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Late Harvest Update & A Personal Note


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Good morning, friends, and a Happy Saturday all around!

Here in the US, it’s a holiday weekend! And while the Fourth of July weekend usually smacks of outdoor weather, picnics, sunshine, fireworks and the like, here in my part of Kansas, we’re finally getting (a lot) of rain! In fact, it’s practically flooding. In the Midwest, it’s never a good idea to complain about rain. Whenever it comes, it’s a good thing. It’s good for the crops, it’s good for the cattle…

… and it makes great indoor weather to catch up on stitching-related pursuits! So that’s my plan!

Today, I’m going to share with you two things: my last stopping point on Late Harvest, an embroidery project designed by Hazel Blomkamp that I’ve been slowly working my way through and sharing here on Needle ‘n Thread; and a personal update, because many of you are inquiring how things are panning out with my Big Life Adventure with Cancer.

First, Late Harvest! Then, I’ll share the personal update with via a link to a PDF file (so that you can skip it if you want to).

Late Harvest embroidery project

You’re welcome to click on the pictures to see larger versions if you’d like.

I took these photos outside, in fairly stark light. It always amazing me how the details stand out more, when using sunshine as the light source. It makes my stitching look so dadgum strange! Every thread is noticeable.

This can be a good thing. I can see a few areas I’d like to repair, that I wouldn’t have noticed if I were photographing this under studio lights.

On the other hand, it can be a bad thing. Now you know what my stitching really looks like, right?!

The photo above is the left side of Late Harvest (it’s upside down). Initially, when I got to this point, I thought I was finished with the Embroidery Proper and that I just had beadwork and stumpwork left to do. I rejoiced!

And then I noticed that I missed a leaf.

And then I noticed those two flowers that aren’t finished.

What was I thinking?

Late Harvest embroidery project

And this is the whole thing so far. Every time I look at the center pomegranate, my nose wrinkles. It really is drawn that shape on the fabric – it’s not a Perfectly Round fruit. It’s ok – practically the whole thing will be covered by large stumpwork leaves, with just the bottom half or third peeking out.

I was supposed to finish Late Harvest by mid-June. Sometimes it bothers me to miss a deadline, but other times, it doesn’t. I’m not really concerned about missing this one. It’s a personal project, after all, and I have no definite plans for it yet.

Right now, I’ve set Late Harvest aside while I concentrate on other more pressing projects for the website. I’ll get back to it when I can, and I’ll let you know when I finally start adding the stumpwork layers.

If you’re just joining in on this particular journey, you can find all the articles relating to Late Harvest here, including plenty with tips and tricks and mistakes and fixes along the way.

Personal Update

If you’re keen to know what’s up with me, you’ll find my personal letter right here. It’s a PDF, so it should open in a new window for you. If you’re not interested, you don’t have to read it! You won’t hurt my feelings. (And in fact, I won’t even know!) I’m sorry it’s not better news, but I’m in good spirits and slogging along wholeheartedly!

Thanks to all who have inquired how things are going. I appreciate your support, solicitude, and kindness so much!

I hope, wherever you are, you have a terrific weekend, and that you get a chance to spend some quality time with your needle and thread!

See you next week!


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(107) Comments

  1. Thanks for the person update, Mary.
    I hope the further “areas of concern” are just a bump on the road for you. You are in my thoughts.

    As for missing a flower and a couple leaves on the Late Harvest piece, is it wrong that I’m glad things like that happen to other people and not just me? 😉

  2. Dear Mary,
    I’m a long time reader/admirer/user/lover of your website but have never wanted to leave a comment. However, your latest personal update has really moved me. As with all your other letters regarding your ‘bump in the road’, I’m so impressed and overwhelmed by your amazing attitude. I don’t really know what else to say, other than that you pop into my thoughts often, and I hope this latest ‘glitch’ is just a glitch and that someday soon, I’ll be reading an update from you, in which you are telling us all that your bump in the road, had finally smoothed out.

    With warmest thoughts and wishes for a smooth road ahead.

    Suzi ( London, UK)

  3. Mary,
    My prayers go out to you! You are so correct, we all have Bumps in the road, some good and some not so good. We all have trials and tribulations that seem to keep life jumping. I really enjoy reading your blog and you have awakened in me a “thirst” to rekindle my embroidery. I have learned new stitches and am producing some beautiful work that I never realized I could do! SO THANK you for your help and support, and hang in there. We are all cheering for you! 🙂

  4. Thank you, Mary, for your optimism in the face of your struggles. I have held you in my prayers and hope for a speedy and total recovery.

