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I learned to embroider when I was a kid, when everyone was really into cross stitch (remember the '80s?). Eventually, I migrated to surface embroidery, teaching myself with whatever I could get my hands on...read more

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Help Me, Please!


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Mary sat nervously at her computer screen, wondering if it was a good idea.

Begging for help? It wasn’t really Her Thing. She didn’t like asking people to go out of their way for something that might mean a lot to her, but didn’t necessarily mean much to anyone else.

“Still,” she mused, “that’s what Community is all about, isn’t it? And Needle ‘n Thread is a community, after all.” And so…

She plunged.

She decided the best approach was a forthright and sincere one, because, after all, she was talking to friends.

I need your help! I have an opportunity to apply for a grant through Mission Main Street, which is an endeavor of Chase bank, partnered with Google and additional supporters, to offer small businesses in the US grants that will help them expand.

Mission Main Street Grant

Like most of us, I have a pet dream. It’s not a needlework shop. It’s not a “big money-making endeavor.” It’s actually a rather small dream in the scheme of things, but I think it is a dream that could resonate in the lives of many.

My Dream

My dream is to establish a hand embroidery learning center – a place where, at the local level, classes can be taught to youth and adults who want to learn the art of hand embroidery. At the global level, it is to make classes and learning resources for hand embroidery on all levels more widely available through the internet.

In order to do this, three things have to happen:

1. Needle ‘n Thread needs dedicated space – a place outside my home where classes and workshops can take place, and where I can kit up and store materials for teaching.

2. Needle ‘n Thread needs more than me. Operating the blog, preparing projects, keeping up with the industry, and doing all the embroidery that you see featured on Needle ‘n Thread is already a full time job. To establish an apprenticeship-type program that would allow one or two people at a time to work with me would enable me to teach in person, to organize classes that other skilled embroiderers could teach, and to expand my offering of online teaching materials on Needle ‘n Thread.

3. I need to raise the capital to make 1 & 2 feasible. This can be done much more quickly and realistically with a business grant.

Why the Needle Arts are Important

Since you’re already an embroidery enthusiast, you know how important the needle arts are in the lives of those who love them and who have an aptitude for them.

You already know that teaching even one person the love of the needle can have wide-spread repercussions in the lives of many others.

Embroidery gives us a creative outlet, it generates appreciation for art and craftsmanship, it fosters a sense of accomplishment (especially in youth), it improves lives, it makes people happy, and, with today’s ever-expanding DYI / craft marketplace, it presents the possibility of earning a livelihood doing something you love.

How Can You Help Me?

Since I began Needle ‘n Thread as a blog in 2006 and registered it as a business in 2011, my goal has always been to reach out locally and globally to promote every aspect of the needle arts. I hope that I have been at least partially successful in doing this.

With the Mission Main Street grant program, I have the opportunity to expand that dream, which I could never do without capital. Though I’ll be competing with many other small businesses to win one of the twelve grants on offer, I still think it is worth a try.

So I’m asking for your help. The initial step in the application process requires me to garner a minimum of 250 votes for Needle ‘n Thread on the Mission Main Street website. To vote, you have to have a Facebook account. If you don’t have one or you are uncomfortable in any way with casting a vote, that’s ok.

But if you do have one and you want to vote, I would greatly appreciate your endorsement for Needle ‘n Thread as a worthy grant recipient.

Anyone who has a Facebook account, no matter where you are in the world, can vote!

If you have ever found Needle ‘n Thread useful, educational, or entertaining, I’m (quite literally!) begging you to vote through this link so that I can get through the initial phase of the application process.

And don’t worry – the grant recipients must agree to use the grant for their business purposes as described in the application. So I won’t be buying that little island home where I can melt away hours stitching in peaceful bliss and sunshine.

And I won’t be supplementing my thread stash with it, either!

Are You a Small Needlework Business in the US?

If you’re a small needlework business in the US – either a sole proprietor or a business with less than 100 employees – you can also apply for a Mission Main Street grant. The deadline is October 31st, and the steps of the application process are not too complex.

