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The Embroidery Box Give-Away, Part II


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Howdy, folks!

Today’s article is really just a housekeeping article for Needle ‘n Thread – and hopefully a solution for a problem on last week’s box give-away, which has gone a bit amuck on the technical side of things. I’ll explain below!

Hand Crafted Wooden Boxes for mounting embroidery

If you have not yet joined in on the give-away for the custom wooden box from Mythic Crafts for mounting embroidery – the give-away is explained in detail here, and you will find a review of the gorgeous boxes from Mythic Crafts here – then this article is the new place to leave your entry.

Just follow this link to the comment form below.

What Happened?

What happened was this: On Needle ‘n Thread (and most blogs) there is normally an option at the end of a comment form, where you can check a box in order to receive follow-up comments on that article in your email, in case you want to follow a conversation closely and participate in it.

If you check the box below the comment form (it’s not there anymore – I’ve completely disabled the feature), you will receive comments from the blog in your email inbox. If you check that box on a give-away, you’ll receive a lot of comments in your inbox.

In the past, I’ve always overridden the comment subscription option on give-aways by adding a little code to the article to make the option go away. I added that code on the last give-away, but unfortunately, there was some kind of glitch in the plug-in, which caused it to ignore the override coding, and the option to subscribe still showed up.

With the option there, folks who didn’t realize the full implications of clicking that little box, clicked it.

And while you normally would have the ability to unsubscribe from incoming comments via email, the glitch wasn’t allowing people to unsubscribe.

And so – a mess!

So what I’ve done is I’ve disabled the ability to comment on the initial give-away post, and re-directed people to leave their comments on this article if they want to join the give-away.

I’ve taken all the queued comments that weren’t published yet and moved them to this article below. So if you commented on the original article on Sunday evening (central time) or any time yesterday, your comment is most likely below this present article and not on the original article.

No legitimate entries that follow the guidelines have been lost in this process – if you left a legitimate comment on the first article, then it is either there or here.

If you want to still join in the give-away and you haven’t left a comment yet (one entry only, please), you’re welcome to do so. Please read the guidelines below before leaving your comment, and please, one comment per participant – so if you already left a comment on the original post, you’re already in!

Give-Away Guidelines

This Give-Away is Now Ended! Thanks for participating!

1. Leave a comment on this article on Needle ‘n Thread. You can follow this link directly to the comment form. Comments sent in via email or left on another article are not eligible and will be deleted.

2. Make sure you leave a name and a working email address in the correct lines on the comment form. You do not need to leave a website address on the comment form, if you do not own and operate your own website. Do not leave your email address, mailing address, or phone number in the comment box itself, because this is viewable online, and you don’t want to end up with a bunch of junk mail, right?

3. In your comment, please answer the following question:

What style of embroidery are you working on at the moment, and do you have any “finishing” plans for it? (i.e. will it hang on a wall, will it decorate something else, is it part of a quilt, is it something you can make up into some specific item, will you put it on a box, is it part of a piece of clothing, and so on)

4. Leave your comment by 5:00 am central time (Kansas, USA), Saturday, September 16th. The winner will be randomly drawn from the eligible entries and announced that day. I’ll also contact the winner via email.

Sorry for the inconvenience of an additional article for the give-away, but it’s the only solution that will presently work for the poor folks who are getting flooded with comment emails. Thanks for understanding!


(329) Comments

  1. What a wonderful website you have!

    I am currently working on a silk ribbon embroidery piece. I am not exactly sure what my finishing plan is, but seeing these beautiful boxes by Mark certainly expanded my options. What a generous give-away.

    Thank you!

  2. My current project is embroidery using hemp thread on a hemp quilt. I have no pattern for the quilt or the embroidery. I’ll see where it takes me.

  3. Lovely boxes. Thank you for the opportunity to win one. I have many pieces deserving of such a special display. I hope I have to make a decision on which to choose.

  4. What a lovely box. I am currently working on a needle painted butterfly by Trish Burr. I had planned on framing it, but if I win the box I will definitely mount it in there.

  5. I’m currently working on a Goldwork Japanese butterfly designed and taught by the wonderful Jane Nicholas at the Embroiderers’ Association Of Canada Seminar 2017. I have a box to mount it on but it’s only a Dollar store box which I’ve finished. I think it deserves one of those lovely handmade boxes.

  6. I’m working on a cross stitch of the Architecture of New Orleans, that I picked up while in my honeymoon in NOLA, 4 years ago. It is a large embroidery, so I have plans to frame it. It will probably end up on display in our guest bathroom, so that everyone who goes can spend all their time admiring the stitches and learning about architectural styles. Heh.

  7. I’m working on a free style embroidery project depicting flora native to my homeland. I am planning to make a wall hang of it. But I have a cross stitch project that would look gorgeous in this kind of box.

  8. I made some bargello and beaded treasure boxes for my closest friends (see my Facebook page-Stitching projects). !Have always wanted to do one of these boxes.
    Currently working on an English cottage with flowers, etc. copied from a tea cosy my mother embroidered many years ago. Mine will be a pillow for a dear friend. I’m delighted to find this website and others–ALL needlepoint stores in my area have closed and I have to drive to Illinois for canvas and threads. I prefer to do my own designs, so satisfying.

  9. Beautiful boxes….Currently I am working on 2 projects: I am teaching myself how to do silk shading (using Trish Burr’s bk.) and doing a cross stitch peacock for my grand daughter. The latter will be framed and go on her wall, but the former samples (lots of flowers) would fit wonderfully in one of those boxes!

  10. I am working on at least three things currently – Hazel Blomkamp’s “Pertinacity”, which will be on a little coffee table that needs a new embroidery; I have just found the kit for the floral pomander that you showed us recently, and I am setting up another petit point “Desert Sands” – I gave the first one away, but I do love it! So this one’s for me.
    Oh, and I have some knitting underway of little slippers for school kids who don’t have them. (I am not a good knitter, but these take only a couple of evenings to do, which suits me!)

  11. Thanks for this wonderful opportunity! I am presently working on a Linen & Threads SAL sampler which I am abbreviating to a bellpull using approximately the center third of the design each month. I am stitching on a 27-ct linen stitchband and stitching over one using a subtly overdyed dark green silk, one strand. The stitchband is a raw linen color. I am thoroughly enjoying the project and am pleased with the way it is working up. This is only one of several projects I have going at the moment!

  12. Right now I’m working on a bargello needlepoint which I’ll be making into a chair cushion cover.. I think. I also just started to design a tree skirt which might end up being like a crazy quilt…ish thing so I can make them for my nieces and nephews for Christmas. But if I won one of those boxes I’d do a monogram for my niece when she graduates from U of M.

  13. I’ve picked up a project that I started some 20 years ago. It’s a delightful winter scene on canvas with a little girl feeding woodland animals. Lots of different fibers-wool,silk,metallic and hand dyed floss. I stopped when it came to the turkey work fur on her coat.(Not my favorite stitch.) It’s rather large and will be a framed piece.

    I have several completed projects which need “finishing”. I’m sure a box would fit a stump work, hardanger or gold work design.

    Thank you for your giveaways opportunities and always very informative stitching information.

  14. This past weekend I finished a Brazilian dimensional embroidery monogram for a friend and mounted it in a hoop as a wall hanging. I added a bit of silk ribbon lavender and a goldwork bumblebee for fun. Thank you Mark and Mary for the amazing give-away.

  15. I’m working on two different styles of embroidery at the moment: line stitches along the edges of a doll’s dress, and a picture of chickens and flowers to mount on the top of a box. The chickens are mostly long-and-short stitch, but the flowers have lots of different stitches (outline, lazy-daisy, french knot, feather stitch, etc.) Both are worked in cotton floss on white cotton muslin.

  16. Currently I am in the middle of an embellished wool applique that will most likely become a small pillow. On deck is a small punch needle work on wool, then probably a wool applique wall hanging I can put over the shelf where I store some of my wool that my one cat loves to sleep on. Then on to some Christmas presents for my girlfriends. Then who knows? I have more projects in mind than time allows.

  17. Handmade with time, love and patience, deserves to be displayed, such lovely pieces you have. Working on a Provençal lavender field piece which I picked up in Avignon. Can’t wait to finish it and display it!

  18. These boxes are so pretty! I am currently working on a floral monogram project from Inspirations magazine. It would fit beautifully in the box, but if I don’t win the box, I will frame it for my sewing room.

  19. I am currently working on a little French designed Christmas applique that also has embroidery that I picked up in Houston last year. It will be framed. But the boxes have gone on to my wish list for the holidays!

  20. I am working on various flower designs that will be mounted in the embroidery hoop ready for the Christmas fair. These designs take in a many different stitches (a lot learned from this website!) including lazy daisy, split stitch, woven wheel, satin. I also do black work designs that look great against cream fabric.

    I think my flower designs will look great on a box! I would mount it and give it as a gift to my friend who has just moved away.


  21. Right now I’m working on a cross stitch quilt with birds and flowers that I found @ the Salvation Army. This quilt has been embroidered and it’s 100″ by 108″. I’m putting the 3 layers together and am going to hand quilt it. Someone put a lot of work and time into embroidering this quilt, and it deserves to be finished. I’m going to give it a try.

  22. I’m currently working on my Phase 1 piece in Japanese embroidery. Also working on a needlepoint nutcracker for a Christmas present. It helped me get through Hurricane Irma. I can’t imagine getting through that without having my fiber projects to get me through. I’m one of the few lucky ones who did not lose power so was able to work through the night.
    Cyndy from Orlando Florida.

  23. I am currently working on a sampler from Scarlet Letter and I’m participating in the Emily Munroe quilt through FACEBOOK. The sampler will be framed and hung (I actually purchased the original…I’ll have the original and my own stitched reproduction and the quilt will be made up of 54 blocks that will be stitched together using the “potholder” method. Isn’t is wonderful how excited we get every time we start a new piece….like Christmas morning each and every time. I also find I never tire of seeing what others are doing – so many talented and creative people – every one a treasure.

  24. I am creating a whitework sampler. I haven’t done whitework so thought I’d start ‘simply’. Love your blog by the way

  25. So many needle/stitching projects…not enough hours in a day. Love the boxes and especially the initial so beautifully stitched to complement a box. Beautiful.

