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The Art of Chinese Embroidery – Give-Away Winners Announced!


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Today, on this second-to-the-last day of 2013, just a brief announcement of the winners of my Merry Christmas Give-Away!

The two winners will each receive a signed copy of Margaret Lee’s new book, The Art of Chinese Embroidery and an embroidery kit for one of the projects in the book.

The Art of Chinese Embroidery

The gorgeous images in this book will have you aching to try silk shading with Margaret Lee! I just love, love, love these morning glories. They’re definitely on my “bucket” list. The blues are so deeply sumptuous!

If you are looking for Margaret Lee’s book and kits, you can find them through Margaret Lee Embroidery, also in Australia.

In April of this year, The Art of Chinese Embroidery will be available through Amazon in the US, and is available for pre-ordering now.

You’ll also find The Art of Chinese Embroidery available worldwide through Book Depository by the middle of April, available for pre-ordering now as well.

On to the winners, drawn randomly:

Winner #1: Celia Holder. Here’s her answer to my question, What appeals to you most about Chinese embroidery?:

I am always looking for new and interesting embroidery techniques. Living on Maui there is a large Chinese effect on decorating. The beautiful pictures of the fish and flowers are so lovely. Koa ponds are popular here. I also love the shimmer of the silk threads and the elegance of the finished pictures. Merry Christmas to you!!!

Winner #2: Sharon P. Here’s her answer to the question:

The realism really appeals to me. The precision of each stitch and the blending of colors are exquisite. I have finally begun using silk threads for my projects and am beginning to work on needle painting. Having this book to guide me and either of these stunning projects would push me to do more, to learn some new techniques and bring my current ones to a new level.

Congratulations, Ladies! Please drop me a line with your mailing address, so I can get those packages on their way to you!

Coming Up on Needle ‘n Thread

Did I actually accomplish anything this year? Sometimes, I wonder! In any case, tomorrow we’ll look at the year in review – it’s a good way to help set realistic goals for next year and to let you know what is coming up in the first part of next year.

By the end of the week, I will (hopefully) be showing you a Very Big Finish! The holidays and “holiday mode” threw off my plans for an earlier finish on the Mission Rose, but it’s getting close! Tantalizingly close…

I got a new book for Christmas. I’ll show it to you. If you like the Arts & Crafts movement, you’ll find it enticing.

This week or next, we’ll chat a bit about organization. Whenever a new year starts, organization is high on my list of priorities. It’s nice to at least start the year off right!

Hope you’re still enjoying merry and bright days this holiday season – and that the last couple days of 2013 are happy ones!


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(12) Comments

  1. I’m excited to see some of the things that you have shared in the past! I’ve only been following along with your blog since. . . about June or July I think. I can not always remember things like that! My goodness, the year has flown by!
    Finishing is always the most thrilling part of embroidering something, for me. Every time I get CLOSE to finishing a project, I get all excited. I usually have to tell myself to settle down (not out loud, of course) just so I can focus enough to work! It’s always wonderful being able to look at your finished work and seeing what you’ve been able to accomplish.
    Then, of course, when you finish one project, you can start on another!
    Happy Stitching, Mrs. Corbet!
    Faithful Reader, Sarah

  2. G’day Mary,
    Cilia and Sharon, how excited you must be. Even I feel excited for you. Congratulations and scrumptious book browsing as well as stitching.
    You certainly did accomplish a great big MUCH, Mary. Keeping us intrigued, positively interested and learning without us hardly realising it is a big ask…and you’re doing it, magnificently!
    Wishing you a positive New Year, filled with love, encouragement and enough special time for yourself Mary.
    Cheers, Kath x

  3. Dear Mary

    Congratulations to Celia and Sharon P I’m sure you will enjoy the books. Oh Mary you have accomplished so much this year, I can’t wait to see the Mission Rose completed I bet it looks amazing. The new book looks interesting Santa gave me 2 embroidery books for Christmas the RSN Bead Embroidery and 18th Century Embroidery Techniques I’m looking forward to browsing through them. I can’t wait for all the 2014 posts on Needle n’ Thread I wonder what surprises you will shower us with I look forward to the chat on organisation as I’m always interested in how to be better organised.

    Regards Anita Simmance

  4. How timely!!! I have gone through almost all of the forum archives and haven’t found what I’m looking for. How on earth do you wrangle working hanks/skeins of filament silk? I have a thread book, but iit’s only good for four to six dozen skeins on its best day. I just started a set of vestments and got 252 colors of silk a couple of days ago. Depending on how the design works I’ll likely be ordering another 30-50.

    How do you keep them close to hand yet safe from tangles and cat? I can fantasize about a covered lexan pegboard but that’s not anywhere in the foreseeable future. PTB willing before this is over I’ll have a pallette of about a thousand. Stuffing in a drawer isn’t going to help me design – – having them out in my face helps /that/.

    What do you do???


  5. Happy New Year, Mary!
    Congratulations Celia and Sharon P. You will love the book.
    I was lucky enough to get the book for Christmas! It’s lovely. You are right, Mary about the picture of the cranes! Wow!
    Thanks for everything this year, Mary. You are a great inspiration. I have tackled a couple of new areas of embroidery with your words of encouragement ringing in my ears

  6. Congratulations, Celia and Sharon. I am sure you will both enjoy Margaret’s wonderful book. Margaret herself is a delightful person and very happy to help.

    Mary, would it be possible for you to do one of Margaret’s projects so we can all see how it should be done please?

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