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Errata Notice: Will Ewe Bee Mine


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Oh, my friends. I’ve done it again!

I flubbed up!

And I’m feeling rather sheepish about it.

Sheepish Sheep: Will Ewe Bee Mine Errata Notice

For those of you who have purchased Will Ewe Bee Mine?this instructional ebook of patterns and stitch guides that I released a couple weeks ago – I made a mistake on one of the pattern pages.

On page 19, where there should be busy buzzing bees in the circular frame, somehow, the sheep got loose and took over the design.

I always appreciate knowing about mistakes, so I’m Very Glad someone caught this one.

For those of you who purchased Will Ewe Bee Mine? prior to August 7th, please feel free to download the correct pattern for page 19 below:

Will Ewe Bee Mine? missing pattern from page 19 (PDF)

If you save it to your computer, you’ll have it when you need it.

Anyone who has purchased the ebook since Monday, August 7th, has the corrected copy.

If you haven’t picked up a copy of Will Ewe Bee Mine? yet but you’ve been thinking about it, your copy will be correct when you download it.

You can find the entire ebook available here, with all the step-by-step instructions, patterns, and materials lists you’ll need to successfully embroider your own little lovely masterpieces.

Thanks So Much to all who have purchased Will Ewe Bee Mine?, and again, I apologize for the mistake!

Coming Up on Needle ‘n Thread

There’s a whole lot of stuff coming up on Needle ‘n Thread over the next several weeks! In no particular order, these are some of the topics you can look forward to:

We’ll continue our conversation that we started last week about workroom organization and essential, useful things for your embroidery space.

I’ve got a lovely free pattern for you that begs for all kinds of embroidery interpretations.

Since so many people ask about it, I’ll chat a bit about how I make embroidery patterns, from concept to vector to finished, printable PDF. Not really a tutorial, but more of a springboard for those who are interested in learning the techie side of that process.

We’ll chat some more about Embroidery Archeology, I’ll show you some project updates, and all kinds of other little bits and bobs, including a close up look at some new books and magazines recently on the market, some tool talk, some thread talk…

Ooooh, yes, threads. I’ve been playing with threads lately and I can’t wait to share my explorations with you!

Hope your week’s plugging along cheerfully!


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(7) Comments

  1. Not a purchaser of “Will You Be Mine” so haven’t seen the ewe-rroneous page, just the correction, but the idea of flocks of sheep buzzing around wreaths of flowers seems whimsical. I think they’d bee fine. Put out a new line. Ewes climb a vine. Leaping a pine?

  2. Dear Mary

    Don’t worry about it it will Baa fine or Bee fine, anyone can make a mistake. I’m looking forward to your up and coming posts especially how to make embroidery patterns would love to learn how to do that and thread talk which I also like. Thanks for the corrected PDF I will download this and add it to my e-book.

    Regards Anita Simmance

  3. Mary, it might amuse you to hear that your message header came through to me as:

    Errata Notice:=?UTF-8?B?IFdpbGwgRXdlIEJlZSBNaW5lIOKAkyBhbmQgYSBGcmVlIFBhdHRlcm4u?=

    I almost deleted it, but decided a hacker was unlikely to spread a virus through a web site. I have no idea if the problem was with my email provider or yours. But it was funny. Off to make dinner!

    1. Hi, Lynn – thanks for letting me know. It does look like something that would have happened in the translation of the email as it was sent. I made a slight change in the title right before it went out to the feed, so that could have affected it, too.

    2. Well, I’ll do a mea culpa here…I meant to write a hacker was unlikely to spread a virus using an “embroidery” web site.

      More proof that we all make little mistakes!

  4. My page 19 is there and just like the one you have given us to download and I bought the book on August 4th so have no idea of any problem.

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