery to life. what really fascinates me is how two people can use the same thread and picture and get totally different looks. One looks like a stitched flower and the other looks like a flower. the difference is knowing where to put the thread, how to slant the stitches, and how to do a subtle change in shading. I really want to learn how to make my stitches come alive.

    Thank you for the opportunity to win a class from such a wonderful teacher.
    Mary Moonstar

  277. I have not tried needle painting, but I want to! This class looks like a great resource. I love the look of needle painting. Everything looks so real. I think it probably requires a lot of patience and reworking to get things to look right. Thanks for the chance!

  278. I would love to try Needle Painting and have tried but getting the correct shading is hard to do and then I end up with a padded item that looks so bad. PR

  279. I am a painter of watercolors. To be able to do the same with needle and thread is something I had never imagined possible. Tanja’s work is so beautiful and I want to learn to capture a little bit of that magic myself.

  280. I’ve never done needlepainting, and I’d love to try it! I love how it can give such realism to the subjects… I’ve seen some of Tanya Berlin’s other creations, and they are gorgeous! The challenge, I think, is in learning how to place the stitches to give a well-defined and crisp outline while still filling the interior with appropriate shading.

  281. I have a thing for Johnny Jumpups. So if I won this class and supplies, my second project would be a Johnny Jumpup. Second project! Can you believe my optimism? I am that excited by your offer.

  282. No, I’ve never tried needle painting. Looks so life like. That would be the hardest part, but would be fun to learn. thanks

  283. I would love to do this class,the pansy is my favourite flower and it would be my first foray into proper needle painting. The colour blends that can be achieved are amazing. I have tried this type of work but seem to lose the thread angles which then puts the edge lines out and upsets the merging colours. I would love to try it using some easily understandable instructions so that I can achieve the smooth colour transitions.

  284. I have always dreamed of being a needle painter, but I keep chickening out. These kits are so beautiful, I just need a kick in the pants!

  285. Embroidery was the first needlecraft I learned, well over 50 years ago, when my grandmother and aunt taught me to embroider tea towels for my “Hope” chest. It was soon abandoned in my pursuit of other forms of needlework. I have recently found Mary Corbett’s site and have been itching to try my hand. This little pansy would be the perfect project to start with. I love how the colors lay together.

  286. Wow! I love pansies and this one is beautiful. I became acquainted with needlepainting last year by taking the strawberry class with Margaret. I would really like to do another one! For me, the most challenging aspect was trying to see what I was doing, and then, finally “seeing the light,” I figured out I should be using a magnifying light… that helped a lot!!

  287. I am so fascinated about the blending of shades and the beauty that can be created by this technique. I would love to try a class with Tanya.

  288. Way back in the dark ages, I tried long and short stitch and could never get it to look “right” so I’ve been afraid to tackle needle painting. I am so stuck in using grids (canvaswork, xstitch)that I have trouble with free style stitching.

  289. I have tried needle painting a sketch of a dragonfly. For a first attempt it came out quite well. Though it was a challenge to keep the long and short stitches consistent, it was rewarding to watch the design grow. An on-line class would help me develop better techniques. Thanks for the chance!

  290. I have never done any needle painting and would love to learn how. That pansy is lovely. I like how effortlessly the blending of color looks on the fabric. The most challenging aspect of this technique will be knowing when to change threads and stitch length to make it look like painting.

  291. I adore the look of needle painting. I have tried long and short stitch type embroidery very early on in my embroidery journey, but just can’t achieve the finnesse that this technique requires. The colour blending is fascinating.
    I have tried blackwork on the Berlin website and find it very straightforward,so “yes” this class would be a very special experience for me.

  292. My only embroidery experience has been a small pillow when I was in jr.high more than 20 years ago. This would be my first time needle painting. I’ve been reading Mary Corbet’s Needle ‘n Thread blog since I found it this past January. I love the beautiful needle painting I’ve seen on the internet. I have been wanting to try needle painting since January. The most challenging aspect would be following written instructions as a beginner. I live in rural AK and it’s impossible to take these types of classes in person. It would be very helpful to actually get help from a live person. Tanja Berlin’s embroidery is gorgeous!

  293. Oooh another great give-away!
    I’ve only tried the needle painting (actually long and short stitching) lessons here in NnT. It didn’t turn out so good, and I have even put a kit together with new fabric and the same thread you used, Mary! I know it’s around here somewhere, but I never got back to it. I haven’t given up yet, though!
    I’ve even bought Trish Burr’s books and one of her kits. I’m very serious about learing embroidery, just don’t seem to be using time management very well to do it…
    Oh and I love any form of art that mimics reality perfectly, and needle painting is just absolutely beautiful that way!
    Fingers crossed! 😉

  294. I admire so much needle painting. It’s so delicate. I LOVE botanical and animal painting, and needle painting is even better. I’ve never tried needle painting. I’m a little intimidated by it. I think this giveaway would be an excellent occasion to change that! Thanks!

  295. Hi Mary, I tried long and short stitch a really really long time ago, before I knew that’s what it was called. It worked well. The enjoyment of the stitch and its challenge lie in the subtleties – the transitions of color and shaping of the stitched space. Tanya is so talented at this! Thanks for telling us about the class – I love the pansy!

  296. I’ve done very basic work with the long and short stitch before, *very* basic. More like needle coloring book than needle painting. The idea that I could create something so perfect and lovely as that pansy is tremendously appealing.

    I think the most difficult thing for me about this technique would be taking my time with it. I’m more of a sprinting needlewoman, choosing projects that can be finished with a bang in not much time. This seems like it would be a thoughtful amble.

  297. would love to win this kit, have wanted to try needlepainting, this looks so fun…….thanks for the opportunity!

  298. I have never tried needle painting. I am surrounded by a family of artists( painters) and would love to show them that I can paint too!

  299. I own Redoute’s Flowers for Emboridery which employs a lot of this technique – and have even done one piece from it that turned out reasonably well. But it’s intimidating and I could use some help – there are more pieces in there I want to tackle!

  300. This sounds like a class for me! I have done a small amount of needle painting. I like its realistic look, but the challenging part is that I taught myself and I’m not sure I’m doing it correctly. Thank you for this opportunity!

  301. I have not done long and short stitch. This looks like it would be a great introduction with a beautiful project. As a surface embroider want-a-be this might be just the ticket to getting me started. Thanks for the opportunity.

  302. The most important part I would like to learn is direction of stitches and shading, I have corked long and short stitch in tapestry and crewel wool, but one strand if silk or cotton thread makes this a challenge. Iwouldlove to win an online course.

  303. I have done some simple embroidery, very basic stitiching. My mom’s best friend taught me and her daughter embroidery to keep us busy as girls. She ended up with many embroidered tea towels. Fond memories. I’ve done redwork for quilt blocks, and taught myself some stumpwork, but not thread painting. It looks so elegant and three dimensional. I would love to learn it.

  304. I have attempted needlepainting a few times, but never very successfully. I find it difficult to get the directional flow of the stitching correct. However, I must own over a dozen books on the subject and am particularly fascinated by some of the historical Asian examples of the technique. I could think of no other embroidery technique that I would love to learn. The naturalistic result, the way colors and stitches seem to blend so seamlessly…just beautiful.

  305. I have one of Tanja’s kits that I’ve been working on, the Baby Burrowing Owl. I love it! But what I love even more is Tanja’s online classes.

    The thing I’ve had the most difficulty with is dealing with smaller areas where the long and short stitch are both kind of short! And smooth transitions in shading and changing colors. Would love to win this incredible gift!

  306. I would love to try my hand on the pansy and take your on-line class. I have been practicing thread painting with my Burrowing Owl kit that I purchased from you. I am still working on it and enjoying it. I have never been involved in a class before… just reading the instructions like taking a correspondence course.

  307. I have done some embroidery but would love to try the needle painting. Would tie my love of painting to my love of needlework.

  308. I have not done this technique, but it amazes to me, arousing overwhelming desire to learn. It would be too wonderful to be drawn and have the chance to learn.