  5. I’m very sorry to hear that your prognosis wasn’t as good as you had hoped and expected, but you have a wonderful attitude and I am sure that will go a long way toward helping you recover completely. Best wishes that the news will be better time.

  6. Hi Mary,
    I love your positive attitude, it is the best coping technique. You are in my prayers. I love Needle and Thread, and enjoy each article.
    I wish you a speedy recovery.

  7. Great update on the harvest.

    I really appreciate your personal update. This isn’t exactly a bump in the road. There are a few potholes in there as well. I’m very thankful you have a lot of friends nearby to distract you, cheer you and support you. That’s a big help as you travel this unexpected journey.

    The motherly side of me is popping out and I wish I could make it better for you. But in real life it takes the professionals. A hug and a Winnie the Pooh bandaid won’t cut it this time. 🙂 You have my admiration, prayers, hugs and love.

  8. Presently going through the better life through pharmaceuticals thing myself, I wish you the best. It’s a devil of a beast altogether, that’s for sure. Good luck to you!

  9. You are such a brave person! I think your creativity must give your strength! I have been wondering about your health, and I will continue to send good thoughts and prayers your way. I had ALSO been wondering about the Late Harvest project. It looks lovely, and I am sure you will finish it in your own good time. Thank you for the updates, and for the Needle N Thread blog. I just love reading about your projects and I have learned a lot from the stitching videos.

  10. Ah, those sneaky little unfinished bits that manage to cover themselves with an Invisibility Cloak until you think you’ve taken the last stitch and then–ha HA!!

    And thank you for the update. Frustrating, isn’t it? We’re all here for ya’, Mary, as I’m sure you know.

  11. Thanks so much for the update, my friend. I consider you “my friend” since we spend so much time together via the blog. When i first open my email each day, your blog is the first thing I look for. You have taught me so much about embroidery, pointed me to excellent books and supplies, shared beautiful designs I can use in my own stitching, plus, it’s just a lovely way to start my day. I’m constantly watching and rewatching your “how to” videos. They are my go to place when I’m having problems with a stitch. I, for one, am glad you gave up your day job and focused on the blog. You’ve sure enriched my life!

    Keeping you in my thoughts and prayers!

  12. Oh my, thank you! Your Late Harvest is breath-taking and so beautifully embroidered. You are always an inspiration for me to strive to do better. I’m sure the missed bits will follow seamlessly and I can’t wait to see the finished piece. You are always in my thoughts. I am rooting for you. G x

  13. Dear Mary,

    You are a very strong and wonderful person. You are not letting cancer rule over you. We are all given crosses to bear, and you have been given more than your fair share. I love your attitude, so positive, and hope the road ahead gets a little smoother. Thank you for your wonderful website.

    Marta C.

  14. Thinking of you, Mary. Thanks for keeping us updated.

    I bought the Late Harvest kit purely because I was enjoying your updates so much! It’s a bit daunting, but I’m determined to try….

    Heather xx

  15. I’ve read your blog for a long time now and never left a comment. But, I wanted you to know that I will be asking Mother Angelica (from EWTN) for her intercessory prayers to our Lord for your complete healing. Please keep us updated. Have a wonderful weekend stitching!

  16. Oh Mary, I’m so sorry to hear that you didn’t have better news after your treatment finally finished. I can only say that I am in awe of your positive attitude and have my fingers crossed for a well deserved turn around very soon. Thank you for continuing with Needle ‘n Thread, I look forward to every email and I’m really excited to hear about two new e-books! Sending you best wishes and a hug across the miles from England. K x

  17. Mary-
    You are an inspiration everyday in how to deal with adversity. I will pray for you every day that you soon have a positive outcome.

  18. Hi Mary,

    I read your blog for so many reasons not least of which is that I love your fun, comforting, nurturing personality which comes through on every post and so poignantly in your personal updates. You are such a beautiful writer and creative spirit which I hope will serve you well as you continue on your challenging journey. Thank you for so authentically sharing your world with us.

  19. Thank you for the personal update. You continue to be in my thoughts and prayers. A positive attitude like yours is more healing than a negative attitude. Also, thanks for all you provide us on this website.

