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Stitching Up Spring and Happy Easter!


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Here in the Midwest, Spring is trying its darnedest to break through!

But it definitely needs a little help. Two weeks ago, when it was 80 degrees, you’d think that we skipped the season altogether and plunged straight into summer. But no. Now there’s a possibility of snow on Easter Sunday.

So, in an attempt to encourage Spring to spring, here’s a round-up of some of my favorite embroidery ideas, tutorials, and patterns that are spring related. I hope you enjoy them!

Spring Embroidery: Tutorials, Patterns and Ideas for Stitching

Perfect for spring, there’s this three-stitch blooming tree, which really on requires three simple stitches! I doodled up a basic tree shape and went to town with split stitch, seed stitch and French knots.

You can do it, too! If you can’t manage your own doodling for the tree trunk, look up “tree silhouette clip art” online, and you’ll find plenty to choose from.

Gingham Lace / Chicken Scratch Embroidery Pattern

Chicken Scratch Embroidery for Spring

I love embroidery on gingham – it’s easy and fun, and once you get the hang of it, you’ll find yourself experimenting with different patterns and combinations.

You can find a tutorial for chicken scratch here, and here are a couple patterns to get you going:

Gingham Embroidery Floral Corner 1

Gingham Embroidery Floral Corner 2

How to embroider a floral vine with tiny buds - Stitch Fun tutorial

Tiny Embroidered Bud Border

Maybe you’d like to stitch something simple, with just a border of tiny buds?

Here’s a tutorial for stitching a simple vine with tiny buds, along with a more complex version, if you want to get fancy!

Embroidery on Eggs

Embroidery on Eggs

Looking for a unique way to decorate your Easter eggs – for next year?

Perhaps this isn’t a project you’d want to undertake the day before Easter if you’re planning on wowing your guests tomorrow, but embroidery on eggs is kind of fun and kind of addictive! It puts a whole different spin on embroidery and on egg decorating!

Here’s my list of tutorials, tips, and information on hand embroidering real, whole, uncut egg shells.

Rose Leaf Stitch

Flower-Producing Embroidery Stitch Tutorials

Roses might not bloom until summer, but embroidering sweet little rose buds is a perfect spring activity.

Here’s a tutorial for embroidering a simple rose bud using rose leaf stitch.

Stitches for Flowers and Leaves

In fact, embroidering any kind of flowers and leaves is a good spring activity!

Here’s a list of 16 different stitch tutorials for adding all kinds of flowers and leaves to your embroidery projects.

Patterns for Spring Stitching

If you’re looking for embroidery patterns for spring stitching, you might like some of these!

Spring Flowers Embroidery Pattern

One of my absolute favorite spring embroidery patterns to work on the corner of a simple flour sack towel is this Spring Corner pattern. You’ll find a PDF printable for the pattern, plus a list of the colors and stitches I used on my version.

It makes a great lining for an Easter basket, by the way! Your bunnies will love it!

Egg Shaped Embroidery Patterns

Looking for specific egg-shaped embroidery patterns? You might like this Easter Egg filled with Flowers or this Easter Egg needle-lace pattern.

Hand embroidered stuffed Easter egg made from wool

Or maybe you want to stitch a stuffed egg? Well, here are some tips for doing just that, and you’ll find a pattern idea for a 3-D stuffed egg here.

Flower in Tambour Embroidery

This particular flower, in tambour embroidery, is a springy favorite!

Tambour Embroidery: Flower Practice Piece

You can find the pattern for the flower here, along with a materials list here.

You might not want to work it in tambour embroidery, but if you do, you’ll find a whole list of articles and tutorials and tips for tambour embroidery here.

Religious Embroidery

If you’re looking for ideas for religious embroidery for Easter, you might enjoy browsing through this collection of articles on the Agnus Dei project below:

Church embroidery: Agnus Dei

Happy Easter!

I hope these ideas will get you going, if you’re looking for some springy touches to add to your projects, or for some specifically Easter-related stitching to get the jump on next year.

Tomorrow, I’ll be celebrating Easter with my family, and I can’t wait! I’ll eventually mosey over to my sister’s for the day – which is a good thing, because not only is it fun with the whole crowd there, but she’s a great cook, and my appetite is definitely coming back!

Lamb. Pork roast. Salad and veggies. Homemade breads. Baklava. Oh my.

And then, of course, there are the jelly beans. The chocolates. The other desserts.

Hm. I think I’m better off without my appetite…

Ah well. We do what we must.

Happy Easter!


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(17) Comments

  1. Happy Easter, Mary!
    So glad to hear your appetite is coming back. Here’s to Spring, renewal, and better health/times for you ahead! Thanks so much for all your wonderful inspiration. It’s because I happened upon your site 3 years ago that I am back to embroidery after 20+ years away. Blessing on you and your family and friends.
    Jan S.

  2. Hi Mary…Thx for all the great spring designs…would love to try the easter egg embroidery…maybe now that I have directions I may give it a try….Iam glad your in good spirits and looking forward to being with your family…that’s a good sign your feeling somewhat better…..I pray always for you…and know that God will be there for you….So have a great Easter and have fun!!! Trisha

  3. Happy Easter Mary! Thanks for all the great articles and patterns, if it’s any consolation Spring flowers are blooming here in Scotland and we too have forecasts of snowy showers for Easter Sunday. Have fun with your family! x

  4. Wow! Mary, this is a very generous Easter present that you gave to your readers (followers, fans). Thank you so much! I was hoping to clear some of my unfinished projects in the next few weeks, but you have sent me off in a totally new direction.
    Have a happy and Blessed Easter with your family.

  5. Happy Easter, Mary! Enjoy the day and the wonderful treats. I think of you often and pray God will bless you with renewed health and vigor. Have fun!

  6. A great post, as always, but the best line is ‘my appetite is definitely coming back!’ Have a wonderful Easter!

  7. Happy Easter, Mary!
    All these projects are lovely. How can one choose a favorite?
    Have a wonderful day tomorrow!

  8. Dear Mary

    A very happy Easter to you and your family, I’m so glad you are feeling better and that your appetite is back I hope you enjoy the lovely food at your sisters it sounds delicious I’m jealous. Thanks for all the available patterns, ideas and embroidery related tips and techniques above, my favourite is the Egg Embroidery and Tambour work I keep thinking I must do some more Eggs although it’s to late for Easter this year but I could start thinking about next year. Enjoy yourself and God Bless you.

    Regards Anita Simmance

    1. Hi, Velia – yes, it still goes out. I notice you have an AOL address. You may have to make sure I’m still on your “white list” of emails you want to receive through AOL. They tend to occasionally block subscribed newsletters like mine. Check your spam filter, too, and make sure I’m not landing in there! That’s also a possibility. But normally, if your email stops showing up out of the blue, it’s because your email service provider is blocking it, so you need to let them know you don’t want it blocked. Hope that helps!

  9. Happy Easter Mary, I so enjoy your emails. I feel connected to people that admire and enjoy the creativity of embroidery through my link to you. Very grateful for this connection. I am also in awe of the inspiring embroidery that people show in the Facebook group, can’t remember the name of the group right now, but just cannot get over their work. Enjoy your chocolate today.

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