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Embroidery Stitch Videos – Updates & a Question


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Just thought I’d give you all a quick run-down on updated embroidery stitch videos here on Needle ‘n Thread, in case you’re looking for some Sunday afternoon entertainment. Ok, ok. My stitch videos are not exactly entertaining, I admit it! (Maybe I should post the bloopers. But then you’d hear me cussing….)

If you’re planning on dabbling with needle and thread today – you might, for example, be inside avoiding the heat – maybe some of these will be helpful.

I also have a question for you, posed at the very end of the article. You can skip down to it, if you want. I won’t be insulted. In fact, I’ll never know!

Here’s a list of the all-new videos on Needle ‘n Thread, with photos of what the stitches look like. There’s a link below each photo to the video tutorials. On each video page, you’ll also find photos of what the stitches look like, plus explanatory information that’s been updated, with links to other articles related to the given stitch, or just general information about the stitch, threads, or what-have-you.

Backstitch, Laced Backstitch, Whipped Backstitch

Laced Backstitch
Whipped Backstitch

All three of these are pretty basic. The backstitch video goes into the difference between stabbing a stitch and sewing a stitch.

Basque Stitch

Basque Stitch – I have ideas brewing for this particular stitch. They haven’t all come to Stitch Fruition yet, but it’s a cool stitch, and I like it. I plan to do some playing with it in the future.

Buttonhole Stitch

Buttonhole (aka Blanket) Stitch – The open, square-like looking netting in the above photo is all done with buttonhole stitch. “Buttonhole” and “blanket” stitch have become synonymous terms for the blanket stitch, though the blanket stitch is usually worked spaced apart, if you want to get really technical. Anyway – you say potato, I say potahto, you say blanket, I say buttonhole, a rose by another name would smell as sweet, and all that kind of stuff!

Chevron Stitch

Chevron Stitch – You can do more with this stitch than meets the eye. Someday, I will!

Colonial Knot

Colonial Knot – This can be substituted for the French knot, if you find it easier to do, though – as some readers noted – it usually creates a slightly larger knot than the French knot.

Coral Stitch

Coral Stitch – Also called the coral knot stitch, this one is used extensively in Schwalm embroidery.

Double Chain Stitch

Double Chain Stitch – The green stitched line, with the open zig-zag like pattern, is the double chain stitch in the photo above. It makes an interesting open filling for long slender shapes.

Feather Stitch

Feather Stitch – I don’t know why the feather stitch is called the feather stitch, because it doesn’t really look like a feather. I think the fly stitch worked vertically and close together looks more like a feather. But I suppose it’s called the feather stitch because… actually, I have no idea why. But it’s a great stitch for vines and stuff, and it makes great “sprays” of greenery behind ribbon embroidery and the like.

Herringbone Stitch

Herringbone Stitch – Love this stitch for edges and stuff! It’s also the base of other stitches, and it works as an insertion stitch as well.

Double Herringbone Stitch

Double Herringbone Stitch – Trickier than you think, though not a difficult stitch. It isn’t just two layers of herringbone stitch, and the way you overlap the stitches makes a difference in the outcome. Plus, there’s some information here about stitch dictionaries – yes, some of them do get the double herringbone wrong!

Open Chain Stitch

Open Chain Stitch – Great for making lines of squares, and it can be closed up to make more solid lines, too.

Palestrina Stitch

Palestrina Stitch (aka Twilling) – Palestrina stitch is also known as “twilling,” which is a somewhat popular embroidery style used here in the Midwest (I think it’s spreading, but not sure!) to embroidery quilt squares.

Pekinese Stitch

Pekinese Stitch – Love, love, love this stitch, especially when worked with wool. Two strands of Fine D’Aubusson wool thread looped through perle cotton backstitch makes a really pretty Pekinese stitch.

