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I learned to embroider when I was a kid, when everyone was really into cross stitch (remember the '80s?). Eventually, I migrated to surface embroidery, teaching myself with whatever I could get my hands on...read more

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Free Hand Embroidery Designs for your Valentines!


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Today, a couple things for you! I’m going to announce the winner of last week’s Appleton real thread color card at the end of today’s article, so read on for that!

And for the rest of it – well, guess what’s coming up next week?

That’s right! It’s Valentine’s Day! It’s that time of year when things turn rather heartsy.

I like heart designs for embroidery. (I’m working on one right now.)

But are hearts just for sweethearts? Of course not! Hearts are for everyone we love, and hearts are for all year long, too! After all, if you hold someone in your heart on the 14th of February, I imagine that person is tucked away in there on other days of the year, too, correct?

But yes, Valentine’s Day has become rather synonymous with the giving of tokens of affection (and a good excuse for indulging in chocolate – if you need an excuse!). So here’s a collection of free hand embroidery patterns in case you want to give a heart to someone you’re fond of – and not just any heart, mind you! A hand embroidered heart!

Free Hand Embroidery Patterns: Hearts & Valentines

If you’ve been following along here on Needle ‘n Thread for a while, you’ve probably seen many of these designs already. Maybe you’ve even stitched a few of them?

But if you’re somewhat new to our little community, then perhaps you’ll find some designs here that will delight and inspire you!

Heart Designs for Hand Embroidery

Scalloped Heart Design – this is one of the earlier patterns I added to Needle ‘n Thread. It’s a sweet little heart, very simple and quick to stitch.

Heart of Flowers – this design features some vibrant flowers tucked inside a heart frame. You can see a goldwork and silk version of this, stitched and made into a pretty little bag, here, if you’d like some extra inspiration!

Curly Heart – this heart design is filled with an abundance of curlicues and swirls – great for practicing line stitches!

Blooming Hearts – this is one of my favorite heart patterns, because the intertwining vines make a very delicate, airy outline, touched by little blossoms.

Hungarian Whitework Hearts designs – this pattern comes from a Hungarian designer (you’ll find information in the article that features the pattern), and it would be a nice study for whitework and pulled or drawn thread.

Heart, Branching Out – this is a very stylized heart, vine, and leaf design, perfect for formal embroidery (think: silk work, goldwork, and the like).

Heart Snowflake in Cross Stitch – I have this listed as a kind of snowflake, but it’s a little too square for a snowflake. It’s a great motif for folksy cross stitch, especially worked in monochrome.

Will Ewe Bee Mine?

If you’re looking for something a little more in-depth, with stitching instructions and color ideas and so forth, and if you enjoy stitching monograms and fun border designs, you could check out my e-book,Will Ewe Bee Mine?

Will Ewe Bee Mine heart monogram

The e-book features three variations on a pretty monogram alphabet – one with hearts, one with bees, and one with sheep. There are a few variations on how you can work the heart elements, too.

Will Ewe Bee Mine monogram collection - bees

Frankly, I’m just as fond of the bees…

Will Ewe Bee Mine monogram collection - sheep

…and of the sheep!

You can find Will Ewe Bee Mine? here in my shop – it has patterns for all three variations of the alphabets, plus a plethora of matching boarders to use with each variation.

And yes, that was a shameless plug. I occasionally have to do that, to keep the wheels turning…

Appleton Color Card Winner!

Last week, courtesy of Jan at The Wooly Thread, we had a little give-away for a real-thread color card of Appleton wools. I drew the winner for that this morning, using a random number generator, and Yvette from Fort Worth will be the lucky recipient! I’ll drop you an email today, Yvette.

If you’re looking for Appleton, you can find the whole range at The Wooly Thread – along with other wooly treats, like wool felt, wool flannel, wool roving, and on and on! You’ll also find Inspirations Magazines sold individually and subscriptions, as well as many stitching books and other goodies. Be sure to check them out!

What’s Up at Needle ‘n Thread

We’ll have some Thread Talk next week (I’m trying a new-to-me thread), a look at an inspiring book that might drop you into a fantastic rabbit hole, hopefully some project progress. We’ll also be talking about needlework projects and travel – I’ll update you on my travel / grab-n-go project – and I’m going to show you a terrific little tool that strikes me as perfect for traveling. What else? Oh, a fabulous resource for those who struggle with color… and so much more coming up!

Hope you have a jolly weekend!


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  1. Dear Mary

    Dear old Valentine’s day the year is going so quickly. Thank you for the lovely free patterns that can be used for Valenetine’s day and for sharing and reminding us of them and congratulations to Yvette for winning the real Wooly Thread Card I have the Soie d’Algier which is lovely they are so handy to have and thanks to Wooly Thread for the give-away and for you Mary for sharing it with us although I missed it, never mind next time.

    Regards Anita Simmance

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