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Early Style Hardanger – A Give-Away!


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It’s Tuesday, and since we’re past the halfway point in October, I think it’s a perfect day for a give-away!

If you love whitework, if you love open work embroidery, delicate embroidery, geometric design and drawn thread work – you’re going to love Yvette Stanton’s newest embroidery book, Early Style Hardanger! And if you don’t have a copy of it yet, here’s your opportunity to win a nice addition to your needlework library!

Early Style Hardanger by Yvette Stanton

Earlier this year, I reviewed Early Style Hardanger. The review will tell you what the book is all about, how the techniques differ from Hardanger as we know it today, and what you can expect inside the cover – from magnificent projects to thorough instruction.

Thanks to Vetty Creations, today I’m giving away a copy of the book, which I’ll mail to you, no matter where you live! Just read the give-away guidelines below to participate!

Early Style Hardanger - Projects

Give-Away Guidelines

This give-away is now ended! Thanks for participating!

1. Leave a comment on today’s article on Needle ‘n Thread. If you’re not sure where to comment, this link will take you straight to the comment form. Comments left on other articles on Needle ‘n Thread or sent in via email are not eligible.

2. Please make sure you leave a recognizable name on your comment, to avoid confusion when the winner is announced. For example, if your name is Sue and you want to differentiate yourself from other Sues out there, you might use your last name or initial, a nickname, a place – like Sue in Syracuse – or something like that.

3. In your comment, please answer the following question:

What’s your favorite embroidery stitch and why?

4. Leave your comment by this Saturday, October 22nd, 5:00 am CST (Kansas time). The winner will be announced at the beginning of Saturday’s article, which happens to be a really fun newsy post with lots of tidbits for your weekend entertainment!

So jump on in and leave your comment this week, and by next week, you may have a beautiful new book winging its way to you from the wilds of Kansas!

Have a Totally Terrific Tuesday!


(655) Comments

  1. Current favorite is variations on feather stitch. Simple one but having fun with it lately. This book is on my wish list since your review!

  2. I have looked at this book at my LNS, but haven’t bought it yet. So would love to add it to my book collection! I’ve done lots of different embroidery stitches, and I do love eyelet stitches! My name is Rose and I live in Olds, Alberta Canada

  3. This book has been on my (very long) book wishlist for a while. My favorite stitch is the satin stitch. I love how shiny and soft it looks once it’s done. Another favorite of mine now is surprisingly the bullion stitch. I recently had to stitch a whole slew of them and I was pleasantly surprised on how relaxing it is.

  4. I love all things about hardanger! I like all the filling stitches like the Greek cross. It is so fun to take that empty space and make something beautiful in its place.
    Jane Oldland

  5. My favorite stitch is the rice stitch and the only reason I can give is that I think it is fun to do. I would love to win this book because I am currently working on a hardanger angel Christmas tree topper.

    Vera in WV

  6. My favorite embroidery stich is the straight stich. It’s the first one I learned to do & the easiest. I find myself using it the most. Happy stitching!!!

  7. My favorite stitch is the feather stitch. I find I can get into a really relaxing flow when stitching it and love all the different looks I can achieve in my crazy quilting with this stitch.

  8. My favourite stitch is the
    Half Rhodes half-drop stitch,
    because of the beauty of the way the rows interlock and the wonderfully textured surface it gives when worked solidly over an area.

  9. I’ve never tried hardanger but I’ve always thought it was beautiful. My favorite embroidery stitch is the feather stitch and its variations. It’s so easy to add things at the end to make them look like flowers on vines.

  10. I’ve always been afraid to try this type of embroidery. This book would give me a chance to try. My favorite stitch is the stem stitch because it’s easy and mindless. I can stitch away. Also I never know what other stitches to use. I’m afraid I’ll make the wrong choice or won’t execute the stitch correctly. I wish I was a more adventurous stitcher.

  11. I’m enjoying a return to embroidery and putting little bits of it on everything I can get my hands on! Lol. I’ve even picked up Hardanger and just love it! So I believe, right now, my favorite stitch is the eyelet. I’ve done thousands of them by now! This Hardanger book would be a wonderful addition to my collection.

  12. Cross stitch and variations of it is a favorite as it can be used for many things, creating different effects.

  13. I like couching. It decorates a plain line and adds texture. You can play the colors bold and contrasting, or subtle.

  14. My favourite stitch is long armed cross stitch. I like it as a border and it is fast and easy to work when you have a piece that needs a long border. That being said, I am most attracted to long and short stitch but for some reason, it intimidates me still. I love doing hardanger and any whitework, so would love this book. Thanks for a nice give-away. Hope you are well.

  15. Oh what a beautiful book that I did not know.
    I love hardanger, this is my favorite stich, I don’t know it too much but I do every year several project so I can keep going with it. I wish I knew how to create design with it, it is so beautiful… and logic.
    Thank you for the opportunity and your web site that is THE reference!

  16. My favorite embroidery stitch is what my grandmother called the “lazy daisy” stitch – I love it because it’s the first stitch (after crosses) that she taught me!

  17. I am enjoying reverse chain stitch. I learned it at workshop with Celeste Chalasani, and I loved it.

  18. I have only tried hardanger once without stellar results so this book might be my way to actually learn how.
    It’s hard to pick one favorite stitch but the blanket stitch is very versatile and fun to stitch. Pat Creech in Katy, TX

  19. Satin stitch is one of my favorite embroidery stitches. It is so versatile. It can be given so many shapes: hearts, butterflies, circles and so on. And I love the feel of satin stitches.
    Would love to add this book to my stitch book library!!!

  20. I love playing with all stitches but think my favourite is detached buttonhole in any shape or form. The opportunity to add more to it are endless and I have to admit it is great fun! I took a Hardanger class years ago and would love to do some again.

  21. I recently retired and me a wonderful lady at church. She is teaching me Hardanger. My husband is Norwegian and I hope to make small gifts for the family at Christmas. I want to share the love of this art with everyone. I look forward to getting this book, I would like to see the history as well as the comparison to modern needle work. Thank you

  22. My favourite style of embroidery is thread painting. I enjoy drawing local wildlife and then embroidering it. I did hardanger many years ago and it would be nice to re visit it.

  23. I have always loved hardanger, but have not tried it. I cannot believe how beautiful the piece on the cover of Yvette’s book and the lids and pillow are. Wow! These have made me take a second look at trying hardanger.

  24. I love Yvette’s books. So well researched and written with beautiful photography.

    My favorite embroidery stitch has to be French knots. I love doing them. In every type of thread – a single strand of silk on silk or wool on canvas. All good.

  25. I love long-and-short stitch needlepainting best of all, thanks to your website 🙂 It’s so amazingly easy and fun and satisfying and makes incredibly realistic shading! Last fall I did tiny pincushions, and added a squirrel to one, a rabbit to another, and a Border Collie to a third, and, though I can’t draw those animals or any other worth a darn, embroidering them turned out nearly perfect. Thank you! I also love Hardanger, thanks to the introduction I got from Anna magazine back in the 80s 🙂


  26. While I started surface embroidery as a child and got hooked on counted cross stitch as a teen, I have never considered myself advanced enough to try hardanger. This looks like something I might want to try while I can still see it! Keep having to get stronger and stronger reading glasses…

  27. I like a combination of Hardanger and “punto antico” (openwork embroidery)that I have worked on here in Italy. I like the lacey, airy effect it gives.

  28. My favorite embroidery stitch is one of the first I learned, the lazy daisy. As a little girl all I wanted to do was embroider flowers hence the lazy daisy stitch. Thank you for the opportunity to win this book. I have always admired Hardanger Embroidery but have never attempted it. Winning this book would be great motivation to add this style to my skills.

  29. Right now my favorite stitch is back stitch/double running stitch – because I took my first ever needlework class a couple of weeks ago, and it happened to be a blackwork class with Marion Schoaler.

  30. Hi Mary,
    I love your new website. You are giving hand embroidery a new face. I look forward to your ideas each day.
    My favorite stitch is the feather stitch. Once you get a rhythm going, I find it relaxing. Also, it is a pretty stitch that is suitable in almost any design.

  31. I love hardanger. For years I was just looking at it and wish I could do it. Then someone on a facebook group recommend Janice Love’s book “Basics and Beyond”. I got that and was so surprised that I manage to do hardanger and then I was hooked. I would really love to have Yvette’s book. There is so much more to learn about hardanger.

  32. I would love to have this book. Hardanger is my stitching favorite. My favorite embroidery stitch is the stem stitch…I love how it outlines a motif.

  33. That’s one tough question, and I hesitated with chain stitch and satin stitch, but in the end, stem stitch (point de tige in French) wins for me. It’s the very first one my grandma taught me when she started giving me embroidery lessons. It’s extremely versatile (my first childhood projects only had satin and stem stitch in them) as a line stitch. Most of all, I love its beautiful “ropey” texture. Seeing each stitch well defined and flowing into the next one with fluidity is extremely satisfying, isn’t it?

  34. My current favorite stitch is the chain stitch, for outlining on dishtowels. I love it because it is smooth and rounded. I’ve been using it as the outlining stitch, because my stem stitch isn’t very good (although I am improving). Not traditional for this type of embroidery, but I like the slightly open yet still straight look.


  35. I am traveling around the world without leaving home and so far have visited 17 countries by learning the ethnic embroidery which is their national style of stitching. Norway is my favorite place because hardanger is their form of embroidery. I taught myself 40 years ago and since then have studied and am still learning new stitches to use in this embroidery. I had the pleasure of copying hardanger done by my girlfriend’s mother and grandmother which was brought with them when they emigrated to America. I keep several items on hand that I grab when I want something to do wherever I am going. I don’t need patterns, I make up my own most of the time. I have made church linens in hardanger and an altar cloth 113 inches long with a design 11 inches wide that I made up for that purpose. It is in a church near St. Louis. When I reach for needlework, hardanger is my first choice.

  36. Oh, so many stitches to consider! The first stitch that comes to mind as a favorite, though, is the long and short stitch. I’m certainly not an expert at it, but I love the beautiful shading that can be accomplished using long and short stitch.

  37. I think my favourite stitch is bullion knots because they are so adaptable and make beautiful roses so easily. I do love hardanger too and was teaching it to another student recently at an embroidery workshop (the teacher had never tried it so was happy for me to teach.)

  38. I would love to win the book. My all time favorite embroidery stitch is the bullion stitch. I have used this in lots of different projects thru the years. Thanks, Pattie

  39. French and related knots are my favorite. They give nice texture in filling and make great accents. Used neat and sweet or loose and messy, they add character.

  40. My favorite embroidery stitch is the Rhodes heart. I love the texture of the completed stitch. I do love the look of Hardanger and have done a fair amount of it over the years. I don’t really have a favorite Hardanger stitch though. It’s the combination of stitches that make it beautiful.

  41. I recently tried the fishbowl stitch for a leaf. I was truly impressed with the results I received. Thanks for your patient videos. Otherwise, any of my stitches that turn out as nice looking as one of yours is my absolute favorite!

    1. I recently tried the fishbone stitch for a leaf. I was truly impressed with the results I received. Thanks for your patient videos. Otherwise, any of my stitches that turn out as nice looking as one of yours is my absolute favorite!

  42. Hardanger is my favorite style of embroidery. I find it quite relaxing to stitch while producing table runners and mats. Would be delightful to win this book so I can expand my knowledge. Noelle Frances

  43. Oooh what a lovely opportunity! And what a fiendishly difficult question…. how on earth can I pick one favourite stitch?????

    My favourite stitch varies over time, but at the moment I’m having a lot of fun with a two-coloured version of nutmeg stitch and its sister mace stitch; in fact I wrote a bit about it on my blog just today – I’ll add the link but do please remove it if it’s against your policy to have them in comments.

  44. Hi, I love white in white work and open work which I am exploring right now rather awkwardly. Would love some insights that this book offers! Thanks Mary.

  45. Hemstitch is my favorite stitch. I love to remove threads and draw the remaining ones together to create a lacy, delicate look. If I don’t plan to frame or finish a stitched piece, I hem it before placing it in a drawer for safe keeping.

  46. What a coincidence……I just finished a Beginner Hardanger embroidery class. I loved it and learnt so much. All the stitches are new to me but I enjoyed the blanket stitch. This book would be a great start to a collection of Hardanger books!

  47. My favorite stitch is split stitch – which I know is kind of strange, since a lot of people don’t like it. But it makes such clean, straight lines! I like to use it on dishtowels or other simple projects where I want a nice outline.

  48. My favourite stitch right now is the bullion. Now that I’ve figured it out, I can see it being used in so many places. I would love to add this book to my reference library as books, like this, are never dated.

  49. The “Lazy-Daisy” stitch is my favorite-so simple, but adds so much to any embroidery pattern, and in combinations is a wonderful addition! Great giveaway-I love Hardanger! Thank you, Susan in Mississippi.

  50. I like back stitch, there is something so satisfying about it. It is so calming. 😉
    I would like to try long and short stitch, but the truth is that it scares me a bit!
    Love, Rachel Lawrence

  51. Hi from south africa ..I love to do cross stitch alot and why I love it because it’s so calming and when I am cross stitching I lost myself in the tiny little crosses . Its like a therapy for me.
    Thank you
    Love cucki x

  52. My favorite embroidery stitch is the stem stitch. Makes beautiful lines. When used one line next to another it does beautiful shading and texture.

  53. Absolutely beautiful work! I would love to learn how!! My granddaughters would look so cute in aprons!

    1. I forgot to say my favorite embroidery stitch! Well, today it is the lazy daisy because I just changed pillowcases on my bed and saw the sweet bunches that were embroidered for our wedding 46 years ago.

  54. Never tried this style of hardanger embroidery – just admired it and would like to give it a try. My favorite stitch is the chain stitch I love it’s versatility and how it can be embellished with other stitches.

  55. What’s your favorite embroidery stitch and why?

    My favorite embroidery stitch is the French Knot. I live in a state settled by the French and they have left their mark. French Knots can be used for the center of flowers, eyes on little creepy crawlie things, and just scattered about as a decoration. That book looks wonderful. My deceased grandmother used to do that open hole embroidery and every cousin was given a sheet and pillowcases with that decoration on the pillowcases. I am 71 and still have my sheets and pillowcases. Thanks for putting up such a wonderful prize.

  56. my favorite embroidery stitch is the bullion stitch.
    It adds so many new dimensions to a piece depending
    on what you want it to interpret.
    It is also very intimidating first time you’re learning to use it.
    It looks complex when used alone or with other stitches but
    once you get a feel for the way its produced it feels like youve
    really done something. Sort of like learning to ride a bicycle
    when you were a kid.

  57. Cross stitch is my favorite because it’s so easy. I’d love to branch out and try a different technique. This book looks cool. Thanks Mary!

  58. My favorite stitch is stem stitch!! There’s so much you can do with this stitch!!
    Thank you for this giveaway. I was just reading about the book yesterday in Inspirations magazine and thinking that I had to put it on my Christmas list.
    Enjoy your day, Mary.

  59. My favorite stitch is the stem stitch. It’s the little black dress of the embroidery world: versatile, reliable, easy to make, and looks good with everything.

  60. My favorite stitch is Smyna Cross. One Christmas, my husband gave me a book by Sylvia Syndey. I found the stitch in that book. And stayed up until 3 in the morning working on a pillow, just using that stitch. It was beautiful.
    Carol H in FL

  61. Mary, this looks like another book I’d love to add to my library! Thanks for the opportunity. My favourite stitch? There are so many stitches I like, but I’m drawn to dimensional embroidery and stumpwork, and I really love the bullion stitch for its versatility and 3-D effect. So, if I must choose one stitch, the bullion stitch would have to be it. Plus, I think it’s fun to do. 😉

  62. I’ve been willing to learn Hardanger for several years, but kept postponing it because I got confused as to which instructional book would be best for a beginner. My mom was a fantastic stitcher. With her I learned many things, but Hardanger (and tatting, or Frivolités, as she called it) was, unfortunately, not in my interest at that time. I guess it was because the idea of “cutting the fabric” scared me.
    This book, Early Style Hardanger (and Mary’s excellent review of it) seems to be the ideal place to start. Thanks for this opportunity!

  63. I have never done Hardanger work but it is so beautiful and would love to try it. Absolutely love your e-mails every morning, they are so informative and inspirational. I have gotten into Brazilian Embroidery, love all the depth you can get from the stitches.

  64. Your review for the book is wonderful. How I would LOVE to own this book not only for the design suggestions but for the history of Hardanger. I’ve only done 1 piece of Hardanger and would love to do more. I’m sure the lucky one who “wins” this book will appreciate adding it to their library. Such a generous offering!

    My current favorite stitch is the queen stitch, having finally conquered doing many in one area and have them look uniform.

    Janet in GA

  65. I love Hardanger! I love the number of variations you can achieve with just the few basic stitches. l am a traditionalist in that I prefer tone on tone color or matching the thread color to the background fabric color. Did I say that I just love Hardanger!
    A favorite stitch for surface embroidery is the chain stitch. It’s easy to master and there are many variations of it.
    This looks like a wonderful book full of information. I would love to add it this to my library. Thanks for the give away.

  66. I like many stitches because together they make a piece lovelier. I am torn between the long and short stitch and the raised satin stitch. I like the raised satan stitch because it is prettier when done correctly and it has a nice tactile feel.

  67. I love Hardanger (but don’t get much of a chance to do it – between quilting and knitting). If I win the book, I will definitely start a new one.

  68. What a wonderful White work book, the uk seller is unfortunately out of stock.
    My favourite stitch; Running Stitch trailing because whilst it is simple it looks so beautiful & effective. The stitch I find most challenging is the Ayrshire Needlelace Star filling, getting the points to balance is such a challenge.

  69. I love satin stitch – I am currently stitching a full size table cloth found in my mother’s possessions after she passed with the satin stitch and stem stitch. Almost all of the stem stitch is completed but I am far from finished with the satin stitch. I matched the thread to my mother-in-law’s china to honor both mothers. I have been working on the tablecloth for 1 1/2 years and probably have another year to go. It is my stitching project every other month alternating it with other embroidery projects. It will be gorgeous and bring back many memories of two very important women in my life.

  70. Fairly new to embroidery but am really loving the cute little French knots. They look good almost anywhere !!

  71. Oops, I forgot to add my favorite embroidery stitch to my previous post. I love French Knots. You can add so much texture and flair to a piece. I have used it on so many pieces and also on my quilting embellishments. Again, thank you. Suzanne from Lone Tree, CO

  72. I am new to embroidery and was finding long and short stitch challenging to get right; this website has helped me tremendously with that! But as I like a challenge – as well as the shaded look it gives when you do it right – I guess you could say that long and short stitch is my current favorite.

