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Good-bye August, Hello September: News!


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Flabbergasted. Truly flabbergasted! How can it be the last day of August already?

Am I the only who feels this way?

Here in the Northern Hemisphere, this is the time of year when summer subsides, school resumes, and the impending Autumn triggers the close of the year, seasonally and calendorically. (I made that last word up myself.)

It’s also the time of year when I look around and realize I’m not where I planned to be.

Autumn Fire Stitch Snippets

If all had gone according to plan, the new Stitch Snippets kit and project – Autumn Fire – would be launching today. Everyone waiting for their Garden-Bright floche packs would have them. Several new books would already be listed in my shop. I’d be moving into a new space. And we would be calmly moving towards the close of the year.

As it happens, things aren’t going as planned. When the Going of Things is out of my control, it’s a matter of taking things as they come and doing the best we can.

News-wise, let’s chat about a few things!

Autumn Fire

This year has been a learning experience when it comes to creating small, affordable kits in large quantities for stitch-alongs. We’re definitely planning on some fun projects for next year, but we’ll be altering our approach a little bit. I still plan to have kits available. We have been improving our methods of sourcing, gathering, and preparing supplies.

Autumn Fire is a small embroidery project with Big Learning Potential. This project is going to focus on a number of aspects of needlework, including a freer form of design transfer, working with silk, color management, and, finally, preparing a project for framing and framing the project.

For those who want all the supplies in one tidy package, the kit will include the following: the design transfer pen that I prefer for this type of project, linen ground fabric, 2 colors of cotton embroidery thread and 5 colors of silk, needles, a specially cut mat, a backing board, and a full spool of lacing thread.

You supply hoop and scissors.

So that’s the kit that’s coming out. Anna and I have been working hard to prepare enough kits for this project launch, so that you aren’t left waiting for the next batch. The increased quantity of supplies has led us to a small supply chain issue, which is why we’re still waiting to launch the kit.

When will that be?! At this point, it looks like it will be mid-September. I’d love for it to happen on September 15th, but we won’t know for certain until our last little item arrives.

Tools, Too!

At the same time the kit launches, I’m adding some other things to the shop. These are items that have been waiting in the wings, so that shipping can be combined in an affordable way for those who need a few extras.

I’ve had requests for some hoop or frame options to be made available for the projects that we’re working on. When Autumn Fire launches, I’ll have two hoops available: the perfect size hoop for working the project and a nice hoop that the project fits in for finishing, for those who prefer to finish it – or other similar small projects – in a hoop.

I’ll also be adding one of my favorite affordable and highly recommended types of embroidery scissors to the shop at that time.

There’s another set of tools that will be out at the same time, but I’m going to talk about those in depth a bit later. They’re a problem-solving tool for me, and the fact that they are useful and beautiful makes them worth having at your side while you’re stitching.

And Books…

This year, I started carrying Giulana Buonpadre’s books.

Giuliana Buonpadre needlework books

Giuliana’s books are lovely, with sound, excellent instruction. I’m adding three more of her titles to the website. This will bring the total of her books available on Needle ‘n Thread to ten!

I especially like Punti a Giorno, which focuses on a vast array of drawn thread techniques that can be incorporated in all kinds of embroidery projects.

These will be available at the same time the kits launch.

And Fabric… and Thread

Finally, I’ll have All Three linen sample packs available at once in the shop!

Linen Fabric Sampler Packs

That’s right! The natural, white, and colored linen sampler packs will all be available at the same time. I’m rather proud of this massive feat of coordination. Thank you, Anna, for being the Cutting Queen!

And the Garden-Bright Floche pack will also be added to the shop again for this launch.


It’s going to be a rather large product increase all at one time, but I’m hoping that you find it more convenient and affordable, since we’ll be able to combine shipping for you on the things that you want.

Even though it seems like it’s all fun and games in the studio (and it is, depending on your outlook!), we’ve been working hard to get all this together. It’s been a fun challenge!

And… the New Studio Space – a Work in Progress

And at the same time, we’ve been preparing for moving to our new studio space.


These south-facing windows are slightly more problematic than I realized. When we started measuring off the space for furniture and shelving, we noticed that the front half of the space – towards the windows, where we’ll be doing most of our every day work – is like an oven in the summer.