  26. Not currently working on anything, sadly. Tooo much else in the way!! Absolutely dying though for ‘space’ to get back to the white-on-white traycloth I started on more moons back than can remember!

  27. The piece I am working on now is an old vintage piece I found at a garage sale. It has a cat and dog on it. Not really sure WHAT I will do with it. I think a pillow. Thanks!

  28. I am working on a hand embroidery design of tulips for a dress. The dress is jean material, light weight. It is very plan by itself so I am jazzing it up with flowers all along the boarder of the dress and then around the neck line of the dress. I am using soft reds and pinks with pretty green leaves and stems. This is the biggest project I have ever embroidered. I am very excited about it.

  29. Presently I am working on a Stumpwork piece. I would love to finish it by putting it into a box for my embroidery tools.

  30. I’ m currently working on a drawn thread towel which will hang in my guest bathroom. Also, a counted canvas piece that I am not sure what I will do with it when finished, kit of small bag Christmas ornaments which will be money holders, considering starting a small project that would be in the top of a glass jar for for my sisters Christmas present.

  31. I am currently working on “1 over 1″Maureen Appleton christmas ornament which I can put into the box top as a christmas gift that it was always to be,,,,just finished differently
    thanks for this opportunity….love a well made box

  32. I am currently working on a smocked nightgown in a lavender, periwinkle and light turquoise bias- bias printed plaid with a plain white yoke, embellised with bullion flowers in the colors of the body of the nightgown and edging the yoke with a small lavendar tatted edging that I am making.

    The box is beautiful! And I would LOVE to embroider an elegant heart, perhaps filled with mille fleurs, to place in the opening!!! I have a special use for it that would be dear to my heart!

  33. I am presently working on a canvas work class ,a big piece that will probably be a cushion front.
    I am also working on fabric postcards for a challenge and taking part in 50weeks of fun which is a different stitch each week with my guild.
    I do really enjoy your posts.

  34. Right now I am working the embroidered coat for a stand-up Santa, as well as a gold work sampler that will go into a serving tray.
    Thanks for the giveaway!!

  35. I’m currently working on a Trish Burr design from “Whitework With Colour”. I had no immediate plans for it, but it is a small design and would look great in a box!

  36. I am currently crossstitching a cute piece that will eventually hang in our recently-purchased RV. I’m also getting prepared to embroider a project from the newest Inspirations magazine, which will be only my second attempt at surface work. Please wish me luck!

  37. I’m currently finishing the last piece from a series of felt appliqué vegetables, asparagus! When I complete this piece all five, eggplant, beets, carrots, kale and asparagus will be stitched to a table runner. I’ve got a mushroom pattern and some parsley directions to do a little embellishment when they are all sewn on.

  38. I really enjoy basic embroidery and am working on a floral piece using basic stitches as well as a piece of sashiko. I am learning a great deal from you.

  39. I am working on a series of crazy quilt squares that I will mount in square boxes and hang in my bedroom. All of my embroidery these days are on crazy quilt pieces. I love the creativity of it.

    Thr box is really beautiful. Thanks for the give away.

  40. I would love to win the embroidery box. I love the idea of doing a monogram on it. I am currently working on a cross-stitch Christmas stocking for my youngest. The others are done and hubby’s is started.

  41. Hi I am working on a Felted wool and silk quilt with embroidered embellishment. Its huge and will take me another year to complete

  42. I am currently working on a crewelwork dragon, that will become the front of a new cushion for my work chair.

  43. Currently, I’m working on a gift from a dear friend who went to Bayeux and brought me a kit with a small portion of the tapestry (one boat of Normans). Almost finished, and will make a pillow for the living room.

  44. I am currently working on an EGA seminar piece that is mostly surface embroidery and beads. I have not decided exactly how it will be finished but I’m thinking that putting it onto a box might be a wonderful option.

  45. I am currently working on a Butterfly in Goldwork. I would like to display it on the wall with another Goldwork Butterfly I have completed. Would love to win the giveaway for the Custom Wooden Box from Mythic Crafts. I have enjoyed your amazing site and I have enjoyed learning from an amazing instructor- you!!

  46. I put down my hardanger, which will someday go into a box (it will, I promise!), in order to work on a Primitive wool project for Halloween. They’re so much fun-imperfect and whimsical. Oh! And then there’s the Teresa Layman knot work rug and Bobbi Chase’s goldwork piece… hmmm so many choices…it’s all good!

  47. I am working on various basic hand embroidery panels, in varying sizes to frame and sell on my craft stall to raise much needed church funds.

  48. What beautiful boxes. I am currently working in cross stitch, which I love, and will hang the project on the wall. Probably too big for a box, but I can definitely find another project for it, if I should win! Thanks for the opportunity.

  49. My current passion bead embroidery. I have several projects in progress right now but my favorite is an embellished crazy quilt done on a ground of all off white fabrics with embroidery done in shades of peach, pink, and green. I think it will be constructed to become the flap of an evening bag when it’s finished.

  50. Thank you, Mary, for such a lovely giveaway.

    We are gathering materials to make some Christmas presents. We just chose the pattern yesterday of a candle with greens underneath and the words “let your light shine”(It is from a magazine we get). It is framed by the 15cm hoop. Everyone will get the same thing but with different colors. I think at this point my girls and I will have at least 10 to do but they are simple in their folksy look.

    103 days till Christmas!
    Seek peace,

  51. Hello,

    Thank you for the chance to win a beautiful mounting box . That is a great prize. At this time, I am working on a Christmas wall hanging for my Granddarlings. I have the embroidery done on 2 already and working on the 3rd, I would like to have the 3 of them done by Thanksgiving, as I am giving them to my Granddarlings to hang up for the Christmas season. It is a DAYS TILL SANTA COMES, wall hanging. The child will write with chalk daily how many days till Santa comes on a cloud made from chalkboard fabric on this beautiful redwork wall hanging.

    I have a perfect project for that mounting box, so, I am very excited about this contest.

    Again, thank you very much for the chance to win this great prize. Rosemary

  52. Hi Mary,

    Once again … thanks for such a grand give-away!! I’m working on monogrammed hankies at the moment, but I have a wonderful thread-painted bluebird that would look wonderful in the top of this box.

    Sandra F.

  53. I haven’t started it yet, but am about to start a free style embroidery project for my daughter. It’s an angel and scripture verse that I plan to frame. I have many ideas for other projects, though 🙂

  54. Hello…i am currently working on my first back stitch piece. it haa two different threads that are woven together to create a lace like picture. I will frame it and hang it.

  55. I am currently working on adding embroidery stitches to embellish fabric that I rust dyed for a 6×6 challenge. I plan on making about 20 or more 6×6 pieces and mounting them each on their own canvas. I will have them on different width canvas so they will sit at different levels from the wall. It is hard to get a needle through the fabric but I am trying!

  56. I’m doing a multi material piece for my step-dad to use as a fund raising raffle piece for his VFW group. I’d love a beautiful wooden framework to put it in.

  57. I’m immersed in Sue Spargo’s Craftsy class, exploring texture and color. Lots of color! My finished project will likely be a pillow top.

  58. Currently I’m working on a project that is in honor of a very good friend that passed away. Her name is Pam and the pattern is called “Pam’s Nine-Patch Garden”. I plan to make it into a quilt. I hope this isn’t a duplicate entry but I didn’t see my entry in the ones below this form. Thanks!

  59. I’m working on three xst SALS. I’m also completing several needlepoint canvases, started 5 years ago. I’m re reading many needlework books from my collection and lastly my waiting room projects are knitted dishcloths and a pair of socks.

    Enjoy your articles and information. lThank you.

  60. I’m working on 3 gold/metal working projects right now. One, a bluebird will probably be framed (I do have enough silk for a pillow and have been known to change my mind). The blue flower in a circle will be framed or possibly the top of a jewelry box for me. The red flower in a circle (just a different colour of silk) will be made into a purse for my daughter-in-law. I’m also working on 2 painted canvases that will be framed for my granddaughter’s room when she visits.

  61. I have just, this week finished a raised work castle with some sparkling accents. I’m not sure what I will do with it but I’m fairly happy it’s the results.

  62. Don’t you just love computers?
    Actually, I do. I enjoy reading your articles and I love the color pictures that so frequently arrive in my in box of lovely stitching that I admire and don’t try to even do. Your stitching is gorgeous! (I’m an old cross stitch fan, although I do add various stitches to my CCS, but my favorite colors are DMC 700’s, LOL)

  63. I am working on a counted cross stitch project …. Tapestry by Ink Circles. I hope it will fit nicely on a tray I’ve had for years. This old ( perhaps Sudbury House) tray was a yard sale ‘find’ and is designed for something stitched to be inserted under the glass. So that is my finishing plan A. Plan B is to have it framed to hang somewhere in my home.

  64. Currently relearning some Hardanger techniques and as yet i have no plans for the small sampler i am working on.
    Mary i love your mails popping into my inbox – due to illness i can not stitch as much as I would like – so keeping abreast of others adventures keeps me happy and in the loop.

  65. I’m working on a family lineage style of quilt
    Three Scottish clan seals stacked vertical with hope of a quilted Scottish scene on the side of the seals.

  66. I am currently working on a small needlepoint, (which would fit perfectly in “the box”!) a Yugoslavian weaving and a crocheted afghan. The crocheted afghan is for a grandson and neither of the other projects have finishing plans.

  67. What beautiful boxes! I do counted cross stitch and Silk Ribbon work. I have currently finished a beautiful ribbon work piece that I would love to mount on one of these beautiful boxes. I am now working on a beautiful mermaid (counted cross stitch on linen) that I plan to frame and hang in my bathroom over my spa tub . . . thank you for the opportunity to win such a beautiful heirloom box.

  68. Oh well, it would help if I read all the way down the instructipons. I thought I was supposed to comment on computer snafu’s.