  73. Hi Mary, my favourite style of embroidery is hardanger. Every now and again I go off and do other styles but I always come back to hardanger and it feels like home. This book is on my Christmas list. Perhaps santa will come early to my house this year! Michelle in Scotland.

  74. Hardanger is, by far, my favorite technique! It is timeless and will never go out of style. I love the fact that you don’t need a large box full of supplies for a project; fabric, perle coton, a needle & scissors and it makes for the perfect travel companion.

  75. I’m fairly new to embroidery and currently enjoy the stem stitch. Thank you for the opportunity to enter your wonderful giveaway!

  76. My Mother was full Norwegian and had some pieces made by her Mother. Those pieces are gone. I always heard about the Hardanger Fjord in Norway. Hardanger is beautiful work. Mom taught me embroidery so it is hard to pick a favorite stitch! Perhaps the Satin stitch. Dad was full Swede, so there was a lot of fun teasing that happened at home. Lots of laughs. Uff Da!!
    Barbara J at the Bay

  77. My current favorite stitch is kloister stitch – I’m doing a large reproduction piece and it covers ground beautifully!

  78. The Satin Stitch is my favorite embroidery stitch as this is used to create so many of the lovely Hardanger stitches. And I love Hardanger!

    Nancy White

  79. It is hard to pick just one stitch. I like them all. If I have to pick, I would say the French knot. It gives dimension, is a great filler and works up pretty quickly. It looks hard too and that impresses people.

  80. White work is my latest passion and this book looks a lovely book to add to your library I’m collecting all different kinds of white threads to start a white work project very exciting.


  81. As I thought about my favorite stitch, the first one that came to mind was the blanket/buttonhole stitch. There are so many ways it can be used, and in many different types of embroidery. I like the look when the gaps between the stitches are filled in with a different color thread to make an attractive edge on a motif. Thanks for the giveaway! This book looks like a great addition to a needlework library. Sandi in Eugene

  82. My favourite embroidery stitch is long and short stitch. I love the lifelike effects you can get with this!

  83. Thank you, Mary, for that interesting opportunity! My favourites at that moment are Jacobean and Cruel embroidery. Best wishes, Maria.

  84. My favorite embroidery stitch the antique hem stitch. It adds class to almost anything that needs a hem, and it’s relaxing for me to do detailed work. Simple but effective.

  85. I soooo need this book! Keeping my fingers crossed. I wish I may, I wish I might ………… thanks for this opportunity. I have learned so much from you. I hope you know how many seeds you’ve planted and how many wonderful NeedleArt forests exist because you have shared your skills.
    Diana S.

    1. Oops. My favorite stitch is the outline stitch because I can bring details to life. Just like magic. Diana S

  86. My favorite stitch is stem stitch because of its versatility. Thank you Mary for all your wonderful reviews and tutorials!

  87. Although I do not have a special embroidery stitch because it takes many types of stitches to make a beautiful piece of work, I love the satin stitch because of the versatility.

  88. The stitch I use the most is the blanket stitch but my favorite is the Bullion. I love the texture and diversity it can create. I’ve not yet had the nerve to do a Hardanger piece but it’s always in the back of my mind. I would love to have this book to spur me on! I’m Judy from Crestline CA.

  89. Dear Mary,
    Thank you for again given us the chance to win something that will broaden our embroidery horizons!
    It’s hard to pick a favourite stitch but I love any variation on lattice stitches; they are such an effective way of filling.

  90. I love the look and challenge of Hardanger. I am taking a course on it in November and the book would be an invaluable asset.

  91. Gosh I am not sure I have a favorite embroidery stitch. I am currently working on a Schwalm pattern. I have made one, yup, just one hardanger project. It was very little and I gave it to my mom. I would love to try it again!

  92. My favorite stitch is the bullion because you can use it in various ways and make so many interesting things: flowers, animals, etc.

  93. This book is beautiful and boy could I have used it recently. I’m still working on a hardanger sampler and the instructions for it are sorely lacking. I hadn’t done any hardanger for a number of years and had to go searching the internet for better guidance. I’m afraid mine if going to look “organic”. Thanks so much for your blog, I look forward to each installment.

  94. My favorite embroidery stitch is palestrina, or twilling, stitch. I first used it 35 years ago on a large sampler and to me it was like adding a piece of braiding or gimp trim to softly outline the verse. It has a richness about it and shows off the quality of silk, wool, or cotton floss. I especially like it when I blend colors.

    I’m hoping I win the hardanger book. It is something I have always wanted to do and now that I am retired, I have the time for. I so enjoy your newsletter.

    Gail in Athens, Georgia, USA

  95. I love the lazy daisy stitch. It is just a fun stitch to make. Thank you for this great giveaway.
    Have a super great sewing and stitching day!

  96. I learnt the art of embroidery from my mother . she taught me all the Stiches for The Italian white work .
    She recently passed on at the age of 88 and we were both working on a Xmas boot in Ukrainian white work . This has a lot of drawn thread work and lot of threads that are similar to Hardanger
    My best stitch is Palestrina ( double Knotted Stitch), it is used alot in the Italian embroidery that i was taught by my mom.
    Its a lovely Border ,edging stitch, and has beautiful effects if done with different thickness of threads
    I hope i win this book it would be so nice as it was something that my mother loved
    Kind regard
    I am from Johannesburg South Africa

  97. My favorite embroidery stitch is the Hardanger stitch(es). What I like best about Hardanger is that I start out with a simple piece of fabric and then, over time, it becomes a delicate piece of artwork that is useful in many ways. I especially like Yvette Stanton because she challenges me but does not just abandon me without showing me where to go.

  98. I have alway wanted to learn how to do hardanger work, My mother did the most lovely work, pity I did not learn from her

  99. Thank you for the giveaway! That’s a beautiful book!!! My favorite embroidery stitch is the long and short stitch as it is so delicate! I can reproduce realistic pictures with so fine details! I just love it!

  100. I would have to say the stem stitch — for one, it was the first stitch I was taught and I have embroidered a lot of dish towels with pretty much just this stitch. I look the smooth, pretty line it makes!

  101. Crewel and needlepoint are my favorite embroidery projects with stump work as a close favorite. However, hardanger always looked as quite a challenge. With your review of Yvette Stanton’s book, I might just take the plunge into the unknown!
    Carolyn from Freehold

  102. My favorite stitch in a running back stitch because it is so useful when I am working on blackwork.

  103. My favorite embroidery stitch is feather stitch. While it may follow a straight line, it can also be easily curved, incorporating movement both within the several-step stitch and along the way. It adapts well to various types and weights of threads/fibers and has a wide variety of applications; I’ve used it in “traditional” embroidery, crewel, silk ribbon embroidery, crazy quilt and English smocking to name a few. Plus, it is just downright fun to execute!

  104. How can anyone choose a single type of needlework as their favorite? Mine is which ever is in my hand at the moment as I tend to work on multiple projects at one time. I always have at least 8 projects going and several others brewing. There will never be enough time to get them done. I do love Hardanger and plan on completing another Ruth Hanke type angel so this book would give me even more ideas.
    Sandy in Hot Springs, AR
    The joy is in the stitching.

    1. I misread stitch as style. I believe in every hand done stitch, as the texture is so much more wonderful than any machine made stitch. Recently I have found the versatility in the simple lazy daisy stitch.

  105. I love stem stitch and have enjoyed learning of its many other uses than on a flower stem. I would love this book, I have dabbled in hardanger only once and that was under supervision in a group and so I have no written instructions on it.

  106. I have recently discovered a love of white work and would love to add this book to my budding needlework collection. Embroidery has been instrumental in battling my expat blues. It’s been perfect for those rainy weeks here in Belgium when there is literally nothing else for me to clean and I don’t know what to do with myself. I love making things and sending them as gifts to loved ones back home. To date I have made 3 alphabet sampler baby gifts and a set of monogrammed napkins as a wedding gift!

    My favorite stitch is the Pekinese stitch. I love how versitile it is as a great line stitch or filling stitch. I also love the subtle texture it gives a piece.

  107. I love doing many types of whitework embroidery. and Hardanger is one of the first I learned. My favorite stitch to do in Hardanger is the doves eye filling. It is so fast and easy to do and adds such a delicate lace look to the basic kloster block.

  108. I love surface embroidery. I’ve learned so many new stitches from your site. Thanks so much!

  109. Backstitch definitly. It’s fast and I usually don’t need a hoop to add a little something to a project.

  110. Tough question since different stitches are used for different needs. Stem stitch is so versatile-as an outline and a filler, I will say that one. Ask me in 10 minutes and I probably have another answer.

  111. I bought a small hardanger kit some time ago but have never started it from lack of knowledge, so I’m a prime customer for a new and exciting instruction book. One of my grandmothers was from Denmark, and I’ve alway wanted to learn about Scandinavian needlework.

    The lazy daisy stitch has alway been my favorite. I learned it as a little girl working on a dishtowel for my mother, and found the flower it created a fascinating surprise.

  112. I’ve done some hardanger and love the results. My favorite stitch currently is the buttonhole stitch. I like the strength of it.

  113. Now I had to think about my favorite stitch. After much pondering, I realized it was the latest stitch I was trying to learn at any given time. This is because of the sense of satisfaction I get when I’ve fumbled my way through, over and over, and finally get down. Then it’s a matter of repetition until it becomes effortless, like I’ve always known it. It’s not easy to do a happy dance in a wheelchair but I’ve got that down also. It’s not pretty and should never be done in public, but it’s my happy dance!

    I realized in my late teens that I’d never learn every embroidery stitch and that’s when I fell in love with it. I was right, I’m 65 and still learning, can never get bored. I’ve got my fingers crossed on this one, would love the book! Lou C

  114. It’s hard to decide which is my favorite embroidery stitch, but I think I can say Stem Stitch, mostly because that’ s the stitch I do most often. I do a lot of Red Work, by the way I ‘m going to take a beginner class in Hardanger next month. Can’t wait.

  115. I love embroidery in all forms, but have a special affinity for hardanger. My instant love for hardanger was ignited when I discovered a tablecloth stitched by my Norwegian great grandmother for her marriage in America, and it has burned bright ever since!

  116. My favourite embroidery stitch is the Greek Cross. I have been doing hardanger for a number of years and like the elegance and simplicity of this stitch.

  117. I love hardanger because it is so neat and lovely with just one colour of tread. I have made a cloth for twelve persons which I am very fond of.
    Jette Sauerberg

  118. I am not a professional in stitches. But I love various stitches. The stitch that I love the most is “MIRROR WORK”. Recently I had embroidered in my jacket with this stitch. I love this stitch so much.
    And also thanks for your Mirror Work video tutorial. It’s really nice.

  119. My favorite stitch is the lazy daisy. It reminds me of embroidering with my grandmother when I was younger. I have always wanted to learn hardanger embroidery. This looks like a good book to get started.

  120. I learned how to do hardanger many years ago, but haven’t done any in quite some time. Would love to get back into it.

    Jana F.

  121. Love the stem because that is the first stitch beginners learn. They can write with it, outline with it and create with it early on. Just easy but essential.
    I stitch hardanger as well and am intrigued with this book.

  122. Favorite stitch would be the satin stitch when done on a counted cross stitch piece. I love the smooth texture of the satin stitch on a counted cross stitch piece.
    I must say that I do look forward to reading your posts, they are not only informative but also inspirational.
    Thank you,

  123. I am in love with darning stitches, there is so much variety. Different threads have such neat effect on outcome. This book has had space saved for it on my needlework shelf for a while. Making a hardanger tablecloth is on my bucketlist.

  124. Oh, my gosh! More whitework. I love it. I got hooked doing the drawn thread towel, Angelina, from Barbara Kershaw. I just adore the clean fresh look of white on white. If I don’t win, I am going to get the book anyway. It looks like a must have to me.

  125. My favorite stitch right now is the Hungarian chain stitch. It has an awesome look and feel to it. I use it as a border all the time and I completed a mini version of the Hungarian chain stitch table runner that you created, and changed it into a table center piece. It was a big hit!

  126. I think my favourite stitch is the satin stitch because it’s both simple and tricky to do, but looks beautiful when done well.

  127. Good Morning Mary!!! I really enjoy hardanger but have not done much. I do love whitework but my favorite stitch is the rococo or queen stitch. I love the way it looks on my fabric. I would love to win this book!! Thank you so much!!!

    Jerry in McKinney

  128. I’d love to add this book to my library. My favorite embroidery stitch is the Queen stitch as I love the way it looks on the completed sampler.

  129. My favorite stitch is anything related to Whitework in General. What could be easier to find time for than Whitework. You can
    almost always work on it in hand, the stitches are very easy, the thread is easy, and if it gets dirty, it’s made to be washed!
    You can keep by your bedside to stitch on while watching the morning news and drinking coffee, you can stitch on the bus, the train, the airplane and in the park! It’s my work that gets done but I don’t feel like it’s another unfinished project because I work
    on it every day!

  130. I like the stem stitch. It’s easy to become consistent with it. I do a lot of Crabapple Studio patterns and there’s always tons of outlining and I think the outlining is prettier than with the back stitch.

  131. Well, I’m going to go with the stitch I use most lately. The French knot. (K)not because I like it but because I am determined to get it down pat and learn to like it!

  132. I have been working with the heavy chain stitch lately, which I am loving. It is great at creating a filled look and takes curves so well.

  133. Right now my favorite embroidery stitch is the blanket stitch because I’m working on some miniature applique that is supposed to be made with felt and blanket-stitched in place, but I decided to do it with fabric. So after I turn under all the edges and applique the pieces, then I use the blanket stitch with wild colored thread to make it look like the original pattern. I like the challenge of trying to space all the stitches equally apart. But, in another month or two, I may have a different favorite stitch. Thank you for this opportunity. The whitework on the cover of the book is something I’ve never attempted, but now that I have time, it would be a nice challenge, I think. L. A. Seifert

  134. I love long and short stitch, and how realistic you can make something look with it. Satin stitch comes in a close second. Love your site!

  135. Actually, my favourite embroidery is hardanger. It always makes me think of my grandmother, who was a HUGE hardanger fan.

  136. I like the look of the Hardanger style and would love to learn how to do it! Thanks for the chance to win the book!
    ~Gin K.~

  137. Thank you to you and Yvette for this give away.

    I don’t know if I have a favorite stitch, but I always find myself going to the stem stitch in a pinch.

    Now, I do know my least favorite stitch. It’s the long/short fill stitches. I don’t have enough time to practice it to improve my skill.

  138. wonder your message to appear today! No later than Saturday, I finished my first work Hardenger – a small tablecloth for our table living- It took just nine months to complete it. I loved doing this work and I intend to get back soon.

    My favorite point Embroidery is definitely the “encroaching past.” It makes me feel my embroidery painting while giving it some volume. It’s a real pleasure for me to paint needle.

    Sorry, I’m from Belgium and my English is very old (over 40 years) so I write in French and I translated my text with Google Translate). I hope you forgive me mistranslations

    Hope to hear from you soon

  139. I like small. I like delicate. I like texture. I like white and I like stitch. Of Course this means I have ‘Early Style Hardanger’ on my Christmas list. How wonderful would it be to win a book I really want to learn from? I already have a couple of Yvette’s other whitework books and find her instructions excellent and clear.

  140. I love your site and read all your emails.
    My favorite stitch would be bullion knots. I learned the technique in May and I am hooked. There are so many things you can do with them and I find it to be very relaxing.
    I would love to have Yvonne’s book as hardanger is a passion of mine. Thank you for this opportunity.

  141. My favorite stitch is the raised stem stitch. It works great on stems and gives a beautiful finish to wider areas such as leaves too! It is time consuming but well worth the time it takes to complete it. I would absolutely love to learn this beautiful technique! Fingers crossed to be the winner of this one… 😉

  142. I learnt Hand Embroidery at school and 3 weeks ago, I joined an embroidery group near my new home. I am 61 now and I am just loving this beautiful ART. So my favourite stitch from my first sampler would have to be ROUMANIAN STITCH. I really enjoyed learning this new stitch. Thank You!

  143. It’s tough to pick a single stitch, but one I learnt recently is my current favourite: woven picots. I love being able to add depth to my embroidery.
    Sarah dRH

  144. I like lots of embroidery stitches and love Hardanger. That book is at the top of my wish list. I suppose satin stitch is my favourite stitch. Great for Kloster Blocks but wonderful for filling stitches. It is also not easy to get really even so I can give myself a pat on the back when it turns out right.

  145. I like using the palestrina stitch, but just in general any stitch will do as long as I am stitching. Hope I win.

  146. Greetings! My favourite handembroidery stich is Hardanger! I made a Coffeetable Runner in the Hardangerstich for my practical work end of the year mark in my Home Economicsclass in 1972. This work was my pride and joy,because it was very easy to count the threads in the material. I just LOVED to see how the pattern transformed into a piece of art in my novice hands. I fell in love with it! What can I say…. I REALY WOULD APPRECIATE THIS GIVE AWAY BOOK!
    Kind regards. Sonia Lemmer. East Coast of South Africa. KwaZulu Natal.

  147. Tina from State College and I love french knots! I think it’s the texture that attracts me the most. Any knotted stitch is great as far as I’m concerned! I love the challenge of Hardanger, the process and the final product are thrilling so this book would be a great resource. Very much enjoy your blog!

  148. I would love to win this book. I would love to learn how to do this. It is so beautiful. I am trying to learn all of the older ways of doing things. Like soap making and such as that. So far, I’ve learned to sew, embroider, crochet, knit, can food, dehydrate foods, and weave cloth. I can make soap and lotions. We garden an put up the produce.

    1. My favorite stitch is all of them, but I’d have to say the stem stitch is the one I use the most. My first love is embroidery.

  149. I love Hardanger and all types of embroidery. Hardanger was the first I learned after embroidery and cross stitch.

  150. How awesome! Thank you for the chance to win. I am coming back to embroidery after many years. Thanks to your site I am re-learning everything. As far as my favorite stitch is concerned, it would have to be the satin stitch (so far). I look forward to seeing all the inspirational projects that you have on your site and learning something new. Thanks again.

  151. My favorite embroidery stitch is the chain stitch. It is very simple to do and can add texture and dimension to a project. When it is done with over dyes or variegated threads it really is pretty. Not mention there are several variations of the chain that are also fun. I have seen this book and would love to have it.

  152. I really enjoy projects with specialty stitches. Mastering the bullion knot for making flowers is my favourite. Would love to win this book for teaching projects in our guild.

