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Christmas Wreath Ornament – Project Index


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If you’re following along with the Christmas Wreath Ornament stitch-along here on Needle ‘n Thread, you will find this project index under “Tips & Techniques” in the main menu on the website – along with all the other Stitch Snippets and stitch-alongs we’ve worked together in the last several years.

I will list in chronological order all the articles that have to do with this project, so that you can easily find them as you work at your own pace.

Christmas Wreath Ornament Project Index

As the Christmas Wreath Ornament project develops here on the website, I’ll add the most recent articles at the end of the list. The instructions will remain on the website for at least the next six months, so that you have plenty of time to finish your own ornament.

This Christmas Wreath Ornament is part of a larger publication – Twelve Wreaths for Christmas – which includes designs, color and stitch guide layouts, and instructions for creating 14 Christmas Wreath-themed ornaments. The e-book also includes designs in multiple sizes, for those who wish to use the embroidery patterns on other projects such as household linens, quilts, pillow tops, and more.

Members of the Needle ‘n Thread Community on Patreon receive the stitch-along instructions in an easily downloadable and printable format. The PDFs include extra tips or information that I can’t usually fit into the regular blog posts here on the website. Members at the “Dedicated Stitcher” and higher levels also have access to at least one video for each Stitch Snippet project, focusing on at least one more complex aspect of the project.

List of Articles

Here’s the list of articles so far for the Christmas Wreath Stitch Snippet:

Christmas Wreath, Part 1: Introduction, Materials, & Design

Fabric Size & Layout Information (especially for those with the materials kit)

Christmas Wreath, Part 2: The Embroidery

Christmas Wreath, Part 3: The Embellishment – Adding Beads & Bow

Christmas Wreath, Part 4: Beginning the Finishing

Christmas Wreath, Part 5: The Finishing Touches

Looking for More?

Here on Needle ‘n Thread, you can find two other project and instruction publications for small Christmas projects. They coordinate well with Twelve Wreaths for Christmas – all three taken together offer a wide variety for really fun, quick, small Christmas projects that can be used in all kinds of festive ways.

Twelve Trees for Christmas focuses on twelve adorable Christmas trees, and Snowflakes: Twelve Winter Projects for Embroidery provides you with twelve unique snowflake designs that sparkle with lovely embellishments! Check them out if you’re in the mood for some fun Christmas stitchery that can be easily finished into ornaments.

And if you’re looking for some more casual holiday stitching, all of our holiday ready-to-stitch towel sets are available right now! We’ve got a limited supply of each design set ready to ship to you this week.

Each set comes with three pre-printed towels ready for you to embroider. You provide threads of your choice. These make great portable projects – or stay-at-home projects, too. Pull up a chair by the fire (or sit on the sunny front porch), pour yourself some eggnog, kick back with your favorite tunes, and take a break from all that hyped-up holiday hullabaloo!

Glad to have those finished – we’ve had a lot of requests for them. So if you were waiting, now’s your chance! And while you’re at it, why not check out some of these embroidery tools that would make a great add-on to an order for a towel set (without increasing your shipping): hoops, thread drops, a needle minder, and needle threaders. They’d make terrific stocking stuffers – just sneak ’em into your own stocking. Who’s to know?

See you Friday!


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