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Chatelaine Scissors – A Give-Away!


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After showing you these chatelaine scissors from Simply Scissors last week, I figured this morning would be the Perfect Monday Morning for a give-away.

If, like me, you’re trying to recoup from the Dreadful Time Change this weekend, you need a pick-me-up, anyway!

Chatelaine Scissors for Embroidery

So, today, courtesy of the folks at Simply Scissors and Golden Hinde, I’m giving away these lovely Jasmine chatelaine scissors.

The chatelaine is encrusted with lovely jasmine flowers – a perfect little spring gift!

If you’d like to participate in the give-away, please read the guidelines below. But before we get to them, I’ll answer some questions that came in after I mentioned them lat week.

Additional Chatelaine Scissor Information

The scissors themselves (they are quite small – about 3″ long) are made in Italy. They work very well. They have tiny, fine, sharp blades. The mechanics of the scissors feel good. Some readers commented that often, tools like this look good online, only to find that they are tinny and low quality when they arrive. This isn’t the case here. I don’t like tinny and cheap, either!

Some of the sources I listed in the previous article are for wholesale purchases, so here are some better direct sources:

In Australia, you can find chatelaine scissors through Country Bumpkin.

In the US, you can find them through Fireside Stitchery and through Carol Ahles Fine Sewing & Heirloom Tools. The latter has the best selection of the chatelaine scissors, with some beautiful ones to choose from. (The tulip ones on the second page are lovely!)

And in the UK, you can find the chatelaine scissors at Golden Hinde, along with (yes!) many other little distractions like goldwork supplies, books, kits…

Give-Away Guidelines

If you’d like a chance to own the Jasmine chatelaine scissors, just follow these guidelines:

This give-away is now ended! Thanks for participating!

1. Leave a comment below, answering the question posed below. Comments left on other articles on Needle ‘n Thread or sent in via email are not eligible.

2. In your comment, answer the following question:

What’s your favorite embroidery tool?

3. Please make sure you leave a recognizable name either in the name line or in the comment box with your comment.

4. Submit your comment before 5:00 am CDT this Saturday, March 15 (the Ides of March!). I’ll announce the winner on Saturday morning.

The give-away is open to anyone, anywhere!

Good luck!

And may your Monday be a jolly one!


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  1. My favorite embroidery tool is my needle organizer by DMC. It has a foam in it and small squares that I can label with each color symbol. This keeps me from having to unthread and rethread my needles when I am working on a large project that requires loads of color changes…which is most of the time.

    Thanks for the giveaway!! The scissors and holder are beautiful!

  2. For embroidery I feel that you always need a good needle threader and I always find a hard time finding one! Most are so flimsy they fall apart easily. Thank you for the give away these little scissors are awesome

    1. When I learned in 4th grade my teacher taught us with needle threaders that she “improved”. She hot glued the flimsy (with the heads on them)threader between two buttons and they lasted a lot longer in the fingers of 4th graders. 🙂

  3. My favorite embroidery tool is my dazor light. Without it my stitches would be the size of elephant footprints. The coastline is lovely

  4. My favourite embroidery tool is a pair of ‘good day hands’. I have MS, and love embroidery. but some days my hands won’t co-operate, and then I get days of ‘good hands’ and I make the most of every moment I’m sble to stitch. Embroidery hs been a life saver for me. Blessings

    1. Hi Lesley,
      I don’t have MS but arthritis and “angry tendons” which the hand doctor phrases – I use Machingers which are gloves designed for quilting, crafting and sewing. They give hand and wrist a slight support,but what helps me is that they have fingertip grips which help me move the needle in that wonderful embroidery motion. If you try them, buy the smallest size that will work – it’s like no glove on – second skin like. Blessings to you –

  5. Favorite Embroidery tool? I would have to say right now it is my FriXion pen. I am fairly new to embroidery, still learning, and honestly if it wasn’t for the pens, I’m not sure how far I would have gotten into Embroidery. I used to stare at my crazy square blocks and have just a blank slate in my mind for design. Now that I can easily draw out anything that I want onto my fabric, pictures, designs, seam treatments, I have fallen in love with Embroidery.

    I’m still building up my tool set, but right now I just have my needles, FriXion pens, thread, and a pair of scissors my mom bought me years ago.

  6. Thank you for this give away. When I was twelve, I saw my first picture of a chatelaine and I have wanted one ever since…
    I don’t embroider a lot, but my favourite tools are my pincushion and my needles. They were a birthday present from an aunt: she embroidered the pincushion and filled it with different kinds and sizes of needles. A lovely memory and some of the needles have become favourites.

  7. I love my John James size 28 Tapestry Petites needles. I embroider a lot for my antique dolls, so most of what I do is tiny and these needles are perfect. These needles are my favorite tool(s).

  8. My favorite embroidery tool is the embroidery stand that is on “long-time loan” from a close friend. It is adjustable, has 3 points of articulation, a swivel head that clamps, and a grove cut into the clamp for scroll frames. It has held everything from an 8″ hoop to an 18″x27″ frame. This frame folds down for easy travel but can also be broken down for compact storage. It holds my embroidery perfectly when I’m on any chair, couch, or even the floor.

    Thanks for the link to Fireside Stitchery.

  9. I think my favourite embroidery tool is the pair of stork scissors I got as a gift from my parents. They were the first “real” tool that was dedicated to embroidery (other than hoops and needles and such). Much better than scrounging for a pair of scissors when I needed them!

  10. I love my light blue wash-away marker to draw my embroidery designs on fabric. I love that it washes away the second water hits it and I don’t have to scrub at it.

  11. The things I use every time I stitch include the floor stand, the magnifier and light and a really good,new cushion on which to sit! I recently switched the place of stitching from my recliner, in our family room, to the living room, using a kitchen chair in front of the picture window, to hopefully help my tired eyes out by using natural light during the day (which time to stitch during the day is hard to come by!). However, I digress; I didn’t tell you my favorite tool. My favorite tool is the fishing tackle box that came my way from my Grandmother. It holds all of her DMC floss, wound onto bobbins, by her hand. She also stashed away her floss winder, metal threads, rings on which to hold the bobbins, and thread organizer . Before I started needlework, I had no idea of the treasure in that box. Now, I am amazed at the organization that is at my finger tips. I lugged the tacklebox and and floor stand with me as I moved to and fro, for a while before using them. I sure am glad I did!

  12. Probably my embroidery hoops. I absolutely love them and want to buy a new one every time I shop for embroidery.

  13. Dear Mary,
    My favorite too is simply my size 9 Bohm needle(s). As much as I love my nice scissors and stiletto etc. it is the nice needle that I am most often using and have found these so nice!
    Thanks for the giveaway!

  14. My favorite tools by far are scissors and floss winders–but scissors are first, considering that I can’t pass up purchasing new cute ones when I see them! I also like floss winders for when I am using several select skeins of floss for a particular project. They look pretty in my stitching tray and keep floss tidy. Thanks for entering me in the scissors giveaway–the chatelaine is gorgeous enough to be jewelry!!!

  15. My favorite embroidery tool is my magnifying glass – it has a cord that goes around my neck and it sits on my chest allowing me to see the teeniest stitches. Without it I could not embroider!

    Thanks for a chance at the scissors – I’m constantly losing mine!

  16. One of my favourite tools is the needle organizer, followed by sharp little scissors.
    I love your website and have learned so many tricks of the trade from you.
    thanks very much.

  17. My favorite embroidery tool is the decorative magnetic button that can hold a needle. I was always dropping needles and did order a magnetic picker-upper featured in one of your previous posts. But I love having the button right on top of my piecework. I make small embellished free form art quilts and the button has a strong enough magnet to hold through quilt sandwich layers.
    I’d love to win the chatelaine!

  18. My favorite tool has always been my scissors – I am obsessed with them, a fine sharp tip for Hardanger, a curved pair for trimming backs of projects close and neat, a slightly heavier pair for fringing & thicker/tougher threads…it’s endless. I hide my scissors in my house, and, if anyone thinks of using my embroidery scissors it’s a risk they know they are taking! Scissors, my addiction!

  19. My favourite embroidery tool is a pair of wilkinson sword embroidery scissors that I have had for many many years – probably at least 25. I have at least 6 different pairs of embroidery scissors, not sure why, as the Wilkinsn Sword are my favourite pair and after all these years they remain sharp right to the points. FAbulous.

  20. My most treasured, though not favorite at this very moment, is my laying tool. It allows me to keep my silk straight and in line as I sew my stitches. Why it is “in the dog house” is its a beautiful solid piece of machined steel and I managed to impale the joint of my first finger on it. It certainly did it’s job and is still sharp and straight afterwards.

  21. My favorite would be magnetic needle wand because I found it at sears when when my husband was shopping for tools. I finally got to buy something in the tools section. That same night I dropped a box of straight pens and I went over the floor with the magnet to get strays.

  22. My favorite embroidery tool is actually my magnifier clip-ons. Getting on in years and my eyes aren’t the same as they use to be! 🙂

  23. My favorite stitchig tool is my Lowery stand. I can clamp any frame orQ-Snap to it.

  24. Dear Mary
    My favourite tool at the moment is my plastic embroidery thread bobbins (and thread). I love winding the thread over them and seeing them full. Then I love opening my thread box and seeing the rainbow of colours all waiting for me to choose them. I am a messy person so it is lovely to have at least one part of my life in some kind of order!
    Best wishes

  25. My Ott light with magnifier is my favorite tool now that I have gotten older and my sight is not what it was.

  26. This is going to sound sooo dorky, but my favorite embroidery tool is the Internet.

    Straight up embroidery is not very common where I live–few of the stores here carry supplies, there aren’t a lot of people in the various local needlework groups that do embroidery, etc. Cross stitch and needlepoint are far more common.

    So, the Internet is where I turn for embroidery information. New patterns, mostly, but also as a resource for where to buy supplies, for support, and so forth. And I’m thankful for it, and for places like Needle ‘n Thread. I’d be lost without them.

    Thanks for the giveaway, Mary!

    Carol S.

    1. I agree, and none of the handful of local craft stores will not have a that elusive, dung beetle embroidery kit either…. (hehe)

  27. My favorite embroidery tool is Mary’s Website Needle & Thread. As a resource for learning new stitches, learning about tools (including reading the comments left here), solving problems, daily newsletters and tested suppliers, Needle & Thread is my favorite tool!!!

    Thank you for the giveaway. The scissors and the case are beautiful.

  28. My favorite tool is an antique wooden hoop that was my grandmother’s. It has a spring for tension and screw to tighten it. I much prefer it to the ones in the stores now.
    Jean Dodson
    2907 Oak Trail Ct.
    Arlington TX 76016

  29. My favorite embroidery tool is my mind, because initially I dream, then I create, and then, I research, whether it be online, or in books. I gather tools and materials necessary, and then implement my plan. I found your site because I am wanted to revisit embroidery, having embroidered avidly as a girl. Now, I am relearning techniques, and implementing them in my needlepoint. Thank you for sharing your knowledge. I am having such a good time growing!!! Bowen Miller

  30. My favorite tool would be the scissors, along with strong reading glasses. I could only dream of having a pair of scissors this lovely, however. Thank you for the chance to win!

  31. My favorite embroidery tool is my extra pair of magnifying glasses. I wear them in front of my prescription lenses so I can see my stitches better…and it gives my family a good laugh! Thanks for the chance to win these pretty scissors, Mary!

  32. Mary, My favorite embroidery tool is your website! Why, well I am new to the world of embroidery and your website has been and will continue to be the tool of choice. Granted the needles, frames, linen, scissors, and thread are used for someone new to the craft the best tool is a teacher! Thanks so much for all the great information to help me enjoy and learn embroidery. – Heidi

  33. My favorite tool for embroidery as well as other hand crafting is the Awl!
    This is typically not associated with fine embroidery but when stitching on tough mediums like leather or suede it is a life saver. I luv the contrast of delicate hand stitching on a hearty durable surface. Texture texture texture is what it’s all about for me…… But i have yet to find a small durable AND portable pair of scissors that last and look great!

  34. My favorite tool is a lovely wooden laying tool, that I find indispensable for laying certain threads. I now actually have two of them – last week I thought I had lost one, and was heartbroken. It had such a great hand-feel to it. So, when I was up at Fireside Stitchery the end of last week, I purchased another. Beautiful multi-colored wood, so smooth and satiny in feel. It works just beautifully. And, to my surprise, I found the older one I had (also purchased at Fireside a couple of years ago). Never can have too many good tools for needlepoint and embroidery projects! Thanks for the scissor giveaway!

    1. Oh, that’s where I got my laying tool as well, Linda! I loved the craftsmanship and bought one when I visited there in November.

  35. I really feel for every project, you really need a good pair of embroidery scissors……you have to have good tools……..

    Thanks, gloria g. Hemingway, SC

  36. My favorite embroidery tool is my Evertite. stretcher bar frames . They make. the job so much easier when I don’t have to worry about tension.

  37. My favorite embroidery tool? It’s a very old metal hoop my grandmother gave me. It’s not adjustable but it does hold my fabric very tight. I feel a real “connection” to my work when I use this hoop — maybe because my grandmother taught me to embroider. And it’s the perfect size for nearly everything I do. Although I have a dozen other hoops, I probably use this one 90% of the time!

  38. my favorite embroidery tool is my adjustable light. every thing else is running a very close second. I do love them all.

  39. I love embroidery scissors! I like to keep a pair with every project so I always have scissors handy.

  40. My favourite stitching tool has to be my magnifier light.Thanks to major eye surguries I do have vision back but the magifier (gifted from a very thoughtful husband) enables me to enjoy all my hobbies again.
    Next “tool” would be all the classes, either online or in person, that I’ve been fortunate to take. I wonder if the internet is considered to be a tool.

  41. Second to my reading glasses (imperative!), my scissors are my favorite tools. I have a decent collection with various blades that I use for various purposes. And I can always use a new pair – hint, hint!

    Thanks for the fun contest, Mary! Yea, spring!

  42. My very favorite embroidery tool is my little stork scissors. They were given to me by my great aunt when I was a little girl.

    She’s been gone a long time, and the scissors are really too worn to use much anymore, but they’re still my favorites. They always remind me of her.

  43. Thank you for finding all these gadgets! You mentioned Fireside Stitchery; each year I ask my parents for a gift certificate from Fireside Stitchery as it is one of my favorite shops for threads! It is absolute heaven when I walk in and see all the threads hanging on the walls, on racks, in drawers… sigh…

  44. My favorite embroidery tool is a small tin shaped like a cat. A strawberry emory cushion fits snugly into it. When I park my needles, they get a little sharpening. I can close the lid with the needles inside to pack up and not worry about getting stuck. The scissor chatelaine is a great idea, I am forever “losing” my scissors into some abyss, even though I don’t get out of my seat.

  45. I improvised for a gadget that I saw in a catalog. I am using an alligator clip as a weight on a length of floss to separate strands without prevent tangling ie “third hand”.

  46. I am a long time quilter and sometime embroiderer, but recently have found absolute enjoyment in embroidery. Your videos are wonderful. I have to say that the Milliners #1 needle is my favorite. It’s great for all the cast on stitches! Thank you for your web site.

  47. My favorite embroidery tool is my laying tool. It allows my threads to lay flat and smooth resulting in a lovely sheen (like silk) even with ordinary DMC floss.

  48. My favorite tools are my sissors, I have three different sizes/shapes. The proper blades can make the difference between fighting with your project or being able to sail along trouble free. I do lose them while working though so a chatelain would be an enoumous help. Thanks for all your wonderful tips!

  49. I guess my favourite embroidery tool is a nice pair of scissors. Unfortunately they are usually hijacked by the kitties and I find them in the strangest places. Whenever I move from this house, I’m sure I’ll find a couple pairs of scissors under the fridge (along with 216 milk jug rings.)

  50. My favorite embroidery tool is my Hardwicke Manor Hoop. I love the way it holds my cloth tight. By far the best embroidery hoop I have owned.


  52. My favorite embroidery tool is definitely my embroidery scissors. I’ve put beads on the end to make them easier to find but am always misplacing them. They especially like to hid in the sofa cushions.

    Jane from Glastonbury

  53. My favorite embroidery tool is the no-slip hoop, it has made a huge differance in my stitching quality.

  54. My favorite embroidery tool is my tekobari. (hope I spelled that right!) Although I’ve tried other laying tools, this is the one I continue to use. It feels great in my hand and doesn’t slip or slide because of the 4 sided design. My second favorite tools are my scissors! The prettier the better! Thanks for the giveaway!!!!!!

  55. My favorite tool is a small,very sharp scissors.
    It is fun to make an interesting fob for each
    pair of scissors. The scissors and chatelaine
    that you are going to give away are beautiful.

    Pat S.

  56. I have a lot of tools, but the one I use the most and is most useful is my metal needle threader. So many times you buy these little threaders and they are so flimsy they come apart, but I have a little metal one with 2 different sized holes and it works wonderfully.

  57. Thank you so much for the opportunity to win the beautiful chatelaine. My favorite tool is my Ott light with magnifying glass. My eyesight is fading, but I will not give up my love of embroidery. I have to mention my love of embroidery threads as another favorite “tool.” Each thread “type” has it’s own hand and “playing” with the various cottons, silks, pearls and of course, the colors is always a joy.

  58. What beautiful scissors! My favorite tool hands down is my Star de-tailor. I can’t stitch without one in every bag. I’m notorious for stitching right down to the nub and this helps get that teeny tiny tail buried without a fuss. Thank you for the opportunity. Have a great week!

  59. I have two favorite tools. One old and one new. The new is a pilot erasable fabric pen. It removes with heat as well. The other is a floor magnifying lamp inherited from my grandmother. It swivels and positions however I need it and is lit up with a round fluorescent light around a large magnifying glass. I have fond memories of seeing her in her chair with the lamp on and working on all her projects!

  60. I would have to say that my favorite embroidery tool are my scissors. I love all of them but my stork scissors are the best (I’m on my 2nd pair of them). I have always thought the chatelaine scissors were so lovely and the one pair I bought on line just wasn’t “up to snuff”. These are so lovely and the description sounds like they are great scissors. I would love to have these to add to the rest of my collection. Thanks for sharing and an opportunity to win.

  61. My favorite embroidery tool is an old wooden embroidery hoop I received from my grandmother when I was a young girl. I think I was around 12 when I learned to embroidery. 🙂 Keep sewing and thanks for all of the wonderful tips and tricks. I learn something everytime I read your blog!!!

  62. My favorite stitching tool is my magnetized needle minder. I am forever losing needles, I have found them in my clothes, on the floor, table, chair and even in my car..not sure how that happened.

  63. My favorite embroidery tool has to be magnets that you can stick your needles and scissors on right on your canvas!

  64. Since I do a lot of Hardanger embroidery, sharp tiny points are a necessity. These look perfect!
    My favorite embroidery tool, however, is my Perfect Stitch Laying Tool–a thimble with a bent tapestry needle attached. I can’t stitch one arm of any stitch without it.
    I’m a tool junkie, though. I love my Bohin needles, my stitching stand, my Daylight AND Ott lights, my magnifiers, my boo-boo stick, my Do-Lolly, etc……

  65. My favorite embroidery tool is a pair of stork scissors my Mom gave me when I first started embroidering (many years ago :-). They bring back many happy memories every time I use them. Thank you for the giveaway chance – these chatelaine scissors are beautiful!!

  66. My current favorite embroidery tool? It has to be the repurposed quilting stand. I don’t have the funds for an oo la la version like you have- I found mine at a resale shop. I am only using 1/2 the single size quilting stretchers that I’ve covered with canvas so I can attach my larger projects to it and leave them on untill they’re finished.
    I’m going to a civil war steamboat event this fall and these scissors would be a perfect addition to my day outfits!! Thanks for the chance at this one. My chatalane is pretty sparse currently and I’ve been wanting a pair of these tiny scissors and near drooling over the thought!

  67. Well, that’s easy because it’s my magnifier-which ever one I’m using at the time. Without it, all the rest would be useless! My eyes are not the eyes of a 20 year old, but that does not stop me!