  153. I admire and respect Hardanger and the stitchers who bring its beauty to fore. I enjoy working Hardanger; I’ve had some excellent teachers. However, although I may count with accuracy and fearlessly cut with precision, I’ve yet to master the picot. Maybe Yvette can help with an illustration that works for me.

  154. Would love to try Hardanger and this book may help me take the plunge. Love your blog. I have learned so much and your work is beautiful. I’m not very proficient but I love to see well done Satin stitch. It’s beautiful in its simplicity. Sandy, Finleyville PA

  155. My favorite stitch is stem stitch. I love all the stitches really but stem stitch is my favorite. 🙂

  156. My favorite technique is white work. I love turning a piece of fabric into a lovely lacy design. In my most recent work, even my dove’s eyes are looking good. Karen from El Sobrante

  157. My currently favorite is stem stitch, I just love the ‘ropy’ effect and how good stem stitch filling looks 🙂

  158. My favourite stitch? It is maybe chainstitch and all its variations or featherstitch or french knots or….
    I am sure it could be a hardanger stitch, but I have never tried this. So it would be a great inspiration for me to learn all about it!

  159. What is my favorite embroidery stitch?
    Oh my, I have more than one. However, I’m going to say running stitch.
    Because it can be used to outline, to fill spaces, as a foundation for more fancy stitches, and because it works up fast.

  160. I have recently started to embroidery after many years doing other crafts. I have recently learned the createn stitch and have enjoyed using it in projects.

  161. I have some pieces of hardanger that my grandmother did as a young girl in Norway. It is much more delicate than the pieces I’ve done on 22 count fabric. There is one deep edge on a sheet is just stunning.

  162. I have done some present day Hardanger and enjoy it along
    with surface embroidery. Actually I enjoy most things with a needle,
    a legal needle. I would enjoy reading the book and trying some
    of the stitches.
    Sue D in Fl.

  163. I do mostly quilting but like to add embroidery to my projects whenever possible. I like to try new embroidery stitches but mostly use the stem stitch at this time. I’d like this book for a dear friend who is retiring and worried about what she’ll do with her “extra” time. Her mother (deceased) did beautiful Hardanger work and perhaps she’ll be interested in it also. As an aside, where are you in Kansas? I’m also a Kansan!

  164. What a great addition this book would make to my library. It is one thing to read online but I prefer to have book in hand. As for my favorite stitch – that would have to be the “knot”. It is so dimensional and visual results are immediate. And, after finding your site, I learned of more ways to shape the knot. Thank you for all you do.

  165. Oh my, pick one favorite Embroidery stitch? Egads. I guess my fave is Algerian Eyes because they’re so versatile for me but my most used is simple couching. I love back stitching but couching gives you a longer unbroken line and one that you can make denser altho at some point you do need to wrap if it’s too many threads. Oh, please put me on the contest list! I love the grace of Hardanger and want so much to learn how to do this. Thank you!

  166. Ooooh, hard question! I think…although it’s not very fancy, that my favorite stitch is the chain stitch. It has a lot of bang for its buck. It makes a beautiful decorative border and it lends such amazing texture when you use it as a fill stitch plus it works up so quickly.

  167. I’m having a great time learning about and documenting lattice stitches and lattice stitch patterns. They seem to be a combination of a lot of things, like laid work satin stitch, french knots and couching.
    Jan in Northeast Ohio.

  168. My favorite stitch – whatever I’m doing! Right now I’m doing hardanger. I’m actually trying to replicate some of my grandmother’s pieces.
    Abby in Washington state

  169. I love Hardanger and Whitework. They are so beautiful . My favourite stitch is Satin Stitch when it is done on counted work. I haven’t been able to master it on surface embroidery.

  170. How sweet is this, answer a question about something you really love to do and you may win an awesome book on another one of those loves? Thanks Mary for this opportunity. It’s hard to choose between stem stitch and chain stitch – both are so versatile and easy to do, alphabetically I’ll go with chain stitch. Keeping my fingers and needles crossed that I win. Barbara

  171. Great giveaway, Mary. My favorite stitch is stem/outline stitch because it is so versatile.
    It can be a super edge or a lovely filling stitch, and you can play with size, tension, whipping and other embellishment. My favorite!

  172. My favorite embroidery stitch is the long and short because it lends itself to shading. Shirla in Maryland

  173. I am lucky to have several pieces of beautiful hardanger which my mother made. She was passionate about it and I would love to learn. My favourite stitch is satin stitch. So satisfying when those individual threads lie together as one smooth glossy surface.

  174. Thanks Mary. My favourite stitch is the chain stitch. It is so versatile and variable.

    I would really like to learn Hardanger from Yvette’s instructions as I know they are so thorough and clear.

    Thanks again.

  175. 21 years ago I moved to Fla from VA. Joined EGA to learn to do hardanger and have not stopped. I t is by far my favorite stitching. Was fortunate to take a class from Janice Love which just excited me more about the technique and stitches. From the hardanger I ventured into Ukranian whitework and some Schwalm, but have always come back to hardanger. The design on the cover is particularly intreging. Will any of the needlework retailers be selling this book.? I do not have any shops in my area. All must be purchased by
    mail. I look forward to all your newsletter to improve my technique on my stitching and the inspiration it
    gives me to try something new. However, I always retreat to my hardanger.

    1. Mountemellick! Because I can use it to join two pieces of cloth together.

      Thank you for the Erica Wilson videos. I’m enjoying them. My what a big hoop she has!

    2. Yes, please ask your favourite needlework mail-order store (seeing you have none local) if they have it, and if not, ask them to get it for you. Failing that, I know that Nordic Needle keeps it in stock. Best wishes, Yvette

  176. I’m actually just beginning to explore other needlework styles besides embroidery, and hope to ‘expand my horizons’! I only do basic embroidery now; nothing fancy, but my favorite stitch is the satin stitch because it always looks so nice and smooth on the cloth. I even like to take my fingers and feel its softness.

  177. Satin stitch is my favorite, if I really have to pick just one. I’m trying white work and monograms and if done right it turns out so lovely!

  178. I am fairly new to embroidery, right now my favorite stitch is simple and even! I would really like to advance enough to do hardanger. Candice from Victorville, CA.

  179. My favorite embroidery stitch – that’s a tough one! I think I would have to say the humble straight stitch. The poor little guy never gets any love. From sashiko and pattern darning to filling in gaps in long-and-short stitch, the stitch most of us took our first faltering stabs with never lets me down.

  180. My favourite stitch is usually whatever i’m learning at the moment! Currently I’m learning drawn and pulled white work- very similar to Hardanger. This would be an exciting book to work through

  181. My favorite stitch is a Kloster Block. It is the basic stitch for EVERYTHING! From that block you can create something simple or something that takes your breath away with intricate weaving. The sky is the limit when it comes to your creativity and what you do with a simple Kloster Block.

  182. How to choose a favorite embroidery stitch?! When I was first learning as an 8 year old, chain stitch was magical-I loved the way it could meander in any direction, and look just like a chain. At the time, French knots were my nemesis, but a few years later, determined to conquer them, I started an embroidered picture made entirely of French knots (a view of the Petite Trianon) It never got quite finished, but after what seemed like 10 billion knots, I could stitch them with ease. (And then I learned that I prefer the look of a colonial knot!) Feather stitch in every form has always been a favorite, especially double and triple featherstitch on antique baby garments. (And Dorset feather stitching!) But wait–there’s also hemstitching in all of its myriad forms, especially serpentine! Apparently I really like holes, because a more recent love has been all kinds of drawn thread stitches, and the openwork effects they give, such as variations of Fil tire. Continuing in that vein, my current project is a Broderie Anglaise 19th century style petticoat, where the simple whip stitch takes center stage, and I LOVE the effect. So, my best response is to say that my favorite embroidery stitch is whichever one gives the effect I am looking for for a particular project. I’ve been embroidering for 54 years, and I am still finding new stitches to love!

  183. Perhaps odd, but I really love the French Knot! It adds depth and lends to a certain elegance. There is some work out on the Internet that is just beautiful…I love to Google image search on embroidery and drool over other people’s work. There is work done almost completely in Fr.Knots that is stunning and so unique.

  184. I love back stitch. Why? Because it’s one stitch I can do properly and be satisfied with the result. Satin stitch is my bugbear because it does not look pretty. Obviously, more practice.

  185. Good question! My favorite stitch changes over time. At the moment it is split stitch as this give a neat line, allows one to shade an area and is quite forgiving. I have found it to be a good stitch for lots of different applications.

  186. The works featured in that book are sooo pretty! I’m currently working on a project with a lot of stem stitch shading and I’m really loving the natural look.

  187. Hi – I stitch quite a bit of Hardanger and occasionally teach it to others. This book is fascinating as it shows classic Hardanger and its stitches and doesn’t try to be “modern” Hardanger. My favorite stitch is the buttonhole. It has the challenges of a satin stitch and the additional challenge of one end (with the loop) taking up more space than the other. The BH can be used for an area where you are going to cut the edge of the fabric or as an ornamental stitch. It can also be enhanced with bullions, beads, cast-ons, etc.

    Thanks for this giveaway.
    Judy in Wisconsin

  188. It is nice to see your email this morning. I was in the shop at the Vesterheim Museum petting the book. It would be lovely to win it. The museum has a great collection of embroidery. Come and see. Take care of yourself. Louise

  189. My favorite embroidery stitch is daisy chain because I like making the flower
    Simple and sweet
    Tammy Bennett from North Dakota

  190. What’s your favorite embroidery stitch and why?

    I think my favorite stitch is the French knot as you can do so much with it. Your monograms have shown that and then I have a long term quilting project on the go and for part of it, I have a vase with Queen Anne’s Lace (cow parsley for those in the UK) and just changing the number of threads and the colors makes so much difference.

    I got a book last week that showed literally step by step how to do Hardanger. I’d never seen something like that, but it made me think that I just might be able to do Hardanger as I have noone that can stand by my side to teach me any embroidery stitches. I have to depend on reading books and blogs, so really complicated stitches need broken down to easy parts for me.

    1. GAILETE, what book did you buy? Would love to know. Also, if learning a new stitch (Hardanger) there are lots of youtube videos that really help, almost as good as having someone there with you and you can watch over and over until you “get it”. Just like Mary’s stitching videos. Very helpful.

  191. My favorite embroidery stitch is the eyelet stitch. I just love the lacey look it gives to needlework. I’m mostly a counted thread and needlepoint stitcher. Thanks for a chance to win this great book. Sue Gustafson.

  192. Oh, this is a tough one. As I work on my sampler, I get a new favorite with every new bit. Stem stitch is, I think, the most versatile of the stitches in my repertoire – I’ve used it to outline, but also to fill in areas that needed more texture than what I could get with satin stitch. So … yeah, the unsung hero of the stitch world – the stem stitch.

    Have a great day!

  193. Backstitch – it can be used for a large variety of designs. I cannot imagine doing an embroidery piece without this stitch

  194. My favorite embroidery stitch is the back stitch. It seems to work everywhere and I love to add a different color by whip stitching between each backstitch to completely change the look.

  195. Personally I like the backstitch, for it works to both outline the design & anchor my loose threads! I have a few of those…………

  196. Hardanger is my next project- haven’t done any since high school — way back in 1977! Love blackwork – doing a sampler right now which is completely absorbing.

  197. I think I would have to say the herringbone stitch.
    My grandmother made us quilts using fabric pieces of all shapes and sizes and used the herringbone stitch in many colors to outline the fabric edges between each fabric..and I think it was the first “fancy” stitch I learned.
    Gina Ellis

  198. I love Brazilian Embroidery but am enjoying the little bit of Hardanger I do. My favorite stitch–cast on.

  199. One? You’re asking me to pick one? You make winning one of your fabulous giveaways very challenging, Mary. Thanks for the opportunity to win. I’d have to say that I don’t have a favorite because I chose the stitch not because I like it or not but because it produces the effect I am trying to achieve. Now having said all that, I really like to do bullion knots, And everyone I know hates to do bullion knots. For some reason, I have a knack for doing these. And I love to tickle their little bellies to make them turn out just so.

  200. I’d have to pick satin stitch as my favourite because it’s so versatile, whether filling in a design or creating a kloster block, which I just recently learned to do on my very first hardanger piece.
    Much thanks to you and Vetty Creations for this wonderful giveaway!

  201. My favorite stitch is buttonhole be sure it is so versatile and is useful in both quilting and embroidery. Add some beads and it can be very fancy.

  202. I find it very diffiult to pick out just one stitch as a favorite because i find so many of the stitches alot of fun to use in a piece. I will say one of the top ones is the detached button hole stitch. I stayed away from that stitch for a long time but once i broke down and pacticed the detached button hole it was alot of fun!
    I found I can do different things with the stitch and I have after several years of stitching learned a stitched so many people are afraid to try. How I wish people would just take ten to twenty minutes and sit down to play with a piece of scrap trying te detached button hole stitch. They would find themselves opening a whole world of stitches to themselves thatare not nearly as hard to do as we thought.

  203. Hmmm. Maybe I need to learn this – newbie to embroidery – really enjoyed the long and short stitches you showed the other day. They fill so nicely.

  204. I’ve been looking for this book at a couple of LNSs with no success yet. It’s been on my wish list along with a couple other books by Yvette.

    My embroidery output has been non-existent for a while, but I loved doing the woven bars when I did a Hardanger piece for my parents 50th anniversary. No counting, no thinking about when to change colors or direction, just weave until it’s even and pretty. Although I admit, cutting the threads to remove them was a bit nerve-wracking the first few times. My 2nd favorite stitch is simple stem stitch, one of the very first I ever learned.

  205. I think it’s called Lazy Daisy. A great flower stitch. One I haven’t perfected is the bullion stitch which I love, too. I love Hardanger after I took a class here in town. This looks like a great book!

  206. I would love to have this reference book. I have a piece of hardanger that my grandmother did that is probably close to 100 years old and I have done a few pieces myself. One of my favorite stitches is the French knot because it can look great all by itself or all clustered together.
    Susan in the Woodlands Tx

  207. I used to think my favorite stitch was the edelweiss fill in Hardanger, but now I know my favorite is the straight stitch. I think every form of embroidery uses it, and I like almost all forms.

  208. I LOVE doing Hardanger. I started about four years ago, and I’ve been slowly branching out to other forms of embroidery as well. My favourite stitch is the satin stitch, which can be used to create curves or geometric shapes within a Hardanger piece, adding dimension and depth.

  209. I have always been fascinated by the Queen’s Stitch, but very seldom find a pattern which uses it. I once saw a medieval re-enacter stitching a pincushion entirely in Queen’s stitch, but have never seen anything like it before or since.

    My favorite technique is hardanger and I love the multitude of filling stitches and the symmetry of many designs.

  210. I honestly think my favorite stitch is hemstitch. It delivers such lovely results in a soothingly repetitive way. Then herringbone and fishbone for some neat and tidy drama. Then box stitch stair step, as it seems to move along so smoothly. Oh, I love them all! And I have had this book at the top of my wish list since your reviewed it. My fingers are crossed SO hard!!

  211. I love black work. I love the history and the variety of filling designs and the versatility of the shading and the shapes. I like stitches that are geometric and organised so black work, white work and counted cross stitch. I have recently tried to branch out into less structured stitches but I keep coming back to those three.

  212. I love the lazy daisy stitch because it can communicate so many things with variation of size and color and number of strands.
    I also love Vetty Creations and read her every post!!!

  213. Since I discovered the great value of splitstitch, to initially edge my satin stitch, I would always choose to use it. Helps so much to keep a neat edge. Close second though, is stem stitch, now I have improved with practice.

  214. Choosing a favorite stitch is next to impossible. However, in Hardanger I think the filling stitches are what make the embroidery special. The delicate dove’s eye is one of the best.

    Thank you and Yvette for the opportunity to add this volume to my library.

  215. I love to do any type of embroidery. I think one of my most favorite stitches of all is the lazy daisy stitch. At present I am undertaking an enormous piece of counted cross stitch called “The Red Ship”. I would love to receive this reference book. Thank you for the opportunity to win.

  216. My favorite stitch overall is the Queen Stitch, because I love the effect, especially with variegated floss.

    My favorite Hardanger stitch is the Buttonhole Stitch, because it’s so useful on smaller items like bookmarks and ornaments, and saves me money on framing.

  217. Love this book and been wanting it. Been doing hardanger and lots to learn. Love the satin stitch plus french knot and bullion stitch. Good luck to all of us!

  218. Hello Mary, I have been following you for a long time and enjoy every post you do, As far as my favorite stitch goes, that seems to be the one I am doing at the time, I love them and enjoy finding ways to use them in myprojects,

  219. Oooh that’s a hard question! I’m a counted technique person and do a lot of cross stitch so for sheer volume that might be the one as I never get tired of it, but I think I would have to say stem stitch or outline stitch is my favourite. It can be done on counted or surface projects. It smooths rough edges on counted projects and its one of the few stitches I like to use on the few surface projects I stitch as I’m always (well, nearly always) happy with the results.

  220. I think my favorite stitch at the moment is detached buttonhole stitch. I love how versatile it is — its delicate but you can build it up to so many different shapes and textures.

  221. I would LOVE to try whitework. I am just getting in to embroidery and loving redwork SO much. I can only imagine what whitework would be.

    And my favorite stitch so far is the stem stitch. It give a full looking stitch even with only two plies and looks great.

    Thank you for all the info on your website. Has taught me everything!!!

  222. My favorite stitch is the back stitch, why? Because I’m a beginner and it’s a stitch I can do without biting my tongue off, ha ha. But seriously….
    _Stacy Z. from SP

  223. In response to the Hardanger giveaway question, my favorite stitch is the split stitch/ back stitch.
    Why? It was the first stitch I learned. It made me so happy to learn that simple stitch to make pretty towels for my kitchen.

  224. My favourite stitch is the feather stitch which I use on clothing, cloth art dolls, crazy quilting and more. I love to put beads on the ends of the feathers to add a decorative touch. I am doing dolls right now with the stitch and beads on them. gloria

  225. Just picking one stitch is hard, but I’ll go with Holbein. I love blackwork and the zen of it, so Holbein it has to be, though I do love the look of fern stitch. ,

  226. Hello Mary,
    I am enjoying hardanger more and more as I progress with different stitches. Being left-handed, is sometimes a greater challenge when LH instructions are not provided. BUT, I see Yvette Stanton’s book has provided some help for the left-handed stitcher. I will continue to look for LH help in doing the pea hole /four sided stitch. If you have ant suggestions, I would love to hear them.

