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I learned to embroider when I was a kid, when everyone was really into cross stitch (remember the '80s?). Eventually, I migrated to surface embroidery, teaching myself with whatever I could get my hands on...read more

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Housewarming Party at Needle ‘n Thread: Gift Certificate Give-Away!


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This week, the “new” Needle ‘n Thread was launched, and the first week has slipped by very smoothly for the new website. I think it’s time for a housewarming party, and instead of you giving me gifts, I’m going to give you gifts – or at least, the opportunity to win a gift!

To celebrate the new Needle ‘n Thread, I’m giving away two gift certificates to Hedgehog Handworks! (Update, 2017: Hedgehog Handworks is no longer in business, as the owner has retired…)

Hedgehog Handworks Gift Certificate

Why gift certificates? I wanted to do something different with this give-away, because it’s a pretty special occasion for me. And I figured the give-away would be a win-win situation: I’d be able to have a party and give a gift, the winner would be able to anticipate the pleasure of new supplies, and the needlework shop would get some business.

Hedgehog Handworks has evolved into one of my favorite online embroidery shops, for a few reasons: 1. The stock – At Hedgehog, I always find the types of supplies I’m looking for, which are hard to find at most hand embroidery shops today; 2. The service is quick and friendly; 3. The prices are competitive.

Goldwork Supplies for Hand Embroidery

I get my goldwork supplies at Hedgehog, for the most part.

Floche Embroidery Thread

She has the whole range of cotton floche.

Fine D'Aubusson Wool for Hand Embroidery

She carries Fine D’Aubusson wool.

Renaissance Dyeing Wool for Hand Embroidery

Renaissance Dyeing Wool? The whole range!

Gilt Sylke Twist

Want some Gilt Sylke Twist? She’s got all the colors, again at a competitive price.

On top of threads, she’s got great fabric for hand embroidery, a wonderful selection of needlework books, and she even has slate frames and good embroidery hoops! And if you’re looking for a particular something (certain needles, for example) that you don’t see on the website, you can always contact Hedgehog – they might have it in stock!

Pretty much, if you’re into hand embroidery and you’ve wanted to try some other supplies, you can find something enticing at Hedgehog.

So, to celebrate my new online home, I’m giving away two gift certificates to Hedgehog Handworks: one for $50 and one for $25.

Give-Away Rules!

To be eligible to win either gift certificate, you have to follow the directions below! And being the meany that I am, I’m going to make you work for these prizes! (If I could insert an evil grin here, I would.)

The Rules

  • 1. Visit Needle ‘n Thread, browse through the website, and pick out at least one type of needlework item that you don’t have that you would like to try – it can be threads, accessories, fabrics, or anything – but it has to be something that I have actually talked about on Needle ‘n Thread!
  • 2. Leave a comment in the comment section on this give-away article on the website – not via e-mail, not on other articles – and include in that comment the URL (that’s the address line at the top of your browser) of an article here on Needle ‘n Thread that mentions this needlework item.
  • 3. You must include a name in the comment or in the “name” area of the comment form.
  • 4. Leave the comment by Tuesday, May 18th, at 5:00 am CST.
  • 5. I will announce the winner on Tuesday, May 18th. In order to receive your gift certificate, the winners must contact me with a valid e-mail address within 48 hours. The gift certificates will be delivered via e-mail once I hear from the winners.

For those of you who receive my daily e-mail, this is the link to the comment form on the today’s give-away article.



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(176) Comments

  1. Hi Mary!

    I think I’d like to look into trying some of the flat silks you mentioned back in 2007 on this post:
    Namely the Au ver a soie and the Eternasilks. I have some of the Eterna hanks at home, but never had any reason to use them yet and couldn’t find any more to widen the very limited range of colours I have.

    I was hoping to be able to get good silks in TW, but next to no-one’s interested in embroidering things themselves here, so supplies are very limited indeed. Better luck in Japan and Korea this summer, I hope!

    Thanks for your generosity in hosting this event (which I almost certainly won’t win!!)

  2. Hi Mary!
    I am so tempted to add more to my stash with your mention of goldthreads in the article “Goldwork Supplies A-Plenty!”
    I am thinking of trying goldwork soon. I already drawn the patterns. But I am still finishing current projects. you know how it is, so many things to stitch, so little time. ^_^


  3. I have never tried a stumpwork project. That is on my list of things to learn about. That and goldwork are the things I would like to try soon.

  4. Wow! I couldn’t decide between Fine D’Aubusson Wool and Renaissance Dyeing Wool. Since I have no wool threads, I would love to have some of each. You got me started doing Crewel Work after a long (many, many years) time of not doing any because of the cost of thread. I sure hope I win so I can get some.


  5. I have never had a good hoop or frame and think I could do better embroidery if I had one. But, I really need to spend a lot more time practicing. Thank you for all you do. moggi

  6. That pomegranate, it just killed! I’m not sure – scratch that, I know I don’t have the skill set to stitch that yet. But at the same time, I watched your step by step and I’ve gotten delusions of grandeur and if I were lucky enough to win a gift certificate I’d use it to buy materials for this project.


    I’ve only done the most basic of free style embroidery but your blog is a constant inspiration.

  7. Hi
    I would really like to buy some Ed Mar threads and a kit so I can really get into Brazilian embroidery. This embroidery is so beautiful. They look dainty. I could really get into to this if I had all the supplies. I wanted to let you know that I’ve already tried the floche I found at the second hand store and it is wonderfull to work with. Anyway, I hope I win.

  8. Hi mary,

    I could have picked anything on here, truly, except for the renaissance threads:-)

    But i have really been looking for decent silk threads so your mention of these beautiful silk threads made me tingle. The design was right up my alley too.