  68. My favorite embroidery tool is my hoop from Hedgehog Handworks. It is smooth holds my fabric with just the right tension.

  69. My favorite tool is my scissors. I love sharp, sharp scissors. When I cut I am either starting something new or finishing up. Both give satisfaction. The scissors you are giving away would be perfect for traveling. I love your emails. Your explanations are always so clear and precise. Thanks for everything you do.

  70. My favorite tool is colorful threads ….i love the way they look…splash of colors -tints and shades that bring liveness to the finished work like a painting of nature…..and ofcourse the needle which carry my ideas of my brain to the hand and replica of which is brought into reality of material…

  71. My favorite tool for embroidery is my magnifying lamp, a floor model my daughter gave me about a year ago. It’s also my needle threader and splinter remover . . . I don’t know how I ever managed without it.

    The scissors are beautiful and a convenience I could get dependent on very quickly. Thanks for showing us another great tool and sources to put on my wish list!

    Love your site, read every post — Judith

  72. I started embroidering in May 2009 and loved it. I saw ladies thread their needles but just pinching the thread ends and slipping the needle between their pinched fingers. I was never able to master this trick no matter how hard I tried. So for me my most important tool is my little metal needle threader. Without it, embroidery would be impossible.

    1. I can do that (pinching the thread), with the help of a smidge of beeswax or thread heaven. Since that teensy end will wind up in your ort tin (or you can trim it away before your first stitch) it will not affect your work.

  73. My favorite embroidery tool is the needle magnet that sits on my frame. Even if it is only plain, not artistically crafted as so many are and beautiful to look at, I love having a place to ‘park’ my needle knowing I won’t lose it.

  74. My favorite needlework tool in one of my laying tools, depending on where I am. At home it is a lovely wooden one that fits nicely in my had but I worry about traveling with it. when I am traveling it is ‘the Best Laying Tool’ (I believe that is the name) and it is solid metal and not breakable and very sharp. works great for classes on the road.

  75. The majority of my stitching is needlepoint and my favorite tool is my laying tool. It provides me the ability to have stitches smooth and uniform resulting in a professional looking finished project. I can’t imagine being with out it!

  76. I love my Puffin thread separator! After your column of a few months ago, I splurged on this intriguing (and really cute) tool. It was fun just choosing the design I wanted. When I received it, I didn’t really think I’d use it a lot but then after trying it, I use it every time I’m ready to separate thread. It’s fun to use and separating thread has never been easier. Thank you for the giveaway, Mary.

  77. My favorite needlework tool(s) are my scissors. As I’m sure many of us do, I have several pairs and just recently invested in “gold work” scissors (with serrated blades). I hate when I fly and have to use my clover because I have a “thing” about keeping everything clipped super close and keeping my back extremely tidy — go ahead, flip to my back (which I have always found a personal thing to do). My second favorite is my laying tools because it really changes the quality of the lay of the stitches.

    Thanks for doing this give-away. . .what a nice treat for someone! I could really use these because my scissors are often getting lost in my oversized/overstuffed chair cushions — or worse, falling on the floor!!

  78. My favorite embroidery tool is my embroidery tweezer. If i make a mistake I cut the thread and put the threads out with the tweezer. I currently have 3 projects that i am working on right now.
    2 embroidery projects (one is the Secret Garden) and 1 needlepoint. I am forever looking for my scissors. If I could have one that I hang around my neck that would be heavenly and time saving.

  79. my favorite tool is a very sharp pair of scissors and my blt (best laying tool). I would be lost without both of them. In fact I often spend have of my time looking for my scissors instead of stitching. It would be so nice to be able to know where my scissors are instead of having to feel around the sofa constantly looking for them.

  80. My favorite embroidery toll I guess would have to be my little sheep needleminder by Puffin & Company. Not sure if that constitutes a tool but I freak out if I can’t find it LOL. Its got a suoer strong magnet and stays no matter where I put it.

  81. I love scissors small sharp ones but often put them down an can’t find them they would be good to wear around my neck. I also love fine sewing needles.

  82. My favorite embroidery tool is the “Bird’s Nest Tool”. This is a great fool for cutting the tangled threads under the hoop when using the embroidery machine.
    Thank you for the giveaway.

  83. My favorite tool is the stitch remover…because it is what I use the most. I love the scissors, they are beautiful and remind me of my Great-Aunts…I think they would embellish my stitch removing 🙂

  84. I’d have to say the proper needle for the project. It’s amazing the difference the correct size/type makes in doing embroidery. A close second are my magnifying lenses!
    The scissors are beautiful!

  85. Oh, my! I would love to own a pair of these. I spend quite a bit of time stitching away from home since I take care of my mother 5 days a week.I do keep my scissors on a retractable lanyard but have to be careful to not poke my mother when lifting her. Besides a good pair of scissors, my needle theaders are my most important tool. I usually three or four in my stitching box at a time. I either misplace them or break them and I simply can’t thread without one.

  86. My favorite embroidery tool? My lycra work gloves, because without them my hands cramp up after a few minutes and I can’t work.

  87. My favorite embroidery tool is my small hoop which I wrap with cloth before I placed work in the hoop. These scissors are so sweet and just so inviting to take into your hand to use whole embroidering. Just so beautiful.

  88. I love my thimble. It was a gift from my grandmother when she taught me to embroider. I use it whenever I do any hand sewing. I have even been known to leave the house with it on, much to the amusement of my family.

  89. Oh My Goodness! I LOVE scissors – of any kind! And would love to win this one – so very pretty! I guess my favorite embroidery tool is my light box – I use it for every project. It is an industrial size (quote large) and very heavy, but it holds a prominent place in my sewing room, so it’s never moved. I found it at a yard sale for $40.00 (!) from a man that was a retired engineer, so it was used often. Thanks for this wonderful giveaway – and YOU are one of my favorite embroidery “tools” as well, dear! Your knowledge and postings are a daily asset to me! Thank you for that!
    Barbara in TN

  90. This will probably sound incredibly silly but my favorite tool is actually the needle itself. I started learning embroidery and cross-stitch when I was eight, and now that I’m rapidly approaching my 30th I am so grateful that my grandmother took the time and patience to teach me. I was born with cerebral palsy, and have spent most of my life not being able to do the things I dreamed of, but embroidery isn’t one of them. I watched my Grammy do it and at first I didn’t know how I would ever be able to thread the needle. Thankfully, with time, patience, and a lot of love Grammy got me over the hurdle and now I’m able to stitch even on my worst day, so my favorite tool is my needles.

    But as a second runner up, I love the DMC plastic bobbins so my piles of thread don’t explode everywhere and takeover the little space I have.

  91. My favorite tool is colorful threads.they are so colorful with shades and tints of colors.they add liveness to the finished work with splash color harmonies that go hand in hand with nature.ofcourse needles are the carrier of my brain ideas through my fingers.they bring them to reality through material and make them more real
    Thankd for the give away because they are ones which give the finished look by breaking the continuity between threads and needles.thank you

  92. Favorite tool? A little square of the no-slip cabinet liner – it lets me pull on a needle that is a little tough to get through the fabric or space I’m working with. It has saved a lot of wear and tear on my fingers and hands to have that little bit of grippiness (I’m pretty sure that’s not a word!) 🙂
    Thanks for the give away! Love your site and look forward to each post.
    Plane Nut

    1. Carrie, that is my favorite, too! Sometimes that needle simply won’t go through. But when I use that bit of rubber, it grabs it so tightly and it works like a charm!

    2. I use a teensy pair of pliers for that. My pop bought them for me at a computer store, in their tool section. 🙂 I prefer shorter needles so the no-slip does not always work. 🙂

  93. Thank you for the giveaway. Gorgeous chatelaine. My favorite tool would be great needles, and my 5″ spring tension embroidery hoop when I work on small projects.

  94. Favorite tool? That is a tough one.
    Chatelaine scissors are a favorite since I learned about them 10 years ago. It is also the most useful. Good scissors are always a must – and the smaller ones I constantly lost. [And occasionally sat on]
    Having scissors around my neck solved it. And as I could not find one I liked/worked well [the scissor part] I ended up with scissors on yarn around my neck – and yes I have poked holes in my shirts.

  95. My favorite embroidery tool would have to be my needle threader. It saves so much time and frustration and gives me a few extra minutes to actually spend stitching, which is what we all want to do.

    Thank you
    Chris Sikorski

  96. My favorite embroidery tool are my needle minders. I love anything magnetic and I’m always on the look out for some new ones. I use them to hold my needles and my charts on a magnetic whiteboard I have setup on my desk.

    Thank you for the giveaway!

  97. The Jasmine Scissors are lovely! My favorite tool is my stork scissors. Of course I snip with them, but they are the best for careful trimming of curved seams, holding things in place where my fat fingers won’t fit, and occasionally grabbing a pin out from under the presser foot.

  98. Ooooh, the chatelaine scissors look wonderful! My favourite embroidery tool is the sit-on embroidery stand my hubby made for me. It has a 12″ hoop, so it’s great for larger projects. Now I need one for a 5″ hoop and an 8″ hoop……lol!
    Thanks for the giveaway, Mary.

  99. My favorite embroidery tool is my petite tapestry needle. I love how I can manipulate it so easily when it is under the fabric. I learned about it reading one of the fabulous Monica Ferris mystery novels….the ones involving the needlework shop Crewel World.

  100. My favorite tool is using good sharp scissors. I am always hunting for them because I move them depending on what I am working on . Sometimes I settle for a pair that are not very good. Yuck!

  101. It’s a toss up between good lighting and my ‘reading glasses.’ Without either of these, the work would not look good. Good scissors are very important to me too because I hate it when I have to squeeze the blades together to get a good cut – if the scissors are not of the best quality.
    Thank you fro the chance to win.

  102. Hi Mary, My favorite tool is a nice pair of scissors. What a coincidence! A small, sharp, pretty pair that can be tucked in with a project and are just the right size for the job. Of course if I won these, I’d be wearing them happily, and probably not just when I was stitching! Thanks for a great giveaway.

  103. My favorite tools are quality needle and nice sharp scissors with a fine point. These look really nice, and would solve the problem of losing the down the couch!

  104. My very favorite embroidery tool has to be my hands for without them I could not use needle and thread to create with. These Chatelaine Scissors are sew beautiful and handy. Thank you for offering a pair. Creative Stitching Bliss…

  105. My favorite tool is a lovely pair of “stork” scissors as they always remind me of my parents. Over 25 years ago, Mom and Dad visited Europe, and they returned with this gift. They also brought back a smaller pair of scissors for my daughter – she was an infant at the time, but my dad thought she should would need to have her own pair when she was older. My mother later told me that dad had spent longer choosing these little scissors than she spent choosing her cameo pin.

  106. I have a small pair of needle magnets which snap together either side of my fabric in one corner of my frame. This is probably my most used needlework tool. As I finish a thread, I move in the direction of the magnet and it grabs the needle pronto! I’ve not lost a single needle since I started using this unassuming little tool. My favourite new tool which I’m currently very excited about, is a pair of curved-blade scissors which are so helpful in removing tacking stitches or unpicking mistakes without snipping the fabric. I think having the right tool for the job makes embroidery a real pleasure. The Simply Scissors range of tools are delightful; I think I might just have to add them to my ‘collectible’ wishlist! 🙂 Thank you, Mary.

  107. Beautiful scissors! My favorite stitching tool? Other than needles and scissors, it would have to be my magnifying light. Without this there would be no embroidery done by me!

  108. My favourite embroidery tool. hmmm…My Prym hoops. They are made in Germany, of wood, and are narrower, in width, than regular embroidery hoops. While they are/were designed, originally, for machine embroidery (hence the narrow height) they are marvelous for hand embroidery. Because of the way, in which I stitch, I need my fabric to be literally taut as a drum. Plastic hoops were of no use, so I resorted to stretching my fabric on wooden frames, using tacks and tack hammer…And large amounts of cursing when tacks snapped or went flying. Since acquiring my first Prym hoop, I’ve retired the tack hammer and given away my frames.
    While the Prym hoops, at least in this neck of the woods, are more expensive than regular hoops they are well worth it. And to be honest, without these hoops, I would likely not be doing any embroidery, since the older I get the more difficult it is to lug around large wooden frames covered in stretched fabric.

  109. I love my light box for transferring patterns to fabric. What I miss most is the pair of stork scissors my mother gave me before she passed away. The last time I saw them was just before we had some people in to do some cleaning. Never saw them after that day and that person never returned with the crew. TheSe Chatelaine scissors would be a beloved replacement.

  110. I would have to say my favorite embroidery tool is my hoop. I purchased some really nice ones a while back after reading an article here on Needle ‘N Thread. They hold the fabric nice and tight and are very well constructed, not at all flimsy.

  111. My old favorite embroidery tool is a book of crazy quilt stitches (is that a tool?)that I refer to often. And now that I follow your blog, all the tutorials that you post! Thanks for the opportunity to win the beautiful scissors.

  112. My favorite tool is my new light that my sister gave me. I used to be able to embroider and cross stitch in any light but now good lighting is essential. I also need my pincushion with all of my needles threaded in different colors.

  113. My favorite tool is your website. I learned to do embroidery, quilting, tatting and so on from my grandmother and great grandmother. But your website has expanded my knowledge and skill greatly. Thank you so much for your dedication. Without your informative website I would never have learned about the good lighting available which has helped my stitching immensely.

  114. I made a tool accessorie that hangs all of my scissors,floss and extras….it has been super handy when I am stitching. My project floss is on a ring and the tool stand keeps everything for the project super handy. So it is my favorite as I no longer rummage looking for my projects supplies!

  115. Hi Mary,
    I’m new to embroidery and so don’t have a lot of ‘tools’, however, I did just purchase a little threader tool by Clover to help thread my needles. My second favorite would definitely be some little scissors to make working the Secret Garden project easier. I’m currently using large scissors – very carefully!

  116. My favorite tool for embroidery is a dololly that I got years ago. I use it for pulling my ends under if I need to on the back of my work.I Love the chatelaine scissors. Pattie

  117. What a lovely give-away. Of the embroidery scissors I own, I have to admit that my Italian made curved-tip Remax scissors are by far my favorite and owning another pair of scissors made in Italy would be wonderful.

    Now, for my favorite tool – it actually is not a tool at all but I never stitch without it being near by, that being a two inch long by a quarter inch wide piece of a rubber band. I use it often in order to help me pull the needle through the canvas. I know that there are tools out there that help with this issue, but this little piece of rubber band helps me immensely to prevent cramping to my stitching hand.

  118. Just the thought or sight of a needle and thread, makes my heart start to flutter with anticipation.
    So my favorite embroidery tool is the simple and humble needle, followed closely by thread.

  119. What’s your favorite embroidery tool?

    Well, it’s not so much a “tool” per say … it is the way I store my fabrics which are waiting to be stitched on.

    I wrap a mailing tube in muslin fabric (glued down), with about a yard of fabric as a “tail”. I lay the tail flat, lay my linens flat and smooth on it and start rolling the mailing tube over the stitching fabric. This help keep everything nice and smooth until the right project for them comes along.

  120. I have so many tools and they are all my favorite at the time I need them! 🙂 However, what I use the most when I get into my zen of stitching is my iPhone to listen to music or catch up on my podcasts. I find that having something to occupy my mind while occupying my hands keeps my work flowing and my tension smooth. Time just floats anyway……

  121. My favorite embroidery tool is my hussif. I consider it a tool anyway. But all of my things are safely tucked away in it, every single little thing that I need to work on my stitching is right there, easily accessible and portable.

    A lovely giveaway, as usual. Thanks for your passion to the craft!

  122. The scissors are beautiful. I have a jasmine plant in my yard so feel especially drawn to the motif on these scissors. How nice to be able to have this tools so accessible as well.

    My favorite tool is my system 4 stand. It’s adjustable, revolves so your needle work doesn’t have to be taken off and turned over, and leaves both hands free to lay your thread properly.

  123. My favorite embroidery tool is the clover turnable hoop. It allows hands free embroidery since it attaches to a tabletop and it is easy to rotate to reach the back side of work. ove the beautiful scissors, thanks for a chance to win them. ~Gin~

  124. My favorite tool has to be the floss. Without all the wonderful floss colors and brands to choose from I would not be able to do the embroidery patterns that I do.
    Thank You for a chance to win a wonderful gift.

  125. My favorite embroidery tool is and ornately carved Silver thinble that I got at an antique show more than 25 years ago. It fits my finger like a glove, and it was only after I had been using it for a a while, that I noticed it was also engraved with my initial “J”. I have other thimbles that fit but my work feels more special when I use this one. In fact, when I’m not stitching, it sits on my desk next to my computer monitor. If I had this pair of scissors, I think it would always be out on my desk and never be left in my stitching basket! Thank you for the wonderful inspiration, lessons, and extra joy with these delightful opportunities!

  126. My favourite needle work tool is my needle I can I so much with it would love
    a pair of these Jasmine scissors

  127. I just love your website Mary. I am a quilter that embellishes on wool fabric. I have learned so many stitches from your site and YouTube.
    These little scissors will help me trim my threads off.
    Thank you again for your knowledge and information on all these beautiful techniques.:). They are very helpful.

  128. My favourite embroidery tool is the telescopic magnet. It gets me out of sooooooo many scrapes I can’t tell you! Lost needles are my all time worst pickle, but I have found every one of them, and I have gathered scissors, needle- threaders, pencil sharpeners, nuts, washers, skein rings, to name but a few. Although I would still be able to do what I do without my telescopic ” friend” I would be very stressed indeed.

  129. A needle …. is my favourite embroidery tool ….. I,d be a bit stuck without it ! : ) Have a lovely day…hugs from Daisy Debs (recovering from flu ) in Cornwall England x

  130. My favorite embroidery “tool” is a small piece of flat rubber – cut from a blood test tourniquet. The technician is usually happy to give me an unused one when I mention that I use it as a “needle puller”. Great to have on hand when the needle is at a tight spot on either canvas or with beading projects. As my hands get older, I’ll gladly take any assistance I can get!!!

  131. I love all my embroidery tools but the most indispensable item I have is a see through soft plastic box with a deep lid in which I keep all my threads, needles etc. for my current project. This keeps everything tidy and I can quickly find what I need.

  132. I think my favorite tool is my hoop. It holds my work so tight. This is a great give away! Thanks!

    Heather S. In Chicago

  133. I must say it is my halogen craft lamp.. As I age it is harder to see details and the lighting helps. It also helps to find where I have put scissors, needles, threaders, laying tool, all of which seem to migrate

  134. I completely agree that the time change is dreadful in Spring, particularly with a toddler! I was so late this morning!!!! Your giveaway arrives just in time to put a smile on my face! My favorite tool is my embroidered pincushion, but my scissors are my second favorite!
    Thanks for the giveaway!

  135. I LOVE scissors! And I LOVE learning! And I LOVE the fact that I have finally learned what the word “chatelaine” means. I’ve been meaning to look that word up since forever! And, now, thanks to you, Mary Corbet, I know what a chatelaine is! Merci beaucoup! I LOVE your site. It’s my all-time favourite website to lose myself in…

  136. What’s your favorite embroidery tool?

    Not *exactly* a tool, but I really love getting my boxes of embroidery floss out and looking through it. Even if I’m not working on a project. I have them all organized by fiber type and color, and it is just very pretty.

    Those scissors are really pretty!

  137. I love this site. It is so informative, challenging and very practical. It is nice to know about different tools and materials that make my work easier to do and more beautiful to look at. Thank you for sharing your knowledge. I know that a great pair OS scissors is vital to whatever sewing project I attempt. I have lost so many pairs over the years, but having them hanging around my neck would be a good way to keep them close. 🙂

  138. My favourite tool would have to be my new OttLite with the magnifier. It’s wonderful. Thank you for the generous giveaway.

  139. Those look like great little scissors. My favourite embroidery tool? Hard to narrow it down. Needles, of course. And a good pair of scissors. A good, tight-fitting hoop, too.

    Heather M.

  140. Since I own “several pairs of scissors”, I believe scissors are my favorite and most useful. Big ones, medium sized and small, I have them! But I still look for the one that I do not have that will really be useful, I am sure! Would love the chatelaine with scissors.

