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A Breath of Spring – in Winter (and a Give-Away!)


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Happy Last Monday of 2014!

I hope you had a delightful holiday, a Merry Christmas, and are looking forward with vigor and optimism to whatever 2015 will bring. I had a nice little break these last three days – though admittedly, I was feeling a little lost without your company!

Once the New Year kicks in (in just a couple days), a funny thing happens to me.

And it’s funny because it happens every year, no matter what I do to forestall it. Deep down somewhere in my subconscious, I seem to illogically believe that once we hit January 2nd, spring is just around the corner.

And by just around the corner, I mean next week.

As many of you know, when you live in the northern hemisphere, this can be a dangerous mental predicament.

Usually, January is just the beginning of the winter haul. During November and December, we were so busy concentrating on holidays and reveling in everything we love about winter, that we didn’t think of winter as a drag.

But come January, the grey days, the cold, the on-going inconvenience of snow, the yearning for sunshine, warmth, green… well, if you don’t do something to combat this, the winter can seem very long, indeed!

And that brings me to an embroidery project that I worked six years ago, called Breath of Spring.

Breath of Spring Embroidery Project

Designed by Beatrice Andrea and originally featured in Inspirations Magazine issue #56, Breath of Spring offers us a glimpse at a wispy, wildflower-strewn meadow, with grasses dancing in the breeze and bugs flittering about here and there.

Breath of Spring Embroidery Project

Breath of Spring is one of those embroidery projects that you can’t grow tired of stitching, there’s so much variety in it.

Breath of Spring Embroidery Project

And with its happy, springy subject matter, it’s a perfect project for chasing away the Winter Blues!

I still remember clearly the pleasure of stitching this project, even eight years later. And it’s still a popular project here on Needle ‘n Thread – I often receive questions about it.

And until recently, I could only advise folks to seek out Issue #56 of Inspirations if they wanted to work the project. (You can often find back issues of the magazine on eBay and the like).

Breath of Spring Kit Available

Well, I’m happy to say that the folks at Canevas Folies over in Switzerland have made the kit available.

And for folks in the US, you’ll find Breath of Spring embroidery kits at The French Needle.

Breath of Spring Embroidery Project

Let’s take a look at the kit, shall we?

Breath of Spring Embroidery Project

If the kit is purchased through The French Needle, it comes with the stitch guide (what stitches are used where, with what color threads), the pre-printed linen ground fabric, and the over-dyed threads used in the design, from House of Embroidery.

The design also requires a few colors of regular DMC floss. These are not included in the kit.

For readers in Europe and elsewhere, if the kit is purchased directly through Canevas Folies, it does not include threads.

Breath of Spring Embroidery Project

The stitch guide is exactly that – a guide detailing what stitches are used where. Color suggestions are also made, based on the House of Embroidery threads and some other DMC colors, if you want to produce the design as presented in the kit.

You can also wing it with the colors and make whatever substitutions you want, working from your own stash. There’s a lot of room for interpretation!

Breath of Spring Embroidery Project

The best part with a detailed design like this? The image is screen printed onto the linen ground, so you don’t have to transfer all those little details!

What Do You Need?

There are some things not included in the kit, that you should have on hand.

You’ll need crewel embroidery needles. Size 9 will do, as the embroidery is done in 1 or 2 threads.

You’ll need a hoop or a frame. I worked mine on a frame, which I prefer with a project like this. But you can also work it in a hoop – you’ll just need to move the hoop around on the fabric as you work. A 6 – 8″ hoop will work.

You’ll need several colors of DMC threads to complete the kit as it’s shown.

You may need access to a stitch instructions. While there is a clear stitch guide (what stitch is used on each part of the design), there are no actual instructions for the stitches themselves. The stitches include stem stitch, blanket stitch, long & short stitch, bullions, pistil stitch (elongated French knots), daisy stitch, satin stitch, straight stitch, and fly stitch.

Hey, guess what?! You can find instructions for all of those stitches right here on Needle ‘n Thread!

So, that’s the kit. I thought you should know it’s now available – and that it’s a perfect tonic for chasing away the gray on any winter day!

A Give-Away!

This give-away has ended. Thanks for participating! You can find the winner announced here.

Courtesy of Canevas Folies and The French Needle, today, to celebrate Christmas (which isn’t over yet!) and to give you something to look forward as we trudge through January, I’m so excited to be giving away a Breath of Spring embroidery kit!

The kit includes the House of Embroidery threads, but does not include some regular DMC colors, which most of you can find easily locally.

If you’d like to participate in the give-away and have a chance to win the kit, please follow these guidelines:

1. Leave a comment below, on today’s article on Needle ‘n Thread. You can follow this link directly to the comment box. Replies via email or comments left on other articles on Needle ‘n Thread are not eligible.

2. In your comment, please answer the following:

What are your embroidery project plans for 2015? Do you have any projects lined up yet?

3. Leave your comment before 5:00 am (Central Time – Kansas USA) Saturday, January 3rd, 2015, and I’ll announce the randomly drawn winner that day. The winner will need to contact me with mailing information.

And that’s it!

So leave your comment, and who knows? By mid-January, you could be stitching away, dreamily engaged in creating a delightful wildflower meadow with your own needle and thread, totally oblivious and impervious to whatever Mother Nature happens to be dishing out at the time!


(770) Comments

  1. What a wonderful project! I would live to stitch it! Thanks for the giveaway!
    My projects for 2015 are quite simple : I want to finish a big cross-stitch piece (Noah Submarine) for my daughter before she’s too old to appreciate it and improve my work in surface embroidery. Needle ‘n Thread will be an invaluable guide on this project!

  2. I started a large embroidered beach. It has sea shells, and starfish and sand dollars and crabs and beads and….you get the idea. Some of every good beach memory. It is close to done and i plan to finish it, then start on a spring meadow project. Either one I win or one I design myself. It also will have some of every good thing found in a spring wild flower meadow.

  3. Oooh, I’ll enter this one!

    My stitching plans for 2015 are to start finishing up the UFOs from the seminars, local classes and online classes I’ve taken. Some just need a few hours work, some will be year-long (or longer!) projects. I’ve got stuff going back to the 1996 EGA seminar in SF that I’d like to get done.

    My plan for New Year’s Day (after I finish my traditional filling of the ort ball with the 2014 orts) is to go through my class projects, pull out five or so that I want to start with, and work on one a week, starting a rotation. I’ve got a variety of techniques to pick from, so I’ll be sure not to get bored. Maybe every so often I’ll throw in something new, so I get the excitement of starting a new project.

    Carol S.

  4. Very beautiful project. Thank you for hosting a giveaway 🙂

    My plans for 2015 are a Mirabilia (Tree of Hope), Teresa Wentzler (Tracery Dragons) and a Hardanger project called Donna’s Fantasy Lace. I’m really looking forward to January 1st so that I can start working on them.

  5. I am doing a bit of cross stitch and simple backstitch outline embroidery this year. I like to fit these between quilting projects! This looks like a beautiful project, so many techniques to learn!

  6. I am moving in August and will not have much stash available for about six months (third world country to third world country). The idea is to complete as much as I can before I leave, get it framed at the local frame shop, and then get new stash delivered.

  7. I’m working on a block the the month that has rework in each square and I plan on doing a crazy block once a month. I’m also planning a cross stitch project for next Christmas.

  8. I plan to use items from my stash and to get creative. I’m going to focus on ribbon embroidery in new ways and to experiment some more with needle weaving. Happy New Year.

  9. On my list first is to finish the projects that have been started. Then I will delve into a gold work kit that I’m really itching to do. ho knows what will come next, but my new years resolution is to begin Christmas projects in October, period!

  10. That is a very lovely project! I, too, look forward to spring. I really don’t like winter.
    2015 projects: to design and make more shimmer ornaments (machine embroidery); to hand stitch a few small Christmas projects for next Christmas (wishful thinking but I have already started); to experiment with my gelli plates to create new fabric surfaces to stitch.

  11. Hi Mary, Merry Christmas!
    My plan for 2015 is to clean up my craft room, install laminate flooring and finish up any UFOs. I doubt I will accomplish everything, but will give it a shot.
    I have a few UFOs that are starting to bother me. They seem like such a waste if not finished, but I have to be in the mood to get it done. Have a wonderful New Year!

  12. Beautiful project. Thank you for this giveaway.Is it international? I’m from Hungary and I’d like to enter if it’s possible.
    My stitching plans for 2015 : learn some new specialty stitches and begin to stitch the two Hungarian Folk Art Samplers I designed for myself .

  13. This is the perfect project to chase away those winter blues. My plan for 2015: complete the table runner for my amazing mom; learn white/red/blue/black/green…work; get over my fear of creating my own designs; master the satin stitch that has been eluding me for too long. All of these will require the use of clear and helpful advice and tutorials and for that I thank you for creating such a spot to learn, explore and expand my “needlenthread” repertoire.

  14. For 2015 I hope to make a few basic smocked projects, and lots of embroidering on quilted wall hangings. Thanks so much for this beautiful give away…..I would love to work on it!

  15. I plan to finally finish the hummingbird project, and start (and perhaps finish) the tree full of owls project from that same beautiful coloring book. I at least have it enlarged, finally, but want to get the hummingbirds done before I start another project.

  16. Hi Mary, Hope you had a great holiday. I plan I getting some of my outstanding projects finished and get back into embroidery. This kit would be the perfect breath of fresh air for sure. Regards!

  17. I have been looking for a kit on this for a long time. I would love to stitch it. My projects are to stich more brazilian embroidery. Finish every tea towel I have printed and waiting in the project box. I better get started. I hope I win. Happy New Year!

  18. I would love to receive this kit. Flowers and grasses are my favorite thing to embroider. I am working on a crazy quilt that is unlike most. My reason for doing it, is to incorporate all the embroidery projects that I want to do. It is a place to collect them all together. I have also started one of the designs in Crewel Intentions by Hazel Bloomkamp. I am struggling with that one because even with a pair of dollar store magnifying glasses over my glasses and a large magnifying lamp, I still struggle with my vision. I must be quite a sight with all those glasses on but whatever works. Thank you for all the inspiration. Looking forward to winning this kit.

  19. My embroidery plans for 2015 include finishing a crazy quilt, making gifts for all the Ladies in my family, a few treasures for dearest friends and embroidered framed work for our home.

  20. This is my year for finishing UFO’s. I have needlepoint, cross stitch and a tiny floral embroidery to finish. Too many difficult stitches bog me down. Quarter stitches, popcorn stitches, bullion, and needlepoint unknowns intimidate me and I set a project aside. If it wasn’t for Mary Corbet, I wouldn’t have as much completed as I do! I love Breath of Spring and the grasshopper alone is worth tackling this beautiful project.

  21. I don’t do embroidery but keep thinking about picking it up again. I’m currently into cross stitch and counted work. My next project is going to be Eleanor Parr, and reproduction by the Scarlet Letter. Other than that, I don’t tend to plan in advance. I’m also knitting a fair isle scarf and have visions of other projects dancing in my head.

  22. Oh my, what a glorious project that I would LOVE to do. I had one similar to this back in the 70’s before children that I never finished and it got lost in several moves. I do have a crewel pillow I intent to finish this year in addition to some small projects. Thanks for the opportunity to win such a wonderful project Mary.

  23. Hello Mary! What a wonderful give away gift! I have learned so much from reading your blog and this gift is the perfect project to apply that knowledge. In 2015 my first project is to stitch a wool bird – I will be using stitches/lessons from your site to enhance my colorful little friend. He sits among reverse applique leaves on a deep marbled green wool backgound. He’ll end up either as a pillow or a wall hanging. Thanks for so freely sharing your talent. Happy holidays to you.

  24. One project that is going to take some time to finish is the Schwalm White embroidery that I have already started. I am experimenting different stitches in my sampler because of which my blog at present seems to be really colorful. I am just loving the way it is coming out.

    I love this kit and it should be refreshing in between the white-work project , in case I win it.
    Thank you for such a lovely and colorful giveaway.

  25. Oh my YES! I have several projects already lined up for the year. My EGA group is doing Marilyn Owens ORT box with a twist as a stitch along. Another stitcher and I are going to start Laura Perin’s Holiday Wreath. I have a Lani Needlepoint canvas that I barely got started on at the end of this year so I think that still counts as a new project ;). I also have many, many, many other projects (did I mention MANY?) in various stages of completion that I rotate through. I do not think I shall be bored in 2015!

  26. I’m hoping to finish off a silk shading piece that has been abandoned for a while and then I want to try out lots of new stitches. I’m hoping to find a project that will let me do that – so the prize would be super 🙂

  27. Happy New Year! This piece reminds me of a crewel piece I did back in the 60s that finally bit the dust. Would love the opportunity to win this one and bring some spring sunshine into the house! Thank you for offering!

  28. My embroidery projects already lined up for 2015 are many and varied. I have some goldwork technique samples to complete and mount on cards, twelve 4 inch red work squares in a Christmas theme for my niece, a silk and metal thread delft tulip tile (upcoming correspondence course through the Embroiderers’ Association of Canada), Hardanger Christmas tree, insertion stitches sampler, a sashiko piece, not to mention several quilt tops to complete and a wedding dress to alter and ring pillow to make!

  29. My embroidery plans for 2015? To complete the design I am currently working on, to create two additional designs, and to work on some projects I have been putting off. This lovely ‘Breath of Spring’ could be one of those projects.

  30. Gorgeous. One of the many projects I have on my list is to stitch on a lovely screen printed panel I bought at an art fair. I contains some wonderful botanical images that are crying out for some embellishment.

  31. Oh my, what a beautiful kit!!! If I don’t win or buy it, I will be starting the year working on a crazy quilt wall-hanging. Thanks, as always, for your generosity.

  32. While my heart yearns for Spring,my head firmly shouts; Finish what you started last year! Enjoy the cold,rain,cloudy weather of NE Texas because before you know it,it will be so HOT.My heart has three spring projects lined up. It just hasn`t told my head yet.

  33. Hi Mary,

    Happy Holidays!! Thanks so much for yet another wonderful giveaway opportunity.

    My embroidery plans for 2015 are as varied as the projects I’ve lined up to stitch … A little bit of cutwork, some crewel, some hardanger, a large needlepoint kimono, and a whole lot of blackwork!!

    Best wishes to you in 2015.

  34. I’m with you, Mary. I always think spring is just around the corner after the holidays! I grew up in Minnesota where the winters can be very long. My mother used to say the best thing about Christmas is that the days start to get longer!
    My birthday is on the first day of spring, March 20, so I am always anxious for spring!

  35. Good Morning: I have finished all my Christmas projects (phew!)and wanted something for me…so am doing The Drawn Thread Red Lace Sewing Case…challenging! I am going to EAC in May in Calgary and this kit would be a wonderful primer for the courses I am taking…Happy (Stitching) New Year!!

  36. As a beginner I only aspire to one project at a time! I need to complete an armchair caddy so that my husband doesn’t freak out too much about threads bring left wherever I sit….it’s a lovely design and I am enjoying perfecting the bullion rose stitch currently…practice makes perfect…or so they say!

  37. I have projects that I still need to finish along with some new ones that I can,t wait to start! I love doing embroidery on kitchen towels. It’s a good gift that everyone loves. I have felt appliqué projects, crochet projects, knitting projects, and sewing projects. I am always excited to start something new and challenging!

  38. Currently, I’m working on a pillow with a French Knot monogram, an Old McDonald Farm cross stitch baby quilt top for which only the dog, farmer, and frog (substituted for the cat) are left to stitch, and a self-designed baby quilt top of gigantic flowers made from applique and embroidery stitches. I’m playing with stitches from your Stitch Fun series and simplified insects inspired by the Delport Flora and Fauna book will be flitting around the blossoms and leaves. I enjoy the winter months as I like to stitch during the Flyer’s Hockey games. Go Winter, Go Flyers.

  39. My embroidery plans for 2015 include completing a very large needlepoint project (Funky Hearts) with my EGA group and we’ll start another equally large new project (Pandora’s Boxes). In addition there will be some some projects with EGA.

    I haven’t done a detailed embroidery project like Breath of Spring ever – and would love the chance to explore this medium of needlework.

  40. Breath of Spring kit looks like the perfect thing to make grey winter days bright.For 2015 I have some embroidery patterns from Jenny Elefantz to work on.

  41. This is the year! I’ve been reading, and learning, and 2015 will be the Year of the Doing ~ back to embroidery, and on to new and exciting things: tambour embroidery, montemellick, and so many more that this website has introduced into my life. Let the stitching begin!!

  42. Such a lovely kit. It would be a wonderful way to while away winter hours !!! Thank you for making it available. Again, I love your newsletters !

  43. First I am going to spend 15 min a day embroidery on my Sunbonnet design. I need the practice and the discipline if I want to get better. I have several Kits that I would like to finish this year.

  44. I enjoy embroidering items to give to charity related ‘silent auctions’ locally. I also like to make items for gifts for family. My plans for the future stitching include dresser scarves and table tops for the upcoming spring auctions especially for the Cancer Society here.

  45. Mmm, good. Thoughts of Spring and flowers. I have some Di van Niekerk Flower Fairies lined up to do for my little granddaughter Can’t wait! Best wishes for the New Year, Mary

  46. Beautiful project. Thanks so much for all the wonderful information on your site. Always inspirational.

  47. I have a Scarlet Quince pattern that I am going to re-start (I prefer to think of it as a fesh start rather than an unfinished project!).

  48. My embroidery plans for this year are:
    1) to begin and complete a redwork sampler and 2) add some embroidery to my handmade quilts. I have waited to begin work on the sampler because after following your wonderful tutorials for different stitches, I wanted to use stitches other than the plain ole backstitch. The Breath of Spring embroidery project would be just the thing to get me started since it incorporates various stitches; then after learning those stitches, I would know what to use on my redwork sampler. Besides, it would give me something to look forward to…SPRING! Yeah!

    Thanks, Linda

  49. I am hoping to stitch another Christmas stocking. I gain inspiration from reading your blog. Hope you have a Happy New Year and early spring!

  50. I loved seeing your breath of spring embroidery so much so I dug out my copy of 56 Classiic Inspirations!
    The movement of the flowers and bugs were fantastic and all the beautiful colours of greens are a delight I would love to stitch it.
    My plans for 2015 are to finish some of my UFOs and as I have recently retired as a GP receptionist I look forward to stitching some Hardanger and Canvasswork I love it all.
    I look forward to your daily email and have learnt so much.
    Keep up the good work – you are such a talented lady x

  51. This is a lovely reminder that Spring is coming. Would enjoy working this! Have a couple of projects (always) in the project pipeline – a Trish Burr (?sp) bird, several counted projects, and an old crewel project to finish up.

  52. I plan to finish the hummingbirds in 2015. This might happen, or maybe not. After the hummingbirds I would like to work the Breath of Spring project. Maybe a person could have both going at once?

  53. I would love to work on this! I worked a crewel piece of prairie wild flowers with the appropriate insects and butterflies a few years ago. It is in the sunroom of a local hospice.
    My embroidery goal for 2015 is to keep up with The Tiffany Project, Winnipeg Embroiderer’s Guild. Trust me ‘keeping up’ is the operative phrase here.

  54. I love gardening and nature and this project is just what I like to do. I just finished embroidering a flower border from “Embroidery pour le Jardinier” onto the bottom edge of a linen jacket. The new design reminds me of that and I love it! My project for 2015 is going to be an embroidered wall hanging of raven in winter. I want to capture the stoic look they have in winter and the beauty of snow on the redwood tree branches. It will take me all year.

  55. Breath of Spring will be in my 2015 future, whether I am a lucky winner or I purchase the kit. It jumped right off your blog and into my heart. It will make the long winter of Ohio bearable! Thank you!

  56. Pretty, Pretty.
    My projects are lining up. I have to finish a wall art piece from Phillippa Turnbull. It is coming out lovely but taking a lot of time. Oh! time is never enough. I also have a new CD that will enhance my skills from Hazel Blomkamp. Now there is a challenge. Perhaps I can use some of my new knowledge on this delightful pattern if I win. Thanks for the chance.

  57. I just picked up the Spring Garden pattern from your site over the holiday break and I’m having a ton of fun working the stitches on a tea towel. I’d like to finish that soon and start working on another project on nicer fabric – I haven’t decided what to start yet as I don’t want to get ahead of myself (I have startitis – starting many projects but finishing not many). This project would be wonderful to begin 2015 with!

  58. My projects for 2015 is to continue and finish my crazy quilt done on a black background. I started in April of last year when I found your website on tutorials. I use your site and daily blog to learn different stitches and combinations. My crazy quilt is my sampler. I use to do cross stich and wanted to move to embroidery. I have enjoyed your humour and pick me ups every day. Winter in very blah grey and mud. I’m enjoy gardening in the Summer and like you Jan 1 is the countdown to Spring. There are no embroidery shops where I live and depend heavily on the Internet. If I won this project it would become my very first real embroidery project. Thank you for the daily encouragement and humour. Happy New Year.

  59. I don’t have specific plans yet, other than going to several seminars. What I REALLY hope to do is finish several UFOs and clear some of my stash.

  60. So pretty…if I don’t win it I’ll have to buy the kit.

    Plans for 2015 include 4 seasonal pieces for the entryway and a needlebook.

  61. Oh to dream that I am lying down in the cornfield on this cold, chilly day – to feel the flutter of the butterfly beside my cheek, to hear the chirrup of the grasshopper and to feel the catterpillar walking up my arm while the ladybird depends onto a lovely green stalk. This is just heaven to me.

  62. Oh how wonderful! Seeing your work on this project is what inspired me to start embroidering! I would love the chance to embroider this myself. In 2015 I have a few UFOs to finish, and a bigger wall hanging project that I’m just starting to plan.

  63. This is gorgeous! I want to stitch some embroidered curtains with lacy crochet edging. I’m also going to do market bags – 1 a month, to use in lieu of paper wrapping next Christmas. I know, it’s to early to think about NEXT Christmas!

  64. What a beautiful, inspiring and fun meadow embroidery project!! For 2015 I have two projects that I’m continuing to work on. One is a flowery wreath depicting the seasons, and the other is the hummingbird project from Needlenthread. Happy new year all you creative people!

  65. Good morning Mary.
    So happy to see your newsletter, but happy you gave yourself a break.
    I have lots of embroidery projects!!! Too many, but my friends and I have been planning on focusing a day on thread painting.
    I would LOVE to win the breath of spring. Like you, I think its going to be tomorrow. I do not do well with the “sad” winter blues.
    Happy New Year . Hugs, Christine, Redding, CA

  66. My first embroidery project of the year will be … another kit purchased from this company! I have the Herbier kit and it should be quite lovely for combating the winter blues!

  67. I am( will be) working on embroidering some curtains, a crewel alphabet samer, and various drawings of my son’s art. Thanks!

  68. My project for this year is a Christmas Stocking for my newest Grandson. It will be embroiderered with wool as the other 7 were done. It will have a Santa and toys for the design. I would love to win this kit. I love all the bugs on it. They are so fun to stitch.
    Thanks so much for all the wonderful info.

  69. Beautiful kit! Thanks for hosting the giveaway. My plans for the new year will be to stitch my first sampler on Facebook Scarlett Letter sampler page& to try crewel embroidery. Maybe a couple of other things.

  70. What a wonderful idea, and how timely. I’ve just been considering what to learn next in embroidery, and realize that revisiting a lot of stitches might be just the ticket! thanks so much for offering this item, and welcome back.

  71. Oh, wonderful giveaway! Thanks for this opportunity!

    Other than to complete a quilt I’m currently hand-piecing, I have no firm needlework plans. Inspired by your most recent ornament, I am contemplating a “bauble project.” What fun it would be to give away embroidered ornaments next year! They would be small projects, which would give me chances to try out different techniques (stumpwork!). I’d have to do about 2 a month, though, which would interfere with quilt completion…Hmmm. Decisions, decisions…

  72. I just adore your work on this project. What fun! In 2015 I’ll be finishing up a 4 seasons cross-stitch piece to frame. I will also be finishing a quilt for my 3 year old granddaughter, in which I have embroidered motifs in specific squares and I’m quilting it with hand embroidery designs. It’s been a fun project and when I’m done I’ve got one planned out for my 4 year old grandson too.

