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Needlework News Snips – Lights, Inspiration, and Action!


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Good morning, my friends, and a Happy Saturday all around!

Today, a few little news snips for your weekend reading, inspiration, and contemplation. I’m still trying to get my head around a couple of them – they befuddle me, by their sheer artistic genius!

I’ve also got a sweet little deal for Needle ‘n Thread readers, if you’re looking for a good task lamp!

So, a little Saturday morning browse for you – grab your cup of whatever (tea for me!) – and let’s jaunt, shall we?

Needlework News Snips, June 10, 2017

First, we’ll get the meat of the matter out of the way, and then we’ll move on to dessert!

Needle ‘n Thread Discount for Stella Lighting

A few weeks ago, I reviewed the Stella Two task lamp – it’s been a great little task lamp these last few weeks, moving easily with me from the living room to the work room and even to my bedroom, where I undertook some fiddly hand-sewing last week.

It’s bright, light, and ever-so-portable!

The folks at Stella Lighting contacted me after I reviewed the lamp, offering a discount to my readers. I always like to take companies up on a discount for you all, because, if you are in the market for a good product, then it’s a good thing to be able to pass on some savings to you. Every penny helps, after all! Think of it as more thread!

So, if you’re in the market for a Stella task lamp or floor lamp (any of their products), Stella Lighting is offering a 15% discount to Needle ‘n Thread readers, plus free shipping in the continental US.

If you want to take advantage of the offer, you can shop here through Stella Lighting’s website. Add the products you want to your cart, and when you go to your cart, enter this code in the “Apply Coupon” box: mcbrite (all lower case, just like that). You have to enter the code to get the discount and free domestic shipping, so don’t forget!

For those looking for a lamp, I hope this helps you out!

Embroidery for the Foodie in You

Whether you’re a foodie or not – perhaps you’re more like me, and just a stitcher who appreciates amazing embroidery – you might want to check out the embroidery of Japanese needle artist Ipnot. Her website has an amazing gallery of minuscule embroideries that look like The Real Thing when it comes to food.

But she also embroiders other things as well – they’re all Small, Small, Small, in utterly amazing detail. Her Instagram feed is a site to behold and worth a good wander. Her little animal faces are adorable (look for the rabbit face with the carrot). And it’s all done with a single strand of DMC!

Needle Painting of a Different Sort

Have you seen the felt work of Dani Ives? Felting is done with needles, so I think it’s fair to include this on an embroidery blog!

Dani Ives paints with felt, like an embroiderer might paint with thread. Her work mostly features incredibly realistic felted animal portraits, among other bits of nature.

I’ve always had a yearning to get into needle felting, but I’ve never taken a serious plunge because: 1. I don’t need more stash! and 2. I’m already too preoccupied with needles.

So instead, I sit back and admire the work of others. Dani’s is stunning!

Crazy Quilters and Aspiring CQ-ers!

If you’re up for what looks like a super fun stitching challenge over the next few years, check out Sharon Boggon’s 2020 Challenge for crazy quilters. It’s not complicated and it’s not pressured. It looks like a very doable, adventurous stitching challenge.

Mellerstain Parrots in Crewel

One of my projects I started for this year (only I started it last year) is this Mellerstain Firescreen kit I reviewed a while ago, from Crewel Work Company.

Well, I’m not the only one working on the parrots. Wendy at The Crafter’s Apprentice has a stitch-along going for the Mellerstain Parrots, and she’s progressed a Whole Lot Farther than I have!

I did, at least, get the piece out again and stitch a berry last week. I felt so accomplished.

But Wendy’s is really coming along, and you can see her progress (and join in on her stitch-along, if you’re working on the Mellerstain parrots, too), here.

Antique Pattern Library Finds

While browsing through Antique Pattern Library the other day, I came across a few goodies I hadn’t seen before.

I thought I’d pass them along to you, for your perusal. You can download the PDFs at APL for free. They’re a not-for-profit organization, though, so if you want, you can also make a donation to help keep the work going.

You might enjoy these alphabets for cross stitch & whitework from Alexandre.

There’s also this rather colorful and strangely appealing pattern for carnations in cross stitch. For some reason, it really beckons me!