I strongly encourage you to apply for the grant if you desire to expand your business with a feasible plan but, like me, you don’t have the capital to do so.

I know, in a sense, it seems like “competing” with each other, but I don’t see it that way. It’s all about supporting the Needle Arts. If you do decide to apply, once you have your business profile set up on the Mission Main Street website, write to me and let me know, so that I can vote for you, too, and spread the word.

Maybe with some combined effort, we can at least see one needlework-related business receive a financial boost that can help it survive and flourish, to influence future generations of needleworkers!

Please, if you can, vote for Needle ‘n Thread today!


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(224) Comments

  1. I just voted too, Mary. I wish you the very best of luck. I’d love to see your dream come true and if I was nearby, I would be your #1 student!! I would love to attend such a learning center!

    1. Hi, Denise – Thanks so much! Well, you never do know! One thing that the grant would help with is being able to take on an apprentice or two, which would give me some extra hands, which would then allow me to take up some of the teaching offers I’ve had, which means I could then teach in other places, too. And then, who knows? We could meet up in PA! See? It’s a chain reaction! Well, I’ll let everyone know how it goes! ~MC

  2. Hi Mary,

    I just voted for you and so did my husband -although he doesn’t enjoy your site nearly as much as I do πŸ™‚

    Good luck

    1. Hi, Grace – Thanks for your comment! And for your “vote in spirit” – I’m afraid FB is the only platform they use. But that’s ok! Just knowing you would vote is good enough for me!

  3. Why shouldn’t we do something for you after everything you’ve offered us free?? I hope you could use some of the grant money to attend conferences, too. We would all benefit if you could afford to go.

    1. Thanks, Goldberry! Well, that’s another thing. It’s not so much being able to afford to go, financially. It’s being able to afford the time. So with the ability to take on a helper or two, it becomes much more feasible to have the time to accept some of the teaching offers I’ve received for different conferences. So, fingers crossed! Thanks a bunch! ~MC

  4. Good Morning, Mary!

    Happy to help with this worthy goal. Might I also dare to strongly suggest an additional step to this dream? KICKSTARTER … what a fantastic project this would make for Kickstarter, and many of us here in your community I’m sure would actively support that as well. We have benefited so much from your generosity and knowledge, and we clearly BELIEVE in the vie of sharing needlework knowledge … Kickstarter might just be the way to jumpstart your dream … how can we help?

    Cathy in PA

    1. Hi, Cathy! Thanks for the Kickstarter suggestion! I’ve thought about that, too, and maybe some day I’ll try that route, if a small business grant doesn’t come through. I think Kickstarter is a great program for start-ups, so it’s definitely something to consider. Thanks so much! ~MC

  5. Hi Mary,

    I’m voting in spirit as I don’t have a FB account. The endeavor sounds wonderful and I am willing to help in other ways too. I have legal skills if tey should come in handy.


    1. Thanks so much, Lorraine! I’m not 100% certain that it’s the type of business that these types of grants go to (a learning center vs. a “retail” type business), but I think it’s definitely a worthy cause, and it is my eventual plan, regardless. It just may take a little more time without a grant, but that’s ok. I don’t mind the work, that’s for sure! πŸ™‚

  6. Just voted for you! I too have a small dream, so I wish you the best! Love your blog and I have been prompted to buy several products because of your reviews! Thank you and keep up the good work!

    1. Hi, Janice! Thank you! You can actually vote for other small businesses that have also applied, but only for each business once. So if you see other small businesses that you think would be worthy, you can vote for them, too, but just one time each. But thank you for the “repeat” vote of confidence! ~MC

  7. Hey Mary,

    Just voted for you! At the time, there were already 514 votes in your favor! Best of luck – you are so talented and this would be a great use of that God-given talent!

    Joy in Southern Indiana

  8. Mary, I read your blog every day because I think it is the best embroidery teaching blog on the web. You have my vote.

    1. Thank you so much, Bobbi! Fingers crossed, and we’ll see how it goes. You’ve already been such a terrific support – thanks to that Nesting Place! πŸ™‚

  9. I voted as I thoroughly enjoy your blog and your site. I also echo those who have encouraged you to do a Kickstarter campaign. I would support you there too!