  141. My favorite tool is an old metal hoop with a cork lining. I know this hoop would not work anywhere that has humidity, but since I live in a desert climate it’s quite wonderful. Thanks for the chance on your lovely giveaway!

    1. I have a couple of those, and I can confirm that they DO leave rust marks on fabric. I only used them once.

  142. My favorite embroidery tool is my table stand. It has a clamp that holds it on the edge of almost any table and the arm that holds my stitching can take nearly any kind of frame. It allows me to work on wide projects, like a nearly 36″ wide piece in a scroll frame, without me having to try to hold the project with one hand, or braced on the arm of my chair. 🙂

  143. Just at the moment my favourite tool is the pair of spectacles I had made, just for doing fine embroidery. The magnification is much the same as a neck magnifier, but I find them so much easier to use. Of course, a pair of chatelaine scissors could easily become my next favourite!

  144. What lovely scissors! They would be wonderful to try and use!
    I like my small stork scissors. I have had them for ages and they have stayed sharp all this time.
    Thanks for the great give-a-way.

  145. My favorite embroidery tool is scissors. I love a small sharp pointed pair of scissors. That is probably the most important and the first tool I pack when I’m getting ready to travel. I’m needlepointing right now and I love my layered wooden laying tool. That is always by my side or in my hand with my “scissors”.
    Thank you for the give-away. The chatelaine is lovely.

  146. I am a beginner at embroidery. I have gotten so many good ideas after reading through these comments! Right now my favorite tool is your short videos about how to do each stitch. The videos are a great help! Thank you!

  147. My favourite embroidery tool is my needle. With my needle I escape into a world of beautiful colours and creativity. I enjoy endless hours with my needle lovingly held between my fingers embroidering stitches…ones that I have known since I was a little girl of 8 taught by my Aunt and newer stitches that I taught myself. I still have needles from when I first learned how to embroider. 🙂

  148. Wow after looking for my scissors last night all the way under the couch once again. I have been looking at these on the web site. What wonderful scissors and a great prize to win

  149. I would have to say the needles would be one of my favourite tools.
    The correct needle seems to make the thread slip through the fabric
    with ease. The threads stay strong and look much better on the fabric with the correct needle.

  150. My favorite embroidery tool is my 6″ Hardwicke Manor wooden hoop. The 5/8″ width provides a substantial hold while embroidering. I also like the hardware on these hoops, you can really tighten it up to give a nice tautness to the fabric.
    Thank you for the giveaway!
    You are so generous in many ways. I give you all the credit for renewing my interest in embroidery:)

  151. My favorite tool is a laying tool made from a sterling silver pickle fork. I cut off the tines and ground it down to a point. Several steps of polishing and it is so smooth, the handle fits perfectly in my hand and looks so pretty. I use it all the time in all sorts of stitching.

  152. My favorites are my numerous amounts of needle magnets. If be lost if I didn’t have those to not only hold my needles, but to also use them to find lost needles on the carpet!

  153. I’d say thread heaven but I’m not sure that would count as a tool so I ‘ll go for my second favorite -my laying tool.

  154. My favorite & most useful embroidery are my special embroidery glasses. I had them made a few years ago. They are about double my regular prescription & I can see all I need with them. do not have to remove them of lift them off my glasses when I want to look at a pattern of a reference books. The trick is that when you go to your eye specialist, bring along a project you are working on. They will be able to adjust a special prescription glass accordingly. Have a nice day

  155. My favorite embroidery tool is my hoop. Based on your posts about what makes a great hoop I purchased a Hardwick Manor Hoop. Oh my! What a difference a quality tool makes! Thank you for the chance to win these lovely Chatelaine Scissors. They are lovely, indeed.

  156. My favorite embroidery tool is a pair of really sharp pointed Gingher embroidery scissors that I have had for about 25 years. I’m not sure what I would do if I lost them. They are about 4 inches long (total length) and have really pointy ends. Since Hardanger is my favorite type of needlework, they are a “must have”. Thanks for the give-away. I would love to own a new pair of scissors.

  157. My favorite needlework took is the needle. That would be closely followed by my scissors.

    Thanks for this offer.

  158. On the 17th, St Patrick’s day, I will be 79 years young and since my passion is counted cross stitch my favorite is my magnifiers which I couldn’t stitch without. I have several for my different frames and stands. Thank you for the contest and thank you for the cover-up suggestion. That would be my second favorite.

  159. A good light is a must, but when I think of tools, I think of my laying tools. A dear friend has started wood turning, and I’ve been the lucky recipient of some of her prototypes. I love the way they look and feel, and it’s a delight to be able to use something that’s been made for me.

  160. I am brand new to embroidery, so I haven’t delved in to all the nifty tools yet. So far my favorite is a good hoop. There does seem to be a difference in the finished work if I use a hoop that keeps my work taut. I can’t wait to explore some of the neat things mentioned here.

  161. Love those little scissors! I think I could become a scissors junkie.
    Not sure if it is considered a “tool,” but my favorite embroidery aid is my magnetic needle holder. It is much easier to keep track of my needles with this little gadget. Before I bought the needle magnet,my husband’s foot was invariably my needle finder. I think the magnet is his favorite embroidery tool as well.

  162. It would have to be scissors because they are just always there, always needed, always lovely!

  163. Hi Mary!
    My favorite embroidery tool is the ADORABLE pin cushion of a dragon that I made out of felt.
    Thank you!

  164. I would say my needles. Without them I wouldn’t be able to embroider. Other items such as hoops, scissors, etc make the job easier but you could get by someway, somehow if necessary. How to get the floss through your fabric without a needle is beyond me. I love Victorian era designs and these Jasmine chatelaine scissors would be a joy to own. Thanks to you and Simply Scissors for the chance to own them.

  165. My mother taught me to stitch. When I was about 16 she bought herself new, plastic embroidery hoops and gave me her old wooden hoops. She “thought they would “last a while longer until I had learned properly”. That was 50 years ago and they still are “lasting a while”. :} I think of her every time I pick up my work. Thank you for this opportunity.

  166. My favorite embroidery tool would be my counting pins. They save me so much time and keep my counting accurate!

    Thanks so much for offering this lovely giveaway!

  167. My favorite tool is amazing. It is a very light weight head mounted (I wear it like a crown) magnifier with swivel lenses. It is called a MagEyes Magnifier #2 and #4 Lenses and sells on Amazon for $24.99. It is so light weight that I forget I am wearing it. The lenses lock in place if desired. I use it every day and it is within everybody’s price range.

    Bev in Utah

  168. I haven’t used any tools aside from needles and scissors! I am still a beginner, so I’m going to wait a bit before investing in any other tools.

  169. My favorite embroidery tool is the dazor light and magnifier. There are so many great tools but if I can not see the ground fabric I get discourage. (am I showing my age? 🙂 )

  170. Since I seem to rip out stitches regularly, I love my seam ripper with the beautiful hand turned wooden handle made by the husband of my friend Carol from Clermont.

  171. Hi Mary,

    This would be the absolute gift I’ve ever won,
    if I were to win this. I’m always losing my
    small scissors, so I would definitely use it
    for all my stitching. The workmanship is
    outstanding plus being a very useful tool.


  172. My favourite embroidery tool is my Daylight floor standing/portable light and magnifier, I couldn’t manage without it, especially as I am waiting for my new glasses at the moment. Love the look of this Charelaine Scissors, they are so pretty.

  173. I’m a beginner and don’t have any special, fancy tools to gush over. I have a pin cushion shaped like a donut that was a gift. It makes me laugh. Since I can’t think of any really awesome tool, I’ll say my hands. Where would I be without them?

  174. There are two things that to me are absolutely imperative for a good session of embroidery. One..is a finely crafted needle in the correct size for what I am doing and the other is my scissors. I have had my fabric scissors for more than 25 years and I can honestly say they have NEVER cut into a piece of paper or plastic in all that time. I have a pair of embroidery scissors put aside for cutting metallic threads and my other ones cut only thread. I have even trained my husband (a stitcher too) and our 6 year old Grand daughter (an up and coming stitcher) to give good scissors their due respect.
    I always have scissor fobs attached so in workshops they don’t get picked up in error by someone else.

    I love your giveaway. Thank you for thinking of all of us out here in the stitching world.

  175. This is a hard question to answer because there are a handful of tools that I could not do without in the needlework arena.
    Good light – my Dazor magnifier with a full spectrum color corrected bulb is on the top of my list though – without it I doubt I would even bother picking up any of my needlework projects anymore!

  176. I’m not sure if it can really be considered a tool, but this weekend I found out how handy a head lamp is for embroidering! My livingroom has bad lighting, but I wanted to listen to the TV while I stitched, and the headlamp worked perfectly. 🙂

  177. My favorite embroidery and sewing tool that is always by my side would be my seam ripper, nuff said. And it belonged to my great grandmother. Handed down through four generations now. Thank you for the give aways!
    Barbara Downey

  178. My favorite tool is the thread ripper as I use it ALL the time 🙂

    Today’s give away is just beautiful.

  179. Thanks for the Monday pick-me-up, Mary! My favourite tool is my laying tool because 1) it is useful; 2) it feels nice in my hand; and especially because 3) it was a gift from a friend.

    Happy Monday!

  180. I’m still finding my favorite embroidery tool! I’m new and loving this website for learning and seeing what’s out there to make my new hobby fun and easy! So today it’s a new hoop from Hedgehog Handworks (thank you!), tomorrow it’s a new stitch book, and maybe soon it’s new chatelaine scissors! Thank you for all the insight!

  181. My Pewter Tail Catcher is an essential for me, I just love catching and securing those short ends on the back of my embroidery projects!

  182. My favourite embroidery tool(s) are my Bohin needles, purchased after your review. My second favourite sort-of embroidery tool is a little foot stool with 2 drawers in it. Just the perfect size to hold one project as I’m working on it and I can slip the drawer out to set on the foot stool and put it away if grandkids are coming to visit.

  183. What is my favorite embroidery tool?

    No question… It’s the videos here on needle n thread. I learned basic embroidery and cross stitch as a child…. But, as an adult I have taught myself so much more with the help of your stitch videos! I’ve never been able to really translate stitch drawings… Watching you actually do the stitches while explaining has changed the way I learn stitches and inspired me go learn so many new stitches! Thanks!

  184. My favorite tool for embroidery now is my computer! It allows me to save and categorize all of these wonderful newsletters into easily accessible folders entitled stitches, techniques, projects, tools. When a newsletter fits more than one category, I either add it into more than one folder or cut and paste into separate word documents. I also find wonderful tutorials and ideas from all over the world! I have spent many wonderful mornings etc. with a cup of coffee dreaming and reading through my saved treasures!

  185. My favorite embroidery tool? Oh, mercy! I have to pick one? I suppose it would have to be my laying tool; just because it’s so versatile. I use it for much more than just laying thread. I love the way it feels in my hand. It’s stainless steel and is really well balanced and weighted. I don’t have it with me here at work, so I can’t tell you who makes it. I’ve had it a very long time, so I don’t remember where I got it from.

    This pretty chatelaine scissors could be my new favorite tool…if I’m lucky. Thanks for the chance to win them. You have the absolute best giveaways!

  186. I love things that are both beautiful and useful, and scissors can be both. I have to say, though, that my favorite tool is a strong, very sharp, big eyed needle! I can rig up some sort of substitute for other tools, but nothing is as important to me as the right needle. And thank you again, Mary, for your wonderful web site. Gaye Elder

  187. My favorite tool is the wooden board made by my husband where the hoop is placed on and can be used by any table in the house.
    greetings from teh Netherlands

  188. Mrs. Corbet,
    I don’t have all that many needlework tools, in fact, I have hardly any at all! So I’ll just have to say my thread organizer box. It’s a handy thing. It was my mom’s, and I have acquired it.
    Those scissors are absolutely beautiful, can’t wait till Saturday!

    Sarah 🙂

    Why can’t Daylight Savings Time begin on a Friday?!?!

    1. Why can’t Daylight Savings Time begin on a Friday?!?!

      Because that makes sense, and the government is not usually known for that. (snicker)

  189. I don’t have a favorite embroidery tool as yet because I don’t embroider. I love this website though and have used the videos to create some embroidery stitches in a felted yarn project which doesn’t qualify as embroidery by a long shot. I follow Mary’s articles because of their exquisite beauty. Of course, if these beautiful little scissors were to come my way, they could be my favorite tool!

  190. That’s a tough question! My indispensable tools are fine embroidery needles, prescription sewing glasses (that accomodate my astignmatism as well as magnify), sharp pointed scissors, and a silver thimble. Which is my favorite? My heirloom silver thimble, because it is “pretty” as well as indispensable!

  191. My favorite tool must be my magnifying glasses because I use them regardless of what I’m working on.

    I like your tool reviews, keep them up. I’ve found so many helpful items on your blog.

  192. I have two essentials…..good needles and a the most valuable is a good needle threader!!! The best one for thicker threads is the solid metal one with two sizes.

  193. My favorite embroidery tool, next to exceptionally sharp scissors, is not a typical one. I often use my bone folder to smooth threads that aren’t aligning as well as I’d like. I expect most people do this with a fingernail, but when I started to embroider as a child I was a nail biter, and started using the folder then!

  194. Hi Mary,
    My favorite needlework tool is my Light/magnifier,a special purchase from Lee Valley Tools. The light I use all the time for stitching and the magnifier comes in handy for tricky ares and fine count fabric.
    Thanks for this opportunity!
    Marlene Smit

  195. My favorite tool would be my petite tapestry needles. I tend to stitch to the last snippet of thread and these make that so much easier. Thank you.

  196. oh dear – how to pick just one! I love my Milliners Needle I.D. cards… I love the set of needles and scissor and pins minders my daughter made for me… but I have to say my nice Thread Picker is a must when it comes to those dreadful frogging days!!
    Elizabeth in Saskatoon

  197. what gorgeous little scissors. my favorite embroidery tool is my needle threader. without it I would not be able to do any stitching. thanks for all the info you provide on a daily basis.

  198. I love, love this chatelaine and scissors!!! One of my favorite stitching tools was my dololly. However, it broke and I cannot find another one. I do really like my Lowery stitching stand! I would love to have the chatelaine. It is so beautiful!!!

  199. My favorite tool is my needle threader . The older I get the more I appreciate it….my scissors are great….and my newest tol is my magnetic needle holder. But I must say…a scissor fob would be a great accessory….since I always seem to be hunting for them. Thanks for the chance to have one.

  200. My favourite embroidery tools are my gold-plated needles, and the ribbons round every pair of scissors I have that are off limits to all and sundry. Here in the UK, we change the clocks at the end of March, so I reckon, IF I won, they would arrive just in time for a boost for me.

  201. My favorite embroidery tool must be scissors! I didn’t say “I will collect scissors.” It just happened via gifts, those given in kits and an antique pair. I don’t have a chatelaine. It is beautiful. My scissors are held/displayed in a wooden block holder my husband made for me.

  202. My favorite embroidery tool is a good pair of scissors!!! I’ve lost so many pair that it’s become a non-laughing matter in my household. I do a lot of needle turn applique and English paper piecing. These scissors and holder are beautiful and would help me keep track of the elusive scissors!!! Thanks for your give away!

    1. Just a warning – paper blunts scissors faster that anything except a lump of wood! Keep your embroidery scissors separate from the paper piercing ones or you’ll need to get them sharpened frequently. Paper can also put nicks into the softer steel scissors so they will catch our silk threads as well.

  203. I would have to say my favorite embroidery tool would be the floss. I love the vast array of colors to choose from.

  204. My favorite embroidery tool is my chatelaine. Why? I made it for a Renn Faire demonstration to be sure my needles, pin cushion, scissor sheath and scissors did not get lost. It’s made with a sheath and pin keeper sown by a dear friend so I feel a hug whenever it’s around my neck. Wearing it allows me to jump up to let the dogs in or out and then resume stitching without searching in and around my chair for tools.

  205. I have to list my favorite embroidery tool as the one I can’t be without – a magnifier. I have many different types, from expensive light magnifier combos to magnifiers that clip on the frame or stand to over the neck ones to glasses clip-on and beyond. I absolutely have to use one of them to be able to stitch comfortably and love that there are so many choices available, that I can chose one that is good for the project and the situation. Thank you for the wonderful close-up photos and videos. It makes learning a new stitch so much easier!

  206. Its very hard for me to narrow down which is my favorite tool but if I had to pick It would be my old wooden hoops that were my neighbors mom’s hoops. the 2nd favorite would be my transfer pen. I enjoy embroidering old monogram on to pillowcases. which seems to be an old art. thanks for the giveaway the scissors are lovely.

  207. Thanks for the giveaway, Mary, and Golden Hinde, and Simply Scissors. What a wonderful gift this would be! I have so many tools that are so helpful, but I’d have to say that today, my favorite is the laying tool that I got from JR Crafter after reading your post. It is so beautiful and well balanced that I am using it all the time. And my stitching is much improved because of the fact that I use the laying tool consistently.

  208. my favourite embroidery tool..mmmm…for embroidered detail I love sewing with really thin bead needles, but ultimately I am grateful for good eyesight, pain free hands and an enquiring mind as a tool…
    as a quick aside, I have always had the little stork scissors with the gold handles that (at least in the UK) are as common as anything, is there any way do you think of sharpening them that doesn’t ruin the blades?? or should I just buy some new ones? lol thankyou

    1. Here in the US there are places that will sharpen scissors for you, and some companies will sharpen their own brand. If you know the brand, just look online and ask. The people here who sharpen scissors are also people who replicate keys. Good luck!

  209. My favorite embroidery tool is my DMC color chart with the real fibers included ! I do a lot of custom embroidery so it’s great to be able to select the perfect shade of a color from my color chart while designing the project.

    Thanks much !

  210. My favorite embroidery tool is actually two tools hooked together on a chain (they come apart for use). One handle has a wire loop on the end, similar to a needle threader only a bit longer, and the other handle has a tiny hook like a miniature crochet hook. When you’ve stopped stitching and there isn’t enough thread to use the needle in order to go back under stitches to secure the end, you can stick the wire loop through the stitches, and then use the tiny hook to pull the thread through the loop–then pull back and voila! the thread is secured under your stitches.

    The handles are decorated are in a similar style to the scissors–they’d look good together!

  211. my favorite tool is my laying tool. I’ve been practicing some goldwork stitches that are very complicated, and require the “threads” to lie next to each other, and this tool makes that possible! I would love to have the chatelaine scissors, I’ve always admired the antique ones.

  212. My favorite tool is my tekobari. I can use it to lay my threads perfectly smooth, to undo pesky knots, and to “unstitch” mistakes. It is very handy for many tasks.

  213. Well…since I can’t embroider without a needle, I think I have to say that my needle is my favorite tool! But, if we aren’t being so literal, I have to say that I love Love LOVE my Lavender Bee pin cushion that I made from a kit at the French Needle! (Which, by the way, I learned about from your blog!)

    My embroidery scissors are sadly getting dulled, and since they weren’t a good pair anyway I was just looking at scissors from your latest blog post. I really liked your description of the chatelaine scissors and would love to add them to my collection of tools!

  214. The Star-De-Tailor has to be the most versatile and useful tool that I have; I use it not only for its intended purpose (pulling and hiding threads), but also for threading and beading.

    Thank you for this opportunity!

  215. Thanks so much to Simply Scissors & Golden Hinde for such a great give away! One of my favorite embroidery tools that I use a lot is my little Hardanger embroidery tweezers for removing cut threads. It is also great for removing little threads from mistakes that have to be cut out!
    Sheila from CA

  216. I have a number of tools that I always have at hand and wouldn’t do without. Of course needles, thread, and scissors are essential. Beyond that I must have a needle threader.

  217. My favorite embroidery and sewing tool is a small pair of scissors made in Italy. I am wearing them out, and I do vouch for Italian scissors. These were once very sharp and the points are very small. It would be wonderful to have a new pair of Italian scissors, in the lovely chatelaine, I would feel so blessed and spoiled.

  218. Fav Embroidery Accessory : books / patterns. Literally critical in the process, these bring endless hours of delight. Particularly treasure antique embroidery gazette patterns!

