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Pink Dots & a Blue Tongue – This Monogram’s Done!


The embroidered E monogram that I showed you on Tuesday is finished, so today, I’ll show you the final details and discuss some of the stitching and some ideas for future modifications.

This is one of my favorite monograms so far in this recent splurge of monogramming.

Well… I should say it’s been one of my favorite “classic style” monograms to stitch. The voided floral monogram was actually the Most Fun Thing Ever to embroider, but this one – I like the results over all and I like the stitches involved in it.

There were some sticky spots, though, and there are some areas on the E that I’d like to do differently, in another version of the letter.

So let’s take a look!

How to Embroider a Monogram: E
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E is for…Embroidery!


Lately, I’ve been sharing with you all kinds of ways you can embroider monograms, using techniques that are accessible for beginners and beyond, and highlighting different lettering styles from my recently released e-book, Favorite Monograms.

The purpose of these sample monograms is to show you that you can embroider beautiful monograms in a variety of stitches – that monogramming isn’t limited to any one kind of stitching technique.

So far, we’ve looked at several styles of voided monograms: this voided confetti monogram, this simpler voided monogram in just three colors, and this rather elaborate floral voided monogram featuring lots of color and texture.

Just last week, we looked at this monogram, embroidered with a few simple stitches in a few colors.

Today, I want to show you the beginnings of a filled monogram that’s easy to stitch and that incorporates a little bit of shading. The results: a classy, pretty monogram that’s a little more intricate than last week’s simple monogram, but that’s still super accessible.

E Monogram embroidered in shaded stem stitch filling
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Glorious Dorset Buttons Galore!


I love Dorset Buttons.

I love their history.

I love their charm.

I love their versatility.

I just love Dorset buttons!

And I love what creative people are doing with Dorset buttons these days.

So, when Anita sent in photos of her latest adventures in Dorset-buttonry (I don’t really think that “buttonry” is a word, but it should be), I just knew I’d have to share them with you!

And, in case they inspire you to try some buttonry yourself, I’ve also included several links below to good Dorset button-related tutorials.

Handmade and embroidered Dorset buttons
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Daisy Stitch Petals with Beads – Working Around the Chain Stitch Problem


It seems quite a few of us have taken to adding beads to our embroidery lately, incorporating some of the recent Stitch Fun! tutorials here and there in current projects.

I know this is the case – and that I’m not the only fiddling with beads now – because I’m receiving lots of emails with questions about adding beads to this stitch or that stitch, or about how to get this stitch to work right with beads, or about what size bead to use with that thread for this stitch, and other similar bead-related questions. I love these kinds of questions, and thanks for sending them in!

But I can rarely answer them all via email, in detail, so I’ve been keeping a list. If I can work out a tutorial that will answer your question and make it available for everyone here on the website, I will.

One particular question that’s come into the inbox repeatedly is how to make a daisy-stitch-like loop that looks like normal petals or leaves when working it with beads. Since the stitch is a pretty popular one in general, I thought I’d answer that question right here.

There are a couple ways that you can work chain stitch and detached chain stitch with beads and get a decent result. Today, I’m going to show you the simplest approach to making a daisy stitch loops with beads.

flat chain stitch line worked with beads
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Stitch Fun! Fully Beaded Drizzle Stitch


Here’s a little follow-up on last week’s Stitch Fun! tutorial, where we learned how to bead the cast-on stitch.

We’re going to apply the same principles in that tutorial to the drizzle stitch, which is a fun dimensional stitch that sits up right off the fabric.

I’ve already shown you one way to bead the drizzle stitch, which involves placing a decorative bead just at the end of the stitch. What I like about that method is that the stitch really retains its curliness and the added bead on the end contributes a certain amount of weight to the stitch that makes it sort of floppy. I like that! It’s fun!

In this particular tutorial, with the stitch fully beaded up its whole length, you’ll see that the stitch, as I’ve worked it here, results in a rather stiff column of beads standing right up off the fabric.

Don’t be put off! You can make adjustments to this, which I’ll discuss below, to incorporate the twist that makes drizzle stitch so fun, and you can also add variety to the stitch by mixing things up a bit. I’ll talk about that at the end of the tutorial.

For now, here’s a quick little tutorial for a fully beaded drizzle stitch!

How to stitch a fully beaded drizzle stitch in hand embroidery
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Embroidery with Beads – Index


Lately, we’ve been fiddling about with adding beads to embroidery stitches as part of the Stitch Fun! series.

Since it’s Monday morning – and Monday’s are as good a time as any to think about organization – I thought I’d do a little house cleaning on the website and create an index for all the tutorials and articles relating to embroidery with beads here on Needle ‘n Thread.

That way, if you have a favorite tutorial you’re looking for, you can find it on this list. You can also bookmark the list so you can access it easily whenever you want. I’ll updated it whenever we add a new tutorial or article of interest.

You’ll find the list nestled under Stitch Fun!, which can be found under Tips & Techniques in the main menu across the top of the website.

Incidentally, you’ll be happy to know (maybe?) that there’s a new website overhaul going on right in the background, and the new site will feature visual indexes. I’m very excited about that!

Embroidery with Beads - Index of Tutorials
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