Portuguese Knotted Stem Stitch

Portuguese Knotted Stem Stitch – Another stitch I’m absolutely in love with. What do I love about it? Hmmm. It would be easier to say what I don’t love about it: nothing! Another one to be careful with, when looking at various stitch dictionaries. Lefties, especially, will want to take care with stitch direction and direction of wrapping the stitches. (More info on that on the video page…)

Running Stitch

Running Stitch – Yeah. I know. You wouldn’t think running stitch needs a whole video to itself. But there are different ways to achieve a good looking running stitch, and I cover them in the video.

Split Stitch

Split Stitch – A basic stitch, and it really is split from below the stitch. If you come up into the fabric with your needle and split the stitch from underneath, you’re working the split stitch. If you go down into the stitch and into the fabric from the top of the stitch, you’re working the split backstitch. There’s a difference between the split stitch and the split backstitch. But you’re definitely allowed to work either one, if one is easier for you than the other.

Up and Down Buttonhole Stitch

Up & Down Buttonhole Stitch – It’s a pretty stitch. What more can I say?

Embroidery Stitches: Alphabetical Index

So here’s my question:

Would you find it helpful if I include an alphabetical listing of embroidery stitches on the site, linking up to the different tutorials? Right now, on the How-To Videos page, I have the stitches categorized by type, with no organization within each type. I just tacked on the new videos into their respective categories as I developed them.

I think an alphabetical listing might be helpful for those looking for a specific stitch by name. What do you think? Feel free to leave a comment below with your suggestions or input. I’m open to any stitch requests, too, and of course, any information on what you would find helpful. I do have a couple improvements and additions to the stitch instructions in the works, but I’m always open to further input and suggestions.

Hope you’re weekend is going along in a jolly fashion. We are sweltering in Kansas, but hey! It’s summer!

See you tomorrow with an announcement of a rather fruity nature…


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(128) Comments

  1. Hi Mary,
    Both indexing, alphabetical and type (like you have now) would be great.
    Often, the names of stitches are unkown to people, esp. beginners, but a picture or type is nice to have.
    You are an amazing servant to the stitch world!!!

  2. An alphabetical listing would be useful. I would like to take this opportunity of thanking you for your stitch examples and tutorials. I always look forward to receiving your emails.

  3. Categorising the stitches alphabetically will certainly assist people who is not so efficient on the World wide web.

    Thanks for a wonderful and prestigious newsletter
    keep it up


  4. Yes, I’d like to see the stitches organized alphabetically. I am not always sure what category a stitch is associated with, so I often have to browse through several categories to find the one I’m looking for. And, if there are common alternate names (as you noted with the blanket stitch), it might be helpful to list those either with the usual stitch name, or as a “see xyz stitch.” Thank you so much for these great videos. I never tried some stitiches because I couldn’t understand how to create them, and I have also corrected several stitches of mine that I interpreted incorrectly from paper instructions.

  5. an alphabetical list with links would be very helpful. I look forward to reading your newsletter everyday. I try to work on the stitches as you present them. I am left-handed so it is abit of a challenge. Thank you for all of the wonderful information. Donna

  6. Yes, it would certainly be useful and efficient to have every stitch in alphabetical order, although I enjoy very much browsing through all the beautiful photos, and falling into some new stitch overlooked before.

  7. I am new to your site but have been enjoying your work. I think an alphabetical list would be very helpful.

  8. I do like that the stitches are organized by type, but maybe you could split the difference and alphabetize within each stitch type? That way you could quickly glance and see if the stitch you are looking for is in this category, but if you are just looking for something cool to fill in a crewel leaf or something, the filling stitches would still all be together.

    I love the videos, by the by, I seem to need a refresher on some stitches all the time. I’ve watched your stem stitch video perhaps six-seven times, every time I start a project that is stem stitch heavy. Just to make sure I get it right. 🙂

  9. Another vote here for including an alphabetical list- that would be useful at times. But I really enjoy going back and looking at all the different stitches when I am looking for a specific one. A list would shorten the time needed but since I am very much a visual person, left-brained, I would probably not use it too much. Thank you so much for all you have done!

  10. I like the way the stitches are organized currently because when I want a stitch for a certain function all I have to do is look by category.

