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Preview: Snippet Kits & Other Delights


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At the beginning of 2022, I launched a series here on Needle ‘n Thread called Stitch Snippets, where we work together through a manageable embroidery project from start to finish, highlighting some particular aspect of embroidery or finishing (or both).

Along with the stitch-along, we had kits available for you, so that you would have all the same supplies on hand that I was using while we worked through the project together.

This year, we’ve finished three projects together here on Needle ‘n Thread: Bee-Jeweled Pincushion, Cotton Quartet, and the most recent finish Autumn Fire.

And this week, we are ready to launch the fourth and final project of the year! Yay!

Today, I’m going to give you a sneak peek of the last Stitch Snippet for 2022 and explain how this final stitch-along will work (it is slightly different from the previous three), what we will be focusing on, and how you can join in.

I’ll also tell you when the kit will launch and what other products will be available at the same time so that you can save a bit on shipping while taking care of your Christmas wish list!

Please read to the end of the article so you know what to expect and how to participate.

Stitch Snippet: Christmas Tree

The final Stitch Snippet this year is called Christmas Tree: embellishing and finishing an embroidery kit into an ornament.

For this project, I’ve partnered with Tamar Nahir-Yanai of Israel, and we will be using one of her embroidery kits – a darling Christmas tree – which we are going to further embellish and then turn into a finished ornament, ready to hang for the holidays.

Unlike previous Snippets, this stitch-along will require you to purchase the kit if you want to work the same project. I won’t be providing a design outside of the kit, because of course, it belongs to Tamar. I’ll be using her embroidery kit as the springboard to show you how you can further embellish kits and turn them into ornaments.

If you just want to follow along and apply principles to your own projects, that’s fine, too!

Along with Tamar’s Christmas Tree kit, we will provide an accompanying embellishment and finishing kit, so that you will have everything you need to finish the tree kit into an ornament.

Tamar’s kit comes with pre-printed fabric, embroidery threads, needle, and an instructional booklet.

The embellishment and finishing kit comes with everything I used to further embellish and finish the ornament: additional embroidery floss, three different types of beads, 100% wool felt for backing, padding, a pre-cut board insert, trim, hanging tab, and taffeta ribbon.

You’ll need to provide a hoop, scissors, sewing threads, pins, and glue.

The tree kit will be sold in conjunction with the finishing kit.

Stitch Snippet: Christmas Tree

The focus of this Stitch Snippet: how you can enjoy the convenience of embroidering a bought kit, turning it into something unique to you by embellishing further (if you want) and then by finishing it into a decorative ornament.

I will show you what I did when I stitched Tamar’s Christmas Tree kit, talk about some stitching tips, and then take you step-by-step through finishing, to the very last snip of the final thread.

You’ll learn how to construct, pad and assemble an ornament using a shape cut out from backing board (supplied precut in the finishing kit), add a hanging tab, add trim to the edge, and tie and attach an elegant little accent bow for a lovely finish

The completed ornament is a perfectly doable project in a relatively short period of time. This means you’ll have your own hand-stitched, hand-constructed ornament ready to hang up in plenty of time to enjoy it among your seasonal decor (or to give it as a gift).

The Kits

In fact, you might even find yourself making several ornaments, because I’ll have a variety of Tamar’s other small seasonal kits available, too! We’ll be launching many embroidery-related goods at the same time as the Snippet kits, including a curated selection of Tamar’s kits.

TamaryNY Embroidery Kits on Needle 'n Thread

You’ll find several 4″ holiday-themed embroidery kits that can be finished as ornaments, as well as a variety of 6″ embroidery kits that are just downright fun, and that can be finished different ways. You can frame them with a hoop or in a frame, add them to a quilt or a pillow front, perhaps incorporate them into a Crazy Quilt project, or what-have-you.

Some of the kits are holiday themed and some are not. There are florals, autumn designs, some flora and fauna, and even an ocean themed little piece. Something for everyone!

The Other Goods

In addition to Tamar’s kits, the following embroidery-related goods will also be available in the shop – some new and some returning favorites!

Needle Threaders!

We will have a wide selection of these beautiful needle threaders available again.

Needle Threaders

We have sets of three (with a small discount for a set) and singles available. We’ve got a new configuration (“lace variety”) in the threader sets, too.