  219. Such darling scissors! I love my Ott light, found at a second-hand store for $7, the carousel my son gave me where I hang floss, the internet where I connect with a world of pattern and color but my favorite tool is my grandmother’s thimble.

  220. My favorite embroidery tool is needles. They make such a difference while stitching. I like Bohin needles myself and I set out to purchase many of the ones they make. After much deliberation I bid farewell to many of my old needles that were sitting around taking up needed space. Yes, the right needle, the right yarn and I’m good to go.

  221. My favorite embroidery too is my embroidery scissor, though I really need a new one…a good embroidery scissor is as important as the thread you use!

  222. This is such a difficult question because I have several favorite tools for my embroidery needs but if I have to choose one it would be my mother’s embroidery hoop. It serves the purpose of my 5″ square cloth which I embroidery flowers to put inside cards for my love ones birthdays & special events. They love them!
    Thanks for the chance to win such lovely gift!

  223. My favorite embroidery tool is your website. I am a new beginner in embroidery work and I would go amiss and a-muck about which thread to use or how to trace the pattern onto the material; what size needle to use; or what technique to use by using different colored thread to create those fabulous shading effects on leaves and flowers;and lastly all the working links to where I can find the products you talk about in you daily emails which I religiously read. And then when I saw the chatelaine scissors, my heart went peter-patter and I just knew I had to a pair. Whether I have to purchase a pair or I am lucky enough to win a pair, I really must have a pair.

    Myra Gilson

  224. My favorite embroidery tool is not the newest or finest. It is an antique metal hoop that belonged to my great aunt. She was a wonderful ever cheerful woman. An amazing artist who embroidered many delicate and fine pieces. Sister Dolerata was a Benedictine nun and when she died at the age of 99 some of her most treasured pieces passed into the care of the convent and church. They gave her personal collection of
    needles,crochet hooks and hoops to her sister. My other great aunt Cecilia passed them to my mother and she gifted them to me in the hopes that they would continue to be used. Everytime I hold the hoop in my hand I think of the 3 generations of hands that have held that circle.

  225. Hi Mary, I am really enjoying following your progress on this project. I bought the book but so far I’m just coloring in it with my granddaughter! My favorite embroidery tool is my beautiful wood laying tool. Couldn’t work without it!
    Thank you for the opportunity to enter the contest for this lovely prize.
    Willa Brown

  226. My favourite tool is the do-lolly – that ingenious little tool that allows you to effortless hide your thread tails!

  227. The Jasmine chatelaine scissors are so beautiful…a treasure really, and I must admit I have nothing in my embroidery tool kit to compare. But I do have a favorite ‘can’t stitch without’ tool. It’s my portable OttLite and a ‘must have’ for seeing colors correctly and consistently in changing light. I find it also helps with eye fatigue.

  228. MY favorite embroidery tool? the magnet I suspended on a string which retrieves my needle when I drop it on the floor, can see it, and can’t pick it up! this is why a chatelaine attached to me would be such good idea — couldn’t drop it!

    Thanks for a great blog!

  229. Favorite tool? I love many of my special little things but my fine scissors are the ones I would grab for first if I had to pack in a hurry. Most of the type of work I love to do, Hardanger and pulled thread, require a great pair of scissors. Almost anything else I use could find a substitute for (excluding needles), but fine scissors are my work horses in my stash of embroidery tools.

  230. My favorite embroidery tool is my new Dovo scissor. The only thing it lacks is the chatelaine, so I can’t misplace it! I also love my dololly for cross stitching and even some surface embroidery.

  231. I only have the basics, but my favorite basic is my collection of needles. Couldn’t embroider without them!

  232. Aside from my own fingers and good natural lighting, I can’t do without my scissors. I have been relying on the scissors that came with a travel manicure kit. When scissors were banned from airlines I was able to easily keep the nsnicure kit in my carry on bag, I’ve been using them ever since, not just when traveling. The fancy scissors are beautiful and never saw them before your website featured them.

  233. My favorite tool is treader separator from Puffin Co. I love it! I just keep the tool in one end of the tread, take one ply and let the tool rotate. In the end I have a ply without a mess!
    The chatelaine scissors are so gorgeous!

  234. My favorite embroidery tool is a silver thimble given to me by a dear friend, that comes in a smooth shell case and velvet lining. I love using it, both for the comfort (and stab-free fingers!) as well as the significance of the gift.

    These scissors are so lovely! Fingers crossed. 🙂 Thank you for offering them as a giveaway!!

  235. I really like my 4″ embroidery scissors with Little bear heads on the grips. I’m new so I don’t have much in the way of supplies yet. These crystalline scissors are just beautiful, I would love to win! Thanks


  236. My favorite embroidery tool is this website. It is chock-full of information that I would not know what to do without!

  237. This may sound self-serving, but I assure you, I am completely sincere when I say that scissors ARE my favorite embroidery tool. I love the way well-made little scissors feel in the hand, the action as they open, the precision of their sharp tips and blades . . . AHHHH! Plus they are beautiful! I love to look at antique sewing kits when I go to shows, especially when the they are in the original case. Small, beautiful things can be a great source of enjoyment!

  238. My favorite tool is my needle threader, with age your eyesight seems to get dimmer and without my threader I don’t think I would be able to cross stitch.
    I think the chatelaine scissors are beautiful and someone will be very luck to win them, hoping its me…

  239. My favorite tool is my Stitch Fixer. I have used it so many times I’ve just about worn it out!! Thank you for the opportunity to win such a beautiful pair of scissors and case. It’s just gorgeous.

  240. Just last night my sister-in-law called to thank me for making her a needle case and a scissor holder for her birthday. And I commented to her that I intend to hide all of my present needles and get a whole new stash of John James needles in all sizes. The time has come to upgrade! So in answer to your question, my favorite stitching tool is the perfect needle….from England – John James needles!

  241. What a lovely give-away! Well, being of a certain age and its corresponding visual challenges, I have to say that my favorite embroidery tool is my clip on Mighty Brite light plus magnifier.

  242. My favourite embroidery tool is my little pin cushion made with wood dust.
    Holds all my needles without ever rusting them.
    This was my grandmother hand made gift to me

  243. Thanks, Mary for a great give away! Would love to have these scissors to add to my “collection”. My most favorite too is my stork scissors as they are small enough to get those pesky threads & are sharp so they trim neatly.

  244. My favorite embroidery tool is a sewing kit I custom made for myself that keeps everything I need close by. (-; Thanks for another great give away.

    1. My custom made box and kit is one of my favorite items also, it keeps all of my embroidery in one well organized bundle. 🙂

  245. My favorite, and very necessary, sewing tool is my floor model Ott light. I do a lot of small thread count, counted cross stitch and hardanger, and my light is something I cannot do without! These scissors look like they would be a perfect tool to work both of these techniques!!

  246. A chopstick! I use a wooden chopstick as a laying tool. It’s very smooth, tapers from very small to medium, about 3/8 inch diameter. It works well for crewel wool, floss, ribbon, and everything I have tried it for..so far. It keeps me straight.

    1. I knew that chopsticks MUST have been good for something else. When I was growing up my brother would use a chopstick and a clothespin and make a rubber-band gun (defensive purposes only). At least your idea is safe. 🙂 Well, unless you are a stubborn strand of floss.

  247. Oh my, the Chatelaine scissors are exquisite!
    By far, my favorite embroidery tool is the instruction available on this web site. I have learned so much. A good pair of sharp scissors are a close second.

  248. I have two favorite tools which I constantly use
    for thread embroidery as well as my beading embroidery. These are my laying tool and my scissors. I have a small pair for thread embroidery and would definitely need one for cutting the mono filament for my beading.
    Thanks for the opportunity to participate.

  249. Oh dear… you pose another quandry. I am another member of the scissor junkies club, the neat tool junkies club, the vintage stuff club, the thread collector’s club… you get the idea. I don’t loose track of my scissors because – being a bit on the compulsive side – they are always returned to their place (JR Crafters scissor caddy) after each use. But the chatelaine and scissirs are lovely and would be a much appreciated addition to my work space. I have two absolute favorite tools: the first is my great grandmother’s sewing chest (a “Martha Washington” sewing cabinet) and the second is what I use as a thimble, which is a rubber finger filing tip. It offers wonderful grip and is very flexible and makes for easy needle manipulation. I just have to be sure to put them away after use or they become kitty toys and join the dust bunnies under furniture!

  250. I think my favorite embroidery tool are all of my scissors. I just seem to need all that I see. There is just something about a good pair of scissors that feel good in your hand and cut like hot knife through butter. Those are just lovely.

  251. My favorite tool is the needle threader. I buy them in bulk and in many sizes. I would not get any thing done if I didn’t have them. If I loose one I just look under my sofa cushion.

  252. Umm, most favorite? More and more I need the help of a threader to pass through the eye. Well turned out needles, thick/thin enough, strong enough, sharp/blunt enough ….? My leather thimble saves my skin. Most critical, and therefore most favorite though, has to be good scissors, narrow nosed enough to get into tight corners and sharp enough to slice rather than chew the fabric or thread.

    Thanks for a chance to have a fine pair that I can FIND! 🙂

    Beth N

  253. Thank you for the “give away” opportunity!

    My favorite tool is needles – longer, shorter, wider, thinner. Even though I am a beginning in embroidery, I like holding and using needles as I feel it connects me to my grandmother and great aunt who embroidered throughout their lives and left us beautiful items to use and cherish.

    Using needles also makes me feel connected to women, and men, throughout the world and throughout history. Using needles for embroidery is much like making bread… it’s something that we need and enjoy; an expression of our common human experience.

  254. My favorite embroidery tool is my thread organizer for any project. Keeps my threads separate and untangled, but a good scissor is always a welcome addition to any sewing basket, as it would be mine.This is a beautiful tool.

  255. Gee – this is a thought provoking questions: a good hoop, a nice light with magnifying glass or even the needles themselves. I think I would have to say good needles. I have often struggled through with the wrong needle for the job, but once I have the right needle I wonder how I ever lived without it. There are so many different sizes and types and what you use on fine, delicate work is far different than what you would use on crewel or stump work…I’m a one size fits all kind of gal, but I must say – taking the time to obtain the right needle for the job, makes the stitching so much more enjoyable.

  256. My newest and favorite tool, at this point in time, is Thread Heaven thread conditioner and protectant.
    I think it saves time and frustrations of tangled thread and makes easier threading of the needle.
    Thank you for your giving heart, help, guidance and informative website~~~
    Mary, you are the best
    and so appreciated!

  257. My favorite embroidery tool is a small,lighted,flexible magnifier that can clip on to
    a table or an embroidery frame. My eyes are no longer as young as my brain and hands, and this tool allows me to continue to indulge in adventurous needlework .

  258. I am so new at this that I either have too many, or don’t know yet. LOL. I love the internet for quick questions, for my daily email from you, Mary, books for help with learing/finding new stitches, my extra pair of reading glasses from the $ store to help me see my work, my new organizer carts to help me try and get this thing all organized, my new “thread holder” that I made after your post a week or 2 ago. I made it myself, and it looks pretty neat if I do say so myself. And boy, does it come in handy, now I don’t loose my threads. I could go on and on. I’ve been slowly adding to my “stuff” which at this point has grown by alot. I am hoping to eventually have a stand to work at, but I plan to have my DH help me build it and I want to work awhile before we do so I know just what will work for me. And I LOVE my reclining chair that I can work in in comfort. What a treat.
    Thanks Mary for the give away. Would love to have some fancy little scissors that I didn’t have to hunt for. LOL.

  259. My favorite embroidery tool is my imagination. I do a lot of painted needlepoint canvases. I like to embellish them with my own additions and touches. My most recent idea is to do the street in a San Francisco canvas as if it was paved in gold. It is not a big part of the canvas, but it will be unexpected. Yet it fits in with the idea of the 1849 Gold Rush, and the immigrant idea that the streets in America are paved in gold. I would love to have some wonderful scissors to hang around my neck, so I would be less likely to lose them.

  260. I have to say that my favorite embroisery tool is my Opticaid clip on magnifying glasses which make it a breeze to see the fine details of my work. I have lots of other stitching toys/tools but if you can’t see your work it won’t be good! Those scissors look yummy!

  261. Maybe this isn’t considered an embroidery tool….but it would have to be my magnifying glasses. I couldn’t stitch without them!

  262. My favorite tool would be my pair of scissors. When I was younger (much younger) my Grandmother taught me free hand embroidery. Which I am getting back into thanks to the Hummingbird project. Anyway, my grammie gave me her scissors when she could no longer see well enough. Unfortunately they are losing their availability to cut cut sharp ends. So a new pair of scissors would be great and I would be able to retire this pair.
    Sincerely Cindy Musick

  263. There are lots of tools that aid me in doing my best embroidery work. Right now I would say that my favorite tool is my kitchen timer. I tend to get lost in my work. I’ll lose all track of time, which can make me late for appointments, etc. When I sit down to embroider, I set my timer and then I can focus all my attention onto my work.

  264. My favorite tool is my thimble. I can’t even thread my needle without having a thimble on my finger. Maybe the chatelaine scissors would be my new favorite tool.

  265. My favorite embroidery tool right now is my wooden thread caddy from Barnett’s Laptop Hoops. It holds 2 balls of perle cotton, has a slot in the back for tools, a built in spot to hold thread heaven, posts for thimbles and two strong magnets….one on the base to catch my needle and scissors and one on the back. I’ve only had it for a few months but it keeps me very organized while stitching.

    Thanks for the give a way. The chatelaine scissors are beautiful.

  266. My favorite toll is my magnifier, without it I could not do half of what I do. These are beautiful scissors! I would love to have them, thank you for the entry opportunity!

  267. My favorite needlework tool is my tekobari. I can’t take it on an airplane anymore, so I have a number of substitutes to travel with, but all are lacking something. When I don’t have it, I realize how many things I use it for in my stitching, not just laying threads.

  268. After thinking about it, I’d have to say a needle of the right size. What can’t you do with a needle? Now scissors can be substituted with other items but a needle? It is the very best part of any embroidery project!

  269. Oh what a wonderful pick me up! I would love, love, love to be a caretaker of a pair of chatelaine scissors!
    My favorite tool is my small Davos embroidery scissors. I just happened to purchase them in a quilt shop and it was the best spur of the moment purchase. I didn’t know anything about the manufacture at the time but I can now attest to the fine quality! They feel so good in hand and cut wonderfully. They are a treasure!

  270. My favorite must have for all types of stitching is my light, it makes all the difference. Of course if I’m doing Hardanger a pair nice sharp scissors is a very close second.

    Take Care & Happy Stitchin’
    Hugs, Sandy In Montana

  271. my favorite tool is the system stand . it can hold anything I want it to. and the next thing would be mary.s website.Learn a lot from there and watching the videos makes it so much easier to know what I am trying to do and know if \I am doing it right

  272. My favorite embroidery tool is my needle threader. I’d be lost without it! The scissors and holder are lovely – thanks for offering them up to a lucky winner!

  273. My favorite embroidery tool has to my my embroidery hoop. I love the feel and the beauty of it while your stitching…great quility from Hedgehog.
    The giveaway is so very pretty!
    Thank you

  274. MY favourite embroidery tool(s) are my scissors. I love picking up unusual ones, as well as vintage ones I find and then get sharpened and looked at by the knife-guy at the local farmer’s market. I do a lot of different types of textile work, and sharp, good-quality scissors are a must-have! (Although having so many pairs is probably not necessary.) I display them on hooks on the wall, and use them in rotation.

  275. What a wonderful give-away.
    Really would love to have one of these, thanks for the opportunity.
    My favorite tool has to be my needle threader, I use it all the time.

  276. My favorite embroidery tool is a needle threader! It is so necessary when threading multiple threads onto a needle, when the needle is recalcitrant and does not wish to be threaded, and when old eyes just can’t see that gossamer silk thread.

  277. My favourite tool? I think my pin cushion. I gave it as a present to my mother. I made is when I was about 8 years old! My mother died 15 years ago and I have used the pincussion since then.I really love the chatelaine scissors! They would make me feel like a real Chatelaine walking through my castle!

  278. The Eruo cord winder is my favorit tool. I love not having to cut double the amount of thread then trying to wind it on itself (a royal pain)

  279. My favorite tool has to be my Dovos Hardanger scissors. I do a lot of Hardanger and they have a very thin, sharp blade ideal for cutting in tight places.

    Thanks for the giveaway! This is a beautiful set, and you can never have too many scissors!

  280. My favorite embroidery tool is a lovely laying tool with a light-colored wood handle from Mike and Maggie Fraser of Sylvan Treasures. It nestles in my curled fingers and leaves my thumb and forefinger free to work with the needle. On travel, it doubled as an awl for eyelets in a little embroidered turtle’s silk bag, too. So handy!

  281. My favorite is anything concerning embroidery but if I had to pick one it would be little scissors. I love hand sewing, to me it’s the most relaxing thing I do.

  282. Other than my hands and eyes? A needle. Everything else is just adjunct to that essential tool. 🙂

  283. John James pebble case great to travel with and at home the kitty bats it around but since it is not round it does not roll away under the furniture.

  284. Dearest Mary,
    I need a 12 step program for scissors. I am powerless over scissors. I browse the web looking for unique kinds. I am kind of a collector. I love these scissors. I am always looking for mine when I am stitching. Drives me crazy. This would be a great solution for me and would look so cool too. Thank you for your web. Have followed you for years. I have an old sampler book (black and white) I would love to send you if you are interested.
    Janice Miller. Big fan

  285. Scissors!. I have an obsession with scissors! I grew up in a household of three daughters, a mother who sewed and only one pair of scissors in the house. Now I can’t get enough of them. These are beautiful and I would love to have them at hand.


  286. My favorite embroidery tool is my Dazor circline-lighted,, rolling-castor base magnifying lamp. Ma husband gave it to me 20+ years ago! and I have really cherished it! It’s lighting is such that ther are no shadows made by my hands on my work. I love it!
    My favorite type of work is Hardanger! Boy, would these scissors come in handy for that! Thank you for your giveaway! What a treat!

  287. I have 2 favorite tools. My Cosmo embroidery floss and my Sajou Eiffel Tower scissors. I recently discovered Cosmo floss and just love how easy it slides through my work. It doesn’t tangle as much as DMC either and for that I am grateful. My Sajou Eiffel Tower scissors were a huge splurge purchase. I lusted for them forEVAH and finally bought them as a birthday gift to myself. I don’t regret it because when I use them, they bring to mind my Paris trip and the memories it created.
    Mary, thanks for generously sharing all of your wonderful information and free patterns.

  288. My favorite embroidery tool? A good book that shows me how to do the stitches. As you can guess, I’m a newbie.

  289. Now that is a question… I have always wanted to own a chatelaine. I just love tiny useful scissors that make tidying up work so easy. Or so useful to remove those tiny silk stitches that just do not work but are too far back to undo. Another useful item is my lace needle pin. A very fine crewel needle stuck into a holder the wrong way round so that the head can be pushed right against the threads when tying in a new pair but also works to move short threads to the back of my work. Another item is the little book needles bought some tie ago from one of your articles, now much enlarged and holding every spare needle I posses – that too can act as a thread holder! So all my useful items have a second use – the scissors? Well besides being beautiful, they have very sharp points which make little slits in my silk material without tearing so that I can pass through large gold or bunched ends. I know a stiletto is meant for the job but I have found that on fine silk it rucks the threads too much if the hole is to be a big one. The ability to create a nice hole with just a few snips of single threads is a godsend when I have reached that point in the embroidery where all I can see is the finish line!!

  290. It may not be thought of as a tool, but my favorite is the needle. Without it, I would be lost.

  291. My favorite embroidery tool is a hoop that you sit on, giving good support to the hoop and freeing both hands for any intricate work. A.really good pair of scissors is an absolute must in embroidery, and these, being so beautiful, make it extra special. Thank you for the opportunity to have a pair!

  292. Thank you for Monday pick-me-up!

    I love the wool felt needlework case that I made as my first free-hand embroidery project. There is much I would do different now but I love it because of all it taught me and how much I enjoyed making it.

