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A Hearty Kaleidoscope: Free Hand Embroidery Pattern


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A couple weeks ago, I prepared this embroidery pattern for you, and I was going to share it sooner, but time slipped away from me!

It worked out well, though, because I can give it to you while I’m away for a bit.

Appropriately, the design features several heart motifs, just so you know that I’m thinking of you and holding you in my heart, even if I’m not behind the computer screen this week.

This is a kaleidoscope pattern, much like those in my pattern e-book, Favorite Kaleidoscopes.

And as usual, I’ve chosen a rather cheesy title for the design.

Heart Kaleidoscope pattern for hand embroidery - free embroidery design

Like the other embroidered kaleidoscopes I’ve shared with you on Needle ‘n Thread (you can find my step-by-step embroidery journeys for each of them here, with materials, tips, and techniques), my Hearty Kaleidoscope can be embroidered as is, or it can be broken down in layers.

Maybe you only want to stitch the center? Maybe you want to stitch everything except the outside layers of hearts? Transfer what you want to stitch, and go from there!

That said, I like the design all the way – with beads where the dots are, of course!

You don’t have to transfer the cross hatching in the center hearts, either. Maybe you don’t want to work lattice fillings or needle woven fillings in there? Maybe you want to leave them blank or fill them with other stitches – perhaps with seed stitch in multiple colors?

Lattice Filling Tutorials

If you do want to go with lattice fillings, though, you’ll find lots of tutorials for various fillings here on Needle ‘n Thread. Here are some of my favorites:

Griffin Stitch
How to Lace Lattice Stitches
A Little More Lattice Filling
Lattice Filling with French Knots
Battlement Couching – a Huge Fave!
Tips for Even Spacing on Lattice Fillings

The little radiating lines in the middle, just beyond the central large hearts, don’t have to be transferred either. What I like about working radiating lines behind a layer, though, is that they lend an element of dimension to the kaleidoscope. They make the inside layers sit above the radiating lines.

I hope you find a use for this hearty kaleidoscope and that you enjoy stitching it – or using it in other sewing or craft applications. Applique and embroidery on a quilt square? Perhaps you’re into parchment crafts and card-making? There are loads of possibilities!

Free Embroidery Pattern Printable

Here’s the handy-dandy PDF printable for Hearty Kaleidoscope. If you choose “actual size” or “no scaling” on your computer settings, it should print at about 6.5″ round.

Hearty Kaleidoscope: A Design for Hand Embroidery (PDF)

Hope you’re having a glorious week!

If you’re itching to stitch something and this doesn’t quite do it for you, you can find plenty more free patterns for hand embroidery on Needle ‘n Thread in my embroidery design index, here.

I’m “unplugged” this week and can’t answer email or moderate blog comments. Needle ‘n Thread is on auto-pilot while I’m away, though I do have someone overseeing things, if anything goes awry. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me on Monday, July 16. Thanks!


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  1. This post has my mouth watering … beautiful, challenging but attainable!!! Can’t wait to give it a go … you are just plain awesome! Thanks bunches!

  2. Mary, Thank you so much for your blog. I have learned and re-learned so very much from you. I did learn to cross-stitch young and then went on to crewel and then wool cross-stitch. Mainly, self taught or through books. I was interested in your article about the tea towels and I did copy the information and and hope to try embroidery some. It is fun to see the ‘older’ designs that y grandmother did, but I would enjoy more graphic designs. Again, Thank you.

    Barbara Hewitt

  3. Dear Mary

    This is a lovely Hearty Kaleidoscope pattern and a great way to use lattice filling. Thanks for sharing the free pattern with us and for the links on different lattice filling stitches this is so generous of you. I do hope you have a peaceful retreat and return feeling renewed especially for your children’s classes.

    Regards Anita Simmance

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