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I learned to embroider when I was a kid, when everyone was really into cross stitch (remember the '80s?). Eventually, I migrated to surface embroidery, teaching myself with whatever I could get my hands on...read more

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The Good, the Bad, and the Utterly Amazing: Needlework News Snips


This morning, let’s have a quick little chat about some needlework-related news bits – some information, some inspiration, and a little instruction, too!

It’s not a big list this time, just enough to get you through a few swigs of your morning brew.

Glasgow Bedspread Crewel Embroidery Project
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The Jade Dragon – An Embroidery Kit from Roseworks


Continuing on with our recent exploits into embroidery kits from designers who sell their own kits, today I want to show you a kit for an Absolutely Fantastic Dragon!

Jade Dragon hails from Roseworks Embroidery Designs in South Africa, the work of designer and embroiderer Colleen Goy, who has produced a prolific amount of embroidery kits suitable for all tastes and levels. Roseworks has been producing embroidery kits for a long while, and they have over 100 designs available in kit form now!

Let me introduce you to Jade Dragon, up close and personal. I’ll share with you all the pertinent details of the kit, chat a bit about the level of embroidery, and share information on where you can find it.

Jade Dragon Kit from Roseworks
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Carol’s Rose Crewel Embroidery Kit Review


Earlier this year, I brought up the subject of “designer” embroidery kits – that is, embroidery kits made and sold directly from designers (as opposed to kits bought in a big box craft store) – and their value.

Since then, I’ve been reviewing several embroidery kits from different designers around the globe, so that you can see these kits up close and get an idea of what different embroidery designers have to offer in kit form.

Today, we’re going to take a close look at a crewel embroidery kit designed by Jessica Grimm, an RSN graduate who lives in and works her embroidery business from Bavaria, in Germany.

Jessica explores many different types of embroidery on her blog, and in her shop, she sells her own embroidery kits that cover different techniques, too.

Her crewel embroidery kit called Carol’s Rose caught my eye, and so that’s what we’re going to look at up close today.

Carol's Rose Crewel Embroidery Kit from Jessica Grimm
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The Crewel Work Company Embroidery Kits – Review


Over the next several weeks, I’ll be reviewing embroidery kits for you, from designers around the globe who sell their own kits through their own small embroidery businesses.

If you’ve been hanging around here on Needle ‘n Thread for a bit, you might remember that back in April, I published a very short starter list of places where you can order quality embroidery kits directly from designers. I’ll be adding to that list in the near future.

Ordering kits directly from designers ensures that you get a good quality kit directly from the person who made it, who designed the project, worked it from the ground up, and knows all about it.

These types of kits are a great way to learn a technique well, and they often come with a good support system. If you are having trouble with your kit, you can often email the designer directly and get good tips that will see you through the project successfully.

Today, I’m going to show you, up close and personal, what you get in a kit from The Crewel Work Company, Phillipa Turnbull’s business in the UK that specializes in historically accurate crewel embroidery designs and materials.

The kit I’m reviewing here is the Mellerstain Firescreen kit. It’s lovely, and I can’t wait to get started on it!

Mellerstain Firescreen Crewel Embroidery Kit from the Crewel Work Company
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Weekend Stitching: A Wee Tiny Bird in Bead Embroidery


I have not been a very good girl! This past weekend, I fell behind on my List of a Great Many Things to Do.

Falling behind – it can be such a Frustrating Thing.

But in this case, you know what? I had a lot of fun falling behind! You see, I had a distraction…

Last week, I received in the mail a very kind anonymous gift from a very kind reader. Inside the box were two charming kits from Ann’s Orchard, the website of Emma Pavier, who designs very delicate, pretty, fun bead embroidery kits. One of those kits, I’ll review in depth later, once I get started on it.

The other, this little Blue Tit mini bead kit, I’ll show you now, in the interest of justifying why I fell behind this weekend. I think you’ll understand!

Blue Tit Bird Mini Bead Embroidery Kit
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A Starter List for Designer Embroidery Kits


Last week, we had a great discussion here on Needle ‘n Thread about designer embroidery kits.

“Designer Kits” – sounds a bit snobby, but for lack of a better term, this is what I call embroidery kits that are created by a specific designer and usually only sold through that designer. You won’t find them, for example, in big box craft stores, and usually not even in local needlework shops (although sometimes, you might).

Designer Embroidery Kits and Where to Find Them
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Embroidery Kits vs Sourcing Supplies: Value, Time, Quality & Money


Lately, I’ve received some interesting emails from readers, asking questions or relating experiences that have to do with embroidery kits.

And heck, who doesn’t like to talk about embroidery kits? It’s a topic I love, so I’m always game for a discussion!

One interesting conversational thread that has surfaced is the topic of purchasing embroidery kits as opposed to sourcing your own supplies for a project.

The topic is multi-faceted. I could never cover every detail or share every thought I have on the subject in one article. You’d be asleep by the end!

So, instead, I’m introducing the subject here, sharing a few of my thoughts and some basic principles behind them, and asking for your input and feedback.

Embroidery Kits vs. Sourcing Materials
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