  20. Mary,
    I’m relatively new to stitching and your site has been invaluable in teaching me what beautiful possibilities there are. I love getting to follow along with you as you tackle projects, and knowing you miss things, too, makes me feel so much better!
    I’m sending you a giant mental hug, along with good thoughts and prayers. Thank you for sharing your update. I think you have such a smart way of looking at your “adventure”!

  21. Happy Fourth Mary !
    Your stump work is exquisite !

    Keep that strong spirit going. It is clear to see that it is helping you through
    this journey. Please update us when you can and our prayers and good
    thoughts are ongoing. The older I get naps come to me frequently !

  22. Chère Mary,

    toutes mes meilleures pensées pour la suite de votre traitement ! bravo pour vos intéressants articles et votre optimisme dans la vie !
    Amitiés from Geneva, Switzerland

  23. Dear Mary it is so good that you think of us as friends because I really enjoy your company. Your cancer news is another blip along the road we tread. With the positive attitude that you have is great we are all behind you.
    We are all more critical of our own work late harvest is looking fabulous thank you for the update. Take care prayers and good wishes sent to you. Pippa 🙂

  24. Dear Mary
    I’m sorry to hear that your journey has a few more ‘bumps’ than you would like. Your positive attitude is a credit to you and your support network.
    Your embroidery is such an inspiration – it is truly beautiful.
    With best wishes

  25. Hi Mary,

    Many thanks for your health update and we all come across these little hickups on our way through an illness. I love your positive attitude and I think that is a good way to take things. Love reading your weekly letters and I look forward to them so much. You aré always in our thoughts and prayers and remember there are a lot of us out there going through this with you every step of the way.

    Hugs and xxx

  26. Re: your personal note–I know everyone has ups and downs to go through, but it’s hard to see someone so deserving of ups go through such a down.

    You are the Best, Mary. And I only wish the best for you.

  27. I’m so sorry the news isn’t better, but with your positive attitude and all the prayers and good thoughts coming from all over for you, I’m sure you will beat this thing! Huge hugs from Texas,


  28. While we long distance friends you’ve never met hope that our praise supports you during such medical challenges, please be assured that you have already furnished contributions to contemporary needlework via this blog for years that excel others. Gratefully, these articles continue to spread your enthusiasm and talent.

  29. Dear Mary,
    Thanks for the personal update. Oh how I wish I could be there with you and give you a big hug. You are truly amazing and I for one, am so pleased that you took that plunge. Through you I have learned so much. Whenever I want to know anything about stitches I always refer to your website. There is honestly no other website in the world that compares to yours. As you can guess, I am an old seasoned surfer on the web by now.
    You are constantly in my thoughts and prayers. Remember it does not matter what curve ball life throws at us, we will always have embroidery. 🙂
    God speed and lots of love.xxxxx
    Elza Bester, Cape Town.

  30. Dear, dear Mary, finally I am able to have the internet again and get to read my (very much missed) Needle and Thread posts again. You have no idea how much I thought about you and all the prayers I’ve sent up for you. I was planning to email and ask how you were doing, (I hated to bother you tho) so how timely was this post and update!!! Thank you so much for that, altho I am sad to hear the new “bump in the road with potholes and craters” report. But you as always are a strong soldier and I do so admire you. Keep that lovely chin up. I know there are many folks out there pulling for you and praying for you. I only wish there were more I could do.
    Thank you so much for the Late Harvest update as well. It is just gorgeous, and gosh, even more to come!

  31. Dear Mary,
    I am very grateful for your expertise and you are pretty much my “go to” gal when I need a question answered or to see a particular stitch being executed. I’m actually not sure why my bookshelf is stuffed with embroidery stitch books because you’ve always been my first choice. You are in my thoughts and prayers and thank you for your honest and uplifting attitude. All the very best. Lisa 🙂

  32. Mary,
    If the love and appreciation of your friends and admirers have a role in the healing process, you will find the road ahead smooth very soon. It is not surprising to me that so many of us think of you as a friend and a mentor. You inspire us not only with your amazing talent and creativity, but also with your personal courage.
    I look forward to reading your blog each an every time it appears in my inbox – I can’t wait to read it. It’s like a receiving a message from a personal, embroidery loving friend and mentor – one who is guiding my journey to learn more about fabrics, THREADS, techniques, tools, etc. How wonderful is that! And I cannot wait for your new ebooks. I am sure that they will be just as wonderful as your past books.
    I send you my very best wishes and also my thanks. For all you do for us.

