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Little Blooms Project Index


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As promised, here is the Project Index for Little Blooms: A Mini Snap Purse, part of the Stitch Snippets series here on Needle ‘n Thread.

In this stitch-along, you’ll learn all the embroidery techniques and finishing techniques to create, at your leisure, your own beautiful little snap purse.

All the instructions will appear here on the blog until we’ve worked our way through the whole project. The instructions include the pattern and materials that I used, along with stitching tips and techniques.

All members of the Needle ‘n Thread community on Patreon ($1 / month or more) receive each lesson in a downloadable and printable PDF format. The PDF lessons also include extras, like step-by-step photo instructions for stitches used on the project. For Dedicated and Avid Stitchers on Patreon ($3 – #5 / month), supplemental video tutorials for different parts of the project are also available.

You are welcome to purchase a materials kit if you would like to use the same materials I used on my finished sample. The materials kits have sold out a couple times now, but we’ll restock them as we can. The next re-stock will most likely be mid-May. I’ll let you know when we have them ready!

Stitch Snippets Mini Blooms Project Index

The purpose of the Project Index here is to give you a central page where you can find all the articles relevant to the project, in chronological order. This makes it easier to follow along or to come back later and look for particular lessons.

You’ll find the project index listed under the first section of “Tips & Techniques” in the main menu on Needle ‘n Thread. Incidentally, you’ll also find all of last year’s Stitch Snippets listed there, as well as the previous year’s stitch-alongs – and many other step-by-step embroidery projects that are full of tips, techniques, and instructions!

Little Blooms Article List

As the project continues to develop, I will add the articles to this list so that you can find them easily on Needle ‘n Thread under “Tips & Techniques” in the main menu.

Coming Up

The next installment of Little Blooms will cover some more composite stitching on the scrolls. I hope to have Part 4 available for you on Friday. If it doesn’t show up Friday, it’ll be up Monday.

I’ll share an update on this goldwork project soon. We are working very quickly towards our deadline (which is one week from today). We got the cloth made up and hand hemmed (it’s a large cloth – about 13.5 ft x about 3 ft)… and then had to take it all out and re-do it. I’ll fill you in on those details later, too, on the principle that you might as well learn from our mistakes, in case you ever plan to take on a project like this!

In Stock!

The goldwork project is requiring all of our attention right now, although we do still manage to get shipping done every day, so if you’re looking for any of the new embroidery books we have in stock – or anything else in the shop – don’t worry! We are still shipping!

In our curated embroidery books selections, have Alison Cole’s Goldwork Masterclass and Stumpwork Masterclass in stock again, plus the newest books from Inspirations, including Fine Tradition 1 & 2 and Flowers for Elizabeth.

We also have new 4″ and 6″ embroidery kits for spring and summer in stock – some really beautiful and quick little kits to while away those spring mornings or evenings on the porch! They’re suitable for beginners and beyond. They’d also make great gifts for stitcher (or prospective stitchers) in your life!

We are running a little low now on the Heritage Color Collections of floche – we have just a few more packages of Heritage Cool remaining! If you want to build a collection of floche, these color groups are a great way to do that. They’re also a wonderful way to have a ready-made color scheme to apply to your own projects.

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