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Woven Fillings Sampler & a Pumpkin Basket


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Last week, when I rounded up some autumn stitching ideas for you, I sneaked you a peek at a little embroidered basket of pumpkins.

In fact, it was this basket of pumpkins:

Basket of Pumpkins, embroidered

(Update, 2017) The wee pumpkin basket is a sample I stitched for DMC a while back, and it was on their website for a bit, but is no longer available there. I’ve since made the basket pattern and stitch guide available here on Needle ‘n Thread for free, if you’re looking for it!

So if you’re looking for a little bit of autumn embroidery, you’ll find the pumpkin basket and stitch guide here.

If you’d like to read about needle weaving and woven stitches, these articles will come in handy:

Stitch Fun: Woven Filling – a step-by-step photo tutorial

Playing About with Woven Fillings

Needle Weaving Techniques

If you really want to get into needle weaving techniques, with all kinds of possibilities and patterns for woven fillings, you might enjoy Needle Weaving Techniques by Hazel Blomkamp.

Needle Weaving Technique by Hazel Blomkamp

I reviewed the self-printed version of this book here, but you can now purchase a hard-cover, spiral bound version, perfect for practicing needle weaving and woven fillings, through the following book affiliates:

In the US, Needle Weaving Techniques is available through Amazon, here.

Worldwide, with free shipping, you can find it available here through Book Depository.


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(7) Comments

  1. Mary, this is delightfully in my favourite orange. Mary, we are all around you.
    I wanted to send you a picture, but I seem unable to do it, so here’s my little poem with my very best wishes.

    A doggy poem

    Runnin’ on the Downs, lookin’ for bunnies
    we sniff this wind and the scent of rich grass.

    We throw our barks around, like confetti to the bride and groom, our tails high,
    the pride of proper hunters.

    The bunnies run away and hide.

  2. Mary,

    Would the woven stitch work to make a specific plaid pattern? And this stitch has such a nice texture. The article on Commonthread was most helpful. Thank you again.

    1. Hi, Shelia – Yes, it would! You just need to “map out” the plaid design on a piece of a paper, to figure out the color placement. You won’t get a perfect plaid (which comes about not just because of the line directions, but also because of the blending of the colors at the intersections), but you’ll get a close match.

  3. Dear Mary

    The woven filling samplers article on Commonthread was great with all the variations on the woven filling and the different threads used a really useful article. I really like the pumpkin basket above the colours are lovely just right for the time of year and it looks relatively easy to follow, it would look lovely on a seasonal project. Thanks for sharing the article and the free pattern above for the woven basket with us.

    Regards Anita Simmance

  4. Mary, I enjoyed reading the article/tutorial and am looking forward to trying this method on my Peacock bed quilt top. I am hand embroidering the design and it has sat dormant for far to long. I brought it out the other day and am all excited about it once again. Thank you for sharing all of the information and tutorials that you do! I love your site. Have a wonderful creative day!

  5. Hi Marie,
    I loved your article for DMC, we do not have that in France …. DMC pampers(?)embroideres in America…
    Thank you Marie

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