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Floral Corners: Three Hand Embroidery Projects for Beginners & Beyond!


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Happy Friday!! It’s time to celebrate!!

At long last, and just in time for spring & summer stitching, here’s the instructional guide for Floral Corners, three floral projects that I used for local hand embroidery classes for youth last summer.

This e-book is a little different. It’s more about giving options when interpreting a design into hand embroidery stitches. There’s a lot of freedom of choice in the projects, but plenty of guidance, too.

I’ve also put together a limited number of flour sack towel sets with the designs transferred on them for those who don’t want to bother with the design transfer process. You’ll find information on those at the end of this article.

Here’s a little overview of what you can expect from the e-book…

Floral Corners hand embroidery projects for beginners and beyond

In Floral Corners, I’ve done my best to give you all the options for stitching the designs that we covered in our summer classes.

Unlike most hand embroidery projects that come in kit form or in a project book, where you are told “use this stitch here and that stitch there,” Floral Corners demonstrates different possibilities that can be used for stitching the designs. You will have the freedom to make your own stitch choices for the design elements by selecting the options illustrated in the stitching guide, or even by substituting your own preferences.

This approach allows you to create a piece of embroidery that is uniquely your own, but with enough guidance to help the hesitant stitcher make good decisions about stitch choices and placement.

Working through the designs with the guidance in the e-book, you will gain confidence in making your own choices for stitches and colors for this project and future projects.

Floral Corners hand embroidery projects for beginners and beyond

There are three versions of the design in the e-book – the full version, a lighter version, and a small sprig – so that you can choose whatever level of complexity you want to stitch.

You can stitch the designs on any type of ground fabric or on pre-finished embroidery blanks. We stitched the designs on flour sack towels, but they can be stitched on anything, really.

If you’re new to embroidery, you might start with the small sprig, then advance to the light version, and finally to the full version. In each version, you’ll have the opportunity to add other stitches and interpret different types of floral elements in embroidery.

If you’ve been stitching for a while, you might jump straight into the full version – or you might just want to stitch a small sprig or two for a nice exercise in relaxation.

Floral Corners hand embroidery projects for beginners and beyond

The e-book begins with embroidery basics, covering everything from transferring your design, using a hoop, and stripping floss, to different ways of starting and ending stitches so that they are secure and as invisible as possible on the exposed back of the embroidery.

The tips shared in this e-book are pertinent to any embroidery project, so everything you learn in the e-book you’ll be able to apply to future embroidery.

Floral Corners hand embroidery projects for beginners and beyond

Often, I think we forget that every piece of needlework we do does not have to be a Magnum Opus! Sometimes, just kicking back with a simple design on something as basic as a flour sack towel can remind us of the joy, ease, fun, and relaxation that should an integral part of all of our handwork.

With projects like Floral Corners, my hope is that we remember that embroidery can be a source of real relaxation and satisfaction.

You can find Floral Corners available here. It’s ready for instant download, so you can start stitching this weekend!

Especially if you are new to the whole concept of downloadable e-books, please continue reading through the next section, so you can know what to expect when you purchase Floral Corners.

Delivery & Download

Floral Corners is delivered to you as a PDF via a download link that will come in an auto-generated email after placing your order. It is an electronic file and it is not available in print form.

You can view the document on your computer or on your mobile phone or tablet. You can also print all or part of the PDF at home, or you can take the file to a local office supply store and have them print a copy for you.

Now, lately, as things often go online, there have been adjustments by email service providers in the way they filter email. In order to better assure that the auto-generated email comes through to your inbox, you might add “support@pulleyapp.com” to your approved senders list before you place your order. Pulley is the app I use for sending digital goods from my shopping cart. It usually works flawlessly, but due to recent changes in email protocols with some providers (especially comcast, bigpond, btinternet, and xtra.co.nz), the email may end up being filtered.

In any case, if you do not receive your download link within 30 minutes of placing your order, or if you have any difficulties downloading, just contact me and I’ll get you sorted out. You can drop me a line at mary@needlenthread.com, or reply to any of my newsletters or your confirmation email.

When you receive your download link, you should download the file directly to your computer first. It is a larger file and the download will work more surely and smoothly if downloaded first to a computer or laptop. From there, you can copy the PDF to your mobile device or tablet. This way, you will have the backup copy on your computer, should you lose the copy on your mobile device.

All this said, normally, the whole process for the download is very simple. You place your order, and you receive an email with a download link. You click the link. The file automatically downloads to your computer. Once downloaded, it opens in your preferred PDF reader. You can move the file to other folders on your computer, just like any file on a computer, and you can load it on your mobile phone or tablet that supports PDFs, just like you can any PDF.