We’ve been measuring and planning for window treatments. We’ll be installing wide slat blinds to help cut down on the heat and to add a little privacy while still allowing us to see outside and to control the incoming light.

We’re having some signage made for the door and the center window, too. Because it isn’t a storefront – it’s a private studio & workshop – we’re working on some subtle signage that will tell people what we are, without giving the impression that it’s a storefront with regular open hours.


Welcome to the studio bathroom! It’s the building highlight right now. It had to be re-framed to accommodate some difficulties in plumbing. So that’s still a bit raw, to say the least.

We’ve measured out for shelving and for two new work tables. I’ll devote an article to the work tables that I “splurged” on (actually, that I invested in). One thing I’ve learned over the years is that your work table is Super Important. We’ll chat about that!

So there’s your mid-week update on what’s going on in the studio here at Needle ‘n Thread.

Never a dull moment!

Thanks for your patience as we continue to improve, to work out logistics, and to get ourselves re-settled!


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(16) Comments

  1. That is a lot going on! Try not to make yourself crazy. As eager as I might be to see that Autumn Fire kit, it will keep.

  2. Everything sounds so exciting. I agree! How did we get to September. Anyone remember those warm summer days when you could sip iced tea and read a fun book? Me neither. I did get a lot of garden refreshing and problem areas replanted .
    I homeschool my grandson so I spent the morning creating all the necessary documents for state assessment. I would rather have a needle in my hand or be sitting at the sewing machine. Teaching the next generation is what we do.
    I enjoyed your thoughts and update.

  3. The last day of August – it’s 11 am in Southern California and the temperature is already 95 degrees with a forecast of 101 degrees. The weekend is supposed to be even hotter and the whole area is on fire watch. Ugh!
    Your new studio looks wonderful, including the roughed in bathroom. Can’t wait to see pictures when it’s finished.

    1. Thanks, Helen! I can’t wait to share photos when it is finally finished. The outside of the building probably won’t be addressed until spring, unfortunately, but as long as the inside is done this fall, we’ll be getting in there as soon as we can. Yes, it’s still hot out here in KS, too. Next week, we have a couple days forecasted at 98 – 100 degrees. Aaaargh!!!!

  4. You are one very busy Lady 🙂 So many wonderful ideas/creations going on. Your new shop will be a great work space. Have you thought about awnings for the front windows? Living in the hot south, l’ve realized that keeping the sun from shining on the glass helps keep rooms cooler, too. Good luck in your new adventures! Always enjoy your newsletters & learning something new.

    1. I would love awnings. I’ve talked about it with the landlord. It looks like he won’t be doing the outside of the building until spring, so in the meantime, I’m going to install solar shades.

  5. Such exciting developments, Mary! Congratulations and only the very best wishes to you and Anna. I can’t wait to see your lovely new workspace.

  6. Congratulations Mary!!!!! A lot of work but also renovation!!!! Changes are great for stimulating creativity. I know it’s exhausting, but it’s positive tiredness. May all your dreams come true as soon as possible. A big hug from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

  7. No wonder you’re feeling so far behind as it turns September! It will all come together somehow. I’m looking forward to seeing how you set up the shop, and *try* to let people know you aren’t a traditional needlework shop where they can buy threads, linen, and patterns. But I’d be prepared for some disappointed walk-ins for a while, no matter what kind of signs you put up.
    And no, you are not the only one feeling like it can’t be September already. I’m so over summer’s heat/humidity and weeding, yet not ready for it to be fall either.

  8. Congratulations on the (almost there) new studio. I wish you were closer to me; I’d come (with shared snacks) to watch and learn as you work.

    1. 🙂 And you would be most welcome! (Especially if you bring the snacks! LOL!) Come to think of it, we don’t do much snacking in the studio. It’s probably not a ritual I should introduce. It would get me in trouble!

  9. Hi, Mary! Just a thot about seating in your new studio. I just moved into a tiny “studio” apartment and badly needed a tall stool for sitting or standing at my sewing cutting table and for sitting at the computer or any normal table height. I found it at IKEA. It’s called LIDKULLEN and it’s $139. No arms or back, but I love the foot ring. There’s a film clip showing a cute guy sitting on it and adjusting it to the higher and lower heights. My sewing task chair does have a back. I would probably go to the Lazy-girl chair for serious embroidery, knitting or thinking. But I wanted to share my joy at finding the adjustable perch.

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