    I am currently finishing #3 of 3 new CCS Nativities. I had to do the outline of each Nativity last spring because my favorite LNS and framer was closing and I needed to get all 3 frames ahead of the closing. One is now in it’s frame, one is waiting to be ironed and the third is being stitched upon, but no way will I get it finished by Thursday night EGA meeting 🙁 This third one is stubborn and causing me to do the frog stitch more than I like!

  69. I am working on the Mellerstain Fireescreen ,a crewel embroidery from Phillips .Turnbull. As I have nearly finished it now comes the question” what will I do with it. I already have a screen I embroidered so I think I will attach it to an artists canvas. However, to stop being frustrated with the length of stitching time, I have been working little things like needle cases or pincushions and displaying them on the table in a shallow bowl. I have so many designs, techniques and colours I want to try, this is now the only way I can experiment

  70. I’m working crewl embroidery kittens from a kit made by The Tapis Tree. There are six of them, and they will be made into ornaments at the end. I suppose they could be used for Christmas tree ornaments but I will hang them in permanent places on the wall. They’re very cute and I’ve enjoyed working on them.

  71. Hi! I’m working on multiple needlepoint projects which will turn into pillows, needlebooks and such. I would love to decorate a box!

  72. Now I work on Brazilian Embroidery certification pieces. I doodle every part of the pieces. The big pieces would be frames but small ones will be small frame, box top, pin cushions….
    Thank you very much, excuse the way I write in English. Nicole

  73. Just finished a piece of embroidery for hanging … Thank you for this wonderful opportunity to find the perfect display opportunity. JudyC

  74. Hi, I’m presently working on a cross stitch bookmark of the Eiffel Tower that I picked up as a souvenir on a recent holiday to Paris. It has awoken long forgotten embroidery skills learned from my Grandmother many years ago.

  75. I am re learning to embroider. I haven’t embroidered since my teens 40 years ago. I’m working on a sampler from my embroidery class I started just after labor day. Thank you for the link to the classes. I am loving the class and your website. I can’t wait to learn how to do more stitches here from you. I plan to hang my sampler on the wall in a hoop. I love the boxes and hope to use them one day. Thank you for your wonderful site.

  76. I working on an applique quilt that will be a wall hanging. I’m doing embellishment embroidery. It’s balck wool with wool, cotton and velvet appliques. I hope to finish it this winter, it’s to hot to work on it now.

  77. I’m working on a Bayeaux Tapestry piece, brought to me from Bayeaux, France, by a friend who traveled there recently. It’s done in primarily couching and stem and I plan to frame it to finish.

  78. Thanks for the giveaway, and glad you’ve found a way to resolve the technical issues! I just found a piece of work I’d done years ago – a stitched cat, and now I want to finish it as a little sachet pillow with lavender I grew this summer as part of the stuffing.

  79. I’m working on A Sheep on Sunny Hill. It will go on the bag I use to ride the Metro or as a gift.

  80. I am currently working on a large cross stitch piece that I will turn into a wall hanging. Love to read your site!

  81. I am currently stitching an over one linen thread band sampler from an online group. I have two wooden dowels which will be attached at the top and bottom. It will be finished so it can hang on a wall or be displayed flat. It is a gift for a special friend.

  82. I’m a happy stalker of yours and enjoy your knowledge, expertise and projects you share. I currently am working on two needlework projects. 1- is a wool appliqué table mat where I’m using different embroidery stitches attaching the different elements on it. The second is a needlepoint (my first!) called Autumn medley so am enjoying working with new to me specialty threads, this one will be framed when finished.

  83. The box is lovely! I would put a crosstitched or embroidered piece on it for my grand daughter for her high school graduation.

  84. Perfect timing! I just happen to be working on a stumpwork piece intended to become a box top. However, finding the right box to match the golden sun, silk wrapped purl, and beaded embellishments is not easy. Thank you for offering this giveaway and telling folks about Mythic Crafts. Please send some wooden boxy love this way.

  85. Hi Mary! I only once made the mistake of checking that little box to get all replies! Thank you for doing this Give-Away!

    My current embroidery style is Brazilian Dimensional Embroidery. Just yesterday I finished Millefiori’s WELCOME (by Rosalie Wakefield). I’ll frame it today and hang it on my wall. It’s a super cute pattern, with lots of bees, a couple birds, a cat, some bugs and a plethora of tiny flowers. I added a beehive – wish I had thought to put in a bunny, but maybe there will be room somewhere to slip in a couple ears before I frame it! I like beads, so always put plenty of them on, as well. (I now keep my beads in a couple of those bead trays that you reviewed some time back – thumbs up and thank you for the recommendation!)

  86. I have two projects underway. One is free style embroidery on vintage linens that will be made into a cloth pouch for a friend who gave me many of the linens. The other is a three tiered Japanese embroidery piece that will be finished and displayed in a shadow box.

  87. My current embroidery project is to simply place “faces” (and maybe a heart) on homemade stuffed bears that will become gifts!
    I’ve followed you for years, Mary. Thanks for maintaining a blog. I have learned much and thank you for sharing your talents!

  88. I recently finished Modern Crewel that you featured on your blog. I loved doing it! Also finished a little scissor case based on one I saw in Inspirations; loved that, too. I most recently (last week) finished the Blue Tit needle painting featured in one of Trish Burr’s books and just started the Sacred Kingfisher. Both of these are to be gifts for my sisters; and they are most suitable to finish as framed pieces.

  89. Thanks for this awesome give away. I am currently working on a biscornu on the Facebook EGA stitchalong. I will finish it as a biscornu, my first.

  90. I have a crazy quilt piece in the works , along with several wool appliqué pieces that I am “over-embellishing”: Sue Spargo’s butterflies, Sue Spargo’s Bird Dance, an original elephant (by me), and other small projects. As you can see, I have a lot of things going on!

  91. I am making samplers for my 4 grand daughters in their favorite colours. The samplers will be framed. The first one is cross stitch in mainly blue and pink and is about 90% complete. I started on a blue sampler which is also cross stitch. I want to complete these two before I start the other two.

  92. I enjoy so much reading your column. It has been very helpful for the last 2 years, as I have been teaching a class called Needlework around the World. We have been making quilt blocks using motifs and techniques from 25 different countries around the world. My blocks are now together and ready for quilting. Currently I am making embellishments to add to the quilt after it is quilted.

  93. These braces are so beautiful. I would love to put one of my embroideries on it. I chain stitch mythical creatures. I mostly frame them but just started embroidering on clothes. My Etsy shop MeretStudio

  94. What a wonderful prize. Thank you so much for the opportunity to win one of these beautiful boxes. Would love to win.

  95. Beautiful box! Perfect for the a gift for my daughter. It just so happens that I downloaded your embroidered letters and this will be the first time I will use it. In the past, I have completed embroidery to be in a picture to be hung. Lately I do things that are to be used with towels, blankets, and anything else I can find.

  96. I am currently embroidering a linen hankie with silk ribbon to match the brides bouquet. I try to match the kind of flowers she has in her bouquet. I make one for the mother of the bride too.

  97. I am currently working on a little (and very old) Elsa Williams crewel sampler. I am stitching it for practice so don’t plan on finishing it for display. I do, however, have several completed small thread painted pieces that would look lovely on one of Mark’s boxes!

  98. Hello Mary
    Gorgeous boxes!!
    Have just finished a piece of counted thread work in silk on congress material that will become a book cover for a 180 year old family Bible !
    Have started similar work in bright and bold colours to become a sewing roll !
    When finished plan to do a needle painting project that is sitting in the pipeline.
    Look forward to your next communique
    Cheers Marieke

  99. I am working on a needlepoint stocking for my daughter that I have had so much fun with. It is a lion holding a lamb and I have been using needle painting techniques with the lion – such a great effect!

  100. I am making a tree for a friend who has cancer. Just finished one with a frog for another person fighting cancer. They are both from our church and good friends.
    I am sure this will keep me busy in the many years to come for so many people are coming down with one thing or another. God bless them all.

  101. How opportune because I am working on a goldwork bee flown all the way from Australia, and it is close to being finished. I would love to see her perched on one of these beautiful boxes or perhaps in a round frame on a little stand on a table.

  102. Wow! These boxes are beautiful. I’m currently working on a barter project of four 20″squares for a quilt. Simple backstitch on lovely line drawings of square dancers. Always enjoy your posts Mary. I’ve learned so much from you and use your site as a reference. Prayers for your health.

  103. I am currently working on some embroidery on a wool 1847 bride quilt. It will go on a bed some day. Thanks for the giveaway.

  104. Right now I’m working on multiple items. One is a large map of New England by Catherine Jordan which will be framed. This also has diluted paint applied to the state borders and the bodies of water. This makes the map look old and antique. I’m also working on a blue band sampler from a designer from England and lessons are received every Friday. This is just cross stitch done on a prefinished band from the Netherlands and will be finished as a bellpull. I’m also working on several beaded projects. I have numerous designs that would fit these beautiful boxes so winning one would be something I would treasure forever.

  105. I am working on Betsy Morgan’s Toy Chest Etui, which is surface embroidery on linen. She taught a class at our East Texas Embroiderers’ Guild in July and it was fabulous!

  106. Greetings! What serenditity! I’m currently working on a darling little 3D goldwork bird that is a kit from Bluebird Embroidery in England. The bird needs to be mounted on top of a box! I’m enjoying this 3D challenge very much.

  107. Thanks for this wonderful opportunity, Mary. I am currently working on a counted thread sampler, for my wall. But I also love to do surface embroidery, and would love to make something for this very beautiful box!

  108. I’m working on some hand embroidery on my daughter’s dresses. I’m trying to work up the nerve the hand embroider on an outfit for her first birthday party.
    I love these boxes & would love to have one to personalize for my daughter!

  109. Currently working on Christmas gifts for friends & family in different techniques, I have a silk ribbon piece that would be perfect for this box , and a canvas piece that would fit nicely . Thankyou Mary for all your contributions to this “Art ” of embroidery .

  110. Thank you for the explanation! I am currently working on embroidered tea-towels and hand knit dish cloths as christmas gifts for the neighbours on my floor in my apartment building. Hopefully they like them. I would love to win this box, it will look so great in my apartment and come in so handy. Looking forward to hearing from you soon.