    Thanks for your efforts


  9. Hello Mary,
    Such a wonderful giveaway you are doing. It will be a tough decision. lol
    One thought I have on this is if I should win, getting a slate frame.
    I have always wanted to get one but haven’t done it yet.
    Another thought would be some silk and wool threads.
    Soie d’Alger or Crewel Wool
    Another thought is to buy some more Goldwork supplies.
    I had read this article when you posted it and eventually ordered me a little bit of some of the different items.
    Here you can see what I purchased.
    Just a beginning, need to get more. lol
    So if I happen to be a lucky winner, I will choose one of these three things to purchase.
    Thelma Bradshaw

  10. Oh! What a wonderful Housewarming gift, Mary! I keep thinking about your beautiful rooster and would love to give it a try! The colors of the wool threads are absolutely to die for!

  11. What a great generosity, Mary! A gify certificate from one of the best on-line shops!!! Thank you so much.
    It’s hard to choose one type of needlework item among so many you’ve talked about…
    When I read this https://needlenthread.wpengine.com/2008/07/slate-frames-for-hand-embroidery-yippee.html I wished a slate frame, then I read this https://needlenthread.wpengine.com/2008/07/evertite-stretcher-bar-frames-for.html and wished an Evertite strecher bar frame that looks handier
    When I read this https://needlenthread.wpengine.com/2009/08/fantastic-news-from-hedgehog-handworks.html I did wish to have your goldwork (and silk) supplies for a goldwork project and just to name one more of my wishes I read this https://needlenthread.wpengine.com/2010/02/blackwork-threads-lost-found-and.html and wished to have 8 (eight!)thicknesses of pure silk threads in black!!! and I can go on and on…
    So Mary your website is a “big box” of dreams and this is sooooo good I’m so thankful to you!

  12. Hi Mary!
    I have fallen in love with Goldwork and especially your stylized pomegranate. The project appeals to me because I love the deep rich colors (and Sheen!) of the silk combined with the metallic threads. I will design my own pattern as that is part of the fun, but yor ideas are fantastic!
    I want to thank you for the high quality of your instructions and especially for your kind and prompt responses to my questions. Your generosity amazes and delights me. Thank you!
    I am currently working on a gold brickwork Roman Fleuree cross sampler, but I want to move on to the padded burden stitches and Or Nue! It is time to start investing in all the really great goldwork supplies!

  13. Wow! The website looks really great!
    I guess it has to be the cotton floche. It is hard to pick, but that just sounds super and I NEED to try it. 🙂 Thanks for offering the give-away.

  14. Hello Mary
    Having recently restarted my old old hobby of embroidering, can I dream big and wish I could acquire everything I read about on your site?
    Why, oh why, did I waste so many years….
    But I must focus and establish priorities – the goldwork you mention:
    would look beautiful on my forthcoming crazy quilt, but your whitework write-up:
    reminds me of my longstanding intention of making a 3.5m linen tablecloth, and your silk shading:
    makes me go out to buy threads…
    A big THANK YOU for your wonderful write-ups, photos, videos, references, etc. and OBVIOUSLY, the inspiration you provide!
    Celia (Portugal)

  15. THANK YOU!
    You are a blog I read and re-read whenever posted. I come here to look up references. The new website is truly a work of art and an priceless gift to the needlework community. I am truly green with envy over your talents and wish I could blog and stitch like you.

    Oh this contest is too easy I have these bookmarked these pages so when I get ready to order I can go right to them as a reference.Goldwork and stumpwork are my two techniques to study this year.And my list is long, but 1-2-3, I win!

    1st I want a Hardwicke frame, you have written about them several times but my favorite is: https://needlenthread.wpengine.com/2009/07/embroidery-hoop.html

    2nd is Legacy Linen Twill, I need to order some of this too. The Pomogranate used this material: https://needlenthread.wpengine.com/2010/02/two-down-two-to-go-and-wheres-my-black.html

    3rd Gold threads and you have written about these many times from July 3, 2006 https://needlenthread.wpengine.com/2006/07/goldwork-another-good-source.html to April of this year… https://needlenthread.wpengine.com/2010/04/church-embroidery-step-by-step-agnus.html or https://needlenthread.wpengine.com/2010/04/church-embroidery-step-by-step-agnus.html

    Thank you again for all you do for the needlework community.

  16. Hi, Mary

    Thanks for this wonderful opportunity!! So very generous of you.

    Evertite Stretcher Bar Frames for Embroidery and Canvas Work
    was the title of your post some time back and have been yearning to get hold of those. I have never used a stretcher frame and did your Needle painting lessons using a round frame. This is one accessory I would definitely like to try out someday

  17. I’m really enjoying your new site. I can lose myself for long periods of time – delightful, but not always a good thing because then I’m not working on my own projects. I’d love to be considered for your giveaway. Being a threadaholic, there are many fibers like the Gilt Sylke Twist and Renaissance Wool that I’d like to try. I’ve included some primitive stump work in some of my crazy quilting, and would like to do more work in this area. And though I don’t think you’ve talked about it yet, I’m fascinated by tambour work, and I see that Hedgehog carries tambour needles. And then there’s floche and silk and . . . Thank you for all the good work you’re doing for we stitchers.
    Nancy Larsen

  18. Hmm…what *don’t* I want that I don’t already have? Two items in particular stand out:

    Soie Ovale, which you mentioned in your very useful comparison of flat silks (https://needlenthread.wpengine.com/2007/02/comparing-flat-silks-for-hand.html), and the book “Eighteenth Century Embroidery Techniques” (https://needlenthread.wpengine.com/2007/09/embroidery-book-review-18th-century.html). I want to use silk floss on my next project, and I love drooling over richly embroidered clothes of the past.

    Your blog has been inspirational and hugely useful—I used your information on Solvy to assist me in selecting and using stabilizer for my current project, which is to be marked today so I can start the actual stitching.

