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Maureen the Owl – Embroidery Kit & Book Give-Away!


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It’s almost the middle of April, and what a great time to do a Fantastic Give-away for a Fantastic Embroidery Kit & Book!

You might remember that last week, I reviewed Hazel Blomkamp’s new book, Crewel Creatures, which is full of really fun embroidery instruction, projects, and ideas centering around fantastical creatures bedecked with all kinds of stitches, combinations, patterns, and a little bling.

Well, today, thanks to Hazel, I’m offering one of her kits with a copy of the book as a give-away! Yay!

Maureen the Owl, which is the largest and most elaborate of the creatures in Crewel Creatures. Here she is, in all her glory – and feel free to click on her, for a better view.

Maureen the Owl Embroidery Kit by Hazel Blomkamp

I don’t have this particular kit in hand to review thoroughly, but I’ve reviewed one of Hazel’s kits before – this one for Late Harvest, if you want to get a better idea of what her kits are like.

When you purchase a kit from Hazel Blomkamp Embroidery, you have a choice of various levels of kit content, from pre-printed fabric, to thread and bead packs, to the complete kit. If the project is based on a design in one of her books, the instructions are in the book, not in the kit.

Today’s give-away is for the complete kit for Maureen the Owl featured in Hazel’s new book, Crewel Creatures. The winner will also receive a copy of the book.

Maureen the Owl Embroidery Kit by Hazel Blomkamp

While Hazel’s designs are a little complex – lots of fillings and decorative stitches are employed – they’re not just for advanced embroiderers. If you’ve worked a few other projects and you’re excited and determined, you can definitely manage her projects. I’d say anyone from an advanced beginner and beyond could undertake them, with the right positive approach. As long as you’re not frightened of needle and thread and you’re up for a challenge, you should be good!

I probably wouldn’t slate them for absolute beginners, though. If you’ve not done any stitching, I’d start with something simpler.

Maureen the Owl Embroidery Kit by Hazel Blomkamp

Maureen is a Big Project. Her wingspan is about 22″ wide. Within her 22″ x 13″ self, you’ll find all kinds of embroidery techniques to delight in, from stitching colorful floral motifs in a variety of stitches, to working needlelace and woven fillings in different patterns, to adding bead accents and even dimensional bits of beading.

Maureen the Owl Embroidery Kit by Hazel Blomkamp

If you’re the type of stitcher who likes variety in a project, there is no way on this good earth that you could possibly get bored, as this piece just oozes variety!

Maureen the Owl Embroidery Kit by Hazel Blomkamp

The Give-Away

This Give-Away is now closed. Thanks to all who participated!

If you’d like to participate in today’s give-away, please follow these guidelines:

1. Leave a comment below, on this give-away post on Needle ‘n Thread. If you are unsure where to comment, you can follow this link directly to the comment form. Comments submitted by email or left on any other article are not eligible.

2. When you fill out the comment form, please do not fill it out as a “reply” to another comment. Replies are not eligible. If you’re unsure of what you’re doing and how to leave a comment, use the link above to the comment form and it will land you in the right place.

3. Please make sure you leave a recognizable name in the “name” line. Anonymous comments are not eligible. If you do not own and operate your own website or blog, please leave the “website” line of the comment form blank. Make sure you leave a valid email address on the comment form where it says “email” but do not leave any personal contact information in the actual comment box where you write your comment. Thank you.

3. In your comment, answer the following question:

What is it that attracts you to a project like Maureen the Owl? Is it the variety of stitches, the fact that she’s an owl, the colors, the techniques, the challenge, or….

4. Leave your comment by Friday, April 20th, 5:00 AM CDT (Kansas, USA). The winner will be randomly chosen that day and announced here on Needle ‘n Thread.

5. One entry per person, please. Duplicates will be deleted. The winner’s kit and book will be shipped from Hazel Blomkamp Embroidery in South Africa. It will take a little while to get to the winner.

So, go forth and comment, and before you know it, you could be stitching up your very own Maureen the Owl!

Where to Find The Books

If you’re looking for Hazel’s embroidery books, including Crewel Creatures, you’ll find them available through the following book affiliates:

In the US, Hazel’s books are all listed here on my Needle ‘n Thread Recommendations page on Amazon.

Worldwide with free shipping, they’re available here at Book Depository.


(1,177) Comments

  1. I love Maureen because she is beautiful. Would love stitching her because of the variety of stitches she contains and also the beautiful thread colors. She is different from other projects I’ve done and I would love to “spread my wings” and stitch her.

    Have a great day!

  2. What attracts me to Hazel’s Owl is that she’s used a variety of different stitches. I love specialty stitched! It keeps my interest piqued! Thank you for this opportunity.

    1. This looks really fascinating with all sorts of things to try. Defiantly going on my wish list.

  3. Absolutely Beautiful!!! Love the variety of stitches and the challenge it would be to accomplish such a work of art.

  4. Hi! I read your newsletter faithfully and admire your work! I am IN LOVE with the Maureen Owl and would love to have this work on in the evenings or in my office between clients! Beautiful! My husband and I love owls and are dedicated to keep birds of prey off the endangered lists and protected by the EPA!

  5. Hi
    It is the colours and patterns in the design that attract me to this pattern. There is always something to catch your eye and something new to see.

  6. I am attracted to Maureen for a number of reasons. I am currently stitching Owlfred another owl in kit form from Hazel. He is so interesting to stitch the variety of stitches and the depth of embellishment is fabulous. So that might tell you I have a thing for Owls so Maureen would add to my collection. Her colours are beautiful and the animation in that she is in full flight is stunning. Hazel is a very clever lady. Thanks to both you Mary and Hazel for this giveaway.

  7. Ms. Blomkamp’s designs are really unique, clever and beautiful. I have the publication date of her latest book in my calendar so I can order it. Thanks for bringing it to the public’s attention.

  8. This is a wonderful design and I would enjoy stitching Maureen the Owl because I love variety in stitches and colour and also love to be challenged when I stitch.

    Big thank you to Hazel and you Mary for offering this give away.

  9. This took my breath away! I love everything about it! Thanks for the chance to be entered in your giveaway.

  10. I love Owls and Maureen is an especially beautiful one that will challenge my skills, and offer an opportunity to learn some different stitches and techniques. Sewing keeps me sane. I love it.

  11. I have been anxiously awaiting the release of Crewel Creatures! I’m crazy about the designs, and the stitch variety. Thank you for the opportunity.

  12. Maureen the owl is so beautiful. But what really attacks me is te variety of stitches. I can take the same stitch over and over in a small project. But something this large, needs to have variety or i know I will become bored and have difficulty finishing it

  13. Maureen is absolutely stunning! Wow!! I adore owls and collect them. Definitely on my wish list.

  14. This project attracts me because it’s a beautiful OWL and includes a variety of new techniques I haven’t yet tried! I love embroidering birds.

  15. What not to like!!! But what I like most about her is the variety of stitches used. There is no way to get bored doing the same stitch over and over. And characterise different techniques, including beading, is used.
    Thanks for the chance to own her, and the book too.

  16. I like variety and this kit has it in spades! So many techniques, such a variety of stitches combined with loads of colour. Noone would every be bored doing this project. Just love it.

  17. Its so wonderful. I think its the challenge that I like about it. I’ve never done anything this big or with so much variety in one piece. Thank you for this giveaway and this chance.

  18. What an interesting project!!! What attracts me? Yeah, the fact that she is an owl! But the wide variety of stitches makes for both an interesting “look” – almost like patchwork fabrics, and the chance to practice and work on so many different stitches. FUN!!! 🙂

  19. Another generous giveaway. I would like to win Maureen the Owl , as it is a bird I love, rendered in an artistic range of needlework techniques. So much to learn, an amazing variety of stitches, what a challenge.

  20. The variety of stitches and the colors used for them is breath-taking! This would be a long time project and an exciting work of stitching art!

  21. I love complex designs with lots of variety. Not only are they fascinating to work but also such a joy for the viewer when they are complete. They cannot possibly just give the finished article a quick glance. They are almost compelled to marvel at the variety.

  22. This project is wonderful due to the owl as the subject then the great variety of stitches and the complexity of those stitches. I love projects that “challenge” me and this one surely would. Love the owl. Fabulous.

  23. Maureen’s Owl is magnificent! It would be very exciting to have the opportunity to embroider so many different stitches and colors in one piece. Her animals express the true quality of their species (from what I have seen in book reviews), making the finished piece a sophisticated addition to ones home. I would love to win the book and kit!

  24. Maureen the owl is amzing!!! The details and colors are inspirational…hope I win!!! I would love stitching this beautiful keepsake.

  25. This is a beautiful piece (she has my Mom’s name too) and would completely be ‘the Challenge” for me! I live in the country and owls are a part of our surroundings, love to listen to them. Thank you for the opportunity.

    Have a blessed day!

  26. I love Hazel’s designs and the thoughtfulness that goes into them! What looks great about Maureen is that it there are so many beautiful stitches that come together to create a unified piece – blending the modern with traditional work.

  27. Each of us is decorated like Maureen–evidence of the places we’ve been, the people we have met, our joys and tribulations. Outstanding designer, incomparable designs. Many thanks!

  28. For 2 years a Barred owl inhabited my yard. It must have been a young owl- he fell off the neighbors garage thinking a branch was a snake. He would sit in a tree just above me watching. One evening he flew by me and touched my shoulder with his wing. Fearful/beautiful experience to see. Since then I have been interested in all things “owl”.

  29. WOW! Maureen is just stunning! What attracts me is the variety – my eye just kept moving from one stitch and color to the next. Just took my breath away.

  30. What an absolutely awesome project…. I want it because first, she is an owl and second, I never embroidered one with these type of stitches. I did a blanket with small owl and foxes motifs some a few years back with a sort of an outline with stem stitch or chain stitch, but never filled design like this one.

    Fingers crossed!!

    – Manasi Ranade (Toronto)

  31. Everything about this attracts me to this design. The Owl, stiches, colors and just how beautiful it is. Thanks for the chance to win.

  32. This owl is so beautiful As an “advanced beginner”, I would love to work with the colors and learn new stitches. And, I know the perfect bird lover to gift it to. Thank you for the chance!

  33. I love owls. They are very majestic creatures. My father was a wood carver and one of his specialties was owls. He’s been gone for 20 years, but owls still remind me of him. This project combines two of my loves, fabric and thread.

  34. I’ve always wanted to stitch an owl and when I saw this one I knew this is the one. The colors, the stitches, the look — this project is just perfect and I’d love to win it and the book. Thanks for the chance to win this prize.

  35. Hazel’s creations are breathtaking. It would be such a privilege to create any one of her designs.

  36. I would love to do Maureen the Owl because I just completed a crewel course and am chomping at the bit to spread my wings (sorry Maureen the Owl, bad pun)! Hazel’s work and designs are outstanding and challenging as well as fun to work.

  37. Would love to make this project for a friend who loves owls. So many different kind of stitches in it which is a great challenge.

  38. What a remarkable project! I am already a fan of Hazel’s. When you did the Late Harvest project, I was so in awe I ordered it myself. What attracts me about this one is most definitely the variety of stitches. Little ADD person that I am, you are so right: I will never find a dull moment working on this owl! On top of that, I have a DIL who loves owls, so I would be thrilled to have the opportunity to work on this one for her. Fingers crossed!

  39. Maureen is powerful, with overarching protective wings, and yet playfully decorated with whimsical embellishments and gentle colours. She is, therefore, the perfect embodiment of an owl – fierce, and yet loving.

  40. Maurine the Owl is such a contradiction! I love that she is all beautiful with the a colorful floral body, but when you look into her face you see strength and determination. The scope of the embroidery is outstanding. Maurine is an opportunity stretch your needlework skills in order to create a work of art! I love the piece and would enjoy creating her.

  41. I’m attracted to this project because it is beautiful! The color and variety of stitches is striking.

  42. I am what I would describe as an intermediate stitcher, I love crewel work and Hazels’ modern interpretations in particular .However I have just retired from dentistry and I now have the time to stitch as much as I want .
    I’d like to make an heirloom piece and improve my skills .
    When I was a teenager my mum told me I would never be any good with my hands , but I have proved her wrong !!!
    Jenny Pinder from England

  43. The appeal of this project for me is the variety of stitches/techniques, textures, colors and design elements. It would be a great learning project.

  44. How could anyone not love this beautiful owl. Maureen you are beautiful. I love the intricacies of the design & the variety of stitches used throughout the owl

  45. I love the idea of combining flowers with animals. Combines nature and whimsy.
    Love it.
    Thanks Mary.

  46. Hi Mary,
    This is beautuful piece! What comes to my mind is CHALLENGE! It certainly not a work for the timid. As for me? I am always wanting to reach beyond. I am not saying I am good at what I do, I just enjoy the process of trying and learning.
    So, BRING IT ON!

  47. My daughter likes owls. I like to embroider. The kit is a wonderful combination of the two. I especially like seeing how various stitches are put together to make an enticing whole. While working on projects from kits, it becomes an exercise in considering why the designer chose a stitch, color or embellishment for that particular spot. It becomes so much more than “just” a kit.

  48. My attraction to this type of project is the opportunity to learn many new stitches and techniques in one very creative image. Kind of like a sampler on steroids. I also like the fact that all the supplies are included as I think its more economical and less wasteful. These new images by Hazel are fresh and exciting. I just love them!

  49. I am attracted to Maureen the Owl because I like variety. I like to stitch kits that have a variety of color, stitches and techniques. I do love a challenge.

  50. I love the challenge and the variety of stitches. I would be delighted to attempt a kit by Hazel. Her talent and vision is outstanding!

  51. What a fun giveaway — you know how to do ’em right! 😉 I love this owl — I collect them because the owl is part of my family crest (Fowler is my maiden name). And Maureen is pretty spectacular! She looks beautiful and fierce all at the same time. The stitchwork is gorgeous. I may have to get her regardless! Thanks for the offering! 🙂

  52. Hi! Thank you for the opportunity, I would love a chance to win this, it’s such an intricate challenge. My mom is struggling with severe depression and the only thing that still gets her even a tiny bit excited is embroidery. I would love to give this to her, she would love all the different bits and techniques.

  53. Everything attracts me to Maureen, the stitches, the colors, the techniques, and the challenge. Thank you Hazel and Mary for this great opportunity to win this fabulous kit!

  54. I am always ready to learn something new and love to be challenged. This kit definitely ticks those boxes. Also love love love owls.
    I like that this projects is not a traditional stitch the owl project – lots of imagination.

  55. Oh, Mary! Maureen the Owl is gorgeous!! I am attracted to goals, as they were a favorite of my Oma and my father, as well as a symbol of wisdom, but Maureen is particularly enticing because of all the different stitches and colors. I could never come up something so complex myself, so seeing a project like this is very exciting. Thank you for all you share with us!

  56. This is a magnificent project! I do like a variety of designs and stitches. Though not a beginner, I am f a r away from being an expert! This would be a real challenge for me— but what is life without a pleasant challenge?

  57. It is the sheer beauty of the finished piece that attracts me – the variety maintains interest; there is so much to learn, absorb, test out and demonstrate. and who could resist those eyes?

  58. Oh my! What a wonderful opportunity. Thank you Hazel and Mary. Maureen is imposing and challenging, in both her full flight right out of the page with those ‘beady’ eyes and the huge amount of stitch variety. I bet there is at least one new stitch for everyone. She would put me on a learning curve for sure. The areas I’m most interested in stitching are the feathers with the laid work and the needlelace. So much texture. Once more, thanks for the chance to win this cracker.

  59. I have been stitching for many years – crewel work is probably my favourite form of stitch – and I do enjoy this fresh approach – with such a variety of stitches! Maureen looks like an interesting and fun challenge. Will keep my fingers (and toes) crossed!!!

  60. I love, love, love owls and I love embroidery of all types. What intrigues me about these crewel animals is the very variety of stitches and the use of beads. This owl stands out, especially those eyes. It would be fun and challenging to stitch this kit.

  61. Maureen the Owl is a fascinating design. She is complex, sweet and inscrutable at the same time!

  62. This is something that intrigues me but that I might not purchase since I’m so busy with my own designs. I would love to play around with it (particularly getting practice with the various filling stitches) if I got it for free, though! Very creative designs!

  63. This is Magnificent! I love the variety of fillings, and I have always thought that the owl was my spirit animal, I would be honored to win this

  64. What an absolute treat. Such stitching variety and it’s an owl. Just wow! Would so love to win. Thank you for the competition.

  65. I love the owl project because of its beauty and the large number of different stitches. That amount of work would be a beautiful thing to leave as a family heirloom!

  66. Hazel the owl attracts me because of her rich variety in both color and stitches. There is such depth that there is always something new to see.

