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Happy New Year! Reminiscing, Resolutions, and a Revised Rooster


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Happy New Year to All! I wish you all a wonderful 2010, full of many blessings for you and yours! This morning, I’m looking back a bit on 2009, ahead a bit for 2010, and revising yesterday’s rooster.

In 2009, I didn’t really have any huge embroidery finishes! Looking back on the year, I managed a lot of little things mostly geared towards publishing here on Needle ‘n Thread, but I didn’t really finish anything big. In fact, anything big I started, I didn’t finish. I wonder if this is a way to measure success? If it truly is… oh golly. I’m such a loser! Some things that transpired on Needle ‘n Thread in 2009:

Goldwork and Crazy Quilting

In January, I concentrated a lot on Goldwork, for an article in CQMag Online. (You can still find the goldwork article online at CQMag!)

Whitework and Drawn Thread Embroidery

In February, I focused quite a bit on drawn thread embroidery and whitework, in this embroidery sampler, which – well, yes, I admit it! – I never finished. Another project took over, and I had to use the frame, so once I unframed this piece, I never got back to it. You can find the tutorials that accompanied this project under the Tips and Tricks for Hand Embroidery.

Miniature Embroidery

In March, the drawn thread sampler continued, and I did actually manage a finish on something else. Whoo hoo! It’s not exactly a big finish, but I enjoyed working this miniature embroidery piece, and it’s one of my favorite little framed pieces in my house. Lots of free hand embroidery patterns were posted on Needle ‘n Thread in March, too.

Long Dog Sampler

In April, I started working on this Long Dog Sampler titled Angel Pavement. It was a project that my niece and I began working on together – we set up two samplers, bought double charts, supplies, and whatnot… Neither of us have finished! But we’re still working on it now and then! The sampler is stitched on 28 ct fabric, over one.

Drawn Thread on Gingham

In May, besides sifting through stash stuff and starting a new project and going Needlework Shop Hopping, I did manage to post one useful tutorial on Drawn Thread Embroidery on Gingham. Oh, and this can be counted as a finish, too!

Hand Embroidered Pall - Ecclesiastical Embroidery

In June, I hand embroidered this pall as a gift. It counts as a finish! June was also a month full of guest articles here on Needle ‘n Thread, because I went on vacation for a few weeks. That was fun!

Temari Ball

In July, I worked my first Temari ball. That can be counted as a finish, can’t it? I also reviewed the needlework shops I visited while on vacation, and spent a lot of time preparing the Long and Short Stitch Shading Lessons that got into full swing a bit later.

Long and Short Stitch Shading Lessons

August saw the Long and Short Stitch Shading Lessons in full swing, though they definitely carried on past August!

Embroidered Stole

In September, the Long and Short Stitch Shading Lessons continued, I didn’t do a whole lot of personal embroidery, I did dig out an old embroidery project to reconsider how to finish it (and got nowhere at the time!), and I gave away a lot of good stuff in September, like Jane Nicholas’s stumpwork books and some Trish Burr kits! September is always a difficult month to make progress on personal projects, since school is starting and a new routine is taking over.

Hand Embroidered Lettering and Text

October saw the beginning of the hand embroidered lettering and text tutorials, which would last into December! It was also another month with few personal projects due to the demands of the school year.

Hand Embroidered Lettering Sampler

November saw the bulk of the Lettering tutorials, as well as the beginning of a needlebook. I gave away some stuff, and started posting a new monogram alphabet, which I haven’t finished yet!

Needlebook Kit: Nichole by Bobbi Chase, distributed by Access Commodities

December was a fairly productive month, for being one of the busier months of the year! I finished a needlebook, the
lettering sampler, and a little crewel piece. I’ve gotten on a crewel kick here, so I’ve been writing a bit for upcoming posts on crewel work, comparing threads, and so forth. Also during December, I managed a lot of behind-the-scenes work here on Needle ‘n Thread, working on a couple projects that will be launched in the early parts of 2010. December was indeed a productive month!

