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I learned to embroider when I was a kid, when everyone was really into cross stitch (remember the '80s?). Eventually, I migrated to surface embroidery, teaching myself with whatever I could get my hands on...read more

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More Video Updates on Needle ‘n Thread!


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I’ve updated a few more embroidery stitch videos here on Needle ‘n Thread lately – not as many as I would like to have updated by now, but there will be a few more revised videos and some new stitch videos rolling out again in the near future. These are the recent revised videos and new additions that have been added to the collection. I hope you find them useful!

Bullion Knot Video Tutorial

The bullion knot video has been updated, finally. This version is a lot clearer, as far as video quality goes, plus I’ve strayed a bit from the typical instructions for bullions that you’ll see in books and I’ve shown you instead how I do it. I think it’s a lot easier, especially if you’re working in a hoop or frame.

Bullions and other dimensional stitches are usually the most difficult for me to record on video. I like to have the camera fairly close to the surface of the fabric so that you have a good view of what’s going on, from the same angle that the embroiderer would see it when working. But the close camera poses difficulties when I have to get my fingers in there! Not to mention that every single flaw on one’s fingernails and skin is magnified – my hands look like they belong to a scaly monster.

(Maybe they do…)

Hungarian Braided Chain Stitch Video

The Hungarian Braided Chain Stitch is new to the collection. I love, love, love this stitch for a nice textured braid or heavy line. If you haven’t tried it yet, do! It’s fun, and it works up quickly with satisfying results.

Heavy Chain Stitch Video Tutorial

The Heavy Chain Stitch video has been rejuvenated as well. This is a terrific stitch for a more solid chain stitch line. The line ends up looking like a flat fishbone-type braid. I often use this stitch for lettering, because it makes a nice, precise line.

Cast On Stitch Video

The Cast-On Stitch is new to the stitch video line-up here on Needle ‘n Thread. This stitch was a long time coming, and its faithful counterpart, the double cast-on stitch is presently in the works.

Cable Chain Stitch Video

I updated the cable chain stitch last week, too. This is a quick, easy variation on the chain stitch, that produces a linked line that looks like a real chain rather than a braid.

Chinese Knot Video Tutorial

Finally, the Chinese Knot is a new addition to the stitch video collection, too. This is a versatile stitch with lots of variations. It works well in isolation, or worked close together to form a textured line.

So those are the recent updates to the embroidery stitch videos here on Needle ‘n Thread. I’ve got plenty of other videos in the works, including many that you’ve requested over the last couple months. My goal is to have all the old videos in the collection replaced by the end of this summer (which gives me one more month!) and to have a good selection of new stitch videos available for you at the same time. The whole process has made for a busy summer!

In the meantime, I have two “Big Projects” underway that I’ll be sharing snippets of over the next couple months. And during August (or so the plan goes), there’s a collection of little projects that I’ll be making available to you, as well.

I hope your summer (or your winter, depending on your global orientation) is going well and that you’re enjoying some time for needlework! Would love to hear what you’re working on – feel free to inspire us and leave a comment below!


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(20) Comments

  1. Mary, Your work is BEAUTIFUL!!!
    Thank you so much for sharing your ART with us.
    I would love to have a photo of your stitches.
    I would write the name of the stitch on each sample so I could go to the correct video to find it.

    Thank you so much………….
    Kay in Michigan

  2. Hola Sra. Mary
    Le escribo desde Venezuela, para felicitarla por tan hermosa página. Soy profesora de punto de cruz, el cual practico desde pequeña, al igual que el bordado tradicional pero como no lo uso mucho se me ha olvidado. Pero viendo sus videos me he puesto en forma de nuevo. Mil gracias por compartir sus conocimientos. Que dios bendiga sus manos.
    Valencia. Venezuela

  3. Mary,
    You’re awesome. I look forward each day to your emails. They are so inspirational and I learn so much. Thanks for all that you do!


  4. Dear Mary

    Thank so much for your recent updates and the stitches on how to videos they are wonderful stitches and so inspiring.
    Can’t wait to see and hear about your new big projects.