  73. This makes me want spring to be here soon. Im going to do a small lighthouse on the beach. Then i would love to do this project. Thank you for all the great advice and projects. Brenda

  74. Well -I always have lots of ideas floating around in my head – at present I think next will be a tea cozy and coasters that I would like to stitch in sashiko stitch. We’ll see if it happens! Thanks for the giveaway – it’s a lovely piece of work.

  75. Last year I started working on a sci-fi alphabet quilt, where all the blocks are embroidered. I finished three, and am working on the fourth now. My goal is to complete one a month in 2015.

    I also need to finish a cross-stitching project, of the Army department seal. It’s a retirement present for my dad, and he’ll be retiring this fall.

  76. So far, I am making a baby sampler for a great niece expected in June, I have to finish a Gary Clark piece I started some time ago, I plan to participate in the projects for my EGA chapter, I have an ongoing project of stitching Soldier Kissing Pillows.

  77. This is a lovely project, indeed reminiscent of Spring. 🙂

    I don’t have any specific plans yet for my stitching in 2015, but do have some ideas.

    I’d like to do a quilt with quite a few embroidered squares in it. Something spring like actually, a variety of flowers perhaps.

    I also had some ideas in mind for doing some wall hangings using embrodery. Not quite crazy quilt type of things but something similar, with different fabrics and lush bright colors and lots of embroidery with additional embellishments.

    And, practicing my stitches, and making an effort to take the time to learn new ones that I haven’t used before.

  78. Merry Fourth Day of Christmas, Mary. Have your colly birds arrived?

    For 2015 I’d like to put finishing touches on all the sacks I’ve been embellishing, complete the last tea towel (pattern from UrbanThreads) of three for a friend, do some more red work bunnies for a quilt I have in mind, more Dia de los Muertes floral skulls (also UT) and begin the “Breath of Spring” when you draw my name.

    Tomorrow I’ll think of all the rings you have shown us in your beautiful gold work.

  79. Thank you for the amazing and inspiring blog posts.

    2014 I moved and brought three huge boxes of UFOs along. I have a massive stash of yarn, fiber, and quilting materials. I also have a ton of embroidery projects to do. I have whittled down some of my UFOs and completed quite a few projects this year and I’m pretty proud of my progress. My hope in 2015 to not add to my stash. This kit however is tempting me and as long as I purchase it before January 1st 2015 I will stay true to my goal. I am however allowing myself a purchase at each event I go to; I’m not completely nuts.

    Merry Christmas and a prosperous new year to all.

  80. You are so right – a breath of spring would be so welcome. At the moment it -21C with a wind that makes you shudder at the thought of leaving the house. Just the idea of doing such a lovely embroidery is warming me up. Thank you for showing it on your blog.

  81. I am finishing a crewel pillow top which I will use in a quilt. I am new to your site and love it!

  82. That is such a lovely piece! Thank you, Mary for the opportunity to own it. I have many embroidery projects in mind for 2015, usually, one large, demanding piece, and several smaller (faster) projects. My large piece is a very elaborate Church vestment, which requires some repairs in goldwork. Smaller projects will be pinkeeps, and pillowcases. Before any of this happens, however, I really need to organize my workroom!

  83. I plan to start stitching on my casket or the casket toys that I have in 2015. I plan on doing a lot of stitching in 2015. The Breath of Spring is a beautiful piece that I would love to have. Thanks Pattie

  84. Mary – oh this is – for me – the most exciting giveawy of all time!! I am so fascinated by all of the stitches and all that is going on. Thank you so very much for the chance to win it. This year – I am planning to make hand embroidered mug rugs – and to begin going through my clothing and linens to embellish with hand embroidery. Sound boring? Well – maybe – but very pragmatic. However – that wonderful, Breath of Spring kit will certainly be a very exciting diversion. Thanks again –
    blessings to you,

  85. I am planning to sit with my daughter and teach her to stitch to help her deal with her depression. I have two wonderful pillow kits from Phillipa Trumbull. One of rabbits, for my daughter and for myself the beautiful cranes. I hope the simple act of being together in a calm and loving envirnment doing simple creative tasks with her hands will help her regain her sense of self and give her back the love for life and the beauty of small things made slowly and carefully. We also live in the northern hemisphere, Canada, where the winter drags on and on and on. I know the power of healing through making and creating. I hope I can pass that on. Winning the spring kit would be a wonderful opportunity for us to share the joy of passing it back and forth adding out stitches and being together.

  86. What a wonderful giveaway!!

    My projects for 2015 include an embroidered table runner with a Spring theme and I want to do several of the hand embroidered Christmas ornaments that you featured on the blog. And then anything that strikes my fancy.

  87. Oh, my plans are legion! I want to finish my paisley cat cross stitch (already a year and half in the works), I want to start a Sardinian knot project (I bought BOTH the books!), I want to start my Quaker ball, I want to begin an Italian pattern…I think it is from Ricamo Estanse, I want to make a “ribbon” pillow, the ribbons of which are comprised of different patterns in Hardanger, I want to start my granddaughter’s needlepoint Christmas stocking…I could go on and on! I am never short on ideas–just time! I woud love to add this kit to my plans, as I think it would give me much needed, well focused direction in using multipole kinds of stitches.

  88. Oh my goodness. I have lots of plans for embroidery in 2015. I plan several cross stitched Christmas ornaments. One is a kit that was a Christmas gift and then I may have ordered a few (4) other kits yesterday. I also have a Halloween design for which I have already purchased most of the threads, and then there are few works in progress.
    After having tried Blackwork for the first time in 2014, I’d also like to do some sort of Blackwork project. I’d love to add the spring project to the mix. Thanks for offering the giveaway.

  89. I have not done any hand embroidery in years. Have been quilting. Want to do some embroidery this next year.

  90. What a beautiful kit! I’ve been cross-stitching the past couple of years, but my embroidery skills need to be sharpened again and this kit would do it! I have some flour sack and tea towels planned and this kit would be perfect for learning and improving my technique. Thank you!

  91. Thanks for offering this give away. It is really lovely. I am taking a class at Thistle Threads and hope to do some planning for this embroidery project. Other than that I want to finish up some UFOs.

  92. just started thinking of plans for 2015. definitely going to finish several projects and finally getting them framed. there is an advantage in living in the north–you get more inside projects done. we are watching the kids play outside sports in february here so little down time. love the spirng flowers kit. it is a must have.

  93. What a beauty! Great! Very much I love these designs!

    This year, I was fascinated with embroidery design Sadako Totsuka. I admire the ability of the designer to convey different seams flowers and herbs. This embroidery is very beautiful!

    In 2015, I plan to continue to embroider Japanese design and master whitework, cutwork and Drawn thread work. This information will help me in your blog. I recently moved to Hungary and will learn to embroider style Kalocsai. A napkin I had embroidered))

    Thanks you! Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!


  94. My 2015 resolution – to satisfy my need to do handwork – love the feel of needle and thread and have been practicing with your videos – I am a hand piece and hand appliqué and garment sewer. Even though I have the top of the line machines I always yearn to use these basic tools – Receivng the kit would drive me to take the plunge to try “my hand” at your beautiful stitching instructions for real!!

  95. I haven’t been doing much embroidery lately, but am looking forward to refreshing my skills and learning some new ones. Even when I’m not actively stitching I find your blog inspiring and your tutorials are wonderful. I have small projects in stumpwork and tambour from classes in the past year and am planning a small crewel project. This spring project looks like a perfect project for reviving my skills in stitching it’s also lovely. I was particularly attracted to the cute striped caterpillar and the grasshopper reminds me of summer when I was a little girl

  96. I love the idea of this wonderful kit being part of my plans for 2015. Right now my plan is to finish the embroidery on a few quilted wall hangings. I also plan on the embroidery of a pin cushion and someday start a crazy quilt doll cape for one of my 18″ dolls that I make. Thanks for the give away. Happy New Year.h

  97. My goal for 2015 is to finish my two Nicola Jarvis crewel bird projects and my Essamplaire Sweet bag, most of which is finished. Just the plaited braid stich to go plus finishing. did I say just?

    Thank you for the lovely give away.

  98. I want to start something new in 2015 and this would be perfect! I need to fight the winter blues and this kit is just what the doctor ordered! Thank you for this wonderful offer!

  99. Yes! I have that issue and what’s more, I had book marked it! Now I’m motivated!
    Even further north than you are, I find that the little increase in day length andperusing the seed catalogues makes me feel like spring is on its way.

  100. What a lovely give away Mary. I have a couple of projects for 2015 One is a counted canvas called
    Legacy Man pattern by Susan Portra I also have about 3 kits from Trish Burr for her thread painting miniatures. I love her kits. And what ever else I find in my travels in 2015 will be added to my list of to do’s. There is always a project for stitching what ever time of year and some UFO’s too. This piece that you are giving is a breath of fresh air. Especially when we are at -30C today here in Manitoba. Thanks again for the wonderful give away. Happy 2015 to you and everyone.

  101. Lovely project I love Spring.
    2015 I will start a new project called “Summer Celebration,” by Nancy Cucci. It reminds me of our Southern California beaches.

  102. Mary, I am so inspired by your blog and newsletter. And this kit inspires me more! Do I have embroidery projects planned for 2015? Yes, I have many both new and to finish. One of my big plans for this coming NEW Year is to finish my silk ribbon projects from my many times with Beverley Sheldrick. Her passing just before Christmas has motivated me to ‘finish’ and move forward to new things. Interspersed with this will be the sewing and embroidery for my two new granddaughter babies..including one Christening gown, one party dress [has her mother’s gown to wear] and other things go along with that. Your blog inspires me to stitch something everyday..and something new. I too suffer from the ‘spring’ syndrome in January. I enjoy all seasons, but spring would be hands down my most loved…new growth, new light…big sigh..just renewal. Happy NEW YEAR to you. Thanks for the inspirational give away!! Karin

  103. I plan on finishing a green work quilt and starting on a Halloween quilting I finish these, I have a couple of wips to finish.

  104. Bonjour,
    je vous écrit en français car mon anglais est vraiment vraiment trop mauvais !!
    Depuis presque une année je vous lis: en fait depuis le projet “jardin secret” et quel bonheur!!
    j’apprécie tout particulièrement votre générosité quand vous montrez les différents points.
    Aujourd’hui je lis votre dernière publication et cela a un écho tout particulier en moi car moi aussi je suis toujours persuadée que le printemps arrive dès janvier : je n’aime pas du tout l’hiver !!
    mes projets de broderie pour 2015 et bien commencer enfin “jardin secret” , finir une icône religieuse que j’ai commencé en septembre et surtout continuer à faire de multiples petites broderies pour les offrir à mes amies ou à mon entourage.
    Alors merci merci encore et j’aimerai avoir la chance de recevoir ce kit printemps !!

  105. I believe “Spring is right around the corner” once we get to December 20/21 – and the days start getting longer. Perhaps a bit optimistic….

    2015 is the year I hope to become proficient doing crewel work – so this project will be a big help. I am going to start a beautiful Hardanger project from an amazing Spanish designer. And I’ll be continuing work on a cross stitch project and a needlepoint picture I purchased in England several years ago. Of course, there’s also various knitting and crochet projects waiting to be completed. Never a dull moment……

  106. After being derailed by a frozen shoulder for most of 2014 and working only on things I could without too much pain, my plans for 2015 are simple. As my shoulder continues to improve I want to refocus my attention on what is dear to my heart : Japanese embroidery and learning/perfecting certain techniques BUT 2014 made me realize that I have also enjoyed working on things I had moved away from and ‘forgotten’ in my UFO/WIP/Stash. So 2015 will incorporate ‘all’ needlework I hope.

  107. Well, after I finish ‘Breath of Spring,’ assuming I win, of course 🙂 I want to get back to and complete a series of freeform embroidery projects based on the seasons. I’m stuck in summer right now…and not exactly loving where the work was taking me. So I set it down hoping for inspiration to strike.

    Thanks for the contest!

  108. To combat the beginning of winter doldrums I have joined a cq dresden fan stitch-along, and I am going to get back to working on my Singer trade card American Songbird cq book – only 13 more to go.

  109. I am planning to finish a Mexican sampler and a drawn thread sampler. Hopefully, I’ll be stitching Breath of Spring soon after that!

  110. My plans are great – not sure if they are doable in one year. In my organizing mood now and have just “re-filed” all my stray DMC wound bobbins. Much easier now to find. I would dearly love this project because I could learn some of the more difficult stitches I have been avoiding. I do find that I am doing more hand stitching with embroidery now than quilt making – afterall, how many quilts do the kids need? Thank you for this fabulous opportunity to stitch. Judy C in NC

  111. The last time I actually embroidered something other than a criss-stitch or canvas piece was when my children were still little, and it was so much fun to do that it is beyond me why I haven’t done such embroidery since. I would love to have the chance to win this beautiful kit. Right now I am finishing up a canvas piece called “Autumn Leaves” by Canadian designer Carolyn Mitchell, which will be made into a pillow but after that it would be challenging and fun to work on this kit.

  112. Wow. Miss Mary! What a wonderful give-a-way! Was salivating over ‘your’ piece when I first saw it – thank you for the opportunity to win this kit.
    Plans for 2015. . . . I have a great niece that announced at our family Christmas gathering that she and her husband are planning on a first baby this year, so am in the process of locating that ‘perfect’ crib quilt pattern (to be embroidered naturally!) for her and possibly a birth sampler to go along with it. So, that will probably take up the first part of the year – would love to finish some UFO’s hanging around from 2014 and before!
    Thanks again –
    Barbara in TN

  113. Hi Mary!
    I, too, have the same problem with the very long winter stretching ahead of me here in Colorado. I enjoy the winter sports, but when it is snowing and blowing like today I would love to start embroidering some flowers. Hope, hope….
    My plans? I have dreamt of working through your stitch videos this winter to come up with something pretty for my wall. It will HAVE to be in bright colors! Red and orange Poppies, sunflowers, dahlias and the list goes on ….
    Thank Mary!

  114. Embroidery project plans for 2015? What?! Truth is, I haven’t given it much thought. I’ll do something for the fair again. I don’t have anything lined up yet, that’s for sure 🙂

    Thanks for this chance, Mrs. Corbet! Breath of Spring seems to give you just that – a breath of spring! It’s a very pretty project.

    Sarah 🙂

    I’m not yearning for Spring yet, though. Still longing for snow. I’d like to get at least one nice blanket of it this year.

  115. I’ve just started learning how to do long and short titch and am grateful for your tutorial on this technique. Once I finish the sampler from Needle ‘N Thread I plan to work on Trish Burr’s Little Bird and Flower. I would love the opportunity to try the Breath of Spring piece.

  116. Plans! Do I have plans. I have learned from my past, not to dream to big. I am an embroider, quilter, basket maker and garden. The winter months is when I catch up on my handwork.I would like to start working on the Secret Garden project because I have everything ready(I have even traced it)but I have to finish up a few things. I promised myself I would clean up my sewing room. I gave myself a little reward after some progress is seen. I k now can see the top of my sewing table and ironing surface. Today, after I put away some thread, I will finish baby quilt. I love to have one ready for gifting. I love trying new things and keeping busy.

  117. It is beautiful. I am teaching embroidery to my mother in law an this will be perfect as a final project. Happy 2015!

  118. Indeed I do have a project in mind for 2015. I will be stitching a white wedding purse in crazy-patch for my young 1st cousin-once-removed. It will incorporate bits of fabric from her mother’s wedding dress, some from hers if possible, laces made by my grandmother (her great-grandmother), buttons from my g’mother’s old button box, parts of my g’mother’s hankies and any other oddments I can find that have meaning for her. Her mother will be sending me a few things in Jan. and I can’t wait to start. I’d love to have the giveaway kit to play with, too. Thanks for all the inspiration you are to all of us embroiderers!

  119. i would love to win this give a way. I have two brazilian embroidery projects ready to start. I am working very hard finishing a counted cross stitch sampler I started in July. Did I mention how much I suck at counting! I loved the sampler design so much, I have willed myself through it. I am working the border now. The material looks like a limp rag with all the handling, but I WILL finish it and proudly hang that bad boy on the wall. Kathy

  120. I have recently sold house after 25 years and had to down dude. This gave me a great opportunity to see what all I had squirreled away and bite what stayed and got all embroidery supplies and all in one place. I have some large and small prime tx I am making For Me lined up and in project carry boxes. But I am in love with the kit featured in this issue of your bolg. It has all the little touch he’s that make you want to search out the special details. Charming. Thanks for offering it. Hope I have a new otiject at year end!!!!.

  121. oh, I do have stitching plans. I would like very much to include that kit! Looks awesome and I love wildflowers.
    I am still working on some Inspiration magazine Christmas ornaments, a little stocking and dove, and also doing embroidery on baby items to give away. I received your Little Things embroidery book for Christmas and want to do those, and I’m sure there is much more that I will want to do this coming year. Love your site so much. Going to look for instructions on it today. Thank you.

  122. Oh a spring project, I have been thinking about making a spring tea cosy and this would be perfect. I am a crewel stitcher but would love to stitch a floss piece. If I win this or not I will certainly design and spring tea cosy with this type of detail.

  123. I have a wool purse to finish the embroidery and a BOM from sue spargo that needs the border to be embroidered

  124. My goal for 2015 is to actually take time to focus on stitching. For the last year or so, I look at beautiful works and think I need to be doing this!! Then life gets in the way. So for 2015, life is going to be more balanced so there will be time for stitching. I just hope my first project is the Breath of Spring design!

  125. Hi Mary,

    What a lovely way of starting the New Year! It looks like a big breath of fresh Spring air.

    I am stitching on the panels for the CoC flat top casket, have done the top and the friezes so 2015 is for front, back and side panels. Charting is all done, thank goodness so it’s just the fun parts to do! I’ve also joined the Serenity Sampler group for 2015 – lovely design, beautiful colour palate and we’ll get a chart each month – great non-scary way to do a big project!

    Wendy H.

  126. Thank you for the opportunity to win this kit. I enjoy Winter, but love Spring! I hope I am able to do the kit justice. My plan for 2015 are to branch out and learn more stitches!

  127. This project is delightful!!!
    I am new to embroidery and have been trying to teach myself simple stitches. Thanks to your tutorials. I am using them in a multi media way. Combining them with yo-yo’s as flowers, words, bits of lace and of course regular stitched flowers etc.
    Would love to try a REAL embroidery project. This would be my 2015 project, I could learn so much!

  128. The first thing I need to do is frame some of my finished projects. After that, I think I might try my hand at goldwork. I’ve loved seeing all of your beautiful projects and I think 2015 is the year for me to give it a go.

  129. Plans for 2015 have been in the works for 4 years. It is my goal to stitch a family funeral pall. Fabric was purchased in 1010, designs has been sketched, and the. Fear of something bad happening (as I stitch this heirloom) has been over come.
    It is time to begin this project. Along the way, projects you present that catch my fancy, surface embroidery, needlepoint and hardanger will be diversions. I am pumped for success.

  130. Oh how I would love to win especially if you have the same kit and will be posting your stitching. I would love to follow along with you 🙂

  131. OMG! Redwork Christmas wreath, that I’ve been working on for two years, plus a crewel work cowboy boot ornament–I’m getting ready for next Christmas!

  132. I want to finish Santa. so little left.

    Otherwise it will be continuing the blackwork journey. I am falling way behind on it.

  133. Days of uninterrupted stitching, tackling new challenging stitches, trying unique and exciting fabrics, pondering the creativity of designers all topped with chocolate and a little wine best describes my 2015 needlework plans! Won’t you join me?

  134. What a beautiful project – and another fun giveaway. Thanks for brightening up the last Monday in 2014, Mary!

    I have grand plans for 2015. I’m in the midst of a massive inventory project of my projects, charts, threads, etc. I’m also assembling all the projects I want to finish (or at least work on) for 2015. Most are WIPs but there are a couple of new projects, including some SALs. It should be a busy year! My main goal is to try to stitch every day, even if for 10 minutes. We’ll see how that goes!

  135. What a lovely design so nice to win, thank you for the chance to win it. I am just sewing up an embroidered Christmas purse, a mix of embroidery and goldwork, the pattern was in ANSQ in 2012

  136. I have some projects that I need to finish this year. One is a patchwork quilt with embroidered bunny squares.

  137. Thank you for the giveaway. I am planning an embroidery/patchwork quilt plus am going to concentrate on improving my own stitching.

    PS. I enjoyed seeing your postings on Craftsy!

  138. What a great way to beat the winter blahs! I have more 2015 plans for stitching than I can likely accomplish in one year: to complete an original appliqué/embroidery embellished quilt, and to begin working on a ribbon embroidery project. Mostly, to learn new stitching techniques! THAT I can accomplish!

  139. I am hoping an entry from the UK is acceptable.
    I am inspired to create a piece of work this year that includes as much of the landscape and wildlife of our beautiful Yorkshire moors. Your wonderful work has shown how different techniques can show off natures beauty. Thank you for sharing this lovely giveaway.i hope whoever is successful enjoys completing it

    Deb x

  140. For 2015 I would like to finish some crazy patch quilt blocks that I have been working on and I will be embarking on a new adventure- thread painting. It is something I have admired for a long time and been afraid of tackling. But with much trepidation and courage I have decided to plunge in !

  141. I do have two embroidery projects going at the moment, a Crab Apple Hill Christmas design with a figure skate and a beach bicycle with basket of flowers. I have colored some parts with Derwent watercolor pencils and will start the stitching shortly. I am looking for another spring project that involves more variety of stitching, have always wanted to do this Breath of Spring piece. Thanks for the tip about the kit that’s now available:)

  142. Mary, that looks like a fun kit! My plans for 2015 include: finishing Wedding Piece #2, completing the HEX LABS project with StitchMAP, completing writing a class for StitchMAP, starting my Purple Project, and completing a few other projects in the works that were set aside due to life and surgery. Thanks for the giveaway!

  143. I have several (5) ladies and myself that get together once a month and work on projects…mine are almost always embroidery. We agreed to make a basket block for each other and give this coming October (that way we have plenty of time to get them done, what with all the other things we do). I will get started on that Jan.1. As far as other projects lined up, are you kidding??!! I have hundreds! I want to embroider every pattern I have. First, along with the baskets, will probably be a Crab-apple Hill pattern I’m dying to work on…although that is subject to change. 🙂 I’m really anxious to try more thread painting and some of the stitches you’ve showed us! It would be an impossible choice to just pick one. Anyway, thanks for the chance to win the “Breath of Spring” project. I would put it at the top of the list if I win it! Thanks! Beth

  144. I love to do applique! But, I feel that most of it isn’t finished until it has embroidery to embellish it. I try to incorporate some embroidery in most all of the quilts or wall hangings that I do.
    I’d LOVE to be your winner!!!
    Thanks soooo much for all your wonderful information and techniques. I for one LOVE it!
    Elaine in Fla.

  145. I plan on making an embroidered quilt of The Lord’s Prayer. I also have some pillow cases to finish embroidering.

  146. What a beautiful piece! I have made some of my stitching plans for 2015, and they are all WIPs and UFOs so far. I am planning to work on a stumpwork piece that I just have to attach the wired elements to and my oldest UFO, a piece of embroidery that I started when I was 13, so it is almost (gulp) 40 years old! :o)

  147. I’ve set aside my various embroidery projects (some simple take-along stitcheries and my more fun Noah’s Ark wool/embellishing) in order to finish hand quilting a grandmother’s flower garden hexagon quilt I started in 2001. Can’t wait to get back to embroidery!!

  148. I plan/hope to finish one UFO a month this coming year. I also plan to find new homes for items I do not use. This will give me more room to create the projects I do want to focus on. 🙂 Even if I just “start well” I will get something done. But since I did fairly well this past year, I have some encouragement for dreaming of 12 finished UFO’s.