  67. I absolutely love the variety of stitches and whimsy of this piece….plus owls are my sister’s favorite animal, so if I did happen to win, the finished piece would eventually go to her. Fingers crossed.

  68. This is such a lovely project! My 4 year-old loves owls, so that means I do too by default, and I love all of the texture in this one. It would definitely be a fun challenge to enjoy working through!

  69. I am totally mesmerized by Maureen the Owl! This piece is so inspirational to me I’m already thinking of trying a similar version with different fabrics pieced together embellished with beads and my favorite stitches. Thank you Mary for sharing.

  70. The owl itself is spectacular & I would love the challenge to complete this project.

  71. Look at her fierce eyes, it’s like she daring me to put needle to thread and give her a try. I love the pinks against the gray (or maybe slate blue — my monitor can be wonky with the colors). She’s absolutely gorgeous. I’m a sucker for nature and animals in embroidery.

  72. Wow! that is amazing. What I like about it is that the owl is showing its wing spread with all those lovely stitches. Wow! Wow! Wow!

  73. I would love to work the project maureen the owl. I love the different colors and techniques the needle weaving that forms so many different patterns. I also like the fact that when you look at the photo her wings almost look three dimensional. Hazel is such an accomplished artist the whole picture is just so cool looking. Thank you for the give away.
    Marysue C

  74. The variety of stitches and the advanced needlework techniques is what attracts me to Maureen the Owl. She is gorgeous and I would love to stitch her. I love a stitching challenge and this one seems to fit the bill.

  75. I am a big fan of Hazel’s books and have been eagerly awaiting this one. The glimpse of Maureen the owl is sooo tempting, I long g to get going on it.

    What attracts me most is the variety of stitches and fillings, but the beautiful colours are breath taking. Also love the affinity to traditional Jacobean crewel work designs. Hazel’s techniques are so delightfully unique.

  76. Hazel’s use of colors is absolutely beautiful, but her combination of stitches is fascinating!

  77. I love Hazel’s kits as they challenge you on so many levels. The variety of techniques and stitches, the amazing pictures and the wonderful way she depicts these animals and birds. All together they make a unique combination.

  78. She is just beautiful! I teach Needlepoint and write stitch guides, but embroiderie is where I started my passion of needlework.
    The use of color and stitches in this piece is perfection.

  79. Maureen excited my interest in learning and using the large variety of stitches! I will much rather use the variety than to just practice. I also appreciate the colors used in this project.
    The book is of great interest with the beautiful wild animals!
    I love your newsletter and website, Mary! You inspire me!

  80. I think Maureen the Owel is majestic. Something differenti that catches the eye with all the different stitches and harmonious thread shades. I’d really love the challenge.

  81. I am attracted to ‘Maureen the Owl’ project because the creator’s passion for her craft and love of her subject are my immediate impressions of the finished piece! As someone new to embroidery as an art form, I seek projects from artists who push well beyond a faithful reproduction of a subject and into the realm of fun, spirit and confidence in her work. All this, and really, who doesn’t love owls? 😀

  82. This is beautiful, and I would love to stitch this project! I love the variety of stitches, and the color choices.

  83. I have been in love with this owl kit since you brought it to my attention! I love owls and embroidery – so already love at first site – but I am also really drawn by the challenge of this project, as my goal this year for my embroidery is to broaden my knowledge of different stitches and embellishments. I would be so happy to win this kit and book!

  84. I often like to design my own embroidery, but I confess I have much to learn from others. This owl looks like a challenge I would enjoy and learn from; it presents a different way of looking at an animal… and it is so attractive to boot!

  85. I love overall the whole piece because of the owl, but all those stitches, just blows my mind. What a great project to work on, never a boring moment, with all those different stitches. This piece is so beautiful and it would be an honor to win this!!

  86. What a majestic and powerful owl. The colours are sumptuous, the stitching would be a challenge.

    I especially like that the mystery of the bird is still there – he has not become a cartoon character..still a powerful hunter.

    What a wonderful challenge! Thanks

  87. Oh my! Just last week my GS were visiting for Easter. I took them to the Raptor Center and we had a blast.

    The Owls were spectacular to the little guy. Soooo, making this up for him to have in his bedroom would be memorable to him. And, I could embroider the date we went to the Raptor Center.

    Thanks for offering me this chance. xoxo…

  88. I collect owls and love her modern take using crewel embroidery. I love would love the opportunity to stitch and display her in my home,

  89. Maureen is just so attractive to look at and I would love the challenge of the variety of stitches. The colours are amazing and I love Owls too.

  90. I love the colours of the Owl they are amazing. Also the way the wings re worked with trellis work. Hazel combines stitches, colours and design so well that you feel like you would like to stitch them all

  91. What a fabulous artist and I adore Maureen. What’s not to like? I love the variety of stitches and her color choices. I haven’t used a kit for a very long time but this is one that is super special! Please enter me in the drawing and I’m really having trouble typing with my fingers crossed wishing that I might be the winner!!

  92. This is a fabulous project – I love owls and also the variety of stitches in this kit. It would be amazing to win this.

  93. I really enjoy your Contests. Although I have yet to win anything it doesn’t stop me from trying again!
    I generally do free-hand embroidery and have yet to try Crewel work. Maureen the Owl is simply beautiful and I would love to try the kit. I have never bought a kit before…always drawing the pattern out myself from various pictures or sketches I have seen, but I think it is high time I tried my hand at ‘following directions” LOL.
    I think this would push me to try stitches other than the ones I tend to use all the time. This would definitely be placed in a focal point in our home and also encourage me to look into other kits and books as well.

  94. What a stunning piece! I LOVE birds and adore it when I can stitch one. This owl has a fabulous variety of stitches and I can’t wait to create it!

  95. Hi Mary, I would love to win as I have always loved a challenge. I think this design has a lot of fun colors and I also love owls!
    Thanks for this fantastic offer from Hazel !

  96. I love needlework and I love owls. I have done embroidery, blackwork, needlepoint, crossstitch and Brazilian. I would like to try crewel. Hoping to win this giveaway.

  97. Maureen is a stunning design, so many new stitches to learn, especially the needlelace patterns. My friend Mary is currently stitching Owlfred, so if I were to be chosen we could work together on a beautiful pair of owls.

  98. One reason I am attracted to Maureen the Owl is that I love doing whimsical animal embroidery. I’m especially interested in this one because of the variety of stitches (I would rate myself as an advanced beginner), plus the inclusion of beads and embellishments. I frequently add beads to both my embroidery and my knitting projects. I would also love to win this, because I have the perfect person in mind to stitch this for as a Christmas present.

  99. Dear Mary, What is there not to like about Maureen? She an owl and you know how much I like birds, all the different stitches, the unique way she is put together and the the colours. There are some stitching techniques I have not done before and I love the incorporation of beads too. So all in all it is a very colourful challenge I would like to try. Here is crossing fingers, or as we say in South Africa, holding thumbs.
    Kind regards Elza. Cape Town. xxx

  100. I am a great fan of Hazel’s. I have all her books(so far!) and have completed many of her projects. I completed, what I call her companion piece to Maureen -Owlfred, last year. I have recently framed him and I have left space on my wall for Maureen. I would love to have a chance to stitch her! I don’t want Freddie to get too lonely!

  101. Maureen is beautiful! I like owls but have yet to stitch one and the colours and variety of stitches would make this quite a entertaining project! She’s joining my wishlist!

  102. The variety of stitches in Maureen are my favorite part – and my favorite part about Hazel’s work. I like variety and texture in my stitching.

  103. I’ve been waiting for this book since it was announced and it lives up to my anticipation. Love owls so this design especially calls to me. What I love about Hazel’s designs are the many different stitches and techniques, the artful use of flowers and the sheer imagination. This owl is at the pinnacle of all those things. Thank you for the chance to win both the kit and the book.

  104. I am attracted to this project as it would be a lovely keepsake for my family for the future.

  105. I’m attracted to this project for all of the reasons! I need a big fat huge project for this summer at the lake house. This would be a perfect way to sit on my screened porch and stitch.

  106. I’m still kind of a beginner @ embroidery. Quilting is my passion . . . I’m continually on the lookout for techniques to build my crazy quilting arsenal. It seams like since I’ve started learning various “fancy stitches,” that I end up including them in almost every project. I like the variety in texture achieved by Hazel’s designs . . . I tend to do that in my quilt projects w/different types of fabrics as well. I sure hope I win ☺️ Paula

  107. This give away is, to me, one of the most exciting one that you have ever offered. First of all, I love owls and at some stage I collected them – all sizes and material.
    I also get fed up doing the same thing for too long, so this is an ideal project. There is such a variety of stitches and techniques, and the colors are wonderful. Everything about this owl appeals to me.

  108. Maureen the Owl reminds me of my artist daughter who has designed several animals in a “zentangle” style similar to Maureen. Lovely!

  109. Maureen is stunning! This would be a challenge for me. I’d love to stitch her because of the variety of stitches and the beautiful colors. This would also be the largest piece I would have stitched. Thank you for this chance to win!

  110. I love the variety of stitches, the interesting use of techniques and the different textures caused by the stitches and beads. My granddaughter loves owls so I think this would be a perfect gift for her.

  111. The owl , colours and so many different stitches are very appealing as well as a challenging stitching piece. What a gorgeous owl.
    Thanks and happy stitching.

  112. I think it would be neat to get out of my comfort zone and try some of these stitches. The owl is so unique.

  113. Maureen would be magnificent to stitch out. I am just mesmerized by the beauty of this owl. Thank you for the opportunity to possibly win this.

  114. I would love to do this project. After doing a challenge like this one you must turn from à beginner to an expert!!!
    Thank you for a chance to win…

  115. Several of my family members love owls. This would make a wonderful gift for any of them After I stitched it,LOL! Thanks for the chance to win this amazing kit!!!

  116. OMG, this owl is gorgeous. I love owls and love embroidery, would be so happy id i won this give away. Great job.

  117. I love Maureen because she is one spectacular owl! Owls are something of a totem for me. In ancient times they represented the wisdom of Athena: her bravery, and her courage. I love the whole idea of it. And besides, owls are simply captivating all on their own!

  118. I absolutely love the variety of stitches this design offers and the ability to expand my knowledge of stitches while working on a project like this would be amazing. Also I just adore the colors in the design. Simply stunning!

  119. It would be my ultimate pleasure to receive the Owl embroidery kit! I love all the colors and array of stitches. What an amazing summer project!

  120. I have been stitching for most of my life, but there are definitely new things to learn, and many of them are right here in this project! I also love owls, so this is doubly attractive to me.

  121. I love the way you do embroidery. Every piece is unique and color combination is excellent. Owl is represented as a wise person.
    Happy embroidery!

  122. What an amazing piece. As a recent “returnee” to needlework, the ability to explore so many different techniques is definitely the top attraction but there is so much to love! Thanks for the opportunity.

  123. Beyond the he fact that it’s just plain beautiful, and what excites me is the opportunity to learn all those filling stitches. I have Hazel’s Crazy Quilting book and can’t speak highly enough about the level of detail in it.

  124. Definitely enjoy stitching projects with small areas. Long time fan of Hazel, her style and colors.

  125. I am fascinated by Hazel’s use of needle’n thread to create the patchwork effect in stitching that has become her signature. The shear variety of stitches that she uses is both daunting and challenging at the same time. I also love her use of texture . A great project to learn from and enjoy.

  126. Oooh, Maureen is lovely! I love the variety to stitches to try, the colors, the bits of beadwork, and especially all the fillings on the feathers. When you first reviewed the book, Maureen leapt out at me immediately.

  127. That looks like a challenge, a FUN challenge. I always love more complex projects. I shy away from projects labeled “easy”. If I’m going to do something I want it to be meaninful and beautiful. I would LOVE to have this kit.

  128. For a project like Maureen the Owl, I am attracted to the challenge and the variety. I like to push myself to broaden my skill set; the variety of stitches does that as well as keeps me interested.
    Thank you for this opportunity.

  129. It is definitely the different textures that the stitches create. It’s a beautiful project. I like doing different stitches it challenges me.

  130. I can’t imagine that anyone would look at “Maureen the Owl” and not be bowled over. Beautiful design, lifelike despite the fantasy colors and stitching elements, I’ve loved owls since I first saw one (barn owl—what a gorgeous bird, I was transfixed)—I know exactly how I finish it and where I’d hang it. But the most important thing: this owl project makes my stitching fingers itchy. I want to start on this now!

  131. Oh my gosh, Maureen makes me weak in the knees! At first look, she is simplified dignity but a closer look reveals a rich complexity of stitches and color that beckons me to a stitching adventure. I must have Hazel’s book!

  132. I like Maureen, I like the variety of techniques, I like the challenge, and I like Hazel’s designs and great originality.

  133. I’ve always loved owls and this one is amazing!! At first glance, some of the stitches appear to be fabric. Truly beautiful!!!

  134. I love owls but I really enjoy doing projects with the variety of stiches in Hazel’s designs. Makes the project more interesting.

    Joyce Georgakopoulos

  135. Love the owl. I always like the colorful projects to work on in the evening. This one appeals to me because of the variety of stitches and colors.

  136. Maureen the Owl is just stunning! I love that she is an owl and all of the amazing stitches used to make her. I have a small collection of owls decorating my house and she would be a wonderful addition. I enjoy watching the “who-whos” nesting in my trees also. Thank you Mary and Hazel for the awesome give-away.

  137. It’s a really unique piece! Working on it might pose challenges but that would also make it a fun learning experience as well. And the result would be a beautiful work of art to cherish forever! What could be better than that?

  138. Oh wow! What’s not to like about Maureen? Beauty, color, variety of stitches… she has it all!

  139. I like the kit because of the variety and because it’s an owl. I have several kits with a variety of crewel embroidery techniques. I love them.

  140. What a great challenge piece. Something very different than what
    I normally stitch. Thank you for the offering.

  141. I have a copy of “Crewel Intentions” and it is wonderful! I would love to have Maureen and the book to with. Thank you for the opportunity.

    Marie Montalbano

  142. Wow! What an incredible piece of embroidery that owl is! I am drawn by the challenge of the project, it looks incredibly hard, but I’m sure when it is broken down, it would be a fun, satisfying project.

  143. Wow! how apropos for me! I have just been investigating her books/kits. It seems they might take care of my inability to do same stitch/same color for a long time and get anything finished. 🙂

  144. Truthfully,the challenge to do this project is so great I almost hope I don’t win. A big project, a challenging variety of stitches and techniques, your praise for the project, a grandaughter who loves owls: so many reasons!

  145. Oh my! I have done several of Hazel’s designs before and have so enjoyed the journey. Love the challenge of the variety of stitches. Looking forward to a new addition to my collection.

  146. Maureen is a beautiful owl and reminds me of watching an owl release from
    a wild bird rehab. The variety of stitches and colors are wonderful. The privilege
    of working her would add to my stitching wisdom.

  147. My love of nature attracted me to Maureen the Owl.
    Maureen gives an impression of silent flight, only an Owl can perform.
    Her embroiled feathers are depicting her natural surrounds.
    Beautifully drawn.

  148. I love the variety of stitches she uses, giving a great sense of texture. The color choices are fun, too.

  149. My husband loves and collects owls. That’s part of what attracts me. The other part is the variety of stitches and intricacy of the design…

  150. I am attracted to this type of design because of my intense love of animals and beautiful textures. Thank you for the giveaway.

  151. Oh my gosh I love this owl! He is so fierce and so beautiful! I love all of the different techniques in Hazel’s work, and I have been eyeing this book since I first saw it advertised. Can I beg? 🙂

  152. The owl attracts because it is a beautiful bird and very attractive for drawing and Embroidery. From this project I like best all the different materials you can use and lots of embroidery stitches and even if 2 people use the same Colors the Result Will be different.

  153. I love the fact that it’s an owl. I love owls – my current project is an owl. I also like the floral mixed in there. This project would take me a long time to finish…but with all the different techniques used along the way, I’d never get bored .

  154. My mother loves owls! I would like the kit because of the challenge it provides me. All those wonderful patterns to learn and work! The book is fabulous. I fell in love with the animals of South Africa on a trip there and I’d love to make more than one project from the book. If I don’t win it, I know I’ll be buying it.

  155. How delightful Maureen the Owl! You asked for a comment on specifics of this project. I say, “all of the above.” It looks like a charming theme to stitch and display. Thanx for the opportunity to comment and also to win this wonderful piece.

    A. Mae Conatser

  156. Wow, what a gorgeous project! I’m really attracted to the variety of stitches, lots of colours (love colourful projects) and what looks like different thread weights as well. The size would be a challenge too, as I don’t normally try anything so large, but it looks like it breaks down into nice sections. What a generous giveaway!

  157. With a passion for owls, finding this outstanding sampler of stitches and patterns to add to this piece woukd be a dream come true to work on!