    We are “floating” here in Seattle with rainfall measurements that were above the record by the middle of June. 60 degree weather and no sun.

  11. Hi Mary,

    Yes an alphabetical listing might be helpful. Also if you could write the kind of thread and the type and size of needle for someone new at embroidery it would be a great help.

    I learn a lot with Needle’n Thread and I enjoy all the videos.
    Thank you,

  12. Dear Mary

    Thank you so much for this informative, interesting blog. I think alphabetical would be good and as virginia said with a see so and so included in the index. Can’t wait for the fruity blog tomorrow ha!ha!

    Regards Anita Simmance

  13. Hi Mary, I think the alpha/picture options are great ideas and would love to see that happen. You are such an amazing needle crafter with a wonderful and educational blog. I look forward to reading it every day; it’s so inspirational. Thanks for all you do to keep the art of embroidery alive.

  14. I would love an alphabetical listing. Sometimes I am just looking to see what a stitch looks like. I am just learning to embroidery again. It has been years since I did samplers. Now I am learning all the different types of stitches. It is so much fun.

  15. Hi
    I think the alphabetical listing would be useful but if it is a huge amount of work – I would rather learn another stitch or see some more of what you are working on.
    I guess it depends on how much work it is for you.
    Thanks for all this information – it is a great resource.

  16. I love your videos on stitching. You are my encyclopedia of stitching! I think if you were to put them in alphabetical order would be helpful. I look forward to reading your newsletter every day.


  17. As a retired librarian, I am all about having thngs in alphabetical order, so I vote “yes” on alphabetizing the stitches. But I’ll still be able to find what I need when I need it if you decide it isn’t worth the bother. Thanks.

  18. Mary,
    An alphabetical listing of your wonderful stitch videos would be much appreciated. Alternative names would be good, also, as different authors use different names for the same stitch.
    Another interesting situation is working with the French “Mains & Merveilles.” Google Translate is useful neither with this nor with “Broderie Colbert.”
    Debbie S.

  19. Thank you very much, Mary, for this lovely eye-candy blog post. I think an additional alphabetic listing would be helpful. But above all, we are so lucky to have you and your generous sharing of embroidery-knowledge.

  20. First, let me say I LOVE your site, your tips, videos and your newsletters. A very good friend forwarded one of your communications to me a while back and I have never gone elsewhere since. Alphabetizing the videos by stitch name would be a more efficient method when searching for a particular stitch – at least for me. I use your instructional videos quite often since I have returned to embroidery and am learning many new stitches in class that sometimes slip my mind once I return home and want to use the new stitch I thought I learned. Ahh, memory, 🙂 The stitch dictionary I have is good, but not nearly as thorough and easy to understand as your videos. My newly learned stitches look so much better when following your instruction. Thank you, Mary, for being there for all us stitchers!!

  21. Thank you Mary for your wonderful, fine videos. I think alphabetizing would be helpful because we are a rather alphabetical world. But I find that I have the most fun when I browse through them and come across some glorious heretofore unknown stitch. However you wish to do it is perfect. Thanks again,

    Shelia in Oklahoma

  22. Hello Mary,

    Yes, I think an alphabetical list would be very helpful. What I’m really writing for though is because you say you are stitching to escape your summer heat!!! I’m stitching to escape our summer RAIN. It’s done nothing but rain here for days and weeks. Please could you send some summer weather to the UK????
    Thank you,
    Kind regards,

  23. Yes, I think it would be helpful to have the stitches in alphabetical order. But indexed by type is useful too. Perhaps you can do both?

  24. Theoretically I think alphabetizing would be great- in all honessty I pick the stitch by the picture. Thsnk you for your informstion and instruction- it is so helpful and clear. I was just checkinfg out your tip and technique section and found exactly what I was needing- information on what needle to use with different threads. Thanks again, Jane

  25. Oh yes, Mary, that would be so very helpful! I find myself looking for tutorials while I am working a project and what a time saver it would be if I could go directly to the stitch with which I need help!! You have been a life saver so many times – you can’t imagine!!