  293. My favourite tool is my magnifying glasses. It doesn’t matter what else I use, if I can’t see the stitches clearly, I can’t stitch. Thanks for the giveaway and a website that is so full of information. Especially for a beginner, like me.

  294. Dear Mary,

    My favourite tool for embroidery is my needle. After many years of working and looking after my family I now have time to learn and enjoy embroidery. I am amazed that with just a needle and a piece of cotton or wool or silk or anyother thread I can produce a piece of amazing art.

    With every new technique of embroidery I am learning I am in absolute awe at what can be done with this tiny little tool.

    I am also so glad I have found your site and look forward to your daily blog.

    Kind regards

  295. Years ago I bought a little book at a yard sale for 50 cents. It has pages of small zip lock bags on a big ring. When I start a new embroidery project I print out all the colors and symbols and cut it up and put in each little bag with the thread that goes with it. I have been using this system for years and it works for me. :>)

  296. I must say that I love laying tools. The more I use them the more I need them. Plus laying tools are not all created equal. It depends on what I am doing. I see to be finding, though, that the sharper and more tapered the better. I like it to balance well in my hand.

    When I saw the scissors, I wished I had them They are so old fashioned looking, which I LOVE.

  297. My favorite tool is a brooch that has 3 clips to hold my ripper and needle case. When not in use it is proudly displayed in my sewing room on my wall!

  298. My favorite embroidery tool is , far and away, your daily column. I only discovered it a few weeks ago and cannot begin to tell you how much I have learned. Even though I am left-handed, your pictures are wonderful and so helpful to me. I ordered the secret garden book and am absolutely fascinated by it. I ordered the left – handed embroidery book and it is the best I’ve seen. Thank you so much for such excellent and free information and advice. I recommend your column to all my embroidery and quilting buddies. Sincerely, Sue Clark.

  299. My current favorite embroidery tool is the little magnet that you stick on your project and then you can set your needle on it instead of sticking it in the fabric. It may be called a needle minder. Of course there are numerous other tools that I couldn’t live without and these Chatelaine Scissors are one of those. You can never have too many embroidery scissors.

  300. My favorite tool is Floss-A-Way bags to organize the floss for a project. I put all the bags for a project on a ring to keep them in order. I don’t know how I’d stitch without them. When I try a project takes me twice as long. I also love my Lowry stand, clip on magnifiers, needle book, favorite scissors and this blog. Thanks for this give away. If I don’t win I’ll definitely buy them.

  301. Hello, my favorite embroidery tool are the scissors. I have a little obsession with them and have a little collection of them. I like to change them out with each project.

  302. It was a close contest but the clip-on magnifying lens has squeaked past the millennium frame and the DMC floss color card. I love all my tools!

  303. My favorite tool is a lovely wooden laying tool, not because I use it a lot, but it is lovely.

    The chatelaine should be lovely and useful. Scissors often look great, but I end up using the cheap ones that work. I tried other scissors in various cloth and leather scissors cases, but they went right through.

    With the metal case and good scissors, this should be a real winner.

  304. My favorite embroidery tool is my Dololly! It is one of the first tools I bought and it is invaluable for tieing down loose threads, especially after I’ve ripped out stitches and need to get the shortest length of thread back under some stitches!
    Thanks for the giveaway!!

  305. What’s your favorite embroidery tool?
    My favorite tool is the scissor of course. it is not only a tool uses for cutting but it is a artful tool to be admired. I use different scissors for different projects. For example Stumpwork I like to trim the edges with a curved scissor
    These would be adorable and wearing them around one’s neck would prevent having to look for them all the time. I often put them down and Voila–can’t find them

  306. My favorite embroidery tool is a neck-looped magnifying glass so I can see the intricacies of stitch pictures and instructions. It is so much better than squinting or constantly holding my hoop up closer which interrupts my stitching flow. It also allows me to stitch for longer periods of time at a stretch since I can hold my piece in a lower and more relaxed, comfortable fashion. The magnifier was a minimal investment (under $25 and with a 40% off coupon at a local craft store) with maximum benefits.

  307. No doubt it is my light source!!! Is that an embroidery tool? I hope so because I really really want those scissors!

  308. Hi,

    My favorite tool is my Lap Frame with scroll with attached magnifying lens which hold a mini flash lite. After I broke my back and was restricted to home for a couple of years my husband found this item. It is made by K’s Creations in Austin TX. 1-800-727-3769 http://www.kscreations.com. This item enabled me to get back to stitching and I would be lost with out it. I use it for all of my work. It can handle small or large pieces. It really changed my life.

    Kate Miller, Colonial Beach VA

  309. My favorite, and most needed embroidery tool is my hands free magnification. Can’t work without it!

  310. I think scissors are probably my favorite tool. I always want my threads to cut nice and cleanly! Thank you Mary!

  311. My favorite embroidery tools are a good old fashioned embroidery hoop and my thread organizer. I have always admired the older Chatelaine Scissor holders as they are hard to find. Thanks for this giveaway!

  312. My favorite embroidery tool is the laying tool. It helps in making threads straight which makes the whole project pop!

    I belong to EGA of Louisville and have learned so many helpful tips that make embroidering more fun and professional looking projects.

    This organization allows one to meet new people, learn new stitches, and a great way to have fun with people of like minds.

    Thanks for your great website, also.

  313. My favorite tool for embroidery is a pair of sharp scissors.
    If I cannot cut my floss with a nice clean edge then I have a difficult time threading my needle.

  314. Chère Mary, vous êtes pour moi une précieuse conseillère en outils et matériel général de broderie et bien sur comme guide de nos réalisations. Je ne pourrais plus me dispenser de vos courriels journaliers, ce sont mon 2°café du matin.
    Les ciseaux sont pour moi l’élément essentiel lorsque je brode ou dentelle. La bonne qualité est le premier critère recherché.
    Je souhaite gagner cette offre magnifique. M.G.

  315. It would defiantly have to be my mother’s embroidery hoop.To know that I am lovingly sewing for my children as lovingly as she did for me.

  316. My favourite needlework tool are my Bohin needles. After years of using “just any brand available” I discovered Bohin and realise now that good needles really do make a difference.

    My other favourite “tools” are my doors – one to shut away the household chores and interruptions and the other to open to my garden for calming thoughts

    Thank you, simply scissors and golden hinde for this give away.

  317. My favorite embroidery tool is the needle and thread. I love different kinds of needles and thread. Different range of thread colors and texture is an eye candy for me 🙂

    Thank you for the giveaway.


  318. Would love to have the chatelaine–no matter how many scissors I have lose by, I always seem to lose the pair I need! My current favorite tool is a humble Chenille needle , size 24–I do a lot of wool applique. Discovering this simple tool has made my work easier. Other than that, I couldn’t live without my light box!

  319. My favorite embroidery tool is my magnifier light. Sometimes I use it just for the bright light but more often I find myself using the magnifier. A close second are my scissors and an only slightly distant third is my embroidery stand. It’s sitting in third place because it is bulky and I need to invest the funds into a newer model. Thank you for the beautiful give away.

  320. A perfect pair of scissors is a must and these look like they fit that label. They have a sheath which means you can carry them in your project bag, the small blade means you can travel with them and the nice point means you can pick up threads for other techniques easily and they are beautiful to the eye, which in William Morris’s world fits both beautiful and practical.
    Thank you for the giveaway. Rosemary

  321. My favorite tool is my handmade leather thimble. Saves my finger so I can enjoy my stitching. My fingers are very arthritic, so I do more pushing the needle thru than pulling it through. Second favorite is your web site. I learn so much
    Thank you. Diana

  322. This sounds crazy but a disposable scapel for removing stitches. it has a super tiny point to reach tiny stitches and the blade is plenty sharp to cut through threads. I’m not recommending it unless you have a steady hand and are extremely careful. Works for me though.

    1. I thought I was the only one who had surgical tools in their embroidery kit. I have a surgical clamp (the kind that stays closed) for numerous things, clamping photos of what I am doing (like a floral photo my mother took on vacation that I recreated) exactly where I need it to be, or I clamp flat refrigerator magnets where I want them while in the car, so I can keep my tools from rolling around. Though, I admit, i’ll be sticking with my seam ripper and tweezers, I have no plans to perform a thumb-ectomy on myself accidentally. 🙂

  323. Hi! My favorite embroidery tool is the MagEyes that my son gave me for my birthday last year. You can choose from the different magnifications and they are so light you forget you have them on your head!

  324. I would have to say my Ott light because my old eyes are of much less use without it!

  325. My favorite embroidery tool has to be my thread oraganizer! Without it my threads were all over with out any reason. Now they are wound up and a pleasure to browse 🙂

  326. Hi Mary:
    First thank you for another wonderful giveaway. My favorite tool is a recent purchase…a star de-tailer. It is a lifesaver in many situations. However, I could not stitch without my scissors and favorite needles and magnifier and Ott light.

  327. My favorite tools are probably my turned wood laying tools. They are really nice to hold and lat threads easily without snagging them.

  328. My favorite embroidery tool is my my grandson’s discarded tackle box. I have used it to store the thread required for whatever project I’m working on, needles, embroidery scissors, and all my other little sewing gadgets (needle threaders,a small candle for waxing my thread, and just routine odds and ends. I have found that I have a real enjoyment for collecting the small decorative embroidery scissors and would absolutely love to add these to my collection. Thank you for the opportunity to throw my name in the pot.

  329. My favorite embroidery tool is my Susan Porta laying tool. It fits my hand just right, and it is large enough that I am not always losing it!

  330. I think my favorite tool du jour is my lamp and magnifier. I have a Mighty Bright magnifier that has a small light that can be moved around and positioned just right. As much as I love my other tools, the magnifier has become essential for me because if I can’t see, I can’t stitch!

    Celeste in CA

  331. My favorite tool is my seam ripper. My brother is a wood worker. One day a seam ripper magically appeared in my mailbox. It is the sharpest seam ripper that I have ever had. The wood is very his wife’s family property which was across the road from the one-room elementary school we attended.

    I am constantly misplacing my scissors. I seem to miss a class at my local quilt shop each time it’s offered to make a chatelaine. So, I’d be thrilled to win one with the scissors. Thanks you for another great giveaway.

  332. My favourite would be my Daylight floor lamp. It looks really homely, looks great in any room setting and is not at all ugly or imposing. It gives me the light to see all my other tools and of course my work of the moment, magnified when I need it and disposed to any angle of approach. Just looking at it makes me feel creative!

  333. My favorite embroidery tool, most of the time, is an ivory laying tool that my father brought back from China for my grandmother.

    Bad weather agravates my arthritis, so then my favorite tools are 2 small pair of pliers, with rounded tips and no abrasions that could damage the needle. I use the pliers to stab stitch the needle through the fabric and to pull it through to the other side, one pair on each side. They are spring loaded to stay open, and it only takes a slight amount of movement at the base of my thumb to close them around the needle.

    It is my opinion that GOOD scissors are hard to find, so I really appreciate you answering the questions you got last week.

  334. My favorite embroidery tool is my iPad. It has greatly facilitated my work on a very detailed counted cross stitch project. First, I enlarge a section of the diagram on my printer and then scan it onto my computer and load it on my iPad as a picture. I put a rubber band around the iPad as a “guideline.” When I bring up the picture on the iPad, it allows me to “stretch and shrink” the diagram to a good size for easy reading. It also allows me to move the diagram up, down and sideways. So I line up the part of the diagram where I am working with the rubber band “guideline,” and proceed with the embroidery. When I move to the next row, I move the diagram on the iPad. This is SO much easier than trying to follow on a piece of paper! A wonderful discovery!

  335. In my imaginary life I have exquisite embroidery tools of Silver and Gold and Mother of Pearl, neatly organized in a beautiful antique sewing chest lined in azure blue velvet. When I awake and realize that the most exciting thing I own, besides an antique sewing bird (gift from friend) is a cute needle threader, I’m sorely lacking here. If I could hang the lovely scissors in their holder around my neck, my sewing would advance greatly – wouldn’t waste so much time searching for my scissors.

    Love the daily fix of Mary Corbett. Thank you for all you do.

  336. I like the beautiful threads. Always changing and enticing. Colors textures beauty adventure.

    lovely scissors
    love your site.

  337. My favorite needlework tool right now is my computer. Since I am just getting back into hand embroidery, I find it invaluable as a reference tool. If I am unfamiliar with a stitch,or just looking for inspiration, I check here first. The video tutorials are amazing.

  338. My favorite embroidery tool is the needle. It comes in so many sizes and types. What embroidery coud you do without it!?

  339. I guess since I am just getting into embroidery, my favorite tool would have to be my books with the “how to” section of stitches. If I were to win the chatelaine scissors—they would definately be my favorite tool. I love victorian/beautifully ornate things.

  340. Beautiful chatelaine scissors! My favorite embroidery tool is a good light! Thanks Again for all you do and share Mary. xoxo Karen

  341. My favorite tool is the Beam N Read light that hangs around my neck. it seems my eyesight is getting worse and the light shines right where I need it. it’s a cool tool just like your emails I get each day. Love to read what you’re doing or planning. thanks.

  342. My favorite stitching tool? Well I have to choose my scissors. I have many, many pairs usually tucked into every project finished or not. I think they are in their respective place to make sure I do not go to a stitching event without being prepared. I love all the shapes they come in and am on the lookout for THE special one that says my collection is complete. If only my husband knew this treasure trove I have!

  343. While scissors are definitely A favorite embroidery tool of mine (I broke down and admitted to collecting them), I think that my Dololly, from “My Favorite Dololly” of about 15 years ago is my favorite…. Pretty and very useful for hiding stubborn, too-short thread ends!

  344. My current favorite tool might not qualify as a tool for anyone else, but it is a lovely hat box I keep my current small projects in. I count it as a tool as it makes my life with RA easier to be able to simply pick up and move my smaller projects wherever it is easier for me to work that day.

    Thanks for the awesome giveaway and I am looking forward to everyone’s responses!

  345. What an exciting give-away! I am fascinated by antique tools, most often for the “form follows function” aspect. Incredible design details coupled with great function which applies to this item. Okay, favorite tool, maybe a great needle. It makes it a pleasure to draw the thread through the fabric. A great pair of scissors, good thread or the design and fabric are all part of the team. It makes it hard to choose.

  346. My favorite is my second pair of glasses that I wear over my regular ones and they magnify just great. but since that may not be a tool I would say a piece I made that has a marked quarter for the different size needles. I never can find the right size in the right place. You have a great web site Thanks

  347. This is a hard question because I am really not in the habit of judging my tools. I would say the sewing cabinet my family recently bought me or the wicker boxes I carry my embroidery around in, but they aren’t really tools. I love all my scissors, but, at the same time, I am not too particular about them. I think the one thing I couldn’t live without though is my needle threaders. I have to buy them by the dozen because I am tough on them, but I went from never having used one 5 years ago, to being panicked if one isn’t handy. So, needle threaders, final answer, even though I am not too particular about them either!

  348. I love these scissors. I just ordered, and received, 447 skeins of floss, one of everything DMC has currently on the market, so, right now, one of my favorite tool(s) is a of 1000 plastic bobbins. It took me a week, but now I have nearly 500 skeins (I have some old ones that are no longer available), all on bobbins, and arranged in seven boxes.
    My other favorite tool is the charting software I downloaded for my Mac. I am ready to start charting my masterpiece.

  349. My favorite embroidery tool is the tekobari, which I used when I was learning Japanese embroidery. I use it now when I’m doing any technique. I can’t do without it.

  350. My favorite embroidery tool is actually something I put together myself and can be used for any needlework in progress. I call it my “to go needlework necessity box”‘ it is a 4×7 inch plastic box with partitions; everything I need is in that box, small sharp scissors, thread conditioner, bobbins of the color of thread I am working on, needle threaders and my favorite thimble. I made a tiny pin cushion and wedged it in one of the bins to hold my favorite needles. This box is used whenever I stitch and is easy to pick up and throw in a bag for travel at a moment’s notice, all I need is the project I am working on.

  351. Mary,

    Other than my small collection of scissors my favourite embroidery tool is my laying tool – World’s Best Laying Tool. I have 2 – one for home next to where I stitch and one in my “travel” kit that goes with me everywhere. A few years ago I lost my travel one while stitching at the soccer field. I went back 4 days later in the hope of finding it and actually located it even though the grass had been cut since I had been at the field. Luckily it was laying flat and didn’t get sucked up into the mower. It was a bit rusty from the rain but it cleaned up as good as new with an emery cloth scrub.

    Love your give aways – thank you.

  352. My favourite embroidery tool is The Left-Handed Embroiderer’s Companion by Yvette Stanton. I would be useless withouth this book. Thanks for the chance to win those beautiful scissors.


  353. I am just getting into embroidery. I have done cross stitch for quite a few years. At this point, my favorite tool(s) are needles and hoops. I prefer a sharper needle than a blunter needle (don’t know why). Anyway, hope I win and thank you for the opportunity to win.

  354. I guess my favorite tool is my ott light. I need the brightness to be able to see what I am doing. I am developing cataracts now so I need a bright light.

  355. My favorite embroidery tool is my light box for tracing my pattern on the fabric. I use a variety of needles, threads and scissors and don’t have a favorite. I need a better hoop, so that is not a favorite for sure. I am working on finding a good one. Thanks for the chance to win. I love scissors.

  356. My fav stitching tool is Tacky bob. I do a lot of beading and the Tacky Bob is essential now. Can’t work without it.

  357. Favorite tool- a good needle that glides thru the cloth.
    Runner up- floor frame with lighted magnifier
    But scissors make it all possible. When working on a project, often it gets put on the back burner while a “quick” project that must be done by such and such a date takes over. Well, then there are two areas where stitching is being done and keeping the scissors at the right place doesn’t always happen. The extra pair is always appreciated.
    Jacquelin Ihsan

  358. My favorite is is a pair of embroidery scissors I wear around my neck on a ratty silken cord. It would be awesome to sport a pair of elegant scissors in a lovely pewter case. Thanks for the chance. Fingers crossed.

  359. My favourite embroidery tool is a good needle. The right length and the perfect sized eye make stitching a breeze and a joy. Thanks for all your hard work and for keeping the embroidery torch alive and passing from hand to hand.

  360. Hello Mary and thanks for the give away.
    My favourite tool are… my needles !!
    I use Bohin needles and every needle I get in a kit, I save for future use. My daughter, age 9, has a favourite, from a Textile Heritage kit I stitched for her. She put it on a piece of felt in a matchbox and I am forbidden to use it 🙂
    Voilà, you know all about my favourite Tools !

  361. Hi Mary
    This is another tricky question as I find all my tools are extremely useful and I use each one on any given day. I think my magnifying lamp would have to come first as without it I would not be able to sit and embroider. Next would be my embroidery scissors and good needles. I enjoy doing embroidery each day and these tools sit beside me like a friend.


  362. Actually my favourite embroidery tool is embroidery scissors with fine points and thin sharp blades. Love them for snipping threads and frogging. Love 😉

  363. My favourite tools are my assortment of scissors, but my favourite scissors are small & sharp & resemble men’s “nose-hair” scissors! I love them because they never nick the fabric when cutting thread– no matter how close!

  364. My favorite tool is the embroidery stand with a day -light lamp and a magnifying embroidery lens. Since I heard about it, I started saving to get one. It is a smart invention.

  365. My favorite embroidery tool is my spring hinged clip that holds my pattern in an upright position and makes it easier to see! Lovely posts lately, Mary!

  366. Hi

    My favourite embroidery tool has to be a good pair of sharp scissors. Nothing compares to the ease a pair of good quality, sharp scissors can have to a project. I love to do cutwork and Hardanger, and the proper scissors are a necessity.

  367. What is my favorite embroidery tool you ask. Oddly enough, my favorite is a laying tool called a fingertip trolley. I have prettier laying tools, but this one is the easiest for me to use. I just have to be careful to keep my hands away from my face for fear of poking my eye. I would love to have the chatelaine scissors for two reasons–one, I have bought (and was seriously disappointed in) one of the flimsy, tinny versions and two, my birthday is in three days and this would be a lovely and welcome birthday gift.