  158. Thank you for yet another chance for a giveaway. What attracts me to this splendid owl? I had the privilege of undertaking a two day course with Hazel in 2016. Since then I have had a lot on my plate and haven’t done much serious stitching and am itching to do so. This project would be just what I need right now. Her kits are amazing and instructions superb, so I know I would thoroughly enjoy it.

  159. The fabulous threads, the stunning stitches plus beautiful beads in a fabulous combination provide a gorgeousness that can only be a Hazel creation. Maureen is just glorious.

  160. I’m trying to learn new stitches so this would be perfect for me as a learning tool.

  161. My mother used to enjoy stitching crewel embroidery nearly every evening. I would love to learn this needlecraft.

  162. I love this project for its colors and the variety of stitches. The choice of subtle color on the outside and moving to more intense color is lovely. Would be very enjoyable to stitch so many changes. Never boring!

  163. I have been a stitcher and lover of owls since I was a child. This owl is exquisite. The colors and variety of stitches are wonderful. It would be a labor of love for me.

  164. What attracts me to Maureen the Owl are the colorful threads, the different stitches, and I just love the floral motifs. Hazel Blomkamp is a very talented desinger, I have a few of her books, and I am always amazed at her work.

  165. First off owls are my favorite animal so I am usually drawn to anything owl related! When it comes to new projects like this I like the learning aspect to it. Most of what I’ve done in embroidery I have done myself, no kits, just me free handing different things that strike my mood. With the kits it gives me a chance to practice, learn, and just enjoy the stitching!

  166. I love the visual complexity of this wonderful owl. I could a lot of time looking at each sections stitches and colors. It should be a lot of fun to stitch.

  167. I would have to be insane not to try to win this extraordinary gift! Here goes. I have long admired Hazel Bloomkamp and this owl is just so beautiful. I love the colours and the challenge of tackling such a beautiful owl. I find the stitches intriguing and want to learn them all. I’m doing a sampler now and I’m enjoying all the varieties of stitches. This would be such a joy to tackle.

  168. The fact it’s an owl! My two year old is utterly bestotted with owls and making this for a wall hanging in her bedroom would bring her such joy

  169. Hi Mary, Firstly I am owl mad with ornaments of owls, pictures and even patchwork cushions I have done so it is a no brainer for me to want to do this embroidery. I have dealt with Hazel in the past and having lived in South Africa it is like a home thing. Now I live in the cold Isle of Man so staying in to do embroidery is top of the list and the variety in this project is a real challenge but she is beautiful and I would enjoy trying to do this one most especially because it is an owl! Have a wonderful weekend and hope the weather is better where you are!
    Thank you again for this amazing opportunity.
    Eleanor Roome

  170. What a generous giveaway. I love owls, I love the colors in this project and also the opportunity to learn new stitches. Thanks for the chance. Teal

  171. I have always loved owls, and the colors and design of this one really caught my attention and my eye. I have always loved a challenge, and would enjoy the many new techniques /stitches that I would learn.

    Thank you for making this Give-Away possible.

  172. Maureen is beautiful and this certainly isn’t the usual kit I’d work on. I believe the kit would be a challenge and it appeals to me because the design looks medieval==one of my favorite time periods. Hoping Maureen will come my way! Thanks, Mary!

  173. The project has to be something that sparks my interest and Maureen the owl is one of them. I love the overall design, the complexity and variety of stitches and the colours. Most of all, now and again I like a challenge, and this definitely looks like it’s that. Completing this will definitely give me a sense of extreme satisfaction and pleasure!!!

  174. Hoot hoot hoot the challenge! The book would be nice as a “table” book with all its illustrations!

  175. Oh my goodness, what a fantastic piece of embroidery. Way beyond my enthusiastic-stitcher capabilities I fear, but what a challenge! I find every aspect of Maureen delightful. Her shape, her size, the complexity of her colours, the variety of stitches and infills…absolutely everything, and all enhanced by the beautiful floral elements of the design. Hazel is a hugely talented artist and to donate her book and this amazing kit is testament to her kindness too. The lucky winner has countless hours of challenge and fun ahead of them and I wish them happiness in every stitch. Thank you Hazel; thank you Ann and thank you, of course, to Maureen. One very special bird! Marion in the UK.

  176. I love the colors,the different stitches,and the challenge. I don’t think one could ever get bored with this lovely owl. And besides,I really like owls

  177. I would love to have this book because of the variety of stitches and techniques which I have never seen anywhere else. If I could learn these stitches and techniques and have it all in one book I would be so happy.
    Sr. Therese

  178. I’ve bought the book and thought that Hazel’s Owl would be wonderful to stitch for my sister-in-law, Hazel. I love the fact that so many stitches and colours are used in this magnificent bird.

  179. Wow. What a wonderful imagination Hazel has. This is hauntingly beautiful. Would be a great main project for peaceful stitching time.

  180. Wow, what a marvelous giveaway! The way the floral motifs are included in the design is so stunning. A wonderful challenge that I would definitely embrace.
    Carol b /cln crs

  181. I love owls! With all of those different stitches I certainly wouldn’t get bored stitching this beauty. Thanks for the opportunity to enter this great giveaway!

  182. I would love this as an on going project – there is just so much variety and I love owls.

  183. The challenge, yup, the challenge of all those beautiful stitches and technique. That owl is magnificent! Would love to give it a try!
    Thank you for offering this and Thank you Hazel for giving us the chance to stitch this beautiful owl!


  184. The Maureen the Owl kit is extraordinary. The Challenge of the stitches of which there is certainly a large variety intrigues me. I haven’t done any of Hazel’s projects yet, but look forward to improving my skills so that I can do so without hesitation.

  185. I am officially obsessed with Maureen the owl! I love everything about her, the complexity, the color, the variety. I am definitely adding this to my bucket list! Thank you for the opportunity.

  186. I love the flowers juxtaposed with the fill stiches in the wings. This is a beautiful design.

  187. I love Maureen the Owl! The colors are beautiful, the variety of stitches would challenge me, and she would make a perfect gift for my daughter!

  188. Definitely the variety of stitches, looks like a good chance to stretch and grow!

  189. I have wanted to stitch one of Hazel’s designs for quite a while. The variety of stitches appeals to me very much. I also prefer stitching large pieces. And, lastly, I love owls!

  190. I love how many different techniques are used in this piece. It would be a fantastic challenge, and the end result is beautiful!

  191. Maureen is spectacular because of the variety of stitches and the fantastic detail. But mostly because she is an amazing owl! I don’t often participate in your generous giveaways but… oh, Maureen. My mother is a collector of owls- not live owls but every other kind. There’s no way I could complete this project in time to make a gift of it to her. But she would appreciate Maureen as much as me I’m sure.

  192. For me this design is all about the challenge of the colorful stitch patterns! It would serve as a ‘refresher’ and a vehicle for learning ‘new to me’ stitches. And it is not a project one would rush through! 🙂

  193. This is a phenomenal give-a-way. Thank you and Hazel, both, for the opportunity. For me, it is the challenge of the variety of stitches, many of which I haven’t yet done, but would love to try.

  194. What a wonderful give away! What I love about Maureen are the techniques and variety of stitches. Some areas would be fun stitching and some would be a learning process expanding my skills.

  195. The complexity would be a wonderful challenge and pull me out of my reliance on the familiar.

  196. What draws me to Maureen the owl is the beauty of it. It more advanced than anything I have done, but is so damn pretty it makes me want to take the chance.

  197. Oh Mary! You’ve got to stop this! My budget – well, I had to lie to my financial advisor about all the things I was buying on Amazon and the Book Depository although next time I am going to cast your name about as temptress….
    So glad you came along in my life when you did. I’ve been needle felting for three years now, strange and mystical creatures that always turn out a bit…personality laden.
    But not, um, necessarily, beautiful. Vultures were a recent theme (it is tax month), for example…
    So the owl when it appeared – well, I had to have the book anyway. So I ran out to buy that (ergo you could regift the book) – but the pattern on this beauty, with the amazing variation in stitches – and most of all, the slightly curious facial expression – I would so like it.
    I suspect I won’t win – I never do at these things – but I sure wish I would!

    Thanks for giving my life such a lift. I look forward to your posts every day!

  198. Maureen is gorgeous! Her needlewoven fillings are the part I’m most excited about. I’ve done a little bit, but nothing as varied and beautiful!

  199. I have a friend who’s totem animal is the Owl, and I think this would make a great gift for her.

  200. Hazel’s design is a delight to the eye. Her new approach to crewel is so enthusiatic, bright, and challenging. I would love to win this give away!

  201. Wow! I have ordered kits from Hazel and they are always excellent! This one is particularly amazing: I love owls, I love projects with a variety of stitches, and the colours … right now I am finishing a white work table runner and I am CRAVING for some spring and summer colours … this fits the bill! Thanks Mary and Hazel <3

  202. Wow! Everything about this kit excites me! It is stunningly beautiful, as well as being challenging! The colors are vibrant and appealing! I would love to be able to stitch this gorgeous owl! Thanks for the chance!

  203. Good Morning Mary, what a beautiful work of art. I am an avid needle/thread painting stitcher and get totally involved in the project I am working on. This would be a wonderful piece to expand anyone’s stitching experience while taking the time to enjoy the process. Hazel is a very talented lady and deserves a big thank you for allowing someone to win this beautiful prize.

    Also thank you Mary for sharing your love of embroidery with all of us. I hope that Kansas is seeing some spring temperatures.


  204. What a phenomenal opportunity to own one of Hazel’s kits. I love everything about this kit, the colors,the subject, the variety of stitches. I used to raise birds in my younger years and enjoy stitching these beauties whenever the chance arises. This would be a dream if I were to win. Thanks for providing the opportunity.

  205. This is a great giveaway. This would be a great project as I love a variety of stitches in a project and I collect owls. I’m always up for a challenging project.

  206. Oh my goodness! I’ve been searching for a project for my friend’s baby girl and Maureen is perfect!!! My friend loves owls and the color scheme is perfect for the nursery!!! An added bonus is that I’m sure I will re-learn some stitches as I complete the project—the variety in the kit is fantastic!

  207. I love this project. We live in the mountains of Colorado and have many types of wildlife including owls!

  208. Without a doubt it would be the challenge. No boredom in that piece and what a sense of accomplishment when completed.

  209. Thank you for the opportunity to try to win this beautiful owl kit and Hazel’s latest book. Some women in the guild I am in have stitched some of Hazel’s other designs and I am very intrigued by her use of color and variety of stitches. Intimidating as it may seem, I would be up for the challenge.

  210. Maureen the owl looks a fantastic project. I get bored so easily, I look for designs that include a variety of stitches, techniques and this project has it all!

  211. I love Hazel’s approach. Her projects have everything I like: lots of colours, techniques and challenge. I like owls too!

  212. Maureen looks just like a challenge I would like to do, larger size, multiple variety of stitches and colours, as well as being a tribute to our plethora of wildlife. She looks sooooo fine.

  213. I’m absolutely attached to the complexity of so many stitches… you are truly inspiring

  214. The owl is not only beautiful, but the detailed workmanship entails a worthwhile work of art that would look like a masterpiece on any wall in my home. The technique, colors, and size of the owl (an owl one of my favorite) makes me want to start on one today. Thank you in advance for making this giveaway available.

  215. I just started doing some crewel work and needle weaving and really enjoy it. I have two of Hazel’s books but not this one. I guess the main reason is that I love thread.

  216. I consider myself a beginner at embroidery, but I have been a beginner for about 40 years — I’ve done lots of beginner-level projects and have great ambitions, but not yet pushed myself to take on a bigger challenge. So I guess the most appealing thing to me about this owl is the challenge, plus that when I look at it one small section at a time it doesn’t look too hard, and all the sections are really attractive and look like they will be fun to do.

  217. I love Hazel’s imaginative projects and owls are my favourite birds. Add to that lots of new stitches to learn and I’d really love to win this giveaway 🙂

  218. It’s a painting in threads that would be both fun and a challenge to anyone who loves what can be made on cloth that was, nothing before one got hold of it.!

  219. This piece of needlework is lovely, as it has such a variety of stitches demonstrating many techniques. The OWL is awesome, I especially love him because I work at a specialty Bird Hospital. We occasionally treat owls, they are amazing creatures. This would be a beautiful piece to display.
    Thank you for the opportunity to own this kit.
    Janet O

  220. Mary, thank you for all your hard work and keen artistic eye to find and review the wonderful artistic work being done by such talented artisans including yourself. This brilliant project reminds me again why I so look forward to reading your emails and find out what in the world Mary Corbett is up to this morning!!

  221. I love this one. I have wanted to do a Hazel Blomkamp project, but no one project called to me like this one. The colors are wonderful, the array of stitches will challenge me, and my love for owls will want me to finish this project.

  222. I think that there are so many techniques to use it would force me to work a bit outside my comfort zone but at the same time wouldn’t overwhelm me. Each technique is for a defined space so even if I wouldn’t do one part as well I think the parts I would do well would ‘cover-up’ the imperfections. I would love to try it.

  223. I do embroidery for some years now but i never did a project like that. The choices of color is very nice and the subject unusual.

  224. I fell in love with Maureen as soon as I saw her. The colors and variety of stitches are what drew me to her.

  225. The piece is beautiful. That is the first thing I saw, all the colors and how they make the picture dynamic. The second is that it is full of different stitches. In the three or so years since I found your blog I’ve gone from exclusively doing cross stitch to slowly teaching myself several other stitches. I have a dozen small projects that I have completed, some well and some not so well. While it would probably take me quite some time, I would definitely put the effort into turning it into a masterpiece.

  226. What attracts me to the project of Maureen the Owl is the challenge! I have done several types of embroidery, and looking at that project, it would be a challenge to me to try all the filling stitches, but the variety would keep me engaged. What a fantastic project!

  227. I love the complexity of Maureen the Owl: the needle weaving, the beads, the soft shading, the lace. Ms. Blomkamp interweaves so many textures to such great effect. I love how she use color both subtle and bold to create a beautiful balanced design. This is the kind of complex detailed embroidery that I enjoy and am thrilled that Ms. Blomkamp has published this book. Thank you for this give away.

  228. I love owls, I’ve done a few simpler owl projects. I would be really pleased to win this and get my teeth into this exciting project, it would certainly extend my skills.

  229. What a beautiful piece! I haven’t done much embroidery recently; I don’t care much for floral designs but this piece speaks to me!

  230. It is the CHALLENGE !!! I am stitching Hazel’s “Owlfred” at present and this Owl will complement it. All those glorious stitches and techniques!! WOW!!!

  231. Definitely attracted to the colors and variety of stitches! Hazel’s patterns are never boring because by the time you’ve mastered one technique your on to the next. And the colors! And the sparkle of thread and beads! Man. What’s not to love?

  232. That owl is absolutely stunning! So many different stitches in one piece – whoever thought of an owl sampler could look so cool!! Thank you for the chance!

  233. What attracts me to the project ‘Mauren the Owl’ is the uniqueness of it, just lovely. The challenge to learn so many new stitching techniques and complete such a wonderful design would make me feel ‘I could fly like a bird’or should that be owl.

  234. As a lover of owls this project has immediate appeal, but apart from the subject matter, I would relish the challenge of tackling such a huge variety of different stitches and techniques. Although Maureen looks a little ferocious, I would relish the chance of meeting her in person.

  235. I really like projects that require me to learn new techniques and stitches. I am a patient stitcher and while the results may not be perfect if the technique is new, I do feel like I’m accomplishing something as I make my way along. Maureen the Owl would be a challenge, but how great to be able to work through it.

  236. This is a beautiful project. I’m intrigued with all the different techniques. Looks like a fun project.

  237. This project looks amazing! I’ve done a couple of Hazel’s pieces now but nothing quite so complex as this. What really draws me to this one is the detail and the elements that I’ve never seen before. I would also love to try the needle weaving which as yet I haven’t done.

  238. I am most attracted by the variety of techniques and colours and threads and embellishments used to bring Maureen to life. Working Maureen would be like working a sampler: such fun to showcase hand embroidery!

  239. I love the book, thanks for a chance to win it. I like the owl itself the best, even though I am in love with the hand stitching and the fantastic colors. It is just a win/win/win all the way around. Thanks again

  240. Maureen is magnificent! The overall impact of the piece is so powerful that it’s really difficult to say what most attracted me to this design. I think that probably the colors hit me first. Then, when I enlarged the picture and saw the wife variety of stitches I realized this was a project I had to stitch. Thank you, Mary, for all the wonderful projects, tips, and techniques you’ve shared. And thanks to Hazel for designing and offering this gorgeous kit and book.