    1. Hi, LIsa – Thank you! Yes, I’m thinking about Kickstarter, and definitely keeping it in the back of my mind. I’ve often peruse their website just to see how things are working in the Kickstarter world! It’s a good idea and definitely an interesting way to get like-minded people involved in a project. Thanks again! ~MC

  10. I wish you the very best in your “dreams come true”. Even though I am not an avid stitcher, I read your blog and enjoy the tutorials.

  11. I think your one of the best sites. I voted, good luck with the grant. They are not easy to get. Best of luck and best wishes.

    1. Thanks a bunch, Julie! Yes, I’m not 100% confident that I will meet their judging criteria, but it is a good exercise, and it never hurts to try! I’ll keep everyone posted, come January! Thanks again! ~MC

  12. Voted. Good luck Mary! I wish I could do the same thing here in Brazil! By the way, thank you for all knowledge and beauty you share! Helps me a lot!

  13. I just voted! As a long-time lurker I have to tell you that I really enjoy your site and I’ve used your stitch video tutorials a number of times. While I know I will never tackle a large embroidery project (only so many hours in a day and quilting consumes a lot of them!), I really enjoy watching the progress on your projects. I agree that needlework brings many rewards to both the needleworker and those around him or her and needs to be encouraged. I hope you receive your grant but if not, let us know when to vote for your next try!

  14. If I could vote more than once I would. You are already making a huge difference in the embroidery world. I’d love to help more.

    1. Hi, Carol! Thanks for your “repeat” vote of confidence! It’s a one-vote-per-business situation, but that’s ok! I appreciate all the enthusiasm….more than the votes, actually. The chances of getting the grant are pretty slim, but the enthusiasm that everyone has expressed does a lot to bolster my enthusiasm for my plans and see them as worth working harder for. So it might not happen as quickly, but it will happen some day! ~MC

  15. I’m number 699 to vote…so looks like you have made it through the Level I procedures! Woot! Woot! Your dream is wonderful and I certainly wish you the best with it. Can’t wait to see you just keep growing and sharing embroidery even more with the world!

  16. You bet I voted for you. I know I’ll never be as good at needlework as you are but I’ve learned so much from you and enjoy your projects so much. It keeps me motivated with my own needlework. I’m not able to be a designer since I’m not artistic but this is a great creative outlet for me. You feed that, nurture it and I thank you. Any way we can help you teach even more, reach out to more people then I’m all for it.

    As for using some of the money for thread stash: I don’t see that as a bad thing. πŸ™‚

    1. Thanks, Irene! Heh heh. Yes, well… come to think of it, isn’t a thread stash part of a needlework business, anyway? I’m sure there’s some way I could justify that, right?!?! πŸ™‚ Well, I’m actually pretty well stashed up for the moment! So I suppose I should concentrate on other aspects. Like…a place! ~MC

  17. Done!
    Mary, I forwarded your message to all my needlework (and non-needlework friends). May I suggest that other viewers do the same?
    I am now patiently standing in the queue waiting to enter your new classroom for my first class….
    Follow your dream!!

    1. Thanks a bunch, Kathleen, and for forwarding the information! Well, I’ll definitely let you know when the place comes about!

      How do you manage to be in two places at once – Wisconsin and PA??? I need to learn that trick! Does it come with 48 hour days and four arms, by any chance? That would be ideal! πŸ™‚

  18. I am vote 780. I wish I lived nearer so I could visit the learning centre when you get it all up and running. Good luck!

  19. Dear Mary

    I’ve just voted I think this is a great idea and I really hope you are able to obtain the grant because I think you are a great teacher and would inspire newbees to embroidery a worthy course. Good Luck.

