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I learned to embroider when I was a kid, when everyone was really into cross stitch (remember the '80s?). Eventually, I migrated to surface embroidery, teaching myself with whatever I could get my hands on...read more

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Gallery – Posts with Pictures


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Welcome to the Needle ‘N Thread Gallery. Here, you’ll find a list of posts with pictures – including works in progress, tutorials, and any posts in with photos of embroidery.

Here’s my effort to recategorize my gallery! The problem is that many categories overlap. Still, I hope it’s easier to filter through the various photo posts of interest.

Ecclesiastical Embroidery & Goldwork
Photos of church related embroidery – many include examples of goldwork

Embroidery Supplies – Threads, Etc.
Photos of thread comparisons, embroidery supplies or accessories, product reviews, etc.

Photos of embroidery featuring whitework techniques, including monogramming

  • Simple Stitches: Beautiful Results – whitework on linen, in very simple stitches (whipped backstitch, seed stitch, and satin stitch).
  • White on White Hand Embroidery Revisited – white embroidery on white linen in simple stitches.
  • Wheat Stitch – a video tutorial, but there’s a close up picture of wheat stitch worked on linen with white silk.
  • Whitework – photos of some whitework pieces, some worked by me, some antiques I’ve collected.
  • Hand Embroidered Monogram on Linen Guest Towel – so far, in three parts: Part I, Part II, and Part III. This is an oatmeal colored guest towel with a white monogram, so not properly “white work” (not white-on-white), but the techniques for this type of stitching are the same!
  • Vintage Linen with Whitework Embroidery – here’s a pretty sample of a piece of vintage linen, with whitework embroidery and a very pretty crocheted lace edge. Also discussed is cleaning vintage linens.
  • Needle Lace for Whitework – a small sample of needlelace, which is often featured in whitework, cutwork, etc.
  • Finished Monogrammed Guest Towel – photos of the completed monogrammed guest towel.
  • Needlework Frustrations – taking out some whitework mistakes. (It was a bad weekend of stitching – what can I say?)
  • Drawn Thread Tutorial – a photo tutorial on securing the edge of a drawn thread area with satin stitching.
  • Drawn Thread Tutorial – a photo tutorial of securing the edges of drawn thread work by re-weaving the withdrawn threads back into the fabric.

Historical Needlework, not Ecclesiastical
Photos of historical needlework techniques or reproductions, etc., that would not fall under the category of ecclesiastical embroidery

Embroidery Stitches, Patterns, or Photo Tutorials on Techniques
Photos showing specific embroidery stitches or demonstrating specific techniques for hand embroidery

Embroidery for Fun
Photos of miscellaneous projects worked just for the fun of it, either to learn something or just to play

Hand Embroidery on Paper
Photos of hand embroidery work done on paper

Thread or Needle Painting, Shading Techniques
Photos of embroidery involving different types of shading

Embroidered Flowers, not shaded
Photos of embroidered flowers that are not worked in thread painting techniques (see thread painting above for those!)

Embroidery for Children
Photos of embroidery either done by children or done for children

Reader’s Embroidery
Photos of needlework submitted by readers of Needle ‘n Thread


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(9) Comments

  1. Hello Mary,
    I have just discovered your website via someone else’s stitching blog, and I’ve just spent half an hour browsing. This is one of the best embroidery websites I’ve ever seen – I just love your videos on how to do individual stitches! I’ll be revisting those soon, with threaded needle and linen in hand to practice while viewing. I’m going to mention your site on my little blog, so I do hope you get lots more visitors as a result – you’re too good a resource to be overlooked!
    (Patra’s Place)

  2. When I saw this I thought “what a great page to refer people to so they can see what is in your blog!”

  3. Yepper! I agree with Megan. This is a fabulous way to look for specific topics that you’ve covered here on Needle’n Thread!

  4. hey mary

    it's jules,

    i was just looking through the sumbittd by users of Needle n'thread section and didnt find my pheniox, i hope to see it up here (fingers crossed). it would mean alot to me if it was >


  5. Hi Mary,
    Ur website is the best that could happen to handembroiderers!I enjoyed it! Could u tell me any site u know which could give the details of the work table fitted with a light source and a magnifying glass. I embroider a lot and am finding long hours of embroidery tiring for my posture and specially my eyes.Here in India I could not find such a work table.
    Shraddha ( India)

  6. @Shraddha
    If you live in Delhi, you can try ordering a table somewhere in Jail road furniture market, if you have a picture. those guys are good with custom orders.

  7. Hello,
    If you could help me, I need any information on a person that signed their work (hyawatha) it is a painting of “elisabeth de france ” with embroidered flowers in her hand and hat and the front of her dress, this piece is also dated “62”
    Thank you,
    Art Suonio
    P.S. an early would be appreciated

  8. Hi Mary,

    I’m trying to locate where the gallery of projects that have been created by your subscribers is located. I thought that there was one on the old site.

    If you do still have it could you let me know how to submit my very first FINISHED project? Lol. It only took two years to do because I just couldn’t decide whether I wanted to fill the leaves or just keep them in their outline stitch. Otherwise I think it was done in a month. Lol I learned every stitch from you.

    I LOVE your website!

    Warm Regards,
    Catrina Byrge

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