  241. it would be such an honor to do this kit her talent is amazing i am always at aw at her work

  242. I’d love to receive Maureen the owl for several reasons: First, though I love to embroider, I’ve never tried any kit and this one is so challenging with such variety!
    Another reason is my birthday on April the 16th.
    To crown it all, the day you announce the winner happens to be Odette’s day.
    I cross my fingers…

  243. I would love to do this project, I travel frequently and I always take handwork with me, this would be perfect for a year of stitching.

  244. Wow! What is there not to like about this piece?!! The owl itself is a draw, but the variety of stitches/techniques is what truly catches my eye. Love, love, love this piece!!

  245. I absolutely love, love, love owls….And ‘Maureen’ is stunning. Hazel Blomkamp does such beautiful, amazing embroidery. On a close up of ‘Maureen’, the various stitches look daunting but I would be very happy to win the give-away and give it my best shot!

  246. I normally do not enter giveaways, but this owl is so beautiful! The challenge is what is calling out to me.

    Thank you both for the opportunity to win this gorgeous kit and book. Even if I don’t win, may still have to at least buy the book…I’m sure a kit will soon follow.

    Terri O.

  247. I would love to try this project! Recently I have picked up surface embroidery again and remembered how much I loved it. There are so many new techniques and styles that I am having a blast. This project has all that I could hope for, a lovely design, beautiful colors and a bunch of new techniques and stitches.

    Thanks for having this available.

  248. The size of Maureen the Owl is a bit daunting, but I love the design, the variety of stitches and the colors. I will try this one, winner or no. Thanks for offering this!!!!!

  249. I LOVE Owls. This pattern is awesome. I love all the colors and stitches used. What a great challenge to be able to work on such a piece of art.

  250. Oh how I would love this. I adore owls and I adore crewel work, it so hard to find a decent kit these days that is not cheesy looking ! The colours are magnificent and the kit seems to offer a whole host of needlework experiences . This could bring me hours and hours of happiness. Let me at it ….pleeeze 🙂

  251. I am really attracted to this as Maureen is an OWL. Favourite bird! Have different sorts of owls from different designers. Not all finished or attempted. This one would be though due to the challenges it presents.(I hope).
    Good luck to all!

  252. Where do I begin!!! I purchased the book last week and have been looking through the pages and thinking I would love to stitch the owl, now I’m just working up to asking my husband if he’d like to purchase the kit for my Birthday, a big ask but it would be beautiful. I love owls and love the colours and techniques in the kit and I am fascinated about all the different stitches and techniques that give the piece an amazing texture that looks feather like, and inspirational.
    Well here’s hoping!!

  253. The texture due to variety of stitch is stunning—as well as the dimensions overall. Maureen is quite the challenge and certain to be well worth the effort.

  254. Oh My Goodness, that is the most beautiful owl I have ever seen. It would be such an honor to win this gorgeous kit and the book. Thank you for the opportunity to win this and to Hazel for designing such a wonderful, eye pleasing owl.

  255. The variety of stitches! The design, the colors, and the fact that she’s an owl naked Maureen! All of these things are awesome! I’m also rather slowly stitching Late Harvest and having a blast! Have a good weekend!

  256. I love Hazel’s work and this project has so much variety. It looks like a real challenge but also an excellent learning opportunity with many stitches I’ve not tried.

    Thanks Mary!

  257. I so admired Maureen Owl when you previously blogged about her! I love owls anyway, but Maureen is so beautifully done – I have been embroidering for a long time – this would definitely challenge my embriodery skills and end with a wonderfully enchanting owl project! Thank you, Susan

  258. What attracts me to a project like Maureen the Owl is how the variety of stitches, colors and techniques all combine to create what becomes a mystical fantasy picture which contains pictures within pictures and stories within stories as though you have a view into a different world.

  259. I enjoy Hazel’s designs for their variety and complexity. There’s no chance to get bored with her projects, and they end up spectacular.

  260. Dear Mary, gosh anyone winning this amazing piece of work will be one lucky person. Hazels kits are so awesome and I’m definately up for a challenge. Hope you keeping well

    Kind regards
    Tish Garner

  261. I just love Maureen the Owl. I collect owls and this would be a perfect addition to my collection of owls. I am also a great fan of Hazel Blomkamp and have her other books. I did a needlelace course with her when she judged at the Harare Needlecraft Guild show in 2016. I have done three of her kits now and am currently wanting to start a new project as I have been very firm with myself and am finishing all my UFO’s before permitting myself a new project. Just longing to start a new embroidery and Maureen would be such a joy to do and a great way of stretching my skills. Hazel gives such outstanding instructions in her books which make her kits great to work on.

  262. What to look at first. Everything is beautiful and I like a challenge. It is just a WOW!

  263. What’s not attractive about Maureen the Owl? I love her size and the challenge of learning new stitches. And putting multiple different stitches in the same project really is inspiring. I do tend to get bogged down with the same stitches over and over again bu I love them all.

  264. I love owls, and the wide variety of stitches on this lovely lady would be great fun to stitch!

  265. I’ve been following Hazel’s progress for a couple of years, and I have her other books. Examining Hazel’s designs always takes me totally out of my comfort zone with the way ordinary stitches are used in new ways, colours are arranged and blingy beads lift the whole thing. I’ve never had the courage to actually stitch a whole design, and this would be a wonderful chance with an owl design that is full of movement and life.

  266. This is absolutely stunning. I would love to stitch her this summer- the variety of stitches would keep the project interesting throughout.

  267. I would love to be considered for the kit and the book. I do a lot of embroidered icons using long and short stitches but would love to learn fancier techniques. This owl is beautiful and what a wonderful display to show all those techniques!

  268. Why wouldn’t one be attracted to such a beautiful creature creation, and in awe of the creators work. I want Maureen for the challenge, & the fantastic educational experience of the all the different & varied stitch work. And the book will allow me to meet her other friends.

  269. I love this owl! I love owls but I also love the variety of stitches and colors that it is worked in. I have been drooling over the book and it is in my cart awaiting me to part with the money to purchase it. Thank you for offering this wonderful kit.

  270. I love Maureen’s flying pose! So many birds are sitting on branches, but Maureen is in action. Even though Maureen would be the largest embroidery project I’ve worked on, the variety of stitches would be a constant challenge. This variation keeps me engaged and focused on a long term project like Maureen.

  271. Wow wow wow. As soon as i saw the give away i had to apply. I am so EXCITED!!! I have a couple of hazels books already and this would be the icing on the cake. My daughter and i are huge animal lovers and as soon as i got wind this book was coming out i put this on my amazon wish list before you even did the book review. It is a MUST for my collection. Hazels step by steps are amazing and so thorough you cant really go wrong. I WILL KEEP MY FINGERS CROSSED. HAVE NEVER BEEM SOOOOO EXCITED FOR A GIVEAWAY BEFORE. 🙂

  272. This piece is beautiful. I love the variety of stitching techniques, how they all blend together and the face and talons seem to jump off the fabric.

  273. I’m attracted by the fantasy of the piece and the wide variety of stitches. It looks like it belongs ib a gallery of sci fi/ fantasy art.

  274. The stitch variety is what I need to shake me out of my comfort zone. The colors are beautiful. Thanks for the chance.

  275. This project would be a challenge for me. I need to get outside my comfort zone. The owl is beautiful and I love the colors. Thank you for this opportunity. Cathy B

  276. How wonderful to be able to enter to win such a delightful creature to embroider. I love all aspects of this kit, but my very, very favorite is her name. Maureen. Lol. Love it.

  277. I love embroidery kits that are challenging….with lots of different embroidery stitches.

  278. I would love to try this design and receive the book. The variety of stitches would be a super challenge and I love a challenge. The design, colors used and bead work is awsome.

  279. Maureen’s mosaic of stitches is fabulous! I love mosaics, and, of course, color. Lots to look at and enjoy in this kit. Thanks for the giveaway, Mary!

  280. I love the idea that it’s almost a sampler of so many stitches I haven’t tried before. And the fact that it’s beautiful and and of itself is amazing. I would love the chance to give this one a try!

  281. HI Mary, Thank you for this opportunity. For me the attraction is the fact Maureen is an owl. We are lucky to share the woods around our house with two barred owls and I would love to stitch and frame it for my home. Also, I love the variety this design has to offer.



  282. I love the project because of all the different stitches. There would be a lot to learn. It would be a great growing project.

  283. I’m attracted by all the things you’ve mentioned, but mostly by the fact that ‘Maureen’ is outside my comfort zone – and I LOVE a challenge. I would adore doing this project and wouldn’t let any of the tricky parts beat me because I’m stubborn and just won’t give up when I’m determined to master something. I’ve recently retired and would love to spend our many miserable English rainy days with ‘Maureen’ doing something so absorbing that I won’t want to go out even if the sun does accidentally make an appearance.

  284. I love the complexity of this piece. It would give me a chance to hone my currently skills and to learn new ones. Thanks so much for the opportunity to win this kit!

  285. What a beauty she is. I love Maureen the Owl! The idea of having the challenge of such a variety of stiches appeals to me. It will be like working a sampler with a glorious end project. I would love to work her for my Dad’s 92 bithday!!

  286. What a fabulous giveaway! I love Hazel’s designs, and have her two books Crewel Intentions and Crewel Twists, so I know I’d love to win her new book, Crewel Creatures! What attracts me to Maureen the Owl? Everything. I love the design, the colours, the variety of stitches, and the challenge it would be to stitch her. Thanks for the chance to win.

  287. Maureen would never be a bore! Every stitching technique appears to be represented on her. I can just imagine her “flying” and all her colors would sparkle as she takes off.

  288. What is it that attracts me to Maureen the Owl?
    I LOVE owls! I have an enormous collection of owls in all shapes (mostly round) and forms – but not an embroidered one – yet. I am very fussy about my owls, and don’t collect junk ones. And Maureen is most definitely not junk. The variety, complexity, colours and the expression on her face are very appealing.
    I am doing one of Hazel Blomkamp’s designs – Pertinacity, from Crewel Intentions. Definitely a challenge, and a delight to see how the weaving works. It will sit under glass on a small table when it is finished.
    Of all your giveaways, Mary, this is one I would really like to win!

  289. I’m attracted to this project because it is a challenge. No question this would be the most difficult project I’d ever take on, but I’d love to try!

  290. I am an avid embroideress and Hazel seems to be my spirit animal! When I look at the picture, my fingers itch to stitch! What a wonderful project. Whether or not I get the free kit – I will be getting the book for inspiration sake.

  291. What is it that attracts you to a project like Maureen the Owl? Is it the variety of stitches, the fact that she’s an owl, the colors, the techniques, the challenge, or….
    I am in a stitching group called the NightOwls and love all things owl. So this design, although something different from what I normally stitch (mainly samplers and canvas work) I am interested in exploring the various techniques.

  292. Beautiful! I’d like to try all the different stitches. It will be a challenge for me. How exciting!
    Thank you

  293. I have just bought Hazel’s Crewel Twists book. Her designs are amazing! Would love to stitch Maureen, it would really challenge my stitching ability but how amazing it would be to finish!

  294. OWEL!!! I am blown away with this Owel needlework design. It’s so imaginative with texture and color plus design elements all in synchronized visual relationships.
    I’d love to win this so very much.

  295. What a beautiful owl. I have a dear friend who stitches things for me all the time. I would love to win this and give it to her.

  296. I can’t decide whether the shading in Maureen or the phenomenal different textures intrigue me more. What an incredible design!

  297. So very beautiful! I love that the stitching creates a different view of an owl and gives her personality.

  298. I love everything about Hazel’s designs: colors, images and stitch variety. I love a challenge and generally select projects that require learning new techiques. I am a “process” crafter and will thoughly enjoy working on this lovely project!

  299. I adore the playfulness of the approach in this piece, using traditional techniques to create something brand new and contemporary. The colors, the variety of stitches, and I love animals of all kinds, too. It’s just a stunning project that I would love to stitch. Thanks for this opportunity!

  300. I would love to win the owl kit. I am drawn to the complexity of color and pattern plus a love of owls.

  301. I thoroughly enjoyed the review of the book by you and the patterns really pulled me in. I learned to embroidery from my grandmother at an early age progressing to crewel as a young adult. The last few years I have worked with crazy quilting but when I saw this review I knew I had to give this a try. The patterns, all of the stitches, and the colors just are over the top. To win the book and the kit would be a dream come true.

  302. I’m attracted to the project because of the variety of the stitches used, and because I adore owls.

  303. What a gorgeous piece of art! The first thing that caught my eye were the flowers. When I really looked at Maureen, I saw all the different stitches incorporated into the design. I really loved that beads are also added to the design, beads are a love of mine and I think they add a great sparkle to Maureen.

    Thanks for the chance to win.

  304. Oh my gosh! What is there to not like about Maureen the Owl? First of all, I have an “owl room”, where various types of owls reside in all their glory. Maureen would look stunning hanging on the wall. Next, I am a volunteer with a Raptor Rehab group and the owls are my favorites – who doesn’t love owls and I am blessed enough to be able to work with them. Then, of course are all the stitches – the variety, the challenge – all working together to create a beautiful piece of art. Working on Maureen would keep me happy for many hours and having her hanging on the wall when finished would keep me happy for many years to come.

  305. Wow, what a beautiful piece. Owls are my favourite raptor and this design puts together my love of embroidery and the energy of this majestic bird. Hazel has done it again.

  306. Hi Mary I absolutely love this owl.I live on Lake Superior in Canada and do a lot of Birdwatching and have seen some magnificent owls. I would love to tackle this project

  307. The first thing that attracts me to Maureen is that she is so beautiful! Then as I begin to notice all the different stitches and intricacies within her, my fingers start itching to stitch her. :o)

  308. Question: Who gives a “hoot” about Maureen’s owl design?
    Answer: Those of us who cherish the art of embroidery, the opportunity to play
    with many beautiful threads, and the challenge of a variety of stitches – –
    all within one beautiful design!

  309. I’m intrigued by the opportunity to work with a wider variety of threads and materials. Trying new things is easier with a bit of an expert on hand – LOL!

  310. I love all the colors and different stitches! WOW this will be fund to make. Hope I win.

  311. This new book caught my attention immediately! I LOVE all the projects in it! I’ve been studying texture in needlework with my EGA group in Atlanta over the past several months, and what an amazing project this owl would be to explore all the different textures that can be created with needle and thread! I love that each section is completely different. What an amazing challenge this would be to stitch, but absolutely perfect for my studies in textural stitching. It is just a spectacular project and so unique. It would be an honor to stitch it.

  312. I love owls. I also love to explore different stitches. The texture that the pattern designer achieved in the owl piece is an inspiration and it would be so much fun to stitch and learn.

  313. This really is a beautiful piece. Look at Maureen’s eyes, It is as if she is warning you to stay away from that mouse, that’s for my kids. I think this is a very challenging piece to get that look just right and the movement in the wings like she is hovering. I don’t think anyone could get board doing a piece like this. It is staying alive in nature.

  314. Wow, this would be a real challenge, but one I’d love to attempt. The colours and design are beautiful. Please include me. Blessings

  315. Oh! I would absolutely love to have this kit. I love owls! They are my favorite bird. I heAr them calling in the night when I lie quietly in my bed.
    Thanks Mary

  316. This owl project is so exciting! First, she’s pretty – not a dull lined sampler. I love the variety of stitches & techniques – many of which I’ve never done and some I’ve never seen in person! I am not afraid of large projects – I’m almost finished with a large Hardanger piece. This owl would have much more variety and COLOR. It is something I can not afford to purchase but love to dream about!

  317. Maureen is calling to me, or rather hooting. I love a challenge I love owls and enjoy working a variety of stitches in a project. Maureen has the lot.

  318. I have been looking at this beautiful book. I would absolutely love to win this owl!! I have never attempted anything so detailed and beautiful.

  319. Maureen is a stunning design. The over all look is beautiful and then the detail! Love the challenge. Thank you both for the opportunity.

  320. Hello,
    I am always attracted to projects because they are beautiful. Maureen the owl it’s beautiful.

  321. Mary – Wow what a beautiful kit! My embroidery teacher and inspiration, my grandma was a lover of owls! She always believed in the symbolism of their wisdom
    and I think she loved their majesty. She grew up in Kansas and loved barns and barn owls. I am intrigued by the colors and variety of the stitches in this kit. I have been a stitcher since I was a little girl. I got turned onto your blog when you were working the Tudor Rose project. I would love to do this owl and hope you pick me!

  322. First of all, I love OWLS. I have stitched several already. Next, I love Maureen. She would be the perfect companion for OWLFRED, Hazel’s other owl, which is my WIP.
    Lastly, I love the color and the variety of stitches.

    Thank you Hazel and Mary for this great give-away.

  323. There are many things to love about Maureen the owl! The variety of stitches, the colours. I have a great niece who is mad for owls. I’d love to do a project like this for her. I know she would adore it. She is very interested in learning how to sew, knit and of course stitch. Her mom doesn’t do any of these things so it is up to the great aunts & granma to pass on the skills.