  227. My all time favorite embroidery is anything dainty and intricate. The current favorite stitch is backstitch as I’ve been learning blackwork through the EAC Basic Counted Thread class. It is so much fun to add and take away stitches from a pattern and see what develops and backstitch is so simple and versatile that it is easy to do. The next lessons are pulled thread and Hardanger. I’m happy to realize that not all Hardanger is the larger stuff that was common in my 70’s youth.

  228. I’ve embroidered since I was ten and my favorite stitch is satin stitch. I love how it defines the shapes that one is doing and makes them look realistic. Lately I taught myself hardanger and I love it. Yvette’s book will be most welcome to have.

  229. My favorite embroidery stitch is the bullion knot (stitch). It takes a little time to master but the results are lovely. Roses are so real and the stitch gives texture to your piece.

  230. I’m Gina Maria from Buffalo, and I love long and short because it’s so perfect for everything.

  231. My favorite stitch is the bullion knot because it so versatile, made with different threads and maybe as a cast on you can make adorable flower designs and changing threads give a very different look

  232. Thanks for the contest, what fun!
    My favorite stitch is the Queen stitch. I was taught the stitch around 30 years ago and like to incorporate them on band samplers. Very cool little bundles of thread.

    Fingers crossed,
    Nancy @ Saint Albans

  233. My favorite stitch is the dove’s eye stitch. Its simple to stich but seems complicated.

  234. Wonderful book to have in ones collection. I don´t think I have a favourite embroidery stitch although I like doing French knots. I am learning a lot of new stitches with Mabel Figworthy´s hardanger group and liked doing ribbed spiders webs and an eyelash filling stitch.

  235. I enjoy doing counted cross stitch but have also had a great deal of fun with hardanger, needlepoint, and crewel. A stitch that may be my favorite is sometimes called “spider web”. I enjoy it because it can look like a web – or a flower – or be a great stitch to fill in an odd space. It can be done all in one color or with multiple colors.

    I love doing hardanger and would love to have this prize!!

  236. What a hard question! I enjoy Long-arm Cross Stitch and Long & Short Stitch because they are fun and simple to do and cover the fabric quickly with a lot of versatility.

  237. Oh I would love to win the book. I have drooled over those pieces of open work and white work for months, but never had the courage to try it. Maybe if I had the book in front of my, it might bolster me up enough to give it a try!! 🙂 Thanks for the great giveaway!

  238. It is difficult to pin it down so one of my favorite stitches is cross stitch. It is the stitch I started with when learning and it is easy, usable for all sorts of themes. I also love Hardanger and this book was raved about in our Guild.

  239. My favorite embroidery stitches are bullion, shadow, and feather. I make a lot of baby gifts. However, since I’ve been following you on FB, I have branched out to so many other stitches that I’d never tried before, and am enjoying it so much! My clip work/pulled thread work never turns out quite like I’d like. Maybe a new book could help. Thanks for sharing your gift on FB!

  240. I love the Kloster blocks, which the satin stitch is the basis for. The Kloster in geometric blocks, diagonal, horizontal or vertical. Then the added cut work to the blocks, makes them just gorgeous.

  241. I stitched my first Hardanger piece nearly 30 years ago and fell in love with the technique. Designs can be elegant in their simplicity or complex and elaborate. It is fun to create whole new projects using bits and parts of previous designs. Would love to have this book in my Hardanger library.

  242. My favorite embroidery stitch is the chain stitch. I think I like it because I can sew it correctly and it fills in so nicely.

  243. My favorite stitch is the feather stitch. There are so many variations of the stitch that you can do, closed, open, chain, and knotted. You can use any type of thread and ribbon to sew the stitch. This summer I learned to use beads to sew it and it looks beautiful.

  244. My favorite stitch is Chain because one, I’m pretty good at it and two, I have recently learned a whole lot of ways to change it up.

  245. I think my favorite embroidery stitch is Lazy Daisy or chain stitch – mostly because it can be so many things and offer so many different looks.
    My friend and I were just talking about Hardanger this morning! She is Norwegian and used to do a lot of it – think it would be fascinating to go through the book with her!

  246. Usually I would say my favorite stitch is the one I most recently learned. Overall though, I like the chain stitch the most. It can be stretched out, made thicker by making the loops very short, woven with other threads, and –my favorite one– it stands up to denim!! I can use it on contemporary items for the teens in my life. If lines are stitched closely, it can appear to be an applique (think Letterman’s Jacket) that can be laundered easily. It is a surprisingly versatile stitch!

  247. My favorite stitch is the chain stitch, you can do so much with it. I have been Embroidering for a long time but, I have never tried the hardanger. I guess I am intimidated by it. Thank you so much for the contest! Also a big hello from a born in Kansas Gal and from my family that still lives there 🙂

  248. My favorite embroidery stitch is stem stitch, because not only can you use it on stems but as a filling stitch by working it in rows.

  249. I would start to try my hands on hardanger if I’m the lucky one. Thanks Mary and Vetty Creations. My name is Phuong Mai Pham.

  250. Almost 20 years ago, having just moved to Devon, (UK) we were invited to my sister-in-laws one evening for a chat and a cup of tea. On the arm of her armchair there was a piece of embroidery; bullion roses, which she had learned to do out of the 3rd copy of Classic Inspirations. I thought it was the most beautiful thing I had ever seen and haven’t missed buying a copy ever since. In fact, it has taught me all the needlework I could ever hope to do.

    So, I must admit to being very partial to the bullion knot that started my adventure into embroidery; the joining of an embroidery group and lots of presents for my friends and also first prizes in WI competitions (Womens’ Institute), and the most proudest moment of all, First Prize in the craft section of our local flower and crafts show that is held in our village every July.

  251. This book is in my wishlist.
    Choose just one embroidery stitch is hard!
    So I choose feather stitch … and colonial knot… I usually use both whem I want to decorate something quite fast, but with deligthful colors. You can use with two or three threads, but with combinig colors . The final result is very delicate.

  252. I love any stitch that distorts the ground cloth. It’s so satisfying pulling the thread nice and tight and seeing warp and weft move away from their orderly positions. Like curtains opening in a movie theater, the negative space that is revealed blooms into unexpected beauty.

  253. What a good idea this give away and the way you organize it! Usually, I cannot take part in give aways, because I dont have any blog where I could make an advertisement, and I am far away ( France)for the gift to be sent. I love all kind of stiches and lace and I would like to try hardanger. This would be a good beginning!
    Thank you very much…

  254. Oh what a fun question! I can’t wait to scroll down and find out what other reader’s favorites are.

    My favorite is the Pekinese stitch. It’s simple, yet elegant and dainty. I did an initial from your stitch sampler alphabet e-book and wanted to put a border around it. Something that would not take away from the letter, but enhance it. It’s a gift and I am mounting it in a hoop, so the border needed to work well in a circle. I tried, I think, six other borders before a light-bulb went off in my head to try the Pekinese stitch and whaa-laaa, just the border I was looking for. It’s not heavy and doesn’t distract from the central focus of the letter. It’s just a really fun stich to do, and you can get into a rhythm while working it.

    It’s funny that you post this give-away. I wanted to go to the public library today and see what they have in the way of embroidery and thread crochet books, and one of the types of embroidery books was for Hardanger. I didn’t think I would be interested in white work embroidery, but I find myself browsing the images of white work when I should be doing other things. It’s just so beautiful one can’t help but be seduced into looking at just “one more” image before doing what I am supposed to be doing.

  255. My favourite stitch is chain stitch because it, and it’s variations, are so versatile. It can be used to make interesting edges, single stitches make petals and leaves, grouped stitches make flowers and open chain stitch is the fly stitch used for decorative edges, plant stems, birds etc etc. Rows of chain stitches side by side make interesting fillers or for birds feathers. I could go on but that will do for now.

  256. I’ve got a mint-condition 1935 edition of “Mary Thomas’s Dictionary of Embroidery Stitches” and have been working my way through lots of new ones. Lately, I’ve been experimenting with her THIRTEEN (!) pages of chain stitch variations, so that’s my current favorite — although some days it’s the least, depending on how it’s going. haha Anyway, thanks for being so generous with the giveaway, and love your site!

  257. Simple outline stitch. I use it on finished knitting projects, quilting blocks, and cross stitch. I’m working on my very first hardanger project now–a simple pin cushion. I would love to win this book.
    Linda D.

  258. I like the satin stitch as a favorite. It would be awesome to win a copy of the book!

  259. I think my favorite stitch is the queen stitch. It is so time consuming but looks so nice (if done correctly). It can be a combination pulled stitch and textured stitch. Wish I was more proficient at this stitch.

  260. Oh, I want this one in the worst way!!! LOL. I’ve not entered a few of the past give-aways because I was not big on what they were so someone more deserving should have it. This one I deserve (well, at least I think so! Hahaha!) I can’t say I have a favorite, I like them all, I just have to make the choice of “what will work best” on the pieces I create. When doing Hardanger in the past I would say I like the kloster blocks best, believe it or not! Simple and rather relaxing other than you have to count, but I have enough fingers for them, so it’s ok! 😉
    Thanks Mary and Vetty Creations for this chance. I’ll cross my fingers and hope, hope, hope!

  261. Oh, wow, Thanks! I just love hardanger embroidery. It is my favorite kind of embroidery to do. Picking a favorite embroidery stitch is very hard, but I think it is the picot stitch for hardanger. I love the look of delicacy it imparts to an embroidered piece. I hope that I win the drawing, but I am sure that I will go out and buy that book even if I do lose. My fingers are itching!

  262. I am a total beginner and am gathering all kinds of tutorials right now. I am hoping that I will have a quiet moment to try them out…wish me luck!

  263. I like the chain stitch because it seems to go quickly and can be varied by changing the length of the stitches. Lorri F

  264. It would be difficult to choose my favorite stitch. But the one I did a lot lately doing a project from Embroiderer’s Association of Canada’s 2016 Seminar with Barbara Kershaw (Fandango) is the bullion knot. I must say that at first I did not particularly like it, but after a few dozen I got the twist and started liking it.
    I think I could now go on doing some with pleasure.
    And I like whitework a lot, so I would really love to be given that beautiful book.

  265. Me encanta el hardanguer y este libro es precioso la autora es una de mis preferidas en plublicaciones de bordado


  266. My favourite embroidery stitch is stem stitch as it is so versatile.
    Lovely thin or thick outlines, or it can fill a shape with controlled shading or it can be whipped or made a fancy as you like.

    Thank you Mary and Yvonne for such a lovely opportunity.

  267. Oh my, this giveaway couldn’t happen at a better time. I love, love, love hardanger and any type of pulled work and actually just received my copy of Inspirations where this book was featured – had every intention of buying it, but I will hold off in hopes of winning this lovely book. I just finished an ornament hardanger class at my local needlework shop and realized how much in need of help I am; this book, I feel, would get me over the hump. Thank you for offering such a great book as a giveaway l.

  268. Hi Mary at Needle ‘n Thread!

    My grandmother taught me how to embroider when I was a little girl. She herself learned Hardanger in school, as early as 5th grade. She died many years ago, and unfortunately she never came around to teach me Hardanger before she passed. I’ve just gotten into whitework, and I am trying to teach myself. Even though I am Norwegian, I don’t own a book on Hardanger. As a matter of fact I have tried to locate instructions for the old style, but it seems very difficult to find. I know I would love – really L O V E – to have this book!

    Thank you also for writing good reviews. I’ve bought a couple of books after reading your posts, Hedebo and Reticello. I am particularly greatful for the review on Reticello, because I would never have bought this without your post saying the instructions are so informative that you don’t need to know Italian. Thank you!

    Are you in KS? Then please say hello to KS from me. I was an exchange student in KS back in 1987/88.


    Heidi from Norway

  269. Hand stitching, while I have been seeing it for years, had never really done much with it other than hem dresses or darn a hole. But, I was inspired to begin by Sally Mavor’s amazing work. After seeing one of the books she illustrated, I searched her out and have purchased all she has illustrated. I have the instruction books as well. Over the past several years, I took on the task of teaching the pipe cleaner dolls to some friends’ children. Then, I found your website. I use the demo videos for my little group and we are buzzing along. My favorite stitch has been the blanket stitch. I love how it is a multi-tasker. I’ve done some felt pictures and it is the main one I’ve used. Discovering handstitching for myself has been a God-send. It allows creativity, relaxation and is easily transported on trips, etc. I LOVE your website and have sent it to all my student families and friends. Thank you for an outstanding and inspiring service!!!!

    1. Hand stitching… While I have been seeing it for years, I had never really done much with it other than hem dresses or darn a hole. But, I was inspired to begin by Sally Mavor’s amazing work. After seeing one of the books she illustrated, I searched her out and have purchased all she has illustrated. I have the instruction books as well. Over the past several years, I took on the task of teaching the pipe cleaner dolls to some friends’ children. Then, I found your website. I use the demo videos for my little group and we are buzzing along. My favorite stitch has been the blanket stitch. I love how it is a multi-tasker. I’ve done some felt pictures and it is the main one I’ve used. Discovering handstitching for myself has been a God-send. It allows creativity, relaxation and is easily transported on trips, etc. I LOVE your website and have sent it to all my student families and friends. Thank you for an outstanding and inspiring service!!!!

  270. I just finished my first hardanger piece, and I’d love to add this book to my needlework collection! I love your blog! Thanks, Diana

  271. … oh no …

    I am so sorry. I forgot to write about my favourite stitch, which is cross stitch. I love the geometrical patterns you can do with this stitch. Particularly the old Norwegian bunad collars completely covered with geometrical cross stitch patterns and many different colours.

    Hope this doesn’t pull me away from the “might be the winner of this book-list”. I’d really like to have this book.


    Heidi from Norway

  272. While I love the elegance of true crewel work, stitched miles of counted cross stitch when my kids were little and am blown away by magnificent gold work and ancient religious tapestries, since I’m half Norwegian and my 3 generations back my relatives lived along the Hardanger Fjord (which I got to visit in’14!), I have a special place in my heart for hardanger. I have pieces stitched by my grandmother and I have been to Vesterheim, the Norwegian American museum in Iowa. It’s my happy place. Full of all the Norwegian crafts I love and admire so fully. If there was ever a book printed for ME, this is it! PS: I’m working on stitching my very own bunad this winter. Can’t wait for heat to end so I can start!)

  273. Hi Mary, Simple, easy and effective works well for me. The good old French knot is my favourite stitch.

  274. My favourite stitch is Stem Stitch. It’s not that I know of used in Hardanger (or perhaps it is) but it’s my go to stitch for outlining, lettering and even filling. I love the rope effect it leaves. I would love to win this book so that I may continue to learn. Thank you.

  275. I forgot to put my contact info in first message.
    While I love the elegance of true crewel work, stitched miles of counted cross stitch when my kids were little and am blown away by magnificent gold work and ancient religious tapestries, since I’m half Norwegian and my 3 generations back my relatives lived along the Hardanger Fjord (which I got to visit in’14!), I have a special place in my heart for hardanger. I have pieces stitched by my grandmother and I have been to Vesterheim, the Norwegian American museum in Iowa. It’s my happy place. Full of all the Norwegian crafts I love and admire so fully. If there was ever a book printed for ME, this is it! PS: I’m working on stitching my very own bunad this winter. Can’t wait for heat to end so I can start!) ColorMeBeth @ Ft Worth TX

  276. I bought a copy of Early-Style Hardanger, and it is now at the top of my list as the best Hardanger book I own. I own about ten hardanger books. The reason why this one tops the list is that it shows how to do the stitches left-handed, as well as right. I’m a lefty. It is a beautiful book!

  277. My favorite stitch is whatever stitch I am working on at the present time. Most stitches are fun although buttonhole stitch is a little tedious. I like variety in my projects and like to watch the design come to life as I stitch. Do have a Hardanger Angel outfit in the works for an 18 inch doll. Would love to add this book to my collection.

  278. My favorite stitch is stem stitch. I love the way it looks with lettering on my personalized gifts 🙂

  279. I bought this book after your review Mary, and just love it. Not only has it some irresistible projects with precise instructions, but the photos which accompany the historical section are just beautiful.

  280. My favorite embroidery stitch is the French Knot. Ok, I am probably the only person in town who likes em, but I can play with them forever! I also love buttonhole stitch, it can be done so many ways to create different effects. Love your articles, reviews and tutorials! Please keep them up as you feel like it!!

    Ann, from Crescent City

  281. I love the back stitch it is such a versatile stitch and allows for so many applications, as someone who does bead embroidery its the go to stitch.

  282. I have been following Yvette’s blog with great interest, and have this book on my wishlist!

    My favorite stitch is the humble Holbein. I am fascinated by repeating patterns, the effect of slight modifications to such a pattern, and the challenge – worthy of any intellectual puzzle – to have identical work front and back. And Holbein is front and center in all of these pursuits.

    It also mixes well with other types of embroidery, in fact I have a piece with hardanger and blackwork, where each serves to enhance the other.

  283. This is one technique that I would love to try. It is so beautiful and the book has been on my wish list for a while. Maybe I will be lucky. Thank you for giving us this opportunity.

    Gillian T.

  284. I’ll try any kind of embroidery, but prefer anything with counted threads, even of sometimes I can’t count! Just starting to get the hang of Hardanger, so would be over the moon if I won the book.

  285. I like chain stitch because it has so many variations e.g. ditached chain or lazy daisy, twisted, whipped…….?.

  286. Wow, I was just reminiscing about how I started to teach myself many years ago this beautiful cloth work and had an urge to set out to begin once again. I’ve always had an admiration for this needle work. Currently, I am a caregiver for my mother who has been diagnosed with stage 4 ovarian cancer and my days and nights are sometimes filled with caring for her. However, there are days I’m looking to take my mind off of my fears and embroider. I am and have been a long admirer of your skills and projects/patterns. Jacobean is one of my favorites and I’m almost finished with it. I would really enjoy having the Hardanger book. Thanks you for giving so much of yourself!

  287. My favorite stitch is satin stitch. It works well in many types of threads, fills in space quickly, can be padded or used as an outline. I have Yvette Stanton’s first Hardanger book and have found it invaluable in learning Hardanger. ‘Early Style Hardanger’ is definitely on my list of books to buy. My name is Katherine Pepperell and I live in New Zealand.

  288. My favorite stitch is the chain stitch. when I’m stitching a line, the chain stitch gives a nice, interesting texture. Mahalo!

  289. My favorite embroidery stitch is the cross stitch, followed by French knots (yes, I’m weird and I enjoy doing them!) Thank you for the chance to enter!

  290. My favorite embroidery stitch would be a Bullion Knot. I love the versatility of this knot. White work is something I have not done myself but would like to try. It is so beautiful!