Pre-Transferred Towel Sets

To celebrate the release of Floral Corners as an e-book, I’ve prepared a limited number of Floral Corner flour sack towel sets with the designs already transferred on them. You can find them available in the Needle ‘n Thread Shop, here.

Pre-transferred towels are the ideal solution for folks who are hesitant or intimidated by the transfer process – or who just plain don’t like doing their own transfers! (And who can blame you?!)

Floral Corners hand embroidery projects for beginners and beyond

There are three towels in each set, with each towel sporting one of the three designs (full, light, and sprig) featured in Floral Corners.

The flour sack towels are approximately 27″ x 27″. They are low-lint, 100% cotton towels with a hanging loop. The transfers feature easy to see, accurate lines fine enough to cover with embroidery stitches. The lines will eventually wash out with laundering.

Shipping is via Priority flat rate, and up to two sets (so, six towels total) can be mailed in one mailing. If you want more than two sets, you have to order them in groups of two.

Unfortunately, due to postal costs, it is not feasible to mail the towel sets outside the US, because the postage would cost more than the towels.

Some Notes about Flour Sack Towels

Flour sack towels have always been economy towels. They are not meant to be a luxury fabric, and it is not unusual to find minor flaws in them. I have sourced what I think are some of the best quality bright white flour sack towels available in the States. While there are some other decent towel sources out there, they don’t necessarily produce bright white towels.

Flour sack towels are excellent for drying dishes and wiping down counter tops. If you are putting a lot of time into embroidering them, though, you might consider using them for lighter work!

The towels can be used as bread basket liners, gift wrapping, tea tray liners, or as a small center cloth on a table. There are many creative ways to use your embroidered flour sack towels, aside from drying dishes and cleaning counter tops!

Where to Find Them

I hope you enjoy Floral Corners and find it instructive, inspiring, fun, and helpful!

You can find the e-book Floral Corners available here.

You can find the pre-transferred flour sack towel sets available here.

If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to leave a comment below!

Have a wonderful weekend with your needle and thread!



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(69) Comments

  1. Mary, would you still have the Christmas patterns of the « holly and evergreens »that you were offering last Fall ? I’m interested in these.
    TIA, Jeannette Williams

  2. I just ordered your ebook Floral Corners and 2 sets of the matching towels. I appreciate
    you making these available to us.

  3. Good Morning Mary, I just purchased the towels and pattern book (I placed a post-it-note on my keyboard in work so I wouldn’t forget to place my order!) and am excited to work on a new project. Transferring patterns is not my favorite thing to do. I love your embroidery work and your website (following for years) – and enjoy learning new techniques. I hope you and your family are well.
    Enjoy the weekend!

  4. I love everything you do! These designs are beautiful, your colors are so happy….Thank You for sharing your Awesome talent!

  5. I also just ordered two sets of towels and the ebook. A few of us at work are going to have a little stitch along to improve our embroidery skills. I am very much looking forward to it! We had been thinking of trying doodle cloths but the towels sound like an excellent way to learn new stitches and have a nice finished item at the end. My work is usually very dry. This stitch along is going to brighten my day considerably. Thank you for making the pre-transferred towels available!

  6. Hi Mary. I am so thrilled to get this e-book! I have been craving more detail since you first introduced this project with your young people’s class this past summer. I’m a fairly experienced stitcher, but really like all possible advice about stitches and design and techniques and your work is perfect that way…in addition to being really pretty!

  7. Hi Mary!

    I just ordered the e-book for the Floral Corners. Thank you. The Flour Sack Towel sets are “sold out”. Will you have them back in stock?

    Thank you.
    Connie Martin

  8. Hi Mary,
    Just ordered everything for the Floral Corners. So glad you offered the option of the preprinted flour sacks and can’t wait to get them. I have been a fan of yours since I discovered your website in 2007 and always look forward to your newsletters. Thank you so much for ALL the work you have put in to this project and ALL the projects you have done. God Bless. He has given you a great gift to share!

  9. Thanks Mary again for all you do! Also corner motifs! They work so well to create frames but also great for last minute gifts- small versions on tea towel, hand towel, hankies etc❤️

  10. I guess I wasn’t fast enough — the towels have sold out!!! Sure hope you will be creating more sets. If so, could you please put me on the ‘reserved’ list? Thank you.

  11. Hi, Mary,
    Thank you for this post. Your pre-printed towels are already sold out. I don’t mind buying my own and doing the transfer. I would just like your advice on where / how to find good quality towels, like you were offering. Thank you for your guidance and inspiration.