  149. Good morning Mary, I love to look at The French Needle web site. So many beautiful things and this kit has been one of my favorites. My soc sec income prohibits such extravagance but never inhibits lusting. I have resolved, over the next 12 months, to finish some half done projects. My love of black work phase needs completion as well as red work curtains. (What was I thinking!) I would love to do this “Breath of Spring”. I would be using your stitch tutorials to help me along and learning new stitches would be the frosting on the cake.
    Be well Mary,

  150. This is a lovely design and is just the thing to work on during this time of year when working in our own gardens is just out of the question!

  151. I have a cross stitch of a rooster that I need to finish up. Otherwise, I do not have anything else planned as of yet. Love these spring flowers! And, what a great time to show us them, they make my day. I love spring, when everything starts to wake up from a long winter. Thanks

  152. Wow, what a nice way to start the new year! My biggest project for this year is to finish a project I started 2 years ago, to make matching samplers from different patterns…1 is finished but the other is too narrow & requires me to expand the pattern (which is why it has been sitting for so long). Perhaps working on something new will inspire me! Thanks for the opportunity to win.
    Sheila from CA

  153. I really want to win that project.
    But things to finish…. I have doll clothes that didn’t get done for Christmas parcels, and I have a silk ribbon garden to finish before I start digging in my outdoor garden.

  154. We all need a Breath of Spring in January! I have a strange project planned for 2015. I’m a renal transplant patient, coming up on my 15th year. I think kidneys look a little like lily pads, so I want to use some artistic license to make a semi-anotimic “kidney pad” and attach a water lily where the renal artery would normally be. The ureter will lead to some roots. (Told ya it was strange – maybe even weird.) I want to use silk threads, in some unexpected colors. I’m thinking 8″ X 8″. Now that I’ve announced this to the world, I have to get started on it!

  155. I have been collecting Inspiration magazine for a few years and searched and I do have that issue. It is made into a tote bag. I would love to win the kit. It would be so much easier for me to do. My plans for the new year are to make a wall hanging to hang above the bed. Can’t have anything heavy in earthquake country.
    Happy New Year.

  156. A Breath of Spring is beautiful and would be so lovely to stitch. For 2015, I plan to work on embellishing the hem of the curtains for a small window. I am pursuing the use of embroidery for household items, and perhaps clothing. And I could not do nearly so well without Needle n’ Thread. The Stitch Play for Plaited Braid should win a Pulitzer Prize,

    Shelia in Oklahoma

  157. I am beginning to review the projects I was working before I became ill early in December. Now that I am well, I want to complete all my projects, but most, the large circle with different embroidery stitches of my choice that I began two years ago and have not finished.

  158. This kit looks delicious.

    My plan for 2015 is to complete a whitework kit that I purchased from laurelin.co.uk 2 years ago!

    Will be using Mary’s tips for preparing the linen this week.

  159. Oh boy do I have some embroidery projects planned for 2015. First I want to finish my goldwork and silk embroidery class I took in November (Alison Cole- Climbing Clematis) and then on to finish a tablecloth square I purchased in Denmark 10 years ago. It actually reminds me a lot of breath of spring in that it is composed of a wreath of spring flowers. I do love stitching flowers and leaves and would love to do “Breath of Spring”. Thanks so much for having these giveaways on your website.

  160. What are your embroidery project plans for 2015? Do you have any projects lined up yet?

    I’ve been looking for an attractive zipper hoodie, but as a larger woman it has been difficult. In the meantime I started doing needlework again after a long hiatus. I found a free sugar skull pattern at Joann’s, but couldn’t think of a use for it.

    I happened to find an inexpensive plain black hoodie in December and I’ve decided to spice it up with needlework. I think it will be a work in progress. I keep visualizing white on black for the arms, the sugar skull across the back and whatever else that pops into my mind.

  161. I have two large projects “in progress” that I would love to finish, one cross stitch and one blackwork. Other than that, it’s whatever strikes my fancy!

  162. Mary – this giveaway is so amazingly beautiful!
    We just moved (to Olathe,Kansas) – and I would
    love to make this lovely spring piece for my new house!
    But wait – yes – I have already planned embroidery for 2015-
    A sampler for my daughter
    A birthday gift for my aunt
    Whimsy bees for gifts
    Christmas pieces for the house
    But – the spring piece is too beautiful to pass by!!
    Crossing my fingers that I’m chosen!! Happy 2015, Mary.

  163. I was born and brought up in Scotland where spring and the first snowdrops had such a special pleasure .
    I married an Australian and here in Tasmania ,although we celebrate the end of winter ,there is not the same feeling of joy at the thought of new growth in the garden and summer to come as winter here is never so bleak .
    I have two projects ready for 2015 . Crewel embroideries purchased from the Wemyss school of needlework —- a lion and a camel . I hope they will be new friends for the journey ahead .
    Happy sewing days to everyone .

  164. This is such a beautiful project! Thank you for the give-away!

    My goal for 2015 is to complete several projects that I have started. Some are embroidery, some are crochet, some are scrapbooking, but they all need finished! I need to clean up these projects to make room (physical and mental) for more projects in 2016!

  165. You are so right. January and February can be so depressing if you don’t preoccupy yourself with a project.

    One of the gifts I received this Christmas was a hardanger project book to make angels for the tree. I think I will start on these for next Christmas.

  166. 60 degrees on Christmas cinched the deal for me and I do believe spring is right around the corner. Trying to establish a realistic goal for 2015 that will let me stitch daily. Happy New Year to all!

  167. Wow! What a beautiful Kit. I’m always impressed by the amount of detail that can be in these patterns. I’d love to tackle a project like this. Thanks for the give-away!

  168. This project is something I would like to do to give me more confidence with surface embroidery. If I don’t win it I’ll probably buy it 🙂 For 2015 I will cross stitch a Christmas stocking for my new grandson. I also plan on finishing Drawn Thread’s Autumn and Summer Gardens and start DebBee’s Tropical Punch, plus several Christmas ornaments. If there is any time left, I have several other projects on hand.

  169. This is a wonderful project to stitch!
    I have started (or am continuing) a few things in my rotation for this year. They include Home Sweet Home, Around the world in 80 stitches, the hardanger etui from Fundamentals made Fancy and 2 boxes from Victoria sampler.

  170. I have loved this project ever since I stumbled across it on your website. Unfortunately, the Inspirations issue it’s in was sold out by the time I found it. Thanks for the chance to win it! My goal for 2015 is to start(and complete) at least one of the projects in the book Embroideries from an English Garden that you reviewed. I love every project in the book so it’s just a matter of choosing which one to do first. Thanks for the inspiration!

  171. I have a couple projects planned for 2015. One is a Quaker pattern, while I also have a Hardanger piece I would like to do.

    This is a great project, thanks for the giveaway.
    All the best in 2015!

  172. The Breath of Spring project is just what I’ve been looking for. I’m trying to improve my skill of creating a free form meadow on my wool felting projects. I’ve been working on one wall hanging for two years plus. That’s my UFO to finish in 2015.

  173. Embroidery projects for 2015 include working on and finishing 2 or 3 CQ blocks which will be heavily embellished with beads and buttons. Currently, I’m working on a CQ block with lots of vines, flowers, butterflies, & birds. My idea of “indoor gardening” during the winter.

  174. I’ve been drooling over this piece in your files for some time. id LOVE to win this….love those flowers and dragonflies! I’ve even made a few copies so far Thanks for the opportunity to win this kit!!

    I’m going to finish a needlepoint piece and a goldwork piece by Margaret Kinsey in 2015. Plus any little project I might see in between. Thanks for keeping us inspired, Mary, and Happy New Year to you and yours!

  175. Wow! And man-o-man would I love to get that kit and start it. I would even put it to the very top of my “2015 To Do” list – which is already started as some of the items are listed as ‘finish such and such project’. I will be teaching a beginning embroidery class starting in January, so with doing that, I think it will keep me motivated to try new projects such as this Breath of Spring. Thank you Mary for considering me for this kit – and I’ll be sure to send pictures when it’s done!!

  176. Project plans for 2015???? I am doing some Nicola Jarvis….designs and that will take up quite a bit of the year!!! I also want to do some smaller fun stitch projects …some are from Jenny McWhinney and Follow the White Bunny…I have collected a few over the years and just am going to “pick” them out….nice!

  177. Hi Mary,
    Glad to know others out there understand that Christmas STARTS on Christmas. Before that we are in the Advent Season.
    What a beautiful project! Such a generous giveaway. Thank you so much for the chance. I would really enjoy doing this and it would be such a delight to have so much of the work part already done so that you could just start on the fun!
    This year I am going to be concentrating on my thread painting skills. I am using several of Trish Burr’s books and getting projects from them. I am sure I will do some red work towels, and embroider some grandchildren’s clothing also during the year.

  178. In 2015 I will finish a piece I started for my son which was charted from a picture of his horses. I also have all ready to go a wedding sampler for my grandson and his future bride. Of course there are also all those UFO’s I dream of finishing in my stash

  179. This is an absolutely beautiful project. I don’t have anything lined up at the moment but the Breath of Spring is something that I would love to do this coming year. Thank you Mary for all your instruction and inspiration.

  180. This embroidery kit is wonderful, it is so realistic! My embroidery project plans for 2015 are concentrated on baby embroidery for my grandchild! Thank you for this opportunity!

  181. This year I hope to continue learning new stitches and I want to make a series of embroidered bracelet cuffs.

  182. I love needle and threads and have learned almost all of my stitches from this site.I reference back to this site alnost every time i start a project and need stitching guidance. thank you for all the work and effort!

  183. Thanks for your cheerful news letter just what I needed after spending Christmas in hospital (poor me) and today having scans etc. I love this type of work my plans for 2015 is to try and finish outstanding projects but if I win then that would be my new year resolution broken.
    I suppose this is what we make them for.
    Happy New Year to all crafting people all over the world.

  184. I plan on making a crazy quilt wall hanging loaded with raised embroidery stitches and pearls. However, if I won this giveaway, it would be the first project I finish in 2015. Its absolutely gorgeous!

  185. A beautiful, spring-evoking piece!
    My stitching group’s project this coming year is to finish UFOs, which will be a good impetus, because if you declare it, you’d better finish it!
    If I win this piece, I would promise to finish 2 UFOs! We always have several, right!

  186. Mary, I have so many projects on my table; quilting, sewing, embroidery–however I am learning stumpwork right now. It isn’t as easy as some techniques I have learned. My daughter and husband each bought me a stumpwork book, so I have some written guidance. But, I think I need five or six more books because not every book covers everything and some artists have different styles too. I am enjoying the work and learning though. It is only one of many things on my table this year.
    This kit you have done is a lovely project. I appreciate the tips on some of the threads and techniques from your posts. Happy New Year all!!

  187. I have already got some projects coming in 2015 – a goldwork bluebell kit should arrive in February and the first installment of a sampler in mid-January. SO many lovely projects, so little time…

    Despite this, I am planning to finish at least three projects that I started some time ago then put aside for one reason or another. So I am entering 2015 with a plan to finish at least two “older” projects for eah new project I start!

  188. I just began embroidery and have just finished my first piece – another Canevas Folies kit called Mille Fleurs. It was so much fun and I am now completely in love with embroidery. Looking to do much more embroidery ,as well as my normal smocking, knitting, cross stitch. Although the embroidery is so much fun it is bumping away the time for the other things

    Am delighted to have found your blog – it has been so much help in learning to embroider and I thank you very much for sharing your expertise and knowledge. Also thank you for the chance to win a lovely Canevas Folies kit.

    I wish everyone a Very Healthy, Happy and Productive New Year!

    1. My 2015 projects include Christmas ornaments for the grandchildren and something challenging in a floral for myself. I’m still looking for that “special” project.

  189. I plan to embroider small flowers to use as button covers on a wool vest. I will also continue working on the cross stich project that was supposed to be finished this year. I am making progress! And of course continue to teach needlework, quilting and sewing as people request y help throughout the year. I would really enjoy this beautiful kit. It is through kits like this that I learned to embroider because there is always one stitch or one thread that is new every time I try one of them. Thanks for your offering and Happy New Year to you as well!

  190. Happy New Year, Mary.

    For 2015 I have a butterfly quilt piece to do for a friend. I am trying to get the design of sheep in a pasture, a 1900’s design, from the Dakota County (Minnesota) Historical Society to embroider. Sheep are my favorite pets from growing up on the farm.

    The Breath of Spring kit reminds me of a pillow my mother-in-law designed and embroidered on homespun from her family. One of my projects is to frame this. I would enjoy adding the Breath of Spring kit to my embroidery projects for this year.

    Thank you for your column.

  191. I don’t have any embroidery projects lined up yet for 2015. I have 4 aroma therapy rice bags to sew and a tee shirt quilt to do but no embroidery. I would so love to do “Breath of Spring”. It is beautiful! I did a crewel forest scene with a chipmunk in it many years ago which this reminds me of.
    Thank you, Mary for all you do.

  192. Mary: another fabulous giveaway, thank you! That piece would be a wonderful accompaniment for a piece by Margaret VantErve that I just finished, all of spring flowers.
    My plans for 2015 include finishing the Mission Rose (almost done-just working on the outer frame now!) Then another gold work project, & 2 projects from Trish Burr that I downloaded the patterns for during her recent sale…should keep me out of trouble!
    Thanks again for this opportunity, & your wonderful site.

  193. My embroidery plans for 2015!?
    Well, I’m going to tackle a large project like your “Breath of Spring” with all the beautiful embroidery tools I have recently gathered. I’ve always stitched stuff but I now will add to my vocabulary and stitch repertoire!! Your site has become my go to spot for all things learning. I am so excited : )

    Right now I am making samplers on linen from Erica Wilson’s Embroidery Book. Using different thread weights with a single stitch type is awesome.

  194. I’ve always loved that project! In 2015 I plan to work more on an ongoing crazy quilt project which uses all kinds on embroidery stitches and techniques.

  195. My hope in 2015 is to get my embroidery mojo back. I’ve completely lost my interest and need to kick my butt into gear and find it again. (The issue is an injury that prevents me from sitting for long periods due to pain.) Presently I’m chugging away at the Blackwork Journey which is looking fabulous!

  196. Still Holiday busy with children and grandchildren here from out of State and one by one heading back to their homes. During the in-between quiet times my mind keeps wandering to what I will finish and what will be the new projects. Needle n’ Thread keeps ideas fresh and alive.

    Come January I definitely will begin dreaming and planning my gardens and the winter birds now eating at our feeders will carefully be watched for spring replacements. Here in Michigan the winters do go on outside but inside the dreams of Spring are much earlier.

    Thank you for another possibility for a super “Spring Boost.”

  197. I tend to think Spring is just around the corner as well after the 1st! I’m a cross stitcher and just learning to embroider so I don’t have a project planned yet. Breath of Spring will definitely be on my list.

  198. Mary, Thanks for the chance to win this gorgeous embroidery kit! My plans for embroidery this coming year include finishing two projects meant to be done by Christmas 2014. Both are counted cross stitch. I have a biscornu in black work to also wrap up. But I would love to be stitching spring…I am already weary of grey days…

  199. What a gorgeous design. I’ve just gotten back into embroidery…I’m 80 & did crewel years ago and am now finishing a crazy quilt wall hanging. I taught a class to a group of miniaturists in Sept. making a mini crazy quilt which was fun. Your site is my favorite go-to as I’m having a ball learning those complicated and new to me stitches. Happy New Year and keep your blog coming! & thank you for the contest!

  200. I will do some embroideries on my Harry Potter Bookcase quilt. I will embroiderer the name of each book in the bookcase. It’s my goal for 2015 for now.

  201. I’m hoping that 2015 will bring FINISHES! I have several projects that need a finish date on them.. I began a lovely little sweet bag several years ago that needs to be completed and a spot sampler with needle weaving that also needs to be completed. If I get those two done I feel as though I will have accomplished much!!! Thank you for the ‘opportunity’ to add to my stash. 😉 Jan Blevins

  202. I have a wool Noah’s ark crazy quilt ready to stitch and a spring table mat waiting to be started.

  203. I’m hoping to get back to making progress on a cross stitch kit I purchased for a friend whom is trying to have a baby. I hope to have the birth announcement finished in time for her to actually be pregnant and then will only have to add the name they choose and the date of birth.
    I also purchased a Dimensions Gold kit that I had my eye on for some time, I would like to pull that out and begin working on it too…
    Both are cross stitch projects but I’ve been itching on an idea since I got the Trish Burr book: Needle Painting Embroidery. I’ve been longing to work some of those patterns, looking through the book is so tempting.

  204. That’s Beautiful!
    What are your embroidery project plans for 2015? Do you have any projects lined up yet?

    I recently got back into embroidery and have a small piece in progress for a friend, and several similar pieces in mind for others. I am in a medieval re-creation group, and I want to create my friends’ heraldry, basically as patches that they could sew onto various items like tote bags.

    Your site has been an amazing resource as I delve back into this side of needlework – I’ve been knitting and crocheting for nearly 20 years, but I did some embroidery before that.

  205. Breath of spring looks like a fun project to do. I am looking forward to finishing some of my larger projects that are nearly completed and working on some wool embroidery.

  206. New Years Resolution…to delegate times to my projects…ofcouse not enough to stop my “flow”…projects include dreamcatcher, cross-stitched robot for my 4 year old, and felt mug warmer…would love to add a beautiful crewel kit to my endeavors…Thanks!

  207. So so pretty and fine.
    Was going to try my hand at crewel work (I have a book by Katherine Shaughnessy all lined up and ready to go)

  208. Hi Mary,
    Merry Christmas to you and yours and best wishes for a wonderful New Year.
    This is a beautiful gift to start the new year with – after the 3 other projects that are in the works are done.
    Best regards,

  209. OOOOH, what a lovely kit. I am just finishing a project, and have been looking for something new to stitch. This would be a perfect project for winter. Thank you Mary, for the opportunity.
    Linda R.

  210. I so love this site! I spent last year refreshing my stitching skills on samplers, and this year, am ready for a real project! Since I am re-entering after many years without stitching, I plan to complete a kit with variety, not to advanced, and beautiful- like the one offered today! Thank you for your hard, and creative work on this wonderful blog!

  211. A gorgeous project!

    I always have a lot of unfinished items to work on. I plan to finish several cross stitch designs I started for gifts – especially the ones for my Mom who was recently widowed. I also have Huck weaving towels and flour sack towels for embroidery (some started already, others not) and embellishments to add to some tote bags gifts that is want to either cross stitch or embroider. I also have several Swedish weaving projects I want to do…not really embroidery, but still needlework.

    I expect at least some of those will be on next year’s list too. I am always too ambitious.

  212. the project is just beautiful would love to do it
    there is a Christmas wreath that is on the list as well as a quilt that has a lot of embroidery embellishments on it and the crazy quilt block border.

  213. Hi, i have a lot of embroidery projects for the new year, one of these is a field of poppies on a green linen cloth That will be gorgeous once is finished. I thougth That maybe something with spring would be great to embroider , i love seasons.Happy New year to all!!!

  214. Such a lovely project!
    My plans are to finished up the projects I have left over from this year: my sampler SAL, some small cross-stitch pieces and one Chatelaine.

  215. This a beautiful piece. I would love to do this. I think that The French Needle has some beautiful kits.

  216. Wonderful projects; great ideas and suggestions and reminders – that’s why I am so glad I added you to my contacts. Finally 2015 is my year to complete the many projects I have started or started in my mind. I will be cross stitching/ embroidering aprons and bread cloths and pillow cases for my daughters, friends and grandchildren, respectively. I am excited to get started and knowing me— I have scheduled cross stitch time on my calendar so I take time to do what I love doing. Breath of Spring looks so perfect for me or really anyone who loves making beautiful projects. Thank you, Dianne

  217. What a gorgeous project! I would love to stitch it.

    I have quite a few things planned for 2015: I want to stitch Teresa Wentzler’s Peacock Tapestry, Trish Burr’s Moonlit Owl and finish Mirabilia’s Venetian Opulence.

  218. Found your website and have just been absorbing every word. I’m new to embroidery, haven’t started my first project yet, but the website is so educational and I am learning and admiring so much. Would love to win this! Thank you for offering it to your readers.

  219. My plans for 2015 include finishing the “Secret Garden Project.” I have just a few flowers left on the top of the image to embroider (all of the stems, leaves, and most of the flowers are completed)…plus I need to do the two hummingbirds. I have really enjoyed the challenge of this project…and being able to read and re-read Mary’s instructions on this website is sooooo helpful!

    After completing the “Secret Garden Project” I would like to challenge myself to another project…and this “Breath of Spring” would be terrific.

    Happy New Year to everyone!

  220. It is cold this morning. Gray, gloomy and a little depressing. But when I turn on my computer up pops this wonderful image of your cheerful blog and the “Breath of Spring!” What a delightful project to work on during the cold, rainy days winter.

    For 2015 my goals are to tidy and organize my lace/needlework room. I’d love to take out the old carpet and put in a laminate, put perhaps 2015 will be for planning that project and 2016 will be the year to actually do it.

    I also want to finish a few projects of the unfinished projects. The ones I really want to finish are — a small youghal lace sampler, and pair of parrots in needlelace that I started years ago. I’ll go through the others and decide if I really want to finish them or let them go.

    Inspired by your fun and colorful Christmas ornament, I’ve also made a decision to start EARLY in 2015 on small embroidered Christmas gifts (ornaments, fobs, needlebooks, etc.) for friends and family.

  221. It is always exciting to open your newsletter for I always find and/or learn something of interest. Today was no exception with seeing the project “Breath of Spring”. My plans for stitching in the new year is to complete as many as possible of projects already started but to keep it from getting dull, to add a new piece from time to time. “Breath of Spring” would certainly be one that would ‘fill the bill’, I would love to stitch.

  222. Happy New Mary!
    This project is stunning and inspiring.
    I am an herbalist and just got back into embroidery last year when my daughter got married. I was working on a quilt for her, now I’m really into embroidering everything botannical. This design really speaks to me come up the grasshopper really stoled the show.
    I could not have made it through this last year without your instructional videos and your wisdom. Thanks so much for inspiring us!

  223. I would love to needlepoint a piano bench cushion for my church, but have to come up with a pattern, so until I do I would like to do some small embroidery projects with lots of different stitches. I need the practice!!

  224. Have not planned any projects yet for 2015. Trying to finish sock knitting before planning anything else. I sure could use “a breath of spring” to start off the new year.

  225. You have inspired me to continue with embroidery. I was stuck, I thought that I wasn’t creative. No voice, no incentive, no will to create. But in looking at the beautiful art that you have created with only thread, it has given me a new yearning to create again. Thank you
    Theri burke

  226. My embroidery plans for 2015? I’d finally like to “start” a cross stitch project I tried to do 2 years ago. It’s a Design Works kit designed by Joan Elliott called “Nameste”, which is a respectful Indian salutation that means “I bow to the Divine in you”. It has a lot of Indian designs and symbols on it like a peacock (success and immortality), a lotus flower (purity and divinity), pomegranates (prosperity), royal elephants (wisdom, knowledge and power) and the ever present “paisley” design that means (life and eternity). It has the message “Enter in Friendship, Go in Peace” and has a space for adding the family name. I plan to put it in the foyer near the front door….when I get it done and framed up.
    But I’ve also got a new grand nephew due at the end of March, which means a christening gown or romper to put together and embroider some symbols on… and another beaded wedding mantilla to put together for a niece’s wedding in June (I’ve already done 3 of them in the past 3 years…it’s like embroidering with beads), so I don’t know when “Nameste” will get finished…. life has a way of inserting itself in the best laid plans….
    Tess Chatham

  227. As winter’s winds begin to howl in earnest and snow swirls around the house this morning, I opened this morning email from you and began to dream of warmer weather. I love the insects and the creative stitches you used to interpret their unique features. Beautiful work!

  228. Mary, Another lovely give-a-way and thank you for that. Also, a very blessed New Year to you and to your family.
    I am planning a wall hanging for my sister of a Geisha done as an applique in all silk fabrics on a black silk ground. As I am having difficulty in finding exactly what I have in mind, I plan to embroider several or all of the fabrics that I have found. Even I am not sure what or how this will be done, but she is anxious to have this and I am anxious to see it finished.

  229. Oh, that project looks so fun! To start 2015, I am going to embroider three pictures for my kitchen. Also, I have three cross-stitch projects lined up and all ready to go! 🙂 I’m a beginner stitcher so I will be learning as I go. Thank you for the giveaway!

