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Monograms for Hand Embroidery: Daisy & Rings – C, D


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Last week, I added the Daisy & Rings monogram alphabet to the patterns page here on Needle ‘n Thread, and introduced the alphabet with the A and B.

Today, I’m adding C and D to the list for you!

I really love this alphabet – but the reason I’m sharing it now has more to do with the fact that, in the “near-ish” future, we’ll be looking at monogramming a little closer, and in case you decide you like monogramming, too, I want you to have access to some easily printable monogram patterns.

Near-ish is such a relative term. Right now, with the Secret Garden still progressing, I don’t want to move off on a monogramming tangent.

But just so you know, it’s a-comin’…

Free Monogram for Hand Embroidery: C

When we looked at the A and B in this alphabet, I gave some basic stitching ideas, but also opened up the question to you all: any ideas for embroidering these letters?

Sandy suggested enlarging the letters to 10 or 12″ and using them for appliqué. The letters break up easily into large enough segments with simple enough lines that they would work really well for appliqué.

I think that’s a brilliant idea! I could see it done for quilt squares, too – maybe smaller, at 6 – 8″.

Free Monogram for Hand Embroidery: D

You could appliqué the whole design, or you could appliqué the letter part, and embroider the flowers and leaves.

Any other ideas? We’re all ears!

Printable Monogram Patterns

Here are some handy dandy printables for the A and B in this alphabet. If you choose “no scaling” (or a similar setting) on your printer, the letters should print at 2″, 3″, and 4″ high. You can enlarge and reduce them to suit your needs!

Daisy & Rings Monogram for Hand Embroidery: C
Daisy & Rings Monogram for Hand Embroidery: D

Favorite Monograms – PDF Collection

You’ll find this complete alphabet – along with 15 other decorative alphabets – all in one place in Favorite Monograms, a downloadable PDF collection of 16 monogram alphabets perfect for hand embroidery and other crafts.

Favorite Monograms for Hand Embroidery and Other Crafts

In the photo above, you can see samples of each alphabet available in Favorite Monograms.

Each letter in each alphabet in Favorite Monograms has been carefully traced into a clean line drawing that can be easily enlarged or reduced on a home printer or a photocopier.

The 16-alphabet collection is delivered as via a download link to your inbox shortly after purchase, so that you can begin creating right away! Priced at less than $1.00 per complete alphabet, monogram lovers can’t go wrong with this collection!

Favorite Monograms is available in my shop, here.


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(16) Comments

  1. It amazes me how many unique and lovely alphabets there are! That D is one of the prettiest I’ve ever seen. Gracias Senora Corbet!

  2. Dear Mary

    These are pretty and what a great idea for quilting all your monogram patterns would look lovely scattered with other designs on a quilt. Thanks so much for sharing the Daisy and Rings monograms with us, I’m currently embroidering a three letter La Broderie Blanche monograms pattern which you showed us in June and I really like it. I’m off to Weymouth in Dorset tomorrow until Friday so I will really miss Needle n’ Thread, I will catch your blogs on Friday.

    Regards Anita Simmance

    1. Have a terrific time in Weymouth, Anita! Hopefully, by the time you come back, I’ll have a hummingbird update for you to read! Enjoy your journey! ~Mary

    2. Dear Mary

      Thanks the weather doesn’t look all that good but I’m spending time with my dear grown up twin nieces so that’s the main thing hopefully I can do go kayaking Ha! Ha! at my age (64) but they will teach me, so I will have a go.

      Regards Anita Simmance

  3. I’m down with an awful cold, that leaves me barely able to speak. I figure if I can’t practice pronunciation I may as well practice spelling in Spanish! LOL

    I wish I could zip through the printed pillowcases I’m doing. That way I can tackle new stitches and progress a little. I’m feeling ‘stuck in a rut.’ Oh well, one day.

    1. Gracias Amiga’s! Having the cold isn’t the worst part. The worst part is constantly kicking people out so as to contain the infection! Thanks to a bottle of hand sanitizer I can keep stitching.

  4. Since I have been doing more silk ribbon embroidery of initials, these would be just perfect. I would do the letter in floss, then the flowers and leaves in silk ribbon. Check out my blog for some that I have finished.
    These are very nice. I can see one done on top of a silk box.

  5. I’m really happy you’re going to talk about monograms. I want to stitch some for Christmas, but feel daunted by the challenge of taking all the curves and knowing how to choose good directions for stitching. You will undoubtedly make it all clear, as usual.

  6. If you get the monographs about throw-pillow size, it is a scale that can handle ribbon embroidery embellishment, as well.

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