    1. Hi, Ann – The towel resources are all right there in the back of the e-book. I’ve used all three of them, and they all offer comparable, good quality towels. The ACS ones are not bright white, though. Hope that helps!

  12. Hi, Mary,
    Can you put me on the list for ordering the pre-printed Flour sack cloths, once you restock?
    Also, can you recommend where we can find the bright white flour sack cloths you describe?
    Thank you,

  13. Floral Corners will be my next project. First, I must embroider B, E, F, G, M, N, R, and W, my last eight letters, from the Stitch Sampler Alphabet e-book.

  14. Thanks for this e-book, Mary. I’m already skimming my copy, and I especially love the way you’ve laid out Part 4, “Stitching the Design Elements.” I think it’s as close as I’ll ever get to being in one of your classes. You clearly describe what stitches and colors you used on each given element, making it easy to understand your thinking.

    And I have to say, I might be getting a little too close to understanding you. You tell me based on the following.

    On one of the elements, you said, “The buds are worked in French knots using two strands of variegated pink. If you want even more color in the buds, combine one strand of a bright yellow with one strand of variegated pink, which will further brighten the overall look.”

    After I read this, I burst out laughing, because what I thought was, “Mary couldn’t decide whether she wanted the yellow or not (or really did want the yellow, but didn’t have time to do it over) so she put both versions in the e-book for the rest of us. Was I right? I’m still chuckling.

    Anyhow, thanks for putting so much of “you” into this one.

    1. Hi, Gee! I tried to put as many options in as possible. I couldn’t photograph and include every variation we did of the towels – between my niece and I (she helped me teach the classes last summer), we worked 6 or so of the full designs and several of the light design, using different stitches and color combinations. When it came to putting the e-book together, it was Too Much Information – and if I included everything, I think it would dampen the likelihood of the more hesitant (less confident) stitchers out there to go out on a limb and try something without knowing for sure what the results would be first. Once you start doing that – trying things that aren’t already shown to you – you really gain confidence quickly in making your own choices, which I think leads to better and better stitching! So, yes… you’re right! I couldn’t decide which picture to include, but we had definitely combined yellows with a lot of our floral elements – including the French knot buds – to brighten things up. It’s amazing how more alive a floral piece will look once you add yellow to it! 🙂

  15. Hi Mary, I do love the vibrant variegated colors! Great designs! I am going to keep my eyes opened for the next time when you sell them again!!

  16. I just received your site on floral corners. This is the second time I tried to order a kit and found that it was sold out. This is frustrating and disappointing. Perhaps more kits should be made available or a second offering made at a later date for those who are added to a waiting list.

    1. Hi, Sheila – You are welcome to contact me at mary@needlenthread.com if you would like to be on the advanced notice list for the next round of towels. There are no “kits” with this project, just the pre-printed towels and the e-book.

      I prepare as many items as I can physically prepare before launching a product like these towels, and then, when I have time, I prepare more and I let folks know, either on the website or through email if they’ve asked to be on an advanced notice list.I plan to prepare more towels sets this coming week, so if you get yourself on the advanced notice list, you’ll have a better shot next time I’ve got a batch ready.

      Thanks a bunch!

  17. Thank you, Mary! Ordered and downloaded in a matter of minutes. The designs are lovely and already in the queue to be stiched One Day, but the ebook is worth having for your tips alone.

  18. I have some vintage linen damask napkins and would like a small pattern for fall/Thanksgiving to embroider on them. Any suggestions for how to get started? Perhaps you are planning a fall version of the spring flowers that has just come out.

  19. Oh Mary, I’m crushed to find the predesigned towels sold out. Is there any chance you might have more of those?

    Oh great, just read you will restock. Very Happy.

    1. Hi, Ann – I think you may have already dropped me a line about the towels, to be on the advanced notice list, but if not, drop me a line and I’ll add you to the list! Thanks!

  20. Mary, What a delight! Thank you for making this available. Do you know if flour sack towels are available in Australia?

    1. Hi, Judy – I would imagine you do have flour sack towels there, but they may not be called flour sack towels. You’re looking for low-lint woven cotton towels that are used in the restaurant industry, basically.

    2. Mary
      I think I have found some small ones locally in Brisbane. Any particular brand s that I should look for?

    3. Nope! Just make sure that they have enough fabric to them – that they aren’t more like cheesecloth than a towel! The looser and lighter the weave, the more difficult it is to stitch on them. Over here in the States, some stores sell “flour sack towels” that are little more than a thick cheesecloth and that just doesn’t work.

