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Be Ye Thankful – Free Hand Embroidery Pattern


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Do you do a lot of holiday-specific embroidery?

Beyond the occasional Christmas ornament (like this goldwork ornament), or the occasional Easter / Spring-related embroidery (like this basket liner and these hand embroidered eggs), I don’t, really.

I love the idea of a whole tree full of hand embroidered Christmas ornaments; I love the idea of a whole basket full of beautiful embroidered eggs; I love the idea of a hand embroidered tablecloth and matching linens for the Thanksgiving table.

But I really don’t think it will happen in my house, in my lifetime. There are too many other projects, and holiday-specific embroidery rarely takes top priority.

Well, it never does, until right before the holiday – as in, the day before, or the morning of! That’s when I start thinking, Golly, it would be nice to take a hand embroidered gift along to the festivities!

But by then, it’s too late.

Thanksgiving Embroidery Design

This year, I doodled up this Thanksgiving embroidery design for my niece to embroider. She needed something to do. Admittedly, it’s not the most technically perfect doodle, but it was fun, and the sentiment is there, and it worked.

I believe it ended up without the border – just the text, centered on the outer edge of a very large flour sack towel. The towel can then be used as a bread basket liner, with the embroidered text folded out over the dinner rolls, so it’s visible.

Though there’s not much time left, with a simple approach, you could whip up an embroidered something with the design, too, if you like! (I’m always an optimist when it comes to time. I tend to think there’s more of it than there actually is!)

These hand embroidered lettering and text tutorials might come in handy to help you tackle the lettering.

Thanksgiving Embroidery Pattern Printable

Here’s the handy PDF for you. The design prints around 4″ high and 6.75″ wide, including the border. You can always resize in your printer options or on a photocopier.

Be Ye Thankful – Hand Embroidery Pattern (PDF)

Tomorrow, I’ll attempt to regale you again with my goofy Textile Turkey while I share my Deep, Innermost Thanksgiving Sentiments with you. I might even be able to show you how today’s design was finished up, if I can hunt it down and snap a photo!

Wherever you are – warm weather or cold, sunshine or snow – I hope you have a jolly day!

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(12) Comments

  1. Dear Mary

    Yes I agree it would be great to have a houseful of embroidered Christmas decorations but as you say it takes time and what with all the other projects I have on mind not this year. What a lovely design and so appropriate for the time of year. Thanks for sharing the pattern with us and I do hope you have a lovely thanksgiving day and thanks for all you share with us on Needle n’ Thread.

    Regards Anita Simmance

  2. Thank you, Mary, I like this pattern, although it won’t be stitched this year. I do have a tree with a quite a few of handmade ornaments – stitched and otherwise. It’s getting them finished (as in put together) that always gets me – there is one sitting in my basket from two years ago that just needs to be sewn up. And… I am stitching another. I’ll get them done this year, just in time.
    Many thanks again, and a Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours.

  3. Thank you Mary. I know I won`t get it done before tomorrow,but I have a beautiful library of free patterns thanks to you. There is always something to do,just what is my fancy.

  4. Thank you, Mary, for always sharing.

    May your Thanksgiving Holiday be joyful and safe.

    The Lord bless you and yours.

    Doris HH

  5. A tree full of hand made ornaments … one of my stitching friends has a wonderful tree. All of the ornaments are hand made, most are embroidery, but no matter what crafts she did during the year, an ornament from that craft appears on her tree.

    Ornament exchanges are a great way to get started on ornament trees. I am currently a member of three embroidery groups. Each group has an ornament exchange, so I am guaranteed three beautiful ornaments each year. And seeing those ornaments has encourage me to make some for myself. I don’t have a large tree, but I do have a small table top tree full of hand made ornaments.

  6. Dear Mary,

    Thanks for the design – it will not be for this year but hopefully next year.
    I do have many hand embroidered Christmas things but I have been doing them for many years. I was forced to learn to do the finishing and find it not very difficult.
    I hope you and your family have a wonderful Thanksgiving. Thanks for all you do for the embroidery world.

  7. Hi Mary. This looks a fun pattern to try out lettering with. Maybe I should start that in Feb for next T-day! I am grateful for your blog and the wealth of info that you share. Happy Thanksgiving.

  8. It’s a beautiful pattern, and one I feel would even work year round!!! Thanks for posting! Love your blog so much! Thankful for all you provide to your readers!
    Sincerely, Julie

  9. Hello Mary!

    I stitched this pattern, resized somewhat to fit a frame I already had, to add to our meager Thanksgiving decorations. It was fun to play with threads and stitches. Here it is, framed and ready for November! https://flic.kr/p/vhKDFZ

  10. Am new to embrodery, would be interested in some simple patterns. Thank you for contacting me today with an easy design. Have done cc so I do still have those supplies. I am currently making quilts, so I would be interested in stitches for a crazy quilt. The bank you again.

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