  368. Thank you for the write-up on these scissors. I have always thought
    Them so pretty, but the one I looked at that someone else had, the
    Scissors did not cut well and fell out of the holder easily. So, I would
    Love to win a better one. My favorite tool is the magnetic telescoping
    Wand for finding and picking up lost pins, needles, and even scissors!
    I use mine on a regular basis, and they have saved the day many times.

  369. Dear Mary

    My favourite embroidery tool, is something I discovered six months ago. I wanted a thimble form the TheThimbleLady.au, I was fascinated with how amazing her hand quilting is. Then I decided to check what else she had, she had these pink “needlegrippersa”, four in a pack for $10. Not cheap, but with a hot summer and trying to hold a needle in the heat that kept on slipping, this was a find. Not only can I quilt, sew, smock, applique and embroider with this gadget, I get less calluses on my finger tips and it protects it from being pricked by the needle. I would love to win this amazing pair of scissors and chatelaine!

  370. A good needle is my favorite embroidery tool. I love it, when I find just the right needle for a certain type of thread and fabric.

  371. Hi, Mary. This one made me really think hard. Getting nowhere with that method, I decided to just think, “If I were to suddenly not have any of my tools, which one leaps first into mind as the greatest loss.” And it is my tekobari. I love it and I also love my (vast) collection of laying tools, without which my work would not be as perfect as humanly possible. Thanks for the giveaway and have a pleasant and productive week, Mary.
    Denise from Palm Desert

  372. My favorite embroidery tool is my scissors .
    At home I keep them in a tool bag just to the side of my chair so I can grab the scissors when needed. Of course, I keep other items in my bag!! Like my needle puller made from the tape of my last blood draw.
    I have the losing syndrome with my traveling scissors! I put those scissors in the project bag. Then when I am traveling, I don’t have the scissors because I have put them into the “other” project bag.
    I love to make scissor fobs for my favorite scissors! There are so many interesting scissor fob patterns.
    Barbara J Martin

  373. I have several favorite embroidery tools, but I definitely love having an embroidery hoop and a thimble to protect my finger. You can never have too many scissors either.
    The scissors and chatelaine are beautiful.
    Thank you for all your wonderful information.

  374. I love SHARP scissors. I work at an historic site and always have some form of needlework with me.We need to pass,these skills on. I would love the s e scissors to add to my impression.

  375. Probably my Beam n Read. I read about it here and had to get one. It does a great job and really helps me see what I’m doing so much better.

  376. My favorite tool is my scissors. Other than needles, they are the one constant in every project. But how many pairs…..many!

  377. Frogging needles are my favorite right now, because I have been making a lot of mistakes learning new stitches. The needles help me take out the mess I create. hollie

  378. My favourite embroidery tool is a slate frame (made by my husband) which is easy to dismantle and pack up into a cloth bag for transport to a class or wherever. My new favourite could become a scissor chatelaine (wishful thinking!)….

  379. My favorite embroidery tool is my magnetic board. It keeps me on the straight and narrow! Could not function without it! Thanks Mary, for all the great tutorials and tips!

  380. Hi Mary

    My favorite embroidery tool has got to be scissors and I love them in every colour, shape and size. As I am using them all the time that I am embroidering I like them to be a constant pleasure to handle. To have them to hand around my neck would be an added bonus.


  381. Mt favorite embroidery tool is my thimble. My Mom taught me to embroidery and the thimble was an imperative part of learning. My favorite one is open on the end allowing my finger to breathe. Not only that, it turns
    easily with my finger in whatever direction I need. I would not think of embroidery without it.
    Thank you, Mary, for all that you have taught me in the past year that I discovered your site.


  382. A good needle is my favorite embroidery tool. It need not be gold-plated, though those are nice, but it does need to be very smooth and go through the ground fabric easily and smoothly. The smaller, the better, as far as I’m concerned, as long as I can get the fiber threaded!

  383. My favorite embroidery tool is my beautiful sterling thimble from TJ Lane. I never leave home with it! This beautiful chatelaine and scissors will look wonderful with my thimble.

  384. I am always looking for a pair of scissors while working in a different room. What better way to solve that than a pair of chatelaine scissors!!!

  385. My favorite embroidery tool are my John James embroidery needles. I love how they feel in my hand. I cry if they bend and I must get a new one. Even worse if I “loose” one! I never worry that one my get poked, just tears for the lost needle…

  386. My favorite embroidery tool is my pair of DOVO scissors. They work so well and whenever someone else uses them, they immediately want to know where to buy some.

    I so enjoy your daily lessons. Wish there were more hours in the day.

  387. My favorite tool right now is my frisson pens for transferring patterns. Thanks so much for a chance at this great give away and all your help in your posts.

  388. Hi Mary, I guess if I had to pick one it would probably be the pin cushion. I love how they can be made into so many different shapes, sizes and from so many textures. They can be large or small, tucked into an etui, or sitting atop a box. Many vintage or antique pin cushions are quite elaborate. I only have a few, but have so many ideas on making different pin cushions to go with my different stitched pieces and boxes.
    Happy Monday,

  389. My most favorite, favorite embroidery tool is Mary Corbet’s tutorials, which without I would not be able to do any embroidery. For this I am most thankful. Thanks for the give away.

  390. My favorite tool is my fabric embroidery caddy. It holds EVERYTHING and I am so organized. I love the 4 inside pockets and the outside pockets. I don’t know how I survived before……and it has a perfect pocket for a new pair of scissor. Thanks

  391. My favorite embroidery tool is my new needlework system 4 stand that I purchased after your write up about it. I love the freedom of having both my hands to stitch.
    I looked at all the lovely scissors and drooled over them. They are gorgeous but I will have to save up again. Thanks for sharing all these wonderful products that I would love to have. Carol D.

  392. Mt favorite needlework tool without a doubt are a really great pair of 4.0 diopter readers. They are essential for any fine needlework. Thanks for this give away.

  393. My favorite tools are my Bohin needles, they are fwould love to win as I always wanted to start a Chaterlaine. Thank you for the opportunity to try.

  394. My favourite embroidery tool has to be my thimble. I can’t sew a stitch without it! When my daughter was very little she threw one away as she thought I loved it more than her. True story!

  395. My favorite stitching tool…scissors! They are like a compulsion with me. I love to collect them, touch them, admire them, use them…I NEED one for every project!

  396. My favorite tool, currently, is a pretty needle minder. I bought it at an EGA seminar and the magnet erased my room key! It works well on canvas and also on my notion basket handle.

  397. Oh, I love this one, would really love to win it. My favourite needle work accessory is my Millennium Frame and Lap Stand. Years ago I broke my wrist when I had a fall and these days I sometimes have trouble holding my hoop. I find that my Frame and Stand allow me to stitch without any problems.

  398. My favorite tool is always a pair of perfectly sharp Sissors. They have to be light weight and sharp all the way to the tip. I do a lot of very fine Whitework embroidery and it is important to have good sharp scissors. It would be handy to have them always close at hand.

  399. My favorite embroidery tool is my computer so I can have access to NeedleNthread!! I have learned so much and can review the different stitch videos more than once to catch all of the details! Also, I can’t live without my needle threaders. Thanks for your contribution to the art of embroidery. I never knew it was so broad. The scissors and holder would be put to good use!

  400. I am in need of a quality little scissor like this thanks for the giveaway chance.
    I don’t have many tools at all, but for me it is a quality needle-not made in china, and a good hoop

  401. While they may not qualify in the classic sense as tools, my hands are what I marvel at and appreciate the most; at times they fall into their own rhythm and just do what needs doing, usually with wonderful results!

  402. Mary, I love to read your blog! Thanks for sharing the scissor give away with us. My favorite embroidery tool is a small pair of Dovo Silver Scissors. I can get into small places to cut threads. Have good week.

  403. What’s your favorite embroidery tool?
    I dont do much embroidery, so I only have the basics! Can I say the specalty threads, are my favorite? I love anything that has some sparkle or shine to it!

  404. I’m afraid it’s a toss-up between my needle threader (I just can’t seem to get the hang of pushing through a doubled over thread) and my magnifying glasses – and sometimes I need both! How lucky we are to have tools that help us as we approach those golden years.

  405. My Favourite needlework tool is my Dorcas thimble, it symbolises the start of a needlework session. If practical, I would put it 1st thing in the morning and take it off when I go to bed. I bought it for £5 in an antiques market in Devizes, England while visiting in laws a few years ago. Best Buy Ever. Helen.

  406. I’ve always wanted a pair (or three) of chatelaine scissors! My favorite tool is my best pair of embroidery scissors. Plus the needle book I made, but I’m not sure that’s a tool.

  407. My favorite tool is really good expensive needles. They are a pleasure to hold and go through the fabric so well. I also love my ott light. It supplies good natural light. And, I could not do fine embroidery without my mageyes, which is a wearable magnification device.

  408. Applique needles are my favorite tools. I like to switch between applique and attaching tiny beads, and most needles’ eyes are too big for the beads, and I break beading needles too often.

  409. My favorite embroidery tool are my needle nannies. I have several that I use as I usually have several projects going at the same time. I typically have several needles threaded and can keep them on the nanny to switch back and forth as I stitch on my way. My favorite nannies are made by Puffin and Company as they are not only functional but lovely to look at as well and they support a good cause.

  410. My favourite tool is a high quality, sharp needle. Seems simple but I am SO happy when I’m using a good needle.

  411. My favorite type of needlework tool has to be my lap and floor stands. I have quite a variety, most of which I’ve been able to pick up used. I have the wooden floor stands, great for large pieces on stretcher bars. For little projects I have a smaller Z-frame that is meant to be used on a table, but because I am short I sit on the base of it and use it as a lap frame. I can use it with either scroll rods or stretcher bars. I also have a couple of the K’s creations frames that can support a scroll frame on both ends, perfect for using when working on a very wide project. Now all I need to make my stitching even easier is a place to keep my scissors…such as in a chatelaine around my neck!

  412. You have the most wonderful gifts for us … win or lose, I appreciate your generosity.
    My favorite tool at the moment is the magnetic, extendable tool you mentioned about a month ago. I love it and have already dropped enough pins that I really like just holding the wand and picking up the pins instead of getting on my knees and feeling for the (need I say sharp?) pins. Thanks for that recommendation!

  413. My favorite embroidery tool at the moment is my new Stella lamp. Thanks for that review — the lamp is a godsend for my eyes! Thanks for the giveaway!

  414. My hoop is my favorite tool so far. I am very new to this. Thanks for the great giveaway! vickise at gmail dot com

  415. My favorite embroidery tool is my hands ~ I love the feel of fabric, the promise of all the beautiful colored threads, and when given nice, uninterrupted time, the beauty that emerges from under my fingertips. ah…

  416. My favorite embroidery tool is a good pair of scissors. Admittedly I am a scissor-a-holic, and am very specific what each scissor is to cut. I have a pair of funky looking scissors I use for hardanger and that is all they are used for. Of course, if possible I would love to have a new pair of scissors for each project, that somehow matched what I was stitching. I love the idea of a chatelaine, it seems so polished and refined and like a piece of stitching jewelry.

  417. My favorite tool is a combination of a large and small hoop called a ‘lap stand combo’. It sits on my lap pretty comfortably and I don’t feel like I am hunching over with it. But I think those little scissors would be a favorite too!

  418. Thanks for the opportunity to win such a lovely gift. My favourite tool in my embroidery box is a small thimble that I found by chance while cleaning up my in-laws estate. The thimble belonged to my husbands grandmother, whom I loved, and it fits me like it was made for me. These little scissors remind me of the thimble and lovely ‘things’ from bygone times and I would be appreciative of adding it to my embroidery box. I have resumed my passion for hand embroidery recently and beautiful tools always help inspire me to do better.

  419. My scissor sitter is my favorite tool. It is a bee with a magnet to attach to my shirt and has a length of bright cording to attach the scissors to. When stitching in the evenings, I park my scissors there and my needle when splitting threads. I don’t lose them or sit on them which wasn’t very fun at all.

  420. My favourite embroidery tool is my glasses. I took my stitching to the optomotrist and had him make a pair with the exact focal length for stitching. It is different to what I need for reading.
    It makes it so much easier to see my stitching clearly.
    Thank you for a wonderful blog

  421. My favorite tool is a “fiber hider”, a small wire loop to catch and weave short threads on the back of my work. The loop is connected by a small chain to a hook to help bring the thread into the loop. It’s pretty and very functional. There are other things I could not stitch without, but this is my favorite.
    Thanks for your wonderful blog. I am a relatively new stitcher and am learning so much from you.

  422. My favorite tool is a nice sharp needle. A sharp needle glides through the fabric much easier than a dull one and less fatigue and fighting with the tread.

  423. My favorite embroidery tool is my Machingers gloves designed for quilting, crafting, sewing and now embroidery. They are what allows me to embroider on bad hand days – but I always use them – even on good days. They grip the needle so nicely – They also keep my skin oil off my work. Thank you for the chance for this WONDERFUL

  424. I don’t really have many tools. Just the basics – needles, hoops and with aging eyes I lately need needle threaders. I guess the threaders are my favorite these days.

  425. Hi Mary!
    Enjoy your blog so much! Hard to say which is my fav tool, however I guess right now I’d say it’s my needle keeper. I can move it around my stitching and the magnet is nice and strong to really keep my needle in place!
    Thanks again! P.S. My son’s birthday is March 15th and I must say he lived up to that moniker!

  426. My beautiful laying tool is my favorite but if I win these lovely scissors I could have a new favorite!

  427. My favourite tool for embroidery is a sharp pair of scissors – to me they are as essential as a good needle! These look and sound perfect for a dream pair of scissors.

  428. My favourite embroidery tool is, coincidentally, any pair of good, sharp scissors! I’m sure I have about 20 pairs but do you think I can ever find a pair when I need them? I have started being slightly more organised and I have separated all of my half-finished projects into their own storage tins/bins depending on size, and have added a pair of scissors to each project in the hope that I will always have a pair on hand from now on. One can never have too many scissors!

  429. Hi, my favourite embroidery tool is my set of John James embroidery needles from England. They are slim and sharp!
    Thanks for the giveaway,
    Jacqueline in Pitt Meadows

  430. My favorite needlework tool…other than the thumb on my left hand I guess my favorite tool would have to be my antique bone stiletto/laying tool; or maybe my 4″ long black Dovo scissors; or maybe my Craftlite Newton lamp; or… well you get the picture. I l-o-v-e my needlework tools.
    Thank you for the giveaway! I hope your Monday improves exponentially!

  431. Oh whats better then a good pair of scissors? I have my scissors in alittle case with a speacial top on them I guard them with my life . I have a gold pair for blackwork and a pair for drawnthread

  432. I love the hussif and beautiful needle case that my stitching angel, Sherrie, made for me.
    All of my scissors are dull. A pretty, sharp pair of scissors would be happy, happy at my house. Finding you, I’m a winner either way.
    I’ve just discovered you. Practicing your stitch videos on my crazy quilt samplers. Thank you for the inspiration

  433. My favorite tool is a really sharp pair of scissors used only for embroidery. I have the same needle I have used forever. Robin Campbell

  434. My favorite embroidery tool is my clover needle threader. My sight is getting bad so it is so helpful to have a good threader to get you started. I just live the beautiful scissors. Thanks for the chance to win.

  435. Being a newbie to embroidery, my favorite tool at present is the internet! I find so much help online between newsletters, tutorials and youtube! Thanks for the chance to enter your giveaway!

  436. My favorite embroidery tool would have to be my Ott light. My house has very high ceilings and it can feel like a dark cave some days, so that Ott light is the only thing saving me! I not only use it when I’m doing embroidery, I also use it just for reading. Couldn’t do without it!

  437. My favorite embroidery tool is the floss threader by Clover. A friend said I needed to have it and she was right!

  438. My tool choice is the needle. I have learned the hard way that many of my problems are caused by not choosing the right needle. If things aren’t going well it’s worth taking the time to try different needles.

  439. With such a beautiful tool I would not feel so down at redoing my attempt at embroidery.
    thank you.

  440. My favorite tool, besides the beautiful flosses, fabrics, needles, etc, would have to be my needle threader. Now that I’m in my senior years, whenever I attempt to thread my needles without the aid of the threader, I often reflect on those times oh so many years ago when my grandmother would ask me to thread a needle for her. At the time, I couldn’t relate to what it must be like to have to extend the arms out in an effort to focus on the eye of the needle. Well, now I can truly relate. Those memories are precious and I often wish my grandmother was still here so that I could gladly thread a needle for her.

  441. My favorite is my sample notebook of different stitches made with different floss samples. Having a sample notebook saves me a lot of time in making the decision of which stitch and floss I want to use in a project. When I try a different stitch, I do it in my notebook and it’s there to stay for future reference.

  442. My favorite embroidery tool is my needlebook with printed pages illustrating the exact size of the various needles. When a pattern or teacher says use a 26 chenille needle, I can figure out which that is.

  443. My favorite tool is a smooth wooden laying tool I purchased at least 10 years ago from a lady at a guild meeting. It has just a slightly wider area near the tip that is perfect for getting my threads aligned just so as I pull on the thread! I bought a second a year or so later and it is just not the same … Good scissors – sharp, smooth action, heavy enough to give a good feel in my hand are a close second though!

  444. I have a laying tool that I bought about a year ago. I can’t remember the name of the artist, but the handle is made from Fimo Clay in multiple colors and small dots. I found it at “Needle in a Haystack” of Alameda, California. It is of just the right weight and fits in my hand beautifully.

  445. My favorite tool is a pair of embroidery scissors I inherited from my grandmother. I love them!

  446. I hate to say it but my magnifying glasses has become my favourite piece of equipment even in the bright light in Western Australia were we are on holiday.

  447. My favorite embroidery tool is my lighted magnifying lamp. These scissors are just beautiful. Thanks for the chance to win them.

  448. My favourite tool are my tiny stork scissors which I hang around my neck on a length of ribbon so they’re always handy.
    Why did Chatelaines ever fall out of fashion…!? 🙂

    1. Why did Chatelaines ever fall out of fashion…!?

      Probably because for a few decades making something for yourself meant you were “too poor” to buy something, and chatelaines were replaced by keychains and lanyards. It seems to be (on some levels) swinging back the other way thankfully, and home made is not judged negatively like that so much.

  449. My favorite tool is one that my embroidery requires. It is my Mag-Eyes. I have a special pair of of prescription eyeglasses for close work, and then I wear the Mag-Eyes for the magnification. My stitching is greatly improved when I can actually see it. Thanks for teaching me so much.

  450. I have recently gained a new appreciation for my laying tool. It helps me lay threads flat, gently push aside stitches or knots to find the hole, and it even helps me untangle knots. I have two for different types of threads and almost bought another one.

  451. Scissors have to be my very favorite tool. I own many, and always look for ones I do not have. These appear to be perfect for hardanger….my favorite needlework. You are so informative about new tools, and all of us can’t thank you enough for the opportunity to win another new stitching tool.
    Thank you.

  452. My MagEyes are without doubt my favourite tool. They enable me to stitch for hours every night after work, without my eyes getting tired. Because of the way they are designed I can watch TV or talk to family members at the same time. Without them, neither would not be possible!

  453. My favorite embroidery tool is my finger nails. I have been blessed with very strong finger nails and I keep them fairly long. I use them for many purposes in embroidery, like tweezers; pulling tips of needles between stitches when needed, kinking wire in Stumpwork, picking bits of fluff or bits of floss ends away from my work. I also use them to help “fan” or straighten up flosses that have been embroidered. I use them to help pick up beads that I use for embellishments. The list for their uses in embroidery is endless. When I have to trim my nails it feels like I’ve misplaced a valuable tool for a week or so.

    Bunny Goodman

  454. My favorite embroidery tool is my embroidery floss filing system: two plastic boxes that hold hundreds of the little cardboard bolts to wind embroidery thread around and the little labels so they can be filed by color number according to the dmc thread chart. Makes it so easy to find the exact color I need. But I have to be careful how I open the container, it can be opened upside down, tragic mess, required lots of re-sorting.

