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Cherry Blossom Roundel from Jane Nicholas


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A long time ago, back in August of 2022, I reviewed Jane Nicholas’s latest embroidery book, Japanese Motifs in Stumpwork & Goldwork, which you can read about here.

Jane Nicholas is a professional embroiderer and embroidery designer from Australia. She’s instructed at the EGA (Embroiderers’ Guild of America) National Seminars and regional workshops, and she’s traveled around the world as a teacher. I’ve written about her pretty abundantly here on Needle ‘n Thread, too, reviewing many of her books, so many of you are likely familiar with her work.

Jane’s beautiful designs have a pristine, clear quality about them. They’re unmistakable – you can always recognize them as hers, even thought she draws from myriad styles of art.

Cherry Blossom roundel from Jane Nicholas

One of my favorite motifs from Japanese Motifs is the Cherry Blossom and Ladybird roundel. The book features many of these small roundels that are similar in style, with swirled florals, but I particularly love this cherry blossom!

And it Just So Happens that Jane is giving away (for free) the design and instructions for a similar cherry blossom roundel on her website now.

Jane Nicholas Cherry Blossom Roundel

While it’s slightly different in color and materials (and there’s no ladybug), it’s the same design, and a perfect way to try your hand at one of Jane’s motifs.

You can find the free Cherry Blossom Roundel from Jane Nicholas available here. I don’t know how long it will be available, so drop in a grab it today.

While you’re there, sign up for Jane’s email newsletter! Through her newsletter, you can keep up with her teaching schedule and her new projects. If she’s teaching in your neck of the woods, what a fabulous opportunity for you!

Thanks, Jane!

Coming Up on NnT

And so my friends, that kicks off this last week of February!

I’m working on the first Stitch Snippet for this year still. We’ve had delays in materials and I’ve had delays in being able to work on it. But wow – good vision makes a big difference!

We’re putting together new floche packs, so our work tables are piled with beautiful threads! That’s always exciting!

And both Anna and I have been working on the goldwork project with as much focus as possible, when we can. Whew. Time’s flying!

Many of you have asked about my house demolition and rebuilding. Today, I’m going to try to catch the rest of the main demolition, if I can get a break in from the studio. I’ve been posting some updates about the house on my personal profile on Facebook. If you’re interested in that whole project, that’s where I’ll post things about it when I can. Demolition is definitely a shocking thing, but it’s really fascinating, too. I’m intrigued and eager to watch the whole project develop. After all, it can’t be avoided, so I may as well enjoy the process somewhat, right?

I’ll catch you later this week with some project updates and the like! Have a wonderful Monday!

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  1. Thanks, Mary, for the link to Jane’s roundel. Also, it is very uplifting and celebratory news that your eye procedure was a success! Hoop Hoop Hooray!

    1. Thanks, Linda! I’m going to the eye doctor today for the follow up. I’m also planning on getting a new prescription for computer use. I can’t wait! LOL!

  2. Thank you for the heads-up on this incredible design! Jane Nicholas’ work is breathtaking. Even if I am just going to admire her designs. There is such satisfaction in looking at exquisitely done embroidery.
    I hope things go smoothly for your demolition. It must be overwhelming so you are in my prayers.

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