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Errata Notice for Stitch Sampler Alphabet


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Even after triple and quadruple double-checking, some color numbers slipped past me on a few letters in Stitch Sampler Alphabet, and I wanted to get the news out to those of you who have purchased the e-book as soon as possible. And the blog being the best place to do that, here we are, interrupting our normal schedule to bring you…

…the Dreaded Errata Notice!

In other words, to say with a bit of a blush, I made a couple mistakes.

If you plan to use the color schemes and the same threads listed in the e-book, specifically for letters S, F, and D, you’ll want to make note of these three errors in the book.

Thanks to Vaune Pierce at vaune.com for the discoveries – she sure knows her floche and coton a broder!

Stitch Sampler Alphabet

For the letter S, dark purple should be 552, not 522.

Stitch Sampler Alphabet

For the letter F, light green should be 3348, not 348.

Stitch Sampler Alphabet

And for the letter D, the three coral colors in floche are 352, 350, and 349, from light to dark.

Downloading the e-Book

You may have seen these instructions on the description page, on the shop page, and on the order success page, but in case you missed it in those three places, if you order the e-book, you’ll need to download to your computer first and then sync your devices from your computer.

So, for example, if you have an iPad, download the e-book to your computer, add it to your iTunes library, and then sync your iPad with iTunes, and the e-book will show up in iBooks.

If you have a Kindle, drag and drop the PDF file directly from the computer via USB to your Kindle device. You can use your send-to-Kindle address if it will handle an 89MB file. Normally, this isn’t the case, so connecting with the USB and dragging and dropping from your computer is the best choice.

Thank you!

A big fat furry Thank You to all of you who have responded so enthusiastically to Stitch Sampler Alphabet.

I have to admit, there’s always a bit of trepidation and trembling when releasing something like this, and your excitement and pleasure over the book has put that to rest.

This week only (through Sunday), Stitch Sampler Alphabet is available at the introductory price, so if you don’t have your copy yet, pick it up in my Needle ‘n Thread e-book shop by this Sunday to get the introductory discount.

If you’re not sure you’d like the book and you need a little subtle prodding, check out the comments section on the book release notice.

And thus ends my Shameless Self-Promotion.


Coming Up!

Project Progress coming up soon!

I’ve had a few emails wondering when I’ll get back to updating you on projects. Soon, I promise! I’m not finished with the hummingbirds yet, but when they’re finished, you’ll be the first to see them, I guarantee it.

Other than that, I’m working on some articles for other publications and on some tutorials to share with you here, so there’s interesting stuff coming up! Stay tuned!


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(26) Comments

  1. Re: errata notice, they happen to all of us :-).
    Will you be making these changes to the ebook? It would be good if you did so, then we could re-download and have a corrected copy. I don’t know how to edit an ebook, and am afraid that this errata notice will be forgotten (by me) in the future.

    1. Hi, Joan – Any e-book purchased after this morning has the corrected information in it. If you have already purchased the e-book and you want to re-download it, just drop me an email (or reply to the download email that you received) and I’ll re-set your link so you can re-download it. If you try to go through the link you already have, you may be able to just re-download it now, but chances are, it will tell you that your download has expired.

      Actually, I have your email address right here, so I’ll look up your order right now and just send you the re-set link.

      But for anyone else reading this, if you purchased your copy before this morning and you want a corrected version, just drop me a line and I’ll re-set your link.

      If you haven’t purchased the e-book yet but are going to, the copy you receive will be the corrected version.


  2. Dear Mary

    Anyone can make a mistake and with such a large and involved book it’s easily done but easily corrected thanks for the information on how to correct the thread colours. I am going to embroider the F monogram so I will try and change the colour numbers of the thread and I shall follow your instructions on my Apple computer and thanks for letting us know about the mistake. Look forward to the articles and tutorials and I definitely will stayed tuned.

    Regards Anita Simmance

  3. I did cross reference charts for floche & coton a broder & I caught those but I thought that I had written it down wrong. Thanks for posting. Would you please reset my link too? Thank you Mary

  4. Hi Mary,

    Thanks so much for the timely errata. You see, I planned to work my initials first and those are 3 of my initials … Sandra Lee Dannecker Feck! I hope you have a great day.

  5. No worries, that happens to all of us! Just to let you know; I took my finished M to my weekly local stitch, knit & bitch group and they loved it! We were even joined by two immigrants from Kosovo and Ukraine. Lovely to see that women needle working together get past language barriers very easily!

  6. Hi Mary,
    Thank you for the update.
    I really enjoy following along with all your beautiful projects, hints and tips
    Please reset my link.
    Kind regards

    1. Hi, Christine – can you email me with the email address you used to purchase? The one you’re using here doesn’t turn up a result. Thanks! ~MC

  7. Mary, I work in the publishing industry. Rest assured that mistakes breed inside books AFTER they are sent to press! (It’s exactly the same as the way typos appear after you send a carefully proofed email.) You have done well if only a few shade colours slipped through.

  8. Mary, I got your wonderful Stitch Sampler Alphabet right away and hope to get started on it this weekend and I want to do it exactly the way that you did, so I have a question or two for you. You said that the letters will print out at 3 inches and I am wondering if that is the scale that you used when embroidering? Also, when you worked the French Knots on the letter A did you start one and finish each one individually or did you carry your threads down the line? I know that you are busy and appreciate your considerations of these questions. Louisa

    1. Hi, Louisa – yes, mine are all three inch letters, and yes, I carried the thread on the back with the French knots on the A. With a fabric like a natural colored linen, the threads don’t show through from the back. The only time I would be worried about carrying threads across a space on the back is if you’re using a lightweight fabric, like a cambric or shadow work linen (I mention this in the stitch tip on the U, where….uh….I didn’t practice what I preach, and it shows on the loop around the herringbone and French knots!)

  9. Mary, I am an editor by trade, and believe me, these things happen in the best run establishments (such as your own). Thank goodness for eagle-eyed readers! (While you are resetting links…)

  10. I have just downloaded the ebook. What an easy painless exercise (Big Smile!). This is one of the reasons why I bought a tablet; it’s nice to have it on your PC but when one is not at home it’s so great to just click on your tablet; and there it is.

    Fondest greetings from South Africa

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