  455. My favorite tool is a tiny pair of traveling scissors I use cause they fit in my box and most scissors are just too big. The give away pair is lovely…and small 🙂

  456. My favorite tool is this website! I’ve learned so much in a short time and I refer to different areas of the site constantly. Without it, embarking on this journey would definitely have been more difficult and a rougher ride!

  457. My favorite embroidery tool has to be my needle. Don’t get me wrong, I’d love it to be a good pair of scissors – I just haven’t found the perfect pair yet. Thanks for the opportunity to win a pair that sounds closer than the one I’m currently using. As for my needle? I suspect it will always be the queen of work bag!

  458. I guess I would have to say my favorite embroidery tool is a new sharp shiney needle. I always start out with a new one for every major Change in color or weight of thread. I definetly do not have a needle phobia, more like a compulsion. The second would have to be my cutting implement. Notice I didn’t say scissors. That’s because I have a collection of different scissors or blades or anything different and sharp (nothing worse than freyed ends whilst hacking through thread) thanks for this awesome giveaway. I do not have such an amazing chatelaine. WOW
    Janis brown

  459. my very most important quilting tool is a good pair of scissors. you need a pair of scissors that have slim blades and needle-sharp points.Ginghers provides the scissor i like to hold in my hand.they fit my “sausage” size fingers just fine. so far they’re the best pair of scissors I’ve used, although I haven’t used a wide variety of different brands.

  460. I can’t decide. Either my magnetic needle minder, which has kept me from losing needles like I did before I used one, or my wee silver gripper tweezers that I made rather a lot of use of this morning, frogging a half hour’s work. The tweezers are wonderful for picking out the tiniest threads I’ve frogged with my seam ripper. Thank you, Mary!

  461. Thread. I have learned the hard way that my favorite embroidery tool is thread. If the thread is bad and/or cheap the entire project will look bad/cheap. So I use the best thread that I can for each project.
    Thank you.


    Barbara Becker

  462. I’ve only been embroidering about 6 months and aside from my pin cushion (I’m famous for dropping needles), the Needle ‘n Thread web site is my favorite tool! I have learned almost everything I know about embroidery from this site and I’m so thankful for your videos since I learn better by watching. Thank you for the opportunity to win the scissors!!

  463. Hi,
    My favorite embroidery tool are my fingers. Without them I could not embroider.

  464. Favorite embroidery tool. That’s really hard – everything is important and used each time. Whether it’s the needles, the floss (or whatever thread you choose), the hoop or frame, each plays it’s part. However, having a really good, SHARP pair of scissors is mandatory. For embroidery I use small ones since they travel easy and are relatively inexpensive to purchase. That way you can have several pair for however many projects you’re working on. But to have a really good and SHARP pair can make your experience easier and more enjoyable. I would love to have this chatelaine. Not only for it’s looks, but if you recommend them, they must be very good and will last for a long time. Thank you for this opportunity and I hope to be the lucky winner.

  465. I just love all things stitching. I don’t use many tools, except my hoops, needles and scissors. I love them all but I would have to say that I have a pair of Kai curved tip scissors that are super sharp and pointed and I just enjoy them so much when cutting out my stump work embroidery, they are a real pleasure to use. I have many other pairs of scissors, ( a bit of an obsession) but I tend to reach for these all the time…

  466. My favorite embroidery tool is a pair of scissors my mother gave me over 50 years ago when I began my first embroidery project- a pillowcase! These are a small pair of sewing scissors (she didn’t embroider), but they are always in my sewing basket, ready to use.

  467. Hm….Favorite embroidery tool….It’s hard to pick just one. Sometimes it depends upon what I’m doing at the moment to have a favorite tool. If I’m working with flat silks, it’s a laying tool, if I’m working with my thread and sorting colors, it’s my new Bisley 10 drawer cabinet. But what I use and love most of all because it allows me to see what I’m doing, it would have to be my Daylight magnifying lamp! Yes, to be able to clearly see what and where my needle is going and where the thread has been, yes, a tool that makes this possible is my favorite embroidery tool.

    Thanks for the chance at the give a way.

  468. My favorite tool is a really finely made needle. Good needles are hard to find but when you have the right one it goes through the fabric like butter.

  469. My favorite embroidery tool is ‘scissors’, especially the Chatelaine scissors! Thanks for offering these as a giveaway!

  470. My favorite tool is my Ott light. Prior to having my cataracts out, using it was the only way I could embroider. Now, it still makes handwork SO much easier.

  471. I have recently started doing embroidery again after 20 years and I love your site. Not only is a great refresher course, I have learned many new stitches! It is hard to pick my favorite tool. I found an awl that is really a dental tool that I like to use for picking up small stitches when I make a mistake. Since I am relearning, I am finding this my favorite right now!

    1. I use some large (different sizes) tapestry needles (inherited) for the same thing. They sit in my tool kit needle tube, just waiting for me to flub up. 🙂

  472. Needlenthread.com is my favorite embroidery tool. I have learned so much from the knowledge you share. You have a talent of explaining clearly and illustrating how to master embroidery techniques. You also have introduced me to a number of wonderful websites and books. Thank you for sharing your talents!

  473. How kind of Golden Hinde…my favourite embroidery tool is my clip on glasses. Without them, I wouldn’t be able to do any fine needlework but if clip on glasses don’t count as a tool, it would have to be my best scissors, which I have had for such a long time.

  474. My favorite embroidery tool would have to be my hoops. I have vintage metal ones from my granny, wood ones, plastic ones, definitely too many for one person, but I love them. My favorite is an old metal oval one that is perfect for words and verses. Thanks!

  475. My favourite embroidery tool is a round blade encased in two metal discs. There are gaps to slide your thread in to cut it. This little tool allows me to stitch when flying and is a replica of a needlework tool from Victorian times. After having some lovely scissors confiscated once at an airport, the discovery of this tool was a delight and it meant I could keep stitching on long flights and time spent in transit lounges. Needless to say, should I be fortunate enough to win this beautiful chatelaine, it would be carefully stowed away in my suitcase in the hold!

    1. I tried to take stitching on a plane once, I was not allowed to take my needles. I could potentially harm someone with that many needles (4), is what I was told. I was also not allowed to take them in to Jury Duty. I expect that it depends on the airport and which person you get, some will be more “sticky” than others.

  476. Hi Mary,

    My favorite embroidery tool is actually an all around sewing tool. Several years ago my mother-in-law gave me a pin cushion that fits over the side of a chair. This pin cushion has pockets, and well, is really nothing all that special. My favorite thing about the tool is not the tool itself but the thought that was put behind the gift, she knew that this would be the perfect gift for me and every time use it I remember her and her quirky personality and yes I miss her all the more.

  477. Hands down my favorite embroidery tool is the small earth magnets I use. Once my fabric is on the frame I put one under and one over the fabric to hold my needles and a larger pair for scissors.

    They have also been known to hold wire for stumpwork pieces, seam ripper and/or my awl. 🙂

  478. My favorite embroidery tool is the jewelry magnifier glasses that I own….best purchase ever!


  479. Dear Mary,
    I’m in recovery from illness of over 15 years that affected my eyesight. I’m intent on getting back to work, and a more normal life. Hopefully, there will be days soon when I can sit and stitch. I plan to have a work basket full of special tools but for now my most important ones are my eyes. When my sight significantly improved a couple of years ago, one of the first things I did was investigate needlework and found your fantastic site. Mary you are my teacher and inspiration. I love your everyday classes. So I guess the computer is my favourite tool right now. Thank you!

  480. I have a wooden laying tool that I enjoy every time I pick it up. Not only is it well designed with a nice balance and a good sharp point, but it is made of layers of various woods in various colors and is just beautiful to look at as well.

    Regina Giles

  481. Happy Monday, Mary!
    I love scissors! It would be wonderful to win these beautiful ones.
    Thank you for the opportunity to win!
    Love your daily e-mails (they are a favorite embroidery “tool” too)
    diana in sioux falls

  482. I could not stitch without my Ott Lite and magnifying glasses that fit over my regular bifocals. I would like to add the chatelaine to that list.

  483. Definitely my scissors. To have a sharp, fine pair of scissors to precisely cut my threads is the finishing touch to my lovely stitching.

  484. My favorite embroidery tools are my needles because without my needles, I wouldn’t be able to embroider!

  485. I think my favorite tool is my sweing box. When I was a kid, my mother always had her sewing box that I was not allowed into but once in a great while. It always seemed magical to me. Every time I opened it, it had wonderful beautiful threads and cloth.

    Now I have one of my own and I still open it with wonder. I may have a place for all my threads and fabric, but I still keep my favorites in my box, just to have that feeling of wonder when I open it.

  486. My favorite embroidery tool is my needle. Can’t embroider without a good needle. Just the way it feels in my fingers and glides in and out of the material gives me pleasure and makes me smile.

  487. My favorite tool is my mother’s embroidery hoop. It’s a struggle to use it sometimes, as the outside hoop seems to have shrunk some. I remember it being fairly easy to slip on and off fabric but it has become more difficult. Anyway, it has a lovely little felt liner still in perfect condition and is so smooth from use. I love it! Thank you for the giveaway!

  488. My favorite embroidery tool is my wooden sewing box. I stumbled upon it at a consignment store a few years ago. I’m not sure what compelled me to buy it back then because I hadn’t really taken to embroidery yet, but something about it called out to me. I purchased it and once I got it home, I gently and patiently cleaned the years of dust off of it and gave it a heavy treatment with furniture oil. I love it, and while it doesn’t fit everything, it does keep what I use most often in one place an arm’s reach away!

  489. Hi Mary
    My favourite embroidery tool is the ever-essential needle! I really feel good when handling one. However, your beautiful give-away scissors would definitely become a serious competitor!
    Thank you.

  490. My favorite tool is good lighting, since I don’t see as well as I used to. Thank you, Simply Scissors, and Golden Hinde for the give-away! The scissors are lovely!

  491. My favorite embroidery tool is a magnetic needle case. I wasn’t always as careful as I am now about my needles. I once had to have a needle that broke in my heel surgically removed. My magnetic needle case helps me keep track of them.

  492. My favorite tool is a laying tool because it makes my finished canvas look so more refined and finished with the individual threads laying evenly and neatly.

  493. My most favorite tool is my silver seam ripper and my small embroidery scissors. I keep them both on a lateral which I wear around my neck while sewing. That way I don’t have to be constantly looking for them when I need them. Love,love,love them

  494. Mary, how beautiful. I’m in my 70’s and have been privileged recently to purchase a singer sewing machine made in the 1890’s. Can you imagine! I’ve been doing my own designs of Jacobean embroidery lately. Can’t you see these scissors next to my Jacobean embroidery? Just a dream, just a dream.

  495. I have found that my favorite, and most useful tool, is the stitch fixer (the one I most recently read about in your blog)! I have just started learning how to do needle turn applique with the back-basting technique, and this wonderful gadget is the best for tucking in flyaway threads! Thanks so much for the inspiration and all the wonderful information on your website! Blessings for a beautiful day! Cindy

  496. My favorite embroidery tool is my pair of reading glasses. After cataract surgery I can not longer see very well without readers. To stitch I wear a pair of reading glasses over my regular glasses. They are my favorite tool because I would not be able to stitch if I didn’t have them. Stitching is very important to me and I would be very unhappy if I couldn’t stitch.
    The chatelaine scissors are beautiful.

  497. My favorite embroidery tool is my set of three needle threaders. I can’t remember who they are made by, but they are flat, and small and fit in a handy little sleeve to keep them from getting broken.


  498. My favourite tool is the laying tool as i do alot of ribbon embroidery and it is very helpful with the flowers.
    Lois Saunders
    4 Conley Lane
    Rothesay, N.B.
    Canada E2E1W8

  499. My favorite tool is my iPad. Listening to audio books helps me get through 500 French knots, I can read your blog, and I am about to embark on a class using it. I also love beautiful pincushions from Fiberlucious.

    I really hope I win. A Mexican airlines confiscated my beautiful chatelaine scissors a few years ago after I had cleared them with our TSA.

  500. Hi Mary,

    My favorite embroidery tool is my magnifying light! I find it absolutely essential with my 44 year old eyes! 🙂

  501. Hi Mary,

    My favorite embroidery tool is my wonderful magnifying light! As I’m getting older the amount of light and magnification really impact my enjoyment of this most wonderful obsession called embroidery.
    Thanks for all the give-away’s you provide for us and the hours of enjoyment reading and watching you stitching on your website.

  502. Hmm… I dont have much choice when it comes to my favorite embroidery tool, prime reason being that in the small town i come from,there is very limited to choose from

    With my bad eyes, i HAVE o have a NEEDLE THREADER
    and a seam ripper.

    these scissors look very cute and am sure they are awesome
    Suja Mohan

  503. Believe it or not, my favorite embroidery tool is the internet. I have learned so much and found so many beautiful patterns there.

  504. My favorite needlework tool has to be my needles as I couldn’t sew a thing without them. Diana

  505. My favorite embroidery tool are the thin, half reading glasses I got from Nordic Needle several years ago! they are a life saver when the eyes start getting older! I wear prescription glasses with bifocals but they aren’t strong enough for the 36 and 40 ct linens I like to work on, so with these tiny half glasses perched in front of my prescription glasses, I am so good to go and can see perfectly! 🙂

    thanks for the drawing! I don’t have a chatelaine like this – it is so pretty and I would love to have it!

  506. There is nothing worse than a pair of dull scissors. My grandmother taught me to embroider. I was 4years old and needed to know the importance of down for women. I got my own wooden hoop, 1(One)needle, some embroidery floss and a pair of stork scissors. My grandmother would put a letter down on the flour sack. As time went on I embroidered pillowcases and tea towels. A few years later I got another gift…an iron. Believe it or not I still iron and love it. Aside from the
    scissors, I love the colours of silk embroidery floss. I want them all!
    I love your site and it brought me back to embroidery.

  507. I love my Clover needle threader, it works very well to thread even needles with tiny eyes. Thanks for the chance to win a new pair of scissors and a place to keep them handy

  508. My favorite embroidery tool was my BluMax light until it recently died. Now it’s my Ott light, without it I can’t see much of anything.
    Thank you for this opportunity to win such a gorgeous chatelaine scissor.

  509. My favourite tool is a magnet – hands down. I have a metal clipboard and a magnetic ruler for charts and a magnetic lined Altoids Tin (Sticky magnet sheets from the dollar store) that holds everything inside including tiny scissors. But I would love to wear my scissors on a chain.

    Thank you for the time and care you give to this art we all love.


    1. I use a couple of repurposed mint/tea tins as well. One for some little tools etc, but a second one is a weensy first aid kit. Just a couple of alcohol wipes and a few of those “spot” bandages. 🙂

  510. I’m very new to needlepoint. My favorite tool right now are creative blogs. So much inspiration and tips I can’t wait to try.

  511. Thanks so much for the chance to win these beautiful scissors!
    The first thought I had when I read that you wanted to hear about our favorite tool was my hoops. I have tried many different types but the ones I love and use are 2 cork lined metal hoops that I have had since 1970. Nothing I have tried since then work as well.

  512. Besides my many sized hoops right now my favorite tool is the magnifying that you hang around your neck then tip it so you can see to make those small stitches.

  513. Beautiful scissors! Actually I have two favorite embroidery tools which are my Ott Light and the large beautiful acrylic butterfly thread organizer. Thanks for the scissors give a way.

  514. My favorite embroidery tool is my needle threader (especially now that my eyes are getting older…not me…just my eyes LOL!!!) Thanks for the sweet giveaway 🙂

  515. Looks like these little scissors are going to make someone very happy.I feel like a “needle in the haystack” seeing all these entries/ comments 🙂 The scissors and holder would be so fun to own and add to my embroidery tool collection. I guess my favorite tool right now would have to be my ott lite. Without it I would not be able to see to even begin to embroider and do needlework. It is my lifesaver. Good luck to everyone entering,and Thank You Mary for this fun giveaway. 🙂

  516. I would have to say my laying tool (s). I have 3 metal, 1 wood, and 1 glass. The glass one is pretty, but for serious work, I like the metal ones. The tool makes such a beautiful difference in the look of the thread, enhancing the sheen of the fibers.

  517. I just got an LED lightbox, which was a little pricey, but worth it to me because of all the patterns I trace.

  518. My favorite embroidery tool is my magnetic needle nanny! Without it my needles would be everywhere they are not suppose to be! I would love the beautiful chatelaine scissors. I’ve never seen anything like them. Thanks for the giveaway-you’re the best!

  519. My favorite embroidery tool is the “perfect” needle. One that feels just right, neither too thick or thin, or too long or short. The tip must be perfectly sharp or perfectly blunt as required. And, most of all, the eye of the needle must be easy to thread! I don’t often find that little gem, but when I do, I tend to use it until it breaks or, horrors, gets lost. Then I have to start the search all over again. Goo thing there are lots of choices.

  520. I’m a sucker for tools but I’d say my favorite tools are the pouches that hold my tools. I like to have a complete set of required tools with every WIP. (That occasionally means that cruddy manicure scissors are conscripted for a project on the go.) I love the pouches I’ve made and the ones I’ve been given and the ones I’ve found whilst traveling. Pouches are tools, right?

  521. My favorite embroidery tool is my hoop….I especially like the old metal ones. They keep my fabric tight. I have tried them all…the wooden ones and the new ones that you squeeze to insert the inner ring. They both slip, or catch the thread on the mechanism. I do love to embroider, and I love your site! Thanks!

  522. My favorite embroidery tool would probably be an antique thimble I’ve had for a long time. It has cherubs on it and is truly beautiful. It comes in very handy.

  523. My favorite tool is my needle. Right now I am into wool embrodiery and I use the #22 Chenille Needle. The scissors are lovely

  524. My favorite embroidery tool is my Morgan hoop. I have 3 different sizes and I use them all. No more tightening the hoop all the time. Perfect.

  525. I love my dental pick which works like a sharp fingernail ( which I never have). For Christmas my husband gave me a set of dental tools he found in a tool catalog, thinking they might help with my embroidery. Now if I could just get away without going to the dentist anymore! Lol!

  526. I had to think about this one and ultimately I have decided that it would be my tweezers, very pointy non-magnetic tweezers. They help to pick out frog-stitching, they can pick up dropped needles and pins, they can help thread a needle – for me they do all sorts of things that nothing else can and without them I would be lost.

    I would love this little chatelaine, it is gorgeous and very generous of Silent Stitches and Mary to offer it.

  527. I have my grandmother’s gold very ornate thimble…it is beautiful. I dearly treasure it and use it.

  528. My clip-on magnifying glasses by Edroy Products make embroidery possible. However, in close second place, is an old pair of fingernail scissors, small, slightly curved, nice and sharp! When not in use, the blades are protected by a short piece of plastic tubing.
    Thank you, Mary, for such a fantastic source of information.
    And thank you, Simply Scissors and Golden Hinde, for the give-away.

    1. Normally I use snips, but when I flub up and have to take something out, I use my little sharpies. To protect the tips of my little sharpies, I pulled the center (the bottom with the pillar in the center that you twist) out of a lip balm tube. Then, I shortened the tube, and with a drill bit enlarged (slightly) the hole in the bottom, (not the end where the cap used to be) and I use that as a cover.

  529. The obvious and easy answer for me is sharp embroidery scissors which allow me to end threads, start heads with a angle cut and cut out background threads without a whimper. I love my scissors and always find new one that must come to live with me….they all handle and feel differently.

    Yes a theader is handy….I can use tape cut on an angle and whallah thread can be threaded though needle and no “tool” was needed…only ingenuity but scissors were still paramount.

    Jane Modjekai

  530. My favorite embroidery tool is definitely my needle threader! All types and sizes..I have them all over, everywhere there is a needle and thread or floss. I can thread 10-20 needles in short order without the squint and prick. Especially good because I am a slow stitcher. These chatelaine’s would serve me well after threading my needles. They look so precious and sound quite SHARP!

  531. I’m not looking to win the scissors – I have too many things already! – but I just have to tell someone about my brand new favorite thing ever.