  324. Maureen the Owl is amazing! I think it’s the variety of stitches and the challenge of completing such a large pattern that attracts me. And with such variety, I’m sure I’d come across a new stitch or two. Thank you Hazel and Mary for offering such a beautiful give away!

  325. It would be incredible to have this kit and book! I have been practicing my stitches and I am definitely ready to tackle this kind of project. Thank you!

  326. I love owls, but this one I love for th sheer variety of stitches. I was already inspired by the book to try vermicelli stitching. Thanks Hazel.

  327. I love the colors and the techniques on Maureen. I love doing needlework and this looks like a fun project to learn new skills and techniques. Thanks for the chance to win this kit and book.

  328. Well! Where to start? I like owls, birds, all animals. I also like the variety of stitches and techniques. It keeps things from getting tedious. Colors are beautiful and it is a good size to turn into a pillow. And, of course, there is also the challenge of a big, complex project. I find it satisfying to alternate between small and simple projects that offer quick gratification with more complicated ones that require time and concentration.

  329. What a magnificent owl! Since my retirement 2 years ago I have been spreading my wings learning new (new for me) embroidery techniques. Crewel embroidery was one of the first techniques that I tried many years ago. I took two Jane Nicholas classes last summer through my guild and learned stumpwork. Hardanger is my latest small finish. This summer I have the wonderful opportunity to attend the USA Summer School put on by the Royal School of Needlework in Lexington, KY. To be able to add such a project as Maureen to my growing stitching repertoire would be really special. I wish everyone the best who, along with me, would love to receive this kit and the new book by Hazel Blomkamp. Thank you for the opportunity!

  330. The owl looks amazing!! I’ve always loved doing embroidery but never felt very confident, however working through a project like this would definitely improve my skills!

  331. The techniques and the variety of stitches – these are not the same I think.

    Thanks Mary and Hazel for this chance.
    Good luck everyone (including me of course)

  332. I would enjoy the challenge of all the intricate stitches. I would be learning something new while working on a beautiful project. I love a lot of colour, and I love images of owls!

  333. OH Maureen the Owl is magnificent! I love Hazel’s designs and amazing stitches. I would love to learn the many new (to me) stitches in that work. It strikes me that it’s a fantastic sampler of so many different textures. I wish that Hazel’s work was more accessible in the US. I have” lusted in my heart” over her work for years.

  334. Oh wow! How I would love to have this kit. I have a every one of Hazel’s books and think her designs are always beautiful, and I particularly like the variety of stitches she uses in each project. This one is no exception!

  335. Det der tiltrækker mig ved dette projekt er dets design og muligheden for at kunne bruge de mange sting og deres kombinationer til et så smukt kunstværk.

  336. Maureen the Owl intrigues me a lot due to the variety of stitches and patterns. I’m a fairly new embroiderer and have been practicing my stitches with the Tulip Festival Kaleidoscope pattern. Love the web tutorial and link to the stitch videos.

    Nancy Popa

  337. Such a beautiful book, thanks for a great website! My daughter loves owls, who knows maybe I’ll win

  338. I would love to be the winner of this awesome prize. I have loved owls from an early age, when as a youngster, my sister and I watched my Dad rescue an owl that had been trapped in an animal trap – its one leg was in the trap; my father put on leather gloves, and while talking quietly to the owl, he used a tree branch to pry open the trap and set the owl free. It flew away to a tree and watched us while it fluffed its wings then flew away.
    My needlework history is: crewel, hardanger, cross-stitch, surface embroidery, and I teach Brazilian Embroidery. Some of Hazel’s books adorn my bookshelves but not this one! Working on this owl embroidery project would be a dream come true.

  339. I’d love to embroidery Maureen. The different techniques and colours really attract me.

  340. Owls are fascinating birds and this kit project is full of things to be fascinated by. From the feeling of wingspan and whisper quiet flight to the magnificence of the bird itself through the design. It certainly makes a statement of the owl and its capabilities.

  341. I love the combination of beauty and fierceness that she presents. Raising three daughters taught me to appreciate and encourage both in my children.

  342. the variety of stitches, the fact that she’s an owl, the colors, the techniques, the challenge, or…

    To be honest all of those make this an attractive project, but most especially is the challenge. Lately I feel the need to challenge myself with my projects. I think I’ve gotten to the point where normal is to easy, so I keep challenging myself. I’m sure it’s just a phase and eventually I’ll be content to just do a relaxing project. At the moment I am picking up different hobbies as well to challenge myself. I decided to put a model together for the first time, and I chose one at almost the highest difficulty level. So far so good 🙂 I’m crazy like that 😀

  343. The variety of this piece is what appeals to me most, but also the colors. The fact that Maureen is an owl doesn’t hurt either . Thanks for the give-away

  344. An exciting and beautiful project full of color and style. Maureen the Owl with those penetrating eyes would be such fun to stitch. Definately a heirloom for future generations.

  345. I think Maureen the owl would be a great challenge to work with the large variety of stitches and threads. What fun!

  346. My first response is Wow! That is an incredible embroidery.
    When I embroider I typically do something that has variety, I’m that kind of person! I love the variety, it holds my interest longer enough for my to finish the project!

  347. I think what draws me to the project is the variety of stitches and its wonderful, whimsical feeling.

  348. I love owls and always wanted to try crewel work, this would be a push to finally try and learn enough To be able to make it. Thank you Mary

  349. This is such a beautiful project. I would learn so many new stitches since I’m a beginner in embroidery. I’m sure her book would be a great addition to my library. It would be wonderful to learn from such a gifted artist.

  350. Wow! It would be a privilege to create such a work of art. I would welcome the opportunity to try all of those different beautiful stitches.

  351. I love owls. We would do a study unit on them each year when I taught first grade. Of all the books we shared, Owl Moon by Jane Yolen was the students favorite.

  352. Maureen represents beauty both in the “creature” kingdom as well as the needlearts
    world. Her scowl contrasts with the delicate, detailed stitching and the soft, pastel colors. Every section of this project would be both a challenge and a great pleasure.
    Thanks for a chance to bring her to life.

  353. I have loved Hazel’s work for a long time. I have several of her books. Maureen the owl is appealing for several reasons. Birds are always beautiful embroidery subjects. And with this project, the different number of stitches and materials would make it a challenging endeavor!

    Thanks for your column and I would love to win this project!

  354. I am intrigued by the Hazel Blomkamp books and kits. I recently have started using this type stitchery to push myself to learn and use other types of stitches. It’s a new type a sampler that is absolutely beautiful and it is fun to see how many different stitches you can use in one piece.

  355. I would love to do hazel’s Owl to future my knowledge in both design and thread usages. The owl looks as if it is ready to fly to my mail box. Thanks for enhancing the world of needlework.

  356. Love owls and Maureen is beautiful with all the different stitches and texture. I’m excited about the challenge this project would give me.
    Many thanks

    Jean B
    Kent WA

  357. Maureen is gorgeous! and she is SO much more than feathers and owlish eyes … i think we would like each other very much, and that’s why she needs to come and live with me…

  358. I absolutely ADORE owls, just as I do stitching of any type. But this project includes stitches that I have never attempted which makes it even more exciting! Maureen is just gorgeous. Thank you for offering such fabulous projects.

  359. Whew takes my breath away. Long way from the little owl I got at Ben Franklin in the 60s that hooked me to Needlework. I just think the colors and all the wonderful stitches are fantastic!

  360. Beautiful piece! I’m interested in this piece because our little stitching group is called the night owls.

  361. Maureen the Owl is just beautiful and I like the colors, stitches, and techniques used to create her.

  362. I totally enjoy doing embroidery. I have one of Helen’s books and think she is so creative in her designs. I have been a bit daunted because the designs look so advanced but I liked your assessment that with the right approach I could manage. Maureen is a fabulous owl. I did Carolyn Barrani’s crewel owl for my grandson. I put his name and birth date on the back. It is really special. I want a special and challenging project for my summer stitching. This would be perfect!

  363. This owl looks amazing! It attracts me mostly because of the variety of stitches and the challenge they provide, and the finished owl is just gorgeous.

  364. I love owls -or as we call them in the family – wolls!
    Hazels’ use of stitches and techniques is amazing and it would be lovely to stitch such an amazing project. I usually like to put my own kit together but with the variety in this project it would be fantastic be the lucky person to win and be able to start stitching straight away.
    In the past I have stitched crewel work but never incorporated beads and such a variety of stitches in my work.
    Happy stitching to all and regards

  365. Maureen the owl just took my breathe away. The variety of the stitches has to present a challenge to anyone who would attempt this beautiful project. Wow!!!

  366. What a wonderful project this Owl is! I know I would learn so much from this amazing design! I hope I get selected!

  367. I am attracted to “Maureen The Owl” for the challenge, variety and the beautiful colors. What fun it would be to complete this project.

  368. I can’t remember when I have seen such a beautiful embroidery. I am not a seasoned embroidered and I tend to shy away from something that seems too hard. But I would love to learn this piece. It is gorgeous! Thank you for bringing it to needle thread to share with everyone.

  369. What draws me to a project like Maureen the owl?
    Wow, so many things!
    Firstly, I love owls. I collect them, I stitch them often, I’ve also created owls in other art mediums. My friends recently counted 13 owls in my living room!

    The next reason I would love to do this project is variety of beautiful and intricate stitching. I love challenging projects and I love using lots of different techniques and stitches and adding beads and things like different threads or ribbons into my work. (that’s why I’m so thankful for your stitch videos, I’ve learned so many interesting techniques from them!)

    I think Maureen the owl is a majestic and challenging project that would be a joy to stitch and look amazing on my living room wall when completed.

  370. I love everything about Maureen the Owl. She is magnificent. Two women and one man close to me were/are owl enthusiasts. I plan to do her soon.

  371. Good Morning,
    I used to collect owls in the early seventies, and I’m so glad to see they are back! I’ve always wanted to do one of Hazel’s kits, they look so great. Thank You, Linda S Pewaukee, WI

  372. OMG its just the total creativity of all the projects that Hazel comes up with is what makes this so awesome! But this owl takes the cake!!! Just amazing!

  373. Love all the different stitches and the challenge of trying them would be so much fun. I like to have a challenge and this project would be good for that, besides being a beautiful selection of stitches. Owls are wise birds and the variety of stitches would make a very beautiful project to add to my collection of stitch wisdom.

  374. I was fortunate to have taken a class with Hazel in our guild workshop a few years ago. This book has such different pieces from the Crewel Twists book. I love the varied stitches and techniques she uses in her patterns. Would be so happy to win this give away.

  375. I’d love to win this. The variety of stitches and the challenge of learning new techniques along with a well thought out colour scheme really attracts me to this project.

  376. The whole challenge of one of Hazel’s new designs is intriguing. Between the stitches and the techniques she incorporates into her designs and the color combinations provide a needlewoman who loves Crewel embroidery, like me, a tremendous learning opportunity as well as the challenge.

  377. wow!! What a beautiful project. I have some of Hazel’s other kits and they are very intricate and interesting. I love to work on them. Would love to welcome Maureen the Owl into my home and would definitely love to begin work on her. The colors are so vibrant and I just love the fact that it’s an owl – in full flight – a favorite animal and of course, the challenge of all those stitches will fill my summer stitching with joy. Thank you Mary for doing these for us.

  378. I love Maureen because she’s not cute, but has a mean look ;-)). The variety of stitches appeals to my love for challenges, and having be lucky enough to act as translator for Hazel in a workshop in France, I discovered newlook crewel embroidery, much more to my liking than the more traditional, as I’m not a big lover of wool for embroidery.

  379. Oh, what a wonderful giveaway! This project offers just what I am most interested in right now, namely, lots of filling stitches, lots of needle-weaving, and interesting uses of beads. Thank you and Hazel so much for offering up this very generous prize.

  380. I love the variety of stitches as I am person that usually picks items based on something that I have never done before. I am a stitcher, but I see so many stitches within her that I have not tried. I love the colors and the amazing fearless look on her face.

  381. This owl is fantastic! I belong to a needlework guild and our “group” that stitches together is called the Night Owls. So I love looking for new and interesting owls to add to my collection. I have never seen an owl that looked this intriguing to stitch. The flowers in the body and upper wings are gorgeous. I would love to stitch this piece and have it be the hallmark of my collection.

  382. After reading your review and looking up this book i have been amazed and entranced by the intricacies of these Creatures. Far morw detailed than anything i have done! But wonderful to behold!

  383. The main attraction for me when choosing a Needlework project is subject matter. Maureen fulfills many if not all my determing factors for choosing a Needlework project starting with subject.

  384. Being an owl is what grabbed my attention. But the variety of stitches and elaborate design is what makes me want to have this kit!

  385. I love owls. Her color and the variety of stitch’s are fantastic. I would love to win this kit. I have to check out her books and kits!

    Thank you


  386. For me it’s a combination of the colors and the variety stitches that make this so attractive. There’s the subtle change of values to create a sense of shading under the beak. There’s the interwoven ribbon in the feathers of the wings. But that body!
    That beautiful body full of color and stitches to enjoy!

  387. I think the owl looks mean but I love the colors! I’d like a project similar to this one because of all the stitches! I love learning new stitches! Thanks for the opportunity to get this book!

  388. Maureen is FIERCE and beautiful! What an opportunity to work on many types of stitches and embellishments. (also, she would look great on my wall 🙂 )

  389. I love the amount of different stitches that can be used in these type of designs. The colour variety is endless ! So beautifully designed ! Thank you so much for the opportunity to win this amazing prize!

  390. Who wouldn’t love that magnificent owl? She so dramatic and I’m intrigued by the chance to learn so many new (to me) stitches and techniques.

  391. The book is fascinating. I love her designs and the colors she uses. I would definitely want to try all the “creatures” in her book.

  392. This is the most wonderful giveaway opportunity — thank you.
    I have always loved owls — have collected a number of wooden carvings
    and art prints of them. We recently have a pair that has moved into our
    neighborhood — great horned owls who hoot a night — a real treat.

  393. What attracts me to Maureen the Owl, is the variety of stitches and techniques. It would provide a challenge, but also the chance to learn new things. It’s great that it’s an owl because I have the perfect person to give this to as a gift.

  394. I love the fact that Maureen is an owl, and I’m attracted to the huge variety of stitches and colors…this would be a very challenging project for me and I’d love to try it.

  395. I like everything about this owl. The different stitches, and colors. Learning new techniques and have a beautiful finished owl.

  396. I love the owl. It is so striking. I would love to learn doing the owl. The eyes are the ones I gravitate to. And if that says something to me and the overall look. I would love to do the pattern. Just beautiful and awesome looking.

  397. I’m attracted to a project like Maureen the Owl because it’s a challenging and majestic Hazel Blomkamp design, and the idea of working on it gives me butterflies of excitement and just a little bit of panic.

  398. I have been enjoying embroidery since I was a child. I remember visiting at my grandmother’s home and sitting around the round wooden kitchen table while Aunts, Uncles and cousins were playing cards and I was embroidering, because I didn’t want to “waste my time” on cards. I have been collecting owls since I was a teen and there were few and far between to be found. Now they are more plentiful and I am more particular. Maureen the Owl is SPECTACULAR! I am blown away by the amazing variety of stitches, the rainbow of colors used, the myriad of techniques, all of which will be a fun filled challenge for me. I am always looking for new ways to create original designs and this is full of ideas. As an added bonus, one of my best friends is Maureen and she shares my love of handwork. I would be thrilled if I won this kit and book. I am currently making forty different small wool (4″tall) owls that I want to use in an original wall hanging…Maureen would make the PERFECT centerpiece for them! Thank you for considering me. 🙂

  399. Maureen is spectacular ! We have no owls close by, so by stitching Maureen, I could have an owl of my won. She would be a real challenge . I love the color work and varied stitches.
    Thank you,

  400. There are so many little pictures and worlds within this delightful owl. Every direction you go is a different little adventure. It would be such a pleasure to enjoy every little section of it.

    Linda Schirmer

  401. I love the complexity and variety of the design, I love birds of any kind, and ever since I had the chance to hold and pet a real owl I have a special place in my heart for them. So I love the project.

  402. There are so many things to like about Maureen the Owl. First, she’s an owl. I love owls. Second she looks a little fierce – or maybe just determined. And third the stitches and design. Everywhere you look there is something new and different to capture your eye. What a fun project this would be to work on.

  403. Wowzer! This piece is amazing. I love the variety of stitches. Mary, thanks for the wonderful support you provide to the embroidery community.