    Regards Anita Simmance

    1. Thanks so much, Anita! Well, as an apprentice, I’m afraid you’d have to live in Kansas. I don’t know how much you’d like it, after the excitement of living in London. Corn fields all around (and that’s about it!) πŸ™‚ I really appreciate your support – with this, and with your daily messages! They boost me up! ~MC

  20. Voted with all my heart, Mary … and so did my hubs. His was the dearest vote: he voted because he knows how much I admire your work. Best of luck for your new and exciting endeavor xo

  21. Hi, Mary. I support your dream! I think it’s wonderful what you want to do. Unfortunately, by casting my vote via Facebook, I’m also allowing access by the organization to all of my FB friends and I’m not willing to do that. If there’s another way I can vote for you, please let me know and I’ll do it. Good luck!

    1. This is one of my beefs about facebook and one of the reasons why I won’t sign up! Nothing, but nothing is private on facebook and nothing is ever truly deleted either….=( OK, I know most web-based stuff is the same, but I take it out on facebook!!!=)

  22. Good morning Mary,

    I absolutely give you my vote; however I do not facebook. Any other way to get my vote counted?

    Jen In Oregon

    1. Hi, Jen! Thanks so much for your vote of confidence, regardless of no Facebook – that’s quite all right. The only way they offer is going through FB, but if you don’t have an account, please don’t worry about it! Just knowing you would vote if you could is enough for me! πŸ™‚ ~MC

  23. I enthusiastically voted for you to receive the grant. There were already 888 votes by the time I got there. I hope and pray that you can achieve your dream. Let me know if there is anything else I can do to help you.

  24. Well Mary, I would say you’re home and dry as far as stage one goes as you had 915 votes when I looked just now! Well done and I really hope you can make this dream work.=) I wish I was local and could join you.

    I also wish I could add my own vote, but as it’s only open to facebook members and I don’t have or want an account (although I suppose, if I ever start my own business (increasingly unlikely) I’ll have to get one for that), I’m not able to join in. Somehow I don’t think that will adversely affect your chances and I wish you 100% success with this project!


    1. Hi, Elizabeth! Yes, it’s the old FB dilemma. I’m not sure why it’s just through FB that this can happen, but that is the way of it. But your “vote of confidence” counts as far as I’m concerned. We’ll see how it goes – I’ll definitely keep everyone posted either way, come January! Thanks a bunch! ~MC

  25. Mary I would love to vote for your wonderful plan – – is there another way than Facebook?? I am NOT a Facebook fan!!! So if I can send an email instead I would be very glad to do so.

    1. Hi, Wendy! Thanks for your comment and question. I’m afraid the vote is only through FB – not sure why. But that’s ok – it’s well past the minimum now, so it’s just a matter of submitting the application at this point and waiting with fingers crossed. Thanks again!! ~MC

  26. Hi
    Sorry, I don’t do Facebook.
    You have a great idea.
    I would like to win the billion $$$ to help you.
    Louise from Quebec

  27. Of course I voted! On both links. Because I always find Needle’n Thread useful, educational and entertaining! And you are the best teacher in the world!
    Wish you all the luck with this great project that you have in mind!
    But this little island home, stitching bliss and sunshine… it’s a great idea too!
    I would have voted for a grant for that one too! :)))

  28. Mary, I just voted, (I think I was #925) and I am so happy to do so! I taught myself very basic embroidery as a child but became frustrated and gave it up. While searching for something online, I luckily happened across your site, and now I visit it every single day. You have given me such inspiration and, through your wonderful tutorials and articles, I actually have the confidence to think, “Hey, I think I can do that!” You are a brilliant teacher and I hope that you receive this grant! I generally sit on the sidelines and do not comment very often, but I want to thank you for all you do for us, and I am glad to be able to help support you!

  29. I just voted. It was very quick and easy. You have been such an inspiration for me to get back to my embroidery. And just entertainment for me in hard times that I feel I owe at least the vote. Thanks for everything and good luck with your dream!

    1. Thank you, Joyce! I’m glad Needle ‘n Thread has served you well! Needlework is a great salve for difficult times – but I hope they have passed for you! ~MC

  30. Hi Mary – voted with pleasure!
    As always, you not only promote our beloved needle arts, but also encourage people to follow your lead. You have a Very Generous heart, as Needle’n’Thread shows us every single day. Good luck, and if you need anything else please don’t fight yourself so much before asking us! πŸ™‚

    1. Thanks, Claire! I think it would be Really Cool! I’ve pictured it in my head for so long – whether or not the picture and the reality will correspond, we’ll see. But it would be wonderful if it could come to be sooner than I imagined. Fingers crossed!

