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Mission Rose Embroidery Project: Color Choices


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When the Mission Rose project first started taking shape, I knew two things right off: 1. that it would involve very specific silk embroidery threads; and 2. that it would involve some goldwork threads, but not a lot.

The majority of the project will be worked with silk embroidery threads, specifically with Soie de Paris by Au Ver a Soie. I used this thread for the Tudor Rose in the Medallion Project, and I loved-loved-loved it.

While I was working out those five Tudor roses, I was already thinking to myself, “I would like to do a Whole Project with Just This Thread.”

Silk Embroidery Threads for the Mission Rose

In the photo above, you can see the colors of silk I’ve pulled for the Mission Rose. I’m not certain I’ll use all of them, but I have them on standby, just in case. It was pretty difficult to come up with a good range of greens, and I’m not too sure of the ones I’ve chosen. I also wanted a reddish brown in there, but we’ll see what comes of the browns and reds selected.

Silk Embroidery Threads for the Mission Rose

One difficulty with using Soie de Paris for a large embroidery project is that it does not come in a vast range of colors and shades.

Still, it has a pretty decent range (which I believe is still growing) for a smaller project. And the Mission Rose being somewhat smaller in scope than the Medallion Project, I was confident I could ferret out a good sampling of colors and shades in Soie de Paris.

Silk Embroidery Threads for the Mission Rose

With this project, I obviously don’t intend to mimic the colors and shades of silks used in the original piece of embroidery that inspired the Mission Rose.

These are the color numbers of Soie de Paris, each grouping arranged from light to dark:

Greens: 2211, 2125, 2116, 3725
Reds: 4232 (ivory), 2641, 2914, 945, 4624, 4625
Browns: 3814, 4546, 4136

If you’re looking for Soie de Paris, you can find it available through fine needlework shops. If you have a local needlework shop that carries fine embroidery supplies (oh, I wish!), you might check with them first to see if they carry the Au Ver a Soie range of silks.

If I make changes in the colors above as I go, I’ll let you know. But for now, the colors are chosen, I’ve assembled them in a tray along with a selection of #10 crewel needles and my favorite embroidery scissors, and I’m ready to stitch!

Well, almost – one more little job before the stitching begins. And I’ll share that with you next time!

Questions? Comments? Have your say below!

If you’d like to read the backstory on the Mission Rose project and follow it along step-by-step as it develops, please visit the Mission Rose Project Index, where you’ll find all the articles relating to this project listed in chronological order.


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(22) Comments

  1. Dear Mary, I am looking forward to see how this project develops . Just one question, how thick is this silk thread you will be using. I must say it looks beautiful and I can only but admire it from a very far distance.
    Love Elza Bester Cape Town. xxx

    1. Hi, Elza – there’s a link up there in the blog post for Soie de Paris – it will take you to an article I wrote about thread comparisons, where it shows Soie de Paris, compared to other silk threads. In any case, it’s relatively fine – no thicker than a regular single strand of DMC. Hope that helps! -MC

  2. The silk threads look wonderful! I was admiring them on the HH site yesterday. Can’t wait to see how they look on the fabric.

  3. I like this color choice very much especially the way the brights contrast
    With the really dark greens. Reminds me of rosé bushes just to look
    At the colors!

  4. I love your website! It’s awesome! I’m learning so much I have searched and searched but can’t seem to find the Mission Rose index. I looked under Tips and Techniques but no luck. Thank you

    1. Hi, Karen – Soie de Paris comes off the spool in a group of threads, but they are only loosely grouped. I’m using one strand, so it’s relatively fine. -MC

  5. Hallo Mary, Ik wil Heel graag meedoen,maar kan in Nederland niet Silk Paris kopen. Graag geven Nr van DMC??
    Groeten van Riet van Leijen

    1. Hello, Riet! Ik zal proberen om een lijst van de DMC garen nummers voor u, maar ik denk dat het beter is als je kleuren die je leuk vindt, omdat de draad kleuren zal niet erg goed om te zetten. ~MC

  6. Lovely looking silk! Looks like the right colours for rose leaves – soft and slightly warm greens. (They’ll look even warmer and softer when that blue fabric is in place, providing some real contrast.)

  7. Hi Mary 🙂
    I love following your projects. I learn so much because you are not afraid to let people see that you too make mistakes. The way you explain your thought process helps me so much. I was just wondering how many strands you will be using on this project?
    Thank you

  8. Dear Mary

    Thanks so much for the post I love the colours of silk thread you’ve chosen for the Mission Rose project. I’ve not used Soie de Paris thread they look lovely and silky and I’m looking forward to see how you use them and how they look against the silk fabric you’ve chosen. I’m really looking forward to the development of the project.

    Regards Anita Simmance

  9. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE Soie de Paris to work with. They have recently broadened out their color range with some of the historic colors. Check with your store and see if they have some of the new ones in yet.

  10. Dear Mary
    Would you possibly list the appropriate DMC colours for the stitchers amongst us who would love to use the beautiful silk threads you show but can’t quite afford it at the moment.I love your blog and look forward to reading it every day
    Many Thanks

  11. I don`t want to do the project in silk-too new to embroidery to invest in silk to ruin.Have never done thread painting yet. Maybe I shouldn`t do this one ??Anyway is there a color conversion chart for DMC? Also where do we find Dovo sissors? & will my size 9 fingers fit easily in the holes? For those useing silk tell them about oil & sugar hand scrub. Thx Barb

    1. Hi, Barb – There’s no hard and fast rule about the color choices. You’re certainly welcome to pick out some DMC colors you like for the project. Part of the whole “journey” with the project revolves around the types of threads I’m using and how they’re used (the materials influence the way you approach a project), but you can certainly make substitutions! You might search online for Dovo scissors. I get mine at a local quilting store, which works out well (so I don’t have to pay shipping), but there are different places online that carry them. ~MC

    2. Hedgehog Handworks sells Dovos. If they’re not listed just ask. I’ve bought two pair from the ‘hog (so far).

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