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Sweet Marguerite Embroidery Project Index


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Before we get too far into Sweet Marguerite, here’s the project index for this stitch-along.

If you visit Needle ‘n Thread and go to the Tips & Techniques page (linked in the main menu), the first section is titled “Hand Embroidery Lessons & Step-by-Step Projects.”

This is where I list project indexes, so that you can more easily browse through various projects that I’ve blogged about and follow their development in chronological order.

It also gives you the opportunity to bookmark the index for any project, so that you can easily get back to it.

With the stitch-alongs, I like to establish an index as early as possible, to keep things as neat and tidy and clear as possible! I don’t know if it helps all that much, but I hope it does!

Sweet Marguerite Project Index

If you are following along with this stitch-along via the email newsletter (that is, these blog posts are landing in your inbox), you can click on the title of any of the newsletters to go directly to that article on the website.

So, with this article, if you click on the title, you’ll land on the project index. Then, you can simply save that link to your home screen on your computer or your tablet or your phone, and when you want to access the project index (where all the articles will be listed as they are published), just go through your bookmark to the index. Easy!

Sweet Marguerite Article Index

In every stitch-along project, if you’re planning to follow the project and stitch it, I always suggest that you read every article all the way through. That way, you won’t miss any relevant information. If you have the opportunity, you can also read through the comment sections, where folks ask questions and get answers from me or from other people who are participating. It’s always good to get different perspectives or discover different ways of doing things from the wider community!

Sweet Marguerite Introduction – this article tells you about the stitch-along, and what we’ll be learning and making together

Sweet Marguerite: Kits & More Info – this article announces the kits and tells you about the sequence of the project and how the stitch-along will work

Sweet Marguerite Part 1: Preparation & Set-Up – In this first lesson, we prepare the fabric and talk about transfer methods

Sweet Marguerite Part 1.5 – In this article, we finish the set-up of the project, specifically covering the transfer method. We also chat a bit about the project size and more about fabric.

Sweet Marguerite Part 2: Tidy Up and Whitework Foundations – we finish the transfer process and clean it up, and then work the padding for the satin stitching.

Sweet Marguerite Part 3: Satin Stitching – in this installment, we work the stem (if necessary) and satin stitch the floral elements

Sweet Marguerite: Embroidering the Leaves – we explore stitching the leaves with fishbone stitch.

Preparation for Hemming – we set the embroidered linen up for the hem work.

Hem Preparation: Mitered Corners – we’ll miter the corners and baste everything together so we can start the functional hemstitch.

The Hemstitch – in this tutorial, we work the “functional side” of the hemstitch, which is the side that hems the fabric.

The Decorative Side of the Hemstitch – we work the opposite side of the drawn thread area, which is the “decorative” hemstitch (it does not actually serve a hemming function).

As the project progresses, each article will be added to this list, so that the whole project can be found here in chronological order.

Other Stitch Snippets – and More!

If you visit Tips & Techniques on Needle ‘n Thread, you will discover the earlier Stitch Snippet we worked this year, Little Blooms.

You’ll also discover all the Stitch Snippet projects that we worked last year (there were four), and the year before (there were five, all listed here, but they weren’t called Stitch Snippets yet, and they weren’t available as kits).

You’ll find plenty of other step-by-step embroidery projects to browse through, too, with loads of stitching tips. I hope you enjoy browsing through Tips & Techniques if you haven’t had the opportunity to do so before!

I’ll see you Monday, when we talk about whitework, satin stitch, and alternatives.

Have a fabulous weekend!


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  1. Did I miss the last installment of Sweet Marguerite? I believe it’s been nearly 2 weeks since the last set of instructions.

    Thank you

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