    Regards Anita Simmance

  5. Mary, I first saw the cast-on stitch at the Vermont Quilt Festival, at the end of June, & I spent a month trying to find instructions. I signed up for your e-mails, & the second day featured this stitch! Imagine my delight! Thank you so much. Your website is SO helpful!

  6. Mary,
    Although I am a seasoned stitcher, I am new to following your website. I cannot thank you enough for the content on your site, but especially for the GREAT videos that help explain and simplify those obscure stitches!

  7. Thank you so much for these videos, Mary. I find they’re very useful, both the offhand comments as you go through the process and the hints you’ve planned – that’s over and above being able to watch an expert do it!

    Would it be possible to do some of the hemstitches in pulled/whitework? I’m used to using a hoop, but I have no idea how to go about a hem (without the tension provided by the hoop). I haven’t seen any sources address this – probably because most embroiderers are already used to sewing, maybe?

    Again, thank you so much!

    1. Oh, and meant to say: looking forward to the Big Projects: I love “progressing” along with you 🙂

  8. Hi Mary,
    Thanks so much for updating the stitching videos. I’m so excited that I can view them on my Iphone now:) Can’t wait to get to stiching!!! Looking forward to more updates and projects:)

    Best Regards,


  9. Hi Mary, I’ve recently started subscribing to your newsletter and have so enjoyed watching your stitch demo videos. I’m currently working on a drawn-thread project from Patricia Bage’s beginners book. I’m thoroughly enjoying learning this technique and very grateful for your tutorial on reweaving fabric threads. Your technique works beautifully, thank you. When I’ve enjoyed ‘all things white’ for a bit, it will be nice to experiment with some of the embroidery stitches from your video library using colour!

  10. I thoroughly enjoy your posts and all of the information that you share. After viewing todays mail, I went and took a look at your bullion stitch and found it so helpful. Then continued to browse and looked at your video on the basket stitch and instantly had to try it out. Such a fabulous stitch! It will work so brilliantly on various areas of a peacock quilt top I am working on. I am using mostly hand embroidery, but have done some free motion machine embroidery also.

    Thank you for sharing everything that you do.

  11. Mary, your stitching is awsome; your instructions and video tutorials are wonderful ~ you are amazing
    Thank you so much for sharing and giving us something special to look forward to everyday.

  12. Hi Mary
    I don’t always post but read your newsletter faithfully each day. I would just like to extend my thanks to you for all of your hard work in creating and updating the stitch videos. They are tremendously helpful in understanding and figuring out the most complex and obscure stitches. I have all the stitch bibles and encyclopedias but nothing beats a real live demonstration like your videos offer. I love you your tips and technique section and it has come in handy many times. For all of your hard work, thank you so much. It is very much appreciated.

  13. (Hug) Thank you so much for doing these wonderful video tutorials. I have a netbook in my studio just to be able to watch these when I have gone “temporarily stupid” and need a refresher or need to add a new stitch to my repertoire. Your instructions are so clear and consise and…..I can rewind and pause whenever needed.
    Alice in Cali.

  14. Mary you are amazing! You have certainly had a busy summer I don’t know how you fit it all in, your family must be very tolerant.

    Just a quick note to tell of my current project. I am embroidering a Birth Record for a new baby due in our family in October, she will be a great grand-daughter! The scene is Teddy Bears picnic with cupcakes, tea pot and cups and saucers, toys etc. I will add date of birth etc when we know.

    Thank you so much for all you do for us and take care.
    Sandy Southern Highlands Australia

  15. Hi Mary,

    Thank you so much, your videos have helped enormously both as I’m learning and when I’m refreshing my memory. I do have several books but I keep coming back to those vids!

    One thing I’m struggling with at the moment is hemstitching – how to start & finish the threads (with so little space available to weave through), whether to buttonhole first or to pull the threads out first, that sort of thing. If you have the time and the interest it would be /much/ appreciated.

    Thanks you for your amazing work

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