  26. Hi Mary-
    an alphabetical index would be great, and I agree with the comment of Chris, that it would be helpful to add a little picture of the stitch, for the same reason: people (me included!)often do not know the name of the stitch, there are so many and some complicated ones with also complicated names:-)
    thank you always for this wonderful blog, I enjoy every day what there is new, it’s really great!

  27. Hi Mary:

    I am a collector of stitch dictionaries and while seeing how stitches are related is interesting and has utility, when searching for something I have to vote for ALPHABETICAL arrangement of the stitch names.

    For those who are so new that they don’t know stitch names – well, they can click on the name of each stitch to see a picture – or perhaps a listing in the description of which stitches are related – e.g. colonial knot is a knot stitch and is related to all of the other knot stitches – most notably French Knots, etc. etc. That might be a way to give the utility of the alphabetical listing but still retain the relationships of the stitches to each other.

  28. I prefer alphbetised listing. You could go one step further and assigned a ?Roman numeral to each category of stitches (ie I Buttonhole, II Knoted) and after the stitch name include the appropriate Roman numeral.

  29. I think an alphabetical index for stitch videos is a great idea, as long as there is way to browse the photos also. I am a newbie, so I’m not always sure what I’m looking for. There does not seem to be a reasonable way to group stitches by their applications alone, since they usually have multiple applications. Thanks. I love your newsletters and videos. They are wonderful.

  30. Mary, I have a picture of an embroidery that I don’t know what stitched they used to make the background. I would like to send you the picture. I am sure you would know how to do it. Can you send me a regular email and I will send picture to you? Thanks for your help!

    1. Hi, Regina – there’s a contact link in the footer of my website, if you want to use that. You can also reply to any email you receive from the website and it will get to me. -MC

  31. I would like them listed both ways. I love seeing the different stitches and how to do them. In the future, could you demo shadow work stitches. Thanks for all your help.

  32. Yes! An alphabetical listing as well as by type would be really helpful.

    I have a book which does not give any alphabetical index and it is a nightmare trying to find where they have categorised a stitch.

    Thanks so much for everything you do.

  33. An alphabetical listing sounds like a great idea, in addition to grouping by type. Your site is so fantastic. I love it and look forward to every posting. Thank you!!!

  34. Alphabetical is always a plus, but categorized by type can be helpful too.

    Can we have both?


  35. Whenever you mention a certain stitch in an email, and I don’t recognize it, I quickly look thru your tutorials and if I can’t find it, I “google” it. Short answer, yes,an alphabetical listing would be very helpful. Thank you.

  36. Mary, I just wanted to let you know that I have used your videos on more than one occasions. I have been embroidering since I was young (basic dish towels and such) but have since ventured out into more intricate and varied pieces. I’m not sure alphabetizing your videos would helpful unless doing a pattern which calls for an unfamiliar stitch. Maybe alphabetizing within your categories? Anyway, whichever way they are listed the videos are definitely helpful and I thank you for them!

  37. Alphabetical, please. Or … in total fantasy mode … alphabetical with a picture in the index listing. I go to stitches because they look interesting.. and I’m sure I’m not the only one.
    Thanks for your wonderful site. I love it. I find it so helpful when doing sewing or when just thinking about it.
    And yes please, I concur with my compatriot… after weeks and weeks of rain here and temperatures never getting above 70F … if you could send a little sunshine over here to the UK that would be great too!

  38. Yes I would love an alphabetical listing of the various stitches you have available – but only if it isn’t a huge job for you to do that. Thanks again for bringing us your wonderful work every day. I look forward to your messages!

  39. Hi, Mary,
    My vote would be for the stitches to be categorized like they are, but also alphabetical.

    I have heard of a stitch called Bastido stitch and would love a video on making this stitch.

    LOVE your willingness to share all this information!!!!