  309. Dear Mary,
    No I have not tried needle painting. I’m planning a project that requires some needle painting and I’m very apprehensive about how those elements might turn out. Will I make them good enough or just ruin the project. This last week I’ve been working through your long and short stitch lessons of September 2009. Mary they are excellent and my confidence has improved… a bit. What I like best is the realism that can be created. Tanja Berlin’s wolf in the A to Z of Thread Painting (by Inspiration Books) is absolutely stunning!!! The lifelikeness, the expression, the look in the eye, and the plushness of the fur that Tanja has captured in the placement of her threads is incredible. What scares me is working with multiple threads. Thank you!

  310. This be your first needle painting venture! But it’s just a wonderful technique and I’ll feel the most lucky person in the world if I had a chance to learn this!

  311. I have never tried needlepainting but I love the delicacy and fluidity. It reminds me of ballet: graceful and disciplined. Knowing where to place stitches and when to change colors seems to be the challenge. This opportunity comes as I am trying to expand beyond cross-stitch. I would love to have a teacher to guide me!

  312. Oh my goodness,this is just gorgeous! I am just starting to branch into “needle painting”, and just had ordered a few new books for help. Then, I looked at Tanja’s designs, and just went crazy. I have to do this!!! I would love to start with the pansy!!!

  313. I’ve signed up for this class, but thanks for having the give away. I’ve tried needle painting on my own, with mixed results, and want others to learn about the site, so she’ll keep doing classes. I’ve also sent for her fox kit, cause he fox looks exactly like my dog.

  314. I’ve played with it once so far just on my own and would so love some help to make it better! When it is done well it looks so beautiful. I think getting the shading to look natural is the most challenging aspect. This would be so helpful as I have some projects for Christmas coming up that I wanted to try that would would have some of this technique and I could use the help to get better before then =)

  315. I’ve never tried needle painting because I think I would have trouble learning the technique. I love the detail and colors, but I also think that’s what makes the technique difficult to do.

  316. I am a big fan of Tanja’s technique – her work seems so lifelike and alive with color and shades and touchable softness. I have done embroidery since a child and have often thought there is a technique that perfectly blends color and stitch and I believe Tanja has mastered it! I would love the honor of taking her class with the hope of one day tackling one of her advanced animals (fox or wolf)). I think the greatest challenge for me would be to let go of perfection and to allow the artistic side of “painting” to emerge.

  317. Mary,
    I have stitched, mainly cross stitch, for several years. Your Needle ‘n Thread daily blogs have expanded my horizons beyond belief. Your enthusiasm is infectious…I have been purchasing books and trying, but with very limited success. To be able to take a Tanja Berlin class would be amazing. I have found that when a leaf or petal I have stitched doesn’t “look just right”, I often cannot identify why. To be able to have your stitching critiqued, and to be told exactly what you need to correct is the most important, to me, section of her instruction. The knowledge that I would acquire working on her Purple Pansy project would build a confidence that I could carry forward to other projects. Perhaps even to one of the gold work designs on BerlinEmbroidery.com

    Thank you and Tanja Berlin for the chance to win an opportunity to expand my stitching knowledge.

  318. First foray into needle painting. I love how realistic it looks – like a painting! The challenge, to keep from being frustrated when it doesn’t turn out “just right” – I’m a bit of a perfectionist!

  319. I have 2 of Tanja’s needle painting, the field mouse and the maple leaf. So afraid to start. The class would be the way to go. Either way I will HAVE to do this, or I will never start these other 2 projects. Fear is the only thing holding me back.
    Thanks for this offering,
    Barb Waldron

  320. can you give away a give away? my daughter is trying out needlepainting and this would make a lovely gift for her! such a pretty pansy for her to try. Elizabeth in Saskatoon

  321. I’ve never done needle painting. I think it’s beautiful, but it looks difficult since you have to guess where to change the colors.

  322. I have never done proper needle-painting, just my own rather garbled version of three maple leaves in various gradations of colour. I liked how they turned out, but they sure weren’t smooth. I would love to learn from Tanya – her work is amazing.

  323. I’ve never tried needle painting but have wanted to for a long time. I love the shading and blending of color that looks so realistic and beautiful. A needle painted flower almost looks as though one could pluck it right up off of the ground fabric. I have much more experience with counted thread techniques. The most challenging aspect for me would be knowing where to place the long and short stitches and the proper length of those stitches. I’d sincerely love to learn more about this wonderful technique.

  324. I would love to win this giveaway. I have tried needle painting before with mixed results. It would be too padded or too thin. I didn’t know when to stop adding stitches!

  325. I’m currently working on a Trish Burr needlepainting kit, but it’s my first try and the instructions assume more knowledge than I actually have. Let’s just say that my colors don’t always blend quite right.
    I love the detail available in needlepainting, and the colors. I’d like to be able to take full advantage of that.

  326. I have never done needle painting and I need a push out of my comfort zone of tea towels and pillow cases with a narrow seven-stitch repertoire. I am not artistic, but I feel the technique can take me from stitchery to artistry. As a non “artsy” person I would love to expand my needle work identity.

  327. In recent years the bulk of my needlework has been counted cross stitch. I’ve recently joined a couple of Embroidery Guilds and also became acquainted with your daily newsletters, which are expanding my horizons. Learning about Goldwork, Threadpainting, Blackwork, different stitches, and beautiful threads that are available, excites the senses. I want to do it all, but would be happy to try threadpainting and the technique of blending colors. Birds and flowers are my favorites. The Pansy looks doable for a novice. Whoever wins your offer will be lucky.

  328. Hi Mary,
    Thanks for another giveaway.
    Our EGA chapter sponsored Tanja last year and I enjoyed her thread painting class very much. All of her sewing is exceptional. As a complete beginner at thread painting (or long and short), I found most challenging is getting the angles done just so. As awesome and dear Marion Scoular recently said in her wonderful thread painting class, “It’s all about angles. Geometry is part of thread painting. Practice Practice….” Tanja is well known for her superb directions. I’d love to win this giveaway…practice practice… at this beautiful fine hand sewing.

  329. P.S. I noticed that there are over 300 comments on this post. I feel so encouraged that there are so many posts about embroidery. I have felt kind of odd and freakish about my embroidery “habit” but now I feel part of like-minded community, belonging is good!

  330. I have dabbled a bit with crewelwork and have been planning to do a needle painting course some time in the not so distant future! I am presently doing an intermediate goldwork course at the Victorian Embroiderers Guild and the needle painting will complement the goldwork beautifully. My desire is to use what I learn for ecclesiastical work as this is my first love!

  331. I’ve never tried needle painting or long & short stitching before but I’m just getting back into embroidery again & would love to learn this technique. The class sounds amazing & the giveaway supplies you with all the products necessary to do it! Very cool 🙂 The thing I love most is how it looks – smooth & shiny – beautiful! The most challenging aspect seems like it would be blending the colors.

    Thanks so much for the opportunity to win such an amazing give-away!! You rock 🙂

  332. Soy nuevo en esta tecnica, me gustaria saber mas, estoy bordando en canutillo oro la figura de un campesino y no he podido bordar la cara, creo que esa tecnica es de mucha ayuda para poder matizar sobre todo la nariz y los ojos y poder lograr los claroscuros

  333. I’ve tried “soft shading” but would love to know how well,if at all, I’m doing. Love from B’ville!

  334. I’ve never tried needle painting, but I would really like to. I think a kit would be just the thing to help me get started. I think the hardest part, as a complete beginner, is getting all the supplies together. But the threads, and the luminous nature of the thread, are so beautiful.

  335. I have not tried needle pianting, but I like the realistic lookof the flora and fauna that it creates. I am a counted worker and the ideas of long and short being a surface technique intemidates me.

  336. Oh yes, Oh yes. I would love to win that. I’ve got a couple of books by Trish Burr and I’m totally enamoured with Thread Painting, but so far seemingly inept. Don’t know what I’m doing wrong and this might be just the ticket! whoever wins, thanks so much for what you do! Loved finding this site.