  291. I think my favorite embroidery stitch is a tie between the Roades stitch and the Algerian Eyelet stitch. The Roades I love because of how layered and full it is and the Algerian eyelet because of its more delicate, airy or lacey look and its versatility in the different appearances it can have. (Star shape, a bundle of wheat)
    I love your site and newsletter so much, thank you for all your time and effort to share with all of us!!

  292. I love Yvette’s books, as they are always so easy to understand. I also love Hardanger, as it is the first counted thread work I learnt to stitch and because it laid the foundation for my love of counted thread embroidery. X

  293. I think my favorite stitch is the cable stitch. It is so pretty and depending on how tight it is pulled, gives such an interesting look on a piece. It also is a bonus stitch – when you do it, you get two rows at once!

    Rebecca (Becky) Lieser

  294. Hungarian braided chain stitch is my favorite because it is a great outline stitch and takes curves well. It also works up quickly!

  295. I am now retired and am looking forward to developing my hardanger skills since my basic course. I love Yvonne’s work and hope that her book may help me enjoy this favourite stitch.

  296. What a wonderful book to add to my library. Not a fancy embroider so Continental and Basketweave are my go to stitch.

  297. Believe it or not ..long and short stitch….is my favorite. Once I stopped over thinking on “how” to do the stitch I realized how much “freedom” there is in the stitch.

  298. I love Hardanger! The stitches involved with Hardanger would be my favorites since they are so relaxing to do once you get “in the groove”.

  299. This is such a nice thing to do and I enjoy stitching hardanger. I’m also an avid needlepointer and love how many of the stitches I use are very similar to those used in embroidery, and my favorite is the stem stitch. I also know it’s one of your favorites too.

  300. My favorite stitch is the plaited braid stitch. I watched your video over and over. I kept thinking I had it, this was easy! Then, I’d lose it. I kept forgetting steps or the logic of it, blah blah blah. At one point, I had your video on my phone, pausing and pausing and then going back and pausing. I was actually sweating and shaking. I didn’t stop, though, until I had it. I had it DOWN. I could actually pull this stitch off without much lighting in a very small space with very light thread in my bed laying down. I was tired! I worked very hard! Anyway, the work I put in and the pretty that came out of that are the reasons that plaited braid stitch is my favorite stitch. (Don’t tell the other stitches! Well, you can tell bullion knot… we’re not on the best of terms. Oh, I can do the knot. It just insists on looking like a tiny little poop. Every time.)

  301. Perfect timing Mary.
    I was in a second-hand book shop today looking seaking an old needlework book for both inspiration and to learn about how embroidery was done many years ago. Alas this shop failed me, but the search goes on and I know I’ll succeed; it’s an interesting day when you find that even in a shop that sells only new books, in the shop next door, that my own collection of needlework books is far better than theirs!
    Angie McManus

  302. My favourite stitch is satin stitch, although only by the smallest margin. I love that I can use it in any design, whether it’s a Crewel or ultra modern free form design. I enjoy the sheen and the regularity of the final project! And as an extra bit of interest, I was taught by Hazel Blomkamp, so my stitches are perfect.

  303. I love good old favourite ‘back stitch’ and ‘stem stitch’. They are so versatile and I find myself gravitating to any embroidery where I can use these stitches to their advantage. The beauty of these stitches is that you can alter their appearance by adding other colours and techniques, eg whipped stitches.

  304. I love Herringbone! As a Crazy Quilter it is my go to stitch when I need ideas for seam treatments. It can be a good base to add further stitching. I also use it in garment construction. It is so easy to do when I just want to stitch without thinking.

  305. I love the order and using white on white or cream on cream. This book which I haven’t got yet would add to my collection of Hardanger books.

  306. There are so many fun stitches, but I think my overall favorite is the chain stitch. There are so many variations of the stitch and there are so many ways to embellish it. It can be used in a variety of ways, such as stems and flowers and borders. Plus it is one of the easiest stitches and can be worked quickly.

  307. My favorite stitch? You might as well ask me my favorite color. It depends on the weather, my mood, the phase of the moon, whatever! Safest to say, I think, that my favorite stitch would be which ever new one I most recently learned.

  308. My current favorite embroidery stitch is the bullion knot. It is so because I have finally learned how to do it well. And it is such fun to make big ones, small ones, loop it up or loop it down. The bullion knot does actually have a lot of uses and is one creative little fellow. I learned so much from Needle n’ Thread, about milliner’s needles and all those great tips, secrets and instruction. Thanks again, Mary.

    Shelia in Oklahoma

  309. Your Autumn & Late Harvest Embroidery blog article is such a pretty pic. I can’t wait to get as good as that. I love the old generations needlepoint works. My grandma used to have some pillows that were silk weaved and sewn images….I loved them as a kid. The detail is amazing in the image.
    My fav is the herringbone stitch. Love how it looks so handmade and not machine like. You see it and you know it was handmade. I see all the older themed tv shows and the amazing costumes full of needlework are amazing. I wish I had learned more as a kid instead of crochet and knitting….then I would know more today …lol. I am slowing teaching myself more off the internet and pages likes yours are a great tool.
    kepnbnetnbca is ravelry and I’m karen from saint john.

  310. I don’t really have a favorite stitch. I tend to do mostly cross stitch, with a smattering of hardanger, pulled thread, surface embroidery, and beading tossed into the mix.

  311. Hello Mary 🙂

    I just love Hardanger. It’s so Lacey looking. But I love to add specialty stitches to it as well.

    Thanks for the chance to win 🙂

  312. I love the Queen stitch because its coverage is great, the flow is fabulous and it is a beautiful stitch. I have a 2-3 inch pin cushion I stitched completely in Queen stitch.

    Jackie in Olathe

  313. Thank you for the chance to win this enticing book. I have loved hardanger since I first saw it decades ago, even though I haven’t worked any in a very long time.

    To be honest, I have no clue what my favorite stitch is! I like most all that I’ve tried. I will put forward straight loops with bars in hardanger as a favorite. It always tickled my fancy that you work almost all the way around the bars in plain plain plain stitches, then almost to the end you do 4 quick stitches and then that cute little filler design just jumps out at you. Yeah, that is a fun one. 🙂

  314. I can’t decide if my favourite stitch is Stem or Bullion, as I seem to put them on everything. I tried Hardanger several years ago and I keep looking at the pieces I made and think I should do more of that – this would be my opportunity

  315. I really like cast on stitch. It maks beautiful hollyhocks, especially if you use variegated thread.

  316. Hardanger is a beautiful stitching art that is making a comeback in Canada. Love to see it used to decorate every day things as well as on intricate samplers. Love it!

  317. I have the book so I am not entering the drawing.

    But I will say it is a great book! It is not the Hardanger you are used to seeing. I like how the projects are upfront and the stitches behind them. The projects will reference what stitches you need for the project, then you can look them up to practice if necessary.

    Having an interest in Italian needlework, you can see the similarities in the needlework from various regions or Europe. What you learn here can easily transfer to other forms of similar work.

    I am a fan of her books and I know the winner will be happy!

  318. My favorite embroidery stitch is lazy daisy stitch. Simple, maybe considered simplistic or cliche and old fashioned, but it’s just such a versatile stitch that can be used to create so many different effects. I particularly like to use it in silk ribbon. Now my favorite techniques are silk ribbon embroidery and … Hardanger, and I’d love to explore this new book!

    Many thanks, Mary, for your generosity!

  319. I’d love to learn Hardanger. But my favorite stitch is the satin stitch and its cousin the long and short stitch. Use both of these a lot in my work. Love your blog Mary.

  320. Chain stitch is my favourite stitch as it’s so versatile. It can be beautifully curved, densely cover a surface or be open and delicate in it’s variations.

  321. A buttonhole stitch is my favorite. When done tightly it can finish a whole cloth quilt with elaborately curved borders like the ones from Provence and Marseille. Or decorative valances like the work in Russia. It is also fabulous for hardanger. Done loosely and I can applique varied shapes of varied materials. It has many possibilities.
    It is a wonderful finish stitch.

  322. The last stitch( on any project, of course!) But seriously, I guess it would be the old standby, the lazy daisy stitch. Why? It’s easy, it’s cute, singly or in groups. It was the second or third stitch I learned as a kid, and I associate it with happy projects. This is not a serious stitch, it is for whimsical, fun stuff. That’s why it’s my favorite.

  323. My current favorite embroidery stitch is the “fly stitch” because I have found so many way to use it by itself or combine it with other stitches with beautiful results. I was not aware that hardanger had evolved since it’s beginning and am eager to read the new book on early hardanger.

    Theresa in Pearland

  324. I have done cross stitch for many years but am new to all other forms of embroidery, but am learning a lot this year thanks to new friends at the Embroiderers Guild of South Australia. I love running stitch. I can run with it, I can double back, I can whip it, I can wind it, I can outline. I can use it as a base for other stitches, I can use it as a base for a whole project like sashiko or kantha. I can use stranded, perle, metallic, wool. And best of all…everybody can see a running stitch. Dragica

  325. I like so many of the embroidery stitches for different projects, but I think my favorite is the blanket stitch because it is so versatile. It morphs into some other stitches like daisy or chain stitch and can be embellished in many different ways. I learned how to do the blanket, or buttonhole stitch as a young child and use it all the time.

  326. My very favourite embroidery stitch is BUTTONHOLE STITCH, because it is sooooo versatile. I recently completed a lovely self-designed embroidery tool-kit holder, stitched almost entirely in button-hole stitch. It comprised a cardboard stand / base, upon which was an upturned covered thread cone to hold scissors etc and then a small piece of a drinking straw covered in button-hole stitch, for my thimble, with various decorative stitches, mostly button-hole to complete the little project. I won third prize in a competition for it for it recently! I would LOVE Yvette Stanton’s book, as I’d love to learn Hardanger – a technique my beloved late Mother so enjoyed! May I send a picture of the stitched tool kit, please? Toody Cassidy, Rondebosch, Cape Town, South Africa.

  327. I don’t know if I have a favorite stich, but I love the beautiful artwork I see with ribbon used to make beautiful stitched flowers, someday when I have time, I want to learn that!

  328. Goodness…favorite stitch…probably satin stitch because of the nice smooth surface it creates. I also like vouching stitches because they offer a good challenge.

  329. My favorite stitch is the fishbone stitch. I so enjoy the way you can make a project come to life with shading by using the fishbone stitch. Using the fishbone stitch almost makes the project look like a painting.

  330. French knots are far and away my favorite embroidery stitch to make. I find this stitch uniquely versatile, in that I can use them to build texture almost like sculpture. Also, when making them to fill in an area, the stitching takes on a rhythm that is really enjoyable.

  331. My favorite embroidery stitch is the couching stitch as after it a revolution and a evolution was made in the embroidery world. Stitches no longer needed to be straight, it could bend and turn, transforming and giving a new form, giving space for new stitches such as buttonhole stitch, lazy Daisy, feather stitch , among others.

  332. I have come to love the chain stitch as a filler stitch. It works up so quickly I feel like I get a lot accomplished in a short amount of time. I used to hate satin stitch, but since finding your blog Mary, I now sorta like satin stitch because it is so pretty. Thanks for all you do to pass on information. It is like having my Grandma whispering in my ear!

  333. Oh My!!! I just love stitching Hardanger. It has such a lovely lacy look and this book looks like a great resource as well as projects to stitch. Always looking for new projects! I may have to invest in this book myself, if I don’t win this give-away.

  334. My favorite stitch is the French knot. It is quite adaptable and fun to do. If I were to be the lucky winner of “Early Style Hardanger” I would hope to conquer the picot stitch and then I would feel like I really accomplished something special.

    Sincerely hope that you are doing well. Love your wonderful posts.


  335. I have always wanted to try Hardinger. You are so nice to offer the free book. your explanations are so clear and interesting
    my favorite stitch is daisy but the most used one is stem stitch

  336. I have so many stitches that I love but I would have to say the bullion stitch is my current favorite. And the drizzle stitch would be a close second!

  337. Hello Mary! I’m excited to possibly win this wonderful book! I have just finished my first piece of Hardanger and it’s been so much fun! I would love to continue to learn from this book! Thanks for making this offer to all your readers! Vera

  338. Pam from Wy Yung
    I would love to try Hardanger embroidery and with a copy of your book and some help when needed by a member of our embroidery club I would have a a very good start.

  339. I learned Hardanger from a member of Guild who passed away a couple of years ago. Every time I pick up my stitching I think of her and it makes me smile. I am fortunate she shared her passion with me – it is now my favorite type of embroidery. We have a group that meets monthly in her honour to carry on. This book would be an amazing resource for us. Thank you. Cathy Ridley

  340. My favourite stitch is stem stitch especially when I’m working on a antique sampler reproduction. It’s a stitch that seems to flow beautifully and it’s amazing how a motif will look when filled in with it.

    The book has also been on my wish list as well. Live doing Hardanger.

  341. This is a hard one…. my favourite stitch out of all stitches!?! There are so many! 🙂 I think at the top of my list though would be the spiderweb stitch. I love weaving the needle around the legs of the stitch and it brings a unique dimension to a project. 🙂

  342. I so enjoy your posts and tell all my friends about your great site….and l love hardanger.
    Marilyn Hayes…Melbourne Australia.
    I love stem stitch..it works so quickly.

  343. I’m a lace maker who has just crossed over into embroidery. I have enjoyed doing a lot of cross stitch and I am drawn more to counted geometrical stitches although I may branch out more later. I am looking forward to a Hardanger workshop with our local Embroidery Guild, so it would be marvelous to win this book.

  344. My very favourite embroidery stitch is a simple stitch but very versatile.
    It is the STEM STITCH it has texture, not too flat and can be used with so many designs. It is not complicated but looks good and can be used to fill in nicely.
    Love to embroider
    Carole K from Ottawa,Canada

  345. My favourite type of embroidery has for years been Jacobean work , with thread painting coming in a close second, however over the past year I have been dabbling in some counted thread work! Canvas work from Beautiful Threads, Hardanger from Christine Bishop, AND at the recent BATB symposium I bought a couple of small kits from Yvette in person as I was so impressed with her work and her dedication to research! So I would love to win her book if nothing more than to just read about the history that she has researched regarding whitework.. thanks for the opportunity Mary.

  346. Hi, Mary
    I’m planning to buy this book anyway, so if I win it goes to my friend Sylvia who is already a whiz at Hardanger. So, here goes nuthin’
    I ran through a bunch of stitches in my mind and have had a hard time coming up with a favorite. There’s chain stitch,which is so versatile, stem stitch ditto, double running (I love blackwork), fly stitch (foundation for floral designs), bullion (except I’m never happy with mine), eyelet(especially Rhodes eyelets), satin stitch (especially hearts). Finally got it – spider web ribbon roses. Can’t miss, even one’s very first looks good, easy to take out and redo, not for every design but spectacular when appropriate. And a great way to use those yummy over dyed ribbons. I do mostly counted work, so ribbon roses let me indulge my non-anal side.
    Hope you are feeling better. All th best.
    Margaret M.

  347. If I absolutely had to narrow it down to one, I think it would be french knots because you can do *anything* with them!

  348. My favorite embroidery stitch? I’d have to say the French knot. At first I just couldn’t “get” it, but then I did and I was so proud of myself that I now put French knots everywhere!

  349. If I had to choose I think my favourite embroidery stitch would be Hungarian Braided Chain. It can be completely different depending on the thread you choose, fine or quite heavy and it curves beautifully. It is like a braid when worked in a heavy pearl thread. It took a little practice to master but I love it.

  350. My friend and I are interested in taking a Hardangar class from EGA. This book would be an additional teaching tool. My favorite stitch is the cross stitch, nun stitch and the French knot.

  351. Years ago I had a friend and neighbor from North Dakota who did hardanger all the time. I thought it was gorgeous! I like white-on-white embroidery ; I pick up old embroidered linens and doilies at antique stores and love how they look on old wood. I have always wanted to give hardanger a try myself, but it looked a little too complicated without having a tutor.
    I’d have a hard time choosing a favorite embroidery stitch, but I do love the simple chain stitch. It’s great for outlining, filling space, and adding texture.

  352. I would love to get Yvette’s hardanget book, as I am excited to learn more about how to do it. I did try in the past and I do have a couple books, but couldn’t understand how to do the cut out part. I watched your lessons a few weeks ago and it helped me to understand how to do it. THANK YOU. I HAVE DONE A LOT OF EMBROIDERY, BUT have gotten into quilt and wall hanging projects. I am back to some embroidery and purchased your book of the alphabet embroidery. I made some wedding gifts with the towels and embroidery letters on them. Your teachings I really enjoy and have learned so many different stitches to use. AGAIN THANK YOU…….JUNE PARKS I GUESS I LOVE IT ALL CREATING AND MAKING THEM ALIVE

  353. The Feather stitch is my “go to” stitch because it comes so easy to me and it can be “dressed up” so beautifully.

  354. Currently my favourite stitch is Satin Stitch, I love how it lays flat filling a space and then I can change it by padding it or adding a special thread. When I look at my finished project it doesn’t look boring or simple =)

  355. Now this is one I really want. I don’t comment on these give away very often else to be known as a hoarder. I have been planning a Hardanger project for some time now. This might just be the nudge I need to get it going. Though it is not Hardanger, my favorite stitch must be the stem stitch. It is so versatile – outline, filling, it can be laced or beaded…

  356. My favourite stitch is the Palestrina knot – so easy to do and the many variations that are possible make for lots of enjoyment from ‘creative’ stitching.

  357. ONE favorite stitch? OK, right now it’s double-running, as I’m planning a bit of reproduction 16th-century “Holbein” work. Sometimes it’s outline.
    Last week my favorite was definitely NOT blanket stitch, because I just discovered what happens to it when you machine-wash it. Ugh. “Wonky” doesn’t begin to describe the result.

  358. Winging its way to you from Scotland, is my wish for this book. It is time I did some Hardanger embroidery, so that I may perfect the dove eye stitch. I have more than one favourite embroidery stitch: currently, I favour bullion stitch above the rest, closely followed by chain stitch in all its varieties, finishing with colonial knots…

  359. My favourite embroidery stitch has to be the french knot. Why? I loved them from an early age as I watched my mother embroidering flowers on hankerchiefs to give as presents. She taught me how to do them but for some reason I found them really really hard to master, made worse by my twin sister producing beautiful ones. Now when I see a perfect french knot I’m so pleased, and proud, I persevered and eventually mastered them.