  230. Hi Mary,, thank you for all you do. I spent the last six months practicing and learning new stitches. I am ready to start a crewel picture I have had for 32 years. I have switched the yarns out for new yarns and been adding all kinds of fun ones so that I will have plenty of choices. I would love to have this welcome to spring. I also hope for 2015 to get my Secret Garden started, bought the book and dream of it. I also want to get the monogram letters you have designed done for each of my girls (9) done by Christmas. I hope to inspire each of them to learn. Busy year for me I guess. Happy and creative 2015 to all!

  231. I have already created my needlework to do list for 2015. It may appear overly ambitious however, we cruise for an extended time and my fingers get itchy. I love flowers, bugs and animals and thoroughly enjoy bringing them to life with needle and thread. My projects include 1 needlepoint project, 1 counted cross stitch kit, 2 Brazilian embroidery pillow tops, 2 beaded animal skin looking wrist cuffs and many Christmas ornaments. I am always inspired by your work and continue to strive to achieve the beauty you bring to clothe and thread.

  232. Hello, I like the thought of a “springy” project no matter the time of year. To keep me going through the dark months, I´m doing the peacock out of the “secret garden” book, that you recomended earlier. After that I´m planning a church-kneeler for a friend of mine who will be ordained to be priest in the summer, featuring the four evangelists. Following that I´ll probably need something fun and silly, so I´m thinking of “iron-man” placemats for my husband… but, I shall see this time next year how much of it came true.:)

  233. Looks wonderful. I am a beginning stitcher with many aspirations. I,too, long for spring and think this will be the right project to get me on my way
    getting me thru winter. I love your site with all the wonderful ideas & knowledge in it. It really inspires me.

  234. My fingers are itching to get a hold of this kit.

    My needlework goals for 2015 are to complete at least six simple embroidered tea towels, and to move my working knowledge beyond stem stitch.

    The tea towels are always done as outline embroidery in stem stitch, because that’s what Grandma did, and it’s what the rest of the family expects. 🙂

  235. My goal for 2015 is to finish more projects than I start! With any luck I will be able to whittle away at my ufo’s!
    I definitely plan to finish a hemstitched pillowcase and a couple of embroidered baby dresses.

  236. I have a needle box that is in the planning stages and a quilt top I am embroidering right now. I live in Southern Alabama and we have been run the AC the last few days. I actually have some Confedarate Rose brushes that are showing new growth on the limbs. Would you like me to send you some Mary?:) Thanks for give away! And Happy New Year!

  237. I need to design one more embroidery block for a quilt I started years ago.
    So far I have 11 done with one of them being my own creation.
    The rest were part of the pattern. Then I also have some red work to finish up
    Hopefully 2015 will see me get those done.

    Happy new year and blessings.

  238. Plans & goals for 2015? finish a Trish Burr Whitework and a Tanya Berlin Blackwork (Chickadee). A major goal is to gain confidence with surface embroidery. Particulary Long & short stitch so I can tackle Needle Painting.

    Thanks for the give-a-way chance.
    Doreen from Maine

  239. Such a refreshing design of Nature it would be a pleasure to stitch. Thank you for the opportunity to enter such a give away.

  240. I use embroidery stitches to embellish my art quilts. I love your blog and learning new stitches. You have great ideas. Kits are a great way to learn new stitches.

  241. A sampler that has 24 3″ squares. I don’t usually have much time to embroide. So projects take way too long. Each square is a complete mini-embroidery about the stitch I am practicing. Tne name of the stitch and picture in each box, ie: overcast is a cloudy day. The fabric is ready with running stitches dividing the boxes, & 3 designs planned. I have 24 opportunities to practice designing, transfering, and to practice embroidering stitches! I can pick it up, and put it aside as needed and still complete something!

  242. Oh wow—I would LOVE to win this give away! What a wonderful kit.
    My big projedt for 2015 is “His Eye is on the Sparrow”. I will be starting it on Jan. 1 along with a couple other stitching friends.
    I plan to finish BBD Anniversaries of the Heart–I stitched it 2 years ago but have not personalized it. It is such a pretty stitch. Too many other projects got in the ay last year so this year it gets done!!!!!
    Again thanks for the wonderful give away!

  243. To be honest, my main embroidery aim for the next year is to just get going again! The last two months have been virtually stitch-free and I really need to get my umph back from wherever it’s head off to and get it working for me again! LOL!!

    I’d like to finish the 2 projects I have on hand and try out some more thread painting, I think. Not sure beyond that at the mo. Unusually for me, I haven’t really thought it through yet!

  244. I must try to complete my current project (summer flowers) in the hope that I will win this giveaway.
    Since the odds are so great against my winning and I have never won anything -anywhere – I’d better start saving. This one is too lovely to pass up!

  245. Oh, my, my projects for next year! One perennial goal is to work on my UFOs! I have Tanya Berlin’s Love Birds sitting in my frame staring at me across the room and That Darn Canary leaning on the other wall. I do plan on one or two EGA group correspondence courses, too. There is a crazy quilt bag and stocking also calling my name. That’s only in one pile too!

  246. Projects for 2015,2016,2017 and to infinity and beyond. What embroiderer doesn’t have projects lined up? One major project is a crewel valance for a double window in my guest room. And there’s a Christmas stocking needlepoint that is waiting to be completed but started 7 years ago!…does this sound familiar? But there is always room for one more project and Breath of Spring would be a breath of fresh air during these dreary winter months!thank you for these opportunity “give away” kits. Happy New Year!!
    Carolyn, Freehold

  247. tanti auguri, Mary
    grazie per i tuoi consigli e per tenere viva questa attività con sempre nuovi stimoli. Io ricamo da poco e i tuoi consigli mi sono sempre stati di aiuto nei miei lavoretti. I tuoi video e le tue foto sono sempre chiari e precisi, sei una vera insegnante. Il mio progetto per il 2015 è ricamare un foulard di kashimire con della lana, sarei anche felice di vedere degli esempi e dei conigli sul ricamo in lana, di nuovo tanti auguri a tutti

  248. In 2015 I am going to continue working on a beautiful embroidery project that contains blocks with “edible” insects of Australia. It was designed for a 201 stitchery class I am taking at my local quilt shop, Dawn’s Quilt Shop in Alexandria MN. The instructor, Jean Back, designed the patterns and they are all being done in wool. I Love stitching. Thanks for the opportunity to win your gorgeous project. I’d love to stitch it.

  249. I don’t have any plans for any embroidery as of yet, but would love to start with something that looks like as much fun as the spring project.

  250. What are your embroidery project plans for 2015? Do you have any projects lined up yet?

    I want to finish a table runner with cross stitched summer flowers that has sat untouched for a few years; it’s a beautiful Eva Rosenstand kit. This is the only definitely planned project of those on this list.

    I want to make blackwork cuffs or perhaps a collar or just a band to outline the neckline of a blouse for myself.

    I also want to embroider my initials in the corners of each of the 12 white cotton hemstitched napkins I received as a Christmas gift. I think I might use a different design for each napkin, but embroider them all in white on white. I haven’t completely decided yet.

    I would love to embroider some tea towels with some simple food-themed designs like herbs, spices, loaves of bread, fruits, etc.

    I’d also like to embroider some pillowcases with a design taken from the Art Nouveau mirror I have standing in the corner of my bedroom. The design of the wood is hibiscus flowers with vines and leaves.

  251. I don’t have any specific projects in mind for 2015, but I do have a number of kits (mostly cross-stitch) that I need to work on. I’m trying not to buy anything new until I finish some of the things in my stash. Of course winning something doesn’t count :).

  252. I love the Breath of Spring piece, it’s so bright & colorful! I think I have TNTC projects planned for 2015(too numerous to count)I usually do mostly counted thread, but I’ve taken some online stumpwork classes & plan to do so again this year. Also want to do some Gayann Rogers needlepoint pieces. My New Year’s start is the Sailor’s Ditty Box by Moss Creek Designs, which I started a little early a couple weeks ago. If I’m lucky enough to win the Breath of Spring though,I’m sure I could fit it in my rotation somewhere!
    Thanks Mary, fo such a wonderful informative website & chance to win these great prizes!

    Julie H

  253. I love the thought, always have, of doing a spring themed project during the winter months, regardless of where I am on the planet. Winter is winter, even when the weather is warm. It’s a sense of time to me. Plans for this coming year are to finish up a couple of old projects that got shoved into a box when I moved a couple of years ago and have recently re-found…but to do something special like this would be a wonderful thing, especially if it takes a while to complete. If that’s the case then Summer won’t seem so hot!

  254. Funny you should draw our attention to this particular piece of embroidery, as I was viewing it on your website just yesterday, and thinking it was just the thing to help pass a dreary winter.

    For 2015 I am planning to design a Christmas stocking for my youngest grandson in cross stitch. On top of that, I have two ongoing guild projects and will also have some exciting seminar projects to finish after May.

  255. I hope to explore silk threads and surface embroidery in 2015. I have some ideas but the Breath of Spring kit would be a great project to do!
    Thanks for the endless useful information. Keep up the good work!

  256. A pre-printed pattern on linen! What a delight!!! My 2015 embroidery goal centers on creating a studio withing my home to which I can retreat frequently and regularly!

  257. I would love to win this! I love to do hand embroidery, Needlepoint, and beading. I have several projects planned for 2015. I’m doing a couple of the projects out of Hazel Blomkamp’s books Cruel Intentions and Cruel Twists. And I have two embroidered handbag projects I want to finish. I am also taking part in the CQJP 2015.

  258. I don’t have any projects lined up, but I do have a goal. I want to push myself out of my comfort zone and learn new stitches and use them! I have been inspired by your blog to do more!

  259. I saw your embroidery project and thought what a lovely way to improve my skills. The insects really caught my attention. Thanks for sharing. I want to finish “Olivia’s Garden Quilt” it is a cross stitch piece. Happy New Year!

  260. A group of embroiderers in The National Trail Stitchers, a local chapter of Embroiderers’ Guild of America, is embarking on the adventure of sitiching Herbier, a delightful kit from Canevas Folies obtained through the French Needle. Like gardeners with seed catalogs, we perused the websites for our choices. The French Needle did an excellent job of helping us with the group order, and we are looking forward to Gardening in Winter!
    Thanks go to you, Mary, for bringing these kits to our attention some time age, and to Canevas Folies and The French Needle for their contribution.

  261. WOW!! Could use a Breath of Spring here in Buffalo Ny! ❄️❄️❄️❄️⛄️❄️❄️
    Lol so so pretty!!!
    Hope I win!!

  262. New to your site and wanting to pick up where I left off 50 years ago. Embroidery is the most relaxing hobby to have. Working with this pattern will raise my spirits to enable the smells of summer to drift into my memory of long ago when I sat with my grandmother on her back porch and stitched away the afternoon. A wonderful tribute to her memory is a worthy project for my 2015 embroidery year.

  263. I would love to have this project in my 2015 “to stitch” bag along with the 3 goldwork projects, the crewel kit and the 3 Trish Burr S.African birds that are already in residence.

  264. Boy, would I love a Breath of Spring!! Literally and figuratively. I do have a long, ongoing list of projects — from 2015 forward. I have a firescreen designed w/ the 4 seasons in a Liberty Style — crewel project. I have two more needlebooks on the drawing board — x-stitch project. I have some white linen that needs to become a linen shirt ala 16th century — blackwork project. And then there is that casket design that needs to be started — silk, gold, and stumpwork. Yeah, I am kinda “booked”!! I’ll get back to you next year and let you know how it went!! haha!

  265. What a beautiful kit!

    My major projects for 2015 will be two challah covers, one for me and my husband and one for my cousin, who is getting married. One will definitely be a mixture of blackwork and surface work; I’m still working on my plans for the second.

  266. What a beautiful gift you got!
    I plan to be much more active in my stitching – which became neglected this year. I will probably keep small projects besides my current masterpiece (a cross stitch kit featuring parrot tulips) and will use your 15 minutes stitching plan too…

  267. I’m going to cross-stitch some fairy for my daughter (I promised)- I just have to buy some beads and Kreinik threads and start.

  268. Thanks for the Giveaway.

    I’m planning on learning some hardanger. My one sister and I discussed what to do with our mother’s charm bracelet when she eventually dies. We decided to take the charms off so that the 4 of us get the charms that pertain to our lives. I so I’m creating ornaments to highlight each of the charms.

  269. what a lovely project. My plans for 2015 are to reduce my UFOs by half using stash. I made the same resolution for 2014 and almost accomplished it, so have high hopes for this year. I am slowly workings through projects from courses and really want to get them finished some can use my newly learnt techniques on my own design.

    Thank you, Canevas Folies and The French Needle for such a great give-away.

  270. I’m getting so organized for 2015 AND for the dreariness of January and February! I’m planning to work on Mary Hurst with the Scarlet Letter blog, Mary Alsop’s purse from my trip to Winterthur in October and would love to work on this project as I need something crewel to round out my selections! This will be my first winter in retirement and I’m excited about all the stitching I hope to accomplish!!! Happy New Year!

  271. Oh Mary,Breath of Spring what a delight. I’m a fairly new embroiderer but doing quite well. I love this embroidery with it’s airy, bright feel, filled with all my favourite garden insects and not a spider in sight!
    Not only Breath of Spring but Sigh of Relief to be spoiled and have a kit with the pattern beautifully stamped on already, what a treat.
    Your site is such and inspiration and treasure trove of learning for me.

  272. Thanks so much for the chance to win the “Breath of Spring” embroidery kit. I love the detail…and the bugs! The embroidery projects I have lined up already for 2015 include an embroidery kit from Hazel Blomkamp (your review of her book Crewel Intentions got me salivating) and a wedding anniversary pillow for some newly weds in the family. I’m searching for the right monograms and design for that one. I also want to do a crewel project…maybe with a Christmas theme while the weather is still frosty. There are so many possibilities out there it’s hard to pick which to do first. Can’t wait to get the Christmas stuff packed away so I can get started.

  273. What a beautiful embroidery to bring us into Spring from the cold wet winter. I am moving house in the next month – so I hope to start on some projects for my walls.

  274. New to your site and wanting to pick up where I left off many years ago. This project will bring back memories of embrodering with my grandmother on the back porch as we took in the smells of Sumner. This is a worthy project to leave to my daughter as she begins to learn of the joys of engendering.

  275. Happy holidays to you, Mary!
    My plans for 2015 are to organize my craft room, especially my embroidery supplies. Right now it is such a mess that I don’t feel creative, and I miss it!
    This project is beautiful! Thanks for the opportunity to win such an awesome kit.

  276. For 2015 I am planning do a 17th century sampler and also do an applique pillow and hopefully try and finish a few of my UFO’s.

    Happy Stitching

  277. Hi Mary,
    Thank you for organising such a great give away. My goals for this year, besides aiming to finish a few UFO’s is to embroider a sampler picture using as many different stitches as possible in what will hopefully be a reasonably tasteful manner. I was thinking of a floral design, and this project may just fit the design requirement. Thank you for providing the Inspiration Issue reference. I am off to look it up.
    Happy New Year.

  278. Happy New Year Mary!

    My 2015 embroidery plan is simple – finish my projects! When they are completed, I want to start embroidering a table cover – a large undertaking – but it has been in my closet for years and it is about time I work on it.

    The spring time kit is beautiful – I like all the different stitches (I plan to use that idea my the table cover project).

    Thanks for another great give-away!

  279. Mary, I would love yo win the Brearh of Spring Embroidery kit.
    My embroidery plans for 2015 are to make a Crazy Quilt table runner for my porch table. But instead of fancy fabrics , I’ll use more cottons and other washable fabrics.perhaps some from my quilting fabric stash. Every piece would need embroidery and embellishment . My favorites would be birds and flowers. Also animals. I would use your stitch patterns .

  280. oooooooo I have had a similar kit on my christmas list for a long time….the french needle is such a yummy site.
    thanks French Needle and Needle n thread for this chance!!
    wooo hooooo
    rrregena at aol dot com

  281. My plan for 2015 is to learn more about thread painting if possible. I love to learn new ways of stitching different kinds of embroidery stitches. I also have a big cross-stitch design to work on. (Gecko Madness) by lori schory. Very complex designs! Thank you for the wonderful opportunity to win the give-away!

  282. I have an owl to finish for a friend, but otherwise no other embroidery projects planned so far – I would love to create this one! It is so beautiful and there are so many opportunities for creative stitches!

    Thanks for this opportunity, and happy new year!

  283. This project reminds me of the magical times when I was young sitting in fields filled with all this beauty. I would sit for hours, warm sun on my face, and just watch nature do it’s charm. Thanks for the chance to win this project!
    My project forecast for 2015, spirit willing and the creek don’t rise… to start and finish CQJP 2015, making my own trims and embellishments for the CQ blocks with different techniques such as tambour, SRE, stumpwork and my beetle wings (that you introduced to us 🙂
    Thanks again Mary!

  284. Thanks for the giveaway. This is a lovely project I would enjoy working on.
    Hopefully I can finish uncompleted project at the beginning of 2015.

  285. I am going to be participating in a Crazy Quilt Journal Project. I have not embroidered in years and hope this will ease me back into it while I use up a bit of my quilting fabric scraps and other things. Thank you for your wonderful website and this giveaway.

  286. Wow!! What fun this kit would be to stitch. I do have several projects in mind to do in 2015. So far I have 3 different smaller projects in Stumpwork lined up to stitch and plan to try my hand at White Work this coming year.

    If I am (hoping I am) the winner of this wonderful kit, I know that I will find time to do this stitchery project as well.

    Thanks for all the encouragement you give us to continue stitching in addition to all the wonderful information on technique that you provide.

    Have a blessed New Year.

    Gay S

  287. My first embroidery plan for 2015 is to design and stitch a Dalarna style mittens (think Dala horse– with bright reds, blue, yellow, white colors–very floral designs). The mittens will be made out of a natural grey wool fabric and will eventually be lined with fleece. I will use a two-ply wool embroidery thread for the decorations. Up here in Minnesota we are out in the cold a lot during the Winter and I am hoping the mittens will be bright and cheery as well as warm.

    After that project I really don’t have anything planned yet. I would love a chance to stitch this lovely kit though. Thank you as always for your wonderful site Mary.


  288. It’s a lovely giveaway and a great winter project. Perhaps it’s just the project for me to get really into specialty embroidery stitches. I love being guided through new projects with no big decisions to make, just detailed guidance all along the way. Thank you for the chance to win and best wishes for a great New Year!

  289. I love stitching flowers/plants and it would lovely to have this kit. I selected a drawing from “Secret Garden: An Inky Treasure Hunt and Coloring Book” by Johanna Basford and I am going to embroider it in 2015.
    Your project inspired me to select a picture from this book.
    Best, Halina from NJ

  290. Mary, Thank you for the beautiful spring project. Right before another Polar Vortex hits this week BURR!
    You are so right spring is just around the corner.
    My 2015 is going to be “mostly?” projects I wanted to do but always got side tracked from. I think I will pull out the wildflowers first to prepare for spring.
    I love wildflowers growing in meadows. I just love your piece with movement and the insects, so peaceful.
    Stay warm

  291. Beautiful project! I have the same problem with thinking spring should be here after the holidays.
    What I have planned for 2015 is to try tambour embroidery and gain at least some small level of proficiency in it. I have the equipment, but have been waiting until January to get started. After, or maybe along with that I would like to do some whitework embroidery on a petticoat for wear at the living history museum I work for. I am so thankful to have found Needle & Thread to teach me what I need to know in so many areas of embroidery!

  292. What a neat kit Breath of Spring is, I would love to win it! 🙂 I have several projects in the works for 2015. One is a cross stitch project with the four seasons in each quadrant and the words, To Everything There is a Season, in the middle. I also plan to work on some cross stitch Christmas presents as well as some ribbon embroidery Christmas ornaments. I made a few felt ornaments this year and my daughter and grand daughters worked on folded ribbon ornaments as well. I have been busy making felt animals of all kinds with pretty embroidery on the bodies to give to my grand daughters as gifts this next year. I’m hoping to get those done by birthdays but they may end up being Christmas presents. I tend to underestimate how long the projects will take me. lol Love your sight and all of your tips and tricks. ~Gin K.~

  293. It’s a lovely giveaway and a great winter project. Perhaps it’s just the project for me to get really into specialty embroidery stitches. I love being guided through new projects with no big decisions to make, just detailed guidance all along the way. Thank you for the chance to win and best wishes for a great New Year!

    P.S. I think I missed a step. I’m well in to a Just Nan project called Gingerbread Garden Cube and Mouse. Stitching done but assembly still required.

  294. Happy holidays,Mary! Every year my plans include finishing my projects. Ha! That never happens! So my stitching plans include sharing some unfinished projects with folks who might like them and actually finish them, then I will focus on the ones I absolutely love. And, I would love this one! I hope you have a wonderful New Years! Thanks for your daily dose of inspiration!

  295. This is beautiful! My plans are continue working on the Inspirations Home Sweet Home project and work up several Sue Hawkins kits. I love that I can use the same stitches that you used in many of my projects.

  296. What a beautiful kit! This year I plan to finish a quilt that I’m embroidering. I’ve done blocks with red work to incorporate into the quilt. Hope it will look nice!

  297. I am working on a project of Blue Jean Teddy Bear. Doing a 3-D embroidery on this project. Also regular embroidery on it. This will be a wall hang for my niece who just had a little boy, her first child.

  298. hi thanks for the give away. just purchased crewel twists and crewel intentions from hazel blomkamp. also purchased the preprinted linen for bountiful season and a sherry for jack. cannot wait for it to arrive. i am also working on berlin embroidery jacobean tree with bird. these three projects will keep me going for a while. after this i plan on being brave and will try for the first time to transfer a pattern onto linen one from hazel blomkamp books.

  299. Hi!

    My embroidery plans for 2015 onclude doing some functional pieces. I’m thinking about embroidering monographs onto key chains as gifts for my friends. I’d also like to try my hand at embroidering a “big” project: I want to do some Arabic calligraphy to frame. Thr monographs are to practice stitches for that! Finally, I’d like to try and embroider a table cloth, something along the lines of Mary’s Hungarian Redwork project.

    Gosh, that seems like a LOT of embroidery, especially considering work and that I want to take exams! But I love the calming effect of needlework, and I really would like to try my hand at something as beautiful and fun as the spring project!

  300. My embroidery plans for 2015 include, like everyone else, completing (some)of the many UFOs and class projects stashed, as well as develop some new and interesting projects for my EGA chapter to work on. Thank you Mary for all you provide!

  301. I would enjoy spending some time doing that lovely embroidery during our cloudy winter in the Midwest.

    For 2015, I am starting some Christmas projects for the end of the year…I always seem to say that. My granddaughter is getting married in July, hope to do a wedding sampler..

  302. I’m planning on making a felt busy book for my nephew, stump work butterflies for my sister, and a coral reef for my cubicle (I designed and made one for my sister and now need one for myself). 🙂 Oh and some baby bibs for my friend who is due with her first baby in April!
    It’s funny bc I finished all of my holiday sewing and my husband asked what I was going to do now that all of my projects were finished and I had to laugh—there are ALWAYS more projects on list, dear!

  303. A superb prize! For 2015, I intend to finish a Blackwork piece I’m half way through and also have a go at Silk Ribbon Embroidery. But my BIG project is a beaded Bouquet Wrap for my daughters bridal bouquet in October, I’m really nervous about that one! Happy New Year to all embroiderers!

  304. Happy almost new year, y’all!

    This year I’m going to make your cheerful little scissors fob (just started last night), work on a stitch sample book with my crazy quilt guild, and make at least two quilts. I’ll also keep working/playing on crazy quilt projects.


  305. Beautiful project that I would love to stitch! You have given us the tools to do this project through your excellent tutorials and videos. I would like to take this project through step-by-step using your preparation of the work on a frame, your instructions for the stitches, and your instructions for finishing! A complete Needle ‘n Thread project from start to finish!