  337. Hi Mary,

    The only embroidery I’ve done so far was by learning from your site. The technics used looks so intricate and fine. It looks so real! If I could have this give-away, it’ll be a cat meow. I’ll keep my fingers crossed.

  338. Around 1975, when I was about 12, I embroidered either Goofy or Pluto (can’t remember which) on the leg of my groovy bell bottom jeans. There were large areas of a single color that I filled in with long–really long–stitches, not knowing any other way to do it. And I still didn’t know until recently when I returned to embroidery after all these years. Hey, there’s a stitch for that! So, no, I’ve never done needle painting, but it’s exquisite, and I would love to learn it. A challenging part of it surely must be determining which colors will produce the most realistic shading.

  339. Je serais très heureuse de gagner ce que Tanja offre en ce qui concerne la peinture à l’aiguille; de plus, la violette est ma fleur préférée.
    Oui j’ai déjà essayé la peinture à l’aiguille par moi-même à l’aide de livres.
    Ce que je préfère dans cette technique de broderie c’est le résultat en 3 dimensions, par exemple pour les pétales de fleurs, c’est de toute beauté.
    L’aspect le plus délicat de cette broderie pour moi est la mise en valeur de la brillance des fils utilisés; que ce soit du coton, de la soie ou autres, de beaux reflets apparaissent dans la réalisation.
    Merci pour tout à toi Mary, grand merci aussi aux commanditaires.

  340. I have never done needle painting but I would love to learn how to do this. I love doing hand embroidery and smocking so this is right up my alley. Thanks for allowing me to enter the class give away. Hope I am lucky!

  341. I haven’t tried needle painting, but I want to. Long ago, the previous time when crewel stitching was in fashion, I did some flowers with the long and short stitch, but they sure didn’t look anything like what I’ve seen of needle painting. The most challenging part is to get the right shades of color next to each other. That makes all the difference in how the flower (or bird or whatever) looks.

  342. Dear Mary,
    First, thank you for your wonderful blog—you are single-handedly responsible for the expansion of my bookshelf (!?). I love the dynamic nature of the content and the additional links etc you provide for further investigation. I won’t use the word “research” as I have just finished many long years of a PhD and can finally uphold the promise to myself of returning to embroidery. And yet…the many many years away from stitching have left me hesitant to pick it up again. What if I get it wrong!? I’m one of those ‘perfectionist’ types and I have almost been too afraid to start! Dreadful isn’t it? Fear not—I have taken some baby steps and I am getting braver by the day as things start coming back to me. Your generous offer of an online class is exactly what I need to help me take the (supported) plunge into thread painting. Thread painting reminds me of the work that my aunt did when I was a little girl. I can still recall the feel of the work under my (washed) hands once she had finished and how the flowers looked “just like the ones in grandma’s garden”. After all these years, in my mind’s eye I can still see her bent over her embroidery hoop. My aunt has recently died and I have a few of the doilies she did before she joined the convent. She had no children, so I’d really like to try and maintain her legacy in this very small way. On your recommendation (via Needle n’ Thread) I have a number of thread painting books and have done a bit of internet research (there’s that word again!) into the ‘how to’ etc. I would absolutely love to have the guidance of an expert in Tania Berlin as I can see that I would find the gradation of the shading challenging, as well as ensuring the stitches are close enough–but not too close! I am especially taken with Tania’s approach of providing constructive feedback on students’ work—indeed, that is exactly the tack my aunt would have taken! Thank you for making it all the way to the end of this post, and an enormous thank you for the wonderful resource in your website.

  343. Have you ever tried needle painting (also known as long and short stitch shading, thread painting, silk shading…), or would this be your first needle painting venture? What do you like best about the technique? What strikes you as the most challenging aspect of the technique?

    I want to thank you for this notice about Tanja’s class. I really enjoy and appreciate your blog.

    I have not done this type of embroidery for about 30 years, though I have restarted my needlepoint Career (also after a 30 year hiatus). I don’t think I ever did anything this precise. I love the realistic look of this type of embroidery and think achieving that realistic look will also be the most challenging aspect of the technique.

  344. Have you ever tried needle painting (also known as long and short stitch shading, thread painting, silk shading…)
    I’ve done long & short stitches shading

    The most challenging aspect would be to color cor-ordinate so the shading is accurate and visually pleasing,

  345. Hi Mary,
    I am yet to try needle-painting, it is next on my list!
    The most challenging aspect but the most beautiful is the blending of colours just so to create depth and drama.
    Thanks for providing the opportunity to learn this technique.

  346. The only thing remotely close to needle painting I’ve ever done is on the Erica Wilson kits I used to do over 40 years ago. The fantastic flow of color is what makes it so attractive in Tanja’s work. The most challenging thing for me would be working on this project, with a color I don’t like, purple, LOL!

  347. I haven’t tried needle painting as I have never known where to start. I used to be able to draw okay so I suppose the shading techniques are similar but it always looks so difficult I haven’t dared to try. I love the look of needle painted embroidery as it is so lifelike and I am such a perfectionist I always want things to look realistic. This would give me some of the skills I need to achieve that goal.

  348. Mary I cannot speak highly enough about this lovely young woman.

    Who ever wins the kit will not be disappointed as Tanja is a very patient and pleasant teacher and so very, very helful.

    She wants you to be a success.

    I buy bits and pieces over the year from her and she is always prompt and helpful.

    May whomever gets this prize (not me) gets all they can from the very excellent tutorage from Tanja.

    With those who have started to thread paint, practice makes perfect. To those who have not tried, then do and I hope one of YOU wins this kit. You will not be disappointed if you carry through.
    Thank you Mary and I have no connection to Tanja Berlin.

    Good luck all.

    Thanks Mary

  349. Hello Mary and thank you for spoiling us with all these giveaways.
    I have never tried needle painting, it seemed always so daunting to me. But reading your site and watching your videos made me change my view. You make it look sooo easy !
    Anyway, I have a project with a part of needle-painting and this kit would be a good training exercise before tackling my project.
    Again, thank you for the opportunity 🙂

  350. My first project of needle painting was Vintage Strawberry with Margaret Cobleigh though I had tried to do some practice with
    Mary Corbet’s tutorial on long and short stitc hes. What I like is the delightful colour merging that looks like real flowers we see in nature.
    What was challenging was to get the angle right with the curves. But I enjoyed because it was my first baby. Looking forward to my next.

    Sarah Bhuyan

  351. What a lovely example of thread painting. I just love pansies. Having tried thread painting once, I would really appreciate professional instruction.
    Thanks for the chance.

  352. Hi Mary,

    I was one of the lucky ones who did the Vintage Strawberry class with Margaret…..and loved it, so I have tried the technique before! I enjoy all types of embroidery, but especially love the wonderful shading and blending of colours so typically seen with thread painting. I also love the super smooth texture and sheen of the finished piece.

    I find the most challenging aspect of thread painting is getting the stitch direction correct…….. and would really like to have some more tuition in this area. One can never practice enough!

    I would love to take a class with Tanja as I have long admired her beautiful and inspiring pieces, and once again, thank you for the opportunity to win a place in her class…..and for your daily email!

    Cheers, Julie

  353. I have only tried needle painting once and was not happy with the results. My motifs were so thick with thread that they caused the fabric to ruffle. I have never taken any classes on needle painting – just gave it a try but I would really like to take this class to learn the technique. What I love about the technique is the blending of colors to give realism to the design. The most challening aspect of the technique to me is making sure the stitches are going in the right direction. I had a very difficult time with this when I tried it recently on a dresser scarf. It also seemed difficult for me to judge the size of each stitch. I was very uncomfortable making these decisions while I was trying to teach myself or practice the technique. I had a strong sense of feeling like I really did not know what I was doing. I would love the opportunity to learn from an expert like this with all of the detailed study guides provided. Thank you for the opportunity.

  354. Oh I would love the chance to take one of Tanja’s classes. I have tried a couple of times and the classes fill before I can register. I love the variation of color achieved with thread painting. I have tried it in the past and have not been as successful as I would like to be. I can’t seem to not get a choppy look to the stitching. I want the variation of color to be seamless and natural looking. Life has been so crazy the past several weeks I need some restful respite stitching.
    Thanks for this opportunity.

