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Tool Time! A Good Thing in a Small Package


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Scissors. Yes. Scissors. I know! We talk a lot about scissors here on Needle ‘n Thread. But today, I want to show you these particular scissors because they are pretty incredible.

And I love them! And I love the way they came to reside with me.

You see, they were a gift – a completely out-of-the-blue, surprise gift – and ever since they arrived, I have been enamored with them. I’ve been using them daily.

Folding Scissors for Embroidery

And there they are. Inside that tidy, tiny case resides a masterful feat of engineering.

Folding Scissors for Embroidery

You see, they are folding scissors. And they fold up incredibly small, in a perfect little package.

Folding Scissors for Embroidery

I’ve tried folding scissors before, but they have never impressed me. Usually, folding scissors are a bit on the chintzy side. Rarely are the blades precise and sharp for cutting, and usually the whole mechanical part of them feels a bit shaky and flimsy.

Folding Scissors for Embroidery

But these! These are hearty, sturdy scissors, and as for the mechanical movement, they rival the best of embroidery scissors. They are smooth, precise, and sharp. They Feel Good.

Folding Scissors for Embroidery

They unfold to a comfortable size, perfect for embroidery.

Folding Scissors for Embroidery

Unfolded, they’re about the size of a standard pair of embroidery scissors.

The blades are a bit wider, but they cut with excellent precision.

Folding Scissors for Embroidery

And folded back down, they fit right in palm of your hand.

Folding Scissors for Embroidery

Slip them into their leather case, and they make a tidy package, indeed – perfect for tucking into small project bags, sliding into your pocket, secreting away in a handbag. They are unobtrusive, well-made, and highly functional!

I have several pairs of Good Embroidery Scissors that I love using, but these are right up at the top of the list. I’ve put them to work all week long, without any deviation in my first impressions of them. If you like Dovo scissors and similar scissors with precise, smooth mechanics and ultra sharp blades, you’ll be impressed with these little guys.

For an online source (for those looking for them), Garrett Wade Tools carries the same folding scissors. You can even see a video of them in action there. And if you read the reviews, you’ll see I’m not the only person who thinks highly of them.

Yes. Scissors. There’s just something about good scissors, isn’t there?!

Thank you, Cindy, for the happy surprise! They’re a treasure and a treat!


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(6) Comments

  1. I’ve had a pair of these on my keyring for 15 years. They have been extremely useful in everyday life. When I traveled after 9/11 they were confiscated. I’m not sure they still would be today, but it would be sad to lose another pair. If I’ve no checked baggage, they just have to stay home.

  2. What really nice scissors Mary. I have a pair of folding scissor that are adequate but i was really interested in checking these out and they look really great but the price!!! OMG!!! i’ll have to pass these by.


  3. Don’t ever try to have anything labeled as scissors in your cabin-luggage! Just the name of it, and it will be conficated!Like you Mary and many more of your readers I just love scissors and these one are just so tempting!Many thanks for all your lovely posts. Warm regards

  4. Dear Mary

    Wow I love scissors, what a ripping, stripping, lovely, compact and sharp, all you need in a cutting pair of scissors and what a lovely surprise present wonderful and what a lovely treat and treasure.You are certainly there is something about a good pair of scissors. Enjoy! I hope you have a ripping weekend.

    Regards Anita Simmance

  5. I was given a group of vintage hooks. Most are very fine gauge crochet hooks, but three are something I’ve never seen before. They are labeled “Susan bates” and have a colored knob on one end with what might be a thread guide on it. Looks similar to the piece on a pen cap you hook onto a pocket, but much smaller.

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