    1. Thank you, Carol! Hope I get it, too!

      I just visited your web page on nature artists. Unbelievable work!!! I especially love the step-by-steps under “creative process”. WOW! It’s amazing to see your work develop!

      Thanks again!

  31. You have my vote—I hope this dream comes true for you and for all those who would benefit from it. This fine art and the history behind it should not be lost.

  32. I was vote #1079. It’s wonderful what an amazing following you have – I am going to check later today to see how many votes you have then πŸ™‚ You deserve it!

  33. Mary,

    I pray you can realize your dream.

    In the meantime, I’m rethinking my impending retirement…Maybe I’ll be moving to Kansas so I can be there to see your dream evolve and lend a helping (even if arthritic) pair of volunteer hands :).

    The Lord be with you.

    1. Thanks, Doris! Oh, yes, Kansas is a good place to retire, believe it or not. We have all the seasons, but not too severe (though summer can get a bit warm and sticky). We have a fairly laid-back, rural life. Every spring, we get to watch the corn grow for entertainment, and in the fall, the weather is lovely. Winters are not too bad, depending on the year. And, at the state level, military retirements are not taxed. And our highways are not crowded! And we have beautiful sunsets and starry nights! Well, I’m a little partial to Kansas, if you couldn’t tell….. Thanks again! ~MC

  34. Voted yesterday when there were about 160 votes. I just checked back and there are almost 1100!

    Blessings on your endeavors!

  35. VoilΓ  un petit vote venu de France ! Je ne suis pas trΓ¨s douΓ©e avec FB j’espΓ¨re avoir fait comme il faut pour que mon vote soit bon pour vous. Mille mercis pour votre blog qui m’apprend tant de choses.
    J’espΓ¨re que vous serez choisi pour la subvension.

  36. Well, darn, I don’t have a FB account so I can’t vote, but I’m keeping my fingers crossed for you and wish you the best of luck with realising your lovely dream!

  37. I voted and I wish you the best!!! It was the least I could do because your videos have helped me so much!! I think you are an amazing teacher and I love how easy it is to follow your directions. Just bought Lavender Honey and I love the excellent photos in the tutorial!! I hope your dream comes true because it is an excellent dream!!

    1. Thanks, Traci! I’m so glad you enjoy my teacherly instructions. Sometimes, I think I go overboard – but if they help, that’s what matters!

      And thanks for the purchase of Lavender Honey! I hope you enjoy it – it was so much fun working the samples and putting that whole book together.

      Thanks again!

  38. Hi Mary…One vote from this little town in Kerala, India for your awesome embroidery site..Needle n thread ,if that will help you with your venture

    wishing you all success

  39. Well, shoot! I’ve managed to resist Facebook until now. I enthusiastically support your effort and am delighted to see your enterprise into its fruition. So, back in a few minutes after I set up a Facebook account…

  40. Mary, only delighted to be able to do something for you. I’ve voted. Thanks for all your hard work, I’m looking forward to much much more!

  41. Hi again Mary,

    I see quite a few have “seconded” my Kickstarter suggestion. Life is short , uncertain, and you have so much to share … in light of the response to this post, why not try to launch a Kickstarter project now as well? We share your dream!
    Thank You for allowing us the privilege of helping you achieve that dream!!!

    I volunteer to aid with internet, computer, marketing and organization skills πŸ™‚ “Have travel trailer, will travel” if needed LOL … in fact we just came through Kansas on the way home from New Mexico.

  42. I would love to vote for you, Mary, but when I logged on, a statement came up that said “Chase Bank would have access to your profile and friends list.” I’m not comfortable giving them my friends facebook info, so please know that I voted for you in spirit. Best of luck!

  43. So excited for you Mary. What a wonderful vision you have for sharing this craft! My only concern is that I won’t be able to come and see your shop often enough! God Bless!