  355. I have been looking in awe at thread painting projects, had no idea how to get started. Would love to learn this technique.

  356. I have tried to long and short stitch shading but have not succeeded. This looks awesome and flower looks more realistic. It gives me the courage to try it once again.

  357. I have never tried needle painting before and would like a formal class. I think it is a beautiful form of embroidery and no two are alike. I had the pleasure of meeting Tanya during a visit to New York. She is so talented and I would love the opportunity to try her technique.

  358. Wow ! Yes , I,ve done a few self taught projects, but would love to learn more !
    What I like best about this technique is the freedom … freedom in choice of threads and fabrics and how much detail I choose to put into a design .
    I can make a flower as botanically correct as I,d like it to be and this is the most exciting and challenging aspect for me .
    Thankyou for the invite to a great give away ! Daisy Debs Cornwall England : )

  359. I have always been drawn to thread painting because it looks so very close to a painted picture and I love the way colours blend and shade and create a life like piece of artwork. The most challenging aspect is the ability to keep those long and short stitches even throughout. I have only worked on a few projects. it is one of the embroidery techniques I love the most. Thank you for your website. I look forward to my email and read through the articles because they are interesting and informative.

  360. Oh, I have been eyeing this class ever since I first heard about it. I would love to take this class as needling painting is something I really want to try. This would be my first attempt. I just love the realism of the finished product and how smooth and lovely it looks. I think that the shading and keeping my stitches even and flat would most likely be my hardest challenges. Thank you so much for the chance to win this amazing class!

  361. Hi Mary – I have tried a lot of different embroidery techniques and have loved them all but for some reason needle painting terrifies me! I love this technique, the shading and the delicate workmanship. I just don’t know if I can achieve the shading that is required – I don’t paint (just walls) so I am not confident in the shading. However, I would love to learn this technique so that other projects will look as “life like”. I would love to be confident in doing this technique.

  362. I tried thread paint earlier this year. I was pleased with some aspects of it. (I was embroidering a piece for a chasuble.) I like the idea of adding shadows and highlights to give a more 3-D look. My problem is how much is too much or too little. I think a class with an expert would help me with that discernment.

  363. I am an absolute beginner at needle painting! I have been looking at it because it gives the opportunity to create all that lovely shading making a very realistic piece. I believe the hardest part for me would be getting the lines right! AND I’m just finishing up my current project so this is perfect timing:) thanks for the opportunity!!

  364. I’ve just started working on a project (taking some classes) and thread painting would be perfect to use. The challenge for me would be to get the threads to lay straight and to get the shading done correctly so that it blends together. I don’t think picking the colors would be difficult for me — so maybe I’m off to a good start!
    Thanks for your website, Mary. Its a big help!

  365. when I was (much) younger, I worked through a needle painting project and thought it was pretty good (as my youth would, of course, believe). However, I recently worked with this technique again while recovering from major surgery in July (UM Cancer Center) and felt a bit more critical and disappointed. Winning this drawing would be an incredible opportunity to put more polish into my needle painting skills and be an inspiration / celebration as I continue to recover in the following weeks! The visual simplicity of the Purple Pansy would be a lovely reminder of the beauty of a simple life; the improvement in skills an encouragement for continual learning and overcoming challenges. Life (and the pansy) is beautiful!

  366. I have not tried needle painting yet. I do love to embroider. Your work is so inspiring. Thank you for your awesome blog.

  367. I have not embroidered for 40 years and I found a sampler my grandmother helped me with when I was 10. I want to start again and this is such a lovely little thing.

  368. I have tried needle painting before and found it very challenging. I really love the shading and the realistic look of the work. My biggest challenge is being able to see the work to know where to put my stitches. I recently got a better magnifier and am hoping that will help me with this technique.

  369. wow! . I love purple flowers, and this pansy is beautiful.
    I have attempted needle painting, but became very frustrated when every few stitches went wonky. I would treasure a chance to be a part of this class.
    Thank you both for the opportunity.

  370. I have never tried needle painting before, but would love to learn. I really like the realistic effects that you can achieve using this technique. Using threads and being able to accomplish the blending and shading that an artist does with his brush just amazes me. I think the most difficult part for me would be getting the threads colors and my stitching to blend smoothly and beautifully.

  371. Yes I’ve done needle painting though I don’t think we called it that back in the 70’s when I was very young 🙂 and just learning embroidery (Maxwell House and Erica Wilson kits). Since we were using crewel wool it wasn’t as smooth and fine as when using silk.

    I love how with needle painting you can get subtle shading and a more natural look.

    I think the main challenge with needle painting is knowing when you have done enough. 🙂

    Cynthia M.
    Windy Meadow

  372. I’ve been downloading this technique from an Australian mag from Zinio but have not gotten up the courage to actually try it. I think this class would help me along. Thanks so much for your wonderful instructions and of course, your giveaways.

  373. I have tried needlepainting, but so far I have not perfected it. I would love to win the class so I can find out how to make mine look as beautiful as Tanja’s. I really enjoy your articles every morning–keep up the good work. Thank you

  374. Nice give away!

    I’ve tried needlepainting before with some success in wool but limited success in cotton. Holes always form when I come up through a previous layer of threads.

    What I like most about needlepainting is its realism. Really well done needlepainting can look like oil on canvas and that is impressive.

  375. I fell in love with needle painting, about 4 months ago. This technique and the beautiful results I have seen from you, Mary, and Trish and Tanja just keep me spellbound. I have been blessed to find your website and the awesome instructions here. Thank you so much Mary. I love the way the colors blend into one another and the shading techniques that make everything come to life. I learned about Tanja thru your website as well and want to purchase one of her kits, but I am still in the valley of decision, as to which one. This class is perfect timing for me because I’m still struggling to make my stitching and color blending look like what I am seeing on the screen. I get so close to the computer screen, trying to see where the stitches start and stop, my husband will pass by and say “Can you see it?” LOL
    Once again, Mary to the rescue. Thank you so much for making the class available.

    Debbie Marie from La.

  376. Hi Mary, I have taken courses from Tanja and she is an amazing instructor and stitcher. I would love to take this course. I have never tried this technique, although I have bought books and admired the results. I am somewhat intimidated about making sure the stitches all head in the right direction! That’s what I think is the hardest (and understanding colour shading … that would be hard too!) I love the pansy and would love to try one of Tanja’s animals.

  377. I have tried to learn needle painting once before by myself and from minimal written instruction (nil)and have put the project away for several years. I saw this class on her website and funds are very limited for me so I just dreamed until your offered this give away. I am so thrilled you are offering this class with all the trimmings. I actually may have a chance to take her class.

    Thank you Mary!

  378. I have been an avid needlepointer since high school (45 years!), but recently just wanted to try something different. I am so excited about surface embroidery, and learning so many new ways and stitches. And it goes so much quicker than needlepoint, so I can try lots of patterns and techniques! Thanks for leading me on this wonderful journey!

  379. I have tried needle painting several times in sampler-type projects, and I’ve always been disappointed in the results. I think needle painting is among the most beautiful of all stitching when done correctly, and that’s the great beauty – to see the colors softly move from shade to shade. To me, the most challenging aspect is blending the colors.

  380. I have never tried needlie painting but really want to learn one day. Blending the stitches to me would be the most challenging aspect.
    Thanks for the chance to win!

  381. I can see needle painting as a useful technique for me to learn. The blending of colors would be so useful for many flowers, animals, leaves and especially birds.

  382. G’day Mary,
    I first tried with wool and found I could manage quite well but…this one strand of floss thing, well, I just need heapsa practice! My stitch direction and shading is passable, sort of, but I have trouble keeping the stitches ‘smooth’. They bunch up (see, it’s them not me!) so, if I win this beaut prize, that will be one thing I’ll aiming to eliminate.
    Besides the flow of shading, I particularly love the last details such as a bird’s fluffed up feathers that go beyond the general outline and the accents of beak and eyes that give personality.
    My old eyes are the biggest challenge for me. You see, they’re as old as I am. I do have a good magnifying light but I keep bumping my nose on it! Just trickin’ : )
    Thanks Tanja and Mary,
    Cheers, Kath from Oz

  383. I have not had a chance to try this lovely technique. Just have had books to drool over! Thanks for the chance for the kit and the class!