  111. Thanks for the great giveaway. My daughter in law is very sentimental about her wedding 4 years ago. This would be a beautiful box for her for Christmas. I make jewelry so she always gets something made by me. This year it’s a reworked strand of vintage graduated grey pearls. That box would be so perfect to place them in.
    Right now I’m working on an old Elsa Williams crewel embroidery pillow. The colors are spring like and beautiful with butterflies and flowers. I always pick up old Elsa Williams kits when I find them.
    Thank for all the work you do to teach and inform. Don’t know what I would do without you.

  112. I am currently working on several projects. I switch projects every week. I have found that I seem to make more progress and it keeps me interested. First project is a cross-stitch on 32 count which will go on a box for my mother’s Christmas gift. Second project are the cross-stitch sled ornaments. I make 7 each year. This is a good project for my purse when a project is needed away from home! Third project is a Hardanger heart ornament for my granddaughter. Until this year, I always did a Hardanger angel but can no longer find the porcelain heads so it’s on to hearts. And my 4th project is a Libby Sturdy canvas Santa which I just finished stitching and will make into a pillow.

  113. I am currently working on the beaded component to finish Kurdi Biggs’s canvas piece, Blue Ridge Reflections, taught at 2017 EGA Seminar. I will have it finished as a free standing circle to be held in a wrought iron frame.

  114. I am ready to finish a “notebook” piece of crewel that I hope to frame or mount. It is smallish and would definitely fit into a box! I’m trying to add my personalization to it to make it a bit more special than a tiny sampler. Lots of fun!

  115. I love these boxes. My daughter’s embroidery talents would look soooo wonderful in one if these. Could I get so lucky?

  116. Thanks for a chance! I am working on a counted cross stitch.it would look good in a box of the crew flowers I just finished both are gift.

  117. I am working on he 20th birthday ban sampler from Victoria Samplers – I attended the retreat in April. It will hang on the wall when finished either framed or as a “bell pull” I have not decided yet. I has various surface embroidery stitches, hardanger an beads on it, and I am really enjoying doing it.

  118. I’m getting back into embroidery, currently working on a medium-sized cross stitch kit (heart shaped “Aloha” with Hawaiian motifs) that I will most likely have framed and hung on a wall.

  119. I have 2 long-term projects on the go – both crazy quilting. One is 16 blocks using birds scanned and printed on fabric from the Singer American Song Bird trade card series. That one is almost done except for making covers and assembling the book. The other is a second series made in the same way from Anne Stokes art cards. I just finished one block and have about 5 more to go.

  120. The boxes are beautiful. It reminds me of the woodwork my dad before he passed on. We actually made a hope chest for my sister and I was able to help with the process. It was so much fun and my sister was overjoyed. Wood boxes in any size are totally awesome and we last a lifetime. Thanks for the opportunity to win one of these boxes.

  121. I would love to win a box! I have a peice just waiting for a box, in fact, I have a couple. Love this blog and wish you well dear Mary

  122. I am beginning a beautiful Arts and Crafts table scarf for my dining room. I have a kit from the designer that includes all supplies and instructions for finishing upon completion, so I am starting out very optimistically. Beautiful boxes that you have featured in this article — would be perfect for another project on my list!

  123. I am working on Alison Cole’s Goldwork Dragonfly. Finishing plans originally included hanging it on a wall with other goldwork pieces. But mounting it in the top of a box would be a perfect way to showcase the bling!

    Checking out other Mythic Crafts boxes right now … thanks for the give-a-way.

  124. Thank you for all of your hard work putting together the tutorials. I have learned so much from you. Currently working on a crazy quilt with embellishments. The box is such quality and a wonderful keepsake. Beautiful!

  125. I am working on a free style embroidery, although it does have a plan. It is a healing piece and I’m undecided as to how it will be hung.
    My next project is to use your initials pattern for for a gift for my sister and that would be perfect in one of the gorgeous boxes you showcased.

  126. My next embroidery project will be a garment for our first great-grandchild. We just found out our oldest granddaughter is expecting in March, but we do not yet know the gender. (I did immediately go out and buy mint green yarn to crochet a blanket, though!) As soon as we find out what variety this baby is, I can get started on embroidering something for him/her to wear!

  127. I am specialising in crewel embroidery, developing my skills in this area. I don’t really know what to do with my finished pieces. I have vague plans for joining various panels, perhaps as a wall covering or as a bed-cover but there are really too many to frame. I have some smaller pieces that would be lovely mounted in a box.

  128. What beautiful boxes! I love your choices of projects to use in them. So who is the special “C” in your life that might receive this treasure? Or will you simply cherish it yourself and hence the “C” 😉 ?

    I’m currently working on a picture for my mom’s 80th birthday in October. The picture is of part of her extensive flower garden (actually part of the ‘park’ she created on my brother’s acreage). I started by doing sketches from photos, but soon realized the project was far too complex to make sense of my sketch. So, I took one of the photos that contained the gazebo and main flower bed, printed it on fabric transfer paper and ironed it onto my fabric. Then I am going to embellish the photo with various surface embroidery & ribbon embroidery stitches. I have a shadow box frame that I designed the picture to fit so that the ribbon embroidery or other 3-D stitches won’t get crushed.

    Meanwhile, my husband was laid off mid-June. So now we’re in the process of moving to a rustic off-grid farm/future spiritual retreat centre 3 hours from the city by October 1. In exchange for lodging & food he’ll help with farm and construction work and I’ll help with housework, baking and canning, etc. Thus the project completion date has been bumped to likely Christmas, since our cabin (a former shed) won’t necessarily be refurbished when we arrive. However, I’ll have lots of opportunities throughout the long Saskatchewan winters to curl up by the wood stove in our tiny (285 square foot!) home and stitch lots of gifts for family and friends. A lovely box like this would be a wonderful way to finish a gift, and winning one would be delightful since we won’t have an income that would enable me to purchase one.

  129. I’m working on a freestyle surface embroidery project called “Best Friends”. It’s a kitchen towel for my, well, best friend. I’m still somewhat of a beginner so it’s taking me a while to complete. Making sure the back isn’t a tangled mess is quite challenging! I would love to win the beautiful wooden box and if I do I’m going to make a monogram “C” just like the sample in the picture because I am after all C indi with an “i”! Thanks for the opportunity Mary C orbet!

    Cindi Rogers
    Las Vegas, Nevada

  130. Most of my embroidery projects have been framed cross-stitch, in various sizes, from a small 3″ × 3″ to a manageable 10 × 12. My curent stitching is a more ambitious Christmas

  131. I am presently working on a small red work piece using back stitch. It will become a completed quilt block that will be given as an award at our local quilt show next year. It will finish at about 4″ square

  132. I have a number of items that I am working on.
    I am cross stitching with some bead work on 3 different Christmas stockings. Cross stitching my first Heaven and Earth Design – Called Cranberry (has a cat on it that looks like my cat) will be a wall hanging. Some book marks. Plus a program that is at our EGA chapter that is Canvas work this will either be a top of a box or wall hanging.
    Some embroidery that will be tags that attach to the back of Memory pillows made out of Sweaters that a grandpa wore that will be for the grandsons.
    That’s all for now – thanks t=for the chance to win.

  133. I have a needlepoint project that should be an eyeglass case but will join some other needlework framed pieces instead. The exotic threads, Italian beads and extinct metal cords are fitting a gallery setting.

  134. Thank You for Custom Mounted Box give-away. Currently working with Re-purposing Silk Ties into 3-D Flowers, appliquing onto fabric with embroidered the stems and leaves. Planned for a Wall hanging.

    I’m looking forward to doing a smaller version in the custom mounted box.

  135. Most of my embroidery projects have been framed cross-stitch, in various sizes, from a small 3″ × 3″ to a manageable 10 × 12. My current stitching is a more ambitious Christmas ornament design on canvas which also lends itself to becoming a framed piece.

  136. Hi Mary:
    Yeah, technical stuff just happens. : / Glad you fixed it. I love your blog! You’ve taught me most of the stitches I use! Here are my answers.
    I’m embroidering a “life quilt” where I make squares about an event in my life. It’s meant to be a heirloom piece for my daughters (I’m not a narcissist!). : ) I just finished a square representing my service in the US Air Force and now I’m drawing a temple. I like your comments about ground fabric. I’ve switched it up and am awaiting some new fabric samples from Europe.
    I love the embroidery box idea. I hope I win it because if I like it I’ll buy one for each of my children. I think they’d like that.
    Blog on!

  137. I’m currently embroidering and bead embellishing a gorgeous blue and white jacobean-style piece of quilting fabric that just screamed ’embellish me, embellish me’ when I saw it! Think Deerfield embroidery meets Hazel Blomkamp!

  138. I’m currently working on a crewel work embroidery called “The phoenix and Tree” by the Crewel Work Company (UK). It was meant to be finished as a cushion (pillow), but would look lovely mounted in a box, if I were fortunate enough to win this wonderful prize.

  139. I’m embroidering a small gift for some friends who are about to get married, just a small monogrammed piece with their initials and the date of the wedding. I planned to just frame it so they can put it on the wall. But now I’m thinking that putting it on the lid of a box would make it useful as well as a little personal reminder.

  140. I am doing a batch of small cross stitch projects for use on Greeting Cards of various types. I am currently awaiting a model stitch from Jo Gatenby of X’s & Oh’s

  141. I have 3 projects on the go at present, a cross stitch etui from Inspirations magazine, embroidered blocks for a quilt, a cross stitch sampler of the Lake District (where I was born), ALSO i will be attempting a stumpwork flower that arrived in the post this morning. No idea of finishing as yet, hoping inspiration will jump out and hit me soon

  142. I am currently working on a Christmas piece to be hung on the wall for the season, probably mounted on the hoop. It is one of your designs, many of which I really like and have in my list of “To-do’s”. The boxes look wonderful and I would immediately place my initial in the spot on top, if given the chance. Thanks for the opportunity!

  143. Thank you so much for the opportunity to win this gorgeous box! I am currently working on several cross stitch pieces. Some will be made into ornaments, some into pin pillows, some will be framed. I have a few that I don’t know how I will finish, but a box might just work perfectly for them. Thank you again!