  404. I would absolutely love to stitch Maureen the Owl and learn a few new techniques like needlelace.

  405. I collect owls (items and embroidered ones) and when I saw Maureen the Owl was in it I directly pre ordered it and just been reading all the instructions, getting high on all the lovely stiches to create this lovey owl.
    It would be a great honour to partake in the ‘give away’.
    If by any chance I am the ‘lucky one’ then I propose you give the book to someone else.

  406. I love this owl so much, it reminds me of my sister, she loves owls. I also love the different types of stitches and the colourful flowers on her tummy and then the patterned feathers. Lovely!!

  407. I pre-ordered this book months ago, and would love to get one of the kits. As soon as I saw the cover I knew I had to have it! I love the use of color and the variety of stitches. It would truly be a work of art and such an accomplishment to finish.

  408. Maureen the Owl, as well as the other animals in Crewel Creatures, is an attractive project for me because I feel like, as I stitch, I will be bringing the animal to life. I believe I will enjoy thinking about an owl’s world as I stitch. Hazel’s designs accentuate the natural beauty of the animals and inspire a deeper appreciation for this fantastic world we live in.

  409. I love everything about Maureen: the colors, the variety of stitches and techniques, and the challenge—it would really make me spread my wings!

  410. I love owls! And I love Maureen because it has such a varied use of stitching and colors. Everything just seems to work so well together that is seems like such a wonderful project. I would be just thrilled to have the opportunity to do something this size as I am ready to get my hands on a big project!

  411. I am attracted to Helen’s patterns, specifically the owl for the colors, design and challenging stitches.

  412. Well the first thing that attracted me is the name of the owl. While they look nothing alike, the owl shares the same name as my sister-in-law. I love the variety of stitches in the owl and especially love the flowers in the body of the owl.

  413. As a biology major, two-time visitor to Africa, and (a somewhat lapsed) birder, there isn’t a project in this book I don’t like. It combines a passion for nature, needlework, and the need to create, all of which I have.

  414. So many different reasons. I love owls. The colours are beautiful, and the stitches look delightfully challenging.

  415. This is the most beautiful thing I’ve seen. I love big complex projects. The variety of stitches would be so fun to do. I get in a stitching rut so would love to learn new ones. Please enter me in the drawing. Thank you so much for all you do and for offering such great giveaways

  416. I’m attracted to the owl because of its many colors and the complexity of the stitching. Thanks for another great giveaway to you and Hazel.

  417. This project is awesome! I love everything about it, but especially the variety of stitches and the complexity of it. I can’t stop staring at it. I love projects that feature a variety of stitches like this owl. Thanks for offering the giveaway, Mary.

  418. Where to begin? When Mary first reviewed “Crewel Creatures”, I fell in love. I immediately told Mom and Sisters that despite having more projects than can be done in my lifetime, I will be doing several of the Creatures. The Owl is first as memorial to my son who loved being out at night

  419. I’m attracted to the overall feel of a piece, which includes texture, color, intrigue and challenge. I have to really like it or it has to present a challenge. I love the owl! The challenge would be changing the color way to have less pink. It is so much easier to not reinvent the wheel… but then that would not be a challenge…

  420. I love learning, and would be so intrigued by all the stitches and techniques in this project. I have not stitched any of Hazel’s designs, but have seriously thought of ordering a kit, but hesitated because of the cost. Having the pattern and materials together would make this possible.

  421. Oh so beautiful! That is what I said to myself when I saw the picture. So much to do and learn. Goody! Thanks for the great giveaway!

  422. i like to do this projet because: the variety of stitches, the colors, the techniques and the challenge. The owl is beautifull.

  423. Good Morning Mary:Thank you for giving us the generous opportunity to possess such a beautiful book. As i read your post I was thinking to myself what a great addition to our stitching libraries this book would be! I can only imagine stitching Maureen The Owl and watching it come to life before my eyes! The colors and textures certainly do compliment this one of a king creation!
    Thank you Mary and Hazel for sharing your knowlege with us!

  424. Just getting back into stitching after 30 years. Life got so busy with three children and work. I had forgotten how much I enjoy stitching.

  425. Wow! Maureen is amazing!!! Hazel’s designs are so different than anyone else’s.
    I am drawn to the complexity of the design. I know how to do many different stitches, but see that I will learn more by doing this project. The variety of stitches and threads will keep me interested until the end of the piece. I love embroidery because each needleworker stitches differently, even if they are working on the same project, so each project is unique.

  426. I’ve been an owl collector for years. This piece not only incorporates my love for owls but offers me the opportunity to use a number of interesting techniques to complete this amazing piece.

  427. OH. MY. GOD!!!!
    This is the most amazing projects I’ve ever seen! The owl looks ALIVE! Despite the floral colors! I like be the actual design but what shoots me over the moon is the incredible variety of stitches and styles! I am a big fan of anything sampler-like, and wow does this fit the bill… I adore learning new stitches – if you’re not learning, you’re dying. And this owl is just… just…

  428. Wow. The intricate stylized beauty of the Queen Owl drew me in and her personality commanded respect.

  429. I have enjoyed working on embroidery since my early teens. When my daughter was born in Dec. 1977 I taught myself to smock. I have dabbled in machine embroidery and last year I started an album quilt.

    Maureen the Owl will be a great embroidery challenge . I look forward to the variety of stitches, they produce great texture. The design has a variety of color using floral work and added sparkle.

  430. I love embroidering and viewing subjects of flora and fauna, both fanciful and realistic designs. This design incorporates a bit of both. I am also enthused by the variety and challenge in the stitches of this pattern…very inspiring.

  431. What attracts me to a project like this one? Pretty much everything! It’s an owl; Maureen is gorgeous with all the flowers and beads, and there are lots of new stitches and techniques to learn. And yes, the project will be a challenge for me. I want to stitch both Maureen and Roger the Rhino from this book. Thank you, Mary and Hazel, for this opportunity.

  432. WOW!! Everything attracts me to this embroidery, it is my kind of project working with all the beautiful stitches and the subject is right up my alley. I say Thank You to Hazel for whoever gets this kit will have many, many hours of embroidery adventure. She is a great teacher.

  433. I’m attracted to this project because it has everything! All needed materials and instructions for a beautiful outcome as well as incentive to continue creating other beautiful projects.

  434. Hazels owl is beautiful. I love the contrast of color in the body of the owl with the neutral (but not boring!) wings and tail. The owl is a dramatic bird in life and hazel has captured the essence of the magnificent bird with the design and accentuated the features with beautiful stitches. I’m looking forward to the challenge of recreating this design.

  435. Besides the fact that I love birds and especially owls her stitches designs are awesome and love the variety of stitches!

  436. As a Maureen myself, I’ve never imagined myself as an owl. This Maureen is fearless and beautiful and clearly a lover of flowers as am I. 🙂

  437. I love Maureen Owl! I love the colors & the variety of stitches. I MUST purchase this book, unless I’m lucky enough to win. Thanks for giveaway!

  438. I love the varieties of techniques, materials used, overall look, size of the project, various textures and colors. Very inspiring.

  439. Maureen is so awesome. I think I like the variety of techniques used. On a large project it would be easy to become bored and set it aside but with so many techniques and colors it should keep you interested. Love the flowers and I think I spied a bird within the design and beads, I love beads. I love nature-it’s the inspiration to so many artistic crafts. After Maureen I think I would love to do the Rhino in honor of Sudan that passed away this April. He was the world’s last male northern white rhino. Have a great weekend!

  440. I am so happy a friend recommended your website to me. I can always find the help I am looking for. Thank you.

  441. I recently received a kit from Hazel and it was beautifully packaged. I’m having a lot of fun working up the design. I would classify myself as an advanced beginner. Maureen looks to be another exciting project.

  442. Maureen looks ferocious yet lovely! What a unique owl! Thank you for this opportunity Mary!

  443. Wow! I was obsessed with the series of posts written while you were working Late Harvest. Hazel’s projects are just so cool and innovative!
    I have been in such a stitching slump, I think this would be a lot of fun to work! There’s so many new things to learn and Thats exactly the kind of stitching that grabs me!
    Thanks as always for giving us this amazing resource.

  444. This picture is so unique and eye-catching! I would love, love, love to get a chance to work on this kit.

  445. Wow! Beautiful embroidery, I love all the detail stitches on the wings. It adds texture and dimension. But the detail I like best is on the flowers, WoW! I wonder if I could do something so beautiful. I want to check out more of Hazel Blomkamp’s work. Thanks for showing it.

  446. What a lovely giveaway offer! I’d like to stitch up Maureen because of the variety of stitches to use and learn. I especially like the combination of florals and fill stitches. Really interesting visually, and a great challenge for stitchers!

  447. How beautiful! I can’t begin to say one thing that attracts me. All of it, owl, color, stitches, especially the challenge. Each year I look for the special project that challenge me to grow in skill and knowledge. I think this would be wonderful!

  448. My mom taught me to embroidery when I was in grade schools. When I was in high school, we both began to do crewl work and loved it! I’ve completed several pieces over the past 50 years but nothing this challenging. I love the Maureen the Owl and the colors of the flowers! I have the perfect spot for the completed project should I win.

  449. I love all the different stitches on Maureen the Owl. It will make a great ‘sampler’ project Thanks , Kathleen Higham

  450. I have never seen such a magnificent owl. I do lots of different embroidery and would love a chance to do Her.

  451. I’m always struggling looking for patterns and charts that are more difficult than the last thing I did, so I can improve my technique and stay interested. This is beautiful and certainly fits that bill!

  452. I love the subject matter, the beautiful colors, and the design of Hazel’s embroidery creations. I must confess, I ordered her book the second I saw the beautiful animals, but would still be delighted to win a kit and I could share the book with someone else.

  453. I love this kit! So pretty. The thing that really draws me to it is the variety of stitches, and the clearly defined sections/delineation of sections. So unique! I’d like to think of my self as an advanced beginner, and am still very much on the hunt for different stitches to try. This would be a great challenge, and a huge learning experience! ♥

  454. I love this kit partially because it’s a beautiful owl and partially because of the very cool array of stitches to learn. Thanks for the opportunity! Love Hazel’s work!

  455. Wow!! The Owl is gorgeous. I have a group of friends I stitch with and we are called the Night Owls. It would be fun to do this project!

  456. What a marvelous opportunity to learn new techniques with an absolutely gorgeous picture as a result. I have to admit that I’ve already ordered the book through your website, but getting the kit would be awesome!

  457. I am currently working on Caroline Pearce’s strawberry Etui. It uses many techniques, colors and supplies. I love the challenge of learneing new stitches and putting it all together. I am advanced beginner and don’t have a lot of crewel supplies, so the kit would make the project doable. I love her flowers and colors. I read a library copy of the book and liked the way it was organized according to ability. This would be a fun and challenging project to follow up after the Etui. Thanks for the chance to win.

  458. I’m attracted to Hazel’s beautiful Maureen the Owl and the other Crewel Creatures because I’m in love with all things African. In fact, I visited South Africa just last October! I’d love to reconnect with Africa by way of embroidery. : D

  459. Owls live by me and every once in awhile we see baby owlets learning to fly. So there is a fascination with these creatures. This embroidered depiction is stunning with the challenge of all the different types of “needlework”! Would be a stupendous undertaking!

  460. I would love to win this kit, it is so interesting with so much to learn as you would work through it. thanks, Jeanette

  461. Wow, this is stunning. The quality of the stitches, the variety and all the color is beautiful. The entire combination makes this work eerily beautiful!

  462. Haha, it’s just ten minutes ago that I thought: ‘How great would another give-away at Mary’s be…’ 🙂 And here it is! Thank you, Mary and Hazel!!

    What is it that attracts me to Maureen? Well, everything, of course!
    1. It’s beautiful!
    2. the size of the project together with its incredible variety – means ages of blissful stitching…
    3. the incredible variety of patterns, colours, stitches, techniques, materials itself – I love variety!
    4. that it involves techniques I never tried before and would love to learn
    5. I love owls, and this one is just impressive.
    6. She’s so beautiful!!!

    Angela from the Ore Mountains

  463. What attracts me to this work by Maureen is the subject matter — a beautiful owl. I love owls. As a volunteer zookeeper at a rescue site, I fed the raptors including two beautiful Great Horned Owls and developed a profound respect and admiration for them. Obviously, I was also attrracted by the range of stitches. Thank you for this opportunity.

  464. I am in love with Maureen! Her colors are entrancing and her stitches are alluring. But above all, it is her dazzling eyes that have captured my heart.

  465. Wow! This took my breath away. I have not seen a prettier owl except the real ones!
    I think it would be a challenge that attracted me to her. The combination of various stitches and the color all play a part. Thanks for the chance to receive such a lovely piece of creativity.

  466. I love the colours and the intensity of the owl’s eyes. I love the variety of stitches.

  467. I am GOBSMACKED by Maureen! I am an owl follower and what a wonderful stitching challenge Maureen would be for me! P.S. Hazels book is waiting in my cart…just in case I don’t win!

  468. This project looks so amazing. The combination of stitches, colors, everything, it’s all stunning. I would absolutely love to win this

  469. I absolutely love the color combination, stitch variety and embellishments that are used on Maureen the Owl. I enjoy learning new stitches and have done very little beading so Maureen the Owl would be a very exciting project to take on.

  470. I love all the different stitches, more modern colour pallet, and the animals as the basis to frame it all is wonderful! Wonderful book for sure!

  471. I’ve had my eye on the owl as soon as you showed it on your website. I’m not a beginner, but I’m not advanced either. I think I’m up for the challenge. Thank you for all the content on your site. Every time I need to learn something, I immediately go to your site.

  472. I love that Maureen ozzes a strong and feminine personality. She is one modern owl, stitched with traditional crewel stitches; she is embroidery for the 21st century for sure. And she is sure to become a heirloom piece or art.

  473. I love this owl! What a distinctive face, and the colours are beautiful. I would enjoy this, as a long term project to work on in the evenings.

  474. I love the owl & the colourful stitches you can use. I would love to stitch this pattern. I don’t have many patterns, but really fell for this one.

  475. What is it that attracts you to a project like Maureen the Owl? Everything. The design is wonderful, from the intensity of the eyes, to the playful use of color. The variety of stitches incorporated into the design makes the project anything but boring. The outcome is pure beauty.

  476. I love how Maureen has her wings spread. So many owl designs are the owl just sitting – tucked in. Maureen is in flight with intense eyes and every feather on display. The stitch variety is insane – in a good way.

    Thank you Mary & Hazel for offering this opportunity.

  477. Maureen the Owl is enticing on many levels—color, size, design, intricacy, and a great challenge. I’d love to work on it.

  478. Wow! What a gorgeous owl, Maureen is. She would be a fantastic addition to my managerie of bird embroideries. I especially would like the opportunity to challenge myself with all the different stitching techniques.

  479. Would love the challenge of a project like this. Thank you for the opportunity. Jaytee

  480. There are so many things to love about Maureen the Owl! For me the transition of the different textures and colors impress me. I like how the design is able to capture the intensity of the owls gaze and its strength, while giving the impression of airiness required to be in flight. Brilliant design!

  481. What attracts me to Maureen the Owl is that she’s an amazingly impressive project. The size, variety of stitches and colors all factor in. She’s has a huge “wow!” factor.

  482. What an experience to work one of Hazel’s projects! I have seen some of her other projects and was amazed at the colours and techniques. The finished projects are works of art. The instructions are so helpful. The winner would be fortunate indeed.

  483. This owl is incredible. It is so intricate and just beautiful. What a talent. Stitching I’ve never tried before but would love to.

  484. This is a really beautiful design and who would not want to stitch it! I like to stitch unique designs, which this most definitely is! I also like a challenge! I like learning new stitches and prefer to do this by completing an embroidery.

  485. How beautiful, and, oh, what a variety of stitches! That’s what I like about this design, along with the challenge it presents.

  486. Amazing. It drew me right into the computer screen with all of those wonderful stitches. This would be an awesome project to work on.

  487. Thank you both, Mary and Hazel, for this wonderful opportunity. I
    Why am I so interested in this kit an book? All the reasons Mary mentioned plus the fact that the owl is filled with such subtle shadings and then bright spots of color. The book is already on my wish list after last week’s review. Would like to have the others also so they’re on the list too.
    Best regards ~ Brenda

  488. I’ve done layers and beads before, but this looks like a real challenge, perhaps a joint effort for my EGA group. Maureen rocks!

  489. Where do I begin. The OWL is simply fabulous. Would love to expand my embroidery skills with this project. Thanks for the opportunity.

  490. I love owls. This one is spectacular in every way- the variety of stitches is so intriguing. The colours of the threads and the texture created would keep me engrossed for a very long time. It’s a real HOOT!

  491. OMGosh, this is absolutely beautiful. I would be so very excited to win this giveaway and would enjoy learning all of the variety of stitches. Thanks for this special giveaway.