  384. I have done plenty of counted cross-stitch through the years, but never tried needle painting, or any other embroidery for that matter. I’m doing my first embroidery piece right now (a kit from the craft store) and have learned a new-to-me stitch (twilling). The hardest part for me is learning the long and short stitch and blending different colors together. I would love to learn needle painting so I can do the beautiful Easter Blue Bird that is available through Berlin Embroidery.

  385. Needlepainting always looks so beautiful in photos of others’ work. I have tried this stitch using wool and embroidery floss, but have never been able to get it to look as I want. My biggest challenge is getting it to look nicely blended, instead of “chunky.” I checked out Trisha’s website and this class looks like just the thing…her photos are wonderful and she also will provide feedback on your work as you’re progressing.

  386. Mary,
    I have always wanted to try needlepainting! My daughters bought me ,
    Trish Burr’s book, Colour Confidence. I am ready to try! I think the most dificult part would be keeping stitches the right length and direction. This pansey looks like the perfect design to start on. I really love the dimension that can be achieved with needlepainting.
    Thanks so much !
    Nora G in Monroe

  387. I have tried needle painting before, in fact I have an unfinished project that’s just waiting for me to obtain more detailed information for me to continue as I am not satisfied with the results of trying it on my own:-) What I like best about the technique is how realistic the end result is. What is the most challenging aspect for me is avoiding “stripes” where the colors blend. I would LOVE the opportunityto take the online class!

  388. Good morning, Mary,

    Trish Burr has been my inspiration for needle-painting and I have completed some of her projects. I love how you can realistically “bring flowers to life”. Keeping smooth edges is probably hardest for me.
    Have a wonderful day!
    Maria VF

  389. I love, love, love your website. It is so helpful to those of us in small communities, far from the company of artists that we can learn from. Thanks for all your hard work.

  390. Mary,
    What a nice giveaway..thanks to Tanja! I have tried needle painting in your online class which I really enjoyed but it was challenging for me. I think another class is what I need to feel more comfortable. The most challenging aspect of the technique is getting the stitches in the right place so that they fill the area without looking bunched up or going in the wrong direction. The part I like best about the technique is the color shading and the way the item looks when finished correctly! Thanks for doing this.
    Sheila from CA

  391. Hi, I’m fairly new to thread painting, have done a bit but have problems with getting a real-looking shading with the long and short stitch. This is a technique that I love, but cannot afford to take a class with
    Trish Burr who is my favorite thread painting designer! It would be a dream come true to be able to take this class! Thanks for the opportunity you’ve given us and always inspiring us with the needle!!

  392. What a nice article, and to particularly recognize Tanja’s skills! Thank you also for letting us know about the gold supplies….this will be a great asset to stitchers of all kinds.

    Re: long and short stitch, I do Japanese Silk Embroidery and have been doing it for about 4 years, so this is still pretty new! I have done some long and short stitch and what I find beautiful about it is the subtle gradations of color that help color ‘move’. I don’t know of any other technique that does this as well. I would like to have more projects to do this technique on, and it doesn’t have to be only Japanese embroidery. I like to try other things as well.

    I LOVE doing hand stitching. My sister is a great quilter but she cannot get me to learn it. I am a full-blown hand-stitcher since getting reacquainted with it in the last 5 years. I can’t get enough of it! I started making gifts for my daughters and grandchildren just recently with stitching projects. I could do it all day long! I spend my evenings doing stitching instead of watching t.v. or being on the computer, and I am getting a lot accomplished! So, bring on more techniques for new projects! I am up for all of it!

  393. I have never tried needle painting. I have always admired it but I am concerned about the long and short stitch placement. I, also,have a love of pansies and purple.

  394. I’m relatively new to embroidery, and have never tried needle painting. But I’d love to! I’ve browsed several antique embroidery books and seen a lot of needle painting – I think it’s just gorgeous. I’d love to be able to create those beautiful designs. It would be fantastic to win this class!

  395. I have tried needle painting with long and short crewel stitches, but I’ve never tried with regular embroidery thread. I’d like to try a more formalized technique.

  396. I have tried to do some shading on a project before but I wasn’t happy with the results. It would be great to learn how it’s really done. Thanks to you and Tanja for the chance to win.

  397. I am a self taught thread painter and I want to learn to do this the right way. I love the way that thread painting gives depth to a flat object and this would be such a great opportunity to really learn this skill.

  398. I have used needle painting on one or two projects, although I’m unsure if I was doing it correctly! I love the texture that it gives a project both via the dense stitched area as well as the ability to shade and/or add colors for an item. My biggest concern re: the technique is getting the blending of the colors to be smooth not chunky and covering up starting & ending points when the multiple colors are used. Really would love to win this!

  399. I have done so many different types of needle work. I saw some needle painted items in a LNS and was entranced! I would love to try this new venture and would appreciate this as it is also my favorite flower.

  400. I have not needle painted yet. I try to paint with over-dyed fiber, stitching where I think it looks like a natural place for that color to be (don’t like the stripey look of stitches that change color in straight lines of cross stitch, for example. Looks awkward and unnatural.)

    I have stitched long & short in crewel embroidery as directed in a pattern, but I look forward to learning the artistic talent of painting with color in fiber rather than paint.

  401. I did a needle painted piece when I was in college. It was a small oval of a crock with strawberries and violets. It is one of the few pieces I’ve kept for myself, just because it looked so nice when I was done I couldn’t part with it. Pieces like it are/were hard to find so I just never did another. This lovely pansey is my favorite color and could be the start of many new projects for me. Sincerely hope I get a chance to try.

  402. I’ve done a very little long-and-short stitch, with 2 shades on some flower petals, on one project. I’d like some actual instruction on the technique! And pansies are about my favorite flower.

  403. I did needle painting many years ago and I loved it. As I am now retired, I would like to start again. Unfortunately, I have forgotten some of the basics as well as little tricks of needle painting. What I liked the most of this technique was that it look so real when well done. What was challenging for me was to keep my short and long stiches regular. I have a tendency to start OK but reduce the length of the stiches as I go on. I would be wonderful for me to win this price.

  404. I have tried !!! not in several years tho. I think I could master this beautiful technique using Tanja’s instructions.

  405. I did not know this was called needle painting! I have been staring at the long and short stitches in my embroidery instruction book, but have yet to try it. This would be just the ticket.

  406. I tried needle painting once but without any direction other than long and short stitch. I put it away after a couple of hours time on the piece. I love the finished product but find the technique a bit daunting.
    I love your website with all of its instruction. Thank you!

  407. I have tried and tried needle painting but the results are always lumpy, hopefully this class can show me what I am doing wrong! I love the look of needle painting and dearly want to be able to do it correctly.

    Thank you so much for this opportunity.

  408. I have done only “a little” needle painting, but a lot of other types of embroidery as I am an EGA member. The pansy is beautiful and looks to be a great introduction into the art of needle painting.

  409. Yes I have tried and continue to do Needle painting.
    I have done several of Tanya’s pieces. My favorite is the “fox”
    I love the technique because it affords me the opportunity of freedom of variation.
    The most challenging aspect of this technique is to bring life to the eyes in the animals.
    I would love to try the pansy.

  410. I have always loved the look of needle painting. I tried it with Crewel work in the mid-70’s, but need a lot of re-learning. The melting of the threads into each other is what I really love.

    Kasey E.

  411. I love threadpainting mostly because of the realistic effect you can achieve with it. I have tried several different techniques and find them all useful and lots of fun. I would love to learn Tanja’s approach and pansies are one of my favorite flowers.

  412. The beautiful purple pansy to be taught in the needle painting class by expert teacher, Tanya Berlin, is challenging me to join the class.I love the realistic image and colors of the pansy. The aspect I find most challenging in needle painting is the placement of the stitches at the correct angle. I have not had much experience in needle painting and would love to improve my stitching technique.

