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Little Blooms Project Index


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As promised, here is the Project Index for Little Blooms: A Mini Snap Purse, part of the Stitch Snippets series here on Needle ‘n Thread.

In this stitch-along, you’ll learn all the embroidery techniques and finishing techniques to create, at your leisure, your own beautiful little snap purse.

All the instructions will appear here on the blog until we’ve worked our way through the whole project. The instructions include the pattern and materials that I used, along with stitching tips and techniques.

All members of the Needle ‘n Thread community on Patreon ($1 / month or more) receive each lesson in a downloadable and printable PDF format. The PDF lessons also include extras, like step-by-step photo instructions for stitches used on the project. For Dedicated and Avid Stitchers on Patreon ($3 – #5 / month), supplemental video tutorials for different parts of the project are also available.

You are welcome to purchase a materials kit if you would like to use the same materials I used on my finished sample. The materials kits have sold out a couple times now, but we’ll restock them as we can. The next re-stock will most likely be mid-May. I’ll let you know when we have them ready!

Stitch Snippets Mini Blooms Project Index

The purpose of the Project Index here is to give you a central page where you can find all the articles relevant to the project, in chronological order. This makes it easier to follow along or to come back later and look for particular lessons.

You’ll find the project index listed under the first section of “Tips & Techniques” in the main menu on Needle ‘n Thread. Incidentally, you’ll also find all of last year’s Stitch Snippets listed there, as well as the previous year’s stitch-alongs – and many other step-by-step embroidery projects that are full of tips, techniques, and instructions!

Little Blooms Article List

PDF Project Downloads for Members on Patreon

Members of the Needle ‘n Thread Community on Patreon can access downloadable PDFs for every part of the project. The PDFs do not necessarily correspond with the lessons as they develop on the blog, because I can fit more information in a PDF than I can fit in a blog post.

If you are a member on Patreon at any level, you can log into your Patreon account and access the following articles on Patreon, which will have the PDFs attached to them. Please note that these pages will not be accessible if you are not signed up as a current member on Patreon.

Supplementary Videos

If you are a member of the Needle ‘n Thread Community on Patreon at the level of “Dedicated Stitcher” and “Avid Stitcher,” you can also access the following supplemental videos for this project. Please note that, to view the video, click in the box at the top of the post. Even if the box is seemingly blank, if you click in it, the video will appear. This was a glitch with the first couple videos, and it has been taken care of now, so future videos won’t have this problem!

Becoming a Member on Patreon

If you would like to become a supporting member of Needle ‘n Thread, please visit the Needle ‘n Thread Community here on Patreon, where you can choose which level of membership you prefer. Each month, I offer something special to members on Patreon, whether it is stitch-along instructions in downloadable format, or special videos, or early shopping access when new kits and products are released.

What does your support do?

These are the Monumental Aspects of Needle ‘n Thread that Patreon members have helped bring about:

1. The blog on Needle ‘n Thread is completely free of network ads. While network ads are an integral part of most blogs on the internet today as well as most service websites (ever been to a recipe blog? a news website? a weather website?), I’ve done away with them completely on Needle ‘n Thread to make your experience on the website much more peaceful and focused. You won’t get pop-up ads; you want have annoying videos covering the text on blog posts; you won’t have to scroll past innumerable irrelevant ad images, and the like. While I still host a few (very few) dedicated ad spaces for small needlework businesses, these few ad spaces are for relevant, small needlework businesses that I have vetted carefully and trust. They are businesses that you will find useful for your own needlework journey, because they are sources for great needlework supplies, books, kits, and information.

2. Needle ‘n Thread has one full-time employee who makes a living wage. With her help, I’ve been able to expand our offerings of kits and other curated retail embroidery goods and to produce more website content for your inspiration.

3. Needle ‘n Thread has one part-time summer employee as of 2023 (a professional grade school teacher with some extra time in the summer). With her help, we will be able to offer summer “embroidery camp” to local children – thereby building a new generation of embroidery enthusiasts – and we will be able to catch up with production here in the studio.

Thank you to all of you who support Needle ‘n Thread at any level through Patreon (for as little as $1 / month, even! every bit helps!), and to those who support Needle ‘n Thread through your purchases from our online shop, where you will find carefully curated embroidery kits, supplies, tools, threads, books, and e-books!

Please know how much I appreciate you and all of our needlework community around Needle ‘n Thread! In gratitude for your support, I promise to do my best to continue offering quality embroidery content, in a peaceful and focused online environment, right here on Needle ‘n Thread!

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    1. t’s in St. Marys, KS. The church is called “The Immaculata” and it was dedicated last week. I don’t think they’re quite finished with all the finishing touches on the inside, but the construction is finished and the church is now in use daily.

      There’s an article here in Liturgical Arts Journal about the architecture and building of the church.

  1. I feel something has gone awry with the little blooms purse project. I am a patreon member and my last download was parts 5 and 6 for finishing the vines. Today part 8 was provided for final finishing on regular email. Part 7 is missing and the index says both 7 and 8 are coming. Could you please help with this. Thank you.

    1. Hi, Suzanne – The PDF that was posted last week on Patreon can be found here for members. In that article that the PDF is attached to, I explained the combination of everything for the finish work on the pouch. This is what I wrote:

      “In the PDF, you will find all the finishing instructions, including the preliminary steps to finishing (covered in Part 6 on the website), plus the construction of the mini purse (covered today in Part 7 on the website), plus the finishing touches (adding the scalloped trim and finishing the snap), which will appear on Needle ‘n Thread next week.” So, where it says “which will appear on Needle ‘n Thread next week” that is referring to the final part of finishing that was published here on the website yesterday (Tuesday, May 30th)

      Every part of finishing is included in that last PDF posted on Patreon. The PDF lessons *do not* correspond to what you find here on the website, because I can fit more in a PDF than I can in a blog post. So members on Patreon received ALL the finishing instructions at one time, before the final blog posts on the website. On the website, the finishing required three blog posts, but on Patreon, all of that information is included in one PDF, which was posted last week and which I linked to above.

      I hope that helps!

    2. I just updated the whole project index, Suzanne, so that you can see the list of articles here on the website, and also a list of the articles (with PDF attachments) for members on Patreon. I hope that makes it a little easier to access what you’re looking for! Thanks!

    3. I noticed that no one had replied to you. I was confused about this at first because the one on Patreon is titled Part 6…After reading, I realized it really covered part 6, 7 &8. Hope this helps.

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