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A Great Way to Try Floche: Garden Bright Color Collection


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A project that we’ve been working on for a while here in the studio is putting together some glorious thread packs of cotton floche.

Cotton floche is one of my favorite hand embroidery threads, and I want to do my bit to give people the opportunity to stitch with it. To that end, we’ve gathered together a collection of what I call Garden-Bright Colors into a new offering available now in my shop.

If you have always wanted to try floche, or if you are already a tried-and-true lover of floche thread but hesitant to invest in full hanks, these floche packs are a great way to start a collection of the thread for use in multiple projects.

Cotton Floche Thread Packs

If you’re not familiar with floche, in a nutshell, it’s a non-divisible cotton embroidery thread with a soft twist and a high sheen. It’s perfect for all kinds of embroidery.

Embroidered R Monogram

It’s a lovely thread for monogramming. I used it for this shadow work M, for this tulip monogram, and for this very simple, pretty monogram.

It can be used for long-and-short stitch shading.

It makes a gorgeous satin stitch.

And it’s a great thread for free-style surface embroidery of all kinds.

Unlike floss (stranded cotton), you don’t divide floche. It comes off the skein in its one little strand, and that’s what you use to stitch with. Floche equals, in weight, about 1.5 strands of floss. So, it’s not quite as fine as one strand of floss, nor as heavy has two strands. It falls somewhere in between.

Normally, floche is sold in gargantuan hanks of about 150 yards for $7.25+ a hank. That’s a lot of thread, and a big investment if you want a variety of colors!

I’ve written pretty extensively about floche already, so I won’t go on and on about the details here. Instead, I’ll add some links below, so you can read more about the thread if you want.

floral heart in floche

Over the years, many of my projects here on the blog have involved floche. Two of my favorites show up in this article here. One is a floral heart design (the photo above is a close-up) and the other is a voided monogram design.

Voided Monogram A

The colors in the floche pack are the same that I used in Key to My Heart, and each thread pack includes an antique-style key charm like the one I used on that project.

I’ll be publishing a stitch guide for Key to My Heart and a design collection for the voided monograms in the future, but in the meantime, I’m releasing my Garden-Bright Floche Packs so that you can have an opportunity to play with cotton floche and revel in its beauty yourself.

floral heart in floche

The Garden-Bright Floche Pack features 20 colors of floche, in twists of approximately 50 yards each (except the black, which is approximately 25 yards).

With the twists, you’ll get a lot of thread at almost one-third the price of hanks, which makes it an affordable way to work with many colors of floche.

These twists are not easy (or fast) to put together, but I think it’s a service worth offering. Anything I can do to get this lovely cotton thread into the hands of more stitchers is worth it!

Where to Find It!

If you’re interested in the Garden-Bright Floche collection, you can find it available here in my shop. I’m shipping it via priority mail to the US and Canada at this time.

If the thread packs sell out, never fear. We’ll restock as fast as we can!

More Information about Floche

If you’d like to read more about cotton floche, you can find lots of helpful articles about it here on Needle ‘n Thread:

Three Good Reasons to Try Cotton Floche

Cotton Floche: What’s Not to Love?

How to Tame a Huge Hank of Floche

Thread Comparison: Floss, Perle, Floche

A Brief Guide to Cotton Embroidery Threads

Cotton Floche vs Coton a Broder: Up Close

Coming Up

On Friday, we will finish Cotton Quartet here on the blog. Can’t wait to give you the final set of instructions for finishing the edge!

Hope your week is trucking along beautifully!


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(19) Comments

  1. Thanks for making these available, Mary! I am so excited to get a nice assortment of floche in a reasonable size. Those giant 150 yard hanks don’t make sense for me. And I sure do love stitching with floche.

  2. I’m so excited to have the chance to try these!! Where I live, there’s not a lot of choice because what there is has been picked over. Thank you!!

  3. Just received my email and the Floche is already sold out!!!!! Please let me know if you are making up more samples?!!!!! Really would like to the threads.

    Thank you.

    Kelly Davis

  4. Hi, Mary,

    What a wonderful idea to have a sampler pack of floche. I look forward to when the shop is restocked. Is there a waiting list?


  5. Dear Mary,
    I received my Floche Pack today. What beautiful colors! They have my senses tingling! I appreciate all the work that went into assembling these packs. Thank you for making these available to us.
    I have purchased two of the books that you have offered, “A Fine Tradition” and “Where Meadows & Gardens Grow”. I am working on projects from each of them. You have been so inspirational to me in my embroidery journey. I can’t thank you enough!
    Happy stitching,

  6. Dear Mary

    I love floche and the Garden collection pack are lovely and it’s such a shame I can’t purchase the pack from you, but I do understand the cost of international postage is so expensive these days. Thank you for sharing with us the garden bright floche collection in your shop.

    Regards Anita Simmance

  7. Hi Mary
    Sorry I missed out on the Floche Garden Thread Pack! When you restock I would love to purchase a pack. I also would love to purchase the book on Floral Hardanger that you had. Any idea when you will get that back in stock?

    1. The Hardanger book will be restocked pretty soon – they’re on their way from Italy now – and we are working on the floche again. If you’d like to drop me an email for the advanced notice list, I’ll add you to the floche list and send an email when they’re back in stock. Thanks!

  8. I went right to order the bright floche pack featured in todays email and the packs are sold out.
    Will you be putting any more together. If so, can I be placed on a wait list?

    1. Hi, Patti – Thanks for your note! Yes, we are putting together more of the floche packs, which were released last week on July 13th. As soon as we have them ready, they’ll be in stock again. If you would like to be on the advanced notice list, which is an email list, please drop me an email at mary (at) needlenthread (dot) com, and I’ll add you to the list. Thanks!

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