  360. My favourite stitch is probably the chain stitch. It’s easy, it can be big and chunky or small and delicate and it can be worked up in so many different ways. And there’s nothing nicer than a lovely even row of chain stitch.

  361. I love Hardanger. My favorite stitch would be hard to choose. I like the spider web and all it’s variety and the Algerian eyelets for their simplicity.

  362. My current favorite stitch is the Palestrina stitch. And thanks to your wonderful tutorial, Mary, I can stitch it successfully.

  363. Hi Mary,

    It’s really hard to make a decision about favorite embroidery stitches because I like most if not all of them. If I had to choose just one though, I think I’d pick woven picots (which I just learned how to do this year). I love the way you can make leafy shapes that jump right off the fabric. I did some sunflowers this way, and they were really cool. It’s a super fun stitch to do and really easy. It also combines both my love for embroidery and weaving.

    Before initiating a ‘stitch challenge’ with my needleworker’s guild, I stuck primarily with blackwork (double running aka Holbein). I was fascinated by it. In the past year though, we’ve been on a mission to learn all of the stitches in our Embroidery Stitch bible, and I have to say. What the book didn’t teach me, your tutorials did. What an amazing resource you have provided. Thanks.

    Mistress Bethoc, aka Becky L
    Barony of Loch Salann Needleworker’s Guild, aka BLSNG

  364. Thanks for offering such a great giveaway.

    My favorite embroidery stitch is the back stitch. Such a useful stitch that never lets me down.

  365. I recently tried some Reticello embroidery, loving the versatility of buttonhole stitch! Would love to further my journey into both Reticello and Hardanger with this book!

  366. Oh, my! I’ve been wanting this book since I first saw it. Over the years I’ve done a variety of stitches but satin stitch is still my favorite. I just love the smooth satiny look of and feel of it. Especially, when worked with a smooth lustrous thread.

  367. Hi Mary 🙂 Thanks for the opportunity to win this great book!

    I honestly cannot pick any one stitch as a favourite. I enjoy trying new stitches and techniques….and while I’d be able to pick out those stitches I dislike within seconds, picking one favourite is not that easy! At a pinch though I’d have to go with the solid and dependable stem stitch…followed closely by chain stitch. These are such versatile little stitches and can be used quite effectively 🙂

    Thoeria in Johannesburg, South Africa

  368. The feather stitch is my favorite stitch. It is versatile and has many variations. I do alot of crazy quilting and it is used many ways. Thanks for doing a giveaway!

  369. How can one choose their fav embroidery stitch? I do love to do the ones that give texture. I own a hardanger table cover, with the blue ribbon that my great aunt won in 1916. It is a prize possession as I hope to do some hardanger myself. I’ve studied where I can but would really appreciate this book. At this moment I plan to do crosses for friends & families’ Christmas. I’d better get started!!! joan chance

  370. I love the double and triple feather stitch… I like the rhythm and the lacy effect. I add it to my rail fence
    quilt blocks. A touch of embroidery in my quilts is my signature.

  371. My favorite stitch is always the one I’m going to learn next. At least I’ll never be
    bored. And I’ve never done Hardanger yet. Just finished my first huck woven towel and what a lot of beauty from such a simple activity! cb

  372. This book has been on my wishlist for a long time. Thanks for the opportunity to continue to wish. I love the satin stitch. I find this stitch relaxing. It is like taking a needle and painting.

  373. I have two favorite stitches–the french knot (use alot for flowers) and the bullion stitch. I can remember one of my first projects was a medieval maiden with golden bullions for her hair. Loved that piece!

  374. My very favorite is a stem stitch because it works up fast, but I also love doing blanket stitching on wool appliqué.

  375. Oh gosh, would I love this book! I’m not much of a fan of Hardanger as it is usually done today, but in its original form it was gorgeous. Thanks so much Mary and Yvette for the giveaway.

    I can never pick an absolute favourite anything, but one stitch I do love is long-armed cross stitch.

  376. Hi Mary,
    I like the Coral Knot Stitch. I’ve never done Hardanger and would love to have the book to learn the stitches. I was just sharing Yvette’s “Embroiderer’s Companion” book with a group of friends today. It is a great book. I had never thought of Hardanger in colors other than white until I saw it on the Projects Page that you shared. Hope you are feeling better.

    Connie Martin

  377. My favorite stitch is Lazy Daisy because you can create big or small pretty flowers really fast. It’s a nice way to add a little something to a project.

  378. My favorite stitch is 4 sided stitch. I like it because it is versatile. You can use it as a decorative stitch. You can use it as an edge stitch. You can use it to hold an edge. It can become very zen to stitch as you learn the pattern. Very soothing.

  379. This is such a beautiful, informative book with so many illustrations. I would love to own it. My favorite stitch is the satin and also I love the bullion stitch.
    Thank you for the chance to win this beautiful book. Theresa L. Michigan

  380. Since I love whitework , I do a lot of satin type stitches. I find it to be versatile, as well as relaxing. Thanks for the giveaway.

  381. My favourite stitch is either Holbein stitch or back stirch, depending on what blackwork design I’m working at the time.
    More recently I have begun exploring drawn rhread and pulled thread techniques, so this book would be very welcome!

  382. A pure & timeless textile discipline I’m dying to try & apply in different ways during the holidays! 🙂

  383. I can’t in all honesty say that Hardanger stitches are my favourite since I have never tried it but I would love to. My favourite form of embroidery is what you call ‘freestyle’: I take a photograph, make a drawing of it, trace it onto my cloth and use all sorts of stitches, long and short, chain, stem, buttonhole etc to represent what I have drawn. My subject matter is often tree bark or rock faces. As for my favourite cloth: another conundrum. I have mostly used cotton since my embroidery covers the whole surface but I am itching to try linen.

    Thanks to Yvonne and Mary for this giveaway, I am ever hopeful.

  384. Love the look of Hardanger! My fave stitch is probably french knots, they can imitate so many things in nature.

  385. The buttonhole stitch was one of the first stitches that I learned. There are so many variations , that is very nice. In my last project I made lots of buttonhole flowers.

  386. I love Hardanger! I’m amazed I can count and count and count and get so far and be one line off! It drives me crazy, but I still carry on…..

  387. I love a perfectly executed satin stitch. I was so proud as a preteen when I learned to do them well! Thank you!

  388. My favorite embroidery stitch is the Picot Stitch. Not only does it have a beautiful effect, it’s a very fun stitch to do! My friend Jeannie introduced me to your site — and I’m an avid fan now as well!

  389. It’s so hard to pick one, but right now will have to say the blanket stitch since I’m working on Rebekah K. Smith’s block of the month and am getting lots of practice with it. Would love, love this book. A couple of years ago I did the Hardanger pattern of the month with Nordic Needle and took sweepstakes at our county fair. Carolyn Eastman, Winfield, Kansas

  390. I do appreciate learning the tailored buttonhole for hardanger, great for strength on the edge. Love this new hardanger book. Thanks for all you do. Mary Kay

  391. Wow New website is awesome as the kids would say ! Anyway Yvettes books are amazing and as she is lefthanded she does not forget us lefties . Her historical detail is so interesting and the work is a challenge and something to aspire to . At the moment I am doing some tiny wee pincushions and it is amazing what you can do with stem stitch and whipped running stitch. So I guess at the moment they are my favourites .Would love to win the book many many thanks for the opportunity Mary .Chris munge from Australia

  392. So many to chose from! What ever I’m doing at the current moment! Today it’s Palestrina Knot stitch. So versatile – great for edges and can be made chunky or fine, closely packed or far apart. And I love getting back into the rhythm of it.

  393. It would be lovely to have a book teaching me a style of embroidery I don’t know much about. Thank you, Mary! My favorite stitch would have to be chain stitch; it has sentimental value, as my grandmother taught it to me before she passed.

  394. I do love Hardanger and would love winning this book. My favorite stitch is long and short for soft shading. The reason it is my favorite is because it is the one that has been the most challenging for me. It has taken me a long time to reach the point of feeling that I have a good handle on it, so I need to keep practicing so that I don’t “drop” that handle.

    Thanks for all you do, Mary, for the needlework community.

  395. A perfect example of creating beauty from minimal resources. I love traditional Hardanger, and have had this book on my wish list for a long time.

  396. French knots are so versatile; and I love to work them. I’m very new to embroidery and I’m sure there are other stitches that I will fall in love with soon. I’m working on a crazy quilt bed runner and it’s turning out better than I ever thought was possible. I’ve embellished a seam with a row of delphiniums made of french knots and they are so beautiful. I’m learning so much from you. Thank you.

  397. What a lovely book. My favorite stitch is stem stitch. I love how it looks as a filling as well as outlining.

  398. This is such a beautiful book, I would just love to own it. My favourite stitch is (this week), long and short stitch because I am working through the amazing tutorial series found right here on Needle ‘n’ Thread. Thank you so much Mary, for the tutorial and this fabulous give-away.

  399. If goldwork techniques can be considered stitches I like vouching and or nue. The elegance and texture that can be achieved are beautiful!

  400. I am learning harbinger and so far love it. My favorite embroidery stitch is the outline stitch, I learned this as a child and still use it often,.

  401. Oh my goodness! What a lovely give away. Love hardanger. It’s one of my favorites. Currently been doing backstitch and stem stitch on quilt.

  402. Just now my favourite stitch is the bullion! I can make beaks, flower petals or stamens, leaf centres and I am always looking where I can tuck some in.

  403. I am fascinated with embroidery since I was a child. Every time I see something new I can’t wait to try it. Currently trying stumpwork. Love the 3D effect.

  404. Well, I thought this over and over, and it’s a very hard question! I myself can’t answer the question of what’s my favorite embroidery stitch and why? As I progressed from childhood to today age 63, every time I pick up something to do, I fall in love with it. Like twenty years ago, I found Brazilian embroidery, I could not put it down for months. Every stitch was so beautiful. Now if i got this book I’d look for a idea, and fall in love with all stitches. So. That’s a very hard question to answer. Every stitch is so beautiful, with all the colors we have to work with, bless you, and keep me intrigued!

  405. I think my favourite is the lazy daisy stitch, or, more formally, detached chain. Part of the reason I like it so much is probably that it’s one of the first stitches my grandmother taught me when I was a little girl, and it made such pretty flowers on the practice piece she let me work on. It’s such a simple stitch, easy to do and easy to do well. It’s versatile. It combines well with many styles of embroidery. It can be casual or more formal. It’s appropriate for baby clothes and little girl’s dresses, table linens, and framed pieces. It shows well in whitework, pastels, and bright colors. And the simple flowers you can stitch with it are so sweet. For me, it’s just a happy stitch, and I love when I can find a reason to use it in my work.

  406. I love the Hungarian Braided Chain stitch! I love that it is bold. I love that it is smooth and turns a curve beautifully. I love that it works up so easily. It is distinctive, unusual enough to be noticed. No wall flower here. No, it can’t replace the stem stitch nor back stitch in every case, but it can be strong enough to hold it’s own on many occasions. Did I mention that I’m in love?

    Beth N in AZ

  407. I like doing most stitches but I particularly enjoy working French knots. If doing a large section I can get a rhythm going and then it’s relaxing to work them. I would enjoy owning this book. Thank you for the chance to win it.

  408. Hi Mary, I’m not entering your competition to win a copy of my own book. 🙂 However, I did want to vote for my favourite stitch – Palestrina stitch. You can do so many things with it, and create such lovely texture. Yvette

  409. I love classics and white-on-white is definitely a classic! My favorite stitch is the eyelet stitch. It reminds me that we are all in this circle of stitching life together and always learning! would treasure the book!

  410. This would a whole new experience for me. Is the book for sale anywhere. I would love to Try it.

  411. Thanks so much for bringing the world of embroidery together, Mary. What a blessing you are. My favourite form of embroidery? Oh dear, I’ve taken time to consider but no, I can’t settle for one or two. I took a class on Hardanger a couple of years ago and thoroughly enjoyed it. The piece is finished & I’m very pleased with it, however, I’ve not yet gotten back to hardanger but always mean to. The book looks good and could just see me pulling threads, etc,. again. I do loooooovvvveee embroidery.

  412. My favorite stitch at the moment is the chain stitch. It’s simple, but yet you can do so much with it.

  413. My favorite embroidery stitch is probably the french knot because you can do it prim and proper or wild and messy depending on your mood and the project.

  414. I’m rather plain, but I like the cross-stitch. It’s not as simple as it looks, it does however teach you a lot about stitching. I have 4 children & 9 grandchildren. I taught them this over the years, beginning by using plastic mesh and blunt needles.
    It taught them to watch closely, think forward and points of style.
    One daughter needle points. One makes jewelry. One decorates fancy cakes. My son is an excellent artist, but he uses the 3 tips from the cross-stitching in his computer programming & website.
    Talking about my grandchildren would take me forever!
    My point is start with a strong foundation and let it grow into a book like this!
    Thank you,
    10/18/16 9:43 central

  415. I love trying new embroidery techniques. Recently I stitched a hardanger sampler and I’m craving for more designs and trying out new stitches in it. I simply enjoyed working on my piece. Ravinder in Nairobi

  416. Over the last thirty year I have done many many many styles of embroidery but hardanger has always been a favourite. It was the first embroidery I did after painted on tapestries. Yvette’s book looks like a must have for all embroiderers. I am now realy interested in the history of the stitching I do so it will be great to see Yvette’s book on my shelf after giving it serious study.

  417. I absolutely love, love, love hardanger. I think I like the closter block the best, because that’s where it all started for me. I have gone from learning how to teaching it. Then learning even more. Doilies small and large, runners, framed pieces. Nearly all gets given away. But some exquisite contracted pieces as well.

    Marla H in Mn

  418. A beautiful book for bedtime reading .Inspiration when ideas are low.
    Truly a chance to expand the field of hand stitch work treasures.


  419. I would love to win this book, Early Style Hardanger. I have been stitching Hardanger embroidery since the late 1970s when I first discovered Nordic Needle through an advertisement in a stitching magazine. At that time we had to order books by mail, not through the Internet.

    I already own and regularly use two of Stanton’s books and find them easy to read and follow charts. My all time favorite embroidery stitch is buttonhole stitch. I can stitch straight or curved lines with buttonhole, as well as individual motifs. Whitework techniques are my primary techniques though I do not use white fabric or thread. I prefer ecru and stitch with #12 pearl cotton on 30 or 32 count linen.

  420. I love all hardanger filling stitches. I have been teaching hardanger since the early 1980’s. I own almost all the Nordic Needle Books on hardanger and all of Yvette Stanton’s Books. This one would be a wonderful addition to my library.

  421. My fave is the french knot because I’ve improved so much on it in the last year. I always thought a knot was a knot, but after learning what it should look like, I could take pride in it.

    Thanks for the opportunity in winning the beautiful book.

  422. Thanks, Mary, for the opportunity to win this beautiful book.
    My favourite stitich is the long and short one. It takes skill, patience and some intelligence to make sure the shading, the curve, the direction of floss are all even and silky smooth. While it may sound taxing for some, its a joy for me.

  423. I love lots of stitches, one of my favorites is the French knot. The rhythm of it is very pleasurable. Also it is fun to like a stitch that so many people detest!

  424. This book looks wonderful! Thank you for introducing it to us, and for giving it away! I think my favorite stitch is the stem stitch. It it relatively simple and yet so versatile.

  425. I love all your complete instructions. I am a beginner so I appreciate every word. I don’t know how to do hardanger so give someone else the new book. Just wanted you to know I appreciate all the information. Hope you are doing well. I’ve had a lot of health problems starting at age 25; I am now 72. I think of you often. Thanks for everything!

  426. I am smitten with white work – must be from growing up in the Bible Belt with all those church linens 🙂
    My favorite embroidery stitch is the colonial knot. I could never quite get French knots just right but colonial knots just clicked with me.
    Thanks for your awesome site. I have learned a lot from you and received so much inspiration

  427. I love Hardanger & I love Yvette Stanton’s books. Her instructions are thorough and clear. I first read about Her in your Website Mary. I have her other Books but couldn’t still get my hands on this book. I learned to do proper Bullion Stitch through her & of course your videos have helped a lot too.
    This book is on my wishlist since it was published.

  428. My favorite embroidery stitch is split stitch, I think. Pretty basic, but it makes beautiful lines, and is hard to mess up!

  429. I love hardanger in all its forms. This book would fit right in in my library. Hardanger is such fun because instead of time spent changing thread colour in my needle I can concentrate on the stitching.

  430. Hi, doli here, I am from India..I love doing embroidery..one of my favourite stitch is running stitch. It is soo versatile stitch, you need to see to believe it. There is a traditional embroidery (amongst many) in Calcutta (North East India) known as Kantha work, running stitch is extensively used in it, in various different forms, ie in spiral form, free running, far away, very close, triangles and much more.. when layers of fabrics are embroidered together with running stitch it naturally creates a quilted look. It is just fun doing it. Well there are many other stitches and traditional embroideries from India, I would love to talk about, like phulkari and kasuti, chikankari etc, the talk is just endless…

  431. Hmmm…my favorite embroidery stitch right now is the split back stitch…why? I like it because I just used it to embroider a tree trunk one a Christmas tree on a stocking and it came out really well. The bark looks almost real! It has texture and looks rough…lovely how it all came out.

  432. I cant decide on one style of embroidery as there are so many beautiful embroidery pieces. I like to try different techniques as i see something i really like. So many beautiful things and so little time. I

  433. I really enjoy reading your newsy tips and learning from them. I just like the sound and feel of needle and thread being pulled through fabric, so choosing just one stitch is hard, but I guess my favourite is satin stitch – the play of light on the thread at different angles is amazing. I would treasure owning Yvette Stanton’s new book – it looks amazing!

  434. Name: Hema Priyanka C.
    My favorite stitch is the simple Lazy Daisy stitch. I have seen and tried plenty of ur works that involve Lazy Daisy and there are lot of patterns that can be completed in just this one single and simple stitch. I love this stitch for the same reason: simple yet can be widely used.

  435. Me gusta mucho el punto de cruz por su gran versatilidad, el hardanger aunque lo conocía hace muchos años hace poco que lo he retomado y mi nivel aún es muy bajo.

  436. I like to try all types of embroidery and laces. My favorite so far has been crewel and Irish lace because i can use various types of stitches. I read the newsletters from the Nordic Needle, and always thought Hardanger to be beautiful, but i didn’t have enough information to try it. This book looks like it would certainly be a valuable tool to learn how this white work is done. Thank You for a chance to win it.

