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Embroidered Kaleidoscopes – An Index of Step-by-Step Projects


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Good morning and happy Monday from a snow-covered Kansas!

I have to do a little Needle ‘n Thread house cleaning today. Funny how a website works a lot like a house – you can’t just let things go too long, or they get away from you!

The purpose of this article, then, is to provide an index for all the step-by-step embroidered kaleidoscope projects I’ve covered here on Needle ‘n Thread, including Party in Provence, Tulip Festival, Birthday Bash, and Coloris Kaleidoscope.

We’ve worked through four embroidered kaleidoscopes altogether. They’re not tiny projects, but they’re not huge projects, and some are quicker than others. They’re colorful and a lot of fun!

Feel free to bookmark this page for your future reference if you plan to work through any of the kaleidoscopes, or you can always find the index listed under “Tips & Techniques” (with a lot of other step-by-step embroidery projects!) in the main menu on Needle ‘n Thread.

Hand Embroidered Kaleidoscopes Project Index

I’ll be adding each of the Party in Provence tutorials to the list as the project progresses.

You’ll find the other three projects listed below as well, and the articles that cover them are listed in chronological order. So, the first article in the list is the earliest article (usually the introduction and materials) and the last article is the finish.

Party in Provence embroidered kaleidoscope

Party in Provence

Let’s Get this Party Started! – introduction, materials and set-up

First Round, Layering, Order of Work

Big Petals & Little Flowers

Lots of Little Swirls

Embroidering Outer Elements

The Little Medallion Accents

Adding the beads and finished!

Tulip Festival Embroidered Kaleidoscope

Tulip Festival

Getting Started – introduction, materials, set-up

Embroidering Outward – the first rounds

Tulips & Borders

The Finish

Birthday Bash embroidered kaleidoscope

Birthday Bash

Birthday Bash is a more loosely-covered project. The articles are not as specific, as far as instruction goes, but you’ll find ideas and stitching tips in the articles that cover the development of this project.

Splashy Colors on a New Embroidery Project

That Color-Splashy Kaleidoscope Thing – Again

Embroidery Project Progress on the Paisley Thing

Chain Stitch Corners & Sharp Points: Embroidery Tip

Birthday Bash Finished

Coloris Kaleidoscope Embroidery Project

Coloris Kaleidoscope

Coloris Kaleidoscope – the whole project

Favorite Kaleidoscopes for Hand Embroidery

Favorite Kaleidoscopes Pattern Book

If you’re looking for an array of patterns to play with so you that you can stitch up some fun kaleidoscopes, you’ll find the patterns for the projects above – and over thirty kaleidoscope designs – in my e-book, Favorite Kaleidoscopes.


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  1. Dear

    Good luck with the house cleaning on Needle n’ Thread and thanks for sharing with us all the links to the kaleidoscope projects, very useful for those who are following these projects.

    Regards Anita Simmance

  2. Thanks for organizing these. Don’t forget the Octberfest one. Although I don’t think you did a step by step process for it, it is still a kaleidoscope based design.

  3. Yahoo! Thank you, Mary. There is so much to be learned from these whether replicating them or picking up tips on threads, colors and stitches. Organizing these posts is much appreciated.

  4. Mary, I have enjoyed reading and learning again the wonderful art of hand embroidery. I am so glad I found you. Unlike machine embroidery, you put more of yourself into the project. Thank you. Looking forward to more of your projects.

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