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I learned to embroider when I was a kid, when everyone was really into cross stitch (remember the '80s?). Eventually, I migrated to surface embroidery, teaching myself with whatever I could get my hands on...read more

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Happy Thanksgiving!


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The ever-recurring Thanksgiving Textile Turkey is joining me again this year to wish you a Happy Thanksgiving!

Textile Turkey

He’s a goofy looking fellow, to be sure – a PhotoShopped conglomeration of seven different embroidery projects I worked between 2006-2008. You might recognize some of them!

His tail was requisitioned from this goldwork and beetle wing embroidery project. His main body is a strawberry worked in Gilt Sylke Twist. His wing was adopted from the Christmas Chicken (you didn’t know there was an official Christmas Chicken, did you?), featuring Schwalm embroidery on paper. The wing tips were generously donated by this Red Poll needlepainting project. His front chest and his crown are part of this goldwork pomegranate project. The upper torso (do turkeys have upper torsos?), neck, and face belong to this felt needlebook, and his foot – alas, he has only one! – is featured on this embroidered felt book cover.

Thank You!

A big humongous Thank You to each of you who puts up with my needlework ramblings every day! Thank you so much for your ongoing encouragement, support, advice, enthusiasm, inspiration, interaction, amusement, and friendship over the years! I’m so very grateful for such a grand group of stitching buddies and fellow needlework fanatics!

Since gratitude is a universal virtual, I’ll make bold to wish you and yours – wherever you are, whatever you’re doing today – a very Happy Thanksgiving!

Thanksgiving Embroidery

I’ll be spending the day with my family today, doing the Thanksgiving Dinner Thing – you know, eating a meal in about an hour that took two days to prepare and will take all evening to clean up after…

Tomorrow, though, I’ll be back!

And if you don’t hear from me… it’s the turkey’s fault.

Happy Thanksgiving!


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(15) Comments

  1. Happy Thanksgiving, Mary!

    “…puts up with my needlework ramblings every day!” I think you’ve got that a little mixed up, Mary. We benefit greatly from those ramblings and all the time you put in! And, you put up with and reply to all the questions and comments. We thank YOU!

  2. Thank you for taking the time to share your wealth of knowledge with us! You are the rare person who is extremely talented in their art and also talented at teaching it to others.

  3. I thoroughly enjoy your ramblings. I find them vey instructional and inspirational. I just wish that my work schedule allowed me to read your blog daily. I wish you and yours an enjoyable day filled with lots of food and camaraderie.

    Happy Thanksgiving!


  4. Not many share such wonderful knowledge online… a tip here and a tip there..and that’s it. But you have taken so much effort to teach so many of us , to share such beautiful techniques..to take needlework much beyond just a few stitches…
    So a BIG thanks from me…
    Happy Thanksgiving , Mary… hope you have a wonderful time with your family


  5. This sounds like a good time to say a huge THANK YOU to you, Mary, for your most excellent blog. I may not always comment, but I do always read it. I am impressed with the way you provide help, advice, reviews and inspiration, both for beginners and for experienced stitchers. More power to your needle and pen (not forgetting the tambour hook)!

  6. Dear Mary

    I wish you and your family a very happy Thanksgiving and thank you for all that you do to inspire and engage us with excitement on all aspects of embroidery and thank you for your enthusiasm whenever we have difficulties with our projects you are always ready to help so thank you again.

    Regards Anita Simmance

  7. A huge thank you from north of the border! You generously share your knowledge and expertise and I can’t even begin to say how inspirational and helpful your little corner of the web is. I wish health and happiness to you and yours as well as everyone here.

  8. Have a beautiful day Mary !

    and THANKYOU for your gift of writing , stitching and teaching which you share with us all . God Bless x

  9. “puts up with” ?!?! Mary, your “ramblings” are always enlightening and increase my needlework knowledge every time. They often also increase my wish list.

    I hope your Thanksgiving was as happy as that turkey looks!

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