  44. Just voted. I am vote 1302. I am happy to do this for you. I don’t have any friends on facebook, just groups. I don’t embroider but I love reading your blog posts and wish you all the luck in the world. Many years ago I discovered that the only way to keep my life in balance is to spend some time each day being creative. Some days reading about other people’s creativity is all I can do and that can be enough for me when my body won’t allow any more. So I am very happy to support others who are trying to spread a little help to others in the creative world.

  45. My vote is in. I hope you win the grant as needlework needs to stay alive… and I love all your work so much. Good luck and big hugs from Mexico!!!

  46. I voted Mary – even signed back on to use facebook to do it (hate the thought of facebook and will probably opt right back out of it again) but I really wanted to support you on this endeavor. Will keep my fingers crossed!

  47. I must vote in spirit, Mary. Sending you best wishes and hearfelt support that your dream come true. You certainly deserve it! I wish there was another way to vote besides Facebook.

    Love, Sheila

    PS. Here’s a thought and a possible idea: I’m starting a Knitting class at my son’s middle school through The National NeedleArts Association (TNNA). They have a program called NAMP, supported by the Helping Hands Foundation, which provides knitting needles, crochet hooks, yarn, needles and floss, and embroidery supplies depending upon the program to interested groups with mentors.

    Could you partner with TNNA or the EGA? You have a strong homegrown brand and a giant core group of supporters. Might be worth investigating if this falls short in any way, or if you want to look into additional partnerships, and avenues of outreach. If Erica Wilson found a way… πŸ˜‰

    Clearly there’s still a need, even if she isn’t around anymore.

  48. I wish you well in the pursuit of your dream, however what are your credentials and formal embroidery and textile training? You are talking about taking on the role of teaching apprentices and mass audiences this sound like more than a community recreation center or a casual stitching group, and therefore should have some certification and credentials to support such a venture. Perhaps that was part of the plan and I missed that part.

    1. Hi, Cate – good point and a valid question! I’m afraid I’m completely self-taught when it comes to textiles, though I do have some background in the history of art, which is marginally connected. It is feasible that I would eventually seek certification in some aspects – this is part of my plan for future sustainability.

      I used the term “apprentice” in a broad sense – meaning individuals who want to learn the art and whom I can train to do some of the things I do, to help spread the workload. Employees, but employees with a passion for learning the art of embroidery, as opposed to employees who have no interest, except to hold a job.

      As for qualifications for teaching, I have the degrees, certification, and experience to teach at every level, from primary grades all the way up to university, which is, in fact, what I was doing for 18 years prior to taking up Needle ‘n Thread full time. So I know well the principles of educating at any level, and I’ve developed the requisite skills in embroidery over years of practice. Certification in certain aspects of the textile arts can follow when I have the leisure time and the finances to pursue it.

      Personally, I don’t think that certification in various areas of needlework is absolutely essential to successfully teaching others to embroider. Though I think it is wonderful that people are able to pursue such certification through organizations like the EGA, the Royal School of Needlework, City & Guilds programs and the like, there are many, many highly skilled embroiderers in the world who are successful at their craft and in business without certification. Still, being well acquainted with a world that requires “tickets,” this is something I’ll eventually pursue.

      Thanks for bringing up the point!

    2. Cate, I respectfully ask if you have seen Mary’s work and her tutorials? Even if Mary were completely unschooled, she has talent, passion and heart. Three things way more important than getting a certificate. Off the top of my head, the creators of the Bayeux Tapestry and Mary Queen of Scots jump out as people uncertified to embroider but whose work has survived the centuries. Being certified in anything requires only a certain number of hours of participation. Those who barely squeak by get certified along with those who are perfect students. I’m not impressed with credentials. Mary’s work and her history of teaching thru her tutorials speak for themselves.

    3. I have to agree with Dianne on this. Mary’s work is faultless and whether she is ‘certified’ or not is totally irrelevant because of her skill.

      The notion that people must be formally educated in a particular field and have pieces of paper to prove that education is relatively new, especially in the area of embroidery/needlework. All those fantastic Gothic cathedrals and Renaissance palaces were designed by either stone masons or enthusiastic amateurs. I haven’t noticed too many of them falling down so I am beginning to question the validity of university education; perhaps apprenticeships are a better way to learn. The same thing applies to many other fields, eg, the law, medicine, dentistry …..