  492. Many of the stitches in this fabulous piece in the book are those I would l love to learn to do. I am an admirer of Hazel’s work and if I could afford it I would have bought her books. There are no embroidery teachers in my area that I could learn from and it is impossible for me to travel where I know there are many available. This is an opportunity of a lifetime, but alas, I do not expect to be lucky enought o win anything. But wishing is like dreaming.

  493. I love everything about Maureen – the size, the variety of stitches, the wonderful colors, the mix of crewel and texture stitches, even the name!

  494. What attracts me, of course, is he beauty of the finished product. After that, I want the challenge, the opportunity to stretch myself and learn more, and the sense of fulfillment one gets when the project is finishd.

  495. I like the variety of stitches and patterns or designs within the overall design of the owl. I like the challenge of incorporating a multitude of stitches into one project.

  496. I love that there is a variety of stitches and techniques in this Maureen the Owl project. I get bored if the stitches are limited to say long/short and daisy. This is beautiful and would be a welcome project as well as seeing the other designs in the book. Thanks for offering it.

  497. There is not one single thing about Maureen the Owl that I don’t like! What a spectacular kit from an exceptionally talented designer. This kit and her book would be a very special treasurer to have. Thank you so much for showcasing Hazel, her book, and her stitching!

  498. First of all I was attracted to Maureen the Owl because our oldest daughter is named Maureen and she is an accomplished Needlework artist. I would like this project because of the variety of stitches and the challenge of the different techniques. If I win the give away I would work to get the piece done for our Guild show in the fall.

  499. Maureen the Owl has such a stunning variety of stitches and wonderful colors. Who wouldn’t want to stitch such a beautifully unusual and magnificent owl? I love that Maureen appears to be in full flight.

  500. I preordered the book right after I read your review and just got notice that it’s on its way. I would love to win the kit! I enjoy trying new stitches and colors combinations to see how they turn out. I think the change in pattern, stitch and color is enough to challenge without getting bored. The combination of stitches is very intriguing. You can look at this design and notice new things each time. If I am fortunate enough to win, would it be possible for you to choose a second name to receive the book, since I’ve already preordered?

  501. I love this for many reasons. One is that it is a very appealing owl. It has many different stitches that will keep it interesting. It would offer many hours of challenging entertainment to stitch this. Stitching offers a release from life’s stresses. In other words I would love to stitch this!

  502. It’s just the shear variety of stitches used which attracts me to this owl project and how beautifully they are used in the design. I love different stitches and often to keep costs down draw up my own little projects. But to have a go at something like this? What luxury!

  503. I love everything about this kit – the design, the colours, the variety of stitches. However, most of all I would love the anticipation of the first stitch, the joy of stitching the whole project, and the pride I would feel as I hung it on the wall in my hallway.

  504. I have had this book on Pre-order for months, it finally arrived and caused a sewing sensatioin amongst my sewing friends. Maureen is beautiful and challenging. I cant wait to try her out, she makes my fingers tingle with anticipation. If I were lucky enough to win 5he book and kit. I would raffle the book for our local hospice, and drown myself in the kit, I may not emerge for some time!

  505. I just love the colors, and the different stitches would be a great, challenging opportunity for someone like me!

  506. First of all, Maureen is a bird, and I am a bird freak! Beyond that, the wonderful variety of stitches and colors used make this a very interesting project indeed, one that is certainly not boring. Also lots to learn about the different combinations of stitches, types of thread, and colors.

  507. What interests me with Hazel Blomkamps crewel work is her different techniques and the different stitches she uses.I love learning different stitches and she uses all of them in her crew work pieces. This is a beautiful book and thank your for the opportunity to win the Kit and book would be an honour to do the Owl I love Owls.
    Thank You Mary.

  508. The colors are absolutely gorgeous. The variety of stitches, textures, and techniques make the owl look all dressed up for a formal party, or maybe a barn dance? The book review set me to dreaming about ordering the book!

  509. As a longtime stitcher this project appeals to me for its marvelous use of contrast in both color and variety of stitches. It would be fun to tackle this awesome bird to see how much accumulated stitch knowledge I can use and how much more I have to learn.

  510. Mary, you ask me “What is it that attracts you to a project like Maureen the Owl? Is it the variety of stitches, the fact that she’s an owl, the colors, the techniques, the challenge, or….”
    Everything! I am enamoured with the variety of eclectic stitches, eye candy of colours, fun techniques. Not a challenge, but an adventure!

  511. I love the beautiful, flowing lines of Maureen. Owls ate very graceful in flight and this design captures that. The variety will make it a fun challenge to embroider

  512. I’m enchanted by everything about “Maureen”. I have a resident owl on my property. So I’m so drawn to a project like this. Challenging stitches, yummy colors and a touch of bling. Perfection!

  513. Not sure if my last comment posted pressed something and was left with just this blank box. So if my previous comment is posted please forgive. This design is a fabulous way to try out and use a wide variety of stitches I would never usually use. The owl motif is stunning. I usually draw up my own designs in order to keep costs down, so to be lucky enough to have a full kit like this; what luxury!

  514. I love the use of different fabrics and stiches in Maureen the Owl. Plus, I really love her name: Maureen. And since we both share the same name I’m sure Hazel meant for you to give me the kit.

    Love your post.


  515. The variety of stitches would be a great challenge and I love challenges!! It would be a “Hoot” to stitch.

  516. I love this pattern! Not only is is a fabulous blend of different embroidery techniques as well as beautiful colors, but the owl is one of my spirit totems! This pattern seems like a perfect way to “stretch your wings” on skill building!

  517. Maureen is truly would be a long term MIP (masterpiece in progress) for me. I love doing a variety of stitches and techniques when I’m not defaulting to simple needlepoint or cross stitch. Plus owls were a favorite of my Aunt.

  518. This is breathtakingly beautiful. It would be a challenge for me but I LOVE the variety of stitches and the learning and advancement in my abilities. Oh, please.

  519. This is a beautiful project. Maureen would make a great addition to my wall. I have always loved owls.

  520. I love this design – the colors the stitches, Maureen’s overall attitude. Hazel has the best designs for modern crewel work. Can not wait to see this design and book.

  521. I really like how each section of stitching is different, for the stitcher to stitch and to admire.

  522. I love owls and have a collection of them. I also really like Hazel Blomkamp’s books and to embroider. This would be a win-win in many ways. Thanks for the offering.

  523. When I first saw Maureen, my reaction was “Oh Wow”. Like your kaleidoscope patterns, she comes alive with color and technique. I would love to stitch this beautiful owl for my beautiful daughter. Thank you for sharing Hazel’s work.

  524. Oh, I love the colors and the variety of stitches! Being a large project gives the embroiderer the chance to really practice and learn!

  525. there are so many things I like about this owl – the wings, the eyes, the colors, all those stitches plus a chance to work an HB project! what a learning experience this would be

  526. One day while walking my dog a great big owl swooped out of a tree over our head. Beautiful creature! The different stitches in this composition are amazing. I would love the chance to work on it piece by piece. Thanks Mary!

  527. What is it that attracts you to a project like Maureen the Owl? Is it the variety of stitches, the fact that she’s an owl, the colors, the techniques, the challenge, or….

    This is a magnificent image of an owl. The variety of stitches is so very appealing as a challenge to power through the production without any chance of boredom. A very great appeal is that I know precisely who I would leave this piece to. A young woman who I have collected as an additional daughter. I’m getting along in years now and knowing that someone who loves owls would have this makes my heart glad.

  528. My gosh, what a challenge! I see Maureen as a very long project that would truly call for a celebration when completed. Look forward to the opportunity!

  529. I would most enjoy the kit and the book for the learning experience they provide. In the 70”s I loved the Sunset embroidery kits because each provided the opportunity to learn and practice a new decorative stitch – sometimes several. I see this same opportunity – only expanded by a factor of ten to the ten power – in this spectacular pattern employing so many intriguing and unique techniques from across the entire world of embroidery. Thank you for sharing and for the giveaway.

  530. When I read your review earlier this week, this was the one picture in the book that really intrigued me. The owl’s presence is immediate and focused, the eyes penetrating and deep. I didn’t see the patterns of the various stitches until much later – I was so taken with encompassing wing span and protection she radiated.

    The variety of stitches and the almost ethereal colors of the wings would be a delight to stitch.

  531. I love the owl! I love the colors, I love the beautiful stretched out wings, I love the variety of stitches. I really enjoy needlework that has lot of different stitches, and this is definitely one of them. I think this would be really fun piece to do!

    I don’t always enter into the contests, but this one really grabbed my attention – if I don’t win, I hope I can afford to buy the kit one day, but I sure hope you draw my name instead!

  532. I love this project because it contains elements I’ve never seen in embroidery before…solid woven patterns! Learning how to develop these patterns for use in other projects would be worth the price of admission. Seeing as I usually don’t win stuff like this, I think this book will be going on the gift list…

  533. Oh wow, what a wonderful challenge this would be, teaching me so many new and exciting techniques. A kit like this is something that I would never be able to afford on my state pension but I would so appreciate the opportunity to embroider it.

  534. Maureen is so beautifully designed. The other animals in the book are wonderful as well. You could just keep going through all the projects. I think I would start with a smaller animal and then work Maureen.

    Thanks for the opportunity to win.

  535. i love the way the design incorporates flowers into the owl portrait. The owl reminds me of the owl that lives outside my house, I named him Eustace.

  536. I enjoy the opportunity to try lots of techniques,with just enough of each to expand my skills. The combination of stitches and techniques with the addition of beading, together with the colours gives a stunning texture and depth.

  537. Maureen, The Owl – Wow what a unique stitchery! I love the different stitches the designs on the owl from the screen shots. I would love to do something creative. My husband loves owls and this is project that I would love to do for him!!!

  538. Just the sight of this beautiful artwork makes my heart skip a beat. I love the variety of color in this piece and the fact that the brightest of colors, the floral portions, bring out the beauty of this creature. Thanks.

  539. Maureen looks Magnificent! I would love to stitch this glorious creature. Fingers crossed. X

  540. Owls were my husbands favourite birds – I like to embroider one as a tribute to him. This one is so all encompasssing that there are many links to happy memories. Sue

  541. While I love owls, I was immediately drawn to this pattern because of the complex patterning. Texture and a mixture of stitches seem to draw my eye. The colors too. The mix of colors grab my eye. As a beginner this is a wonderful way to explore different stitches.

  542. I would love to win the owl kit. I used to collect owls, and this would make me start again. The variety of stitches is very interesting.

  543. I would love to stitch Maureen! I have an owl collection, many of them from the gift shop at the Department of the Interior. I have stitched some in Brazilian Embroidery and would like the challenge of this large and interesting project. It is one I would gift to myself.

  544. I recently purchased one of her patterns based on your last review (a small flower). The owl looks quite stunning and also quite challenging. A truly unique and timeless project.

  545. I would love to do this project. The colors and variety of stitches are what caught my eye. It’s definitely a project that wouldn’t get “boring”.

  546. I get bored really quickly with projects that repeat the same stitches or colors and just go on and on (I hate stitching background in needlepoint pieces). Though Maureen the Owl is huge, the variety of stitches in so many areas will make me feel like I’m working on a new project every time I start a new stitch area. And, not to mention that this piece is drop dead gorgeous.

  547. I have been fascinated by owls since one dark night as I was driving home a huge white owl flew across the hood of my car in the country side near our home in Missouri. Terrified and fascinated me.

  548. What a stunning interesting embroidery piece!
    My eyes keep moving over all the textures within the piece & around it, then Maureen the Owl’s feet jumped out at me! Wow!!
    What a wonderful composition of colour, stitches & subject.
    Yes, no one would ever be bored doing that piece!

  549. What draws me to this project? I love the size, the stitches, the complexity of the design, but mostly the color! I am not excited about owls, but I love the look of this design. I will not buy another book. I will not buy another book….Well, maybe for my birthday!

  550. Love the variety of stitches but most outstanding is the use of flowers and color in the body of the owl. Just Beautiful

  551. I love the variety of colors and stitches! But mostly, I like the design of the owl. It is my favorite bird for sure!

  552. There is so much emotion in this owl! I’d love the kit and book. There are so many different stitches, beads and techniques. I’d love to try them all. I actually like the size, too. It would be a beautiful piece to display.
    Thank you!

  553. I enjoy embroidery and would love to learn new stitches. This owl is absolutely stuning!

  554. What excites me about Maureen the Owl is the variety of stitches, and the anticipation of it being done, framed and on my wall to gaze at in awe!

  555. I think Hazel’s designs look fabulous, colourful, quirky, and a challenge. I feel that having done stitching of all types for a few years now, it is really nice to have a challenge – so that would be what would attract me to her designs.

    Julie Gardiner

  556. I love this design! I just ordered a couple of the printed linens for a couple of the other designs in anticipation of Hazel’s new book. The full kits are all out of the budget at the moment so it would be so amazing to get to have a full kit.

  557. I would love to win this so that I could spend time creating this beautiful project with my Mum and daughter. Mum and I would be able to teach my daughter many new stitches, as well as give her the flexibility to create the look that she wants. What a wonderful experience that would be and a keepsake of memories for years to come for her to have hanging in her room.

  558. I am a weaver who is just getting back into thread work. This kit would give me a good refresher.
    Teresa Ruch

  559. I love her use of colour and form. I am attracted by the variety of stitches and how they all work together to form such an impressive work of art. I would love to win her project. Cheers Anna

  560. I love owls… they are perhaps my most favorite of all animals. And, this exquisite embroidery illuminates its majesty and grandeur.
    Winning this kit and book would make me – an advances beginner – extremely thankful and looking forward to the challenge.
    Fingers crosses, Jane

  561. I am in awe of Hazel’s Owl! I love the design and the amazing array of stitches and textures used. I would love to challenge myself to complete such an intricate hoop.

  562. I love the challenge this kit offers. Lots of stuff to learn. Really an glorious bounty of stitches!
    Peace and fleece, maggie in Boulder Creek Ca

  563. What an amazing giveaway this is! I would be excited to do this project because despite how long it would take to finish, the variety of stitches and colors would mean I would never have a chance get bored. And the world is flooded with such cutesie owls these days, but this is a proper majestic, wonderful raptor–despite the flowers!

  564. This is breathtaking. This deserves a lifetime achievement award. Absolutely stunning. If I only do one more piece of needlework, let it be this one.

  565. I love owls! That would be a very important attraction to this project. At the moment I am in Chile, S.A in the coastal town of ConCón. The native name ConCón, from the Mapuche language (Mapudungun), translate to ‘place of owls’. It is a bird sanctuary.
    Because the motivation and inspiration to work a project is always present in one’s mind, a constant reminder of how beautifully our hands can create and express what’s in our souls this project would be a fascinating embroidery to complete.
    A challenge, no doubt. The thought of completing the owl and presenting it to the Municipalidad de ConCón in honor of the home of owls would be a driving force to accomplish the project.
    Learning different and new stitching techniques is also always an interesting part of a new kind of challenge.
    I love owls! Hawks, too!

    Facing the wind and soaring here in the hope of being a worthy winner.

  566. This owl is fantastic!! Color combinations and stitch variety is mind blowing! I am always amazed at how much artistic talent people have. Great job.

  567. There are so many stitches in this project that I have never tried. It would be a fun challenge.

  568. I live at the edge of the woods in the Foothills of the Appalachians and hear owls frequently. They are such magnificent birds. My favorite embroidery (or quilting) projects are those that use a lot of color, many types of stitches, and make me expand my skills.

  569. Wow this is the most amazing owl I’ve ever seen! Love owls and the challenge of this embroidery is awesome! I’m most certain to check out these works of art!

  570. There are so many attractions in this project – challenge, stitches, colour, techniques – it covers everything I most enjoy. Hazel comes up with wonderful designs.

  571. Love the challenge of all the various stitches and techniques, and, most of all, have a grand-daughter who has an abiding interest in owls.
    Thanks for the chance to win this!

  572. I’m a bird lover and bird watcher. this owl is glorious. I love the variety of stitches, I would enjoy working on this lovely project and would find a special place in the house for its display when finished. Yes! I would finish it! Mahalo, Jeri

  573. I have stitched a few of Hazel’s projects and find them inspiring, challenging, fun, definitely not boring. I learned so much. The owl is incredible. I can’t wait to get started!

  574. Thank you Mary and Hazel. I have done several of Hazel amazing kits, and can’t
    Wait to get my hands on this new book, as I love nature of any kind. One thing
    That draws me to this kit is that it reminds me of the many adult coloring books
    Available now. I am drawn to them, but wont pick them up because I would much
    Rather stitch, and tbis owl would be like getting the best of both worlds to me.
    Will keep hoping I am the lucky one in a million!!
    Sue In Bermuda.

  575. I bought Hazel’s book after seeing your work on Late Harvest and really enjoyed learning new stitches but this.. the owl is amazing, so many lovely stitches to try out! I am gagging to have a go and would be so thrilled to win this and work the actual project.