  19. I am just starting embroidery. I have only done two projects, a gnome pillow for my niece, and now I am working on a wall hanging for my sister who is getting married. I’ve learned so much at this site!

    Honestly I think that the one thing I would like to try is silk.
    https://needlenthread.wpengine.com/2007/07/embroidery-threads-twisted-silk-samples.html These look beautiful compared to Dmc floss lol.
    I have been using dmc, and while it works for what I need it to, I am anxious to work on a project that requires more creativity! I am also interested in working an embroidery kit, and trying my hand at some needle painting!

    Ok this post is way too long, sorry! lol

  20. The new blog is fabulous; I like that you kept the same basic format, but changed the colors. The one embroidery technique that I have always wanted to try is Goldwork. I don’t know of a LNS that carries supplies for this technique, so have never given it a shot, but winning supplies could easily push me into that direction.

  21. Dear Mary,

    Your new website has grown up! It looks great! I have told so many of my stitching friends about your instructional videos that they think I’m your pr manager, a job I would be happy to fill. I have learned a lot from your site and from your teaching, it was exactly what I needed.

    I wold like to learn more about goldwork, specifically chip work. I love “sparklies” and this would just do the trick. My favorite piece has been the pomegranate you just finished. I would really like to try something like that.

    Please enter me in your giveaway contest, so that I may be eligible to win the give certificate for supplies.


  22. Beautiful site, Mary. Definitely worth the wait! I am particularly impressed by the overall aesthetics and the organization and ease of navigation.

    Your pages on the pomegranate goldwork project have intrigued me because the materials are just so lovely by themselves and the finished piece is simply exquisite! https://needlenthread.wpengine.com/2010/03/goldwork-embroidery-smooth-passing.html

    I’ve made up my mind that it’s time for me to jump in to this genre of handwork. I can’t wait to get started and the gift certificate from Hedgehog Handworks will be a great help.

    Congrats again on the launch of your new blog format!


    I can’t wait to see what’s next.

  23. I was delighted with your road trip project https://needlenthread.wpengine.com/2006/12/hand-embroidery-projects-stitching-on.html and you update on it https://needlenthread.wpengine.com/2006/12/embroidery-project-progress-report.html . We travel a lot and without my embroidery I would die of boredom, but a complex project requires so much paraphanalia. This sort of project is ideal and the use of lines, colors and stitches looks so joyful and fun. Not to mention a wonderful way to make distinctive gifts from whatever is on hand. Thanks so much for this idea

  24. Hi Mary,

    I would love to try d’Aubusson fine wool, for crewel embroidery. Here in France, they sell it at a huge price. It would be – if I am lucky – a great opportunity to test it.
    Have a nice week-end,
    Coeur de freesia

  25. Since I first started reading your site, I’ve been trying to work up the nerve to do satin stitching, especially since I started looking into some historical needlework projects that have some really beautiful satin stitching. I still haven’t decided if I want to use soie d’alger thread (as you’ve talked about here: https://needlenthread.wpengine.com/2006/10/silk-on-silk-satin-stitch-complete.html) or try using a flat silk like soie ovale (https://needlenthread.wpengine.com/2007/03/comparing-flat-silks-for-hand.html). Maybe I’ll try both to see what I like best!

  26. The new blog is great! Much more usable – and prettier too.
    I would love to try some things with cotton floche. (See what you’ve done? I’m very new to embroidery, but I already have a small pile of unfinished objects because I’m so easily distracted by new things I see on your blog!)
    I’d like to try a multi color floche fern border on a deer Assisi project I’m working on, since the one color of green isn’t winning me over. I have a tote bag that I keep my knitting in that could use a colorful monogram. Or maybe I could even (don’t laugh) knit a thin bookmark out of floche, since it’s not divisible.
    Here’s the link where I first learned about cotton floche, and started dreaming…

  27. I am very new to embroidery and only just joined your newletter, but I like to start out BIG so I want to try needle painting with silk embroidery floss, which you mentioned in your recent 5/13 newsletter about vintage silks, linens and embroidery. Also, since I am a collector of anything vintage I found the article very educational as is your entire website. Thanks Mary for so much information! I will save every one of your newsletters from now on, in a binder to review them for year’s to come.


  28. OK, I stumbled across your old blog a few weeks ago and now I’m hooked. I had to start a list…it’s getting too long. But I’m starting on some drawn thread work, now that you have shown how to take care of the threads here.. https://needlenthread.wpengine.com/2009/01/drawn-thread-tutorial-on-reweaving.html
    and one of the next things on my list is some crewel work, I remember watching my Mother doing some when I was very young. So some wool would be great. This was my inspiration –
    And the list goes on….

    So whenever I have time, I go browsing through some of the older stuff on your website and was wondering if you ever finished this – https://needlenthread.wpengine.com/2006/12/embroidery-project-progress-report.html – or is it in the UFO box?

  29. I would love to try Danish Flower Thread, I am working on a wool crazy quilt and I think that thread would lend itself well to the wool, the flat color instead of a sheen to it. Thanks for sharing. and BTW, I LOVE YOUR NEW LOOK.

  30. Dear Mary,
    Your new site is very nice and easy to navigate. I always look forward to your emails.
    The one tool that I would like to learn to use is a laying tool. I am facinated with thread painting, but have done very little and I believe this tool would be useful but perhaps challenging to learn to use. The post where you discussed this is the following:
    https://needlenthread.wpengine.com/2007/09/embroidery-tools-best-laying-tool.html. It may also be useful in picture smocking where you also want multiple threads to lay side by side. Anyway, I would like to try to see if it would help perfect the technique. Thanks for the opportunity to learn so much on your site.