  413. I have never tried needle painting.I look at all the patterns for it and find them fascinating. The colors are always so beautiful. Nature just pops forth from the fabric. Blending the threads just so seems to be the big challenge. As a caregiver for my husband I have so little time to devote to stitching. For this reason the small project seems just right.

  414. I would love to learn how to do this technique! I can visualize making something special with needle painting!

  415. Love needle painting. Have bought several books in hopes of getting started. I think classes are best. My mom is an amazing artist, I can’t paint a stick figure, but love working with my hands and embroidery.

  416. This would be my first time but I’ve always wanted to learn it – the finished pieces look so beautiful. I think blending the colours so that they don’t look too ‘blocky’ would be the hardest part.

  417. I’ve never tried needle painting despite being fascinated by it for quite some time now. I love the realistic shading effect achieved and worry that my efforts will look ‘choppy’. A class would be wonderful!

  418. Your blog inspires me to get myself back into embroidery. It has .taught me that what I learned long ago as a child was sometimes incorrect. I never knew that stem stitch and outline stitch were different. It was like when someone pointed out to my that my cross stitches were all supposed to go the same way. Duh! Of course they are!!!

    Thank you for your posts.

  419. Hi,
    I’ve done long and short stitch on crewel embroidery. I’ve also done some of Sandy Rodger’s threadpainting. The picture that comes with the project always looks better than what I have done. What I like most about this technique is the realistic effect and I think that is the hardest thing to accomplish!

  420. I am absolutely a beginner when it comes to long and short, though I’ve tried to master it more times than I can count in my 50+ years of doing needlework. I would adore to do Tanja’s class.

    I also love that Mary offer’s these enticements now and then. I love surprises! They keep me engaged in the world.

    Sue C.

  421. This would be my first attempt and I would love to win. The one thing I am most worried about is the shading aspect of it, thanks for the chance.
    smjohns63 at yahoo dot com

  422. I have tried needle painting a few times. Some projects were more enjoyable than others. I have a friend who wants me to teach her needle painting and this sort of little kit would be perfect for her to try this technique. (Hopefully she doesn’t see this pot).

    Melody in VA

  423. Hi Mary,
    I’ve tried all kinds of embroidery and since I am totally self taught with the help of books, kits, and various patterns then I would love to have the opportunity to join a class. I am a fan of Trish Burr and so to be taught by the best needle painter would be a dream come true. I have tried long and short stitch but because of the cost for silk threads I have never yet tried using silk. I can’t imagine how beautiful the little purple pansy would turn out and would love to know and to experience all that I would gain from this wonderful give-a-way.
    Thank you for this opportunity…..now my fingers are crossed!

  424. I have tried long and short, but in wool, not silk. One of these days I will have to try in silk, it looks so pretty. I think the most difficult thing is to get the whole thing to look natural, crisp and clean without fuzzing or muddying the colors. I am game to try if I win the give-away though!!

  425. I have tried needle painting a little, but have never gotten very far with it. I think the hardest part to me is getting your stitches to really blend together.
    -Heather in Chicago

  426. Wow! A chance to win a pansy kit. I have tried needle painting but it left something to be desired. To be able to learn from the best is an incredible gift. Thank you

  427. I would love to do a needle painting course as I have tried from a book but have problems getting the smooth look that is so essential to a great embroidery. All the little tips and tricks that come with experience is what I need to tap into so I hope that I win this lovely prize.

  428. Mary,

    I’ve been making one of my first attempts at Needle Painting using one of Trish Burr’s lessons/kits.
    I thought I was doing pretty well until I went onto Tanja’s website and saw her sample critique. Just in two pics I saw two things I was doing wrong!
    I so appreciate her offering this to spread the word,and you for taking her up on it. I think I would really benefit from taking it.

  429. I’ve never tried needle painting before. I’ve taught several needlework classes over the years, and would love to add this to my repertoire of things i know how to do!I had a stroke in March, 2012, and have, at the suggestion on my doctor, picked up needlework again to help my right hand. I think the intricacy of needle painting would be great!

  430. I have never done needle painting before but would love to try it. This technique creates such a life-like and realistic effect. I think the challenging part of executing it would be not overdoing it, keeping it subtle.

    I absolutely love doing needlework, lose all sense of time when I am doing it, and always love to learn new methods and stitches. Thank you.

  431. I have never ever tried it, but a book I saw on the technique at my local JoAnn’s last year was what pushed me to try embroidery.

    Its beauty is simply stunning, and opened my eyes to the possibilities of putting thread to fabric.

    I imagine that transitioning between color in a non-jarring manner would be the most challenging.

    – Jen C from Pittsburgh

  432. I have never tried needle painting, so this would be the first time I’d venture into this field of embroidery, though I’ve looked at it a few times. I think the most challenging aspect of this technique is getting the stitching angles right as well as choosing when to switch colors for shading effects.

  433. Have you ever tried needle painting (also known as long and short stitch shading, thread painting, silk shading…), or would this be your first needle painting venture?

    First time trying this.

    What do you like best about the technique? What strikes you as the most challenging aspect of the technique?

    It seems to capture the true essence of the look of the subject. The most challenging part will be even stitching for me. I don’t want the finished project to look like a beginner’s! I have only done a smattering of cross-stitch and embroidery throughout my life. Barely any to really speak of and certainly none to show!

    I am completely self-taught to date.

  434. I have never tried needle painting. Frankly, it always seemed rather intimidating! So, to win a class would be great!

  435. After seeing Trish Burr beautiful work and trying out a tutorial on thread-painting, I find it both gorgeous and difficult. I think I’m color-challenged! I don’t believe I see the shading and the balance between darkness and light easily. If it’s pointed out to me, or if I study a finished piece, I see it. But to look at a model-say a bird-and find those colors, find those shadows and translate them into color-well, there I’m lost. But I so want to re-create what I’ve seen, to make that pretty thing that kits are perfect. Tell me where to paint, what number to use! I know-completely inept but I admire and still aspire.

  436. I have done long and short stitches before. This technique give a very nice texture. When the shades of colors blend well it is really like a painting. The hard part can be keeping all the stitches the same length.

  437. I’ve tried long and short stitch and liked the technique and my work. I would very much like to join a class to learn the proper techniques, so hopefully my work will be a beautiful as this pansy.

  438. I’ve never tried needle painting. It is a beautiful technique! I would love to learn the technique. I love the look of the needle painting, when I was younger I enjoyed china painting and feel this technique would be a wonderful addition to learn and enjoy

  439. I have very limited experience with needlepainting and would love to learn more about it. Tanya’s piece is beautiful and I would love to try it.

  440. I have never tried needle painting and this would be my first attempt. I love the shading of colors and think this would be the most challenging part of needle painting. I would love to attempt the purple pansy!

  441. I’ve just received Needle Painting Embroidery: Fresh Ideas for Beginners, and it looks great. It would be good to do an introductory course before I tackle some of those projects. I would love to know more about how to get the shading so life like as is on your site and hers.

  442. I’ve never tried needle painting since I don’t think I have enough experience or a fine enough touch to do the technique. This would be my first needle painting venture. I love the way the colors mesh and form “shadows” especially in flowers. I think the most challenging aspect of this technique for me will be learning to stitch finely enough to mesh the colors in a beautiful way.

  443. I have played with needle painting with limited success – would love to have a real go!

  444. Hi Mary – what a super give-away! My birthday is Sept. 17th so it would be a great birthday gift:)

    I have tried needlepainting before, but with limited success. I really like the effect, especially for birds and other animals. The most challenging thing is blending the stitches so it doesn’t come out looking like you did “rows” or sections. I have not mastered that technique – my bird has “layers” of feathers rather than nicely blended ones. This would give me a chance to practice!

    Thanks for a great give away to go with your great advice.

  445. I’ve done a tiny bit of needle painting on projects that mostly included other techniques. I love the look of needle painting but it’s always seemed to me to be very difficult to get the lines the right length throughout the project.