  49. I don’t do facebook either, I would love to vote for you if only there were another way. Please count this as a vote in spirit.

  50. Well I saw you had no trouble reaching the 250-vote minimum, but figured another wouldn’t hurt! Good luck with your application πŸ™‚

  51. The voting is easy. In your application for funding I think you should mention the needlework resources that are in your locality and compare that to other places. You have mentioned historical resource centres at times where embroidery is done, but these are far away. You write about doing ecclesiastical embroidery. Teaching new people how to restore historical and cultural artifacts is an excellent goal. Teaching students how to make new ceremonial garments is another. If you are the only person in your locality who can teach these skills then this would strengthen your case. Your website is comprehensive and provides a ready resource for embroiderers of all ages and in many countries. Mention how many people access your site weekly too.

  52. Voted. I hope you succeed, my dream is to open a yarn store, with your skill & dedication you’ve shown on this site, you more than deserve success. Sincerely, Linda.

    1. Mary, I voted. Good luck. I hope this happens. I would love to take your classes.

      Your neighbor in the mighty Missouri.

  53. Done and pinned! Mary, your website has been such an incredible resource for me over the years, and your teaching style is superb. Your community would be so lucky to have this hand embroidery learning center. Wishing you all the biggest and best success possible! Let us know how else we can help! Go! Go! Gooooooo! πŸ˜€

  54. Okay, Mary, my vote was #1,590. I have so enjoyed your website and all that you share. I wish you much luck and success and I look forward to all of your future work!

    Thank you!

  55. Hi Mary,

    I would love to vote for you and your endeavor but I don’t have a Facebook account and am reluctant to create one. Why is it necessary to have one to vote? Is this some sort of proof of identity of the voter?

    I’ll say some prayers and cross my fingers for your success instead!

  56. No need to be nervous Mary! I welcome the chance to pay you back for everything you’ve taught me! You don’t know it but you and your tutorials have almost single-handedly taught me to embroider. By the time I voted you had more than the 250 minimum votes required but was happy to be vote #321. Best of luck to you! ~ Di

  57. On behalf of all…er, make that 99%…your readers, you never need to feel nervous about asking any of us for help. You have given so much to us that any little thing (like clicking on a couple of buttons) that we can do for you is small repayment indeed.

    I have voted, and I will send this on to my husband who has heard about you so often he feels he knows you and he can vote too.

    Best of luck. Your dream deserves to succeed as it is so altruistic and actually realisable (Sorry Miss, that word just slipped out).

  58. Hi Mary, I have voted for you, I think!! I found the site very confusing as it does not tell you that your vote has been received/recorded, clicking the vote now button just takes you to the home page.

    Good Luck. When I was there you had 1623 votes. Well Done

  59. How exciting Mary! Just voted for you and pray your dream will be fulfilled! I have learned SO MUCH from this blog and appreciate all your efforts to continue educating those around you.
    Blessings to you & yours!

  60. I’m smiling because I just saw this, just voted for you and saw that you have 1689 votes already. That sounds like a lot! I hope you get it! — Cassandra

  61. I voted and the number that popped up on the screen was 1700. With that kind of a voting base, the folks at Mission Main Street could easily sneak in the island n thread stash. Praying for you to win the grant.
    After all your generosity to strangers (and the ecclesiastic embroidery you’ve done), the Lord is sure to reward you. And if you’ve been lighting candles too in hopes of winning,you now know exactly how we feel when we vie for your giveaways.
    With plenty of love from India,

  62. G’day Mary,
    Didn’t hesitate, have just Voted √, and I see you have more than enough to get you through this part and I just checked right now and 2 more have voted since my number made it 1701! Great stuff and am sure the count will continue to rise. You deserve every dream to materialise (bit of a pun there but it could be better eh, I won’t even try though) and I wish you the very best in every way with this one.
    Just a little diversion. Talking to granddaughter (4) on the phone. Their baby is due in 3wks and had a scan yesterday which she was present for. Usually she’s all talk of the baby. When asked she answered “YES, I saw the baby, and guess WHAT?” “What?” “I had chippies and apple juice at Maccas.”!
    Cheers Mary, Kath.