  33. I wish that you had better news, but hopefully with your amazing attitude, the wonderful support you have at home, and the thoughts and prayers of the many embroiderers you have helped through the years things will take a turn for the better. You had thought you were finished with the embroidery on Late Harvest, but found that you need to complete a bit more. I hope that the same is true for your treatment- you just need to do a bit more and then it will be successfully completed. My best wishes.

  34. Dear Mary,
    Thank you for the Late Harvest update. I hear you about the Center Pomegranate. That bothered me, as well, to the point that I changed it at the outset. I knew it would be “covered” by the stumpwork but, knowing myself, knew it would bother me every time I looked at it. Anyway.

    On a personal level, thank you for your update. I don’t like to intrude or ask personal questions so it came as a relief to know how you are doing whether fair or foul.

    Yes, The Nap is, indeed, our friend. Lying down and letting go for a while is very refreshing. As women of faith, we know there are no guarantees of a life without travail and that there are always others who suffer more than we. But you are, as usual, graceful while having a strength of spirit and humor; these are the weapons needed to handle the complexities and absurdities of life.

    So, dear Mary, my thoughts are with you. There will always be something else to do so don’t run yourself ragged. Take good care of yourself and know you have an army of sisters behind you.


  35. Dear Mary,

    I’m so sorry that your news wasn’t better. You are in my thoughts and prayers. I am hoping that the day a cure is available for this horrid disease is near.
    Thank you for your website and for all you do for the embroidery world.
    Please continue to keep up informed of you progress.

  36. I’m so sorry to hear that the news wasn’t as good as you had hoped – your positive attitude is inspiring and I wish you all the best. Thank you so much for still making the time to share your knowledge with us. I love following along with the various projects you are working on. All the best for the challenges ahead.

  37. Hi Mary,
    We’re all thinking of you and sending you Our Very Best Wishes for a healthy recovery from over this side of the world, in New Zealand.

  38. Hi Mary, You’re right to treat it all as a temporary interruption of your day, especially in light of available treatment and heavy support, and all of our prayers sent to speed up your complete recovery.
    About the Harvest – It’s folks-ish in style so the lopsidedness suits. The colors you’ve used are beautiful.

  39. Hello Mary, Thank you for updating us about your health experiences, like everyone else I am sorry to hear there’s more for you to contend with, but I am sending my best wishes and a hug for you from Scotland, UK.

  40. It is generous of you to share your bumpy journey with us. I appreciate being able to feel like I know you well enough.to include you in my prayers & thoughts. Everything you share about needlework shines with spirit and enthusiasm. You share more than knowledge and skills. You share your true self. Many thanks!

  41. had to giggle at the missing flowers … glad I am not the only one to do this … usually i stitch the leaves the wrong way too … peeped at your personal update and hope your blip is just that… and so pleased you have still got you sense of humour .. it does help :)take care and keep up your wonderful work .. it does inspire myself and lots of other peeps too .. ((hugs)) love mouse xxxxxx

  42. Bonjour Mary

    Je vous remercie de donner de vos nouvelles ,je vous souhaite de garder le moral J’ espère que cela n’entraîne pas trop de fatigue et que vous arrivez à vous reposer .
    Je pense tous les jours à vous et j’espère que vous allez continuer à nous donner des envies de petites aiguilles je vous embrasse de tout mon coeur

  43. My thoughts and prayers are with you. You are providing much inspiration not just in sharing your beautiful work, but by your positive shining example. Take care and I look forward to your next installment.

  44. Hey Mary….Ive been sitting here for atleast an hr trying to figure out what I want to say to you right now…and I cant because tears fill my eyes and I think of the time I spent with my sister a few yrs ago who went thru the same thing as you….The good thing is she has survived and I see life a whole different way now like she does…I read all your letters and e-mails, videos etc even when I go to pinterest your there lol showing a video of your beautiful work……so DONT give up sweet lady…your here to show all of us who need help with the craft and God put you here for that help you share with us……May God Bless you!!!!

  45. Dear Mary,
    I am so sad to hear that your results were not as good as you hoped. Your positive attitude is inspiring, you are brave and strong. On any day when you don’t feel so brave and strong,please read these many messages of support, and kick cancer’s butt. God bless you.
    Elsa from the UK

  46. Your stitching is wonderful, even in the harsh light of the Sun.

    I was sorry to read that you did not received better news, but there is still plenty of hope and your attitude is wonderful. I think of you often and wish you well (in every way possible).