  446. I haven’t tried needle painting yet, but I’m anxious to! my embroidery skills are very basic, but seeing the shading on some of your embroidery projects and definitely piqued my interest in doing more complex work with more depth.

  447. Of all the embroidery stitches I’ve learnt so far I just love long and short stitch (thread painting) the most. I find it very relaxing placing the stitches at random, changing colours to build depth into the work and watching the design come to life. My biggest challenge with thread painting is the selection of the thread shades, to get the right tonal blend, or contrast, as needed. Kaye Maclean

  448. I have never tried needle painting. Years ago I used to cross stitch a lot but am now wishing to try other forms of embroidery. This would be my first attempt at needle painting. The thing I like best about it is the ability to get more realistic results from the interplay of various colored threads and the irregular stitching. I need more practice to be as good an embroiderer as I would like to be so I guess that would be the hard part for me: finding the time to get really good at it.

  449. I have just started taking an interest in Crewel Embroidery and have tried some soft shading. I find placing the stitches the hardest part as it is all to easy to end up with a defined line between the colours. Finally after some practise I have started getting the hang of it, though I have a long way to go. I like the fact that you can achieve a real depth of tone and shape using this technique. You can get the objects you are stitching to look 3D through the use of colour and stitch direction.

    Ella from London, UK.

  450. I have done the long and short stitch but did not realize it was called needle painting. This is one technique I would love to learn from beginning to end. It is beautiful. This on-line course sounds wonderful!

  451. I have never tried thread painting. I like the technique of handwork. I have embroidery but would like to learn more and improve my work.

  452. Hi Mary,
    I dabbled a little at long and short stitch when you gave a course on your blog. Was not very pleased with the outcome, it looked heavy and lumpy. Needle painting done right looks so smooth, satiny with the stitches blending in just right – and that’s what I find hardest.

  453. I have tried long and short stitch, and found it challenging. Knowing what length to make the stitches is something I found difficult. I like the finished effect when it looks really smooth.

  454. I’ve tried needle painting only once before, but it looks so pretty that I’m now inclined to learn. It looks very deceptively simple, but having tried (and miserably failed) once I know that it isn’t and would love to learn from someone as talented as Tanja! Thank you for the opportunity! 🙂

  455. I have done embroidery for years but used mainly the basic stitches. I love doing handwork as a break from the sewing machine. It is relaxing as well as satisfying when I complete a project. I am now at a point where I want to challenge myself and add to my embroidery skills. I have never tried thread painting and am eager to try it. I think this is a technique that would greatly add to the beauty of my future projects.

  456. Hi Mary,
    I have not actually done any “needle painting” but have made a couple of tries to do long and short stitch. The results made it obvious that I need help. I think the most difficult part is having the colors blend/stitches blend evenly and smoothly.
    Thanks to you and Tanja for the opportunity.

  457. Hi Mary,
    I have not actually done any “needle painting” but have made a couple of tries to do long and short stitch. The results made it obvious that I need help. I think the most difficult part is having the colors /stitches blend evenly and smoothly.
    Thanks to you and Tanja for the opportunity.

  458. 3 or 4 years ago I bought a crewel work kit as I wanted to give embroidery a go. It turned out to be really tricky and I made a bit of a mess of it, so I’d love to learn how to do it properly (it was needlepainting by the way, I missed that bit out!). Challenging for me is knowing where to put the stitches to make the colours blend.

  459. Learned needle painting long ago from my grandmother and mother. I think I was five when I was able to begin more advanced stitching. That was 50 yrs ago! Just recently started again. Love the shading aspect of this. Having trouble with odd shapes such as thistle leaves or pine branches. Maybe this kit, class, will help me get over this hump!

  460. This would be my very first needle painting experience. I am a trained naturalist (degree in wildlife management) and I absolutely love the natural, subtle beauty which shines through Tanja’s work. I have never seen anyone’s work that allows so much of her specimens’ nature to show through. To dream that I could learn this subtle art and open a world of possibilities – of representing images I have breathlessly observed over the years with my own hand – is a wonderful dream indeed.

    Anne Bender

  461. I have never tried needle painting. I did some embroidery in school and after that I started it again only last Spring. So I am still getting around the basic techniques using simple kits. I like the way the colors merge in needle painting making the design look so natural. I feel that the challenging part would be in choosing the right lengths randomly to bring that natural merging look.

  462. G’day Mary

    I love the purple pansy, I’m thinking a Christmas gift for my sister (her favourite flower).

    I tried needle painting a few years back but when my son asked me “what is it supposed to be?” it got tucked away and abandoned.

    Count me in please.

    I love the ‘realness’ of this style of needlework and let’s face it’s just down right pretty. The most challenging aspect I’ve discovered is just getting the darn thing ‘right’, from the blending of the colours to the laying of the stitches. I remember my first attempt and frown but then I look at the pansy and smile.

    Soooo worth the effort =)

  463. I have tried needle painting in the past, but would like another tutorial from a new teacher. I love the painterly look of it. I think the hardest part is blending and keeping the surface all the same height!

  464. This would be a first for me! I embroider but haven’t had the courage to try this out yet. 🙂 It’s such a beautiful technique and seems to bring a piece to life!! I think the challenge for me would be to blend the stitches/colors so that it looks natural and not choppy. Thank you for the opportunity to try this.

  465. I would enjoy to learn how to paint with thread. It looks somewhat difficult, but I am up to the challenge. Interested in seeing what stitch is used and how one fills in the entire space and how to shade with different colors. I have little embroidery experience with just a few basic stitches. I would love to learn more.

  466. I have never tried needle painting, but found it interesting. I went to the Berlin site and found this new technique. I am truly a beginner and would love to try this out.

  467. I would dearly love to take this class as I like thread painting as a technique but know very little about it. I have done one project but I wasn’t very happy with the way the surface ended up. If you could look at it side on it had more peaks and valleys than the Rocky Mountains, so I figure I need to find out how to avoid that – as well as a whole heap more.

    This is a fantastic opportunity, and I am keeping all my digits crossed.

  468. I love your blog articles and particularly this one about hoops and how to bind them. Thank you for all of your hardwork. I have ordered kits from Tanja Berlin to use with my former EGA groupo and they are lovely and the instructions are very clear. I have not really tried needle painting, but would love to be able to if I have the chance to win this class. Thanks for the opportunity.

  469. Hello Mary,

    I’m currently working on a project that includes long and short stitch/needle painting. This is my first foray into this technique and I appreciate the depth and realism it creates. It’s beautiful.

    The most challenging aspect is learning how to blend my stitches so that they become the painting rather than “oh look – there’s a bunch of stitches that look like a flower, yeah!”. I’m struggling to create smooth edges without the fabric showing or separating the stitches I’m coming up to (for example where flower petals meet).

    Thanks so much for the chance to learn.

  470. Having recently found your site I have tried long and short stitch on Mission Rose, found it one of my favourites, but was unaware it was stitch painting, which I had only seen demonstrated on a sewing machine at shows. I felt this technique was more more suitable to a picture scene as it has more texture.

    As an ex florist and keen gardener all my life the best thing about this subject matter is of course that it is a flower, the shading mirrors exactly the hues of the pansy, the chunky stem, and the leaf in it’s real state.

    I would love to try this kit as I have been looking at increasing this skill, the neatness being the biggest challenge for me I am a free style person, not a counter, but living here in Spain there are no shops in my area to find supplies. I have considered the internet but without touching first I am at a loss to know which to buy, so a complete kit plus the added bonus of long distance tuition seems perfect. This lady is new to me but with such praise will not stay so for long.

    Mollie Valencia Spain

  471. I just tried needlepainting last year in a class with Susan O’Connor. I’ve always been intrigued with how realistic the shading is but intimidated by the thought that I, not a counted ground fabric, would be deciding where to place my needle. I was pleased with my beginning experience and would like to practice this new skill under the watchful eye of a Master Teacher. Despite loving the detailed shading, I’m still unsure without something to count!