  63. My heart sank when I saw that voting was through Facebook. (I don’t feel comfortable with it.)

    I just remembered that my husband has an account though. I’ll get him to vote for you.

  64. Just voted for you, Mary. I just finished an embroidery project this weekend and was thinking about how your online tutorials made it all possible. If anyone can make an embroidery learning center work, it’s you. Best of luck!

  65. Voted for you first thing yesterday morning… The vote count was about 150 then… Went to check this morning, and you have 1805 votes, WOO-HOO!!! I hope you get the grant–your dream coming true will make our dreams come true as well.

  66. To thank you for all the great stitchy info on NnT, I’m cheering you on–but I’m not comfortable with the FB thing! I’ll continue to spread the word about your site & let others decide to vote for you using the FB platform. Best Wishes!!

  67. Gosh, Mary, of course I’ve voted for you! I wish I could do something more. Thanks for the opportunity to vote — like so many others, I’m glad to have a chance to demonstrate that I value your work. All best to you.

  68. I just voted and I see that you are WAY over the minimum 250 votes! That’s awesome. I wish you luck with getting the grant. I’ve learned a lot from you just through the blog and I know you would be able to accomplish so much more if you were able to teach people in person. Hands on learning is sometimes the best way to learn certain techniques.

  69. Hello Mary,

    I have received such help, inspiration and sheer delight from you via your website that it gave me great pleasure to vote for you. Your project sounds terrific and I wish you all the very best with it.

  70. Good luck with your grant application – it sounds like a wonderful opportunity. I have voted for you and told all my friends about it too.

  71. Mary: I think this is a terrific idea and I would love to support you.
    I feel like a curmudgeon after all the “I voted for you”‘s above me, but the fine print said if I voted Chase would have access to my friends list and my profile picture. And I really don’t want that.
    But, since you have already surpassed the minimum number of votes maybe I should take off my curmudgeon cap. It would be really wonderful if your blog followers were able to be a tiny part of making your dreams come true.

  72. Mary, just saw your article about getting votes and would love to vote for you but I do not subscribe to Facebook. Can I vote another way?
    You, IMHO, are one of the best teachers there are and would do the Needle Arts world a huge favor by being able to expand your shop and teach more people. I’ll be praying for you to win a grant! Please let me know if I can vote anywhere else. Yours and His, Deonia in Florida

    1. Hi, Deonia – thanks so much for your note. That’s quite ok – the minimum was 250 for qualifying, so I’m good to go! Glad you enjoy needle ‘n thread! -MC

  73. Just found your site and was reading through some past posts. Found you begging and went and voted. Over 2000 votes, that’s good, right? You might want to mention when this round of voting is over – or did I miss that? Anyway, best of luck. I wish I lived closer. I will just have to be happy with your newsletter….

    1. Hi, Suzanne – thanks a bunch! The voting goes on until November 15, I believe, but since I’ve met the minimum to qualify, I’ve gone ahead with the rest of the application process. Now it’s just a matter of waiting. I’ll let people know, either way, come January! Thanks again! – MC

  74. I voted for you Mary. After using my dining room table for 3 years to teach sewing lessons, and my basement as my private studio, I share your wanting for a dedicated space to teach and organize your supplies. I’m not ready to move out just yet, but I will keep this grant idea in mind for future use. I, too, hope you can open your shop to give lessons and maybe host retreats to some of us who live far away. Good Luck, I know you will keep us posted. Debbie

  75. Dear Mary,
    I was travelling overseas when your call for help came. I see you have many many more votes than required, no surprise there. Unfortunately, I don’t have a Facebook account, otherwise I’d add to the tally as a vote of support for your endeavour. In my book, Needle n’ Thread is the top embroidery site by a very long margin (i.e. daylight in second and third places). You are an outstanding teacher par excellence. Mary, best wishes for the success of your dream, that you get to enrich many more lives through hand embroidery.

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