  437. Well, I recently bought a lovely monogram book and have started work on a rather complex one. Although I’ve been embroidering on and off for many years I don’t recall ever tackling split stitch, but this project requires me to outline a lot of the piece that way. And I’m loving it, it’s so neat (UK meaning of neat, i.e. small, precise and tidy). I’m very slow – and I’ve already realised that unpicking it is a bit of a chore. But I’m persevering and having a lovely time. I’m embroidering it white on very pale grey, so moving on to a lovely white Hardanger piece would be lovely.

    Thanks for the opportunity Mary.

  438. I really enjoy Hardanger as this was the first workshop I attended after joining the Cape Embroiderers’ Guild. I had only done cross stitch and a bit of stem and lazy daisy. The Hardanger opened up a whole new world of exciting and innovative ways of doing embroidery. I would love to own this book and work some of the wonderful projects.

  439. I love the basque stitch. I use it to applique on my quilts. It is so pretty and easy to do.

  440. My favourite embroidery stitch is bullion stitch. I am an embroidery novice, knowing only the stitches I need to for basic stitcheries to combine with patchwork. I learn as I need to, but had never managed a successful bullion stitch until recently. I had a light bulb moment, and since then, I have been ” bullioning” all over the place. I love using variegated thread for my bullion roses and am extremely happy about my newfound ability.

  441. I am most comfortable with cross stitch. I would enjoy greatly this beautiful book. Thanks for the giveaway opportunity!

  442. I have a few old/vintage pieces of Hardanger and enjoy them. My favorite stitch would be the stem stitch ~ I love the lines of redwork.

  443. OMG! Two weeks ago, I embarked down a new path, Hardanger. I’m attempting to teach myself this beautiful technique and am finding bits and pieces on the Internet, with some success. But, a wonderful book would be a great teaching tool and give me an perfect opportunity to see and learn. Thanks for a chance to enter this give-away.


  444. I have never seen this book in France but I know Yvette Stanton with his ”Portuguese white work”. Her designs are nice with good explanations. I don’t have a preference for a particular point because the most interesting is mixing them to create pleasant designs with lovely effects. For me, embroidering is creating by playing with different threads and different points.

  445. I enjoy Stumpwork, pulled thread and Crewel embroidery but whenever I come across something new I love to give it a try. After your piece on embroidered eggs I had to give it a go. I now have an embroidered emu egg, 2 chook eggs and 1 goose egg completed. I have an Ostrich egg to try but I love the feel of it so much I can’t bring myself to drill holes in it. Yvettes Hardanger book sounds really interesting. Chris Tasmania

  446. Ooh, a hard one. I love stem stitch for its usefulness and ease of stitching but at the moment I’m doing a lot of leaves with fishbone stitch and really enjoying it – so I’ll pick that one.

  447. My favorite embroidery stitch is queen stitch. I struggled with it when I was first learning how to do it, so now that I’ve mastered it, I’m quite proud of myself. 😉

  448. I absolutely love doing hardanger, but it would be awesome to have a book on it (I’ve only done kits or my own patterns). As far as the give away question goes, my favorite embroidery stitch is the stem stitch. It just always lays nice and makes the outline pop, and though it isn’t as flashy as some of the other stitches, it is almost always somewhere in the project. If I had to pick a second, I think French knots are fun. I love the perfect little balls they make and the added dimension they give.

  449. I love Hardanger and white work. I have tried some but would love more instruction in this area of stitching.

  450. At this moment stem stitch is a favorite. It is very so useful for many purposes and can be used with so many other stitches. Thank you for this chance to own this beautiful book.

  451. My favorite embroidery stitch for years has been the French knot. I find it both satisfying and challenging to get the wrap perfect, placement as well. Love them!

  452. To be honest I love ALL embroidery. My favourite is satin stitch but hardanger is something I have always wanted to do. I am looking forward to retirement, I won’t be bored a minute. PS. Your FB page and website are inspirational.

  453. My favorite embroidery stitch is the simple cross stitch. It is versatile, can be adapted to fit different spaces, and long stretches of these stitches create lovely “Zen” moments for thinking.

  454. I love the long and short stitch because I am not good at it and I am determined to conquer it!!

    Kathy from Cullman

  455. My favorite stitch is the satin stitch. It’s not an easy stitch, although it looks easy, but to get a perfect stitch it takes a LOT of practice. I have spent hours embroidering a small flower or cross, outlining, doing long/short stitching, then covering with satin stitch and it takes a lot of practice. It’s enjoyable trying to make it perfect! Loretta

  456. Thanks for offering this giveaway! My favourite stitch is French knot. You can use any thread, vary the size and use it to fill any shape or create a line or a scattering of stitches – so versatile.

    Godalming, UK

  457. I wasn’t familiar with Yvette Stanton so am grateful to know about her. I am an avid hardanger stitcher and always love a new project. I guess my favorite stitch is the one I am currently working on but I am sure to have plenty doves eye in my projects. The thing most satisfying about hardanger is it beauty. Because the stitcher has to keep accurate count, you won’t have any mistakes when you’re done. It is a very rewarding form of needlework. Thank you Mary for your wonderful website which is it’s own creative community.

  458. Favorite stitch is the Blanket stitch, first stitch my Grandmother taught me, first stitch I taught my Granddaughter

  459. Hello Mary. At the moment I am enthralled by whitework and monogramming so my current favorite stitch would have to be the plumetis. Thank you for offering the giveaway!

  460. Thanks for this lovely give-away! Hard to choose one favorite stitch. I love counted stitches, particularly the Jean Hilton stitches, which are so pretty and showy and add so much interest to a piece. Don’t think I can choose just one!
    Becky B from SC

  461. Of all embroidery types, keeping in mind what you wrote on different types of embroidery, I love whitework most of all. My favoritest (I know, not a proper word) favorite stitch would probably be the buttonhole stitch as it is so versatile and when used on a dainty scalloped edge, is much prettier to me than plain satin stitch on a similar edge.

  462. Of all embroidery types, keeping in mind what you wrote on different types of embroidery, I love whitework most of all. My favoritest (I know, not a proper word) favorite stitch would probably be the buttonhole stitch as it is so versatile and when used on a dainty scalloped edge, is much prettier to me than plain satin stitch on a similar edge.
    Alta from Centurion, South Africa

  463. I’ve really enjoyed the little bit of Hardanger I’ve done. I am in the midst of moving my stitching room and would love to add this book to my library. My favorite embroidery stitch is any stitch that I can weave. This includes lazy daisies, straight stitches, and even bullions. I am drawn to weaving and love to incorporate woven stitches into my work

  464. I enjoy all stitching methods from cross stitch to Jacobean embroidery, long and short and I have even attempted Hardanger on my own but would love to learn properly.

  465. What a lovely book! At the moment my favorite embroidery is couched and laid work, since it is what I have been intensely studying — particularly Bayeux style embroidery. I love the depth of movement that can actually be expressed with this simple work — and that it fills a space so well.

  466. Growing up in a large household consisting of great grand parents, great-aunts and uncles, grandmother, and other children, there wasn’t time for a child to pay attention to the bounties surrounding us. The article about hardanger embroidery reminded me that in a corner of our living room, a delicate round table had stood, draped in just such a cloth, gloriously and intricately embroidered in white! I’ve had a hardanger tablecloth in my life!

  467. I enjoy all forms of needlework, but I really enjoy all forms of counted embroidery, especially pulled work and Hardanger. As I do not own any books dedicated wholly to Hardander, and Yvette Stanton’s instructions are so good and easy to follow, as I have some other books written by her, I would simply be delighted if I won this one. I have looked at it on line after reading your review, Mary, and it looks most appealing!

  468. I really like the stem stitch. You can use it in so many ways.for example : .
    signatures, tendrils filling areas to name just the beginning of a long list.
    Mary I really enjoy your site and always learn something new. We are traveling this week and I’m taking along some fabric and thread to practice the long and short stitch.
    Happy Wed.
    Louise in Cobourg,ON.

  469. Oops, I left out the bit about my favourite stitch! I like the effect that fly stitch gives to leaves, depending on how closely you work the stitches, and because it makes leaves look dainty and bendy or more solid if you want that look, so that is a favourite that I try to work into some projects, but I also love stitching Palestrina edgings, they look so well finished!

  470. After reading your article and then the book review this helps to explain why my attempts of doing whitework looks so different than my Great Aunt’s. I now have this book on my must haves. I have different stitches that I use often because of the projects that I am working on. So these are my favorite go toos : Out line stitch, Hungarian Chain, Buttonhole stitch, and the Russian Knot .

  471. My favorite embroidery stitch is the cross-stitch, and any variation of counted stitches, in general. Thanks for the great giveaway! 🙂

  472. Hardanger has been my fascination for a few years. It is my “go to” relaxing leisure activity, especially when enjoying the summer weather. My favourite stitch is the Dove’s Eye, turning a plain opening into a delicate and pretty addition to a project.
    Mary from Chatham

  473. My favorite stitch is probably the french knot, because it was one of the first stitches I learned as a child and I just enjoy making them.

    Thanks for doing this giveaway!

  474. Whoa! I loooove Hardangar!!!!

    Favorite embroidery stitch….hmmmm….I just love mostly all of them…depends on what I am stitching or what texture I am going for….

    Favorite for stitching and quick results – I think the outline stitch…especially when I am stitching up something primitive.

    Favorite stitch for something different…adding areas of French Knots to areas that are straight stitched….great for shading, adding dimension….NOT necessarily my favorite stitch to execute.

    Favorite stitch for landscapes and realistic stitching…satin stitch (I consider the long and short stitch to be a variation of the satin stitch)

    Probably more info than you wanted ; >

    Blessings, Marlon

  475. I have always loved the versatility of the stem stitch but then I remember the excitement I felt so many years ago when I first mastered a french knot. And don’t forget about the lazy daisy…fields of those flowers used to grow on my clothes!

  476. I really don’t have a favorite stitch per se. I do like doing the needle weaving after having cut my threads. I find adding the bullion knots on top of wrapped bars to be a lot of fun and most impressive when done.

  477. Had to think about it for a while, what stitch is my favorite, but I believe I’d pick the blanket stitch because it is so versatile, using it as an edging for just about anything especially stumpwork, making it lacy with the raised detached stitch and many other variations. It is just a good basic stitch.

  478. Thank you so much for doing this giveaway! My favorite embroidery stitch is the stem stitch-I can use it in so many different applications.

  479. Double Cast On Buttonhole is unusual enough to be a favorite in much more than the original Brazilian rayon embroidery where I first saw it explained. I now use it with every fiber & just saw the Stitches to Savor book by Sue Spargo where wool works too. I’ve been admiring the drawn thread border on the cover of the new Stanton book so add me to the hopefuls for the Early Style Hardanger arrival in San Francisco.

  480. Hardanger looks very intriguing and would love to give it a go! I have been needle painting for a few years now and am ready to branch out into another technique. I have come to appreciate the many hours of hard work these methods require. Good job everyone!

  481. Dear Mary
    I thank you for all your marvellous projects, classes and tips.
    I am a psychologist, almost retiring, and also a female asperger (mild autism) living in Brazil with my youngest son, who is an asperger too. We are happy with simple things.
    Answering your question,
    What’s your favorite embroidery stitch and why?
    My favorite is slow (mindfulness) stitching, and I hope to learn exactly the kind of embroidery stitch which this book is about! When I was a child, my grandmother used to make little pieces with the same style, and I guess she learned with her mother, but at the time I was fool enough not asking her to teach me.
    Now, that´s something I am anxious to learn. It´s as if I could bring all our story and my love ones back. I would be so glad to have it.
    Ana P.

  482. Because I do canvas work I love the Basketweave stitch you have to make sure you count right or your in trouble.
    I love learning new stitches but for a stitch that fills in backgrounds in canvas work The basket weave is my

  483. Sounds like a very easy question for most people, for me, it is not as easy. Since learning how many fabulous embroidery stitches there are & wonderful ways of using each one for every single design, this is a very difficult yet simple answer.
    The satin stitch is the beautiful yet amazing simple way to do many wonderful things plus ways to get around and fill a desired design. Plain can be amazingly wonderful & perhaps look simply stunning when used artfully!

    Michelle B

  484. I have been drawn back todoing Hardanger as I have a friend that wanted to learn. The book would be an amazing book for her to have. I am enjoying going back to a type of embroidery after a long vacation from it. Ruth

  485. I love embroidery, have seen aan lot of nice things on Vettys creations andere would likea to start with whitework embroidery. I live in the Netherlands.

  486. Hardanger is the only counted work embroidery that I enjoy. And I enjoy it quite a bit. It is a recently new form of embroidery for me having only done it for about 10 years. I don’t have many resources on it and would enjoy adding this book to my collection. As to my favorite stitch, I guess that would have to be satin stitch. Though it is closely followed by stem stitch and long and short stitch. Thank you so much for the chance to win this lovely book Mary.

  487. Oh, this is a toughie! I’m not sure I have one favorite stitch, but Hardanger is my favorite type of stitching, so is it okay to say the ones used there? I love the laziness of Hardanger, so the picots and doves’ eyes and square filets are all part of that.

    And that is why I would love to win this book; I have several of Yvette’s other ones and I know how good they are! Since I know the odds are against my winning, I will probably have to ask for it for Christmas.

  488. I have never tried Hardanger but i think it is beautiful and watch tthe ladies in the guild i have just joined do it. I would love to try it soon. This book looks beautiful. My favourite stitch is stem because it was the first stitch i learned but since just getting into surface embroidery i just love satin stitch. Ohhh how it shines and single thread too. Thank you and have a great day stitching.

  489. Hi, I’m very new at hand embroidery. ALL of the stitches at this point are my favorite, because they are ALL so BEAUTIFUL!!!!! I can’t wait to learn and start a hand embroidery project. The problem is there are so many AMAZING/BEAUTIFUL projects to choose from, not sure where to start. Thank you for the opportunity to possibly win a wonderful book.

  490. I am teaching myself to embroider. I enjoy using the stem stitch, I like the look of the stitch both in a straight line and it’s capability of taking curves nicely. The length of the stitch can change the appearance of my finished stitch and I can use it as a fill stitch. The versatility and simplicity of this stitch makes it my favorite.

    Thank you,
    Jane A. of Arlington

  491. I am partial to stem stitch to be honest. I just started learning crewel embroidery and I love that it has some volume to a stitch in motion. I want to learn hardanger because my grandmother (a proud Norwegian danish lady from Minnesota) always had a hardanger project made for the big moments in the lives of family and friends. She made something for marriages and confirmations mostly. Unfortunately she died before she could finish my wedding gift, but my sister picked it up and finished it for her. And I am a younger sister and want to be just like her.

  492. I really don’t have an absolute favorite stitch. I do love turkey-stitch and spider-wheel because they are so unique. Good luck to everyone for a “win”!

  493. Hi Mary , Hope you are well. That Hardanger book looks exciting . I m farely new to hardanger . Im like the guy who loves the girl he s with, I love what I m doing at the time . I ve just discovered paper embroidery -it s rather mindless but so relaxing and fun. The main piece I m working on at the moment is a Bargello sampler ,it s a beauty . I m looking forward to finishing it.
    Would love to win that lovely book as I m the Guild librarian ( the Town Clock Stitchers Guild in Halifax,N.S.,CAn. ) and it will go in our Library.
    Best Wishes, Beverly from Halifax
    P.S. Sorry ,My Computer is not working ,no apostrophe .

  494. Put a needle and thread in my fingers and watch them fly. The real question is what stitch don’t I like. I lean back with a fine linen and silk thread I begin what I hope will be a perfect satin stitch. Yes, I believe the satin stitch is my favorite stitch!

  495. I commented on my last entry but forgot to say what stitch I like the best and I must say it is herringbone. I have done lots of crazy quilting and you can do a lot with it. Oh, and its my birthday on the 23rd, just saying

  496. I can’t tell you how enchanted I’ve become with the long/short stitch method of blending colors! Thank you for all your wonderful information and knowledge that you share with us everyday!

  497. Hi Mary! It’s been a while that I’m following your posts and I love them!
    My favorite stich is stem stich which is very delicate and rounded. Sometimes it feels like crocheting (which I love) or even something similar to lace. I recently made a two hours workshop at Hardanger (it was just a taste) but really made me want to learn more about it, that’s why I’m interested in this book. Thanks.

  498. I am intending to ad this to my collection. As a needlework judge I find I can not read enough. I am supposed to be knowledgeable about all different forms of needlework. Reading an excellent book helps me to know what to look for when seeing pieces entered in exhibits.
    Cindy from Houston, Texas

  499. Although I have many favourite stitches, I think the most versatile stitch is the running stitch. There are so many ways that it can be varied and it’s quick to stitch. Thanks for the opportunity to win this fabulous book.

  500. Another Yvette book! Love it but where does she get the time? I love whitework and would love to add this book to my collection and spend lots of time making some of the motifs in the book.

  501. Hi Mary, I love reading your emails, being a new subscriber you have reignited my love and interest in embroidery. My favorite stitch is, long and short stitch. left handed Lynne.

  502. My favorite stitch is the satin stitch because it can be so elegant, especially when used on monograms.

    Pat from Lebanon

  503. My favorite stitch is the stem stitch. I will be 70 next month and learned the stem stitch when I was 6 years old. My mother taught me to embroider but the ‘back had to look as good as the top’. Although I enjoyed embroidering I disliked knotting off my thread and threading a needle with a new color and making sure ‘the back looked as good as the top’. I went to stay with my great aunt for a few days after Christmas in 1952. I had received a box with a plastic doll and stamped flannel clothing and a coverlet. As I told my aunt my woes, she said that she had a solution for me. Redwork! I still love the ease of redwork and it still relaxes me. The stem stitch can do so much, the back always looks as good as the top! My aunt would be proud and my mom would be tickled I have had many enjoyable years, I have made many gifts and I have taught my 3 daughters and my granddaughter. It’s an easy stitch that you can share with the young stitchers that you love. My granddaughters stitching makes me proud and tickles me. My mom and great aunt would smile. Thank you for all of your great articles. Maryann

  504. My favorite embroidery stitch is outline stitch, because I love curving, flowing shapes (like flower stems) and outline stitch is perfect to for them. I would love to learn hardanger embroidery, the old and the new styles are so beautiful!

  505. My favourite stitch is long and short stitch because I like the different effects it gives with different shades of silk, cotton or wool and because it is challenging.

  506. This book sounds perfect for me to learn the hardanger technique. I love all handwork and recently found out that I have Norwegian Ancestry! The projects look appetizing and doable. Thanks for the review.

  507. My favorite stitch is the fairly plebian “backstitch,” because it reminds me of my Grandmother who taught it to me as one of my first embroidery stitches. She let me pick out a redwork pattern for a tea towel and showed me how to use the iron-on transfer. And then guided me in stitching the pattern. Lovely memories!

