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I learned to embroider when I was a kid, when everyone was really into cross stitch (remember the '80s?). Eventually, I migrated to surface embroidery, teaching myself with whatever I could get my hands on...read more

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Tag: seasonal embroidery

Summer Stitching Ideas


What makes a good summer stitching project?

The answer to this will vary, undoubtedly, depending on what you like to do in the summer, the type of climate you live in, and whether you’re a “seasonal” stitcher. And of course, there’s the whole question of what you like to stitch, too!

For me, a summer stitching project should have a few key attributes. I’ll share my ideas on those below, and then suggest some projects that would make a good fit for summer stitching.

Gingham Embroidery
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Stitching Up Spring and Happy Easter!


Here in the Midwest, Spring is trying its darnedest to break through!

But it definitely needs a little help. Two weeks ago, when it was 80 degrees, you’d think that we skipped the season altogether and plunged straight into summer. But no. Now there’s a possibility of snow on Easter Sunday.

So, in an attempt to encourage Spring to spring, here’s a round-up of some of my favorite embroidery ideas, tutorials, and patterns that are spring related. I hope you enjoy them!

Spring Embroidery: Tutorials, Patterns and Ideas for Stitching
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Free Easter Cutwork Embroidery Pattern


With Easter only a few days away, it might be a little late to start a full-fledged Easter embroidery project.

But then again, if you have the time on your hands, it might not!

This pattern, from Joanna at Haft Richelieu, features a darling little bunny, decorative eggs, and little flowers, made into a beautiful basket liner.

You’ll find a PDF for the free pattern at the end of the article, so read on!

Easter Cutwork Embroidery Pattern
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The Mother of All Snowflakes – Free Pattern


Just popping in to share with you another free snowflake pattern, in case you’re stitching up any holiday flakes this year!

This particular pattern is for a rather large snowflake – it would make a nice focal point on a table cloth or table runner, especially if surrounded by smaller flakes arranged in a pleasing way.

But it might just work on its own, on a little red cloth napkin, which is how I’m stitching it up. Granted, it takes almost a quarter of the cloth napkin – but it’s pretty, and it’s fun to stitch.

Large Snowflake Cross Stitch Pattern
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Knotty, but Nice: French Knot Snowflake Experiment


So, you know all these counted cross stitch snowflake and folky designs I’ve been working on lately? The whole point of them was to give me something to do with my hands when I’m not really up to doing something super intense, like goldwork or silk shading or anything that requires me to sit at a frame for an extended period of time.

With these quick little cross stitch projects, worked on Christmas red pre-finished cotton table napkins, I can hold them right in a little hoop, in any chair I want to sit in, with minimal supplies at hand. They’re completely relaxing to work, thanks to the monotony of the stitching, and I can easily listen to a good book, hum along to some relaxing music, watch a movie, or even visit with friends, without worrying about making mistakes or having to concentrate too hard on the stitching part of things. They’re also extremely easy to tote places, for stitching on the go.

At the end of this article, I’ll link to all the previous articles on this subject, along with the free patterns. For now, though, I want to share with you a brain storm I had the other night and that I’ve tried out a little bit, but that needs a little more tweaking.

To start with, let’s compare two counted embroidery charts.

Counted Cross Stitch Snowflake
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Deer & Tree Christmas Stitching Pattern


Remember the little stitching projects I was setting up several weeks ago, in order to have some relaxing, mindless handwork to do?

First, I shared this snowflake corner pattern with you, and chatted about doing cross stitch on plain weave fabric. And then we talked more in-depth about cross stitching on plain weave fabric, and I suggested this option for working a gridded pattern. And then, for the fun of it, I posted this second snowflake pattern for you to stitch, too.

Today, I want to add to your collection a little bit, with a folky combination of leaping deer and a tree, replete with snowflakes and a lacy border.

This is the design, gridded:

Deer and Tree Christmas cross stitch pattern
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Snowflake 2: Free Pattern for your Winter Decor


We chatted not too long ago about various ways to work cross stitch on plain weave fabric, and I offered you this snowflake corner design for some holiday stitching.

Well, along the same longs, here’s another flake. I figure Monday morning is as good a morning to share it with you!

You’ll find the free PDF printable for this particular snowflake chart at the end of the article. But you know me – I’m going to babble a bit first, before I give it to you…

Snowflake #2 cross stitch chart
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