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Tag: Schwalm

Searching for Schwalm Whitework?


I’m a huge fan of whitework embroidery of all types. And although I don’t do a lot of whitework compared to other forms of embroidery, I do dabble in whitework now and then.

One of my favorite types of whitework embroidery is Schwalm whitework.

I love Schwalm whitework for a few reasons: 1. It offers a never-ending plethora of variation, especially when it comes to fillings; 2. It involves relatively simple stitches, which makes it easy to get into; and 3. With its crisp white finish, airy openwork areas, and simple folky design elements, it’s really beautiful and, at the same time, it’s accessible. It doesn’t overwhelm.

Since it’s Saturday morning, how about we have a nice cup of coffee together while we browse through a wonderful Schwalm embroidery resource?

Schwalm Whitework Embroidery
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Openwork Needleweaving Books from Luzine Happel


Back in 2009, I reviewed Luzine Happel’s book, Basic Principles of Schwalm Whitework, which, in my mind, is still The Definitive Guide on Schwalm whitework embroidery.

Since then, Luzine has written quite a few books that have been translated into English, some of which I’ve reviewed – like Fancy Hems, a book on Early Schwalm Whitework, a beautiful pattern book for Schwalm embroidery, and books on filling techniques. Really, when it comes to this type of whitework embroidery and all the nuances of it – all the “sub techniques” that can be applied to other types of embroidery, too – Luzine is a goldmine of information!

Her latest books are of the sampler variety, in a sense. Here’s a look at both of them: Openwork Pattern Samplers and Openwork Needleweaving Patterns.

Openwork Pattern Samplers & Needleweaving Patterns by Luzine Happel
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Early Schwalm Whitework: Book Review


I’m not sure how Luzine Happel does it, but she has an uncanny way of making me want to drop everything in my stitching world and devote my life to Schwalm Whitework. Luzine is the author of what I call THE (that’s pronounced “thee”) definitive guide to Schwalm whitework embroidery, called Basic Principles of Schwalm Whitework. Her first self-published book on Schwalm embroidery is absolutely a must-have if you have any interest in this type of whitework.

Then she did it again, publishing a book of step-by-step instruction for Fancy Hems used for Schwalm embroidery and any other techniques where you’d like to employ a fancy hem in your embroidery. And then she published books of fillings – fillings, fillings, and more fillings to use for whitework.

And doggonit. She’s gone and done it again! Her new book is called Early Schwalm Whitework: described in great detail and illustrated with step by step instructions, or just Early Schwalm Whitework for short.

Early Schwalm Whitework
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Schwalm for Lefties Update!


Last week, we talked a bit about Schwalm whitework and a stitching challenge / give-away for lefties. The challenge part includes stitching up a Schwalm project from Luzine Happel’s book, Basic Principles of Schwalm Whitework, re-written for left-handed embroiderers, and corresponding with Luzine about the clarity of the instructions and so forth. The give-away part is the fact that the three participants will receive all the materials necessary to complete the project, including the linen with the design already on it, the threads, needles, and the book.

Schwalm Whitework Embroidery
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