    I usually prefer to make my own (terrible) designs rather than trace, but I really wanted to embroider a person (okay, it’s a cartoon character) and I have no talent for drawing people. This has happened before and I’ve given up projects because the fabric was too thick to trace through or it was too dark a color. So I went looking for homemade light tables. Most were plastic storage containers filled with rope light for kids. Not really suitable. I asked my dad (king of jerry-rigging and Macgyver-ing) if he had any ideas, maybe some left-over plexi-glass.

    Then we walk into the garage to turn the sprinklers off and our eyes fall upon one of my sister’s (many) old fish aquariums. It was brilliant.

    To make light table turn aquarium on its side and stick a lamp under it. It was like I’d laid tissue paper on top instead of fabric. Perfect lines! Now I just have to get my hoop to hold the fabric properly (for once), something besides a pencil to make the lines, and the time to do it all! No sweat.

    The scissors are gorgeous, by the way! Congrats on whoever wins them!

  532. I have one tool that my current favorite embroidery tool is my mind. While it’s not a physical tool, I do find that I spend a lot of time planning, thinking and plotting about my patterns: What designs, placement, colors, threads, etc. I’ve begun to move away from strict charted patterns into more free form patterns, and I’ve found that needing to plan what I want to do and where is extremely important, probably more important than anything else.

  533. I love all tools!! The one I seem to need the most, especially in winter months, is my OTT Light. I would love to own the chatelaine scissors.

  534. My favorite embroidery tool is floss. There are so many types and colors that the possibilities are endless! There are no limits to what I can dream up because of I can’t find the color I want (which hasn’t happened yet), I can always try my hands at dying.
    I love this chantelaine and would wear it even when not embroidering because it is gorgeous!

  535. My favorite tool is a thimble, I cannot work without one. My first one was given to me by my Mother, her Mother (my Grandmother) brought it out from England over 100 years ago. This started my collection which now numbers over 400 and come from many countries around the world. All are, what is termed, a working thimble, no problem finding a thimble for me. Scissors though are a different matter, finding a good pair is not easy, especially ones fine enough to cut embroidery and hardanger. Living “down under” makes getting good tools very hard being given a chance to win such a nice pair of scissors is great, thank you for the opportunity to enter. Ruth C

  536. Thanks for the opportunity to win the chatalaine scissors. My favorite tool apart from your site with its wonderful projects (secret Garden) is my stork scissors and of course I couldn’t manage without my needles , Ott light, magnifying glasses and the vast array of beautiful colored threads that I cant resist. All of these are essentials as well and I really can’t pick one above any other. Isn’t it great whenever something that gives you so much pleasure when finished is so enjoyable to do.

  537. My favorite tool is my combination pin cushion and ort bag. The pin cushion sits on the edge of the table and the bag hangs down the side. It helps keep my work area neat and my needles off the floor. It’s big enough to handle lots of orts but folds easily so I can take it with me to stitch-ins.
    Thanks for the give-away! But thanks more for the daily emails that have taught me so much!

  538. My favorite embroidery tool is Needle N Thread website. This site has endless reference sources, tutorials, eye candy, and camaraderie. It is full of inspiration. I have been motivated to pick up needle and thread, tackle UFOs and try new techniques. Thank So Much!!!

  539. I learned the hard way that my right hand is my most important
    embroidery tool. I had extensive surgery on it last fall, and for three months couldn’t hold a needle. I am now out of the brace
    but my stitching is far from what it used to be. My dexterity is improving and I am finally back to what I love to do. And that is making magic with needle and thread.

  540. Hi Mary!
    Tools are so much fun! I don’t know if this counts, but my favorite is a little tomato pincushion that is about 1 inch diameter. I got it in my first sewing box as a child. The box is long gone (I think it got broken after many years of use) but I still use the little pin cushion. I also have the mini-thimble that kind of fits on the tip of my pinkie. I think it fit my finger at one time!

    Thanks for all your wonderful ideas, inspirations, information and give-aways!

  541. My John James short beading needles, they are perfect for my miniature embroidery. I use the ballpoint one for 60 and 75 count and the sharp one for 90 count, I haven’t found any other needles that work as well for the small counts of silk gauze that I embroider on.

    Elga (South Africa)

  542. Thank you for another wonderful give away! Some of your questions I have to think about for awhile. But not this one. My favorite tool is my scissors. I admit I’m a sucker for scissors! Right now my go-to pair are the red scissors from France. I love them! But for all the scissors I have, I have never had a chatelaine. I would love to have one! I was glad to hear that these little scissors were of such high quality. I too have been disappointed by some of the tiny ones in the past. Thank you again!

  543. My most treasured embroidery tool is an old battered thimble. It was given to me by a friend who knew I loved sewing (she didn’t), her great grandmother brought it with her from the Ukraine to Canada.
    Every time I use it I think of the all the work that this little thing has done, helping make items for the home and I smile thinking of the future treasures it will help me make =)

  544. What an absolutely gorgeous piece! Personally, I love all my bits and bobs – from the scissors to my little boo boo stick. But of everything I own, my favourite would have to be my embroidery hoop. There’s nothing remarkable or amazing about it. It’s an ordinary wooden circular hoop..but what makes it special to me is that it belonged to my mum. On the inside of the hoop it still has her name inscribed in it with the year – 1969. This piece is older than me – and I use it every single day when I sit down to stitch

  545. I am a scissors junkie, I can’t resist them. I love doing Hardanger and I am always looking for the ideal pair of small, sharp scissors to cut away the threads. The Chatelaine Scissors look perfect and beautiful too.

  546. My favorite tool is my leather thimble. I have always struggled to use metal thimbles and have a few that are very special to me as they were my grandmothers. They now have a small space in my curio cabinet as mementos from my dear “Oma”. The leather is so comfortable and easy to use. Stitching is so much more comfortable now.

  547. The Golden Hinde is an amazing shop! I met the mother and daughter team at a show and she made goldwork look effortless, so much so that I bought one of their kits! I don’t have many needlework tools but I’m doing a crewel piece right now and I have a little rubber disc which is invaluable for pulli g the needle through heavily stitched areas

  548. Dear Mary,
    My favourite embroidery tool has to be the el cheapo 3x pair of glasses that I bought so that I can see my work! I even did a petit point piece using them.
    My second favourite is the small laying tool – I was amazed how many other people also love them! Such a simple thing to make such a lovely result.

  549. What a lovely little scissors!
    My favourite embroidery tool is my little pin cushion which was a birthday gift.It has many tiny cathedral windows in it, and looks fabulous!
    Thanks for the chance to win :o)

  550. Dear Mary,

    My favorite embroidery tool has always been my scissors. The pair featured in this give-away would make a wonderful addition to my collection. Thanks so much for this opportunity, Mary!

  551. My favourite tool is a needle of course! Without it I wouldn’t be complete. Every new piece of embroidery I start begins with a new needle and it’s like fitting an extension to my hand.

  552. My 4 inch hoop is my favourite ‘tool”, as I have small hands, I find the larger ones trickier to hold specially with joint problems.

    thanks for holding the competition
    Julie N

  553. My favorite embroidery tool are my vintage wooden hoops. A few years ago, my husband’s grandmother gave me some of her cross stitch stash. In it was a wood hoop that did not have a screw. I used it on a project I was working on & I was hooked. The fabric was taught between the hoops and I didn’t have to deal with screws — tightening & re-tightening. Every since then, if I am in a second hand or antique shop, I look for them and most certainly will buy it. I have amassed quite a collection in various sizes and some with springs. I also appreciate that the ones I have been made in the USA.

  554. What lovely scissors.
    My favorite embroidery tool is my slate frame, without which I wouldn’t get so good tension.
    My favorite needlework tool is my thimble. I use it whenever I am using a needle and a thread, couldn’t live without it.
    Tania from Denmark

  555. I is hard to choose one favorite among many things, but I think my favorite embroidery tool must be the half moon shaped laptop support from IKEA which makes embroidering other places than my desktop so much more easy. I often stitch sitting in the courner of our sofa, or when the weather allows it in a hanging chair in the garden – in these siuations this laptop support is my table just in front of me and since I do a big part of my embroidery without hoops at the moment, a flat area in front of me is a must.

  556. It has to be a good quality needle, with a large eye for threading- gold plated possibly, but without the needle I could not create my embroidery or undertake the craft that I so enjoy. My preferred maker John James.
    Best wishes

  557. I love all my embroidery tools, but I think my favorite is a good needle. I do mainly counted thread work & have been a fan of the John James tapestry needles for years. For finishing, I can’t live without my fine curved needle.
    This chatelaine scissors would be a lovely addition to anyone’s collection. Thanks for the chance to win it & thanks for your wonderful informative blog! I love watching all your projects develop!


  558. My favourite tool is my laying tool and I use it with all my embroidery pieces to help me have my threads lying flat. I couldn’t live without it.

    The scissors are beautiful and perfect for cutting threads.

  559. Depending on project I have many favorite tools. However the tool that faithfully follow me from project to project is my scissors so I consider it my favorite.

  560. My favorite tool is a scissor fob with felt on the back for holding needles. I purchased the kit in Williamsburg, VA and made it up to attach to the scissors on my work table. How handy to have extra needles so close at hand.

  561. My favorite embroidery tool is my hoop, which is actually a quilting hoop I found in a craft store. It seems to hold the fabric more firmly as I sew than others I have had. The chatelaine scissors are really beautiful and handy. I love the history behind them as a waist ornament when embroidery was a “required” skill for the lady of the castle. Thanks for the giveaway!

  562. I could not do most of my stitching without my magnifying light. It moves to whatever room I am stitching in. The scissors are lovely. Thanks.

  563. As my eyes are not what they used to be, I’ll have to say my reading glasses! Lol they make my back stitches come out so much better. Thank you for hosting the give away. Sarah

  564. After considerable thought, I thought why my favorite embroidery tool is…you, Mary! If I have any questions, I refer back to see what you suggest and go from there. Everything I have purchased this past year since discovering your blog refers back to your suggestions. Lately, it has been the Secret Garden Ink book and the pigma pens and DMC floss. Thank you the scissors would be wonderful!

  565. When if comes to embroidery, I am a scissor addict. Small curved ones for cutting edges of Madeira scallop, sharp small ones to clip threads close to eliminate any fuzziness in back of my work, and round tip ones to travel with.
    I do not think I am ever more than a step away from a pair.

  566. My favorite embroidery tool would be a sharp pair of scissors. I can’t seem to have too many! The scissors chatelaine would be wonderful to keep the scissors close at hand!

  567. my favorite embroidery tool would be thread separate {http://www.nordicneedle.com/prod/380-670-0004.html} and needle nanny {http://www.nordicneedle.com/prod/380-670-0013.html}
    mine are actually different design but same ideas and company .

  568. A mellor (or laying tool) is one of my favorite tools. It ensures that my stitch lay nice and smooth. The final piece is far more neater. People often ask me if I “lay my thread”.

    Thank you, Mary, for such a fine site. I learn something each time I sign on.


  569. My favotite embroidery tool is my needle keeper. It is cute and functional all at the same time. The Jasmine chatelaine scissors are very beautiful as well

  570. My favorite tool is my needle, without it, I could not stitch. Now, i prefer Bohin needles.
    Thank for this give away. Excuse the way I wrote in English my first language is French.


  571. Oh dear why did you show scissors, that is my weakness, I love scissors first things I look at in an embroidery show or shop. I never send in entries for the give away’s as I live in South Africa, but there where these lovely scissors and I was a goner, it was like you dangled a carrot in front of this donkey.

  572. Thank you for all the wonderful information you share on tools and equipment for embroidery . . . it is otherwise very difficulty to keep up with and to evaluate all that is available. My favorite tool currently in use is my Best Laying Tool (from Shay Pendray) which I began using with Japanese embroidery, but now use whenever needed. It is comfortable in the hand and functions beautifully. It’s a wonderful assistant especially for whitework and church linens. I really enjoy your giveaways (although I’ve never won) and believe that as much as possible, beautiful (as well as functional) materials, tools, and equipment should be used. They add so much to the embroidery experience — and these scissors and holder are so very beautiful! Thanks for the opportunity!

  573. MY favorite tool is a pair of small scissors shaped like a bird. They help me get through the early phases of a project, since even if I’m not far in a design, I still get to handle beautiful materials. They are so portable and lovely.

  574. Scissors, most certainly. Sharp scissors with teeny blades for cutwork.

    These scissors are lovely.


  575. I’m not sure if it really counts as a ‘tool’ but my favorite needlework accessory is a little needle case I found for a song at an antiue shop. It’s a little cylidrical case just big enough for a strip of felt to coil inside and hold a handful of needles, and with a keychain clasp attached to the lid. I can hook it onto the handles of my sewing bag, or wherever I need it to have my needles handy.

  576. You would think this is an easy question, but is not! Needles, threads, scissors are all important tools. I believe it is the person embroidering, bringing a design to its beauty with the beautiful threads colors. The hands and creative mind bring the design to its full beauty!

  577. My favorite embroidery tool is my reproduction clamp-on bird pin cushion. It looks interesting and is a great place to park my needles that doesn’t get lost or fall off the table.

    I love the chatelaine. I have worn my scissors around my neck for 30 years, but with a string, not a beautiful chain!

  578. I’m new to embroidery and living overseas and kind of on the move, so I don’t have much by means of supplies. My favorite tool so far is actually a pair of fingernail clippers that I have been using instead of the only pair of (huge) scissors we currently own – plus, as we fly a lot I can take them safely on board without complaint. I would love a real pair of scissors though, even if I couldn’t take them with me on the plane rides back home 😀

  579. My favorite tool would have to be my fabric storage system. A length of 3″ pvc pipe, covered with quilt batting and hanging by chains from a closet ceiling. After a near disaster with an iron that sputtered on hand dyed fabric; I knew I had to do something with my stash other than a drawer. Each piece is ironed, labeled with the particulars and what project it will be used for, placed on the pipe and covered with muslin. I have one pipe for light and another for dark fabric. Easy to use and view, low cost, and takes up unused space in the front of a closet.

    What is saving my sanity at the moment is Art Bin boxes. With 2 dogs and 2 visiting cats, they are a must for each project I am currently working on!

  580. I don’t really use much in the way of specialized tools, but I do love my cute little scissors and their gold handle. 🙂

  581. Believe it or not, my favorite embroidery tool is my hoop. I like the old fashioned wooden ones with a spring on the outside. They are probably not the most efficient, but they work for me. I think that’s what appeals to me about the scissors. They are old fashioned. Thanks for your giveaways! I haven’t been successful yet, but there always the next time.

  582. I love scissors! Unfortunately, wherever I go I look for special scissors. I admire the very expensive scissors and smile at those scissors that will not work at all for my purposes. But I love beautiful, practical, sharp scissors with special shapes, precise blades, large or small finger holes and oh so many other features.

    I have many tools for my needlework and I use them all. But scissors are absolute necessities and I always want a special pair to use when I work on my projects.

  583. My favorites tools are my magnifying glass and my needle threader.My vission is very poor,without these tools I woudnt be able to do What enjoy the most: embroider.

  584. My favorite tool is in fact my embroidery scissors. They are a very sharp pair of Gingher brand ones that my husband bought me that I try not to leave home without. They do tend to “travel” a lot, as I often leave them places and have to track them down. I’d love to have a second pair of excellent scissors, especially to give as a gift! Thank you for this wonderful chance to win new ones

  585. My favorite stitching tool sits beside my chair and I use it every day – it is a Daylight floor lamp with magnifier, chart holder, and accessory tray to hold my tools and threads. I just love it. It was a Christmas gift from my husband about 15 years ago. (I was too cheap to buy it myself.)

  586. Favorite tool is my magnifier. It’s amazing how much better your work becomes with proper magnification.

  587. Hi Mary, My favorite tool is my needle with thread. With this tool you can accomplish most anything, your project, or teach yourself some new stitches, or practice makes perfect and have fun.

  588. My light would be my favourite tool as without it I couldn’t stitch at night. Thanks so much for the giveaway!

  589. My favorite tool right now is my Needlework System 4 embroidery stand. In the process of learning Brazalian work and working with the slippery rayon thread it was a life saver. The stand allowed me to work with both hands on the new techniques and stitches.

  590. My favorite “tool” is the small bag with all of my tools and small project in it. So easy to take with me to the doctor’s office or with me when I travel.

    Love your site.

  591. Thank you for yet another delightful give-away, Mary.

    I’m a bit like you, Mary, addicted to good needlework tools. I have many and many are ‘favourites’ but when it comes right down to it I do have an overall favourite. For nearly every tool I have, I could improvises and find an alternative that could serve the same purpose, just not as well. I think there is one exception, one for which there is no substitute, and that one, indispensable tool is the humble needle. Of course, I have more than one needle, I have dozens of them. Some I like better than others. I have common or garden sewing needles that, I admit, I rather take for granted and use them with hardly a thought. Then I have a whole range of specialist needles designed for a specific purpose and I find having the right needle for the job really does make a difference. And then there are my favourites – my prized and treasure needles. Needles that I keep in a special felt so that they won’t rust. Needles that I clean regularly and occasionally sharpen. The needles I am speaking of are my hand made, Japanese needles. These are my favourite needlework tool. This is the needlework accessory that I would save from a burning building!

  592. What’s my favorite embroidery tool? Good needles are my favorite tool. The right size, smoothness and strength make all the difference in the outcome of my projects. But, second to needles is a good sharp scissor that cuts the first time and in the place I want to cut. Thank you for the beautiful give away. I have my fingers crossed!

  593. My most appreciated embroidery tool is just that, scissors, good scissors for all the different needs within embroidery. Most necessary.

  594. My favorite embroidery tools are my wooden hoops. I’ve only recently acquired them, and love the feel of them in my hands – so much nicer than the plastic hoops I’d used before.

    1. I agree, but good wooden hoops, not the 98cent-ers (for the smallest size, and I think 2.29$ for the largest) that they sell many places. Between the plastic hoops and the cheap (I am told they are made of balsawood) ones, which were the only ones available. I had to order my good wooden hoops online because all we have within an hours drive are three large chain craft stores with only the balsawood or plastic hoops available. I ordered two of each of four different brands of hoops to figure out which I liked best, so now I have good ones and am no longer having to buy those balsawood nightmares every couple of months because the brass closure tears through the wood. I cannot understand why all they sell are cheap, unless it is to guarantee that people will be forced to return and boost the stores profit.

  595. My favorite tool has to be the one that holds all my others. One of my sisters gave me a vintage paper covered box for all my sewing goodies,I love it!

  596. My favorite tool is my roll up organizer. It has 4 clear removable zippered compartments that hold all my supplies with room to spare. It rolls out flat when I’m working, and when I’m done — it’s quick and easy to put away. It is very attractive, and the soft handles make it very convenient to move around and store. Perfect for traveling! I also have 2 more in larger sizes, that I mean to use for my knitting supplies.

  597. My favorite embroidery tool is …is… the hoops I got from my grandmother. They hold a lot of history for me. I have the hoop I originally learn all my stitches with. So if I have to pick just one tool I would say my grandmothers hoops!

  598. Thank you Mary for this lovely give a way. My favourite tool is my stitching chair. The chair symbolizes my oasis from the rest of my life and provides me with a calm place to regroup. My chair is surrounded by all of my tools and WIPs. It is my happy place!

  599. My favorite stitching tool is a good fitting thimble. I have small hand so I have an awful time getting thimbles to fit and not fall off. My second favorite tool would be a good pair of scissors that are sharp right to the end. I would love to win the scissors. They are absolutely beautiful.

  600. Aren’t those beautiful! I’m very attached to my scissors, but I think my favorite embroidery tool is my hoop stand. I couldn’t live without it, especially for the jobs that need two hands, like long and short stitch shading.

  601. My favorite embroidery tool is my encyclopedia of stitches. I have several and I refer to them constantly. This chatelaine is awesome! Thank you for offering this give-away.

  602. I stitch each day, and I use K Creation scroll rods and stand, Dublin or Dazor light, and Bohin needles. One of my favorite small tools is an antique celluloid hair receiver which I use for my ORTS (thread ends); I love the idea of recycling antiques for everyday use.