  31. https://needlenthread.wpengine.com/2007/07/embroidery-threads-twisted-silk-samples.html

    I’m a beginner, and your tips are really helping me – thankyou! Those silks are really tempting, but what I’d pobably get is a range of colours for your long & short stitch tutorial and a hoop if possible as I’m using a cheap plastic one (https://needlenthread.wpengine.com/2009/07/embroidery-hoop.html)

    Thank you again for your very useful site!

  32. Hi Mary-
    There are several I haven’t tried, and I want to say goldwork, but I am SO attracted to blackwork. I love the simple patterns especially, like the cuffs and collars I’ve seen in paintings. I’m afraid I won’t have the patience! I’ve done teeny bits of Holbein stitch, but never a full piece of patternwork.I have always been drawn to black & white in expressive arts.
    thank you!
    Cindy Baxter

  33. Mary, I really love your new website, especially the search feature and the thumbnails on the pattern page. How generous of you to offer this giveaway to 2 people. One item, aside from linen twill for crewel embroidery, that you were so excited about was the Gilt Silke Twist. Watching your progress on the strawberry using GSW, https://needlenthread.wpengine.com/2008/04/gilt-sylke-twist-strawberry-all-filled.html . The gold looked just like the seeds on a strawberry. Thank you for entering my name – Happy stitching! Dianne in UT

  34. This is an easy one for me. You’ve talked about slate frames so much that you’ve convinced me that for larger projects they’re the best way to go. I want to stitch a stumpwork sampler and I think using a slate frame would work better at keeping the tension just right that using a large hoop.

    Thanks for all that you do – not just this give away but for all your step by step tutorials too!


  35. This was very hard to pick out of all your wonderful work. I am a beginner so I picked Gold work on Crazy Quilting because I want to learn CQ I am really enjoying your blog. Thank you for sharing all this great info.

  36. Hi Mary! What a wonderful give-away! My absolute favorite is your little red felt needle book. I just love the swirly bits and all those stitches.So, here’s the URL:
    The things I would get with the gift certificate are threads! I never ever stitched with silk and I wonder what it would be like. You always tell us it’s your favorite thread, so I would order the Soie d’Alger, and Caron threads too. And now I just wait! And hope!
    Thanks so much!
    Gwen Kok, Dordrecht, the Netherlands.

  37. I really appreciate this site. I have been working on a stamped embroidery and saw directions for a stitch and I did not understand them at all. I came on-line to look for directions that I could understand to learn this stitch. (the chain stitch) I discovered this site and was really happy that I did. It has been so beneficial to me.

    My goal is to learn all of the stitches on this site. https://needlenthread.wpengine.com/videos
    After that, I will try to move on to the more advanced work on this site.



  38. Dear Mary,
    Your new site is just beautiful and Happy House Warming! I am just embarking on embroidering again and of course, need everything. But, I was really taken by the Gilt Sylke Twist thread that I learned about with your strawberry at https://needlenthread.wpengine.com/2008/04/embroidered-strawberry-completed.html. I also need a good hoop to start and your page on what to look for was great @
    Wishing you all the best and look forward to each and every newsletter. Thank you!!

  39. Hi Mary – – What a great idea to start off your new Blog, I am new to your site & also needlework. I enjoyed reading your post of slate frames.I was happy to see that you could buy them, I thought I might have to make one. I have enjoyed the blog on the Blackwork Fish, I am very interested in starting a Blackwork project of my on, I thing it will be a sampler. Just a PS the 18et is my birthday

  40. Mary, you gift us every day! And I certainly agree with you…Hedgehog is great! I have wanted to try their Gilt Sylke Twist every since you mentioned it in your post about silk purl. https://needlenthread.wpengine.com/2009/07/new-old-metal-thread-silk-purl-have-you.html But, I am also pinning over their slate frames and all of those gorgeous threads!! What a torturous gift this would be!! But, I’m willing to endure the pain….what a prize once I made up my mind! Thank you so much for your generosity…regardless of who wins! We are all winners for just viewing your blog!

  41. Oh Mary…

    How tempting! And I probably won’t have any space to carry back more on the airplane this summer IF I win – but I’ll manage somehow…

    My gift certificate would be used on gold work supplies. No doubt about it – that’s the next technique I want to learn.

    First pearl purl to ad a sparkle to the silk things I have planned.

    and then passing thread…

    I just can’t wait to try gold work but am not going to attempt it until I have an Evertite frame so my fabric stays tight and I don’t ruin such expensive supplies! Ah, so much to look forward to!

    Have a great Sunday!

  42. You have shared so many ideas of things I would love to try.

    1.The luscious wool thread I would die to try.
    2. You segment on good embroidery hoops. How to wrap them properly. Mine all all inexpensive ones that I have tried the wrapping method which has helped.

    Please keep u[ what you are doing we all live through your experiences!

  43. Dear Mary,
    You are very naughty! My heart is torn between Mr Fish and his sidekick Mr Seahorse, Mr Rooster and the Pomegranate! I have never done blackwork, or goldwork and only a little crewelwork. I am fascinated with the goldwork on the Pomegranate but alas goldwork supplies are not readily available here, so maybe I can do something about it if I am lucky. Thanks for this wonderful opportunity to take part in the competition. May you have many more wonderful embroidery ideas for us in the future. xxx 🙂

  44. https://needlenthread.wpengine.com/2008/09/goldwork-project-i-learned-new.html.

    I was mesmerised by the tutorial on Couching Pearl Purl with the Auver a Soie’s Soie d’ Alger. Firstly I had never heard of Pearl Purl or the couching thread or even such a technique. I was just amazed and the finished article was outstanding. Now that “Inspirations” magazine here in Australia had a goldwork project in their last magazine, I think I would be able to do it, with the aid of your tutorials. Thank you, I just love the daily emails to see what your up to next. Edith Rice

  45. Hi Mary – I just stumbled upon your website the other day and am awestruck – what a wonderful treasure trove – thank you so much for sharing your wonderful creativity and passion for needlearts!