  21. Beautiful work Mary. Your work is so loved, that by the time I log on to see if any are left (flour sack towels) they are always sold out. Woe to me, happy for you, and all the lucky persons who managed to snag a set. 🙂 I will go the epattern way (and glad I can).
    Happy stitching.

  22. Mary – do you think the “sprig” design would work on the border of a regular pillow case border ? These corner designs you made are so sweet !

    chris in san francisco

    1. Hi, Chris – It depends on how wide the cuff is on the pillow case, if you’re talking about a pillow case with a cuff. It’s just a small sprig, so it would make a sweet little accent, but it wouldn’t decorate the whole edge of the pillow, unless you turned it into a repeat design. You can always reduce the size just slightly, too.

  23. Thanks for the reminder “Often, I think we forget that every piece of needlework we do does not have to be a Magnum Opus!”. I have been making my BFF a set of days of the week dish towels with 2 left. They arent fancy and are most outline stitching but made with love.

  24. Dear Mary,
    I am so happy to have ordered my set of floral corner towels! I have wanted these since I first saw them. Your work is so beautiful, and I love your web site. I am new to embroidery and am looking forward to trying new stitches. Thank you for all you do.

  25. Dear Mary

    Just purchased the Floral Corner e-book and had a quick look and it looks great I can’t wait to use the patterns I was thinking of decorating some clothes of mine with the floral corner I think this would look lovely on them. Thanks for making the Floral Corner e-book available and for sharing them with us. I hope you have a great weekend.

    Regards Anita Simmance

    1. Dear Mary

      I forgot to say I just received the book you reviewed not long ago Folk Embroidered Felt Birds I love it such lovely projects in it I love the Swan, Goose, Dove and Chicken I can’t wait to start making one just need some materials like the florist tape and wire and then I’m all set. The good thing is I have a lot of felt left over from the quiet books I made for my two great Nephews so I could use that to start and in any case felt doesn’t cost a lot so that is useful. Thanks for reviewing this book.

      Regards Anita Simmance

  26. Since you are sold out of the pre stamped flour sack towels, four corners, will you be re supplying?

    1. Hi, Trudy – Yes, I will be restocking those. You can drop me a line at mary@needlenthread.com if you’d like to be on the advanced notice list when I get the next batch done. You’ll get an email once they’re in stock, and before I announce it on the website.

  27. Mary,
    What method did you use to transfer the pattern onto the towel kits you sold? What exact pens did you use? What does the back of your towels look like? I love your work and am a beginner. Thank you for all the tips you provide!

    1. For folks looking to transfer their own designs onto their own towels at home, I generally recommend Sublime Stitching’s fine tipped iron on transfer pen, which I mention at length in the e-book. It makes a nice line that is fine enough to cover with two and three strands of floss. Do you mean the back of the towels after the transfer is done, or do you mean the back of the towels after I stitch them? In the e-book, I discuss how to keep the back of the work as neat as possible, since it will be visible. The back of my towels look like the back of embroidery when following the suggestions in the e-book. They aren’t “messy” but they don’t look like the front, either!

  28. Hi Mary,

    I would like to thank you for this e-book. Your blog (in addition to a passing comment from my sister) has inspired me to take up embroidery again after a hiatus of circa 30 years, and I’m finally loving it. At the age of 8 anything my sister was better at than me, I stopped doing (for some reason). I just couldn’t “get” how to do the stitches, now with your help, i.e. the high-quality pictures, videos, advise, etc. I finally “get” it.

    I adore embroidery now (cross-stitching has bored me with its only one stitch – I can never get a project done). I have fallen in love with the both sounds of the needle and the thread going through the fabric.

    I completed the Small Spring from the e-book I wish I could attach a picture to show you. My family thinks it’s beautiful and that I should continue embroidering all 4 edges of the tea towel. I’m so addicted I just might.

    Thank you again Mary.

    Jamaica, West Indies

  29. Hi Mary, I just purchased the holly and evergreen towels, but I can not find the instructions anywhere on your site Help!! Thanks Linda

  30. Hi Mary, This is a beautiful set: I’ve been waiting since I saw the hints of this pattern that (if I remember right) you showed awhile back. I want to do a set for each of my daughter’s, and I see that I’ve missed the opportunity to order the pre-printed sets. Do you know if there are any of these same towels available, say on Amazon, where I could order 2 sets? Do you have an Amazon shop where I could get just the plain towels? Thank you so much for any info you have on them! Hugs, H

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