  306. Mary, Do you ever wish you could pick a winner other than randomly? And would it be someone like Elayne Alexander (89)whose story stirs the heart strings. I hope she succeeds in helping her daughter. I in 2015, I will be continuing to work on the most beautiful and complicated cross stitch and embroidery piece by Martina Weber called The Convent’s Garden. I am never out of needlework to do and never cease to be amazed at the creative people in the field, including yourself ! Thank you.

  307. This beautiful embroidery would carry me through the winter months to come, here in Australia, would also bring back memories of springtime in my childhood village in England, thank you for sharing so much with all like minded sewists worldwide.x

  308. Fantastic project for 2015. I presently have two works in progress going. One is a BOM from my local quilt/needlework shop ( I’m halfway done with the embroidery blocks) and the other is a karen schwalyn project I started in one of her classes. That one is soooo close to being finished. So you see Mary, I really do need another project for 2015.

  309. I plan to stitch on UFOs. I have been “organizing” my craft room and uncovering some lovely UFOs that I am getting all inspired by again. I am also thinking that the less in my room by way of all sorts of UFOs the clearer my thinking for new projects that spin in my head.

  310. Love Breath of Spring kit!! I have a few Gold work pieces I will be working on and I plan on tackling some of the Bayeux Tapestry…hopefully. However, I really want to work on my surface stitching techniques and Breath of Spring will be perfect!!

  311. I don’t have any planned projects for 2015, I do however have a couple that I need to finish.
    I love the caterpillar in this piece!

  312. Thanks to the suggestions of a good friend I have very recently been introduced to the world of embroidery through your website and a local Embroidery Guild. My plans for 2015 include deviating from my usual cross stitching and knitting into embroidery. A beadwork project through our local Guild will have me learning many new stitches.
    Thank you for your website – I have enjoyably spent considerable time over the holidays just browsing, admiring, and dreaming of projects to try. It will be a valuable resource for me!
    Your work is very inspiring. Thanks for the giveaway too!

  313. This beautiful embroidery would carry me through the winter months to come, here in Australia, would also bring back memories of springtime in my childhood village in England, thank you for sharing so much with all like minded sewists worldwide, am going to make a red work sewing box inspired by your post earlier, will design it myself!x

  314. I love your site and your your dedication to teaching about embroidery. I have recently gotten back into crewel work through a colorful kit called Owl Sampler from the 1970s. Found it in the bottom of my mother-in-law’s closet. Vibrant op- arty colors with 8 owls. I made it into a pillow with a forest green velvet back. Gave it to my daughter-in-law and loved it so much found another one on eBay and bought it. This one for my granddaughter. Would love to make a little sAmpler book of forest flora and fauna and a contemporary alphabet sampler.
    Loving my return to embroidery. I am an avid knitter as well.
    Did I see a little project like this a few months ago on your site?

  315. Hi Mary, What a lovely gift. What a lovely project to get us through. I have a Christmas project I’ve had for too many years. This is the year I want it done or I’ll give it to someone I KNOW will get it done. I think I’m scared. I love the piece so much I’m too scared to start. Thanks for being there.

  316. Beautiful project…. One thing I wld like to complete is I bought several linene tea towels from where we visited and want to do some embroidery on them and have them framed … I have started one with Westminster abbey and it is one that you can just keep on stitching.

  317. I have one big project for 2015. I have stitched several cityscapes in silk and metal, and I have Atlanta ready to go.
    I would love to make that two projects!

  318. Gorgeous project, as are so many in Inspirations. Thank you for the opportunity to win.

    Projects for 2015; there are so many! First I’ll be adding chicken scratch embroidery on some simple gingham curtains I’ve just made for under a bench in the kitchen. (Thanks for the inspiration!) I’ll also be making 6 to 12 bookmarks/Christmas ornaments to hide in libraries for people to find next Christmas.

    Beyond that I’ll be following my heart … I’ve got so many gorgeous projects to do that I’ve decided to stitch from stash this year.

  319. I would love to enter this giveaway.

    My stitching plans for this year are:

    1. start and finish Serenity Bay Sampler SAL by By the Bay, this begins in January
    2. start and finish At the Met by Mirabilia , this will be my first project to start on Jan 1st
    3. finish at least 1 WIP/UFO per quarter ( if I set my goal too high I always fail so 4 finished WIP/UFO’s I believe I can do)
    4. learn 1 new technique in embroidery, knitting,crocheting,tatting or sewing this year.
    5. finish the Kaffe Fassett blanket KAL which is over half done for my son, I know this is not embroidery but it requires needles and fiber

  320. Oh joy, a breath of spring… As we have 111 inches of snow so far for the season, a breath of spring would be lovely. I have several projects lined up. First, finishing a kurta (shirt) that I began embroidering last year, then I want to make do a crazy quilt for myself (I have made several that have been for other folks), and working out of the tutorial books I have purchased from your site. There is simply not enough embroidering hours in a day, but I make due a fem minutes at a time after I have graded papers and the like (a special ed teacher at a high school – woo hoo what a lot of fun that is). This is only my 32 year teaching and I still love it.

  321. For 2015 my projects are- UFO’s. I have a few and will consider 2015 a success if I finish one.

    The oldest is about 45 years old. I started a Paragon Sampler Kit when I was about fourteen years old. It had something to do with French Knots.

    The other two are counted cross stitch projects.

    The Spring Kit would definitely put a spring in my step if I didn’t have to do a lot of French Knots.

  322. Lavender Honey little needle book with bees and lavender are definitely on my list of projects for 2015. Your ebook “Lavender Honey” ranks one of the best books – any category! – in my opinion. Best wishes for the upcoming new year! Your instructions are tremendous help to me when I embellish a knitting project, thank you – you help when you don’t even know it!

  323. At the moment my goal is to start that beautiful Christmas ornament that you show us i have printed the pattern .also i am working on some Redwork ornaments that i started before Christmas.

  324. What a pretty project! I like working on flowers in the dead of winter and Christmas in July. Well, I am going to be ambitious this year. I have a counted cross stitch sampler called Scarlet Ribands. It is a large quaker style sampler in which I have chosen 15 colors to complete the designs. I am also going to work on a piece from Christine Barrani called Sassy Cat. I love counted cross stitch, but I am ready for a project to brush up on my embroidery skills. This one looks like a beautiful kit. Thanks Mary for bringing another lovely project to our attention. Happy New Years everyone and Happy Stitching!

  325. What a beautiful kit and it would be such a thrill to win! I have recently become passionate about crazy quilting so my future embroidery projects for the new year will be working on crazy quilt blocks with ribbon embroidery involved also. Happy New Year!

  326. My projects for 2015 are mostly unfinished or in my mind to do. I would like to do an imaginary dinosaur embroidery with dinosaurs in bright colours and embroidered with all sorts of embroidery stitches- no plain ones for me or them. I would also like to finish a canvaswork embroidery and embroider another abstract piece with sorbello stitch.
    Thanks again for a wonderful year of emails- I really look forward to them.

  327. 2015, oh the possibilities! I splurged and sent for several of Hazel Blomkamps
    Beautiful kits. I have her crewel twists book, so was all set. naturally I had to
    Start right away, and have had such fun using all the beads with crewel.
    So, my aim for 2015 is to finish several projects I have underway and at least
    One of my new crewel kits. I will try and use up some of my stash and of course
    Accumulate some new. Happy stitching year to all. I love the kit of the
    Meadow and would be so tickled if I were to win it. Regards, Sue in Bermuda

  328. I love the thistle and queen anne’s lace. Reminds me of home 🙂 I want to work on blackwork in the new year – learning to use filler stitches in shading of faces, etc.

  329. I would so love to win one of these , I am home bound with granddaughters and really enjoy and follow your emails I get love the designs and this gives me an outlet to do . So please put me in running for chance to win this kit

    Thank you

    Sharon Tatarek

  330. I love this project!

    In 2015 I plan to finish a Brazilian embroidery EGA group correspondence course project and a silk ribbon embroidery piece I started at Beating Around the Bush in 2012. My first new project will be a smocked dress for my three year old granddaughter.

  331. This year I plan on reproducing an antique table linen and napkin set that came down in my husband’s family in Ireland. It was executed by the maids and it is beautifully done. Stitches are so even and absolutely uniform.

  332. I plan on finishing a few small projects in January and then concentrate on perfecting my stitches-I hope to end the year no longer feeling like a beginner stitcher!

  333. My embroidery project for the next year is to finish a crazy quilted with applique project started way to long ago to remember. I have all the block backgrounds hand dyed and the corner pieces crazy quilted just not all embellished. I even have two of the blocks appliqued. Just 11 more to go and 50 corners to finish embellishing. Doable, yes? Well I think so since I have a year. We will let you know. So, one more project should not interfere with the plan.

  334. Hello Mary,
    I recently discovered Needle and Thread and I am totally loving it. Thank you so much for the fabulously clear instructional videos. I am relatively new to embroidery and your videos have been such a gift!

    As for new projects: I purchased “Herbier” from the French Needle and worked on it a bit before Christmas but then became involved in embroidered ornaments to give as gifts so Herbier was set aside for awhile. I’ll be getting back to that project in the new year as well as working on a piece I’ve created for my son and his wife to commemorate their marriage last July.
    Thank you for your enthusiasm and inspiration.

  335. I look forward to your inspirations and lovely embroidery projects. AND, I too feel winter should be over by the end of January at the least. My current embroidery project is the Berties applique year. I am not going by the pattern for embellishment but rather am trying out different stitches and threads. Have a great New Year.

  336. Projects for the New Year – there are so many I don’t think I can list them all. First I have to get to work on Tricia Nguyen’s gold sampler. I started it,then ripped it out. Then I will be doing a stump work course with the Shining Needle Society, a goldfinch and I think a bluebird scissors case and pin cushion. Then I have to finally do the design for my casket (again Tricia Nguyen).I also have 2 projects that are near completion – lace mosaic and a cross stitch cat picture.After that there are a bunch of UFO’s sitting and waiting for me to get back to them.
    But, this project is so spring liks I know it will raise my spirits just looking at it.

  337. Plans? Many! Will I achieve them all? Stay tuned. But this kit looks delightful and has lots of beautiful stitches. As Program Chair for 2 of my EGA chapters, it would be a great inspiration to all of us. And I have never worked a piece without learning something new – so there’s adventure!
    Thanks for offering it.

  338. I am finishing up a crazy quilt square, and going to work on some irises for my daughter. And looking forward to going over last blogs, learning more stitches, and checkig out more freebie patterns from Mary!

  339. 2015 has an audacious goal: to finish all my current works-in-progress, to learn to knit, and to work through the Lattice Jumble Sampler you did last year, as a learning exercise. I TOLD you it was audacious! I have to say, tho’, that I’m grateful for your stitch tutorials. Those videos have been so helpful to me. I’m thankful I can push play again and again and again.

  340. I am s novice at embroidery, so do not have any plans other than to get started. I do enjoy cross-stitch and need to finish up a project I started last year.

  341. My plan for this year is anot embroidered wool blanket. I have several kits and need to select one to start. I am feeling intimidated at the thought though.

  342. My project plans for 2015 are to finish The Secret Garden Hummingbirds embroidery and try some ideas floating around in my head. Breath of Spring would be a lovely design to stitch for the New Year! Jude

  343. Hi Mary,

    I plan on embroidering 12, 18″ blocks for a quilt I’m making for my bed! The first one for me!!! Yay! I’ve order kits from French Needle before and they are beautiful. Thanks you for the chance to win this little ditty. Happy New Year!

    Melissa Bird

  344. Very cheerful on a frosty day here. Inspiring. I have missed your email these last few days, they give me so much to think about. I started learning embroidery just over a year ago, and have taken local(ish) classes in a number of techniques. My stitching plan for 2015 is to finish all off those educational pieces, then to start on a real project. My first course was blackwork, so I am now stitching 4 small pieces to form the sides of a box, as I also learned (and loved) making stitched boxes. This is my first stand-alone piece, so if I win this give-away, that would be my second. Too big for a box, I would use it to make a tote bag, as you did with the originall, as I am determined not to frame pieces but to use them.
    Thanks for your ongoing enthusiasm and inspiration.

  345. That design is so beautiful! I’m currently working on a few cross stitch pieces that I’d like to get finished in 2015, and I’d like to try to do more hand embroidery.

  346. What a beautiful project, Mary! My stitching plans for the new year include a wildflower Welcome sign. I’m looking forward to working all the blossoms, especially a tiny Jack-in-the-pulpit!

  347. I am finishing a floral pillow top,which I plan to incorporate into a quilt. I am new to,your site and love it!

  348. i don’t have any definite plans for embroidery in the new year but would be thrilled to stitch this one out . Thanks for the chance .

  349. I am collecting embroidery floss to start Van Goch’s ‘Sunflowers’. This would keep me busy next year. Best Wishes for 2015 and thanks for the chance.

  350. Hi Mary –
    I’m happy to be prompted to tell you how VERY much I enjoy your work. You’re the friend I have coffee with every morning.
    2015 promises to be a big year for embroidery. I started Enneade by Canevas Folies yesterday, and am relying heavily on your post re various treatments for leaves.
    My heart belongs to Elisabetta Holzer’s Ricamo Estense, which you reviewed a few months ago. WOW! I’m using Google Translate (helpful but less than ideal – although I figured out that grass stitch must be stem stitch) and the excellent illustrations. I’ve almost finished a sampler of practice lines of each of the wonderful stitches. I hope to give lots of sets of cocktail napkins to friends in 2015.
    I studied your posts about this terrific project yesterday – love the bugs!
    Jane Dickey, Little Rock

  351. This give away would be a dream come true. My project for 2015 is to make a sampler/design using as many stitches as I can incorporate into the sampler/design. I often access your website for inspiration and this is where I got the idea from.

  352. My plans for 2015 include doing the hand embroidery on a paper pieced crazy quilt top. The theme is based on hand embroidered blocks containing purses decorated with flowers and beads. I am so ready for a breath of spring. The high in central Wyoming USA today is forecasted to be 1 degree. Thanks for the chance to win!

  353. I have admired the embroidery I have seen on Needle n Thread so much. I have never done any embroidery, but am so inspired by the projects I watch every day. The Breath of Spring kit would be the way to learn. New year, new skill…what can be more perfect!

  354. My embroidery plans for 2015 are to finish two crazy quilt projects that I have started. I also have some cross stitch projects started, and I am learning Brazilian Embroidery. I would love to include Breath of Spring in the mix!!

  355. I am off to a flying start. I was lucky enough to attend Christmas in Williamsburg earlier this month. I took the Eleanora’s Sewing Box class with Giula Manfredini. I just finished stitching the scissor case. I am starting the needlebook. The only piece left is the scissor fob and then I will tackle the box itself. I hope to have it all done by the end of February because we have Merry Cox coming to our guild to teach A Young Lady’s Workbox. I hope to finish that by June because we have Linda Danielson coming and then Gloria Moore in September.

  356. This is an exciting project to win. My 2015 projects are a couple of angels I want to embroidery for my two youngest granddaughters. They are large and would fall into the “seasons” category — there’s a banner at the bottom to embroidery “Spring” and “Fall” (their birth seasons), but I want to substitute their names. I hope the projects will some day find themselves in the girls’ own homes.

  357. I am trying my hand at wool embroidery. My goal is to expand my stitch knowledge. I want to experiment on different backgrounds such as silk.
    I would love to win this kit. I have the perfect spot for it in my home!

  358. Mary the design is just what the “doctor” ordered. Although we’ve had a milder winter I have been anxiously awaiting Spring since the Fall.
    I have purchased and received gifts from the French Needle. Love the embroidery they offer. It’s been such a treat.
    It’s wonderful that you can offer such an appropriate kit. Some lucky person will be able in stitching heaven. Thanks for the opportunity.

  359. I Plan To Make A Couple Sets Of Hand embroidered And Appliqued Tea Towels For Our Local Hospital Auxillary Group. The Towels Will be Sold Along With Other HandSewn items And The Funds Raised Will Be Used To purchase Needed Equipment In Our Small Kansas Hospital As Well As Provide Nursing Scholarships.

  360. I love the Canevas Folies kits!!!
    I bought one earlier this year and have not yet started it, so my project goal for 2015 is to first practice a couple of the stitches required for the kit that I’m not as familiar with (using the handy Needle N Thread videos as my guide!) and dive into the project!

  361. I would love to make a purse for Spring/Summer out of this design! Thanks for the chance to win it!

  362. Not being a lucky individual I looked to the website to purchase this from switzerland , i can’t find this available!

  363. I do love spring too! Who doesn’t. Not only because the winter is so dreary-often the sky matches the ground, but spring holds such promise and the feeling of renewal is everywhere.
    My embroidery plans for the year include the CQJP which I usually stop about April, but vow to complete this year, and finish some WIP–really finish them. I also want to stitch greeting cards for friends birthdays this year.

  364. What a fun project to do during the dreary days of winter! I would love to tackle this one. It looks like it might be easy enough for me.

  365. My plan is to do each of my grandchildren a redwork type stocking in their favorite color. Angels for my two granddaughters and snowmen for the three grandsons. I love Needle ‘n Yhread and hope to improve my skills by using this site

  366. Boy, would it be great to glide straight to spring and skip winter, but then I would miss all that stuck indoors stitching time. This winter I hope to complete a “Flashback” project for a juried show – incorporating the well worn and well loved baby quilt I helped make when I was 12 into a new hanging full of spring flowers to welcome the next member of the family.

  367. I’m hoping 2015 will be my year to get inspired to re-enter the whole field of embroidery. Winning this kit would certainly be a giant step forward!

  368. A Breath of Spring is lovely. I have created my own pictures without any guides. The guide looks wonderful for those who want to be creative but need the help to create it. I believe you have achieved that for others. My plans for 2015 is to find the patience to finish a Goldwork project of a Celtic cross I’ve been avoiding due to much fraying of the gold thread.

  369. I am planning on trying to finish my pile of ufos before Easter (when my baby is coming!), especially the 18×18″ embroidered/beaded Ave Maris Stella project. And I want to make a stuffed rabbit and embroidered rabbit clothes!

  370. I love the Canevas Follies designs, they are so delicate and colorful. I would love to stitch this oh-so-lighthearted design. For 2015, I’m looking forward to finally finishing my adaptation of a Nora Corbett Madonna and Child design and making significant progress on an heirloom sampler from the Victoria & Albert Museum. However, we have a tradition at the NY MetroStitchers of starting a new project on New Year’s Day in honor of the stitchers who have gone before us. For my New Year’s start, I plan on embroidering a small pillow-top design of a princess tiara in metallic threads and crystal beads on a dark purple ground, adapted from a commercial design by a fellow MetroStitcher, for my 7-year old niece.

  371. Hi Mary,
    The first thing I have lined up for 2015 is a project started several years ago called the Golden Dragonfly. This was organized as a group project which I never got around to finish. Once that is done I will go into the bag and pick out one of the treasures which await me, or perhaps work on your wonderful giveaway. All the best for the New Year, keep up the good work. Joan

  372. Yes I do. I’ve got two to finish (still a lot of work on both) and I bought my first needle painting project. Think I’ll actually start that first. Typical right.

  373. This project actually took my breath away, the colors, the designs, OH-H-H-H-H-H My! I did not subscribe to Inspirations until the last couple of years, so i missed this. I love designs that are nature inspired and this is something I would love to have hanging on my wall, while I wait patiently for Spring to arrive. It can’t get here too soon.

  374. I plan on doing a red work piece, and I want to practice more with stump work.
    I also plan on a landscape all done by hand of my moms camp. Lol That will keep me busy.

  375. At the present time I do not have an embroidery project in mind. The examples on your web site certainly entices me to get one together.
    The kit looks like it would be the perfect project in which to begin the new year. Thank you for showing the kit.

  376. my first plan for 2015 stitching is to finish the canvaswork piece I’m working on, (monet’s garden by Dione van Beynum) then at the end of January I’m attending a stitching retreat in Victoria, and I plan on finishing the retreat project! then …. who knows… I might win this kit… wouldn’t that be nice 🙂

  377. This “giveaway” is a dream come true. I am a relatively new comer to embroidery and have followed the hints and tips on your website with grateful thanks!! This project would be quite a challenge but the end result looks amazing. I am still continuing with the Secret Garden project – oh those wings!! I have completed some embroidery for church but have more to do and again I am using patterns from your site.
    Thanks for this opportunity and keep those wonderful, informative and skill building emails coming.

  378. I’m stitching flower power by crossed wing collection and would also like to do more embroidery projects 2015. I absolutely love the breath of spring embroidery and can’t think of a better project for the new year. Thanks for the chance. Teal

  379. Wow, what a gorgeous piece of embroidery, Mary and a fantastic opportunity to have it offered as a kit. I was going through my patterns and supplies yesterday and have decided to make a Bird Brain Designs pattern that was recently featured in American Patchwork and Quilting. Most of the project is embroidered but there is a bit of quilting involved too so that will be the challenge for me. All the best to you in 2015!

  380. I so enjoy reading your newsletter. I get so much knowledge and good information that I can pass on to my students. Not to mention perfecting my own stitching techniques. I would love to have an opportunity of winning this giveaway. And since I am feeling lucky today, it is my Birthday, I decided to enter.
    In 2015 I plan to complete Alison Cole’s Rambling Clematis and Thea Gouvneur’s New York City Colleague. The second is a birthday gift for my husband three years in the making.

  381. My 2015 plans are finishing: edging, hemming, mounting, etc. I’m going to take both of the EGA correspondence courses and I’m going to do them.

    But, I would really love to be distracted from these plans by winning this project.

  382. I love Inspirations projects! Thanks for doing this. For 2015 I hope to finish a number of items I’ve had on the back burner…I’ve got a kit with a bunch of irises on it, a mini vintage kit with a cat in a garden, and a couple of clothing ideas that are still in the planning stages.

  383. Well in preparation for Christmas lunch and dinner at my house I had to rediscover the dinning room table. It was full of my embroidery threads, kits and things. Even the sewing machine. Oh what discovery! So this year I have a sampler to complete and I found three kits not touched, a beaded tassel, a counted pin cushion and most importantly of all a crewel piece by Talliaferro called ‘Royal Persian Spray’. So I think my year is sorted and I have decided to keep the dinning table clear of embroidery, I can only hope!

  384. What a lovely project. So much variety and so much to learn! So great that there are lots of tutorials on Needle ‘n Thread for the piece. It makes my fingers itchy just looking at it!

  385. What a beautiful project. I have been collecting ideas for a flower/nature quilt. Thanks for this beautiful giveaway and another idea for me.

    In 2015 I want to cross stitch Giovanni’s Alphabet. It also has lovely embroidery. Needle ‘n Thread has been a wonderful resource for ideas and help on embroidery stitches. Thank you so much for all that you share with us. I am so thankful that I found your Web site. Your stitching is inspiring and your tutorials are the best on the Web. Thanks! Thanks!


  386. I think this kit would be my plan for 2015 were I chosen as the winner. I’ve taken note your finished one in another post, and really like the critters. I haven’t embroidered anything of any greatness for a long time, and you are certainly tempting me to get started again.

  387. Hi Mary, would you believe after reading your article a few days ago about Breath of Spring I have been trying to find the copy of Inspirations to do it.
    I am fairly new to stitching so thought this was a project that I could do this year and it would give me lots of different stitches to attempt. I would love to have the chance to win the kit……and of course will be able to check out how to do the stitches on Needle’n Thread. Many thanks for the opportunity to enter the giveaway.

  388. My 2015 plans are to branch out from cross stitch and needlepoint to try some embroidery. I read your blog posts daily and am inspired to delve into the embroidery world.

  389. You have inspired me to broaden my stitching experience. I am a cross-stitcher first and foremost, and already have started some ornaments for next Christmas – they are easy to pack when we are vacationing. My main goal in the new year is to attend a regional or national EGA seminar. I am especially anxious to learn some goldwork and do more surface embroidery. Your bullion knot video was the instrument that brought me compliments when I had to do them fro a GCC.
    Thank you fro all your hints, instructions and inspiration.

  390. This years projects – To finish Koalakoala, a Charley Hooper needlepoint for my daughter.
    To start a Stitch a Month project with my embroidery group.
    To try some tambour stitching as soon as the needle arrives.
    To learn to use a Lucet for braiding.
    Find time to stitch Breath of Spring if I am lucky enough to win it.
    Thanks again for your daily communication, I really look forward to opening up each day.