    I am always drawn to color and gold and love the combination offered in the Gilt Sylke Twist that you discussed while creating this elegant strawberry and blossom:


    And thank you for directing attention to Hedgehog Handworks – they’ll be hearing from me soon whether I win or not!

    Happy Stitching!

  46. I would get a slate frame and Soie de Alger Silk thread. I have never worked with either as they tend to be out of my price range, but I would love to try. I would also like to try working on some fabric that isn’t cheapo michaels or joannes fabric. I love the new site.

  47. I am not sure how to do the URL I’m not particularly savvy with computers, so I entered my Website and hope that will work. I am actually studying the “How To” section of your site which I’m fascinated with. At 69 nothing too much excites me but this does.

    Now I would love a gift certificate from Hedgehog Handiworks so I can learn the difference in the feel of the threads and linen.

    In order to do that I have to purchase the items and this way I can order not just a couple of items at a time but the whole kit and kaboodle of $50.00. Imagine that!

  48. Wonderful housewarming gift, Mary! Since I’ve really been itching to try some crewel embroidery, the linen twill fabric and Renaissance wool threads come to mind, first, and then I’d have to add the Flowers for Elizabeth book. Then, it occurred to me, the ULTIMATE stash lust I’d love to try: Gilt Sylke Twist! Even if I don’t win, it was fun to review your posts and dream. Thanks for the chance!

  49. I would like to try the diamond drawn thread stitch shown at:


    I have been taught some stitches by M.Arroyo from Porto Rico and would really like to begin another project this summer between semesters after work during the evenings.

    Hedgehog Handiwork looks like a great supplier of needlework supplies.

    Thank you for the opportunity to receive a gift at your housewarming – your new home (website) is lovely, Mary Marshall

  50. Dear Mary,
    Congrats on your new page! It looks great and is also easy to navigate when looking for projects. I have so many projects that I’d like to work on from your site, but here are the two that I’d like to work on first.
    1.I’d like to work with crewel wool so the crewel embroidery is something I’m looking forward to working on.
    2.I also want to work on embroider some flour sack towels and infact I have purchased a couple of them. I like this pattern specifically.

    Thanks for the opportunity to win such a great gift card! I’m sure it will be a great gift for anyone who wins it!

  51. Hi Mary The new site is great the needlenthredad in red beige really pops.:) I’d luv to get some goldwork or maybe add to my GT collection its now an expensive obssession so prety. I’ve been following you site for almost 2 yrs. My favorite as of late has to be the pomegranite with all the gold work. I hope you pick me if not I will continue look forward to all of your words of wisdom. Truly Stacey

  52. Hiya ! I am so excited for you and the new website. It looks just lovely ! Also, since this is my first comment, I would like to thank you for all the hard work you do and for sharing it with us and teaching us. You’ve been a big help to me and to others.


  53. Dear Mary, I didn’t do the give away assignment in my comment because I work for a needle shop and so it would not be fair to others if I did. I just wanted to congratulate you. 🙂

  54. https://needlenthread.wpengine.com/2010/03/revisiting-crewel-embroidery-supplies.html

    After agonising whether it would be the cotton floche or the Renaissance Dyeing Wool, I have decided. I love Jacobean style embroidery and have done some but only with stranded cotton. To acquire enough wool for a stash so that I can ‘do’ crewel work is beyond my current budget. I read your comparisons of various crewel wools and am heeding your recommendation. So the Renaissance Dyeing Wool it is!

  55. You are such an unbelievably generous person… not only sharing your wealth of knowledge and experience in needleworks but giving gifts on top of it! I’ve been looking around again, lusting over silk and gold threads but I always return to wool. I’ve only done embroidery in cotton, but I’d love to work with fine wool threads for a historically inspired project. So, the article here https://needlenthread.wpengine.com/2010/01/comparison-of-wool-threads-for-crewel.html would be my choice any time.
    And congrats again on the new site – it’s even more fun to browse through all those helpful videos and articles. Thumbs up for thumbnails 😉

  56. Thanks Mary for this wonderful opporturnity to win a ‘housewarming gift.” I had a hard time choosing just one link – your website is chock full of inspriration! I love these two book reviews in particular and have added them to my wish list. https://needlenthread.wpengine.com/2010/02/embroidered-flowers-for-elizabeth-book.html and
    Then there is the rooster project! https://needlenthread.wpengine.com/2010/04/crewel-embroidery-project-step-by-step.html
    I would love to learn how to do crewel embroidery like this! This was such a beautiful instructive project on techniques and the wools used.

  57. I absolutely love the new site! The old one was not bad but this is phenomenal! The house warming give-away is not fair! To state one thing I would like to try? Impossible! Since finding you online I have been collecting Trish Burr books, I would like to try a project of hers. Also, I would love to get my hands on some of the fabrics you mention. It is my hope to read your articles, make a list of supplies and try to go to a store and actually compare some of these things. I prefer to shop online, but, I would just like to see the items you discuss. Living in Chicago I would hope there would be a better embroidery store – my favorite place shut down after 20+ years and I am so upset. I am so motivated to get onto my stitching. So my answer is = I would like to try needlepainting and to discover new supplies like threads in silk and wools, needles, even to get a base of supplies so when I retire I have all on a limited budget! Makes me look forward to retirement! Thank you for your kindness, guidance and generosity! You are my mentor. If I am to include just one URL it would be Trish Burr of any kind but could list 100!

  58. Hi Mary,

    This is my first post after you moved to your new look website… I missed ur newsletter for so long that after a few days I gave up checking my mailbox so as to avoid disappointment! Very happy and excited to catch up on you again! You Rock!!! I find the site very user friendly, and very resourceful for beginners. It is a fantastic idea to add preview to your video tutorials. So glad to see the site more organised. Thanks a lot for that Mary!