  40. Mary,

    What a great list and pictures of all the different stitches you have been working on. I think the alphabetical list would be quite helpful for those of us who want to check out one type of stitch, especially if we don’t know what type of embroidery it is usually associated with. This happens when people from quilting or lace making come to look for some specialty embroidery stitch.


  41. Both listings would be helpful. Sometimes I know what kind of stitch it is but don’t know the exact name, others I know the name but not what kind it is. These videos are invaluable. I do a lot of embroidery, but sometimes I forget exactly how a stitch is done if I haven’t used it in awhile.

  42. Would you please do a few stitches for all of us who are “stitched challenged” for the beautiful Bird of Paradise that you posted yesterday. I want to encorporate a few blocks of this in my granddaughter’s wedding quilt.
    Thank you so much,
    Pamela Brown

    1. Mary:
      You do so very much for all of us “out here” that it does not seem right to ask more. I like how you have the videos listed now, but I do think an aphabetical list sounds good also.
      Do not by any means do away with what you alredy have.

      Oh, how I wish I could sit at your feet and learn. The next best thing is to “sit” at your feet via my computer. Thank you for all that you contribute to those of us far away.

      Best Wishes for Best Stitches to all.

      P.S. North Georgia is already in the upper 80s and lower 90s and no rain in sight. Some of our trees already have yellow leaves and are dropping fast. Wouldn’t it be nice if we could share with each other?

  43. An alphabetical list would be very helpful as I don’t often know in which category to look for a certain stitch. I would also appreciate some photos that are not so close up. The close ups are great for showing how to make a stitch, but it is fun to see a stitch “in real time”, so to speak. I do really enjoy your video tutorials and have referred to them numerous times. You do a terrific job with them and your blog. Thank you!

    1. Love your site and look forward to it every day. I definitely think alphabetical order would be great. I use your tutorials for needlepointing.

  44. Quiero decirle que en toda mi vida haciendo labores nunca imagine que habia tantas puntadas diferentes,lo que en su pagina veo nunca lo vi en ninguna revista ni libro ni nada,estoy maravillada .Por ejemplo las flores que llamamos de rococo,nosotros hacemos ,una flor simple en cambio las de usted parece que son de verdad,.Le felicito por esas maravillas y me felicito a mi por haber encontrado su pagina .Un saludo.

  45. Hi Mary

    I just love getting your emails every day. I look forward to them. Your tutorials are great and your suggestion of having an alphabetical listing too would be an added bonus.

    Kind regards and thanks.


  46. Dear Mary
    Thanks so much for this wonderful repository of stitches. I think the categorization is important and the alphabetical would be useful. Sometimes people hear about a stitch or see it in a pattern and would like to look it up in an index. Thanks again. Wonderful resource!

  47. Hi Mary,
    That would be a great help, but only if its not too much trouble for you.The help you have given me is awesome, I can now sew long and short stitch quite well.
    Thank you

  48. Mary,
    First, I have to say Thank You for posting the Coral Knot Stitch. I feel as though you have posted it just for me. I would like to see an alphabetical listing of the stitches. If you are unsure of a stitch you may not know the catagory it fits into.

  49. Hi Mary
    Thanks again for all of your hard work, which you share with us so generously. I think you really need to index the stitches by type and alphabetically.

  50. Hi, Mary. I, too, think an alphabetical listing will be helpful. I have a question for you about monogram on shirt cuffs. I did one today, but it turned out too thick. What type of thread and how many strands would you recommend using for monograms on shirts? Thanks in advance for your response.

  51. I like it the way it is because I don’t always know the name of a stitch but I know in general that I want say a filling stitch so I can go and look. If you alphabetize could you put some kind of note as to the type of stitch?

  52. I would like to see both a categorical and an alphabetical listing.

    If you know what the stitch is called I would think that the alpha listing would be faster.

    The categorical listing is useful so that you can see related stitches.

  53. Hello Mary,
    I do like the idea of an alphabetical listing of all stitch tutorials.
    Pictures of the stitch would be nice for beginners.