  144. I’m currently working on a wool embroidery piece. It is coming along nicely. I commented a few days ago, but didn’t see my comment so adding a comment here. Since the last article, I’ve finished about 1/3 of the piece I’m working on. I’ve also looked at the boxes and “Oh, My” they are beautiful! I love coming here to your site to learn stitches. Your website is an invaluable resource for those of us starting out on this creative adventure!!!

  145. I’m currently working on a small 5×7 cross stitch of a country house. I hope to frame it.
    My previous project was a 3×3 cross stitch of a dragonfly. That I’ve wanted to add to the top of a box.

  146. I am currently working my way through the Stitch Sampler Alphabet on calico which I intend to incorporate into a fabric book. Love the site, the books and all the info available on the NeedlenThread website…Thank you

  147. I have several cross stitch projects that I am very proud of that would look beautiful as the accent on these exceptional beautiful wooden boxes, if I were so lucky as to win one. Thank you for the opportunity and have a great day!

  148. This box is lovely. I am just new to embroidery and I am trying to teach myself. As far as the type I am doing I really have no idea. I am in the process of just embroidering a name in one of the quilts I have.

  149. Currently I am working on a Stumpwork pinecone kit purchased through an online needlewoek site. Initially I planned to frame it in a small antique frame with curved glass that was my mother’s, but should I be so lucky as to win a box, it would work perfectly for that as well!

  150. I am currently working on a Halloween cross stitch quaker piece. It is the firest big quaker piece I have stitched. I plan to frame it. doubt it will be done in time for this year but it definitly will be for Halloween 2018~

  151. These boxes are gorgeous! What a lovely gift they would make! I’m currently at work on a vintage (definitely not old!) Dimensions crewel kit called Masculine Cat. I also have the matching Feminine Cat and Fancy Cat kits to work on later. Once all done, I plan to frame them and hang them in the hallway, right above one of my own cats’ favorite napping spots. =^.^=

  152. Well, Mary, whether it’s here or there, I am wow’ed by the variety of embroidery projects that people are working on! (I love to know what other people are embroidering, don’t you?) Mary, your friends, and fans, and followers are the most creative group of people!

  153. I am really enjoying this website, and I have recommended it to friends who are new to our passions

  154. These boxes are so beautiful and provide a practical way of displaying one’s stitchery.

    Thank you for sharing!

  155. I have just completed a needlepoint pillow sham for my granddaughter. This is the first time I utilized some different stitching in my work. Ribbon roses were so much fun. I am new to this craft but loving it so much and Love your website!!!!

  156. I’m putting the last few French knots in a Jacob sheep. I got some Jacob wool from a zoo where I volunteer on shearing days, separated the colors, and spun it up very fine, so my embroidered sheep is stitched with read Jacob wool.
    It’s going on my crazy quilt, but I should do another one for the zoo.

  157. Most of my current projects are kit projects for small notions, where the finishing is part of the original design. The one I’m just about to start is a flame stitch piece that will end up as a pincushion. (I suspect it will get more use as a needlekeep when I’m working on projects that need multiple needles out, but *in theory* it’s a pincushion.)

  158. Wow! checked out the Mythic Crafts website…such beautiful boxes and needle minders. Project I would like to work on is creating a small piece with my granddaughters hand and footprint…a task I will try to complete this week using a dough imprint that I will then transfer and create a pattern including her name for sewing. As always enjoy reading your blogs Mary.

  159. I stitching a silk ribbon and stumpwork panel at the moment which will be framed, also stitching a sewing wallet to keep my embroidery scissors etc safe in and a stitches sampler book….it keeps me out of mischief!!!

  160. I have a a piece of hand embroidery that an Aunt left me, I would love to see it finally resting comfortably on the top of one of these beautiful boxes. I love embroidery and have been stitching for over 35 years. I have been a member of our local sampler Guild NSG here in the Pacific Northwest. Thanks for the opportunity.

  161. I am working on a primitive Kathy Schmitz design, so meditative, no hoop, limited colours, and I can stitch in almost any environment…plane, car, train bus, low light. I bring a small zipped bag with supplies, and folded project.It will be a lavender sachet.

  162. I am currently working on a simple hooped embroidery for the holidays. The boxes are beautiful. Thanks for a great giveaway. Love your newsletter.

  163. I am working on a needlepoint piece. I made one for my grandson mounted in a box lid, filled it with items from items representing his family members and items such as high school badge called it his memory box and presented it to him on his 21st birthday. He was thrilled and now in place of honor in his apartment. Doing one now for granddaughter.

  164. Hi Mary,

    I’m currently working on several embroidery class pieces which will be made into smalls or Etuis. Lot’s of fun.

    I also have waiting in the wings an RSN class embroidery piece which may fit perfectly in one of the boxes!

    I have stitched items and mounted them in boxes in the past. I don’t chose pieces on how they will be finished but rather on whether or not I like the design/designer.

    So I have lot’s of framed pieces, standups, smalls, etuis, boxes, ornaments, etc.


  165. Thanks so much for your wonderful web site and blog, you’ve gotten me through many a low day. I’m working on a kit from The Scarlett Letter of a 17th century band sampler. It uses 35-count linen with two threads over two threads, in DMC cotton. It’s mostly in reverse running stitch, and when it’s finished it will be 6” x 29”. I plan to attach it to a larger assemblage, not sure yet. I’m also working on an imagined landscape, crewel wool on wool cloth. I can imagine many stitch styles which would look gorgeous mounted in a box lid.
    I so admire the wood boxes you’ve described and would be delighted to win one.

  166. I’m currently working on a little bird thread painting by Trish Burr. It was for my daughter’s birthday in May, and I almost got it done in time! 🙂 But when I showed it to her, she said she wanted to try doing it, so “Don’t finish it yet Mom”, and I’m still waiting for her to give it a try! the plan was to put it in a frame and hang it on the wall, but if I won the box, I’d certainly put it in the box!! Thanks for hosting!! Hugs, H

  167. My current piece is “Floral Linen” in Hardanger embroidery by Donna Olson. I particularly enjoy working the old-style flowers. This design is so lovely that I plan to frame it. Judy/Wisconsin

  168. I have many works in progress and also finished embroidered pieces just waiting for that final purpose. Finished a small bag for our fund raiser and would like to start a sewing box for both of my granddaughters . I give most everything a try but like needlepoint, cross stitch, pulled thread and hardanger. I also have 30 plus prairie schoolar santas waiting for i think a quilt? Thanks so much.

  169. I am working on a surface embroidery “sampler” trying out different stitches for outlining and filling on Disney “coloring page” fabric. I’m working on an 8×10 panel of Anna from “Frozen”. When I finish my mother said she will make it into a throw pillow for my daughter’s room (Mom does the practical sewing).

  170. I am a beginner, so I think the style is beginner. I am working on squares, which will be put in blocks for a quilt for my Mom. I love the idea of making a box for my husband with his initial. Thank you for your website. It has helped me.

  171. I would love to win this fabulous prize. I am currently working and almost FINISHED a beautiful Russian icon. I bought it in kit form and it is all beadwork .

    Ask me how I managed to drop the teeny tiny beads, and I will tell you in minute detail the shattering ordeal of woe, being on hands and knees on the highly polished floor boards ad nauseum.

    When finished it will be framed, and hung on the wall in my lounge room.

  172. I am working on a project with a French theme….lots of lavender stems and perhaps a cafe with a bicycle out in front with those charming little table and chairs…and more flowers in the landscape and perhaps some hanging baskets of flowers too.
    I’m going to try and keep it about 6 inches by 12 to 15 inches…..a longer narrow wall hanging. I made one for Italy one time with Pinocchio in various poses with Geppetto holding him in one little vignette (I used outline stitches and French knots totally). It was an odd size and I used recycled
    fabric…kind of rustic. I like to put things together as I go a long. It makes it more “me” as opposed to doing a kit embroidery.

  173. I am working on a free style embroidery -‘ the owl and the pussycat’ a Brenda Ryan design, and will put them in a quilt. For my daughter’s birthday.

  174. I am currently working on a stumpwork piece that would look awesome in the box.
    But as always have a canvas and blackwork piece going as well.
    Thanks for the contest. Update: my original comment was not posted.
    Thanks for reboot

  175. I’m working on a 60th birthday gift for my sister and on a ring pillow for my son’s upcoming wedding. Oh, and two designs to teach at the 2018 BDEIG Seminar in June.

  176. I am just finishing up some of my own flower designs on little tiny doll clothes and doll purses, 1-1 1/2 inch purses!
    Would love to have such a beautiful box! Thank you, Linda S Pewaukee, WI

  177. I love boxes to embroidery and have a hard time finding nice ones anymore that able to handle any depth to them and still put glass over it. I am finishing two boxes right now for a lady for her daughters. I used your Alphabet book that I downloaded for ideas. I took her letters and changed them until she was pleased with the style. I used bullion roses instead of daisies for the flowers and combinations of stitches till we were pleased with the results. I am now lining one basket with satin from her wedding dress and the other is lined so I am taking lace from her the dress and lining the inside lid with it sewed on the satin from her dress. Also I have a piece I am working on called the Mask, a Debbie Kelley design which I plan to frame. It is an amazing piece with several new stitches I hadn’t used before.
    I would love to have another box to put some of my favorite work into. I would like to have it for myself, not to give away this time.

  178. Floral needlepoint, My Big Toe Lord’s Prayer sampler, and finishing stitched ornaments are keeping me busy. Would love one of the boxes. Thank you for the chance.

  179. I am currently working on Step 5 of the EGA Counted Thread Master Craftsman, which consists of a piece of Hardanger and two hemstitched samplers. When I am done they will all be finished and used as doilies.

  180. I am working and many projects right now (aren’t we all?). I am “finishing” some oranments I stitched last year for my tree this year, I am working on His Eye is On the Sparrow and about to start a wedding present sampler for my daughter. But I have always dreamed of doing stitching to put on a beautiful box so if I should win just know it will be beautiful and I will love it. Thanks you for offering this! And thank you for all your wonderful ideas and tutorials.