    And what a fantastic celebration!! You have once again proved how generous you are, and how much efforts you take for your readers. Compared to that, ours is a small (and pleasurable) task of browsing your website to answer the give-away question

    Ever since I started following your Goldwork Pomegranate, I badly wanted to try out stitching with gold threads. I wish to experience how it would be to work with metal threads, esp gold. And the variety of threads which you have used in the project, especially pearl purl and chipwork filling, are the most fascinating for me which I want to try.

    And as always, i wish I would be lucky atleast this time (but with the ever increasing fan base for your site, it is almost improbable for this to happen though )

  59. Hi Mary,
    Love the new site! The new colors are cool.

    A Needlework System 4 Workstation is high on my wish list.

    Thank you for sharing your embroidery knowledge with us.

  60. At first I was a little taken aback by the new design of your web site (are we all not just so comfortable with the familiar?), but once I realized how much better it is organized, I love it! And I love the new look too!
    Anyway, even though this wonderful house-warming gift is for gift certificates to Hedgehog Handworks (I have purchased from them too and really like the site and the items), I so much want to get some of renaissance crewel wool. I was keeping my fingers crossed for the “Give-Away! Crewel Wool by Renaissance Dyeing Company”, to no avail. As I mentioned in my comment for that give-away, I am planning a surface embroidery of my son’s house, with some animals and a tree-of-life, and the colors in the crewel wools by Renaissance Dyeing Company would fit perfectly. Hedgehog Handworks have these wools too, so now I am getting another chance of getting my project started!
    I am not sure if you want the URL in the comments – if so this is the one: https://needlenthread.wpengine.com/2010/03/give-away-crewel-wool-by-renaissance.html, or in the “Website” box under my email address box (I entered it there too, I do not have a web site).
    Happy stitching and thanks for your ideas, tips and sharing your experience

  61. There are soooo many things on your site that I have never tried. It was hard to decide on one thing. I guess I’ll go with the basics. I have done cross stitch (although I have seldom finished the entire project!) smocking and am really interested in heirloom embroidery techniques. That’s why I decided on a really nice embroidery hoop. I have had some cheap plastic ones that mom gave me, but I’ve never invested in a really nice one.
    I love your site!

  62. Hi Mary

    After alot of thought it would have to be Legacy Linen, Alba Maxima. I’d like to embroider a full-size tablecloth (whitework, with drawn thread) for my mother’s teak dining room table…Now that’s alot of linen!


  63. Dear Mary,
    What an awesome opportunity! One never dreams about winning supplies, and it took much thinking and planning. My decision would be to order some gold work threads like the ones you used in the Pomegranate design. I followed your work daily and would hope to one day work such an opulent project. I bookmarked your final page on this project so that I could go back for more information on gold thread as needed. The proper use of gold thread had always been an area of interest but also an area with mystery attached. You did a wonderful job- as you do with everything needlework. I thank you for this opportunity and will look forward to more information on your website!
    Peg Foy

  64. Hi Mary,
    First of all I think you are so generous to have such a great giveaway for your housewarming party. Your enthusiasm for beautiful embroidery projects is so contagious. I am especially interested in this technique that you used on the body of the lamb on Agnus Dei and it looks so realistic.https://needlenthread.wpengine.com/2007/04/embroidery-project-update-almost.html. I also really love the new website. I was a little reluctant at first when you announced the new look, but I am enjoying the new organization that I find here on the projects. My gift back to you is sharing the site with friends. Thanks, Mary Ann

  65. Oh,my goodness!!! I am a new one to your site and have just been receiving your newsletter recently. Your new site is awesome!! I am teaching myself to embroider. I did a little as a small girl but had no one in my family to help me along. Gave it up and now in my 50’s I am trying to learn! I love the beautiful threads!!!! The pastel rainbow of colors. So I hope I win and can have the pretty threads and maybe some needles.
    Thank-you and God Bless,
    Janet Lee Monnett

  66. Mary,

    I absolutely love your site. I have been teaching myself how to embroider since falling in love with crazy quilting and your video library of stitches has been so helpful. Since I am a diehard quilter with limited time, I have been trying not to get into other areas of needlework, but your article about goldwork in crazy quilting has really inspired me to want to give it a try. https://needlenthread.wpengine.com/2009/01/goldwork-on-crazy-quilt-square-several.html I would love to win so I could get some supplies. Thanks for your awesome site!

  67. Gold passing couched over flat silk on the Agnus Dei. Very good description of how to work with gold – especially plunging and securing. Good reference listed (Ruth Chamberline’s Beginners guide to Goldwork). I plan to get it as I am working on eclesiatical embroidery.

    Would love to have any goldwork materials!

  68. https://needlenthread.wpengine.com/2010/04/crewel-embroidery-project-step-by-step.html

    Congrats on the website overhaul. We can’t see where you picked out the stitches!

    I’ve mostly worked counted thread styles, and have been heavily into the complex double running bands of the late 1500s/early 1600s, but long long ago I first cut my teeth on crewel. I recently lucked into a magnificent Elsa Williams pattern on linen, in perfect condition. But I’ve got no stash of fine wool thread with which to begin. I was intrigued by your rooster project, in which you wrote at length about the various threads you used along with their properties. I’d love to try some of the D’Aubusson, and would appreciate a head start on accumulating a sufficient palette to begin my “Stuart I” cloth. Thanks again for the inspiration! -kbsalazar

  69. I have enjoyed browsing through your site – I caught up with it via Facebook. I think I will have to try the Solvy transfer method you described at .

    I’d also never heard of Colbert Embroidery before – where does it come from? How long has it been around?

    I really like the clean lines of your embroidery designs. I can see that I will be browsing through this site for awhile!

    I was also delighted to see you supporting Hedgehog Handworks – one of my favorite shopping places, too!