  47. Mary
    você é muito importante pra nos.
    Alegra e inspira.
    Vai distribuindo coisas boas pelos caminhos.
    Te desejo proteção para passar esses momentos.
    Tudo vai ficar bem.

  48. Dear Mary, I have been thinking of you often. As you steer around those potholes and bumps, I do hope that you can also pull over onto the shoulder for plenty of peaceful stitching time and other pleasures. Thoughts and hopes and love from Australia.

  49. You have a wonderfully positive outlook, good luck with the ongoing cancer adventure.
    The Hazel Blomkamp embroidery is coming along beautifully. We will be very lucky to have Hazel in Australia for workshops this year, I am looking forward to working with her.

  50. Mary, you are often in my thoughts. I do so hope this is just as you say a “bump or two” in the road.
    A hug from afar!

  51. The Late Harvest is a beautiful project. Our EGA group is embarking on a Group Correspondence course of crewel embroidery with similar directions to do the middle first, then the outline. I thought of you immediately! We will see how it goes. Hang in there and keep that positive attitude. In all my years of contact with patients (as a pharmacist), I find that the positive attitude goes a long way to shorten the illness, make healing speedier and the results much better. I love your blog (even though the surface stuff intimidates me!).

  52. You are such an important part of the stitching family. We, here in Dayton, Ohio, use your website when we need information for our EGA, Dayton Chapter Programs and we are continually saying …..check on “Needle N Thread” or have you checked Mary’s site. I have learned so much and appreciate your all the work you do to help us through, updates on all things sewing, explanations, articles, tutorials and so much more. THANK YOU. Thoughts and prayers are with you as you battle this horrible disease.

  53. Mary – I know many of your blog followers, including me, will be praying for you. I can’t imagine how devastating it must have been to find you have further challenges to face.
    Kia Kaha, and may you know the prescence and peace of God.

  54. Thank you for the update on ‘Late Harvest’, it is because of your project updates that I am also going for it and buying it, so excited.

    On your personal update, my thoughts and hugs are being sent your way on this next ‘bump in the road’, life is certainly an adventure and you are facing it with gusto and determination.

    Hugs always =)

  55. Dearest Mary, sending you tons of healing energy and positive thoughts. This cancer journey is as big of a monster that one imagines before a diagnosis, isn’t it? Try to be at peace and know that there is a way to be healed. I am a 13 year survivor who “lit up like a Christmas tree” when I had my first PET scan. We spent several weeks eliminating sites as I began Chemo. Persevere… Learn… Know that you are loved. Thanks for your beautiful art and knowledge that you share! There are millions of stitches ahead, I’m sure! Hugs! Celebrate the 4th!

  56. Mary,
    You are truly amazing! How you do everything you do AND keep up with your blog/website is an inspiration!
    I needlepoint mostly but am an avid reader of your website – not only for all the tips and tricks, but also for the wonderful photos of your work.
    Thank you, also, for your personal update. It’s a hell of a road but you are strong and will make it through. We are all praying for you.
    All the best,

  57. Hi Mary
    You are always so upbeat you make me feel ashamed. I am determined to be more positive about my health, just like you. Thank you for the update, I am sorry the news wasn’t more positive. I think of you almost every day and will continue to do so – as a non-Christian I don’t pray exactly but I do commune by thought.

    Late Harvest is looking good even if you did think you were further forwarder than you were 🙂 I agree that the pomegranate is a tad strange but since most of it will be hidden it doesn’t matter much. Moral of your photographing in sunlight story: don’t. Simple really, then you won’t see every single stitch.

  58. What is with the gold circular things that are all over the Late Harvest? It looks as if they aren’t finished. What is to go in the centers?

    Don’t think of the purple thingie in the middle as a pomegranate. Think of it as another (unknown?) fruit that is stylized. I’ve never seen a purple pomegranate anyway; the ones in the grocery are in the red-to-pink color range.

  59. I came across your website in search of needlework lessons while recovering from a back injury. I come away with so much more every time I visit. Thank you and God bless.

  60. Bonjour de France
    Merci beaucoup de partager votre passion et votre lutte personnelle , cela donne du courage à ceux qui sont en traitement !
    Vous êtes adorable et si douée !
    Bon courage et bonne santé !!

  61. Dear Mary,
    you are in my thoughts, from this heart-shaped Isle of Wight and you know, ” a Bump in the Road of Life” would make a special embroidery project.

    I had reservations about the Late Harvest, but looking at it this am, I find it more and more beautiful. What a gift you share with us!
    God bless.