  181. I am currently working on a counted cross stitch home blessing for my son and daughter-in-law for the home they recently purchased. I plan to mount it in a frame for hanging on a wall. Thank you for the opportunity to enter this give-a-way. I would be thrilled by any of the boxes on the Mystic Crafts website as I would plan a project around the box.

  182. I am currently working on a piece of Brazilian embroidery. This piece would look spectacular in one of these lovely boxes.

  183. I am working on a piece of embroidery in a Jacobean pattern using cotton embroidery thread, rather than wool, on cotton hopsack. It was inspired by a piece I saw in a guest house at The Penland School. It is small and will probably be mounted in a box or a frame, if it turns out well

  184. Im currently working on embroiderrd floral blocks for a quilt but in january im going to attempt my first gold work piece. I think this box would be perfect to mount it in.

  185. I would love to embroidery wildflowers to place in the window of this beautifully crafted box. My fingers are crossed.

    My current project is embroidering a bra for breast cancer awareness. It is a beach scene. So far it has palm trees, tropical plant, moped, beach umbrella and a beach chair. I am using a variety of stitches and thread weights to add texture. It has. Even a fun project.

  186. At the moment I am working on the Thistle Threads 17th Century Stumpwork mirror frame. I plan to mount it to a mirror frame, not sure yet wither I will get one made locally or purchase one from Thistle Threads – I’ll probably make that call in another 6 months.

  187. I am working on monogram handkerchiefs for my daughters and a white work embroidereda mat which would be beautifully suited for a sideboard with a beatiful box on top! Also (slowly) stitching a miniature Persian rug on 40 count silk gauze. Thank you Mary and Mythic Crafts Jude

  188. I bought an applique quilt pattern that was originally an embroidered quilt. I will be using crewel techniques to return the design to embroidery. I will probably just make pillows from my favorite blocks.

  189. I’m working on Alison Cole’s stumpwork cockatrice. It’s part of a series of four mythical animals (the others are a dragon, unicorn, and gryphon). I plan on stitching all four, and getting them framed in a single frame.

  190. Hi!

    I am currently working a few different projects: a piece of hardanger that will be framed; a small piece of needlepoint that will decorate a small purse for my niece; and a Christmas bellpull from OOE that will…well, be finished as a bellpull! Also several (!!!) pieces of cross stitch that will be framed at some point…

  191. The workmanship in the boxes is exquisite.
    I would love to own one. I have a beautiful piece of hand embroidery that my sister brought me back from a trip to Europe last year……….or I have a pattern for my initial that I purchased in Spain in 2002 that I haven’t worked up yet. Maybe………………………

  192. I am currently piloting a beautiful needle/scissor case for a national teacher. It is self-finishing, but the absolutely beautiful boxes would be a wonderful place to safely store it and to add a portion of the design to a canvas for an insert on top. I have a love affair with wood items and these are a treasure.

  193. Currently I’m in between projects. With a give away like this one, Makes me think about stitching something special for the box.
    Thank you for all you do for stitchers.

  194. Hi Mary, presently I am making a crazy quilt wall-hanging, it will be three blocks each hung vertically below each other by a beaded, decorated band. I’m thoroughly enjoying the embroidery, it’s been a while since I stitched and this has really made me happy. I would love to win a box, always wanted to do one but they are expensive, I would probably try some gold work or maybe crazy quilting. I still want to learn the many whitework techniques. Too many choices lol. Thank you and regards Mandy

  195. I left a comment on this the other day, but I’m not seeing it here so perhaps it went awry too. I’m currently working on a quilt as you go quilt which will be sent to a Christian organization in Appalachia. Loads of fun to do.

  196. I’m an avid follower of Needle’n Thread and am gradually improving my skills (still a way to go though!). I am currently working on a monogram from ‘Will Ewe Bee Mine’ with the intention of covering a box lid as an anniversary gift for my husband. One of Mark’s beautiful boxes would be so perfect. What a fabulous give away. Thanks

  197. I’m an avid follower of Needle’n Thread and am gradually improving my skills (still a way to go though!). I am currently working on a monogram from ‘Will Ewe Bee Mine’ with the intention of mounting on a box lid as an anniversary gift for my husband. One of Mark’s beautiful boxes would be so perfect. What a fabulous give away. Thanks

  198. I am working on a piece from the Inspirations Magazine no 93 called Capucines(Nasturtiums). Was thinking of using it in a panel of a bag, but I think that it would look lovely in one of those boxes.

  199. What a great website!!
    I am currently working on a canvas piece designed by Tony Mineri 20 years ago.It was over half done and I would like to finish it up. I will definetely be a picture.

  200. Dear Mary,

    At the present I am working on a petite point project. It is a Dominican Order Seal. I will finish it as a “flat fold” so that it can be displayed but can be put away in a small space.

    As for the frame, I look forward to stitching a needlework monogram.

    Thank you for your generous gifts to all of us who follow you online. I know I always look forward to reading what you have to say each time.

    Thank you, Nick

  201. Absolutely gorgeous box! I just finished a blackwork project ‘Box of Delights’ which I did over 1 thread instead of over 2 which made it just the perfect size for one of these boxes. And that is exactly the way I planned on finishing it – how serendipitous!

  202. I am working on a Trish Burr needlepainting that is going to be framed. Thanks for the opportunity for such a nice box. I posted on the first email but don’t see it here.

  203. I am currently working on a couple of different embroideries. I have a beautiful gold work dragon fly that would be excellently displayed on the lid of one of these boxes. This is worked on hand dyed silk and includes heading. I have been looking for a box to display this. The other gold work pieces include a beautiful flower that would also be accentuated on a beautifully crafted box.

  204. I am working on two projects at the moment,one is Trapunto Butis Ochids in the rain, design by Annie London which I will make into a cushion. The other is Jacobean pomegranate design by Shirley Pygott.both would be too big for a box .
    I did my first attempt at golwork just recently which was inserted in the top of a small box and I enjoyed so mouth I would love to do another one.
    I look forward to your news updates and have used your hints and tutorials frequently.
    Marlene from Western Australia.

  205. I currently have 2 projects on the go; Judy Wilford’s “On the beach” from the Inspirations “A Passion for Needlework” book and Trish Burr’s “For the Love of Wrens” design. Both will probably end up framed for the wall, but I agree it is a perennial problem (i.e. only so much wall space). Some of my future projects involve silk thread on silk fabric, goldwork & stump-work, so most of these will also need to be framed up for the wall or, possibly, fitted to a beautiful box. I have also seen beautiful boxes created with the embroidery on the inside of the lid – might be a possibility for silk work, gold work & stump work.

  206. These boxes look perfect for mounting embroideries with a”bit of texture”. I am thinking some Punto Umbro – possible the initials of a granddaughter so that she can keep the box as a treasure chest. My late father-in-law used to make such items for family members and I miss him, his work and skills. Thank you to Mark and to Mary Corbet for sharing this competition.

  207. Two wool applique Christmas stockings. Crewel projects from Melbury Hill and Phillip Turnbull that I will frame. A wool applique quilt designed by Kerry Green and another by Carrie Golias. And last but not least some monograms by the one and only Ms Corbet from her most recent e book. Would love to display in the box give away. The boxes are truly beautiful.

  208. Currently, I am learning to embroider using my hand spun and dyed silk threads and wool yarns. my first project will include making patches for my worn jeans, and embellishing felted hats.

  209. Hi, Mary, I’m presenting working on a Santa sheep (Counted cross stitch on linen). About halfway done. Also I’m making a small quilt with different techniques such as English paper piecing, foundation paper piecing, embroidery. This is a bom project.

  210. I would love to win the box. I have never owned one that you could insert embroidery into it. I am currently working on Butternut Road Celtic banner and just finished MDesigns letter C. I love doing cross stitch and projects that contain other counted thread stitches. I will someday soon stitch a free hand project.

    Thanks for the opportunity to enter the giveaway.

  211. Hello,
    I am currently trying to finish up a UFO from 12+ years ago – Buttons and Bears cross stitch piece that will be framed to go on the wall in my sewing room with my bears. I also have a UFO that is from the Krenik book – Dragonfly Illusions that I have been putting off finishing as I was wanting a box for it but hadn’t yet found one. And then you wrote this great piece on these gorgeous boxes. Serendipitous!! Now if I could just be so lucky as to win.
    Heather M.

  212. Thank you for the opportunity to win an embroidery mounted box give away.

    Currently working on rehabbing men’s silk ties into 3-D flowers, which are appliqued on fabric, with embroidered stems and leafs. Ending with a narrow Wall Hanging.

    Looking forward to doing a smaller revision with the embroidery mounting box.

  213. I am working on a Richelieu embroidery basket ornament. This will be framed and hung on my daughter’s wall.

  214. I am working on a pop art bird piece for my sister! I am planning on framing it for her entry way in her new house. Thank you!!

  215. Hi, I’ve loved all embroidery since I learned the craft from my grandmother, but right now I’m especially in love with Jacobean style crewel. My current project, Blue Flower by Elsa Williams, is intended for framing on my sitting (stitching) room wall.

  216. I like to embroider using metallic threads and stump work techniques. Currently I am working on some mythical birds which will require a sealed glass box or frame to avoid the dust. The wooden box looks perfect, thank you Mary for the opportunity to enter your giveaway.

  217. I’m working on the free “so fine” embroidery pattern from Sublime Stitches and I plan to turn it into a small pillow for my sewing chair.

  218. I am working on a bit of Swedish weaving right now for samples. I think that I will be using these on some cards – fringed edges and a few stitches to hold them to the front of the card.

    Thank you , Mary and Mark – the winner will be lucky indeed!

  219. Beautiful boxes!

    I’m currently working on a painted canvas and thinking of finishing it as a stand up (if I’m brave enough to try my hand at a new to me finishing technique).

    Thank you!

  220. The embroidery technique I have become obsessed with is Hardanger. I love to do small pieces so have been making countless coasters for the summer-sweating-glasses on the table. The small pieces have given me the opportunity to try out all the different filling stitches and satin stitch motifs. The latest start is a 12 x 12 piece to go under a pure white vase.