  70. Hi Mary,
    I was thrilled to see the Church Embroidery from April 23rd 2010. I have been asked to redo and out of date wedding banner. It is done in turquoise and gold. So learning how to secure the threads of gold, and the passing. Oh heck all of it was great! I would love to be able to use better threads for it. All I have been able to use is Treasure braid.
    Thanks for offering to chance to win.
    Deb Fick

  71. Love the new site! I think the amount of good stuff I have found already via the search function is going to get me in trouble though. That being said…
    As a beginner at embroidery (and a long time fabric hoarder) I find the the really fine linens super daunting and yet FAR too attractive. It’s hard to justify that level of material when you’re really not sure of your work, but by the same token showcasing beautiful materials is a big part of the whole point of the thing for me. And also.. linen!
    And so the post I picked was this one on comparing several different kinds of fine linen.
    Thank you for doing all of this! You’ve opened up so many new interests for me. The site is (and has long been) wonderful.

  72. Mary, I went back to the first mention I could find of goldwork in your columns and then back-tracked to learn as much as possible. In that first column you talked about Tracy A. Franklin’s book on goldwork. I also went to Amazon.com and researched the book. It had a 5 star rating & is full of wonderful information and pictures. I want to learn to do goldwork because I eventually want to do eclesiastical embroidery but I also want to learn so that I may make a gorgeous velvet, lace and highly embellished crazy quilt.

  73. Way back in 2006, you made a needle book which was beautiful. And since I don’t own a needle book, I’d make one of those. I’ve got doodles to choose from in my sketches ….. or make a new one special for this. And since I have never tried goldwork, I think I would take the plunge and try goldwork for this little project to get my feet wet.

  74. Just wanted to say that this website has always been a great embroidery resource..I’m a beginner and find the videos are very helpful.

    Mary, you are so generous with your houswarming give-away..Now that I am almost ready to start a real project, having proper embroidery needles would be really nice. https://needlenthread.wpengine.com/2008/03/embroidery-needles.html
    Thank you and congratulations on the new website, it looks fantastic!!!

  75. https://needlenthread.wpengine.com/2009/01/goldwork-on-crazy-quilt-square-several.html I see that I am not the only one to use this URL. Great minds think alike!

    I just spent three days at a CQ gathering in OKC, OK, learning about beading for CQ (new CQ technique for me), and that is why both of these articles appeal to me.

    Goldwork fascinates me and seeing it used in CQ is very exciting. I will go look at Hedgehog Handworks to see how much Goldwork supplies cost and hope that I win one of the gift certificates, especially since next Sunday is my 55th birhtday (shameless plug, I know)!!!

    Another Needle ‘n Thread article that is interesting to me, as a crazy quilter, is the book review about ribbon embroidery and stumpwork. As with goldwork, I’ve not seen stumpwork on CQ–at least, I didn’t recognize it if I did see it!

    Either of these techniques would be an asset to the challenge CQ quilt I am planning. 12 diamond blocks, set on point, with woven ribbon sashing. Each block will be focused on a month of the year, with the center piece of each block being the embroidered (silk ribbon) flower for that month. I have the fabric, most of the embellishments and ribbon, and most of the other supplies but Goldwork or Stumpwork supplies, I do not have. The challenge is called CQ by 2012, which means we have to have a finished CQ by the end of 2012.

    Thanks for this opportunity.

  76. Hi Mary! I have long had my eye on several goldwork projects, and would like to start purchasing the gilt and 2% gilt gold to work some (or one) of them. If I have to pick just one (otherwise I guess we would all be here for too long) it would be different sizes of pearl purl. You talk about pearl purl at:
    Congratulations on your new site! And thanks for the opportunity to win a gift certificate to Hedgehog Handworks!

  77. Goldwork would be the order of the day, were I to win the gift certificate. Your pomegranate, the frogs in the new Inspirations, and the new book based on tiles, have all piqued my interest.
    I love the new site! but then, I have a definite bias toward WordPress anyway 🙂
    Thanks again for all the work you put into your site and blog.

  78. Hi Mary,
    Your new website is lovely! I had a chance to visit http://www.threadneedlestreet.com/ shortly before you did last summer and I agree with your assessment. It is a really nice and friendly store. I bought a copy of Twixt Art and Nature there and some Legacy linen, gold spangles, gold passing thread and various silk threads that I will use in teaching myself Elizabethan embroidery in the style of Faith, the embroidered jacket started at the Plimoth Plantation and continued by the women at Thistle Threads. I love that style of embroidery. Thanks for all the wonderful info contained in your site! Lynn Stiglich

  79. What a lovely thought to give away a house warming gift. You truly are marvelous!

    Looking through your updated website I saw & read about so many goodies that I would like. However I kept returning to the one thing I would love – a great slate frame or stretcher bars. You mention how to use these in several spots & I am amazed at how you dress the slate frame. https://needlenthread.wpengine.com/2010/01/its-crewel-crewel-world.html has more recent comments about their use and guidance of what to look for when buying.

    Thanks Mary & Congratulations!

    Linda A

  80. Hi Mary,
    I’ve been away on holiday for a few weeks and hence haven’t been able to read your mail for a little while. I very much like your new “face”, although I also enjoyed the old one.
    Would love to win your new give-away. If I did, I think I would like to buy Susan O’Connor’s book: “Embroidered Flowers for Elizabeth” which you reviewed under the same title in your website. I would also like to try my hand at using wool as I have only ever used DMC stranded cotton.

    Your website really makes me dream of the day when I will be able to produce something really nice and a little bit more sophisticated than crossstitch samplers or baby’s sheets/towels.

  81. G’day Mary,

    BEETLE WINGS! Yes, I’m shouting. I couldn’t believe my luck as I browsed back before ‘my time’.
    Well, I do own beetle wings but not the type you use for embroidery. Mine are finds displayed in shaddow boxes or stored in shoe boxes along with feathers, leaves, shells, interesting bits of bark or seaweed etc.