Resolutions and Looking Ahead

For 2010, I have some personal embroidery-related goals: use more stash, finish more projects! I also have some plans for Needle ‘n Thread! I’ve been compiling a list of tutorials and topics that I hope you will enjoy throughout 2010. The video camera has also been occupied lately, so you can look forward to some video-related productions, too.

And the Rooster

Yesterday, I posted a rooster pattern for crewel work that will be my first “New Year” project here. I’ve since revised the pattern, so if it is something you were thinking of stitching along with, I thought I’d let you know there’s a new version available on yesterday’s post.

Happy New Year, one and all! I’m looking forward to 2010, and I hope you are, too!


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(12) Comments

  1. Happy New Year to you Mary 🙂 I enjoyed reading your Years Review, but mostly I'm glad to know that you don't finish everything either 🙂

    As far as resolutions for this new year goes, I really don't have any! Except to continue to do things I enjoy, learn the new concepts that interest me, and make lovely things for my home and as gifts for family.

    What do people do all day if they don't stitch, sew, knit, crochet, or play with threads and fibers in some context? Sounds too boring to me! 🙂


  2. A happy new year to you. Looking over your year of projects I realized I've been lurking here since March. Gosh, time flies. I love reading your blog, learning new terms and watching how the stitches are made. One of my resolutions for this year is to stop watching and start doing. I cross stitch, I quilt, now I need to learn/do more embroidery. My experience is so limited (some crewel projects years ago). It's time to branch out and you're the best teacher I could have. Thank you.

  3. Happy New Year to you too Mary!!

    Your recap of the year is amazing. I love the whitework piece- it is stunning. I think you accomplish a lot, in addition to working full time, writing this wonderful blog and finishing projects to boot. WOW!!

    I am looking forward to the year and have been inspired to complete a few projects this year. Some that have been lingering and some new ones as well.

    BTW – I like the revised rooster in the square as well.

    All the best for 2010.

  4. Happy New Year to you and your family. You spent a lot of time working for us on the online lessons, and again I thank you a lot. Should 2010 be very creative !!

  5. Mary, I am in awe of you with every post. I am overwhelmed to read through your year in review. Imagine my shock and awe to hear you wonder aloud if unfinished projects indicated failure. (I can't even bring myself to use the "L" word.) And on top of all this, your primary profession is teaching, and English teaching, at that. Mary, every day you draw breath is a blessing to so many!
    Grateful to have you blogging in 2009 and looking forward to 2010!

  6. Thank you for reviewing your year in stitch. I somehow missed your great article in CQ Mag online about goldwork (I think we were getting ready to move and I probably missed a lot).

    Happy New Year!


  7. Don't you *dare* call yourself a potential "loser" because you didn't finish any big projects – because you were busy teaching us.
    For which I gratefully thank you and greatly admire you

  8. Happy new year! Thanks so much for the past year's worth of embroidery instruction, inspiration, and resources—all delivered with delightful writing and good humor. Looking forward to more of the same in 2010!

  9. Happy New Year!
    I don't know that I agree, Mary. I think you have accomplished quite a bit over the last year. Perhaps you didn't finish as much as you would have liked in projects, but you have opened people up to what is out there in the world of embroidery, and introduced us to techniques, materials and other artists. And that is HUGE!
    Now I am going to go look at that article on Goldwork you wrote…

  10. Mary,
    Happy New Year to you too! I don't know you but I feel like I do a bit because I've been reading your blog for almost a year and a half now! You are so selfless in writing this blog and sharing so many valuable teachings and much inspiration with your readers. I am so grateful I found this blog and you! I can tell you are a true teacher: giving of yourself to help others grown and learn and often putting yourself aside. May 2010 bring you time to take care of yourself. You deserve it! Thanks for sharing your time and talent with us! (But don't hesitate to take a week off with no blogs 🙂

  11. Hi Mary…
    I think it was yeswterday (so long ago 🙂 that you mentioned you wish you had simplified the body of the rooster per the example in one of the featured books from yoiur email.
    Well, I for one am very happy that your rooster has the scallops. I think he will comeout looking much more rich and I think he deserves the extra detail.
    I am so loving this project and I do plan on doing hem up my self.


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