  62. Sounds like you’re doing the sensible thing by working on books and projects for the blog, Mary. You’ve done so much of Late Harvest now that it won’t be as good as a distraction from worries as a new project and book-editing will be. I’m sure you’ll need that distraction until the ‘don’t knows’ become a definite course of treatment. Soon, we hope. You can also rest assured that your ‘team’ on Needle’n’Thread are all rooting for you. But we can wait. So when what you really need is a nap instead, enjoy the nap.

  63. Dear Mary,

    thank you for updating us on your health. I am sure there are countless people thinking of you often and sending you well-wishes, and I am one of them. The way you are staying true to yourself is impressing. We can all learn from you, and thank you for that, too.


  64. Dear Mary, my Friend.
    Your attitude to The Bump on the Road, The Lump on the Spleen, The Thump in the Heart is encouraging to me and i guess I can say that
    these are some of the things you have taught me….
    The bumps in the road are best taken with the correct tyre pressure to keep us steady in heart and mind, lay back seats for those naps, the right fuel for our get up and go, a rear vision mirror but only for looking at how far we’ve come not for what might have been, and a sunroof to help us keep on the sunny side. A map or GPS isn’t a bad idea either but accept detours. I feel I can also add good quality windscreen wipers for the weepy and laughter tears (after the blurriness of tears our vision is clearer), windscreen washers for the times our vision gets a little cloudy and perhaps a little too dry eyed as as we try to keep going and the kilometres add up.
    Thank you for your update, it’s important to me. I hope writing it out like that has been helpful for your own self also and has given you direction as you head out from another bend in the road.
    The Late Harvest is beautiful and very special.
    Special thoughts of love and care go to you Mary.
    Cheers, Kath

  65. Dear Mary,

    I have a doctorate in biochemistry and retiring at 55 in two Fridays time. I had a cancer scare a year and a half ago and had to have a kidney removed. You and your videos have taught me embroidery more professionally as my only knowledge was what i remembered from my primary school days. I finished two weeks ago the Garden Secret Embroidery Project very much in the same fashion that you did, following all your instructions. All my friends liked it massively. Without you, i could not have achieved the level of performance that I now feel so confident to achieve. Good luck with your health investigations and keep it up. We need you, You are a star!
    all my love, maria

  66. Mary, you are such an inspiration to all of us who enjoy and learn so much from Needle n Thread. I wish you a good outcome as you deal with “your bump in the road” and will keep you in my prayers.

  67. You are amazing Mary! Sending you lots of love and prayers for continued peace and well being through all this. Your work here has made a tremendous impact on my life and I am so grateful for the joy that I have found through your website. Thank you for all your work, I hope you continue to feel good and can continue the work you love. Best wishes always!

  68. Mary, your handiwork is lovely! I was also happy to read in the latest Embroidery Newsletter (email) put out by Inspirations Magazine a great positive note about you and your website!.
    I goes as follows: For anyone not familiar with Mary’s blog, she is a prolific writer, researcher and fountain of knowledge for all things needlework, and checking out her website and subscribing to her newsletter is a must for any stitching enthusiast.
    With links to your review of the kit you purchased from them and a link to signing up for your newsletter! I know you will be receiving an influx of traffic on your wonderful website!
    Positive thoughts and prayers are always being sent your way.
    Big hug. Sue

    You can read Mary’s review of Modern Crewel HERE.

    And sign up to receive her free newsletter HERE. You should

  69. Thank you for the update. Good luck with your fight, persevere and I’m sure all will come out right in the end. My thoughts and prayers are with you. Oh, and Late Harvest looks pretty darn good!

  70. Thinking of you Mary.
    You don’t know it but I consider you my one and only embroidery mentor. I tell everyone who compliments my work, this is nothing you should see what Mary can do!
    Id be lost (and nowhere near as advanced in design and techniques) without you. Your hard work and passionate enthusiasm for sewing has rubbed off on me all the way on the other side of the world. Fight hard, I (and countless other website followers, friends and family) are counting on you to continue to inspire and educate. All my best to you xxx

  71. Dear Mary,
    I’ve enjoyed reading your wonderful blog for years. Your projects are inspirational and get me going when I need a nudge. Your attitude towards everything in life is so positive, and I wanted to let you know that I’m one of the legion of your fans who are rooting for you and we know your attitude will make a big difference. All my best wishes that you will overcome this “bump” and move on to better health.
    Liz (in Ontario, Canada)