And finally, for all you railroad buffs out there, how about making yourself a railway traveling bag (PDF)? It’s a cross stitch pattern for a clutch with a rather colorful and bold knot work pattern on it, and in the center…why, a locomotive, of course!

The End!

I hope you have a splendid weekend!

I’ll be stitching on two separate projects this weekend. I’m planning to put in a good amount of time on both.

I’m oscillating, though, between stitching or visiting a lavender farm this afternoon. The former is what I should do, the latter is what I want to do. But hovering over both options is the fact that it’s supposed to be 95 degrees today and very windy. Kansas!

Lavender farm and 95 degrees, hot and dusty-windy?

Or stitching, air-conditioned, quiet and clean?

It’s a tough choice!


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  1. How about taking your stitching to the lavender farm? Since I really, really like lavender in any shape or form (yup, colour, smell and taste!) I would be at the farm. They might even have lavender macarons served with a cup of lavender tea using pretty cups and plates featuring lavender. Oh, can I please come with you?

    1. Oh, do! It would be fun! Still trying to decide. The wind is whipping up something fierce here so all the top soil is blowing a gritty mess everywhere. Might not be the best weekend for the lavender farm visit :-/

  2. I am very interested in the Stella products. In researching, I found 2 reviews like this, one on Amazon and one on Stella’s own site.

    “… When I turned it on the first time, my radio and television lost reception. When I called Stella I was told that I should send it back as there was nothing they could do to help me…”

    Do any users have any information about this? Or Stella? It’s for someone who is 92 & can definitely NOT fiddle with radio and TV on her own to fix things. But if the lamp were to work as advertised, it would be “a miracle in a box.”

    1. Oh, that’s odd. I haven’t had a problem like that…I have my phone next to it, listening to ebooks or music, and haven’t had any interference or anything.

    2. I have a Stella task lamp and have not had any issues with losing radio or television reception. The lamp is over 6 feet away from the nearest tv or radio. It is a great lamp, especially if you have eyesight issues.

  3. I’ve had the Stella on my wish list since your first review and this post happened to catch me when I had some extra cash. I ordered the clamp on one which is also on sale so with your discount it was definitely affordable.

    It’s going to be at least 90, windy and humid here in SE Michigan for about a week starting today. My plan is to hibernate in the air conditioning and stitch some monograms using your Stitch Sampler Alphabet.

    Thanks for the discount and the alphabet. You’ve made my weekend!

    1. As a fellow stitcher in SE Michigan stitcher, I am doing the same! Me and my new Trish Burr book are very happy with our AC turned up!

  4. Mary,
    Just a quick thanks to say how much I enjoy your newsletter. The snippets and general info is great but then, so is the learning and more in depth subject matter.
    Ahwell. Just wanted to say, thanks and have a good day.

  5. Well. I ordered the Stella right after your review. I guess I jumped the gun and lost out on the discount. rats!

  6. So, it’s nearly 7:30pm Sat. evening. Just being nosey here in Ark… what won out, hot and windy with a tinge of lavendar, or cool, and comfy, with a jot of needlework? 😉

    1. Niether! Unexpected company for dinner. Early in the morning, I ran to Topeka (about 30 min away), ran errands, got home, did some housework, planned on stitching, got a phone call – guests for dinner…and had to go back to Topeka to go grocery shopping, and then come home and cook. Thank goodness for the grill! I did manage a little stitch or two while waiting for things to marinate. Literally, maybe ten stitches. Moral of the story: there’s really no point in planning ahead. Ever. 🙂

    2. Oh, poor girl. I hope you had fun with the guests. Did you get to stitch on Sunday? I hope sew! Today is our 13th anniversary, but my DH had to leave to get a load (over the road trucker, hauls RV’s for a living.) So, if only I had some of that fun colorbook fabric. Sigh. Have a great week. Looking forward to more of your stitching journey later this week.

  7. I’m just reading this on Sunday morning and it’s really windy here in Northern Colorado! I’ll be stitching in the basement today trying not to freeze. Actually, I can do some ironing to warm up, or even spray a few weeds if the wind dies down. I hope you can get some stitching in today.

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