  576. Ah, Maureen! I’ve looked at her several times, all those different stitches, the serious look in her eyes, that magnificent wingspan. She would make a beautiful wall hanging, or a gift for the owl whisperer.

  577. So many things. Other than the variety of stitches and color, I admire the use of needle lace in the designs.

  578. Maureen the Owl is Fierce! This was my first thought, but I am also attracted to the stitches in the wings. I love blackwork embroidery and Maureen’s wings resemble blackwork filled spaces. She is beautiful and I would love the opportunity to work with this pattern. Thank you.

  579. Owls have always been a favorite subject for me. The colors in the piece are striking and rich, the wings are different and unique from anything I’ve seen, and very appealing. The verity of stitches keeps your attention on the design, it draws you in for a closer look. A lovely piece and a nice challenge.

  580. I think that Maureen would be a challenging project to do and would welcome the opportunity to take it on.

  581. I love the wide variety of stitches used and how they all come together. This is a work of art.

  582. Wow, what a gorgeous owl. I am not sure I could do it justice but would love a chance to win the book and give it a try.

  583. The variety of stitches and other techniques is amazing, but her use of color is awe-inspiring.

  584. This is BEAUTIFUL!! I loved reading your review of her book and projects. Every animal is unique in its design. Crossing my fingers…

  585. I have stitched several projects by Hazel Blomkamp in the last 10 years. This current “Owl” project is priceless !! Here are the reasons why: First, she uses a multitude of very interesting stitches for intermediate and advanced stitchers; Second, the stitch guide is like nothing like I’ve ever seen before- loving everything about it; and finally, the final product simply shimmers !!
    Just a note– I have not won a thing, not ever, nothing. May fate shine brightly upon me !!

    Catherine Pommett

  586. I love Hazels books, and kits. Having had pleasure of meeting her when she visited Zimbabwe it would be lovely to try more of her work. I find her designs so interesting as she mixes up such variety of stitches and mediums. Anne Elizabeth Pout Knott

  587. I love owls, I have been a Brown Owl in Guiding and Owls are very important in this program. I love to work stitches that are a challenge and Hazels designs are certainly a challenge. I have crewel Twists, Crewel Intentions, crazy Quilt book and her Needle lace book, this new book would be a wonderful addition to my library.

  588. I’ve long been an admirer of Hazel’s work. I love her interpretation and use of colours to bring projects to life. The chance to learn new techniques is something I’m always on the lookout for.
    I would love the opportunity to win and be able to stitch Maureen…..owls are one of my favourite animals.
    I already have two of her previous books and kits so the opportunity to add another to my stash is too good to miss!!
    Sharon Gordon – New Zealand

  589. I am delighted to see Hazel’s contemporary designs, use of a variety and combination of stitches in her design. The use of her colors in her pieces is refreshing!!

  590. I think it would be so much fun to stitch Hazel’s Owl. Each little section would be a challenge, and it would never be boring.

  591. I love the owl, especially the variety of stitches. However, if I were to win her, I think I would change some of the colors to make her a bit less subtle!

  592. I love Maureen the Owl! The variety of stitches, colors , and techniques appeal to me. Not to mention it is a fabulous owl, my favorite bird!

  593. I’ve been concentrating only on a very lengthy “Stitch Book” and need a variety of colors, patterns and deversion of subject matter and Maureen’s Owl Kit sounds perfect for the task. The Book of her Creatures should be arriving any day now and I am anxiously awaiting it’s arrival.

  594. How wonderful! I would love to do this owl. Thank you for the opportunity and all the lovely information you give us!

  595. I am ready for a challenge! I have done many smaller projects on my own and learned many different stitches from my wonderful teachers (which includes videos from NeedlenThread). I prefer to always stitch nature subjects, so I would LOVE a copy of Hazel’s new book. Thanks for the opportunity!

  596. She is so splendid! Such a magnificent creature and what amazing stitching challenge it would be. I love the colours. Many happy hours stitching!

  597. no matter what it is, color is what attracts me first. Then I take a closer look to see if it is something I might want to make . Then I look to see if I would want or be able to change some of the colors that I don’t like. I am unfortunately very opinionated about colors that I don’t like and I just don’t use them. I just love to make the things my own way and not just copy someone.

  598. Wow, what can one possibly say about this piece? Stunning? I love all of the different stitches and techniques. I would love to try all of it.

  599. I would love to stitch Maureen to be challenged by the great variety of stitches. It would be the incentive I need to try one of Hazel’s designs.

  600. I have 3 of Hazel’s books and have done a couple of her designs and loved every minute I worked on them. I can see the needlelace in this one and I seem to have a mental block about needlelace, but “nothing ventured, nothing gained”.

  601. I love Hazels projects I do have 2 of her books and would love to add this one to my collection. I am currently working on one of her projects and I’m really enjoying it. I am also going to a class with her in Nelson NZ. I am looking forward to meeting Hazel.

  602. I just love this project! I think the variety of the stitches most attracts me! Love, love the flowers on this project! Oh, and the colors! Just lovely!


  603. What is not to love about the owl?!?!? I love birds. I am always up for a challenge. And frankly, its beautiful as are all of the designs in this book!

  604. How absolutely beautiful! I’ve done needlepoint for years, although not recently, and I’ve been looking for something to get me motivated to take it up again. This looks like the perfect project! There is so much variety that it would not only provide a chance to review stitches I already know, but would also provide a challenge to learn new stitches and techniques. I would truly love to have this gift! I don’t get out too much anymore and so often get bored sitting around the house – this would really be something I would be interested in doing and proud to frame when done. Thanks for the chance to win this beautiful gift!

  605. Love the complexity and variety of the textures used in this art. Would love to lose hours and hours working this majestic creature into life. Thank you for the opportunity!

  606. In NZ the Maori word for owl is ruru. I would love to be able to stitch this challenging, beautifully coloured bird as my swan song.

  607. I love this wonderful design because it’s unique, colorful and would be enjoyable to stitch.

  608. I especially like the variety of stitches on Maureen the owl. Seems I always pick out projects with the old tried and true back stitch and blanket stitches and french knots.
    The colorful flowery wings and breast certainly contrast with the menacing talons and eyes. This would be a wonderful kit to own. Thanks for the opportunity/give away. Anne in Vancouver

  609. It is absolutely because of the variety of the piece that draws me to it. I get bored quite quickly and love doing sampler projects because they are actually a number of different small projects which together form the whole. I look forward to the owl project for this reason! I know I will complete it with a whole raft of new skills!

  610. I always appreciate projects that hone skills, introduce new skills, and result in a delightful finished project. This owl fits the bill!

    I have recently become re-obsessed with embroidery and hand work and am eager to learn new styles of stitching! Thanks to all for the opportunity to win this.

  611. Iread your news lettre since 2012, You inspire my emberoidery skill.
    For me who work with Onkolgie paitent at Hospitel during their chimoteraphi
    emberoidery is the relive after hard days.
    I hope i will be able to get the kit and after finish it give it to the hospital to be hang their .
    Elian from Israel

  612. I love Maureen for the diversity of stitches and the challenge!!! I am not a beginner but close and never try this kind of project. But Maureen is so beautiful that I am willing to try and succeed.

  613. In my teens and twentys I embroidered a lot then had my son and I stopped. Now, in my sixties I’m starting to work on embroidery again and been thinking of doing a sampler and trying to learn new stitches to put on it. This project would be perfect to do that and is much prettier and more interesting then doing a sampler. This also caught my attention as my mother loved owls and I would embroider them for her when she was alive to frame and hang on her walls, so this made me think of my mom right away when I saw it

  614. What attracts me to Maureen? All of the above – the owl herself, the variety, the challenge, the colors, the new techniques as well as familiar ones, and finally, the pure and joyous whimsy of the piece.

  615. I would love to win this kit because I have tecently started embroidering again, and this looks like a wonderful project to keep me interested. The second reason is that I am South African and support a fellow South African!

  616. Thank you for this opportunity. I love challenges and variety. Helen’s designs offer these qualities. I have enjoyed doing crewelwork for over 45 years. Thank you Mary.

  617. Oh my goodness – all of the above. My first draw to this design is the abundance of variety of techniques and stitches. I am still new enough to needle work, a lot is “first time” for me. Secondly the variety of fibers used – and of course – the colors. Going through your review of that book, there were many of the designs I really like and that owl was definitely in the top of the list.

  618. Since purchasing Hazel Blomkamp’s Hand Stitched Crazy Patchwork I’ve been anxious to do one of her patterns. Maureen the Owl will be a perfect place to start! Cris in MT

  619. I love and adore this project. At first sight, it appealed to me, and then I looked at it more closely.

    As you said, variety. That is the biggest part of adoring it. I see stitches, and ribbons? and beads, and colors, and patterns, and flowers, and different fibers, I think. Never boring. Endlessly entertaining. I do love a challenge, always have. This, though, is like hanging out in an embroidery shop and pillaging the shelves and cubbies as I wish. What fun.

    Do pick me.

  620. The fact that she is so impressively large is what astonishes me most about Maureen. Also, I love owls because of their symbolism, as they represent the wise, and the Greek goddess Pallas Athene, whom I think is the most rational of all the Greek Gods, and therefore a pleasant subject to read about.

  621. I would love to do this for my daughter who loves Owls. I the different stitches would be a joy to stitch and learn, project threads and color are a big part of why I pick it, and who can ever say no to a little bling to give a project a little something, something. It is just a very beautiful project to challenge yourself to help you grow as a stitcher.

  622. I am so attracted to this kit mainly because of the variety of stitches and embellishments. It looks like the perfect large project to really practice and perfect so many different treatments. I also love the colors!

  623. I am an absolute avid fan of Hazel’s work. I would love to win Maureen the Owl kit – I love how Hazel incorporates so many different beautiful colours and stitches into Maureen and her face is just beautiful.

  624. I love the fact that this special owl has a name! I also think that working on this project would be like eating a wonderful box of chocolates….just one more stitch until a whole day has passed and you can hardly wait to get back to it.

  625. When I saw your review of Hazel’s new book, I knew I had to have it!!Then when you announced the kit and book, I was so excited. The owl is absolutely gorgeous, and I love her combination of colors and stitches. I cannot say anything I have looked at recently has made want to stitch more than the owl. Thanks

  626. What attracts to me to any project is subject (I love owls, especially) and colour. Also, interesting textures or just something that’s different about it. This is a gorgeous owl, and I would love to do it!

  627. The variety and the chance to try some new techniques is very appealing. Thank your for all your resources, hard work, and the chance to win this exciting project!

  628. Mary I’m inspired by the variety of techniques. What a masterpiece!
    Thanks to you both for the opportunity.

  629. I would love to stitch Maureen because it is so colourful, has such an interesting range of stitches and the differing sections of the design make it look quite do’able

    but my main reason is that the design is simply gorgeous and breathtaking.

    thank you Hazel and Mary for giving us this opportunity.

  630. Hi,
    For this give-away, I’m attracted by the variety of stitches and technics.
    There is a lot to learn.
    Thank you, both of you, for this gift…

  631. This is beautiful! I am attracted to a project like this because it looks amazing and is a unique design. The challenge looks fun. Plus, in this case I am attracted to it because it is an owl and my best friend loves owls and I would make this for her.

  632. What a gorgeous creature. What a fantastic variety of stitches and colors.
    How interesting and exciting to have her kit to work on.
    I have Hazel’s first book and I have always wanted to have a class with her. Dreaming. Ahhhhhh.
    Thanks for the opportunity Mary.
    Now I will have to check out the places you mentioned about this book. 🙂

  633. Oh my! Maureen is breathtaking and I’d love a chance to make her… there are so many reasons…
    1. I’m known among my stitching friends and family for my crewel work and the variety of stitches I use to add texture and interest. Maureen would allow me to rise to another level of skill.
    2. My oldest grandchild loves owls. She has them everywhere. Starting out as a young adult with her first place, I know Maureen would have pride of place now and in years to come.
    3. The pallet of colors used and the design is another education for me… everything I’ve done is more realistic… I’d never think to put a flower on a wing or animal body!
    4. I have long wanted to do some 3-D work, but as you have often noted, time and projects on the list always push that desire out of reach. Maureen would rise to the top of my list – wanting to finish by Christmas – and I’d finally get to learn that as well!

    This kit would help me to grow in so many directions and would delight me and my darling Claire!

  634. How could you not just love the owl! Whether it is the challenge of the stitches, the gorgeous colors or the very cute owl…….I love it all.
    I am always amazed at the diversity of Hazel Bloomkamph.

  635. I love the design, colours and interesting stitches. The techniques are interesting and her books are a bright, informative and an amazing source for filling designs on all projects.

  636. Maureen the Owl is a beautiful design with all the grace and power of an owl. The variety of stitches, colors and shapes within the overall design are fascinating.

    The size is nice for showcasing the entire piece. I seem to be working on large pieces the last couple of years! 19” x 22”; 20” x 20”; 18” x 20”.

  637. This owl is magnificent. I love the stitches in the body and wings and would love to challenge myself to create this masterpiece. Hazel Blomkamp creates the some of the best pieces and her books are great. Would love to own the new book as well.

  638. I love this project and the variety of stitches used. Besides being charming in theme, the color choices are so pleasing. Definitely if I win I will put
    everything else aside to do this one. A great giveaway indeed! Thank you for the opportunity.

  639. The colours, the challenge, the beautiful design….how to choose one thing that attracts me? I would have to say the variety of stitches. One could never get discouraged or tired of completing this large project as there is always a new strict home to challenge me.

  640. Wow! What an amazing piece. What a challenge to stitch it. Absolutely fabulous. My Nana was a “Brown owl” in the Brownie/Girl Guide association and always had a massive love of owls. She collected all things owl, I made her cross stitches, quilts and all sorts of owl things. I would love to do this as a tribute to my Nana who has now passed away.

  641. Hi Mary; What attracts me to this project is the variety of stitches especially the difference between the owl stitches and the more filling type stitches in the background.

  642. Wow! What an interesting piece. And the stitches are not the “run of the mill” stitches we are accustomed to. Such variety. Will be a fun piece to stitch if I am lucky and win.

  643. I am most impressed Hazel Bloombkamps different techniques and colour combinations. Owls are my favorite birds and I would love to embroider Maureen Owl. I am almost finished Jacobean Jumble and looking for a new challenging project.

  644. I love the contrast between the soft pinks and flowers on the body and wings, and the fierce expression on her face and in her posture, claws out and swooping in for the kill. She is a study in contrasts and endlessly fascinating. 🙂

  645. Foremost I am drawn by the fact that the subject matter is an animal and that the entire design is so beautiful. Next of importance is the astounding variety of techniques and lastly the combination of colors because that is the easiest element you can change if you really want to. In the case of Maureen the Owl, I don’t think I would change a thing! The combination of kit and book is such a huge give-away and would be the most fun crewel project I could imagine doing. Many thanks to you, Mary, and to Hazel Blomkamp for making this drawing possible.

  646. Hi Mary,
    Thank you for organising such a wonderful give-away. I love Hazel’s work – the variety of stitches and textures means that the work never becomes boring and you get to learn so many new techniques. Who, other than Hazel, would have thought to cover an owl in flowers and lace? Maureen’s face looks intimidating, then you look at the flowers and think “what jolly fun”. I would love to have an opportunity to “play” with Maureen.

  647. Maureen is just so gorgeous, I fell in love with her the moment I saw her. I love Hazel’s designs. Thanks for the opportunity

  648. I always buy Maureen’s books – sight unseen as I know they are always first class and money well spent. I love the owl design as there are many stitches which can also be used in other projects I like to embroider so again the kit would be money well spent!

  649. Hi Mary,

    Oh my … what’s not to like about this delightful owl?! The primary attraction for me, though, is the wonderful variety of stitches. I can’t wait to work this piece … I HOPE!!

    Best wishes,
    Sandra F. in NY

  650. The variety of stitches and the challenge those present is what calls me to this project. What an amazing project!

  651. I love the brightness but blending of colors & such a variety of stitches. Impossible to get bored with. A lucky, LUCKY, happy winner.

  652. I just love owls… and Maureen is no exception. My love of owls goes back to the time when I hand reared two wee owls who had fallen out their nest and the mother had abandoned them. They were called Hooty and Tooty – once they were old enough I released them back into nature. A very interesting experience.

  653. I would love to stitch Maureen the Owl with the beautiful colors, detail and stitches in her feathers. Since she is a large owl the project will be quite a challenge.

  654. The colours, design, the variety in stitches attracts me to Maureen the Owl, it is something I would proudly hang and admire on my wall.

  655. What atract me to a project like “Maureen the Owl” is the variety of stitches and the opportunity to learn some new tricks.