    Would you consider a video tutorial of the “Moss Stitch”. I can’t seem to get a complete circle in the middle, usually just shows on the top of the middle knot. Thank you.
    PS- Finally finished “The Nesting Place” What a wonderful class. Do you have plans for another workshop?

  54. If you’re asking for my two cents worth (and with the current value of the penny, it’s not worth much!), I would love an alphabetical list by stitch name and it would be helpful to have another list by type of stitch too – esp. if you can’t think of/don’t know the name of an actual stitch. Not much help, am I!!

  55. Hello Mary
    Indexing and alphabetical is wonderful for someone like me who is still finding my way around all the stitches out there. I see so many new stitches through your news and teachings, thank you so much. Your pictures and video’s are fantastic, what I am curious about is to what extent you enlarge them for us in the actual picture, fantastic, thank you once again.

  56. I think that is a great idea! I do wish I was in Kansas as all we have been having is rain, rain, rain and now flooding! Good time to stay indoors and stitch!

  57. If you are an avid embroiderer and know names, then alpha is the way to go. Personally, I like pics to select a stitch. I can’t always remember my kids names let alone an embroidery stitch! You are so generous to provide us the tools you do!!! Thanks again!

  58. Mary,
    Thank your for all of the resources you give us. I’ve referenced your site repeatedly in online groups.
    Both types of indexing are of value. Alphabetical, when I know a stitch name. By type, if I’m interested in related stitches. If a stitch is known by multiple names, please list them, too.

  59. Wow Mary, I didn’t realize just how many videos you made. With as many as you have made (and it sounds like you have a lot more planned) an alphabetic index would be great. But it would be best if we still had them organized by stitch type. I don’t know how hard that would be to do.

    Thank you for all you give us in the stitching world.


  60. Alphabetical is a great idea, along with any alternative names for the stitches.

    Your blog and tutorials are wonderful. Thank you so much for providing such a resource!

  61. Can you do it both ways? I can see the advantage of both, and I have seen other sites that have choices. I don’t have any idea what work that involves for you, just a thought.

  62. Yes please. Mostly I want stitches by name. I am left handed too so your wonderful clear pics mean I can easily change them round to suit. So both ways??? if possible. And THANKS!

  63. Absolutely, an alphabetical liting would be very helpful. Your stitch videos are superb, and especially helpful for those of us who are learning a new stitch to use in our embroidery, but also an excellent refresher on the best techniques to use on stitches with which we are already familiar.

  64. I love the way you have it already but you make an alphabetical index in addition to the existing listing, I would say that would be great. We don’t always remember the type or the name or which name a specific stitch is listed under. Thank you for considering us and sharing your talent. You are awesome.

  65. I would love an alphabetically organized list to link to the stitch in addition to the thumbnail. I REALLY appreciate your videos and they have taught me stitches that I wasn’t able to conquer with a book even with pictures.
    Thank you for the clarity and the repeats of the stitch to reinforce memorization!
    Terri beauchamp

  66. What I would like is to have you come to San Pedro and move in with me. But that probably not being in the cards, I think an alphabetical listing would be very beneficial for people like me. And having them categorized by type is also helpful. And having a step by step instruction with pictures would be great! Oh! Wait!! you are already doing that!!!
    Thanks for all you do!

  67. Alphabeticly sounds great, easy to find nothing could be easier, Thanks for all your help with the stitches that you show us.

  68. Yes, having the stitches also in alphabetical order would be helpful. But, really I am grateful for your videos on stitches. Thank you for effort and time to make them for us. And the videos are not boring to me.

  69. Mary:
    This would be helpful to me! But, would it be possible to include cross-references, as many of the stitches have different names? Thanks!
    Jan from Michigan

  70. Yes, alphabetize! That’s how I look things up. All the A-Z books are alphabetized and it helps immensely! But I would suggest that you use the main stitch first, then variations, such as “Buttonhole Stitch” Open, Closed, Scalloped, and so forth.

    What a great resource you are creating! Thanks so much!