I’ll have a very limited supply of these gorgeous Cohana lacquer handled scissors, in vermillion (which is the most luscious Christmassy lipsticky red) and Burnt Siena (which is a deep, luxurious mahogany).

Cohana Scissors

These scissors are in high demand and I was only able to bring in a really limited supply.

We have more of the Perfect Scissors that I talked about here, too. These make great pairings with kits, if you’re gift-giving embroidery goods this year.


We’ve extended our hoop collection! You’ll find 3″, 4″, 5″ and 6″ fine embroidery hoops – each packaged with a length of cotton twill tape for binding the hoop – available in the shop. We’ll also have some of the square-round hoops available, too.

Round Embroidery Hoops

You can find a tutorial on binding a hoop here.

For the Christmas Tree kit, either the 4″ or the 5″ hoop will work. For other 6″ kits that will be available on Friday, the 6″ hoops work.


I’m so excited to add these glorious metallic thread sets to our inventory!

Au Ver a Soie Metallic Thread kits - Holiday Collection

These metallics are from Au Ver a Soie in France. You can read my take on these metallics here, including why I like them better than any other metallics on the market.

These three sizes (4, 8, and 12, from finest to heaviest) are perfect for adding a bit of sparkle to your embroidery, cross stitch, or needlepoint projects. And this color collection works great for the holidays and beyond.

I’ll have a limited number of sets in each size available


I’ve extended the Tulip Needle list a bit too, adding chenille needles, tapestry needles, and milliner needs to the collection of Tulip Needles in the shop.

Tulip Needles

You can read my take on Tulip Needles here to see why I like them and why they are so popular among embroiderers, quilters, and others who sew by hand.

If you’re not sure of the purpose of the different types of needles, this article will help explain what they are and when they’re used.

Thread Drops!

For thread organization, we have Thread Drops available – the Hip Hop Thread Drops (a bunny!) and the original Thread Drops (drop shaped).

Thread Drops

You can read about thread drops here, if you’re not sure what they are.

I know many of you love thread drops for thread organization, so I thought you’d appreciate being able to combine shipping for these with other items. I love thread drops, but I don’t have a local shop, and I don’t like paying for shipping on smaller items like these. So I tried to bring them in at a time when they can combine with other items that you might be purchasing, anyway.

Give the Gift of Embroidery

Many of the items I’ve stocked this year are focused on how to make embroidery accessible in some way or another.

When I was thinking about what to add to my shop inventory in this last quarter of the year, I worked mostly around the notion of giving the gift of embroidery.

With affordable and easy kits, scissors, hoops, needles, needle threaders, and thread drops, you can assemble a magnificent Christmas gift for the creative person in your life, whether that person is young – or young at heart!

Creativity is the gift that keeps on giving, as you well know if you’re already a stitcher. And spreading a love of needlework is the only way to keep the needle arts alive for future generations.

So I hope you find the new additions to my shop both useful and fun, for you and for those you love!

Launch Date & Time

Because I’m restricted in space and in how much I can produce and then ship in a timely manner, almost everything I carry in my shop is limited in number.

So the usual method for launching new products here on Needle ‘n Thread is that I announce ahead of time the date and time that the products will be available in my shop. At that point, they are available on a first-come basis.

When possible, I restock as fast as I can if things sell out. Usually, with kits, it can take up to a month to restock. Because we are in the middle of a move, I don’t know how quickly restocking can happen right now (if at all), but we will do our very best!

Members of the Needle ‘n Thread Community on Patreon have early access to the shop before the product launches, so if you’re a member over there, you can look for an announcement later today with your special shopping time.

Otherwise, here on the website, all in-stock products will be available this Friday, November 4th, at 10:00 AM central time – which is 11:00 am Eastern, 9:00 AM Mountain, and 8:00 AM Pacific. If you don’t fall into one of those time regions, please calculate the corresponding launch time for your region. (I’m in Kansas. Launch is at 10:00 AM my time. Go from there.)

As usual, we will ship as quickly as possible, beginning Friday and most likely going over into Monday and Tuesday.

If you have an order on hold, please leave a note in the comment space on your order form, so that we combine your orders.

I’m really excited about Friday’s launch! I think you will love this next Stitch Snippet, and I’m eager to get the project started with you!

See you Friday!


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