  221. Such a beautiful box! I have several items that would fit in there. I am working right now on a Sandy Arthur needleoint class piece called Song Birds, a Danji Laurel Burch design. I will likely have it framed with glass and make it into a tray.

  222. I am currently working on a raven with a quote in Brazilian Dimensional Embroidery. It will be put into a picture frame.
    My husband, Terry, passed away in November from prostrate cancer. He always told me if he could come back it would be as a raven. So this is a personal reminder of him for me.

    Mary in Idaho

  223. I’m all about boxes at the moment as I am currently working on a 17th century style casket. I will be attaching embroidery to all four sides and the top. The Mythic Crafts box is just lovely. You can tell the craftsmanship is beyond compare. Thanks for the opportunity to win one!

  224. I am currently working on my cabinet of curiosities or Thistle Threads. It’s great fun, but at the same time I stay more than a little overwhelmed. People who kno that I’m working on this project frequently ask to see my progress and I have to fight the urge to squirm my way out of showing anyone, even the most friendly persons my progress!

  225. I’m currently working on a goldwork piece and a needle painting piece. I was thinking of a box for the goldwork, and either a box or a frame for the needle painting.

    The boxes look beautiful! Thanks for introducing them to us and for giving the opportunity to win one!

  226. I am working on a cross stitch SAL from Linen and Threads. I will frame it when finished.

    Thank you for the competition.

  227. I’m currently working on a cross stitch piece that will be an eye glass case. Next up are embroidery pieces that will become Christmas ornaments.

  228. I am presently working on a quilt block called Lace Cabins containing both appliqué and embroidery. Thanks Mary for all of your information regarding embroidery techniques. I look forward to receiving your e-mails.

  229. Not working on anything at the moment, but I am planning on learning a bit of smocking for my baby coming this winter 🙂

  230. I am currently working on a surface embroidered banner flags that says “Merry Christmas” with rayon threads. The shine of the threads is perfect for the holiday season I think.

    My finishing plans are to sew them onto a decorative cord and hang it from my fireplace.

  231. I am currently working on a ‘self’ designed undersea themed embroidery that involves a breeching whale.
    It is being embroidered on a gorgeous silk and when it is finished it will take pride of place in my living room (if I can keep my daughter from taking it with her). lols

  232. Right now I am working on a train that is cross stitched and will be put on top of a box. Also have some stumpwork flowers that will go into a frame that can be hung or sit on a table.
    Debra, Ca

  233. I am currently working on a reproduction sampler on linen with cotton embroidery floss. It is mostly cross stitch with a few specialty stitches. I plan to frame it and hang it on a wall.

  234. I am currently finishing a small stumpwork piece. It is my design of a Christmas rose with holly leaves & berries. I plan to finish it as a Christmas ornament. It is a perfect size for a box top!

  235. I just finished a Tiffany style chainstitch panel in wool from Tapis-Tree. My plan is to make it into a pillow using light brown corduroy for the backing. I don’t often work with wool, but this project was very satisfying. The project is too big to display in one of the boxes, but I love monograms and would happily start on one that does fit such a beautiful box.

  236. I have fallen in love with Hardanger and finished a lovely drape for the lectern in our Church for Easter. It is white on white embellished with pearls. I plan to do a companion piece for the Tabernacle for next Easter. Currently, I am working on a small bellpull from Nordic Needle designed by Roz Watnemo entitled “Advanced Hardanger Embroidery Bellpull”. It is a good learning piece but not portable as concentration is needed when cutting!

  237. I have a floral embroidery kit that I hope to begin soon which probably will end up on a pillow. I have also been thinking about doing some monograms from your designs, One of them on a box would be perfect as a gift for my granddaughter.

  238. Currently I’m working on a canvas piece I started at the EGA seminar in Asheville last month (Gail Stafford’s “A Dusting of Snow”), but I have a half-finished stumpwork piece that would be perfect in a box top!

  239. I am working on a wool project. My squares are on Linton with wool cut Halloween scenes. I whip stitch down then embellish Love seeing the different stitches and how they change the look

  240. I am working on a Rowandean kit which includes lots of surface embroidery. It is a gorgeous picture of blackberries tumbling out of a hedgerow. A typical autumn snapshot of the lanes around my village here in North West Wales.

  241. I started Louise Henderson’s 17th century band sampler at the EGA National Seminar. I’m having great fun learning to stitch the old stitches and to work with silk threads. This piece is large so I will frame it.

  242. I am working on the “Ribbons and Rainbows” crazy patch evening purse from Inspirations #94. This is my first crazy patch project and I’m having great fun with the variety of fibers, ribbons, beads and stitches. It will, of course, be made into a little clutch bag that I plan to use at my niece’s wedding in October. It helps me to have a deadline….I should make it, assuming I can keep it away from my beagle puppy (she snatched it from my workbasket last week; fortunately, my son resucued it before she did too much damage!)

  243. I just found your site today looking for good stitch diagrams for a project I’m about to start. It’s going to be a box sampler for a project I signed up with my local EGA. We got a short Mystery Novel that has stitches hidden in the writing for us to use to create a sampler to go with the book. Although I know a variety of stitches, I don’t yet have all the names memorized and there are many more I have yet to experiment with. Even though the novel includes a list of stitch diagrams I’m certain there are other stitches beyond to two or three I knew weren’t listed hidden. Hence the research. I have no idea how I’ll finish it when done as I don’t even know how big it’ll be, or if I’m going to go crazy and include even some silk ribbon stitches making more 3-D. Who knows it might make a nice box top. Thanks for your lovely website with great stitch instructions.

  244. I am currently filling in a zentangle art piece. I am randomly filling in the open places with different colors and stitches. It’s a great practice piece for new stitches and old favorites. Not sure yet if it will be come a pillow or a framed piece.

  245. Currently I am working on a sampler with no plans to do anything with it. We will see how it goes! Right now I am having fun and learning new stitches and practicing known stitches. I do have a finished letter that will be a cover for a small notebook to give to someone as a list notebook. It will be able to be refilled. I just have to finish it. the boxes are lovely and would like to have to make something worthy of it.

  246. I am currently working alongside Tricia at Thistle Threads “Stitch Along” to complete a casket in the “Five Senses” theme ; the plan of course is to complete the panels and attach them to the box which in my case is a double casket. I am using my own colour schemes and switching between tent stitch and other Elizabethan stitches to add texture and interest. …… as to what will happen when the casket is finished…..well that is a challenge our kids will face when they inherit the treasure 🙂

  247. I’m currently working on some preemie size blankets and gowns which will be donated to a neonatal unit in the St. Charles, MO area. This is part of the Smocking Arts Guild’s ongoing Wee-care program. When these are done I’ll be starting a thread painted dragon by a designer you reviewed here several months ago. The dragon would look great mounted in a box!
    – Kathy

  248. After seeing the beautiful box, I decided to make one of the alphabet B and P, Or just the P. It will be used, to put my ashes in, for the day when I die. I’ll request it in a written note to my son. It just so gorgeous and a great idea, for me! If I don’t win then I’ll see if my son can make me one. So gratified with every work you do. Thank you so much. Bless you

  249. I would love this box to put my xstitch for my twin grand daughters and to be able to put keepsakes in the box

  250. I have about 3 weeks to finish up a piece for one of my very best friends who is getting married on a beach in the Olympic National Forest (I’m officiating!). I’m attempting a painted landscape, which is new for me, and I hope to frame it, so that they can hang it in their home. The box would make a spectacular gift for any one of the many upcoming milestones in my loved ones’ lives. 🙂

  251. I have a few very stalled embroidery projects right now. The two that come to mind are a needle book and a Japanese pattern darning kit from a friend. I think the pattern darning is supposed to become trivets but I might do little sachets instead. Mostly I have been knitting lately. If I won this box, I would likely work up a little goldwork feather kit that I bought a long time ago, and put that in.

  252. I’m working on a blackwork piece by Elizabeth Almond called “New Stitches” that will become a wall hanging when I’m finished with it

  253. Two projects that I am working on is the Grey Bird by Marie Suarez. Initially, I was thinking of putting it into a frame to hang on the wall but now I am seriously considering using it as a panel on a formal jacket.

    I am in the prep stages of More Than A Rose by M. Sherbring. When finished it would like mighty pretty displayed on a Mythic box.

    Wendi G.

  254. Mark’s boxes are truly beautiful! ! ! I recently ordered a ‘Slate Frame’ from Mark and looking forward to receiving it. When it arrives have a Stump work project ready to
    go. Not sure at this moment how I will finish it.

  255. I’m currently working on finishing a project started at the South Central EGA Seminar this year in Sugarland. It has surface stitching, ribbon embroidery and bead embellishments on cactus plants and flowers as well as a butterfly and tiny bees! I plan to frame the duo. There are two other projects in this series that I would love to do also!

  256. I’m currently working on a small wall hanging from a kit that says Welcome to the Coop for one of my friends who has her kitchen decorated with chickens. Hopefully I will hae it done by Christmas since I already missed her birthday! Thanks for sharing tis beautiful give-a-way too!

  257. I’m working on a couple of projects right now. I’ve got a simple embroidered table runner that I plan to quilt, and a whitework dress that I’m currently assembling.

  258. I basically only do cross-stitch with some other stitches when the pattern calls for it, so currently I am working on a cross stitch piece. It does include drawn thread elements, lazy daisy stitch and a few others. As for my finishing plans for this item, it’s supposed to be a pin cushion, but I’m going to finish as a kind of coaster. It’s a present for my favorite aunt and that is how she has generally used whatever I’ve stitched for her in the past. The last time I visited her, I found that she still had pieces I had made for her when I first started stitching in middle school and they were starting to fray along the edges because I didn’t know how to really finish anything. So I promised to stitch her some new things now that I am more experienced. 🙂

  259. I have 3 projects going — i am doing the Stitch-a-Day challenge on a 12×12 linen that will become part of a crazy quilt; I am embroidering a cabin in the woods, but not sure where that will go; I am doing feather stitches only on a crazy quilt square. I am varying the colour and type of threads to add variety.