  71. Goodness, there seem to be a lot of us with variations of the same name around here!

    Mary, I like an alphabetical list as well as the stitch-type variety. But as with all taxonomy, some people say tomato and some say tomahto and there you go, confusion reigneth. The absolute best would be to have an alpha list with little thumbnail pics next to each stitch. Please don’t tell me I am asking for too much, my Dearly Beloved does that all the time, lol.

  72. I think the alphabetic index would be useful, but is not absolutely necessary. One can always search for a particular stitch using ‘Ctrl+F’, if one knows the name. Stitches arranged according to stitch types, or difficulty, will be more helpful.

  73. Mary, in my opinion arranging on category is much easier. When designing our own project we can make a choice easily, of what kind of stitch we need, and in that category we can pick one of the several available options.

    1. For those who need to design the piece, category works best.
      For those who want to refer by hearing the stitch name, alphabetical works best.

  74. Hi Mary,
    I think an alphabetical stitch list is essential to your project – which is fabulous! I also think that as so many stitches have multiple names it was also be useful to have each of them on the alphabetical list, and referenced to the most common stitch name. Difficult…I hope not??
    Thank you for continuing THE BEST embroidery site on the web.
    Victoria Gemmell
    North Vancouver, BC Canada

  75. G’day Mary…and down here we’re inside to STAY warm. Reasonable mild winter in our part so far though.
    Yep, the alphabetical index is a wonderful idea, if you could fit the time in to do it. As someone else commented, you do heaps for us now. But…we luv ya for it. I’m a bit of a lonely soul (it’s ok, I live with Dad and Hubby!) and enjoy your company.
    Cheers, Kath.

  76. Hi Mary
    I think the stitch videos are just wonderful and also shows the ways they could be used and any form of finding them makes its even easier. I think alphabetical could work well but some stitches may be easier to find photographically for those that you do not know the name of.
    keep up the videos they are great.

  77. Hi Mary

    Greetings from the other side of the world, where it is winter and great stitching weather!
    I do love your tutorial videos and to have an alphabetical index would be awesome! Keep up the great work. I always read your emails, they have really encouraged me to get back into stitching. Thanks again. Anna

  78. Alphabetical sounds good!
    Thanks Mary, you’re an inspiration – My kids have now all taken up embroidery too thanks to your site!

  79. hi mary

  80. Alphabet please I find it really useful to find stuff so would you please do so, Mary. Thank you for all your hard work, looking forward to seeig more.

  81. Oh how can you be so ‘crewel’. A request from a very soggy England – alphabetical list please. I recently wanted to view a video and it took me ages to find the appropriate stitch, which meant I never did start the work that day – too busy viewing other videos! Keep it up – but can I request a few needlelace stitches? They are such useful fillers for tiny spaces.

  82. Dear Mary

    Would love a video on Shista stitch it looks so interesting.

    Thanks for sharing all your information on embroidery and thanks for all your hard work on needlenthread.

    Regards Antia Simmance

  83. Alphabet listing in each stitch category would be would be a great idea Mary. I think it would make it quicker and easier to find what you are looking for.

  84. I never miss reading your blog. Your tutorials for embroidery stitches are THE best I’ve found anywhere, and a godsend for someone like me who is a visual learner.
    I think an alphabetical listing would be fantastic–a time-saver supreme. Would it be possible to put a small pic of the stitch itself beside the name in case some of us (mea culpa) suddenly draw a blank on the name of the stitch?

  85. I vote for alpha listing. I like everything nice and neatly in order (this is why I really like counted work). So, I vote for alpha listing.

  86. Mary, I know it is alot of work but alphabetically and by type is helpful. Alphabetically when you want information on a certain stitch. But category when you want to try something different. For example a new filling stitch. Thank you for your videos I have learned a some new interesting stitches.