  391. Have not decided which project I will do first. If I am fortunate enough to win your drawing that will be the one. It looks so “happy”.
    I want to wish you, Mary and all your subscribers a Happy New Year & Happy Stitching !

  392. What a generous gift and such a great idea for a spring project (one that will, no doubt, stretch into summer, fall and winter) I have many ambitious plans for embroidery projects in 2015: one; to finish the Hardanger project I started a year ago, and also to finish up some other started, but stalled, projects! And I still have waiting and calling, some of the monograms that you sent along!! Thanks for all your ideas and encouragement!! Love the blog/site!

  393. As I am truly a beginner at quilting, embroidery of any kind I find learning at my age a challenge, and I gain much satisfaction from my accomplishments. My projects for 2015 are a small red work baby quilt, and my 7 yr old granddaughter would like a pair of pillowcases with owls . I have only done 12 penquin blocks for a baby quilt and I,m happy to say by the 12 th one I definitely improved my stitches. So that is where I will begin, and I received a preprinted quilt blocks with log cabins for christmas so that is my goal. Thank you so much for showing tutorials on techniques in stitches, your lovely works of art. You give me inspiration to do anything I wish to try . Thankyou lou

  394. Embroidery plans galore… mostly in the “finish” category. Finish writing pattern for embroidered quilt. Finish blue bird from RSN workshop with Nicola Jarvis. Finish embroidery projects started on May Moris tour with Michele Hill.

    Then a start… maybe designs inspired by Beatrix Potter, for a small quilt.

    And another start, a taupe quilt that combines applique and embroidery.

    And then, the Crewel work kits waiting for a turn in the hoop.

  395. The only plan I have right now is to finish adding a border to a sampler I finished this year (after it had been buried in my sewing box for probably 15 years). I’ve been interested in trying some new stitches and this looks like it would be a fun challenge and a good learning experience for me.

  396. This looks like so much fun. I love working with different stitches and winter is the perfect time to get in a little me time. I make wedding gowns and restore vintage (pre-1900) clothing so just to sit and stitch for the pure joy of it is a luxury I look forward to.

  397. In 2015 I plan to learn to needlepaint. I am a “counted” person and wish to stretch. Trish Burr has such wonderful instructions for learning the technique. We’ll see how I do? This looks like a perfect pattern to practice some of the needlepainting techniques. I would love to win the kit.

  398. What a wonderful kit, thanks for sharing!

    I am working on finishing several larger projects that I’ve been plugging along on for quite a while. I never have all the time I would like to work on stitching, so it takes forever to finish things. But I am determined to complete at least two or three of them this year! I also work on ornament exchanges throughout the entire year, and so there will be lots of little pieces done as well.

  399. I’ve been planning on giving my knitting needles a rest. They were pretty busy this past month and am looking forward to expanding my stitching horizons.

    After seeing silk ribbon embroidery here at your site, I really want to give that a go. Last year was a dreary winter and this winter seems to be very much the same way and stitching up some vibrant little flowers seems wonderfully welcome.

    For right now though, I’ll haul out the kit quilt pieces I’ve had for at least a year and maybe finish one. To make it more interesting, I think I’ll step away from the kit planned colors and stitches. I didn’t care for the colors nor the thread and I thought it wouldn’t be too difficult to change a color or two.

    Now, to make sure I have the time to do it all.

  400. What a lovely give away. Needle art is the only way I can feed the artist inside me, I can’t even draw a stick person!! I am working on learning new stiches and combining them with beading techniques. I love needlepoint for that reason as well and now wool applique has caught my fancy.

  401. I feel the same way about spring being right around the corner and I always look for something springy to embroidery. I am taking a class at Callaway Needle Arts School the middle of Jan. so will have another a project to work on.

  402. Dear Mary,
    Today the temperature is forecast to be 39°C here in Perth, Western Australia. Soon we will have 40 plus degree days. Your talk of winter and snow sounds wonderful to me!
    My New Year’s Resolutions are being resolved as we speak. Embroidery-wise I plan to complete a “small” project as a gift for Mum. And chip away at the design and planning of two large projects.
    Thank you!

  403. I love to work on embroidery and embellishment in the winter. I have a wool embroidery project and a valentine project to do this winter. Thanks for all the tutorials that you give us they are very helpful.

  404. Mary, I am working on Aurora Boreale, a needlepoint piece by Brenda Kocher from Needlepoint Now July/Aug 2013. I also want to do a surface embroidery piece and Breath of Spring would be perfect. I am also working on a baby quilt for a new granddaughter which includes raw edge applique. I may embroider some of the blocks as the blanket stitch on the applique is a little tedious. I like having some variety but surface embroidery is actually my favorite and I have some small projects in hand for the year also, an etui and a your Lattice Jumble Sampler. I have especially enjoyed your columns on the hummingbirds project. Thanks, Mary, for the opportunity to enter and for the lift you give us stitchers everyday. Happy New Year and many more for Needle N Thread. Charlotte

  405. I would love to say I am so organized that I have projects planned for next year, but I am still stitching on summer projects. One, in particular, is a gift and needs to be finished.

    With that said, I really like this beautiful “Breath of Spring” design. As you mentioned it has so many stitches I could not get bored! So, I would love for you to give me my first project for 2015.

    Thank you, as always, for you inspiration and interesting articles.

  406. Hi Mary,
    I am with you 100% on this design and it has certainly been on my bucket list for quite a while, I think it is super project for the depths of winter as you look forward to warmer days and sunshine. However my New Year project is a Needle Point by Merrilyn Heazelwood called Fans and Blossoms.I have seen this project completed and made into a bag and it is gorgous, very pretty in pinks and greens, reminds me of spring, it glistens with beads and is very eye catching.

  407. Mary,

    Merry Christmas! This is a beautiful spring embroidery kit. For 2015, I plan on trying to finish a counted cross stitch which I started last year. It is not that big, just been busy. I would also like to work on an embroidery sampler. Thank you for your wonderful site. I look forward to your emails each day.

    Audrey F.

  408. I’m not in the comp (although the kit looks lovely). Just wanted to say how much I understand your feeling that 2 Jan means spring is coming. Here, in my northern suburb of Melbourne, 2 Jan is forecast to reach 97F, and 3 Jan to reach 104F – and how I am looking forward to autumn!

    1. I forgot to say – one major new project for 2015 will be to work through your lovely long-and-short stitch tutorial. Many thanks for your generosity in sharing this and all your tips and techniques and wealth of knowledge.

  409. For 2015 I hope to start the christmas gift project that I purchased and planned for a 2014 gift.

  410. Oh my gosh, that embroidery is absolutely beautiful! My projects for 2015 are to finish some fun cross stitch bibs for my up coming baby and also the Trish Burr Kingfisher that has been waiting for me to start it for a while now. I really want to have a go at designing my own embroidery as well. We’ll see!

  411. Hi Mary, my embroidery plans fro 2015 are to finish my pieces for my Certificate in Counted Thread through my needlwork guild. I also have planned to make 2015 the year of the handmade gifts, not sure how that is going to go, but I will give it a try.

    This is a lovely kit, thank you for making it a giveaway

    Marian (NZ)

  412. I have lined up two goldwork projects for the spring. One is a bird and the other a fox. Both of these kits come through the Royal School of Needlework. This past September and October I spent at Hampton Court taking three courses from the RSN. My experience there has proven to be a motivator for projects I have to finish.

    Keep up your great work on your blog. I encourage every stitcher, no matter at what level that it is a site not to be missed.

  413. I love the idea of spring arriving early in 2015-to that end I always start a new project on Jan.1 Sometimes I finish within a year, sometimes not. I guess it’s the excitement of something fresh and brand new-in this case a wedding sampler for my daughter!

  414. Thanks for yet another opportunity! My plans this year are to finish the embroidery blocks on a quilt I am making, complete several samples for some planned classes in 2016, complete some ribbon embroidered panels for classes the May ( these better be on the get done NOW list) and I have a delightful kit by Jenny McWhinney to start. But who knows what order I will do these in and what will pop up crying out to be stitched that will change my plans. All I do know is that deadlines will be met and most days will have some delightful stitching of some sort!

  415. I’m new to your Newsletter and absolutely love it. A real find for me. Working on an embroidery for my son and new daughter-in-law to honor their marriage and used your fly stitch tutorial which was perfect. The Breath of Spring looks beautiful would like to try it.

  416. I have a variety of projects lined up for 2015 such as a couple of knitting items, a cross stitch sampler, a needlepoint canvas and what a nice rounding out of projects to be the owner of
    Breath of Spring” I have not done much surface embroidery for a long time and this is so cheerful and “springy” What a great way to spend a snowed in day and plan ahead for spring.

  417. Great give-a-way, love to get my hands on that. Funny thing I am in the process of deciding on which projects and in which order. I know the first on is the Virgin Mary. I’m eager to fill my time with embroidery this winter. HAPPY HOLIDAYS and Fun Stitching to everyone.


  418. I stitch miniature rugs on 49-count silk gauze, and will continue — hopefully finish — a beautiful pattern called Animals Rug, designed by Natalia Frank.

  419. I love this project and would love to win the kit.

    My projects for 2015 include a counted stitch piece by Pat Kahn called “To the Acorn”. I also am doing the Gingerbread House by Thea Dueck, along with making clothes for my granddaughters and also a quilt or two. Also a few beading projects, and then there’s a threadpainting piece by Trish Burr, and ……..

  420. Hi,what a great idea to do a spring embroidery in winter. My 2015 plans is to continue working on my UFO embroidery. It is hard to finish them when there are so many new and beautiful projects that pops up…

  421. I am working on a bird quilt that has embroidery stitches as embellishment on the flowers and birds–to make them look more real. I so enjoy all the ideas you share and I use!! Have a wonderful 2015 and upcoming spring. The give-away is so beautiful!

  422. Winning this one would be a dream. My husband just started chemo and I sure need to keep my hands busy!

  423. Hi Mary, thanks for the opportunity to win that beautiful kit. I have just started “Woodlands” by Jenny McWhinney, a truly beautiful piece. It is also pre printed and I’m loving fact that I didn’t have to copy all of the details myself. I could get used to having it done for me. If I finish this within the year I have a couple of Trish Burr kits ready to go as well as wanting to do Secret Garden and a dozen other projects from the colouring book. So much to do, so little time. And down here it’s not even winter!
    Kindest Regards and a Happy New Year to you and yours.

  424. I have such high hopes for what I would like to accomplish in 2015. They include finishing up an advanced hardanger piece from a Nordic Needle Retreat, getting back into knitting with a knitting retreat that I signed up for in March, and completing a few more UFOs. I also want to start on the Gingerbread House and the Gingerbread Church by Victoria Sampler. I would LOVE to work on this Breath of Spring project. Once finished I will hang it in the same room as my Flower Power cross stitch piece (2 feet by 3 feet) which took me 3 years to complete back in the mid-90s. It too is a garden with hummingbirds and lots of butterflies and little insects. I agree with you that it is the little insect details that really make it extra special.

  425. Hi Mary- yes, this year comes to an end and soon wewill start in a new one, a new number- I like this 2015, don’t know, why, but it seems to be good….
    I really understand your feelings concerning spring in midwinter… when i was a child, I always looked out of the window on 1. january and was sure to see the snowdrops flowering… now we are sitting deep in snow and ice- after having temperatures lightly less than last summer….ok- it’s good to have winter now and perhaps we will have then spring just to the right time also:-) My embroidery-projects for the new year are to embroider a “swiss waist” to decorate my crinoline day dress,this will perhaps be done in silkthreads pulled out of the fabric so to have the same tone and a really sophisticated” embroidery, also a “spanish jacket”- there will be couching of fine gold, and my freetime project (which means there is little time to do this) is a silk-ribbon picture (by Di van niekerk)- the floral patio- a view which all time reminds me that there will be summer again…. now I wish you best time and relaxing moments and I thank you so much for all your writing- I enjoy your blog every day and I admire your skills and knowledge. Please, go on in 2015…the community will estimate everything you have to tell us… with love from Switzerland

  426. How gorgeous is that spring embroidery design!!
    As to the projects for 2015 – we will be great grandparents so I am designing a birth sampler to be finished July. Also have a “few” UFO’s I want to complete.
    Would love to try my hand at this, no transferring would be wonderful.

    Thank you for all you do for us Mary, all the best for 2015.
    Sandy NSW Australia

  427. have been embroidering Hearts of all sorts to help with my surface embroidery, I plan to continue doing them into 2015, then put them all into a quilt. I have learned so many new stitches while doing these hearts,,,

  428. What are your embroidery project plans for 2015? Do you have any projects lined up yet?

    I am just now cleaning up from Christmas and letting my needle rest. Maybe I will be lucky and win this drawing and then will have a project for 2015 since I haven’t given it any thought yet.

    Happy New Year and thank you.

  429. For the springtime, I want to try to learn punch needle embroidery, which isn’t “real” embroidery, I guess, but looks like it is fun and super easy. (having not done it yet, I can proclaim it easy! lol!) I also enjoy English Smocking and hadn’t done any for a long time and did a piece recently and realized how much I missed it! So, that is the short range plans for spring!

  430. Our Guild exhibition is being held this year, and this project would be perfect to be entered into the Challenge, with bug theme.

  431. My project for the year is an embellished handkerchief quilt featuring pictures of a young girl in different poses.
    For the coming year I would like to do an embroidered picture featuring either a spring, summer or fall scene since I already have a winter scene
    Your spring flowers scene would be perfect!!i

  432. This is such a lovely give away! I hope your random number generator picks me!

    I injured my back a month ago and am almost debilitated, i am in great pain and can’t get up and about much. It will heal, but with the subzero temperatures we are having here, and chronic pain from the back i jury I could really use a bright and happy spring project!

    I used to embroider quite a bit when young, mainly crewel, but not exclusively…but I got away from it. Your website is, of itself, a breath of spring to me…and this particular give-away really does appeal to me to get me started again!

    Thank you for your charming and friendly website. I feel like I am reding letters from a dear friend!

  433. This project would be wonderful to work on.

    My stitching plans for 2015 are:

    1. CQJP 2015 (crazy quilt journal project)

    2. Learn some more complex stitches.

    3. Learn stumpwork.

  434. Hello Mary,

    First of all, I want to wish you a wonderful 2015 year. Full of projects ? I think it would be improper, as you’re certainly full of. But to realize a lot of them ? Yeah !

    My projects ? To finish the Lattice Jumble I’ve begun this year, to make the Secret Garden, and some Christmas Ornaments, and a couple of Trish Burr’s kits I already have, and to begin drawing my own designs because I paint pastels and I have plenty of ideas, and now, maybe, this Breath of Spring… I’m not sure I’ll have enough of 365 days.

    Anyway, thanks for very, very instructive and stimulating blog.

    Diane from Montréal (Québec, Canada)

  435. Lovely. We are having the most un-spring-like day here in Goodland. Seeing this was a real treat=). It looks like a lot of fun to stitch-especially the bugs! My plans for this year’s stitching involve putting together a Valentine’s Day themed crazy quilt. I’m going upstairs to look through my books/stash for inspiration now. Thanks for the giveaway!

  436. I don’t have any definite plans, but I do have some UFOs that need finishing. I’d like to do more free-style embellishing of quilts and wall hangings.

  437. Wow, it’s a wonderful project.
    For 2015, I want to finish the oldest projects I have in my boxes. Some of them just need few hours to be finished. For 2015, I make a promise to myself: I will not start a new project unless I have finished an old one (or two).
    I wish you a Happy New Year Mary and thank you for all the information and wonderful projects and books that you share with us. It’s always a pleasure to read you.

  438. My embroidery plans…finish a group of 4 (summer, fall, winter, spring) pictures I started 10+ years ago and gave up on because I didn’t know how to do the required stitches. I received a book of stitches for Christmas so want to get my act together and get them done. I even have the frames for them! I guess that gives both questions an answer. And I too begin looking forward to seeing spring as soon as January gets here…In Oklahoma it will be here by late February or early March. Thank you for the fantastic give away.

  439. Hi there Mary,
    I am dying to work on a nice large piece like this, but the thought of having to trace out a large design fills me with dread.
    I will definitely do up a bunch of tea-towels as they are quick and offer instant gratification!
    Thanks so much for the giveaway,
    Jacqueline in Pitt Meadows

  440. Hi. I would love to win this project, it looks like fun. I don’t have any particular projects lined up right now (I’m also a quilter so I have to schedule my projects equally), except that I am trying to finish some napkins with a flower pattern for my best friend’s birthday (Jan 22). I hope I’m lucky this time! Lois A in Idaho.

  441. I have my projects all lined up for 2015. I plan on hopefully finishing a Chatelaine pattern called “Butterfly Lace” and starting on a black work shaded portrait of my grandmother as a little girl. I also have some small thread painting projects to get thru from Trish Burr’s Beginning book on thread painting.

  442. I hope to finish an embroidered quilt top I’m working on and maybe work on cross-stitching a couple of Christmas stockings. Maybe I’ll even be able to start on the hummingbird project!

  443. Happy Monday Mary!

    I have so many projects in mind, but first on the list is to finish a squirrel for my husband!

    Nita Carroll

  444. What a beautiful piece this is …would love to embroidery something like this to start off the year so interesting ..do a lot of embroidery but have not tried anything like this …. it is beautiful …

  445. I would love to work on Breath of Spring in 2015 along with my other projects! It looks devine. I have great plans for 2015: a lovely crewel piece to complete, a Tanja Berlin blackwork design which I started in the summer (of 2014), a Temari ball, a crazy quilt patch, and another blackwork piece I want to start, but not until the current one is done.
    Happy New Year and Happy Stitching everyone!

  446. Mary, You always lure me into a project so I’ll wait and see what you have in store for us in 2015! I really want to do some monagrams because I LOVE calligraphy and letters of all kinds.
    This give-away looks so beautiful, if I win, that will be my first project. I’ve admired your bugs and beetles! Happy 2015 Mary and everyone stitching everywhere!
    Robin in New Mexico.

  447. I am planning on learning tambour embroidery in 2015; I have plans to use stitchery as a center area in a Japanese scroll hanging I am creating.

  448. what a lovely design
    I’ll be finishing off UFO’s from the many classes I took in the last 2 years. Then I plan to do some projects of my own – no classes this year (or maybe only one)

  449. What a lovely kit to take away the cold days. My project for 2015 is to actually open up the crewel Jacobsen cushion kit I have had for a while and complete it. Also as I am new to embroidery I want to do a stitch sampler but haven’t got a design yet planned out.

  450. Am starting next years christmas projects now as I usually have 2-3 going so I can have hand work to do every where. This breath of Spring looks fun with lots of neat stitches to learn as I’m a beginner and still practicing some new stitches.

  451. Ohhh I remember this because it is so adorable! It was one of the first projects you were discussing when I first joined your site. I distinctly remember the discussion of that cute little caterpillar. Too cute!

    As for me, I’m still working on embelling handmade stockings for my little granddaughters. Apparently they will get them NEXT Christmas. LOL. Then it’s on to do some tea towels I think. And if alas I do not win, I may perhaps see if I can stitch this by copying it and dividing it into two complimentary scenes for my tea towels.

    We shall see if my energy keeps up with my thoughts.

    Happy New Year! May it be prosperous, joyous, and with an abundance of love.


  452. November and December were not only filled with holidays and the preparations for them but also we were blessed with above average temperatures. I haven’t planned any embroidery yet. The kit is absolutely stunning and would be a great project to start the year. Thanks for the opportunity to win.

  453. Thanks for the chance to win. I’m in the process of taking a Craftsy class by Sue Spargo. I will be learning a lot and then make projects. Have a lot of wool.

  454. I am not as serious and dedicated a stitcher (if that’s a word!) as many of your readers, which means that I haven’t made any embroidery goals for next year. I confess that I find myself yearning for a project such as this one. It seems a great way to learn and practice different stitches, and yet not so big and complex to discourage someone at my level.

    Thank you for hosting the giveaway, and best wishes in all areas for 2015!

  455. Oh what a beautiful kit!!! Love this Mary and thank you so much for giving us this chance, however slim, of winning it.
    Needlework projects for 2015 – hopefully finishing a huge cross stitch I started years ago – I am not that keen on cross stitch, but when DH saw a photo of the kit he fell in love with it, and in a moment of madness I succumbed and bought it 🙁

  456. My projects for 2015 are to finish some of my projects I haven t finished in 2014. I also really would like to do the Breath of Spring it’s so beautiful and I really can’t wait for spring. I can see it hanging on my wall.

  457. I’ve got two bishop dresses from Tana lawn and a gingham romper to make for my granddaughter. Looking forward to using wonderful colors smocking the Liberty

    Love the project. It reminds me of spring in Kansas

  458. I love the project. I have plans so far to work on Christmas ornaments and pillow cases. Also plan on a crazy quilt with lots of embroidery work on it. Been checking out sites in other countries for cross stitches.

  459. The latest project for the new year is a small child’s purse with embroidery flowers from Bareroots. But there is always room for more. I remember this Breath of Spring project and at the time thought it would be a challenging embroidery project to try.
    Thanks for the great give-away.
    Anne in Vancouver

  460. My embroidery plans for 2015 are to practice practice practice! I’m hoping to try another goldwork project and continue improving my stitch consistency and trying some new stitches out.

  461. I have an ambitious year planned. I want to finish A Quaker Christmas. I want to do more grown up stockings for my 3 oldest grandchildren. I want to do Winter Cardinal, the Year in Chalk series, and By the Sea. On top of those I have an Old World Santa by HAED, and a Northern Expressions piece. That is all except for the 5 ornaments I design and stitch for my grand children A Touch of Spring will be a break from the cross stitching.

  462. Hi Mary,
    This is right in time for my birthday ( December 31). No kidding, all those who have their birthday at this time of the year know that we rarely get a gift for Christmas and another one for our birthday. So it will be perfect if I win this very nice project.
    For 2015, I will start January with a Crewel project that will be taught by a member of our embroidery guild.
    I also want to do the Home Sweet Home embroidered workbox by Carolyn Pearce that I discovered on your web site a few years ago.
    And of course I intend to keep on reading your daily email.
    Have a very full and interesting New a Year, dear Mary.

  463. I have plans to finish projects that were started awhile back, so they actually seem new again. Sometimes you wonder why you even started something in the first place, but the projects I have lined up I actually still like and want to complete.
    I love the “Breath of Spring” kit. It would be a most welcome addition to my wall of stitcheries. This is one of the prettiest kits I have seen in awhile and can’t imagine anyone not wanting it.
    Thank you for the entertaining news letters.

  464. This is a most wonderful and colorful idea to get a fresh start to the New Year, and to brighten the winter duldrums.

  465. A very pretty project. My plans for 2015 are to finish all the things I have started and work on my stash. But realistically my plans are to finish one large sampler I am making, take and finish one canvas class, and make three cross stitch ornaments and two canvas ones. I think that will keep me busy all year.

  466. What a lovely project! As there are several more months of winter left here in Pennsylvania, I will be working on finishing started projects.

  467. After living for 35 years in the Rocky Mountains I know how that spring bug bites hard, we couldn’t safely plant annuals until after June 15–if we were lucky. We have retired to Florida and believe it or not, we still long for spring it just comes a little sooner. My embroidery plan for 2015 is to learn more about needle painting with butterflies heading my “to do” list. The Breath of Spring project is just beautiful, I would love to give it a try.

  468. I am planning on making a crazy quilt using all my fabric scraps. Then I want to embroider different designs throughout the quilt. Thanks for the chance to win!

  469. Hi Mary,

    Thanks for the chance to win such a beautiful kit. 2015 – what will I do? I have several projects lined up including designing a Punto Antico mat and finishing off projects started then abandoned in favour of something new.

    Happy New Year.


  470. I love this project and love the “blues chasing” ability it had for you.
    In 2015 I want to tackle the humming bird project, I have watched you show in detail this project while doing a stem stitch project to learn the basics. This kit would be the perfect project to learn all the different stitches on a preprinted canvas.