  72. Mary,
    I am sending thoughts and prayers your way. I am new to your site having visited just a few times, but each visit seems to lengthen in time spent looking at all your wonderful ideas. Then I noticed the thread of good vibes and love being showered on you. Just read your July update and though not met, I too have been on that road you are traveling. Keeping busy, trying to keep up the positive thoughts are the way to go. However, it is OK to give in to those low moments, have a cry, it releases pressure. Be patient with yourself as you come away from the chemo brain and fatigue of same. It took a bit to zap you and it will take a bit to get to your new normal. Feel all the love around you and take it in.
    So, sister journeywoman, step forward one step at a time, that’s all you can do, right? And you can look forward to seeing what kind and color of hair you get with the new growth………..I was hoping for curls, but nope; that’s ok. I’m sure you’ll rock the pixie style, low maintainence for sure!

  73. Thanks for letting us know how things are going. I was disappointed to hear that you’ll have more to tackle health-wise, but certainly you remain in my thoughts and I’m wishing you the best. Your attitude is amazing and inspiring.

    As for Late Harvest, it’s gorgeous. I think my favorite part so far is the jellyfish-looking thing with the red cap on the left. It just grabs me for some reason, maybe the colors. Is it a thistle? Anyway, I can’t wait to see the next installment!

  74. My thoughts will be with you during this new unexpected (and unwelcome!) phase, as they have been all along. I hope you can feel what this website, and your voice, mean to all of us. Sending love and all good wishes to you.

  75. A lovely note. And I wish you continuing happiness, dearest Mary.
    Its strange how many more comments a contest and giveaway gets you but that’s human nature, I suppose.
    I wish I could bump the love 500 times over for you.
    You’re an embroidery star on the www and you’re doing a stellar job at introducing embroidery to the new generation.
    Lotsa love from India. Keep the faith.


  76. Dearest Mary
    Thank you for your update. You are a very brave wonderful woman, an inspiration to me and many others. Love Jude

  77. Mary, when I say that you are inspiring in your positive attitude, that doesn’t begin to cover it. I think of you often and am sending good thoughts your way.

  78. Dear Mary

    I’m so sorry to hear of this disappointing news it must have been a shock for you, I can’t express what you mean to me, your ongoing positive attitude and your lovely personality and commitment to us always inspires me and leads me on to better, not only my embroidery, but my attitude to life and people. you are ever in my prayers and I do hope that there is an alternative treatment when you see oncological team. In the meantime I really look forward to hearing from you and the delights you have in store for us. Thanks for the update I have been wondering what was happening with you. Take care and carry on napping I recommend it.

    Regards Anita Simmance xxx

  79. Hi Mary…I am so terribly bummed that I am just finding out about your illness. I have certainly added you to my personal prayer list but will also add you to our group’s list. You are amazing to me in every way.. your work is splendid and just astounds me all the time. For some reason I had a gap in getting your daily mail but have fixed that! My sis and I adore you. And it is a darn good thing you don’t sell your work or I would most likely be broke! But please let me know if you do… like…EVERYTHING you do is excellent! Just know I luv you and luv your work.. now get good rest and let the Lord do his thing!

  80. Mary,

    I just read your personal letter. You are an outstanding person. Your attitude during these trying times is amazing. I will keep you in my thoughts.


  81. Greetings, Mary,
    You have become a personal friend to many of us. Talking with my sister the other day, I told her Mary has taught me so much. She said who’s Mary? I responded with Needle ‘n Thread website. She said, Oh, you’re on a personal basis with her? We laughed, but that is how many of us feel about you. You give us the gift of your knowledge, your talent, and you expose your vulnerabilities, which makes you such a trustworthy friend.
    Your Late Harvest project is looking beautiful as all your projects do. I suspect you will like it a lot better a few months after it is all completed and you go back and look at it. Like you, I find the flaws in my work as I go along, but the critical eye softens with time.
    It can get so tiring having to pay attention to your health so much. I know from fighting two separate cancers for 12 years now. Can’t say I’m winning. But I haven’t lost yet either. Sometimes you just really crave “normal” again. My prayer for you is to find the new normal and enjoy the love that comes your way every day. Love ya!!

  82. Thank you for the update. I’m glad you’re done with the chemo. I send you all my best wishes.

    I love all the pictures of your beautiful stitching and your attention to detail. Your posts have taught me so much about embroidery and textiles in general.