    Thank you and Hedgehog Handworks for this beaut opportunity.

    Cheers, Kath

  82. Greeting Mary, Thank you so much for what you do with your website! I look so forward every morning to your email! I am very intrigued with the Estense Embriodery.https://needlenthread.wpengine.com/2010/05/estense-embroidery-book-review.html?utm_source=feedburner&utm_medium=feed&utm_campaign=Feed%3A+needlenthread+%28Needle%27nThread.com%29 I have never tried any other thread than DMC (regular) and would love exprienment on things in this book! Thanks again for all the things you expose me too!
    Your the greatest!

  83. Hi Mary–Your new website is FABULOUS! LOVE IT!

    Of all the stuff you discussed on the website, the thing that interests me the most is the Gilt Sylk Twist. I have a couple of patterns that call for it, but can’t find a store near me that carries it.

    I think the strawberry you stitched with it turned out really cute!

    I also really liked your review of the Entense Embroidery book.

    Carol S.

  84. I would like to try the various gold work threads on a project. For some reason, I think I need to go to a class. (I’ve tried many other techniques with just beginning kits or books)

    I look your new site, and always look forward to reading your posts.

  85. I really like the new web layout. It is so much easier to navigate. since i found your site about 8 months ago, I appreciate being able to read the older posts. I am making a needlebook for my “summer project”, and am planning on just using DMC floss, rather than my Appleton, but would really love to try cotton floche. My LNS doesn’t carry it, although they have a lot of Gumnuts and silk!
    was the post you had about the fiber.

  86. Your new page is fantastic. You do a great job.

    I was fascinated by Estense Embroidery. I have never heard of this technique before and would love to try these different stitches. The colours are beautiful and my aim would be to have that cushion sitting on my sofa.

    Keep up the good work.


  87. I love thread but have not tried many and i would love the chance to try some new ones like
    (Soi D’Alger, Gloriana,Dinky Dyes,Caron floss and some from Silk n color).I always go to your site to find out about all the different floss.
    I also would love to try silk but i’m a little afraid to.I also would like to try silk by Kreinik( Silk Serica, Silk Bella, and Silk Mori)
    I just love your site.There’s so much information.
    Thank you

  88. Greetings, Mary, I really like the new website, very clean-looking and nicely organized, pretty to boot. Congrats on a job well done!

    I’ve been mulling over what to use for buttons on a special project I’m working on and in cruising around your site found instructions for making the Dorset button at https://needlenthread.wpengine.com/2007/10/embroidered-buttons-dorset-button.html
    They’ll be the perfect thing and I’ve already pawed through my goodies to see what else I’ll need. Of course I still have about a mile to embroider on this shirt (a groom’s shirt with very heavy embroidery) first, but it’s going fast because I’m fascinated with both the history and the work.
    Many thanks to both you and Hedgehog Handworks for giving me a poke to go exploring.

  89. Hi Mary,
    There are so many beautiful things described in your site that just choosing one is so hard! However, I would love to buy some soie d’alger by Au Ver a Soie as described on your blog entry entitled Silk on Silk & Satin Stitch at https://needlenthread.wpengine.com/2006/10/silk-on-silk-satin-stitch.html as it looks so luxurious that I’m sure it would encourage me to get out of my comfort zone of counted needlepoint, gobelin and cross-stitch kits and try a free embroidery project. I found your site only at the beginning of this year at a point when I was itching to try something different with my embroidery. I’m still ‘sitting on the fence’ and haven’t tried anything, partially because I’m still doing a rather large cross-stitch kit. However, I’d love to make something for my church using such luxurious silk ….. and winning just might give me the push I need 🙂

    Elaine Maul
    Cheshunt, UK

  90. Hi Mary, I am new to your site and have only been receiving your newsletter a short time. I just love your site it is really great! I have been doing crewel embroidery for a very long time. My mom taught me to embroidery when I was ten years old. I have never had any really good silk thread so I think I would love to give it a try. If you think I would like the Gilt Sylke Twist than that would be most appreciated. If you think I need another type silk thread than I will let you pick it out. Mabye this will be my lucy day since it is my wedding anniversay. I have been married to the sweetest man in the world since 1974, he builds and frames all my needlework. https://needlenthread.wpengine.com/2008/01/new-thread-coming-gilt-twist.html Marla

  91. Fine d’Aubusson! Hedgehog carries it and it looks like the color range has been expanded. I read that it is even finer than Medici so I’m keen to try it. I would use it for crewelwork. — Janice in K.C.

  92. I’m very interested in blackwork and hope one day to work at least a portion (yoke, cuffs…) of some piece of clothing in that technique. I’ve been following the fish progress, and tonight reread the portion about the thread hunt and the various weights of threads you had ordered and used on the project.
    Love Hedgehog and Joady, love the blog and all the different styles of needlework you explore.

  93. I am a follower of your blog. Although I have watched many of your projects and tried some of your techniques. Your pomegranate goldwork piece enthraled me.https://needlenthread.wpengine.com/2010/04/goldwork-embroidery-project-step-by.html.
    I had never seen anything like this other on vestments in churches or pictures. When you would get a different look by changing the thread or the way of using it I was inticed to try it . As soon as I can save the money to try this I will. I wish I could win the gift certificate and not have to wait so long.

  94. Hi Mary,
    I would truly love a gift certificate from Hedgehog handworks – don’t they carry wonderful items! One thing that has intrigued me recently on your website was the review of the book https://needlenthread.wpengine.com/2010/05/estense-embroidery-book-review.html?utm_source=feedburner&utm_medium=feed&utm_campaign=Feed%3A+needlenthread+%28Needle%27nThread.com%29
    What gorgeous colours and I love the way different styles of embroidery are combined. It would be great fun to try.

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