  471. Hello! The embroidery piece is lovely and reminds me of a spring time in Arizona, when the desert blooms and blossoms to its fullest in April and May. The Sky literally reflects to colors of the cacti and flowers in purples and deep blues, pinks and dark purples. And insects pop out of dirt and rocks where one would not expect to find them since they have camouflage. The insects in the piece are like looking at real live bugs whose colors reflect the growth of green and browns around them. The flowers look as if the individual looking at them could pick them. AHHHH!!!!! What a good project for memory. Thanks ATK

  472. I am so ready for a Breath of Spring! No snow here, but clouds rain and a never-ending supply of mud! In 2015, I plan to stitch a smocked sampler with the local SAGA chapter and work on some UFO’s- a drawn thread sampler and a stumpwork piece.

  473. Thank you for sharing such a generous giveaway. This would be the perfect project to work on in the coming year as I am taking a refresher course at my local fabric shop on embroidery. Good luck to everyone!

  474. I had no particular stitchery plan for the beginning of the new year, as I recently completed a few knitting projects which included chemo caps for a neighbor….It was a good feeling to give them as a gift as I know they were something useful and much appreciated! But now I am just “Itching to start Stitching” something new and interesting …and so when I saw your article about “A Breath of Spring” embroidery project I became “Inspired”! It looks so enticing that I am going to break out my stitchery tools, organize and take inventory of my threads and dream of what will be! Life is too short, so I shall take time to stitch, stitch and stitch some more!!! Yours Truly, Linda

  475. There are a large pile of projects waiting for me to start. Quite a few cross stitch items like bookmarks & cards as gifts. Some pillow cases to embroider & stitch, also gifts. Lots of table toppers & runners, most of which I hope will be gifts. I am really looking forward to an embroidered table topper featuring roosters, thinking my Mom would love it. Thanks for the chance at winning the Breath of Spring kit. Best wishes for a wonderful New Year to you & to all the other blog/website followers!

  476. Oooooh! Pick me! Pick me!
    The second I saw the “take me away spring” (aka calgon) I immediately experienced a flashback to a colorful and similarly detailed basket of assorted spring flowers in cross stitch. I had just taken up hand sewing as I had recently finished graduate school and needed a healthy distraction to decompress (that involved no hangover symptoms). I loved sewing that project and received so much joy giving it to my grandmother. Since then I taught myself to sew, knit and embroider. If I had this kit, I would give it to my mother after I completed it. After years of gardening and serving as president among other offices of her garden club, I know she would love to put it next to her chair, that overlooks the yard that she tended all my years. As with all of us, watching grandparents and now parents succumb to the ravages of age, is inevitable but so very painful. Giving them something to smile about is priceless. On the other side of the coin, we are expecting a baby boy from a stepson – the circle of life I guess. Being able to honor these lives with a beautiful hand sewn piece such as this one would be wonderful. Pieces like these are the ones that are passed down for generations. I can’t think of a better way to show your love and to share it with the family for many years.

  477. Hello Mary, At the moment I’m half way finished with the ornament for my friend. I’d like to make a few more for family members next Christmas. I also have Rosary Cases to make for two more family members. One of them will have a lot of gold in it so I will be researching the different ways to accomplish that. I might even make one for myself. It’s so much fun working through it all. Thanks for all your help and Happy New Year

  478. What a gorgeous give away! Spring is long gone here in Oz,in the middle of a long hot very dry summer.Looking out for fires and hoping for none. Just the thought of spring makes me smile and doing such a pretty piece would make me smile even more!! Iwill have to borrow my friends copy of no.56and have a go. Thank you so much Mary your email every day is such a bright spot. Chris M

  479. I am currently stitching a Hibiscus Floral with a poppies needlepoint to follow. We are in season of living in an RV for the winter and need to keep my spirits bright with beautiful threads and happy designs!! ;)THANK YOU!

  480. Hello !! Thank you for sending this email. I was feeling down. But looking at this beautiful kit made me smile.

  481. I want to finish a quilt that I have been randomly practicing embroidery stitches on squares. I would alos like to incorpoarate some embrodiery into the bags I make. I would like to make projects like the one you are giving away. I want to get better with embroidery.

  482. This is beautiful and I love the fabric. I haven’t done this type of embroidery or any crewel in many years. This year, I am going to design stitchery, probably very fine counted cross stitch, of our past cats and dogs. I purchased software to do this a couple of years ago, and am learning it little by little as I have time. I will retire late in 2015 and will then have time to get back to needlework and sewing.

    I have a question regarding stitching something like this kit. I have always stuck with hoops because I can turn it to the back easier to knot or weave my thread through. I tried a frame 30+ years ago but had trouble flipping my work to get to the back (it was mounted on a floor stand). What is your advice on working on a frame? I would like to try it again because hoops crush high stitches sometimes and then they have to be lifted. Thank you.

  483. I will be embroidering 12, 12 inch squares with floral themes to finish a quilt. Thanks for a chance to win the giveaway.

  484. I have a long list of backlogged embroidery projects. It seems that as I work on one project, my mind keeps planning for several more. I am currently trying to finish a Christmas ornament that is worked in very small motifs and requires one thread of embroidery floss for most of the embroidery. Very slow going. I then started on a pillowcase with a variety of stitches that I will enjoy doing when I find the time to work on it. Then, I have a Snowman Block-of-the-Month project to help with the January blahs. I have the fabric, but haven’t traced the patterns yet. So, I have many projects lined up for 2015, and I am confident I will have lots of time in 2015 to get them done!

  485. Hi, Mary,
    What a nice little slice of springy goodness! One of the best things about kits is that you can get right down to the stitching without all the gathering of supplies and organizing processes (which, although certainly isn’t a bad thing, is still a time consumer). Thanks, Mary, for the opportunity to win a chance to get right down to the stitching.
    Shelley in Florida

  486. I have a wedding sampler to complete and hope to embroider some blackwork cuffs and collar and an Elizabethan style sweet bag, but need to practice my surface embroidery first.
    I just love the little critters in the spring embroidery, it reminds me that they were included in the Elizabethan blackwork and surface embroidery.

  487. Hi Mary, I am so looking forward to 2015. One of my goals is to finish a block of the month. It was called Winter Wonderland. Always am working with my crazy quilting!! Hope to continue with my

  488. I have a blank sketchbook booklet for The Sketchbook Project that I was thinking of embroidering right on the pages. Maybe starting with some buttonhole stitch borders. I think the deadline is the end of March!

  489. I’ve been in a stitching slump, so my only embroidery project plan for 2015 is just to pick up needle and floss and stitch SOMETHING! This is a gorgeous kit, and the fact that it’s pre-printed takes away one of my bigger excuses for not starting a new project: prepping & tracing =).

  490. My projects for 2015 are to work on my many UFOs. One project is to work with a small group from my EGA chapter on a Schwalm whitework correspondence class that we never finished. We have set dates and times to work so hopefully we can finish the project.

    Have a happy New Year.

  491. The French Needle is already sold out of the Breath of Spring project. Will they be making more?

    My current and future project of embroidery is Home Sweet Home. Our local EGA group is doing this as a long term (2 yr) project. I would love to have a Breath of Spring – a project that is already on the linen!

  492. Wow another Inspirations beautiful embroidery.

    I have four projects to be done this year. I bought three kits from Faeries in my Garden, one which is a pomander, 3 greeting cards and an embroidered clock for my bedroom. Also have got patterns ready for a quilt of “An Aussie Night Before Christmas” which each block will be embroidered and am toying with the idea of water colouring too on them. But I think this will be a long undertaking.

    Obviously I would love to win and have another project to do. As I am in Australia could be ready for our spring in September!

    Thanks for giving us the chance of winning this beautiful embroidery.

  493. My embroidery plans for 2015 are to work on some beautiful wool embroidery. What a lovely way to spend the winter months

  494. So far I plan on continuing on a Santa front and back that I began this holiday season, but If I win this kit I would be happy to start on a spring-ish (springy?)type project. I love how the colors blend on the example you showed- this is something I want to practice and improve this year.I love Needle ‘n Thread-I look forward to your posts.

  495. Hi Mary,

    My plans include finishing a cross stitch on 28 count linen for my sister, making a first attempt at needle painting, getting more Bohin needles and finding someone in my family to get me a gift subscription to Inspirations magazine for my birthday since I didn’t get one for Christmas-oh and checking your website at least once a week of course!

    All the best in the New Year


  496. Thank you all for the great giveaway. The Breath og Spring is cheery and would love to do one. I plan on finishing(if I’m lucky) my crazy quilt. I’ve been working on it for 3 years and hope this is the year to finish.

  497. I’ve been gearing up to make 2015 the year I clear out unnecessary stuff and finish projects. All of them. Not just crafty ones, but house repairs and cleaning and what not. So, I have a particular project in mind, one that I started years ago, of some cute little animals. It’s now or never. Now that I have you as a resource, I want to learn some new stitches to work into the project (it’s my own design, not a kit). But, if I won this gorgeous kit, I’d drop everything I was doing and complete it asap because I yearn for Spring to arrive. It is a truly delightful design.

  498. I am planning to do some schwalm white work as well as some crazy Quilt work. I can invision some beautiful projects to use my stash of excess threads and linens. I can’t justify buying new but I sure can dream.

  499. My embroidery plans for 2015 are to do more embroidery! I’ve been doing mostly canvaswork, and I want to work in more embroidery.

  500. In 2015, I plan to continue my steady but slow steam of liturgical embroidery. I just finished a chalice veil with goldwork, for the first time, using many of your extremely helpful pointers. In January, I plan to make a couple of amices, each of which will require embroidered crosses in the centers. I find your website absolutely essential in successfully doing this kind of work! Thank you.

  501. My 2015 plans:

    – a special cross stitch for my baby girl, probably a Joan Elliot mermaid or fairy.
    – cross stitches for my twin nephews
    – as many stumpwork pieces as I can manage, by Alison Cole, Jane Nicholas, and Jenny Adin-Christie
    – Teresa Wentzler’s intermediate white work ornament, as part of my Guild’s 50th anniversary celebrations.

  502. These are SOME my cross stitch goals: finish football pitch for my brother-in-law, finish floral design on denim jacket, finish small Michael Powell, finish Audrey Hepburn sepia, start (& finish!) Brooke’s Books Stitcher’s alphabet, start London Landmark series… Also, I want to make friends with my sewing machine (as a means of finishing projects, rather than just stopping at the stitching!), and work my way through TAST on pintangle.com, then there’s my stitchy wishlist… This little gem would see me forward with a couple of my goals at least! Thanks again Mary!

  503. I was just looking at this project 2 days ago and admiring it. As I have only been embroidering for 2 months I have worked on some simple Monograms and now am working on Country Life from Inspirations No. 28. Projects for 2015 is to increase my stitch repertoire and have a go at Whitework and Stumpwork – am I being too ambitious? Never typed up a comments before but want you to know that you and the ABC books from South Australia (my beautiful home town actually) are always my 1st port of call when struggling with a stitch. Cheers from the heat of Queensland (thank goodness for airconditioning).

  504. My plans for 2015 are to finish what i have started. There is alovely amish fatm with barn, spring and pumpkins. I hsve a santa stocking where santa he is surrounded by animals of the forest. The breath of spring looks exciting educational and just plain beautiful.

  505. As President of our local Guild I am right into “project thoughts” for 2015. 16 of us will tackle the Around the world in 80 Stitches design, adding to a myriad of simple workshops such as magnetic needle holders, fobs, blackwork hussif and a beautiful bag to hold our embroidery “stuff”, and this lovely kit could provide a wonderful front for said bag. Oh what a lovely prize!
    Your website is an inspiration to we poor souls who are hooked on embroidery and want to pass it on to others. cheers from NZ

  506. Great project! I, too, have difficulty with winter. We have an average of 11 sunny days in a normal Iowa winter, so flowers & butterflies sound good! My embroidery plans for 2015 center on crazy quilting. I am incorporating the good parts of old, stained linens (from great aunts, & grandmas) that I just can’t throw away, into the centers of crazy quilt squares. When I run out of old stuff, I’ll add my own touch to it.

  507. Oh, do I have projects lined up for 2015. I have all sorts of projects lined up, but nothing of embroidery.

    I have a counted thread project from Nordic Needle that was a “few rows each month, then get more directions next month” project, but I haven’t started it yet. I do have the fabric on my scroll bars and the center marked.

    I have 7 projects on needles that I need to finish knitting. I have 2 counted cross stitch kits laid out to do. I want to start painting and making mixed media objects. But, the first thing coming up is a scrapbooking retreat, so I need to get ready for that.

  508. I love this embroidery, especially all the insects. For 2015, I have gone through all the stitchery I have completed but not finished and all of my started but not completed projects. I made a monthly list of all the projects I need to complete the stitching on and all the completed projects I need to finish during each month. Some of these things were on last years list, and some on the year before. But I have faith that this year all will be completed and finished.

    Mary in BR

  509. My project for 2015 – complete few long and short projects which i could not finisih for a while.

    Hardanger kits a bought last year.and
    Drawn theread work.

    Breath of Spring will be a good break in between.

  510. Oh! Pick me!

    I love the idea of an embroidery goal! Ok, let’s see. I would like to have something finished and ready to enter in our state fair by August. I have some finished work that isn’t “finished”, as in framed, or something. (The something is the problem I resolve to overcome.). My other goal is to finish an embroidery project of some kind that I make up myself. Not a kit I purchase, but something I develop myself. This goal is huge for me, since I am a faithful follower of directions, recipes, etc.

    Now that I have these goals in writing, I had better get to work!

  511. Beautiful kit – I can feel spring breezes and sunshine in it! For 2015, I want to get back to a festive sugar skull embroidery project I started awhile ago. It’s very colorful, so it would make a happy start to the year. I also have a few cross stitch projects lined up but want to do more embroidery, so I’ll see where my whimsy takes me. Thanks for the giveaway!

  512. I will admire from afar.
    I hope the lucky winner keeps us all updated on progress.
    Best wishes for 2015 & keeping on top of all those beautiful projects ladies.

  513. Oh Mary, what a question! I am in Tricia’s CoC class and in way over my head! But even if it takes the rest of my lifetime I am going to complete an outstanding casket. I began needlework the day after my wedding 15 years ago; but all I’ve ever done to date is canvaswork, no intricate embroideries like yours. I have A LOT of learning to do & have been lining up projects that will assist me in learning numerous different styles of stitches & embroideries. As soon as I saw the Breath of Spring project you’re featuring today I jumped over to The French Needle site realizing that this project would be a great work to learn with, but they’ve already sold out! Best of luck to all of your followers on this giveaway!

  514. I am in the hospital having just has a complete knee replacement, and that design truly does look like a real “breath of Spring to me. I’m sure that when I return home it would be wonderful to embroider a bright Springy picture while recuperating on these rainy, cool Oregon days! In 2015 I want to finish a queen coverlet I’ve started for my daughter that iave been working on. This kit would certainly be a pleasant break in my routine!
    I love your articles, and the videos, which I have referred to many times! Thanks for sharing your knowledge & pictures. They are greatly appreciated!

  515. What is my 2015 project? Well 10 pages would not be enough to list all the things I am plannning to do! But the immediate urgency is to finish a tulle Christening gown for a new born baby which MUST be finished before february. Then I have a few half-finished things here and there to finally put away and then in February, with two friends of mine, I will be in Paris for the Aiguile en Fete exhibition. Wow I am so excited! Last but not least I will be looking forward to reading your posts every day (They are the first thing I read in my mail). I wish you a busy and stitchy 2015 Mary.

  516. Oh Mary. My embroidery dream for 2015 is mearly to do some stitching in my new stitching corner at my new house. The movers come tomorrow. Simply *finding* my embroidery things will be a challenge! lol. And what chair do I buy?

    As far as projects go, my poor Home Sweet Home box has been languishing for nearly a year now. I’d like to get back to it. I also have some of Amy Mitten’s casket keepsakes calling my name too. Somewhere. In the mountain of boxes.

  517. My 2015 plans are to learn more and improve my akills. I plan on creating some celtic knotwork. I have yet to start a project but will by this weekend. I like this one offered.

  518. My Big plans as far as embroidery projects are concerned, is to do a sampler. I’ve wanted to do one for a few years now, but it always gets put off till next year. I guess I like that the fact that anything goes. I can try stitches that I would never normally use and stitches I love, maybe even some I hate, just to give them a second chance. It just seems like fun, doodling in thread. I’ve also always wanted to try one of Margaret Lee’s kits, but have never felt like my skills were at that level. Maybe when I get the sampler done I can try one of her kits. By the way, this kit would be a breath of fresh air, I’m really sick of winter already.

  519. My plans are to make sure I sit down and finish a lot of items which are NEARLY done. At first I thought I’d try for one a week, then I thought realistically planning for a finish every month will be brilliant enough!! I have so many just waiting for finishing, you know what I mean…..and when I sit down and concentrate on the finishing it actually doesn’t take that long. Just need to get the right mind-set

    As well, I always join one of my stitching groups online for a January 1st new start. This group was the very first I joined so I have a soft spot for them!!

  520. what a lovely antidote to Winter blues! I would love to win it 🙂 I am working through the designs in the beautiful book you recommended “Crewel Intentions” – this is a completely new style of embroidery for me and I am loving the stretch it is giving to my abilities

  521. I love the little embroidered bugs, especially the caterpillar or as my 6 year old grandson would say “callarpiter”. I am teaching him basic stitches and plan to teach him a couple of new stitches this year if he’s still interested. He’ll love stitching bugs!
    I also plan to work on my stitch journal in the coming year. I’d like to give more handmade/embroidered items as Christmas gifts next year, so I’ll work on that too.

  522. Wow, what a great giveaway!
    I have a pretty daunting embroidery project- I will be embroidering a sash for a contestant in a pageant of some sort (I am not overly informed about said pageant) and, best of all, it needs to be finished by January 16! Oh joy! But I can’t complain, it’s a great excuse to put off my more boring tasks, it should be a fun challenge, and thankfully it’s a fairly simple design.
    I hope to embroider some pieces for friends-and-relations, but I don’t know quite what they will be yet. I also have a Christmas-themed embroidery piece that I’m working on for my mother- it’s a Nativity scene that my sister and I designed maybe two years back and haven’t yet finished. Ah, procrastination, ye project-halter and plan-foiler!
    Good luck to all, and may the most deserving embroiderer be selected!

  523. I have searched high and low for the#56 Inspirations magazine with the pattern in it to no avail.I’ve wanted to do that scene since the first time I saw it on your site. I now feel confident enough to try my hand at some new stitches I’ve learned here (I do so love the “stitch fun” and the ways stitches can be combined)and make a project worthy of framing and to test how much I have learned from you.

    I continue to be blown away at your ability to ” paint with thread” and make live objects come alive before my eyes on fabric.The hummingbirds are incredible!
    I do have a project i’m collecting my supplies for.It is a crazy quilt block called Pam’s Peacock. I follow the http://kittyandmedesigns.blogspot.com/ and saw it while perusing her free tutorials on crazy quilting. When I saw it I was so enamored of it I started collecting the supplies to make it. The most striking thing about it is the Peacock focal point. She uses eyelash yarn for the tail and it is absolutely stunning. If you want to see what it looks like go to her blog, click on “free tutorials” and Pam’s Peacock tutorial is the fourteenth one down on the list. I can hardly wait to get started on the block and it would be wonderful to have the Secret Garden kit to work on also.
    Deonia in Florida

  524. I live in So California – last night it got down to 28f but it’s sunshine day after day…I cannot relate to your misery ” the grey days, the cold, the on-going inconvenience of snow, the yearning for sunshine, warmth, green… well, if you don’t do something to combat this, the winter can seem very long, indeed!”

  525. I just bought an Hawaiian cross stitch sampler chart at an amazing needlework shop in Honolulu called Fiddlesticks. It will be a reminder of our Christmas with my son and his family in Hawaii. It will be one of the projects I plan to work on in 2015.

  526. Winter Is not my favorite season, perfection would be a really long fall that lasts until a really early spring. I don’t do well without green outside my window.

    Today I began work on “First Sip” from Hazel Blomkamp’s ‘”Crewel Intentions”. Next, I plan to cross stitch a white tiger and her cub for my grandson. I too would love too stitch “Breath of Spring” to wile away the long winter nights.

  527. I would love to stitch this design it would be a tonic to remind me that things can only get better.
    I just want to be able to carry on stitching in 2015.

  528. My thing for the new year is to finish the secret garden project and then when it is hung on my wall and I can sit and enjoy it, then …….. a new project . And this looks like a great one. Thanks for giving me the opportunity to win it.

  529. What a beautiful design, and just perfect for these cold winter months! I have one cross stitch kit by Thea Gouverner waiting to be stitched (a Russian icon) and then it will be more needle lace of my own design. Not sure exactly what form that might take yet but I do plan to make several Christmas baubles from needle lace in time for next year’s festive season.

  530. I have at least 15 projects lined up for 2015, most of which are items from classes I’ve taken. They include: two silk ribbon embroidered reticules, a diaper shirt with shadow work and drawn thread work and Sharon Boggins Glittering Gentleman’s Nightcap which is Elizabethan embroidery.
    They were all on my list last year, too.

  531. Mary, Thanks to you, I’ve got all kinds of ideas for the new year. I’m working on a kit my husband bought me for Christmas, I’m jumping in to hardanger and also want to try my hand with stumpwork. Oh, and I want to get my hands on some silk thread. You rave about it, and I’m hoping I’ll get to try it out before years end.

    Thanks for a beautiful website and for all your teaching!

  532. I too start believing Spring is nearly here right after Christmas and appreciate the extra minutes of daylight every day! I love that Springful (not a word but it works) project. This year my Christmas cards were made using teabag folding and, as usual, I left it all very late and was a bit of a struggle. SO …. for Christmas 2015 I have worked out embroidery pattern and intend to start early in January to get the 50 odd cards well on their way BEFORE the panic sets in – now will I stick to that? Thanks for your constant inspiration.

  533. j’aime beaucoup votre blog que je suis tous les jours. Cette nouvelle année j’aimerais participer à un cours de broderie de points crazy.
    Voilà, je vous souhaite une très bonne nouvelle année ainsi qu’à tout le monde

  534. In every spare moment in 2015, I plan to be either embroidering or working in my garden. Flowers are flowers. My favorite is Brazilian dimensional embroidery and I enjoy adapting any design to a few dimensional stitches here and there. Hubby had a stroke a year ago, so my stitching time is limited, but it’s great for relaxing between other things I am doing. I would love to stitch this design, and I love Inspirations Magazine.

  535. This is just such a lovely kit and would be perfect for my new year project. We’ve sold our home and have 12 months to wait before we can move into a brand new one! 12 months living in a caravan touring Australia sounds like fun and should be, but I will need one good project to work on. It would be great to have everything in one pack as the boss is already talking about how little of “my stuff” I can take with me….boohooo!!
    Thanks so much for the chance 🙂

  536. I have a project with a nephew for long. The last two years were so bad for both of us that the project has been in a second plan. We both desire deeply that year 2015 w’ll turn this project true – it will be very important for us. Of course it is an embroidery project with my nephew designs.
    Hope our dream comes true.
    A great New Year for you Mary, and thanks again and again

  537. Wow! Is that my birthday present? Oh, thank you so much and Happy New Year.
    P.S.: Missed you, too, Mary.

  538. Happy New Yew Mary =)

    For Christmas I received the most beautiful gift of a Stumpwork kit. I have wanted to learn Stumpwork for years, now there are no excuses.

    So, for 2015 my goal is to begin and finish the kit, continue my huge cross stitch ‘Purity’ by Missys Cross Stitch. Complete a Welsh Dragon cushion and in between try to finish all my UFO’s.

  539. My plans for 2015 are too numerous to mention. Firstly I want t finish all my WIPs but I have also joined several SALs. Most of my work will be cross stitch but I have Dorothy Walpole sampler to finish from the Scarlet Letter; then I want to start Sherry for Jack from the book Crewel Inspirations (I was on the Mekong River cruise where Hazel taught this).Would love to be able to add the giveaway to my 2015 stitching

  540. Hi Mary,

    I wish you a very Happy New Year – and lots of interesting articles on your blog, as usual.