    I’m excited for the new e-books!


  83. Thank you for updating us. I am so sorry about the “bump in the road” and hope that that is all that it turns out to be. Your bravery and positive attitude are an inspiration.

  84. Thank you, Mary, for sharing your voyage with us. Your wonderful blog is so often the first thing recommended by our Embroidery Guild members to people who want to know more about embroidery. Your posts are written with such freshness and enthusiasm while confronting the tough going that’s part of the decision process. I wish you full and perfect health and healing. So many people appreciate your work and are silently cheering you on! Virtual hugs.

  85. Good morning Mary,
    Couple days ago I made the plunge & purchased 3 of your items! I have never done a-n-y embroidery so I’m thinking this will spur me forward. I have enjoyed many cross stitch and one crewel project, but this is very different. All your projects look fabulous.
    I love your blog and your sharing. You are in my daily thoughts.

  86. Sorry this is late,Mary, just catching up.
    A big, big, enormous hug is flying through the ether to you! Bless you.

  87. Mary,

    Thank you for sharing your progress on Late Harvest (looking great, as usual) and for updating us all on how things are going. I’ve been a reader of Needle n Thread for almost a year now and it’s such a wonderful resource! I might rarely comment, but I appreciate all of the time, effort and energy that goes into making this website what it is, on top of all of your stitching!

    Thanks for letting us be a part of your journey.

    Thinking of you & sending positive thoughts,

  88. Dear Mary,
    Thank you for providing a personal update regarding your health. I was sorry to read that the interventions have been unsuccessful.
    I pray that you receive better news in the future.
    You are in my prayers

  89. Oh, gosh, I was so hoping that you posting more meant things were doing well and you were recovering. *hugs*

    I am glad you are in good spirits, but still, you have my prayers and good wishes.

    With regards to Late Harvest, I remain impressed with your stitching. 😀 It’s really a beautiful piece. I keep thinking the grapes are too weird not being purple, even though I know green grapes do exist, but that’s just a personal preference.

    Still, I love seeing it, it’s so gorgeous.

    -Monika in Mobile

  90. Hi Mary, just wanted to say that I’m keeping you in my thoughts. I really admire your continued good attitude, and I wish you health in the coming months.

  91. Hi Mary. I think about you and pray for you, your family and medical team. I just shared my experience in learning to do needlework with a friend the other day and sang your praises. I would never have learned to do needlework without you and NNT. I love my needlebook and cherish my chatilenne.

    I am having reconstructive surgery on my right foot. It’s a more intense operation than the first one — that operation led me you — surfing around the web and I found needle n thread and you! So here’s to time to recoup and The Nap! And to learning new embroidery techniques.

    I wish you many blessings, strength and courage along with people to share this Journey with you. You are a beautiful person, a skilled talented needlework person, and a teacher who inspires and can impart knowledge. You rock at needle n thread and at teaching. I will check in with a morning cup of tea during my recouperation time. Xo. Kathy

  92. Hello Mary, I bookmarked your web page years ago and I visit almost on a daily basis. Your beautiful work and detailed instructions have improved my own embroidery greatly and I always find something new to inspire a new project.
    I have never commented to you before because that is not something I generally do on the internet. But I just read your personal letter and could not help but stop this very minute to let you know you are so appreciated by me and you are in my prayers. Stay strong and keep on doing Mary Corbet.

  93. Dear Mary,

    Late Harvest is beautiful.

    I am behind in following Needle’n Thread so that my response to your personal update is late. I admire the way that you handle this.

    I have been praying for you and am continuing. My best wishes and prayers are with you.

    Helen Hicks

  94. Hi Mary. I stop in to check out Needle n Thread and catch up on your news. I too have learned that the Big Nap is very regenerating through these three surgeries I’ve had over the last few years. My shoulder and foot reconstructive surgeries set me back on doing any productive, fine embroidery stitching. I just couldn’t concentrate and sit long enough to be productive. I hope to get a needlework project underway in 2017. I am sending prayers and thoughts to you! Needle n Thread looks awesome! You are a gem and an inspiration to me.

    Xo Kathy

  95. Hello Mary,
    Wanted to tell you how exquisite your work is!!! And then I read your personal note. I’m so sorry you have been going through this cancer ordeal. I’ll be checking on earlier notes you have written on your progress. In the meantime I have you on my prayer list.
    You have been so helpful in your pictures and explanations. I can’t wait to begin a project. Thank you.

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