  87. I think an alphabetical list is extremely helpful. I have embroidered since I was a wee kiddo, and I still do not know which “category” some stitches fit. I do know a lot of names and alternate names for stitches, so if I can’t find a certain stitch, I look up an alternate name.
    On the other hand, it’s also fun to just browse stitches, so I don’t necessarily *need* the name. 😉
    Thank you so much for making the videos. Sometimes a friend will ask me how I did a stitch, but she’s far away, and showing her in person is impossible without an airplane trip. Your videos are a great resource!

  88. alpha list, please!

    while i don’t always know the name of a stitch before i’ve seen your tutorial, the alpha list with definitely help with finding the stitch again the next (several!) times i peek back at the site

  89. It would be great to have the stitches linked up with the videos. I always go straight to your videos but if you had an alphabetized list with pictures of the stitch it would really help me learn. At the moment, you can say a stitch name and it would be a foreign language so having it all in one place would be awesome. Thanks so much for this website, its been so helpful.

  90. Yes, I feel an alphabetical listing of stitch videos would be helpful. I generally look at 1 or 2 websites that have “how to”s when I need to know how to do a stitch. I have chosen ones that have indexes.

    Thank you so much for sharing your knowledge with us! It is much appreciated!

  91. Mary,
    An alph directory would be very nice. Especially if you include the “also called” names.


  92. Hi Mary, I think that to use the alphabet list, one would need to know the name of the stitch. The search bar field helps to narrow the search time and then the I wouldn’t do away with how you started out listing the videos. As a beginner, it is very useful to look at stitches the way you presented them. Now that I “know” a few stitches, I do put the name into the search bar and find the stitch a bit quicker. I wouldn’t have hooked into embroidery without you, your videos, website and classmates in NNP2. Thanks a million for rekindling a love of learning and a passion for embroidery.

  93. Yes, I would like to see the stitches organized alphabetically. I am unfamiliar with what category a stitch belongs in (I don’t even know the categories), so I have to hunt through several categories to find the one I’m looking for. And, if there are common alternate names (as you noted with the blanket stitch), it might be helpful to list those also in their alphabetical order with a “see xyz stitch.” Thank you so much for the great videos, you have really opened up a whole new world for me. I am so enjoying learning all this “new” stuff and hope to apply it in future work.

    1. Forgot to mention- the photos also help- ALOT. I am not always familiar with the names and in looking for “what works” the photos make all the difference. But I hope to LEARN the names and the alphabetical order would help that I believe as well as when searching for something.

  94. Yes! I say yes to an alphabetical listing. Some of us don’t know enough to find the stitches by category yet!

    Love your web site!

  95. Yes, an alphabetical listing linked to the photos would indeed be more helpful to me. Although the categorical is interesting, the alpha listing would be faster when searching for alternate stitches.

  96. Hi Mary,
    Your videos have helped me SO. MUCH. When I started following your blog I knew very litte, and I still usually look up how-to’s according to the effect I want (filling stitches etc) and then look at the pictures 🙂
    But I can see others like the alphabetical; maybe both ways if it’s not too much trouble?
    (And if it’s possible, I’d love a video on some basic drawn thread work? It’s quite difficult to figure out from diagrams)
    Thank you for your awesome work!

  97. Mary, I so appreciate the effort that you make doing these videos which are so helpful in growing my skill. Would it be possible for you to show the back of the stitch when completed? I make utility quilts for charity and want to have a small collection of stitches that could be used to ‘tie’ these quilts. Best wishes for your continued success.

    1. Hi, Linda – The difficulty is that, during the filming process, I work on a very large frame and the whole filming operation would have to be shifted and re-situated, just to get to the back of the frame. Maybe you could work out the stitch yourself for practice and see how it forms on the back of your fabric. Also, if you follow the front structure and movement of the stitch in the video, you can probably visualize more or less where the thread is going on the back of the fabric. Hope that helps! ~MC

  98. Hello Mary .. I have just joined up for your newsletter.. I was recommended to visit your site by an embroidery friend.
    I have searched for a video on Shadow Work Embroidery on your site.. found written reference regarding Closed Herringbone.. Would appreciate info re video.
    Thanks for your great site.
    Judi in Australia.

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