    I have just finished Elizabeth Almond’s blackwork journey that you talked to us about. Phewww. Took a year to embroider. Now that this is over,2015 has already a lot of embroidery projects in the planning stage. One of my nieces is expecting a baby and I would like to embroider a baby sheet for her. My son is moving into a new house and he would like some cushions. Got the linen (he wants ‘texture’) I’m not sure how I will go about doing that, but my mind is busy without having decided anything yet…

    So enjoy your cold weather – we are sweltering!

  541. Dear Mary,

    The new year will see some new projects started and some old ones finished. In a couple of days, work will start on a new pair of Bavarian braces. I will stitch it together with the mother of the boy for whom they are intended. We will work to a thight deadline as the braces should be ready for his holy communion in spring. I will also try to finish the braces for his uncle.
    And them there are some fun projects lined up to hone my own embroidery skills and to continue my own development as a stitcher. I will start a new silk shading project. Probably a honey suckle with bee, after a picture I took in my garden. Another long dreamt upon project would be to stitch another canvas piece after a famous painting by Franz Marc. I have been hoarding threads for a while :).
    But best of all, I will start a series of workshops in my village to keep the traditional bavarian art of embroidery alive. Isn’t it fantastic that this Dutchy shall help keeping this folklore going? I think this proves that Europe, and indeed the whole world, grows together bit by bit. And that’s my wish for the new year too!
    Happy stitching everyone, Jessica

  542. What a gorgeous kit and a great project to greet spring! In 2015, first I plan to finish a project I started in the fall of 2014. My New Years resolution is to devote more time to my craft projects and to finish up a least 3 or 4 more that I have started but not finished before Christmas of next year so I can make these projects gifts for my family!

    Thanks for the giveaway.

  543. That is a gorgeous design and a gorgeous kit. My Plans for 2015 are to finish the projects from 2014! Then I’m going to start a surface embroidery project I’ve been looking at for a while and not had the cottage to start. I also need to get loads of stuff framed…..

  544. My big project is to get ORGANIZED so I don”t have to spend all my time searching for misplaced items and can get more projects done.

  545. What a lovely project. I love winter because of cross country skiing. I also love the additional time spent indoors working on my embroidery. This would be a great project to work on. It would be a priority if I won it.

    2015 will see me finishing pieces I am currently working on – a Christmas stocking for my Son-in-law, 2 Hardanger table runners, ornaments for family members, and several seminar pieces. Some need very little time to finish, while others are more long term.

  546. Wow, what a beautiful kit. I include embroidery stitches with the applique quilts I make. I like to include extra touches whether it be on a flower or leaf. I recently completed a quilt block using colonial knots in the center of flowers and satin stitches in stitching a bee. This project has lots of yummy extra touches for me to learn and add to my bag of ideas.

  547. Hi Mary and Happy New Year

    I remember the project well from Inspirations and have always been put off by the transferring to fabric so the giveaway would be a lovely solution Thanks for the chance to be lucky

    My plan for 2015 is an embroidered box based on an original 17th Century one as in Thistle Threads course
    As funds will not allow me to participate I have been working on a design for the last few months and once my daughters wedding is out of the way in March my time is my own to stitch
    The part I love most is the selecting materials and trying out ideas so roll on Spring

    Best wishes


  548. What a beautiful giveaway. One of my projects for the new year is to make and embroider a bedhead for a grandchild.

  549. Mary, thank you for the wonderful giveaway!
    My plans for 2015 include stitching a couple of Japanese designs with herbs and flowers, filishing two cross stitch UFOs and doing some Secret Garden embroidery. I will be happy to add the Breath of Spring to this list!
    Happy New 2015!

  550. That is a beautiful spring project! We’ve only had frost for a couple of days but I am already looking forward to warmer weather.

    I have a few projects already kitted up for 2015 – a large Danish monochrome sampler (similar to a Quaker sampler), a stumpwork bird and strawberry, a darning sampler and my first attempt at whitework!

  551. I would love for this project to be in my plans!! AS of right now I would like to finish a lot of projects that I have started and to find the time to sit down with my embroidery hoop more.

  552. I would dearly love to win this kit – it’s beautiful!
    My project for 2015 is to finish a priest’s stole for my sister’s ordination this year. I am using one of your ecclesiastical designs for the stole and using gold silk threads on an ivory silk fabric. It’s a bit ambitious for me but I’m nearly half way done! I frequently check your website for tutorials and I have learnt so much from you that I felt able to undertake this project – thank you!
    With best wishes for a wonderful 2015.

  553. I just finished embroidering a prayer around my daughters security blanket, with the stitches I learned here! I’m excited to do more with it, like on a pr. of jeans. Hmmmm. Would love to tackle a breath of Spring! 😉

  554. This is so pretty! I would stitch this before my other items, but there are items to be stitched. I am making some square linen clothes for my church and they’d need a small detail in the middle of the cloth. That is easy! But I also need to stitch a sash for a deacon for lent. The appliqué project that I started at the end of November is calling my name, and the quilt shop wants to do a class on crazy quilts. My Iowa winter could be spent with my craft light burning. It sounds nice, actually.
    Keep sending those dailies. Louise

  555. Well, 2014 has been such a busy year that I haven’t done anywhere near as much sewing as I would like 🙁

    I have a number of UFOs that are just crying out to be finished and I really do want to do them this year (fingers crossed!).

    Also, I have a small gold work beginners kit that my Mum bought me TWO Christmasses ago (did I really just say two? 🙁 ) that I really would like to make a start with ….. once the UFOs are done!

  556. This is a great project, perfect for chasing away the winter blues no matter what your climate is. Love everything about this project. Thank you for this great giveaway.
    My projects for 2015 are to finish several ongoing projects both in embroidery and in cross stitch. I want to learn and perfect new stitches as well as learn to use different stitching fabrics, linen, etc. I am always wanting to learn new things and keep going with what I have already learned.
    Thank you for this great giveaway. Have a super great sewing and stitching day! Happy New Year!

  557. Lovely kit. Thank you for featuring it.

    I’ve got my embroidery for the first 4 months planned out, mostly projects that are already in progress. However there are a few things I”d like to stitch after that. With today’s article, I think there is one more.

  558. Thank you for the reminder that we are still celebrating Christmas. I also think about Spring after the first of the year and all the holidays are over. It would be a pleasure to stitch a breath of spring in the deep mid-winter. Thank you for your generous gifts, whether won or not.

  559. I’m going to work on my Casket from Thistle Threads. And my Mirror surround, also from Thistle Threads. you’ll notice that I said work on them, not finish them.

  560. My project for 2015 is to finish my crazy quilt that is done on black background. I started crazy quilting last April. Use to do cross stitch but wanted to try embroidery. I found your website no use it all the time to learn new stitches. I follow your newsletters for tips and a laugh. Your writing style is so natural and makes me feel better when I make a mistake and have to rip it out. Or when my stitching area becomes a mess. I garden in the summer and when Jan hits I start to think of Spring. Flowers, butterflies, etc. I would like to win this kit because it looks like something that would make you smile. I would also be able to learn more stitching. Thank you for all your wisdom, humour and sharing of your skills in 2014. I look forward to to reading your blog in 2015. Happy New Year to you and your family.

  561. So beautiful!!! I hadn’t lined anything up for 2015 until I saw this!!! Will have to get this one!!!!

  562. Thank you for offering such a beautiful piece! My goal for 2015 is to incorporate more embroidery into my quilts. Of course the fun little projects that happen my way will not be forgotten.

  563. Oooooh, how beautiful and fresh and inspiring. It has been a rough end for me to 2014 but now a new year is coming.
    I hope to try to finish a big Mountmellick project started some time ago involving several pieces plus the knit edgings in 2015. Plus, I hope to help my eight year old grand daughter learn some more embroidery. She is in the early stages but full of enthusiasm.
    This kit would be a wonderful inspiration for her of what she could do someday if she works on her skills.
    Thank you for the opportunity to win this kit and Happy 2015 to all.

  564. This Breath of Spring can be a lovely project to start the year of 2015. Thanks for the opportunity! Besides, I’m thinking of doing some monograms, making a embroidered clock face, and trying bead embroidery.

  565. I’ve just finished my first monogram! Even throwing in a rose for fun all due to your excellent and friendly advice. I’m still learning many of the common stitches. Having video and so many pictures helps tremendously – and gives great inspiration. The Spring project looks like fun! Thanks for being so generous with your art.

  566. A “Breath of Spring” is just what I need as it is freezing cold here (in the UK)
    For 2015 I will be working on Round the World in 80 Stitches from Papillon Creations and the Blackwork sampler from the Blackwork journey. For a bit of light relief I hope to teach a group the Spring Owl using speciality threads from DMC

  567. I know what you mean about January. I used to love winter but not any more. My husband is counting the days until Spring.

    I’m working on an embroidered quilt and a bunch of hexagon crazy quilt blocks which will come together in a quilt for my sister-in-law.

    Thanks for the lovely giveaway.

  568. Love, love, love this Breath of Spring. I hope my plan for 2015 will be to do this piece if I win. In the meantime I plan to to a Christmas ornament each month featuring polar bears (last year was the year of the mouse). I will be embroidering, cross stitching, hardangering (is that a word?), crocheting or whatever my needle demands (must feed the hungry needle!) Thanks for the chance to win such a beautiful piece!!

  569. Mary, Thank You so much for your generosity! My immediate 2015 plans are to create a white silk threads on oatmeal linen monogram studded with tiny real pearls for a friend in the pearl industry. Beyond that, well … This lovely “breath of spring” kit would be wonderful! Thanks Again!

  570. Happy new year and thanks for the great giveaway! What a beautiful project.

    My embroidery goals for 2015 are to learn new stitches. Maybe I’ll work on a sampler.

  571. I would so love to win this kit!!!! I am just getting the itch to get back into embroidery so I don’t have any projects planned for the new year yet. I have been doing lots of reading and looking (and drooling) over all the beautiful things out there. And Mary your blog here has certainly ignited this desire in me to get to stitching, so thank you!!!!

  572. What a delight to have found your site and just in time for this wonderful giveaway.

    My stitching plans for 2015 are simple – stop procrastinating and delve into my enormous collections of beautiful fabrics, threads and beads and actually DO something with them! The first thing I want to experiment with is a small crazy quilt idea to practice my embroidery skills along the edges of each piece and then I want to get back into crewel embroidery but giving it a modern twist. Oh, then there’s the Bargello idea that’s been buzzing around in my head for ages………

    Happy New Year!

  573. I plan to make 2015 the year of UFOs. Of course I know there will be the baby samplers and ring pillows and the Christmas ornaments for the nieces. The bargello samper (1/2 done) is calling as is the English knot Garden (barely started), and the or’ nue butterfly that is more than 1/2 stitched but there willbe the finishing to turn it into a belt buckle.

  574. What a lovely design! Winter can be weird in Los Angeles County but not at all like the winter experienced by most of the rest of the world. I think it was 90 degrees here on Christmas Eve and very cold by regional standards on Christmas. Not sure – I was in the hospital recovering from my 6th back surgery. But now I’m home catching up on my email and looking for something pretty a a bit out of my regular milieu to take along to rehab visits. Thanks for the pretty pictures, Mary!

  575. Hello Mary, My plans for 2015 are many and varied. I have to finish making a lingerie bag for which I have already made a hardanger front with bullion roses and pearly beads. I will also finish a white hardanger table runner with yellow design and hand-stitched hem. After many years of cross-stitching, I have become passionately interested in all kinds of embroidery. I think this is due, in no small part, to my following your blog. I’ve followed Trish Burr’s books and produced some passable efforts. But my first forays into embroidery, were with a kit for a cushion with a trellis design of wild flowers in the mid 90’s, and your prize today would be a wonderful return to this type of stitching.

  576. My embroidery plans for 2015 includes becoming a member of the Embroidery Guild of America and tackling more advanced stitch techniques. With that goal in mind, I have 4 projects lined up by Canvas Folis that I purchased through the French Needle. I would love to win Breath of Spring which I would add as my first project of the year. Thank you for helping me become a more accomplished needle artist.

  577. I hope to finally finish the Brazililan embroidery sampler that I began in 2005! I also plan to continue teaching my niece to embroidery. I am planning to try the ornaments you just featured on your site as well. I want to experiment with different threads!

  578. My embroidery plans for 2015 are to finish an heirloom baby dress that I am handembroidering with tiny bullion roses and buds and other delicate flowes and leaves. Also plan to begin a hand embroidered and hand quilted baby quilt. There is always room to stitch this wonderful giveaway should I be forunate to win it:-)

  579. I started the New Year by emptying my studio and being ruthless about what I really want to work on and what needs to move to others. I found a counted cross stitch I had started a couple of years ago that I pulled aside to finish this year. I have also started a Baltimore Album quilt with blocks that I plan to embellish with lots of embroidery. I have never made an embroidered scene like Breath of Spring, but I have saved numerous pictures. Maybe this year I will get to try one.

  580. I know just I wish Spring was just around the corner, only to get a big wallop of Old Man Winter. My embrodery project is from Carolyn Pearce, Home Sweet Home, embroidered workbox. I started it, just have to make a time spot everyday to work on it. Then I will have the pleasure to enjoy it for years to come!

    Would love to win a Breath of Spring!

    Thank you for all the wonderful inspiration.

  581. What a lovely give-away. We had more snow last night so I’m dreaming of spring, too!
    My embroidery plans for 2015 are to work on the Secret Garden Hummingbirds. I have learned so much from your blog, even though I have been embroidering since I was a young girl. I finally purchased a frame and rigged it up with clamps on my dining room table, then found my overhead lamp, and I’m moving full steam ahead! Thanks, Mary, for your wonderful tutorial.

  582. I sew a lot, mostly clothes for my children. But lately I have enjoyed hand sewing and adding hand embroidery accents to what ever project I’m working on. For 2015, I would like to make a crazy quilt and learn new stitches. I also want to embroider some floral necklines on our SCA garb, mostly black work. I like this give away because it incorporates different stitches that I want to learn and master. I love your blog, especially when you show stitch tutorials. Thank you!

  583. Mary, I have so many projects going at the current time that I hope to catch up on some of them. I have 3 of Amy Mitten’s casket toys to do. I am in the Cabinet of Curiosities class and I hope to finish my little box and finish the design and start on my cabinet. I am also a member of EGA and our chapter is working on a book that we are doing with each page a different technique. It is so much fun, we have done English Goldwork, Needlepoint, Crazy Quilt for the covers, Needle Painting a Trish Burr Pansy that was a free design for Christmans last year. We have also done stumpwork and bullion knots. We will be doing bead work next. At the moment I am doing a Blackbird Design, Octupus’s Garden. I just started doing that. I would also like to finish the Alison Cole butterfly from the class I took from her in Arizona this last October. I think I have more that enough to keep me busy for not only 2015, but probably many more years. I would love to do this project since surface embroidery is my favorite.

  584. What a beautiful project. Thank you for giving us the opportunity to get it. My projects for 2015 include an EGA course by Michele Roberts, “Goldwork Oak and Leaf Acorns”, finishing an Anna Pearson needlepoint piece and finishing an embroidery piece that has flowers, bumble bees and a Snail. I misplaced the cover sheet so I do not have the name available right now but it is done in crewel and I really like it.

  585. every year i make stitching resolutions and a perennial one is to complete all the UFO’s that seem to grow exponentially each year! So who knows maybe 2015 will be THAT year that the UFO’s become finished objects once and for all!

  586. I am so excited about this give away. I have found may enjoyable hours with embroidery kits.
    Elsa Williams is my favorite. I have three finished BOM projects I need to put together. I just had a class on quilting so I now know how to do that. I love, love surface embroidery kits. This kit is so nice.

  587. Good morning Mary ~ My list for 2015 is long; but for starters a wedding cake design stitched in Brazilian embroidery + at least 3-4 other new BE designs that are in progress; I always do a few Tea Towels to give as gifts and HOPEFULLY I will be stitching Breath of Spring – I really love all the things to look at..the little bugs scattered about.
    Thanks to the company for offering this gift – keeping my fingers crossed.

  588. Lovely project! Thank you, Mary.
    This year I hope to finish several UFOs, and then start something fun and new. This little garden scene would be just the ticket!

  589. There are so many reasons I would love to win and stitch this project and the beauty and variety of stitches to create it are just a start. I can imagine that working the project will in short order become addictive. My embroidery projects are many in progress including two large samplers and some original embroidery fiber artwork that needs the finishing touches. I will cross my fingers and maybe I will be the lucky one to win this kit which will put a smile on my face, get my fingers busy and add to the embroidery activities
    Thanks for the give- a -way ! 🙂

  590. I am so ready for Spring, we have a foot of snow on the ground and we have had winds up to 60 MPH overnight. Please enter me for the Spring project. Thank You,

  591. I think I want to make 2015 the year I round up all my UFO and finish them. Once those are done, I have a few projects that I want to get done, like the dress that has taken a life of it’s own and do a dress and belt with lots of gold work, plus the various kits waiting to be done.

  592. Hi, very nice embrodery.
    my projekt for 2015: embrodery on a new jakket, to finish one box with stumpwork, make linens, with animal for a new granchild

  593. My plans and hopes for 2015 include doing more painting and embroidering pieces of my own design, as well as learning some new technics (Brazilian Dimensional, ribbon, etc.) As we are now in process (slowly, very slowly, TOO slowly)!!! of building a new home in northern Arkansas I imagine my ideas are too big, but one can hope. 🙂
    I would also like to get more organized in 2015, once we are moved. So, I will be going back over some of your older postings on that sort of thing as well. I would so love to sit in my new sewing area in my lounge chair and work on this lovely piece!!! Thanks for the chance.

  594. I hope to learn long and short stitch this new year. I am a long time cross stitcher and needlepointer but long and short has always scared me.

  595. Hi Mary- Your Springtime emb. project is very beautiful and inspiring! It would be a fun and educational project for a beginner embroiderer like me.
    My projects for 2015 are many: finish a band sampler class now in progress. Start a Trish Burr little bird project I have on hand. Thank you so much for introducing Trish to your blog followers, including me. So many projects, so little time!! Thank you for your wonderful blog. xoxo Karen

  596. I would love to stitch this kit and add it to my 2015 project list. I have several items from classes from last year which need to be completed: black work, white work, ribbon work, needle painting. I also have some ideas for Christmas gifts for 2015, but not sure I’ll get to those. This little garden reminds me of the one I had at my previous home, creatures and all! Thank you. Liz

  597. What a lovely kit ! It would certainly help one
    get through the cold gray days of winter (I live
    in the Midwest). My main project for this year
    is to finish a table runner with three snowmen
    on each end and lots of snowflakes in the middle.
    I only have one and a half snowmen completed, so
    I have lots of stitching to do. After stitching
    snowmen, I will most definitely need some pretty
    spring flowers as my next project

  598. Hi Mary! My head is chock full of things I want to accomplish in the new year. Of course it’s not possible to do everything! but I can only try. I plan on finishing a blackwork project I started on a boned bodice and putting my hand to some canvas work. I also intend to work on some white work and see where that takes me. So much I want to do but I know it’s important to stay focused on the list otherwise you end up all over the place and spread yourself too thin. Fingers crossed I get it all done this year!!

  599. I would like to spend every minute of every day doing embroidery in one form or another, however, reality keeps intervening. My long term goal this year is to make embroidered pillows for everyone on my Christmas list for next year. It is a pretty lofty goal and may be down sized to one pillow per family. In the mean time, I went out to see about purchasing the Breath of Spring kit and they are sold out!! I am not even sure I could afford the kit, but I want this to be my now project before I start making pillows the rest of the new year!!

  600. What a lovely pattern. I won’t allow myself to think about new embroidery projects for 2015. Right now I have a list of sewing/quilting projects that I must finish before June and if I start thinking about embroidery and beautiful threads I’ll get sidetracked and nothing will get finished. But, if I win this give-a-way it will be the first one I do as soon as the commitments are finished.

    Thanks Mary

  601. Oh, dear Mary, I do so love your giveaways! What a lovely project!

    My 2015 needlework plans have me finishing a rather large counted canvas work project that I am creating as I am going. The design is based off a large mosaic I’ve seen at a museum a number of times over the years. I have learned that after a major project that I’ve designed myself, I typically like and appreciate doing something else from a pattern – just pick up the needle and go, without too much thinking needed. Already have that next project planned – it will be a tiny one on 40 count silk gauze. Beyond that, well, there is always a long growing list – we shall just see what makes it to the top!

    Many thanks for all the knowledge and wisdom you offer on your blog (not to mention, of course) the giveaways!

    Arlene C. in NJ

  602. 2015 projects–so many! First finish up projects from Creativ Festival classes then a beautiful Anna Marie Winter piece in gorgeous silk threads,then a Victoria Sampler Ort bag. Then I would love to use some of the motifs from this prize offering in a crazy quilt project. Love the bugs!

  603. OMG I love the bugs. I don’t know why but I love projects with bugs in them. this one also has Queen Anne’s Lace (one of my moms favorites. Jan 5th is my birthday and I am keeping my fingers crossed that my birthday angel will be holding your hand when you draw the number. I am currently working on His majesty the Tree and Ladies of the Sea. Those are my two planned projects for the year.

  604. I can commiserate with the wish-for-spring thing. 🙂 I have two embroidery projects tentatively chosen for 2015 already – a reproduction sampler using silk thread (first time using silk) and a Noah’s Ark wall hanging for my daughter. I would love to add this summer scene to my list!


  605. Gorgeous project. I remember seeing this in Inspirations magazine. My wish for 2015 is to continue to complete the projects that I haven’t finished. Like my redwork quilt with stitcheries that are done but not made into a quilt yet. Afew Christmas projects that are almost there. No doubt I will also start new ones I can’t resist. Can’t wait. Sue.

  606. I am so excited about this giveaway! Thank you for the chance to win!! I plan on stretching myself more in 2015 with some new stitches I haven’t attempted. I intend to do more work on wool and maybe throw in a couple of cross stitch charts along the way. I love handwork and can’t wait to start new projects in 2015!!

  607. My embroidery project plans for 2015 are to sharpen my skills with various intermediate stitches. I have a few sampler projects lined up and ready to go. Since I’ll be traveling, I can take one, barely begun, sampler with me, stitch a little. “Breath of Spring” is just beautiful. I’d love to try my hand at new stitches.

    Reading your blog every day inspires me to stitch a little and color my world with beads and threads.

  608. Hi Mary!

    I absolutely LOVE this project! As for my plans for 2015, I am working on a crazy quilt and a sampler ‘book.’ I absolutely cannot find any kits around my area that are affordable, so I usually just design my own. If I get lucky enough to do a kit, usually my mother finds it for me. I would love to work this kit and it would make a beautiful framed picture. Good luck to everyone!!

  609. Spring – I am ready! Not much chance of that happening in northeast Ohio. Being inside gives me more time for sewing and embroidery. For 2015 I want to improve my needle painting skills with patterns purchased from Trish Burr (thank you Mary) and complete four glass paperweights for gifts.

    Thank you for your generosity Mary.

  610. G’day there Mary,
    Well, hopefully ‘A Breath of Spring’!
    And I purchased 2 Craftsy classes when you mentioned their special earlier.
    Embroidering Texture and Dimension by Hand and Crazy Quilts with Allie Aller. Also a Photoshop class.
    Thanks to Canevas Folies, The French Needle and yourself for this great give away opportunity.
    Cheers, Kath.

  611. I have a project lined up for Spring 2015…and it will probably take me all the way through the Summer. I plan to insert some English smocking into a redesigned 1940s suit for myself. I’ve had this idea in my head for a few years, and I’m just gonna do it! I love the detail work on the old Davidow suits, and thought this would be the perfect combination of my love for tailored garments, and my love for embroidery.
    I would love to embroider the Breath of Spring kit! I LOVE flowers, especially embroidered ones! They don’t wilt!

  612. I started a new projet in december : bookmark stitched on aquarelle paper with threads from “au ver à soie”. I want to make one for every member of my family and my friends who love to read. It is very creative and fun to do. I hope to finish my projet in spring.