  472. Hi mary,
    Thanks for the giveaway. No i haven’t tried needle painting, i do surface embroidery, but i’d love to learn it. I love the way the shading is done and i think the challenging part is to do the needle painting neatly.

  473. What a wonderful give-away! Although I’ve admired needle painting and even have a few books on the subject, I’ve never tried it myself. I would very much like to try needle painting because the technique results in such a colorful and lifelike result; it truly is painting in thread. I suspect the most challenging aspect is learning to blend the areas between colors neatly to create a realistic result. It either requires a great deal of skill and an artistic eye, or there is some trick that we would learn in class! 😉

  474. I’m a complete newcomer to needle painting.

    I think its the amazing realism that can be achieved with this technique that appeals to me most. I know that it will take an awful lot of repeated practise to become anywhere near proficient at this beautiful form of embroidery. this class is the best starting point I can think of.

    Wining this class is just what I need.

  475. I’ve tried some simple examples of this technique before but Tanja’s lessons look so good and comprehensive I think I would love to try more.

  476. I enjoy using a chenille needle to create the needlepainting effect on Needlepoint canvasses. I still cannot seem to get it to look as “perfect” as I would like it to look! I think taking this class may help me learn proper technique and, therefore, I will be able to achieve a “neater” look!

    I love the detail and realism that you can get with this technique. What I find to be the most difficult about this technique is making each stitch look like it has a purpose while blending perfectly with the other stitches.

  477. I have tried needlepainting. It really took me awhile to realize how to layer the threads and how strong the ground cloth had to be. Loved my first needlepainting but the material puckered.

  478. I have never tried needlepainting but it is on my list of things to try – in fact, I have two kits from Tanya’s site sitting in my stash. I have been putting off starting as I am too afraid to begin without some sort of instruction – this sounds perfect.

    I would love to do this particular project for my mom as pansies are her absolute favorite. She just recently had a cancerous tumor removed from her colon and is now starting chemotherapy. This would be a great little project for me to work on while I am sitting with her during her treatments and doctor visits.

    I have all my fingers and toes crossed that I might win this one.


  479. I’ve been working on needle painting for many, many years by myself. I LOVE the way it looks when other people do it, but need some help when I do it. I can never seem to get a really smooth transition between the colors. A class could really help me get to the next level.

  480. I have never done needle painting……what draws me to it is the realistic impression it gives…biggest worry is It won’t look realistic when I am done….I just bought Trisha Burr’s book and will dive into that at some point in time. Love to try new forms of needle arts!

  481. Mary,
    I’ve never tried needlepainting. And the answer to your questions is the gorgeous shading. It’s what makes each piece so beautiful, and I think would make it challenging. But I’d love to try! Thanks, again, for the chance to expand my horizons!

  482. I’ve adored needle painting since I was a child, but I have no personal experience with the technique. I never thought to try until just last month I’ve built up the courage to learn so I started working on the long and short stitch lessons that you, Mary, have so kindly posted here. I’m about half way through, and though I’m starting to understand the principles, my stitching needs much practice. I love the precision of the technique that yet allows room for creativity, and, of course, the soft flow from one shade to the other. I also love the smooth, slightly raised texture it produces. My biggest challenge so far is to make the stitches lie evenly next to each other. The step-by-step instructions from Tanja would keep me on track! I’m happy also that she would look at her students’ stitching and critique it. I need some guidance with laying my stitches as well as regulating their length properly. I also adore pansies,and purple is my favorite color. So, for me, this class would be an ideal project to learn needle painting.

  483. I will turn 70 tomorrow and I would love to take a class on needle painting for a new adventure.
    I love to rug hook and some quilting but embroidery seems like a challenge. I don’t know anyone who does it. This would be a treat.
    Thank you for the chance to learn something new.

  484. Mary reading your regular column has stretched my views of embroidery WAY past the stem stitch and lazy daisies! Can’t thank you enough. I have tried the thread painting a few times, but would still consider myself a beginner as I know there is a lot to learn about the technique. I love the smooth even look of it as well as the blended colors and this would be a true dream to be able to get some extensive training. I have been working on crazy quilt blocks and can see thread painting as a beautiful compliment to their embellishment. Thanks so much for your column, it is a highlight of each day!

  485. I have done some needle-painting, though at the time I didn’t know that’s what it was. To me the most challenging part of it is keeping all stitches going in the direction they need to be going. Mostly I’ve been doing counted cross-stitch (primarily artworks translated to stitchery, but a few sampler-type things) the last 15 years, but I also designed & stitched a stumpwork picture of which I’m quite proud — that was SO much fun!, and I have a crewel pillow kit to do, as well as some petit-point and a needlepoint design. I also recently got an applique quilt kit (my first foray into quilting), and there are a couple companion ones I have my eye on when (if?) I get it done. Too many beautiful things to make and not enough time!

  486. I’ve never tried this technique and just mentioned a short time ago to my EGA friends that it would be great to have someone teach us how to do this technique. I like how nice pieces look because the shading is so subtle and looks very soft. The most challenging would be how many stitches to do for each color and the exact placement so it looks nice. Working on this project would be a wonderful start in learning thread painting.

  487. I haven’t tried this technique. I have tried Japanese bunka. I like that there isn’t any special equipment. I do think the shading may be a bit difficult.

  488. I’ve tried needle painting before but it’d be great to learn from a teacher who’s one of the best in the world.I love the smooth blending of colors and the challenging part for me would be to try and blend more than 2 colors in such a small area.Thanks a lot Mary and Tanja Berlin for this wonderful opportunity.

  489. I tried needle painting recently on an embroidered parrot. I hoped to recreate the feathers through the technique, but I was not happy with the results. The most challenging part to me is selecting the right gradations of tone in the threads to get the rich, three dimensional effect that I love in needle painting. When it is done right, the eye isn’t even aware of the different tones, just the overall effect. This class would be a godsend to me. I discovered your blog a few months ago, when I was recovering from breast cancer surgery and find it both enjoyable and immensely useful! Thank you for writing it.

  490. I have never tried needlepainting, but I’m interested in doing more explicitly representational work with my embroidery. I’m also interested in bringing techniques people associate with ecclesiastical embroidery to a secular area and I think needlepainting would be a fun technique to employ for my planned Madonna and Child with Captain America and Buffy the Vampire Slayer.

  491. Hi Mary,
    No, I have never tried needle painting, although it fascinates me. I guess I am afraid of leaving the comfort of the canvas and counted stitches, of which I do a lot, from printed patterns, or just copying a picture, or my daughter’s and grandchildren’s drawings. But I love the smooth changing of colors, and degradés, and so I feel it is time to try needle painting.
    Thank you Mary for this opportunity, and for your newsletter.

  492. Needle Painting is absolutely BEAUTIFUL! This is a new techique to me that I would LOVE to try! Being able to blend the colors using thread and a needle is AMAZING! (I have a couple of tole painting books because I like the patterns and the shading, even though painting and I mix like oil and water. Lol.) The most challenging aspect I think would be where to blend the colors so they look very natural.

  493. I have tried needlepainting previously and was very disappointed with my results. I just love the way the subtle colour changes give the impression of a painting but achieving that myself seems almost impossible! This pansy class sounds like the perfect opportunity to try again.

  494. I’ve never tried needle painting – only admired it from afar. I love the intricate detail. Making smooth color transitions would be the most challenging aspect for me. What a wonderful opportunity for a lucky someone! Thank you, Mary and Tanja, for the giveaway.

  495. Oh what a sweet design.
    I have taken a couple of thread painting classes, including a great one from Trish Burr.
    I guess what I like best about this work is that is can be so very realistic, and it really makes me appreciate some of the subtle differences between, say, the dozens of shades of red floss available!
    The most challenging part is to get really good at the long and short. Most of my projects are doing a single stitch with a single length, and are VERY symmetrical. Seems like the best looking thread painting is more like nature – a little more asymmetrical and sometimes even a bit lopsided, which is hard for me to do!
    I would sure love to take a class with Tanja – I have long admired her class offerings for the EGA seminars and the work she has on her website. She is truly a talent!


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