  260. Thank you Mary for all your hard work on this amazing blog! The boxes are beautiful as well as all your embroidery!

  261. My current while watching TV in the evening project is a cross stitch pumpkin.
    It isn’t very large and I plan to make several different pumpkin squares and
    with some Fall fabrics — make a table runner. During the day I am trying to
    reorganize my sewing room — a really daunting project.

  262. I am currently working on your crewel rooster step by step project and the little bee eater by Trish Burr. I’ll be most likely framing them up and or on a notion box. Thank you for the opportunity to win such a awesome box.

  263. I am sewing together the cross stitch squares from the Garden Club series by Blackbird Designs. I will mount them in a frame and put it on the wall.
    I have just finished the cross stitch Gingerbread village from Country Cottage Needleworks. So pretty. I will finish it also as a picture for the wall to bring out each year at Christmas.
    Of course I am in the middle of Christmas gifts at the moment for the different clubs I belong to. I have 2 Christmas ornaments on the go and a Needlewok bag.
    I have started a piece of schwalm and a stump work pice, bot6h small items for boxes.
    Always too much going on.

  264. I would love to win a box – currently I am working on 3 projects, and planning #4. #1, A goldwork/stumpwork project from a class that I took with Jane Nicholas in May. I’m almost finished the Syrian pomegranate tile and it would fit wonderfully into the box. Otherwise it will get framed and go on the wall. #2, a cross stitch kit that I purchased ages ago from nutmeg to make a 3-d house. It is barely started but it will sit on a table or shelf. #3 – a group of mini houses, also done in cross-stitch but on perforated paper that get folded and stitched to make 3-d Christmas ornaments. Some are for gifts and at least one is for our tree. #4, I’ve designed a sampler, insipired by the Take time to….. series, in cross stitch that I will start when I go on vacation next month. the theme, “take time to cruise”

  265. THANK YOU for the opportunity to win a beautiful wooden box. I am just back to embroidering again. I am starting a double letter monogram for my daughter and would like to put it on a padded covered photo album. So many beautiful ones to make.

  266. I’m working on 10
    Different cross stitch projects at the moment, but the most unusual is a canvas project with unusual threads, a glass cabochon and
    Possibility of finishing it into a bowl. Could mount it in a frame or box. Possibilities…

  267. I am currently stitching a very large cross stitch sampler. There is an element, a lion, that I adore and intend to do it as a sample item of its own, in petit point, to practice my hand in that technique and to use in something I can enjoy more often than one hidden in a basket.

    I rarely frame my finished works in any manner, much less a traditional frame. So beautiful and lovingly made a box would be a wonderful way to finish a project.

    Congratulations to whoever wins, and a thank you to the generosity of the skills of the woodworker and the hands at Mythic Crafts making the Box.

  268. Busy with a Drawn thread stitching with about 6 drawn rows to be made into a table runner. Belgium winter white linen 30 count.

  269. Well, I scrolled all through the replies from the other day and didn’t find my name, so I’ll leave it here. I would love to have a box to do a design in AND keep it for me! I’ve done a couple as gifts, but never one for me to keep myself. Currently I am working on a knitting project and cleaning up all the clutter from 5 years of being too sick to care. However, I have two cross stitch projects sitting beside my TV chair–one is for a small picture, but I have to have the pattern enlarged before I can work on it anymore, and the second one is a kit I got in the mail a few weeks ago. I immediately pressed out the fabric and found a hoop in which to work it; I may leave it in the hoop or put it in another round frame I have–all depending on the final size it becomes.

  270. What a wonderful offer. Just the thing to get the juices going to finish my ore nue beetle which got put to one side as it became a UFO when it went pear shaped.

  271. Right now I am making an Appliqué Wool Sampler Quilt…which features many new embroidery stitches. Your website has been my ” go to” learning center. Thank you for your great tutorials.

  272. I have 2 projects. A large Mirabilla fairy that may go in the frame I recently discovered is mine, which my grandfather made. The second is my to-go project. I recently discovered silk threads and have been experimenting with surface embroidery. I have a zombie doll in the bag now, who will join my extensive Halloween display.

  273. It’s a beautiful Box. I’ve been pondering on a project for my mother-in-law for her birthday. Because of Alzheimer’s she has had to move into treatment housing. Her walls are as covered as can possibly be, so no more hangings. Perhaps a box would be the perfect thing for her little ‘specials’.
    Thank you for an informative, pleasant blog.

  274. What a wonderful giveaway to display a delicate project and store a working one. I am between projects at the moment contemplating a new one. Would love to win this. Love your inspirational e-mails/blog.

  275. I am currently working on a project from Inspirations using traditional surface embroidery as well as unusual stitches. I plan to finish it as an etui as described in the article.

  276. Currently, I am working on a set of painted canvas ornaments for a friend who will have them professionally finished. The canvases came with threads, beads, “jewels”, etc. and stitchguides. I am learning some new techniques and think my friend will be happy with the end product.

  277. I’m actually quite new to embroidery, only worked a few simple designs on tea towels for my/my family’s kitchen(s). My first ‘big’ project is a pillowcase for a friend of mine going through chemo. It has a little saying on it where I’m using it to practice all sorts of stitches to make the letters. Ha, it sounds like a cluster and I’m sure it actually is, but I think they blend well together…so far anyway! Cross your fingers for me!

  278. I’m working on a counted cross stitch kit “Elegance of the Orient”, a lovely companion to “The Mighty Samurai” by Dimentions. I will have it professionally framed to hang on the wall. This will be a gift to my #2 son,who loves the Oriential culture. It took me 1 1/2 years to compete the Samurai. It will probably take several years to complete this one due to advancing arthritis. All of my projects have stayed in the family. My favorite embroidery is crewel. I modified a 4 way bargello, my first effort to design . My grand daughter has it & absolutely loves it.

  279. I am currently working on a name tag. I want it to be wild. I am trying to go for bold and bright colors. It is also pretty big and I think that I want it on a pin back.

  280. I am embroidering embellishments on the wool block of the month we are designing. The blocks will be assembled into a wall hanging, using embroidered combination stitches between the blocks.
    The box is lovely! Thanks!!

  281. I am embroidering a picture from the secret garden colouring book, using lots of variegated threads for the flowers.

  282. I’m actually making a blouse for my sister, and I’m embroidering the watermelon pattern that you posted a while back. This is so beautiful though, that I would love to have it and display some embroidery in.

  283. I am working on a sampler of 10 stitches for a fibers course I am taking. I plan on turning the sampler into a needle book.

  284. At present, I am working on an eye glass case of a Japanese girl with umbrella and cherry blossoms! I’m doing Brazilian embroidery on creme colored wool. It is a gift for my sister. She is traveling in Japan for the next two weeks and this will be her “welcome home” gift!!!

  285. Hi Mary,
    This is a beautiful embroidery box that you have shared with us. I’d love one for my Granddaughter. Thanks for the opportunity.

  286. I’m finishing a little 6″x8″ floral from a class with Meg Hawkey of Crabapple Hill Studio. It would be cute framed, maybe as a cover for a sewing kit, or as a block in a quilt, I haven’t decided. I like the idea of the custom box, thank you!

  287. The embroidery style I’m working on right now is Mountmellick embroidery from Ireland. It will be finished as a summer purse by attaching it to mother of pearl shank buttons that are sewn onto a lining on wooden handles. My husband made and finished the handles for me.
    Thank you for the opportunity for a chance to win one of the gorgeous boxes!

  288. Hello, I am currently working on my first needlepoint project. It is geared for a child, but since I’m just learning, I thought I should start with a simple project. The canvas is printed with the word LOVE. I plan to either frame my finished piece or I might make it into a pillow.

    Thank you,

    From Indiana

  289. Right now I am working on embroidering felt hearts for our local Community Hospice. These are given to family members of patients in hospice care. I’ve been enjoying trying out different stitches and creating designs for each little “Feelie Heart” as they are called. My goal is to make 25 hearts.

  290. I’m working on several projects at once, my usual, as I get bored with 1 thing all the time. Some of my items are framed as pictures and others are made into needlework “smalls”. I do some pieces I was considering as box tops. Who know? I stitch a lot and then never get around to the finishing part, to me, the really boring part. Once again, Mary, thank you for another give-away.

  291. I’m currently working on Scarlet Quince’s “Monarch of the Glen” which will be framed in a decade or two when I finish it! I am also doing some communion drapes for my church. Thank you for publishing your ecclesiastical designs and posts. They have given me the support I needed to start this project.

  292. Those boxes are gorgeous!
    I’ve just finished a crewel work piece by Anna Scott in Inspirations. It was designed as a lap rug but I did it on linen twill. I’m going to stretch it over a canvas & hang it frame-less. It was a lot of fun!

  293. Although I have dabbled in the odd embroidery project I am not at all fluent in the art. So, I bought myself some nice linen and have bookmarked some of your past posts on samplers; now I’m just waiting for a hard frost so I can put the gardens to bed and have some sit-down time.
    As for what I plan to do with the finished projects — who knows? Maybe display on the wall in my sewing room or compile a small sampler book.

  294. I am currently working on my 9th of 12 Celtic Embroidery Knotwork Cross Designs which will then be incorporated into a large Celtic Quilt which my Mother is making. We have both been working on our projects on and off, for months. I have had this pattern book of Celtic Knotwork Crosses for over 15 years. Then one day when we were going through our stashes together I noticed my patterns exactly matched her quilt design and would fit in perfectly. This is the first project that we will tieing in my embroidery into one of her beautiful quilts. This is a piece I will treasure forever for obvious reasons. I have a few other WIPs one being a Brazillian Dimensional Embroidery English Rose & Hummingbirds. I am only about half way finished and I cannot believe how beautiful it is coming out so far. I would love to have this displayed in a Custom Box.

  295. Currently working on hand embroidered Christmas gifts for friends. One of them showcases an initial/monogram centered within the design. This would be spectacular on such a fine crafted wooden box! Hope the stars are aligned in my favor.

  296. I am working on a memorial cross stitch for my parents who both passed within the last year. I may frame it or I may add a fabric border and make a wall hanging. Important to me is that I dyed both the fabric and floss.

  297. It’s a nice blog. Currently I am working on small beetle patches that will be mounted​ on a lamp shade.


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