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I learned to embroider when I was a kid, when everyone was really into cross stitch (remember the '80s?). Eventually, I migrated to surface embroidery, teaching myself with whatever I could get my hands on...read more

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More Updated Embroidery Stitch Videos


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Just to keep you up to date on the embroidery stitch videos that have been updated recently on Needle ‘n Thread, here’s the list from the past week. On each video page, I’ve done my best to show you a picture of the completed stitch, sometimes in context on a finished piece, where possible.

Woven Picot

The woven picot is a dimensional embroidery stitch, often used in Brazilian embroidery and stumpwork.

Raised Stem Stitch Band

The raised stem stitch band is also a dimensional stitch, involving the stem stitch worked over a foundation of parallel stitches.

Checkered or Alternating Chain Stitch

The checkered or alternating chain stitch is a simple chain stitch, using two colors of thread. The key is working with both threads in the needle at one time. It looks complicated, but it’s really very simple!

Vertical Fly Stitch

The fly stitch, worked vertically, can be used for a filling stitch (the large green leaves in the photo above, for example), or used to create decorative lines, branches, and twiggy things.

Raised Fishbone Stitch

The raised fishbone stitch works great for leaf or petal shapes, when you want a bit of lift to them.

Fly Stitch, Horizontal

The fly stitch worked horizontally creates a scalloped-like line that can be used for borders or decorative lines. It can also be mirrored and worked in multiple rows, as an open filling in larger areas.

Raised Buttonhole Band

The raised buttonhole band is another dimensional stitch that can be worked as a decorative band or even as a filling.

What Stitches do You Want?

Since the last update on the embroidery videos, I’ve added your stitch requests to my list for the upcoming bout of video-making, but if you’ve thought of any other stitches you’d like to see and haven’t mentioned them yet, feel free to leave a comment below with your suggestion. I only have a handful of stitches left, to finish updating the old videos on Needle ‘n Thread, and in between the updates, I’ll be adding new stitches, so now’s your chance to send in requests. Of course, with over 400+ embroidery stitches in existence, and with the constantly-changing technological world, this whole video thing could be a life-long endeavor…!

If you’re looking for particular stitches by name, you can check out my alphabetical index of embroidery stitches, with links to the video pages.

I hope you have a terrific weekend, with lots of time to spend with your needle and thread!


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  1. I found a hardanger book which mentions a twisted lattice band as surface embroidery. I don’t have access to the book and cannot find any mention of this stitch in other stitching books. Could you help, please with a comment or a video? Your work has been a real delight to view and a valuable contribution to the embroidery community. Thank you

  2. Hi Mary, Someday, I plan to do the spot sampler lessons that you reference from one of your Needlework Classes. I have fabric, printed the fabric layout and the two pages of stitches that are referenced. It appears that most of the stitches are in your library, not all, yet. Would you consider adding the stitches that are not yet in your library that are referenced on those two pages? Just an idea ….

  3. Hello Mary

    I’ve been trying reticello, but I can’t seem to get the bullion picots right. They wobble every which way, but not the right way. So if you know how to do them right, I would like to see a tutorial on them.

  4. I recently needed instruction on detached buttonhole stitch and found only 1 YouTube video which wasn’t nearly as good as your videos usually are. Would you do a video for detached buttonhole stitch?

  5. Hi Mary,
    I would like to see the Long Armed Cross Stitch added to your stitch directory if possible.

    Thank you,

  6. Underside couching…I’ve tried it, but it just does not look right. It may be the materials, the length of the stitch – I’m not sure why mine looks so lumpy and just plain wrong.

  7. Hi Mary~ I love the little red& yellow worm. Would you share information about to stitch him. It adds a really natural look to a piece
    Thank you ~ Stitching keeps our souls content,

  8. Hi Mary,
    Sometime in future could you give us videos of a couple of the braid stitches? Plaited braid,Ladder braid and Holly Braid for example. I know there are multiple variations on all of these but a couple of the most common would be helpful as they are fairly complex stitches.

  9. Long and short stitch an easy method. Also lace stitches, trellis and the like. I am working on a design from Crewel Twists and am finding the lace stitches very difficult to execute,I can manage the trllis both no further.

  10. Hi Mary,
    Could you show us how to do the shisha mirror stitch? I am trying it from looking at other sites (one you mentioned). However, I am successful sometimes and other times the mirror falls out half way through.
    Thank you for all your work making videos and explaining the stitches to us. You are a very generous person!
    Veronica from Brisbane.

  11. Hello Mary, I would like a video of the Chinese knot please. I have tried a couple of times from a book, but have trouble looping my thread correctly. Thanks anniie

  12. Mary, Your web site is one of the most inspiring on the internet, I am always happy when I read your blog and look at the pictures. Everything is just wonderful. Linda

  13. Hi Mary, you did ask, so can you please show us the Rococo stitch? It looks so complicated I haven’t even tried it yet! Thanks for this wonderful and inspirational resource annie

  14. I bought a book on brazilian embroidery by Maria Freitas. I cannot understand its instructions about the
    Knotted cast on stitch & Knotted double cast on stitch.
    Would you be able to help me on it?
    I do not know whether I’ll have difficulties with other stitches later, but at the moment the above 2 are complicated.
    Do you have any suggestions on Edmar threads.
    There is only 1 person in Sri lanka who sells those with very limited colours and only 3 types (Boucle, Lola, Iris).. As the SELLER has a MONOPOLY it is very very expensive compared to other threads(10-11 times more expensive than Anchor Stranded cotton & 5 times more expensive than DMC Stranded cotton)

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