  508. My favorite stitch at the moment is stem stitch. I love the smooth outline it gives and find it an easy stitch to get looking really neat and regular. I loved your article on the difference between stem stitch and outline and must confess that for years I’d unknowingly used outline stitch when the curve of my work changed. I don’t do that anymore 🙂

  509. My favourite embroidery stitch is stem stitch. With just this stitch, whole projects can be completed, by varying the threads, colours and textures.

    Currently I am teaching myself Hardanger.bi hope I wi this beautiful book!

    Cheers Mary

  510. I’m not sure I have a favorite stitch, but one of my current fascinations is gold work embroidery, which has tons of couching!

  511. I would love to win! I have been trying Hardanger and drawn work. My favorite stitch is back stitch because it is an easy starting stitch for my granddaughters.

  512. Hello Mary!

    I love enjoy many types of counted threadwork, and my favorite stitch is the Montenegrin. I love the thick, textured line it creates, and the fact that it creates a lovely pattern on the reverse is a bonus. I fell in love with the stitch after purchasing a book on the three versions of the stitch, each creating a different look on the reverse side, while the front remains, essentially, the same. My Guild Chapter will begin a Band Sampler next year, and I am looking forward to teaching the band which uses Montenegrin to create a vine of Chrysanthimums.

    This book is on my wish list because I enfoy Hardanger and would welcome the chance to explore the difference between early Hardanger and what is currently being stitched.

    Thank you, very much, Mary, for bringing this book to our attention. I look forward to your postings, and hope you are able to continue informing and entertaining us for many years to come.


    Rosalie Jean

  513. I believe my favourite stitch is Chain Stitch in its varying forms. It lends itself to wonderful fillings, outlines, braids and so much more.

  514. Carol from Wisconsin

    My favorite stitch is the French knot. It is simple yet with the right thread it can make any fabric look bejeweled, like it has shiny beads or just add a little texture here and there.

  515. My favourite stitch is the stem stitch and I like to use it to fill an area of graduating colours that work outward from an edge. I seem to get smoother finish than with my long and short stitches.

  516. Lately I have been practising herrinbone stitch with two and three different colours creating a rainbow effect. It has become my favourite.
    Helen in Australia.

  517. It is really hard for me to say what stitch I like best. All counted work is my favourite and I have had the opportunity to see Yvette’s latest book and thought I would love a copy.

  518. I love satin stitch. It can be used in a variety of ways. I would love a copy of the book.

  519. Thank you for this give-away.
    I love the geometric designs, may be because i’m teaching math. In particular, Fez embroidery improves concentration.
    And, with embroidery, I travel in time and space. I like to discover techniques and customs. With Early Style Hardanger, it will be perfect because, you said, it’s a good instructional book and because it begins with the history of Hardanger embroidery and its use in Norway.

  520. There are a number of stitches that I love but my absolute favorite stitch has to be satin stitch. It can be a difficult stitch to achieve but providing your stitches are lying in the right direction and are lying together correctly and not crowding one another, the overall effect can look absolutely superb. The sheen of the floss you are using can be shown off to great effect with satin stitch.

  521. I have many stitches that I love but my favorite has to be satin stitch . I love fine embroidery and you have to be very accurate with satin stitch. Providing it is done properly this stitch can look quite spectacular and show off the sheen of your floss beautifully.

  522. The Queen stitch is my favorite. It’s a pleasure to stitch and looks lovely when completed. Dreaded by many, loved by few and admired by all. This book is wonderful. I’ve enjoyed hardanger for years abd strayed from it. This really brings back the desire to get back to it. Thank you and glad you’re doing well.

  523. Hi Mary,

    How can I name a favourite embroidery stitch when I have not finished exploring yet!
    After 20 years with the Embroiderers Guild here in Perth, Western Australia, I am still learning.
    If pushed I would name the simple straight stitch that I use to express so much in needlepainting.
    Thanks for your inspiring news letter.

    Cheers, Rita Petters.

  524. I love stitching any kind of white work. I would love to leaf through the book to get some new ideas. Christmas is coming, the sooner one gets started , the more one can stitch.

  525. Hi Mary,
    Thanks for the great giveaway. I am working a Hardanger stitch on a Autumn bell pull right now and this is the first time I am introduced to any Hardanger type of stitching and find it is fun to do.
    I think a Lazy Daisy Stitch would be just one of my favorite embroidery stitches though. It is kinda therapeutic to stitch and relaxes me as I work it.
    Hope this finds you doing well!

  526. Right now my favorite stitch is the plaited braid that I learn from your printable booklet. It’s a nice stitch for many things. I make borders and vines with it in different threads and it’s looking beautiful in golden threads for large letters. I love this Hardanger stitching of old, much more than the newer styles that look heavier. The old styles of Hardanger are light and delicate. Thank you for this opportunity!

  527. I haven’t tried Hardanger yet, but it’s next on my list! This book would be a great start as I better familiarize myself with the technique. My favorite stitch at the moment is long and short–I love the blended effect in needlepainting. (Second favorite is stem stitch–I find it’s simple yet elegant.)

  528. I just learned bullion stitch so that’s my current favourite but it may change next week. I have lots of favourite stitches.

  529. I like doing a number of different types of hand needlework-whitework, silk ribbon, English paper piecing, appliqué- but my favorite is Hardanger. I love that it is geometric and structured (my OCD/anal retentiveness) but can also be very airy and lacy. It can be strictly Hardanger or combined with other types of embroidery. It can be the traditional, monochromatic white on white or consist of a variety of different colors or even a variegated thread. It can be very complex with different filling stitches or a simple design. It can be a large tablecloth or a small bookmark. The possibility are endless! And I didn’t even get into the many types of fabric it can be done on! I could be completely content with only creating Hardanger projects for the remainder of my life but there are so many other needlework techniques that I’m interested in, though maybe not to the same extent as Hardanger. Isn’t variety the spice of life?!

  530. My favorite stitch is the satin stitch. I enjoy all types of embroidery and find it very relaxing. Always looking for something new and a bit of a challenge. Your website is always giving me new ideas. I look forward to an email from you in my inbox. Thank you for the chance to win this book. I would love to add it to my collection.

  531. I went back to read the review. Very tempting review, Mary! French knots have always been my favorite, since I started embroider in my early teens. I really like using it as a filler type stitch. Hardanger is still one of those that I’ve always admired, but never had a chance to try. I probably could rustle up the supplies I need for it in my stash, though!

  532. My favorite isn’t so much a stitch as a technique I guess. As I mostly do thread painting, and there really is only one straight stitch involved with that..oh how boring that sounds!..but really it isn’t at all!
    Thank you again for all of your contribution to the needle arts community!

  533. What a wonderful giveaway; I would love to have a chance to win it. My favorite embroidery stitch; oh my, that is a hard one since there are so many that I truly enjoy. I guess I would have to say it is the satin stitch; it has such variety that can be achieved with it alone and also with adding various embroidery stitches over it and around it. I just love the look and feel of it. Thanks again for this giveaway opportunity.

    Pam L in Kansas

  534. I love embroidery. Any and all stitches, but guess I would have to say the stem stitch is favored. I use it in every project.
    Again, we thank you for thr opportunity to own another special book. Hardanger is my favorite kind of stitching.

  535. I have never thought to much about a favorite embroidery stitch but if I had to choose one it would be the most unusual one on whatever project I am currently working on because it helps break up the monotony of the fill in stitches.

    My favorite stitch in Hardanger is the Algerian Eye. I have used it to add interest to different projects. I have used just the Algerian Eye to make a beautiful Christmas tree with white tread on green fabric.

  536. Thanks for the chance! I love the queen stitch. I love the finished look and texture and the small pinpoint holes the stitch creates when done in a group.

  537. I’m still very new to embroidery and I’ve been enjoying each new stitch I try but if I had to pick a favorite it would be stem stitch, at least for now, since I’ve used it most.

  538. Oh! Favourite stitch? Just ONE stitch? Not possible.

    I love French knots; cute and relaxing and lovely. Adore buttonhole stitch ( so many possibilities, and I do needlelace which is largely buttonhole stitch). I think herringbone is gorgeous and I love braid stitch and all kinds of couching and Holbein is so relaxing (yet challenging when you’re trying to get the back the same as the front). Also how could I not choose fabulous stem stitch … or satin stitch (needlepainting! yum!). No fair question.


    OK. Buttonhole stitch. (Sorry to all those other gorgeous stitches)

  539. I am enamored of all embroidery and am not a purist, therefore I like to combine different techniques. I particularly like to combine Long and Short realism with a border of White Work or Applique and surface embroidery decorative stitchery.

    Dayan from out west

  540. My favorite is the cross stitch because it is very beautiful, simple and i don’t have to transfer the pattern.

  541. My favorite stitch varies depending on the day, season, etc. Lately it’s been buttonhole stitch. Really useful little bugger. I once made a Dorset button with it!

  542. When I was a child my favorite stitch was French knots. I stitched my own designs on my jeans in only French knots. But now I love trying many kinds of embroidery and I can’t have a favorite. They all are wonderful for different reasons just like children.

  543. For many years I was never fond of French knots–until finding your site and seeing the Colonial knot. Yipee skipee! Maybe not an exact favorite, but a convenient alternative that makes a consistently nice stitch. Thanks for a chance in this giveaway. After a number of hardanger projects years ago (apron, table centers, wedding dress, etc.) this book is a marvel of craftsmanship!

  544. I love buttonhole stitch! I just enjoy the rhythm that gets going once started. It’s such a versitile stitch! As a stumpworker, I use it as initial edging before thread painting a filling. Then it becomes a secure edge to trim around to cut out, say a leaf. Its also terrific used at different widths, lengths, mixed colours, whipped – all kinds of possibilities. Its a fabulous “starter” stitch and I love the easy way one can join threads in buttonhole seamlessly. Its a real winner and should be on of the list of “first stitches” to be learned by every beginner! (And it is a fundamental stitch in hardanger!)

  545. This might sound silly, but my favorite stitch is the french knot. Back when I was young, I really struggled to learn to do them right. It was so rewarding when I finally got it right. Every time I do a french knot now, I remember that feeling. Nan from Wyoming 🙂

  546. Harddanger is my favorite form of needle work for it’s simplicity of supplies on the go. The fact that the stitches change omits boredom. My favorite stitch is the double chain/reversed faggot stitch. It has such a nice rhythm and a delicate appearance when a round or two is completed.

  547. I love Hardanger because to me it is elegant, or simply understated. I would love to make a blouse and a table runner using this beautiful art. With the new book I could find not only the inspiration but all the examples I need to help my achieve my goal.

    Thanks so much for this great opportunity.
    Tamara Wright

  548. Ooooh, I’ve so wanted this book!!!

    Um. Just one? I started with cross-stitch, so I still find that the easiest. But I adoooore satin stitch. Oh! Oh! And featherstitch!!

  549. I have done Hardanger in the past but would love to learn new stitches and be able to perfect the ones I have used in the past. This will be a excellent book to add to my collection.
    Ruth in Northeast Florida

  550. I find that my favorite stitch is long and short. I’ve seen embroidery that looks like anything but embroidery, it uses and variety are awe inspiring and a little daunting.

  551. A favorite stitch is Kerrercher (perhaps unique to Schwalm embroidery, it is an interlaced running stitch). This stitch ends up looking like a squiggly line. I was recently admiring it outlining traditional Schwalm motifs.
    I’ve also admired this book ever since it was first reviewed here.

  552. I have a few favourite embroidery stitches. They make up what is known as Hardanger. The Satin Stitch, Buttonhole Stitch, Cable Stitch, Dove’s Eye, Greek Cross, Needle-weaving, etc. can make a simple or elabourate Hardanger piece. I love how it looks like lace and that it is much easier to stitch than it looks. I would love to make this book part of my library and gain invalueable information on Early Style Hardanger.

  553. I am a Hardanger adict. I learnt back in 2003 or there abouts and have not stopped stitching since. I try every type of embroidery but my love is definitely Hardanger. One thing Hardanger has taught me is satin stitch and I think I now do it pretty well. I love to give small presents to family and friends and I hope they appreciate the time that goes into my Hardanger pieces. The latest book will be a feast for me – I hope I can do justice to the pieces.

  554. This may sound crazy, but I truly love the simple cross stitch. In a sense, it is comforting to me. It produces simple or complex art in simple or complex colors. I feel satisfaction with the projects that I complete–no matter how simple or complicated they are.

  555. Lacy Daisy is my favorite stitch because it was the last one my mother got to teach me before she died. I was only 15 years old.

    These articles have renewed my love for embroidery. I have been doing mostly cross stitch.

  556. My favourite embroidery stitch is the cast on stitch. It wasn’t an easy stitch for me to learn and my mother in law (who taught me Brazilian embroidery)was very patient teaching it to me.

  557. Hmm, I suppose my favourite stitch would be hungarian braided chain stitch. I first found it here, on your website, thought it interesting enough to try out and basically fell in love. I like to do scroll designs that consists only of lines and it works really well for every mono or dual coloured patters.

  558. Dear Mary,
    I understand that “I don’t know” is not a valid answer. But there are so many! Some are favourites because of their simplicity and others are frustrating to get just right but produce such beautiful effects. Oh well ……. I admit it. I like stem stitch because it is easy and versatile. I especially like to stitch it like it is one continuous line like a laid thread.
    Thank you!

  559. My favourite embroidery stitch is couching because of the numerous ways you can use it such as a simple stem in mono colour or to hold in place novelty thread as a feature in an embroidery, threads laid in a Criss cross pattern secured with contrast coloured cross stitches, to outline a padded section, laid gold work is couched into position. I just like that it is simple to do but so effective
    Faye Glover

  560. I’m not sure I even like Hardanger – I’m working my way through a couple of kits at the moment to find out – I have yet to be hooked. I like the whitework qualities which I feel the colourwork undermines, and I prefer working on a finer count cloth than ‘modern’ Hardanger seems to favour. Maybe a practical guide on the finer all whitework origins of Hardanger is exactly what I could do with, so many thanks for highlighting the fact that such a book, a good book, does indeed exist. And my favorite embroidery stitch – the one that does the job required of it at the time. I tend to go for smaller/shorter stitches where possible, ones that have a solid relationship with the ground fabric – does that narrow it down a bit?

  561. My favorite stitch is the French knot. It has a great rhythm to it once you get the hang of it and it’s a very versatile stitch.

  562. At the moment this could be Bayeux stitch. Simply I have a very nice kit of Bayeux ship and I like very much doing it. Later, I guess, I will continue with some crewel. I’ll use much more stitches. And I’ll like them all, because the picture looks great. The next after it will be… I am not sure. Only I am sure that my likes and dislikes changes from time to time.

  563. The most favorite stitch always seems to be the last one learned. However, the proudest I have been of learning any stitch is the Plaited Braid Stitch. There were too many frustrated hours spent before your video tutorial was found, then learning it took very little time. It was so fun to find out what could be done with it. And that is part of my fascination with hand embroidery – finding out how it works with what types of thread and what designs can be created.
    I learned to sew at 11 yr. old. However, embroidery kept creeping into my projects, and finally it became consuming. To keep organized with all the stitches explored a “work book” was started in the form of a ring binder and plastic sheets to hold the haphazard samplers. Referring back to successes and failures is helpful. The shoe box was no longer working. They have now filled a 3″ binder and are continuing to grow. This knowledge will be used to create at least one “presentable” sampler book.
    A 20″ square white on white crazy quilt sampler was finished and framed, partly to display some mother of pearl buttons. To me, the next logical step is drawn thread techniques with satin stitch embellishments.
    When stuck on a stitch, finding out what others do and reviewing tutorials are helpful. Your instructions and videos are so clear and concise that they are the easiest to follow and they are referred to often. Your style of showing the steps of the stitch are very understandable, and including the tips about handling awkward ways or hard to grasp moves are such a good bonus.

  564. I still enjoy cross stitch most because I can see results quicker and don’t become distracted from my projects. I have been exploring Ukrainian Merezhka recently and have Yvette Stanton’s book which has provided examples and ideas that I have incorporated some simple Whitework in predominately cross stitched pieces. I am looking forward to trying something a bit more challenging and really look forward to seeing this book.

    Lilianna Juhasz

  565. I just learned to do a Palestrina knot stitch and am having very much fun with it.
    It is my favorite stitch this week – using in place of beads and adding texture.

  566. I have two favourites: stem stitch, and four sided stich. They both have a ‘rhythm’ to their construction which makes embroidering flow easier, and they are effective. Four-sided stitch is better for filling areas, and I love its texture, but stem stitch is fantastic for non-counted stitch.

    Thank you for an amazing website, and all you’ve given to us embroiderers 🙂
    StelliesTessa, now in Jozi

  567. Favorite stitch is a hard one, I love pulled thread and cutwork but those are styles — if I had to pick a stitch I’d say chain stitch as it can be used in multiple ways — an outline, filler, even part of a binding stitch, and still used as a single stitch: detached chain. Plus it can be worked in all manner of fibers.

  568. Love reading what you post. Thank you! I think that my favourite embroidery stitch in counted work is the smyrna stitch.

  569. I love embroidery so my favorite stitch is always the stitch I am working on! At the moment, I am working on a goldwork piece, so my favorite stitch is couching passing thread. I love the way I can shape the passing thread, and then couch it when it is exactly how I want it.

    Thank you for the giveaway!

  570. Probably stem stitch. It’s not exciting, but I can do stem stitch all day. It always seems to go faster than anything else.

  571. I am having fun experimenting with needle weaving. Is that a stitch type. The action over and under threads is like running stitch on ground-fabric. I enjoy replicating known fabric weaves (e.g. hound’s tooth and tartans etc). Anyway that is currently my favourite.

    Thank you.

  572. It’s hard to pick just one stitch but I really love the versatility of buttonhole stitch. Second choice: chain stitch because it’s beautiful and I love the rhythm of working it!

    Thanks for doing the the give away–I really enjoy hard anger too!

  573. What a difficult question to answer!
    I love long and short stitch and the wonderful effect it gives but I also love stem stitch as it can be used in so many different ways, and satin stitch and buttonhole stitch, and chain stitch and the list goes on of my favourite stitches.
    My favourite stitch right now is Kantha stitch as I have used this in a recent project.

  574. It is difficult for me to pick a favourite stitch as it depends on the type of embroidery I am doing at the time…..so many stitches and so little time to stitch them all. But ,since I love drawn thread work I would have to say the hem stitch ….it creates an interesting space on the linen on which to stitch.


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