Little Embroidered Pumpkins


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I can’t help it. It’s October 31, and for some reason, my thoughts have turned to jack-o-lanterns. I think I’ve only ever embroidered two jack-o-lanterns, and although you may have seen these two guys before, I thought I’d dig ’em up for today…

Both of these fellows came from a set of pillow cases I embroidered last year – they were called “Opposite Faces Pillowcases.” The awake pillow case is full of laughing faces, and the asleep pillow case if full of sleeping faces.

Hand Embroidered Jack-o-Lantern

Here’s the wide-awake fellow – somewhat shocking to the little guy next to him.

Hand Embroidered Jack-o-Lantern

And the snoozer.

Have you ever seen such a peaceful pumpkin?! Completely out of character…!

So there’s my contribution to the day’s doings. I’m not sure if I should say “trick or treat” or “boo”….

Or boo hoo.

It’s been quite a hectic week on my end of things, but never fear. I’ll catch up this weekend! I think yesterday (Thursday) was the first daily post I’ve missed in a while! Sorry!!

Have a great weekend!


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  1. Hola María, he dado una visita por tu blog y es muy interesante, además de que esta lindo y todos los trabajos son espectaculares. Gracias por dejarnos ver lo que hacen tus manos bendecidas por Dios. Saludos y bendiciones. atte. Lorena de ´México.

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